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The Belle Tolls for Andrew Cuomo

2021-08-09 | 🔗
Today's podcast takes up the desertion of Andrew Cuomo by his closest aide, the unfolding horror in Afghanistan as America bugs out, and the COVID panic. Give a listen.
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Welcome to the Commentary Magazine Daily podcast today is Monday August nineteen, twenty twenty one, I'm John Upwards, the editor of commentary magazine return, after a week's vacation, Senor writer, steam rose and high Christine hygiene. as ever. We see an editor nor Rossman high on our agenda and exact that is our agreement. High Abe, I just have to apologize, to everybody who subscribes this podcast on Apple podcast. We had terrible technical problems on
Friday, and it appears that the podcast never loaded onto apple podcast for reasons that we do not understand and it's very hard to do this an automated process, so it's very hard to like troubleshoot with apple, and so you did get to hear Friday show, which I gotta tell you. I got because we will. We have to throw it out and do a second one, which was the beginning of our technical crisis on Friday I wasn't our best works, so you up so you may I e you, maybe spare, let's put it that way. Those of you who listen to it. Thank you very much for your continued patronage and kindness in may be putting that one in the rearview mirror. somebody else who, I think it's gonna be in the rearview mirror at some point in the next eight weeks. Maybe as soon today, maybe a waste from ours. Andrew Cuomo
the Big NEWS last night, was that his leading henchmen Melissa De Rossa. His secretary is her title. The person who calls up people had threatens them on his behalf when he doesn't do with himself and who, last week it described a reporter with it her post, who was there who has been covering her and am Cuomo and who moving on to a different beat as having been upset with her like a stalker, because she is the up and up number two person power for in Albany, and she covers Albany so she's a real elegant, an elegant figure with great supple, supple touch and sophistication and an end. in this regard, anyway, Melissa Rosa has headed for the hills. She mounts last night
but she was a resigning and, in her a brief statement did not mention it almost name, so I thought We can assume that she is heading for the hills, because she, does not want to be implicated in whatever happens from this moment forward, as Andrew Cromwell tries to remain for she will have to answer for her behaviour beforehand. If there is an appeal, inquiry. She will of course be said, one to it if their crib proceedings. She will of course, be summoned by a grand jury to test fi before that, but whatever happens from last night, which was August eighth, forward. She no longer have to answer for so I
We can assume that that the the bell is told him. It reminded me of the when: U S, forces went to an Iraq into Iraq and the Saddam's deputy Tariq Aziz, surrender to U S, forces right will be set up. He's next will be in this. Can I just point out: I note that we have the especially me too era. There was a lot of proper credence given to whistle blower. but there was not enough folk sandy enablers of some of these men, and she was it. She has been his chief in April or not just with the harassment, but with the covering up of nursing home DES with everything about how he handled covered and then try to read narrative. So she is the classic rat, leaving the sinking ship emphasis on rat and
I feel like theirs: it there's a trend in our culture to rehabilitate people like her rather quickly and when I go home exactly exactly so. I hope that this we're seeing what I think is actually a pencil, swing back to what how things to be when you had aids, who were doing the bidding of rather dastardly hull petitions getting there do as well. I'm not so sure about that. I have two you're, probably gonna see a lot of people doing their best. Billy's ain't impression here near my God to the place for all, but why we rehabilitate my calling not because he was you know worthy of it, obviously, because he was some of some instrumental political utility to Democrats because he was in it It was a rather slowly now right, what's the instrumental political utility for Democrats and reiterating the covered response. what's the instrumental utility in brief. Diving into the years they spent papering over this guy's handiness is this:
monstrous disrespect for female autonomy where Where are they gonna getting another the strength to the Dep perform? That ought it because it only reflects Corleone Democrats look Melissa Rosa just take this to be with. You use the specific case that we're dealing with There are a lot of people who hate her. A lot of people in the media hate her. She is awful she's mean she's nasty. She calls people about two o clock in the morning and screams of on the phone She is somebody against young people have been gathering a lot of string and the longer the Cuomo stays in office. and the longer that he doesn't leave. As I said, this new post peace, I wrote last week, the more incentive there is to overturn every single rock that has been laid. either by him or by his people over the course of forty years in politics
getting with his serving as his father's henchmen in the nineteen eighties like this is no joy this is a very serious business and and she is implicated in it and her own personal conduct has been so we agree just with enough people who have never had any incentive. Nor any reason to make her the story really that that, now that now the blood is in the water, the blue was off the rose whenever, wherever metaphor, You want to use the long, This goes on the more. There will be exposure of this, not by Democrats. What by reporters bye, bye, bye, media types, so just in out start your betting pulls now he's gone. If he's not gone, crazy, quits he's gone
they will be impeached, I dont know how there will be a vote against his removal. I he has until the end of this week to supply the the impact of the Senate Assembly, I other New York State Assembly with Document defending himself against these charges. Yes to August thirteenth, before a formal piecework inquiry will begin and judging from the hour, long interview that his lawyer, I think, whose name was Susan glad I believe, gave to say that this weekend he does not have a case- this case as well. I mean he may have touched her, but maybe didn't touch very, doesn't touch whatever this whole thing like this is. The first Ex gamma without sex. It's not a sex scandal to power scandal to humiliation scandal. It's a power, fetish scandal. Nobody is even calling it a sex scandal.
