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The Coming Revolt of the Vaccinated

2021-07-23 | 🔗
With municipalities around the country reimposing indoor masking recommendations or even mandates, no one seems to be asking whether the fully vaccinated will welcome much less endure restrictions they shouldn’t have to observe. Is a backlash brewing? Also, California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s recall election is looking more and more like a tossup.
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we're late. I'm I'm I'm discombobulated, I'm about to go to Jack's, I'm about to go. Look at Jackson, Pollock's house for some reason and see where he drove drizzle pain, So let's get going here and talk about how Philadelphia is now the latest of the municipalities to announce that everybody is supposed to wear a mask at the time, at the same time that if you look up numbers of people in the icy use in New York City, America's largest city, with eight point: four million people. There are fifty two covered patients in the icy use in New York City. Despite this incredible surge of the delta variant and its great dangers posed other too, They lack mercy. The surgeon general again said you know if you're living at home, with a can under twelve who can't get vaccinated,
who should be wearing amassed in your own house in front of your own children? You should be masking yourself as a vaccinated person in front of your children, which I dont believe. Most of us did during the pandemic when we had children and no one was vaccinated. These people are crazy. They are driving us crazy, we're being gas lit and being driven in saying- and I me while I notice that people are increasingly the sort of anti vaccines are increasingly kind of Very public about their anti vexing, like you, have this really weird phenomenon of these athletes. Nfl athlete saying things like I may have to resign may not have to not play football anymore. If they're gonna make me vaccinate. It's matter with you get backs. You know colon.
That's because our rule that wasn't, by the league, we're having the kind of sense Just then a few. If your team is responsible for an outbreak, you will forfeit the game now, How did they identify? Who is responsible for an outbreak running there's some questions remain but it puts the onus on the institution to enforce vaccinations is not a government entity. It's not a public mandate on its private individuals contracting with other private individuals for this, for the benefit of their institutions makes perfect sense to me as an inducement to get back to which they have to be well, the inducement to a football player. Yet so there's a negative inducement, witches mere tumor forfeit and you're going to get paid that weak. That's what the NFL says