And we can discuss whether or not somehow in some other, you know all everyone so sensitive now, but that's fine. He doesn't get to make that argument. He doesn't Yet to make the argument now look in the old days. What does he do? A business like an old guy, that's kind of person. He passed legislation he now he advocated firm. You know! No, you know what was a term. what did you say? No, sir makes you will get through. strikes it. You know it's like a victims must be believed all of that so He doesn't get to use the look. The terms of this changed around me and I'm sorry sit here and work for the for the public, so we can move on from that HU, the x, toward merrily depressing and raging entirely predictable news that major city in Afghanistan has fallen and the Us State Department announced to
american citizens over the weekend that its every man for himself get out of town get out of Afghanistan. Fine commercial means to leave the country is no one should stay. You can't be protected it sort of like you know why the plan it doesnt relying on american assistance. Yet so, basically, What that means is its its April twentieth. Nineteen, seventy five get out before we're not gonna have helicopters to lift you off the roof of the embassy in Kabul when, when they swarming. So you better get the hell out and remember when buying announcing this said, he thought that the Afghan, a military could, you know needed step. Up and stand up. We're gonna be there to help them, and what else did he say? Sabbatarian likely the Taliban would take over the country right, the Taliban is about is going to take over the country and four minutes. Obviously I mean they have they avoid. This is
the horrible its monstrous were, throwing a twenty year project, Also, there sat so this this old man who has had nothing but harm ideas about how to save Afghanistan, gets the bug out and claim that he bugged America out, while the country falls to one of the most a vicious evil, brutal and horrible terrorist and culture destroying cultured, the filing massage. mystic reactionary groups. The world has ever seen at that's great work and the and one of the and the one who had who facilitated the greatest attack. On the? U S right. What do we do? We went into Afghanistan to get at the Taliban now relieving Afghanistan to bring two to usher back, the Usher, the Taliban back in I mean
You think about serve if you think about things in the longer term. So it's like our right. So there was twenty years where we had to go that that's part of that will be part of the legend they'll be part of the mystical wonderful, legend like we were. We ran the country than the than that than the evil people came in, and you know drove us out, and we just bided our time and we never left. We never stop we'd, never stop fighting. We never stop pushing. We weigh them outward. I can power and who knows what will do to them now and it's just going to be, I think, a parade of of bad news from now. Until there they fully take over and then and then the bad news that happens when they take over right. You know but it's a mean, even even the New York Times has had to write a piece for the wish, and I say this I mean they were they are writing as if in shock, to see what how quickly this is unravelling,
I mean if you have Leon put out of the former O bomber defence official saying well. The best we can hope for is a stalemate between the Taliban and the afghan forces. I mean really that that's the best you can hope for after this I mean there there's its very clear that even the sort of Biden allies in the media are horrified at what's happening here and it's you crickets from I didn't. I mean what is he said and what it? How is he spoken about this at all? How is he is did, they might have to revisit some of the withdrawal plan they ve already announced? Nothing yet, not renate me, just airstrikes, that's where we have increased Arusha, but you haven't, I barely even commit to that right of the public struggled with the idea, whether they not that whether or not they were going to get there, stated policy explicitly was that there were only going to execute airstrikes on Al Qaeda. Ok, the targets are carollings targets. and only until August,
it's a free for all. They said this publicly and then they have backtrack on it when it became very clear that advancing tell Collins we're going to take over positions that we had abandoned in the dead of night, and it couldn't it down is worse and but I just I wonder whether not people actually do care, because let me we care, obviously I'm very sorry certain that the public will care if they see atrocities. If they see people who work with Americans, for example, tortured women being tortured, and if they see the symbols of american power in being disrespected Chris, It I think, globally. We really thinks it has about circles. It doesnt by the way does skip symbols, I mean every American is not going to be able to get out of Afghanistan by the time the Taliban take over. You think there. I'm going to be hangings in a stadium of Americans. remember, Americans are barred, can be very fickle and all of that it was
we'll be headings by ices, that flipped the american political dynamic thirty. Six percent of Americans wanted the? U S to stay in Iraq. Before the murder of I'm sorry. I can't remember the names only right. My great right marked fully and then there was a young woman whose am, I can't remember and then that flipped totally to like to thirds of American said go back in. There Destroy ISIS, I myself wanted. Publicity so then I wanted publicity, no because you ve seen a thousand murders already attributable to political backlash from advancing Taliban positions on these are not eating out of Americans. I'm simulating casualties, are way out. There's like over to take twenty four hundred civilian casualties, just between May and June, I believe, are execution style, murderers and round. We haven't seen them because no, there isn't any interest in generating that kind of publicity. Yet we haven't you
you have been an emerging refugee crisis, yet rough and in this sort of thing might become impossible to ignore, but to the extent that it is ignoring, the press will do its best. What won't be ignoring evil is when they do it to Americans, and that is going to happen, and then we will see what I can say I just want to read a little bit to Johnson last in his out of weekly- is weakened newsletter. Highlight a peace by Adam two's from a website called chart book on what we Basically, what happened in Afghanistan over twenty years and its but you know one on a lloyd posit. Story like the web Voce? Well, will crop and Afghanistan remains opium. For example, you know, and then is no national economy according them, as we understand that there are lots of little mind,
economies, but it doesn't. There is no, as he says, integrated circular flow of this or tat. We imagine a modern economy having that was an american project. It never really succeeded, but ok into. As in three, there were thirty thousand students enrolled in universities in Afghanistan. That number is now a hundred and eighty thousand and twenty eight There were forty, nine thousand female students, half population has cellphones. Ok, electricity consumption per capita has gone up approximately seven times since two thousand Afghanistan has generated as expanded its on generating capacity. There is with very little. Excess and poverty eradication, but- and this is the most interesting details, hymns and and this this gibes with a peace, the Jonathan Foreman were frozen.
years ago on the six american success in Afghanistan, Afghanistan, today till poor, but it is not in the condition it was twenty five years ago, Kabul, the ninety nine. These was a ruin city with a population of barely over a million. Today it is sprawling low income, metropolis studded with high rise offices, an apartment blocks with an official population of over four million. So this idea that we got nothing and it was all a failure we need to pull out we are leaving behind a complex circumstance that has to be judged a success for the afghan people and we are now our our our departure is consigning them to Hell, and we we are going to see that hell. We are clearly give us that hell faster than we ever
We would see it or not. I not that actually to be fair. This is what I always from the minute we said we were leaving, it was all gonna, go to Helen Hand Basket and it's gonna happen and it's gonna happen. You know by the end, September. I'm all of a sudden. Every expert in the universe Says- and we always knew this was gonna happen- really fast right. absolutely not theirs Vision, as nonsense is really very frustrating. There were some people present coming included, who enters it had a collapse- would occur very rapidly. in the absence of opposition. We weren't even their performing combat operations, Are there any really in an advisory role? We were behind closed doors and help people in Afghanistan, complain that there, and find a russian in a minute. Russians were everywhere in the streets on the other hand, out money through their brother influences is palpable and intangible, whereas Americans hold up inside bugger up there They walked themselves off from the afghan public. That was our presence there for them.
a part of eighteen months prior to withdraw all knowledge. We disappear overnight and collapse occurs. We all the experts I set out again and again when we need this was gonna happen need none of you did and if you did, you are talking about it working hours about it and you know talk about on a normal. What what we won't really be able to know fully, and until it's too late is the extent to which our presence there kept the? U S safe come about that that's. Why do the opposite of that meaning attacks against the? U S, attacks against american interests that will take longer the base out of the Taliban in Afghanistan will take longer to materialise and iii and iv than that I was hurrying disasters that would that we're gonna witness there and sophisticated excess down, and they think that such right point that
What are we get? Four trillion dollar investment in this place over twenty years? Well, no significant terrorist attack directed from foreign soil on in the United States. That seems to me like an investment. That's worth paying. Can you imagine if you could have paid a trillion dollars on September? Tenth, two thousand one to not have that happen. Would I pay that rice. They would pay more than some act. Much more. Some excellent point- and you know people have amnesia, so they don't remember what we're dealing with I mean oh, go. Rent, the kite runner tonight watch the movie version of the kite runner just to justify a bone up on who the Taliban were when they ran Afghanistan. This was as evil regime, as has ever existed on, the face of the earth and they're coming back into power, they're, coming back into power and they have revenge on their mind and will see as
as Abe says, his nose will sit. We're gonna see what we're gonna see what that means that they have revenge on their mind. and that it will be very difficult, emotionally psychologically and tactically for the Aren't sitting administration to do anything about this since this would have been entirely caused by their decision to bug out. The reversal of a policy or the in a partial reversal of the policy which Obama bad to do with ISIS in TWAIN, thirty, it's gonna be very difficult: for my, though, what The same would have been true for Obama on he was withdrawal from Iraq was a very signature. Accomplishment of his administration had to backtrack because he would have it. Here's the presiding over genocide right. Why wouldn t but had the binding administration to the same. If the physician, ok, you're presiding over the
consigning women and girls to this medieval torture state because I say so, Because again, I think that the animated change was effectively terrorist attacks on the United States in the form of of in the form of kidnapping torturing. And beheading Americans now that was eight nine years ago, wasn't today and you know we were what had happened was still fresh in memory, Who knows what the american response but we also have a republican party. That is, if any thing war isolationist than the democratic parties. it's not as though there will be that you know you can stand. There is a kind of cynical Democrat and worry of the problem. It is a good start drums beating about how awful this was that happen. I mean you can name there were
will you can name of you can sit Tom Cotton will elect Cheney. Personal statement I wish I hadn't, maybe you can tell like the veterans. Well, you know Adam kissing, her will end and end and, as I say, Tom cotton among the kind of Trump wing in some sense of their. Working party. There are few people who will It is this. This cannot be allowed to stand, but you know we are standing here with a with a party that was so transformed by Trump that that they will not represent a kind of we better get to them. You'd better get deal with this or we're gonna. Have our lunch eaten by are these guys who are going to speak to the american people in a way that we can't? I with that? Let me talk to you guys about ban. Because when running a business, hr issues can kill you wrong. well. Termination suits minimum wage requirements, labour regulations and hr me
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I've comes last commentary spell ban to the Bp Dotcom, Slash commentary Abe. Now we gotta get back, took corona and the Elsa Variant and the and the growing I add another word panic is not to us. too much of an understatement. There is a total meat driven panic. going on about the delta variant and am I was trying very hard over the weekend to pull I myself out of my own priors, try to examine the data, I could see and understand, see whether I had been a poohpooh wing or downgrading the severity of the threat and the nature of the growing threat, and all of that I'm gonna I'll get to that the minute. But a view have been trying to call late data on various aspects of
Where we are and what the threat is well, I mean what what trying to figure out, and it's not easy, because there is does this information is stopping some of the stopping collected in a systematic way, yes, we know that cases are rising dramatically were up to you know, moreover, on four thousand daily cases and debts are also now in a five hundred a day range. But what what I'm trying to figure out biggest me teams, most pertinent on the matter of whether or not we should be panicking here is what purse is it still the case as it was three weeks ago when, when, when such things were still talk about at the White House and and wherever else
That is the over wellmere majority, as in you know, ninety five. Ninety eight percent of those being hospitalized with new cases of covered were on vaccinated. If that is the case still, and as far as I could tell, there is no reason to stick its, not the case. If I've I've found a few little data points it that that continues for that. If that is the case, I don't exactly understand the panic right now. It's sad at very sad that that that people are out there are dying and being hospitalized, but everyone has made their decision if there are the people who decided that they wanted to with it, there are willing to risk getting it have made that decision. The people who didn't want to risk it have been vaccinated.
That's where we're words, we're ok, tell it tell us about the data points that you won't cover. So what I found the living I found was that in in Alabama, for example, state health officer, Scott Harris Toby says he had pressed the just twenty six twould to six of Alabama is eleven thousand six hundred covered. Nineteen debts were people who were fully vaccinated that came out two days ago and in in a higher might once had that. Ninety eight percent of hospitals, Asians, in Ohio, are among on vaccinated. So while we, while the larger numbers, the envy, the total number of infections and aspirations and debts are rising, vaccines seems to be holding under annex. I think the panic, as some have driven on this around this idea, that
Baby vaccines aren't as great as we thought, and I don't think that lead that that's actually true, let's If we can separate, I always say this, but we need to separate out the strands, because one of the things that's going on here is that everything is being a. Why did into everything else? so one and unambiguous thing is that the vast majority of cases involving us- severe illness or death as a result of the delta, remain the advances made in remains the on vaccinated infecting the UN vaccinated that seems to be in arguable but not sure, that's the lesson that people are taking from the public health discussion of the matter so the vaccinated are a threat to the vaccinated. So there are two forms of the Un Vaccinated. There
the vaccinated or three, let's take it three ways: vaccinated over the age of eighteen. The action is needed between the ages of twelve and eighteen, and then vaccinated from birth to twelve, so adult over the age of eighteen has had access in some sense to the vaccine since March, for a while was hard to get it to make appointments yet to Stanley get appointments. That's been not to caissons April and so on those numbers, according to the latest thing that I've seen the team up sixty One per cent of the american Population- eighteen up, is fully vaccinated. Eighty percent of the population sixty five and up is fully vaccinated with at least one dose suggesting that they will get two doses and therefore be in a fully vaccinated eighty
seventy one percent as of today sixty five, ninety percent as of today, ok Now we know that that we do know from the previous experience that the disease hits the elderly harnessed, sir, ninety percent or eighty percent are fully vaccinated. What we do No is how many those who are dying because the delta variant, are among the twenty percent, who were not fully vaccinated where the ten percent, who have at least one dose. because until we know those numbers, it's actually very hard to make sense out of. What's going on, in other words, you would want to disaggregate there, so you knew Most every old person is getting vaccinated, but there still a small but significant population. That's like getting vaccinated They are the ones who are disproportionately dying from the delta variant,
I mean this is a very rational conversation, but it's not one is being had. No, I know a conversation that is going on right now in running in among public health officials among political leaders and people in the press, who newborn normally much more responsible minister saying listen. If you're accelerated. It doesn't matter, it does not matter, You cannot resume your normal life. because you could get hold of you could transmit covert, and I think the diaphragm cover the nothing could be hospitalized from covered the letter a possibility in another possibility, but it's a remote when they don't talk about that. Is not relevant. What they want to do is control you I hate to sound like a conspiracy theories here, but this the only way the exercise agency, because they I have no power to convince the vaccinated. Ok, it's driving them nuts, so all they're doing is exerting the control we already have, and the people who are still interested in listening to? That's. That's actually, why? I think a lot of the panic is driven by these stories of the young, person dying of covert I've? Seen? Does those have you? No quintupled in the last few weeks, it's like this young person
regret not having gotten? You know not haven't gotten a vaccine or super fit forty two year old, dad dad of covert. So, though, stories actually fuel a panic, but in buried in there is not this russian conversation that we're having about will. What are the risks you know per group? Is this an unknown they also never discussed in the american context. But hugely important is the number of co morbidity. We ve always avoided this. In the end, the conversations about covert Americans are rather healthy, where overweight were pre diabetic, there's a lot of stuff that that exist the baseline for our health, that even compared to other countries, we're gonna have to now comes even with a good vaccination rate if a new very comes in. So what delta variant. The other thing I've seen besides young people are dying is the idea. That's and Moldova by again public health folks in some doctors in media ports is whether it is in fact more and more deadly you're more likely to get sicker quicker, as as one of the doktor said in a recent new times, bees again fuelling a kind of pen
for the average person wondering join you to wear mascot home around my eight year old right, ok, but that lets let's, let's continue with the rational discussion, big as if you will allow me, because it's important for people. I think to understand that there are a series of questions that are not being answered, because robbing glum together them important question is: is there a shift the nature of corona that places the other, activated which means now the magician Worthy of people who are vaccinated are under the age of twelve. Are they wouldn't know who risk and a kind of right they were not ass. Before as what we know is with the with the first variant, Six hundred thousand people died of the first variant of whom
four hundred were under the age of eighteen, four hundred out of six hundred thousand okay, so for us to get concerned that the non vaccinated under twelve are at serious risk. We have to know that the disease trans muted sufficient. We saw that. it has now become a threat to them in a way that it was not before and that where the data collection is horrible. and that's why what we are reading is our hearing about our anecdotal stories right, the kid had to be airlifted from Austin to Houston, or something like that, because there wasn't a proper bed for the kid we he is that's one person out of three hundred thirty million americans- that is one person in texas- we keep hearing about a terrible
everything is filling up, that the icy use are filling up and its. urgency in Austin, and all of this But we also know that there is an outbreak in Texas of our of a childhood respiratory conditions, that everybody s, parents knows a beta abrogate whose parents every parent knows about, and that is you know, You prevalent among children and has always been prevalent among children is scary, cause like they did the horrible and there are a lot of pain and they get very sick, but our He has been around forever and these two things are getting alighted The CDC decided in its wisdom in March not to collect all of this data like there's all data there are not being collected now the CDC has been a bad collector of data almost on the day that we use we use from these agro gaiters. That are
essentially private, to be your times Johns Hopkins World Amateur. These are not these. These number, don't come from the CDC. So we actually have a public health bureaucracy run by agency that make there has billions of dollars that isn't collect Insufficient data to understand what the of the decisions that it's making So at this moment I would say we don't actually really know what's going on, but we know once an absence. No international cooperation is rational. Never I wanted. I wanted to say one final thing, and then we can go. What what's being that's going on, because I feel like We're losing this argument and there's nothing we can do. But here is the final point we locked down. Last year we shut down, we mast, we closed venues. Restaurants, were closed. Fears are closed. Arenas were closed, sports was.
Everything was closed because of a fear of a wave of death, the likes of which we had never seen death right. We would be like the spanish flu tumult people would die. We had a way of stopping that. We saw it coming what what what what kind of place or do we look happy will be if we didn't enter. If we, did not intervene and do what we, what little We know without a vaccine without anything else to stop it. That was about death, that was not about getting sick. We didn't. the economy down, because people were getting sick, we shut. It let me down at a few. The two million people were going to die. The six hundred thousand people died and the fact that that happened, kind of justified wretch. actively the locked down. So you have a lot of people say: that's not true, but whatever the case there is a moral.
We didn't have. We didn't know what to do so. We did this. That was not because people were gonna get sick from cove it. It was because people were going to die from Cove it The risk here thing that's going on now is that we are now talking about this as though illness and death are the same thing and you do not shot, a country down or forced Children too, where man. eight hours a day or talk about hybrids. Willing or whatever, based on a threat of sickness. We have. We have down shift, we have downgraded, we have defined, we have defined lock down down, and that is the ultimate thing right and theirs. justification for that justification. Is this very have happened? People didn't get vaccinated fast enough. Viruses mutate
this this'll mutate into another virus. It is going to be deadlier and worse, but it if you ask the american people the thing- that's gonna kill us isn't here, yet it may never come, but it could should we locked down in order to prevent that, I dont think they would say yes, but there they are put all of together right, rising case loads, prop entire among the facts almost entirely among the facts. Will these stories a breakthrough infections? we don't have any numbers on and we d of any numbers on the severe hospitalization of the breakthroughs and deaths among the breakthroughs in order to us. Rapidly, nationally about what happens if Delta goes on checked, that's my So that's where we are like, if you want to take this in the most good, will most the flattest. At least a logical political, whatever
where possible. You say there is no justification for the panic among the vaccinated, none! No, I'm sorry! I've been interrupting you so my question to you: we'd be them out, but habitats. Let's go to the Obama Sixtyth Birthday Party, so bombers having Sixtyth Birthday Party in Marthas vigour. It becomes a whole political football because he's having too many people are going to people and terrible you should have so many people and thing when the delta very this raging, and then they can Look at me, I'm cancelled that may this than they that and the whole the thing is people looking through binoculars, trying to see whether people are wearing masks or not, it's outside this, see, doesn't say, you're not allowed to where you that you have to wear masks outside, but the
could I just happen for one second to say it, but that's a perfect example of why we have confusion and fear being sown among regular people every day on this subject. Reason? The Obama birthday bash was going to a lot of people. Is it we're doing exactly what you should be doing. If your vaccinated and having a big party outdoors, which is not wearing mass and enjoying yourself, that's the vaccine, was for but the zoo the same people, many of whom actually attended. That party will go television and in Stoke fear in order two as nor said earlier, because they can't get the unboxing to get the shot, they'll stoke fear among well intentioned people who are vaccinated so that everyone will start to conform to two requirements restrictions that really only the unboxing age should have to have right now, like mask wearing distancing all that stuff that I think the irony hears it was so do you know you decide, It is an aberration, he's. Governors of red states are getting constantly hammered in the media, for lifting restrict,
for not having for saying you can't force gives into mass, etc, etc. But then you have the head of the teachers union saying you know what we're really can't force teachers to get back to night it she To pass on that, they dont this is so politicized now by both sides. I will both sides this, because it's true but the people, the power right now or on the democratic side, and they are called showing a kind of hypocrisy between their behaviour and their message that drives people lockers. Yeah, I mean I just don't know what life is like in a place where people listen to tell the public health officials he's probably coming back, but it's not here yet doesn't get to me there too. That's a camps when it comes to the Obama Birthday party that people who is through our really annoyed by, because they think it's a either tone. Deaf doesnt work, take the measure of the moment or be hypocritical, because these Belarus Christine, says neither left the type of a lecture you when behave differently
among themselves and behind closed doors as it were, and then the other camp as people who don't really care because there are enjoying themselves. They didn't see, the story they were at their own party on Saturday, I am firmly in the latter camp danger on level of risk, tolerance and Lee. Give me the hell alone is my stated position. but this is not acceptable again to those people who weak we are even supposedly the rational voices in the room on John. You like this. This gentlemen, I'm gonna red and extended passage, frank as it is to me shockingly insane David Forest Wealth, and while I swallowed it well as well, some sorry who were rates for the intelligence or New York magazine interviewed Irritabile It's a pretty prolific guy, one of these people in the pandemic of a king, universal sister, who you know, has now understands what he's talking about,
and he teed off on the vaccinated. In this interview, I'm gonna need a briefly extended passage, quoth the backside for now a very slight majority again were already off the rails because they are as of of not a slight majority of the entire population of fifty six percent of the entire population. If you include children, literally every human being and the planet, including, as worrying ineligible for the vaccination for backs. If you go eighteen placid sixty sixty plus those p just think the pandemics over there still the sense that if your vaccinated you're good to go, I mean I've even seen on time a vision know some sort of leading health experts tell people it's perfectly ok to have indoor gatherings among vaccinated people. Well, that's a true soldier bad advice. He goes on this poster things. another issue, because we don't even know if there's gonna be a protection against Delta. I mean every the, but there's no data Lena lean on that for minute. There's no data
he is making the same wild assumptions, he's criticising other people for making predicated on as an addition, no data, but that's why the panic you see, So if there is no data, then you have to ways of going right no data. You have like a continuum right. No doubt, this right in the middle, so you can either panic or you could not, and that's the interesting thing about sort of conventional opinion in the United States, which is there seems to be a biased in favour of panic he's saying we have no data, don't hit me Have anybody over to your house. We don't have the data. Don't you understand? There's boat data and you're saying there's no data. Are you crazy see you're crazy. What are you talking about? There's no data to support the idea that you should know
people in your house now, I'm with you the interesting thing, The pandemic, as we have now been through it for eighteen months, is that reveals that what people because common sense, very much a sliding scale. You know I mean you know we would also like a common senses, are living by nostrums that people live by forever, which, as you know, go out, get out. Go out with an umbrella, but don't go out with lightning rod. You know we're some like that, like that would be common sense, but there Maybe common sense is don't that's I'm at all. What are you crazy? It's raining raving out there you'll get wet a chance, you'll get hit by white, but see it. This is actually white, philosophically it. This is a real problem, more of a problem for conservatives than for liberals. I believe, because we we have tended to
think of ourselves as the people of common sense right. This was way about Buckley, saying it rather be governed by everyone in the new had been phonebook. Instead of you know, elite bureaucrats, but there's a real. We don't have the commons and says, shrunk to like you're, either Pollyanna who's going out with your life. Is it there's no pandemic or your chicken little and there's? Did they really is not a way to square the circle. If you don't have political leaders who will both pushed back on the the chicken levels in the public health bureaucracy and kind of have some sort of restrictions in place. before the Pollyanna isn't that I think what a lot of the vast middle of America's like like you we just say: if you're not vaccinate, you can't do these things and say if you're back, so you can't do this. That is that's the common sense. Liberals are happy to use the power of the state to try to force people to change their behaviour. That is their thing. It's been there thing for a long time, but concern That's right now. Don't have a lot of voices saying that thing. We have a lot of panic on our side to and that's worrisome, because the messaging that should be getting out isn't it
regard, and there's no way to push back against that state power that that is too big right. But what's driving me crazy also about the panic, especially as its coming from public health officials and then it ministration figures and media figures who have you been all over? This thing is what what is the? What does the endgame alternative here? What did what are they sang We need we need to accomplish. Instead, there they're they're, just saying what we have is a word: we do. This isn't working were bad. We can't we can fix this stay home, put on masks, gifts,
excited, but a vaccine is one help you anyway and haven't you have a nice day and when we're done like there's no other, I don't understand where were headed with this. This is in it. We have a vaccine. If you gave you take it you're much much much better shape than if you down and that's it ok gears. This is going back to us being rational people in their rooms, very conceded dinner Let us not allow it, they can't tell you what the end game is, because the endgame is this forever is masking forever. The end game is distancing forever. The indian state control over the minutiae of your daily life forever, allow themselves to articulate that but that is the end game here, for his people is that the pandemic never answer this purpose. and because it will never end, it will be this disease of everywhere if we're lucky, if we're. If, if we do what we achieve, what we want chief here is to make this endemic
and that's part of daily life, but to try to meet make that case means to tell people that you have to live with cover the recipe well. I notice I dont think its a coincidence. This is such a good point now because it's not a coincidence that a lot of our very controversial a social issues are now spoken of ass if they are to a pandemic or disease. gun violence is a pandemic racism, structural racism is. It is a public health issue. We're seeing kind of language which is often used to justify the control that I think you were properly pushing back against now to find things that really should it allowed, the political and cultural sphere, its that's getting? leeched away too, and that worries me a lot in terms of how we're gonna be able to have public debate over these really controversial issues in the future right. I want to conclude by reading something that was I will ask the director the CDC sat on Friday, because what is starvation here and and and apes?
wave just said. Go speaks directly to this is listen to what they are saying They are now trashing, the virus, even as the vaccine, even as they are attempting to get everybody to take the vaccine so hit. in her own. This is her statement. Are vaccines are working exceptionally well? She told wolf. Blitzer They continue to work well for delta with regard to severe illness and death. They prevent it, but what they can do any more, is prevent transmission, unquote, that's not, doesn't first of all. If it is true, if it turns out, to be true. We don't know that yet She says it any everything we know we write adjust. That's not true! That's right by maybe she's got some other data there. Let a rip Ok. Otherwise, we don't have any reason to believe so far are not that I need to explain her position, but her possess,
Is there is evidence to suggest that Delta gets in the nose and the stuff is in the nose and a new script use Britain, from your house that people and it hits a minute, so contagious that, in a couple of days, between when you'll get it and when you might start thinking that you have it, you can be spewing out all over the place and it doesn't prevent transmission having sex that we have no. As you said before, we have no data that prove this to be the case except the province town study. In which there, as I said before, not only bear weak, people wide to the health officials about whether or not they they got. The vets beam. There is no way that there was a sixty percent. Transmission rate among the vaccinated it one town anywhere at that
or the case there would be five hundred thousand cases of covert right. Now, the United States, another hundred thousand or a million cases to positive tests of covert or whatever, rather than a hundred thousand, like that's ridiculous. This its transparently false. The study is transparently the result of people not tell not supporting accurately to yourself and now the CDC is stating that the vaccine does not prevent transmission and what on earth Do you wanna be going around saying something like that that she doesn't know would be true when she, trying to get people to take the vaccine. It's insane she's trying to compete all the behaviour of the vaccinated and is harming the argument that she's trying to make to the unventilated, who are the only people who are really seriously at risk here,
this- is the nature of the psychosis that has now gripped the public health establishment. the United States. Totally matting man, You know what else is maddening are crazy relationship with China and its economy. I bring this up because David since newsletter dividend. Cafe that come up telling you about it, that's the one he does. We de the one he does daily. Is the DC today by com? This week's is about investing in China and its I'd say it's about fifteen hundred words, long, fuller, charts. And my God is this an interesting flavoured fascinating Analysis of what China's behaviour means. If you are an investor and not if you do not like cut to the chase. But if I were smarter about being able to summarize some of these things, I would do that, but what he simply says: is that
adviser. You tells people don't go into direct China. Equity ownership don't buy stocks and chinese companies because the I need a government is key came down on them, trying to show them whose boss trying to deal with the other two politicizing public what price? ownership. a moment when they are there to trying to get a hold of Hong Kong and and other, and so that, but the very the very patterns that are leading them to do this. That me you probably shouldn't go into chinese equity ownership, I also work to cause them to support and stabilize their own bond market, which
new phenomenon in modern global capital markets large liquid, robust and offers a sizeable premium to U S, bond markets and yield an income. David comes at this from the perspective of a political and moral conservative. He does not like the chinese government does not like Its behaviour, he does not like it's totalitarianism, but he is also able to look at this coldly dispassionately colder in with a cold I and give you we'll advice. about how the world works and what this might mean for you. That's dividend cafe that calm Deasey today that come from the bonds and group go to the devil, CAFE, dot com and subscribe, wants a group. The anecdote, the attitude, the intellectual spaghetti of the financial services and management industry So I think we're losing this argument. We are losing this argument because there are just
too many that the relentlessness if you some add up the media's hunger for bad news and the the public health establishments, control of the conversation and the interesting and almost naked way in which this is being used as a political cudgel against republican governors. We ve talked about the Santer somewhat and what's going on with the sadness understand I think probably did overreach with this thing about saying that no cruise ship contest, anybody for having the virus seven Anna Accord has now would that that is a you know that that may be both of interstate commerce as violation and of Anna Free speech, violation which, which I think has has some merit
but there's a story in the New York Times not to constantly cite the New York Times, but what the hell else am I supposed to do about Texas and Greg Abbott and the ban on Covid mandates axis and how? Oh, my god, everything is happening, terrible in Texas, and there are three or four people quoted in the article run Nuremberg, the mayor of San Antonio, the guy, We are showing the callous disregard for life. Liberal, oh, cried hopes. We governor himself the mayor of Austin, whose name is I'm sorry, I'm trying to find the name with the mayor of Arson Weber, whoever they held them here fast. It is attacking. mayor, Steve, Adler, I'd, say we're in a pretty dire place. He thought the people that are right now to get vaccinated, but I don't think people have the rights with the rest of the community risk. I don't have that much of a problem.
With that statement. Houston's mayor, Sylvester Turner. You now serve attacking abbot public. You know, professor at the University of taxes at Austin, attacking. Basically, this is just you know why can make a political attack on Gregg Abbot, who, who did this pass this in a vacuum leg he there's a state legislature. You know famously the governor of Texas, until the last couple of terms was a very weak governor in the state legislature, ran everything, none, the less. You know it there's all the SAW Texas in Florida are really like that there, the leading edge everything is so terrible because there, you know racking up the number of cases in the country. Fine Texas is the second largest
state in the country in Florida is the third largest state, the country and its aim pointing every year and a half, neither of them had a terrible corona virus surge and they may have been sort of like waiting for it movements are like this, maybe their time. When the Corona Charnel House, because we don't know really how it happens, we don't know that masking in social distance and all that really work, and- and here we are A body you sick but like as taxes in Florida numbers are not bad. I'm sorry they're, just not bad, I briefly before I am interrupting you and I apologize I briefly but has been negatively political since forever. Well into twenty twenty, I mean that the epicenter this new outbreak. This new epidemic is in Texas. Isn't Florida its Louisiana. then there was talking about Louisiana, then Ok numbers are insanely high, the voice of Governors Democrat this,
been evident in how the press has appeared. Colorado since day, one of this pandemic Colorado has very libertarian in its approach to virus virus mitigation measures, especially since vaccines run market. It was one of these states that joined with. Now I think, of fifteen. Sixteen other states that had repeal their mass mandates and early spring was in early April. Colorado, got rid of its mass mandate. Nobody talked about it even today, with the CDC red, green issuing. Your masking guidance is It's all local. The state has not opposed a heavy hand. Certain districts in Denver, for example, some districts or acquiring, could supremacist goals. Others are not This is very much a local approach and again because the states political culture is very blue, It does not interest the political press whatsoever, there's no ox to be too to be gourd here. That would satisfy their desire to see Republicans pillory for the sort of thing
it's so nakedly and obviously political that it should be shameful if there was a capacity for shame. left in the american breast. Look, I think, we're probably being too nice in our discussion of the panic in that We are assuming that so much of that panic is actually panic, whereas I think a good deal of it is not wanted to give up an opportunity to finger pointing skull people- and that is most evident in these stories attacking republican states, but not just them. By the way, I think, there's something to the Obama very over Obama's birthday party, like the the the permission that what's but over the last eighteen months has given to everybody to be missed, Grundy and go around and and and tell everybody what to do and how to wag their finger, and all of that,
it is really startling. Most of that has fallen into has been conveniently political right because you could go at the more libertarian approach and say you see you're, just trying to kill people out of your lack of interest him. You know doing the right thing because of course you're all Republicans in one into the wrong thing. but that does not seem to necessarily have entirely partisan boundaries, because like I say this Obama Birthday Party, which seems too conform all regnant proper standards. Nuthin, but there is also the the other narrative. I think that's that's dangerous, that's that an entrenched hours. They sort of the only the public health bureaucratic elite by the administration. Anyone on the partisan side of this issue on the left has me,
did their story to say we are not the ones who politicize this the republic, and they made this. A partisan issue is partisan issue for them and we're just dealing with the science. While, as we know there, really not, I mean they're they're they're definite but the science given how little data they have for these decisions that they're making it there, obviously beholden to their own special interest groups, which they don't want. Knowledge makes that false. But that's the story is look these crazy republican. but of course, if you look at it from another perspective, is governors I gathered governors like the scientists, are responding to the needs and demands of their voters. There can difference in their states? That's how our system is supposed to work and they might makes they might over each- and I agree with John dissenters with the cruise industry- is an over each particularly for a pro business Republican, because it should it isn't businesses interests to be able to say it say to get on our ships again- and he should
its wording, their ability to run their business the way they see fit. So I agree that it is good that he got slept for that, but all the other stuff he's done. He saved more senior citizens in a state that much older than then say that New York than quality dead and he doesn't get credit for that in the mainstream media because it has to be made partisan, but there partisanship, doesnt work. See that's a went, dissenters, attacks, Biden as a response to something Biden said about him. It's two scientists who made this a partisan issues That story is very consistent in the mainstream media least. I've been watching it. I mean I'm a Floridians born razor, save a lot of family friends there? So I follow I both get their perspective is Floridians and I watched in the mainstream meet its shocking em. You could see it happen in real time. Every time a story about we have. We also have to remember the sixty minutes package about the Santos, though how dissenters was was not supplying the vaccine to him. You know commuted
is of color because he's so enables complex, yet because it is so hates the he's so hates the vaccine that he was trying to give it to everybody that he liked had not to people. you know who he doesn't like or whatever, and now it's like four months later, and you know the story just shifts what is whatever it needs to be added. One time and that Donald Trump thanks the media very much for helping them. You know continue to me run. The scientists are problematic person for twenty twenty four That's the joke here is that the more they trashed Santa's, the more they help trouble the case that he isn't necessarily the only controversial person who might be ready for peace twenty twenty four so they're doing it again is what I'm saying- and we will do this again tomorrow. Thank you for listening, welcoming Christine for aid no end was gonna jump onwards. The camel burning
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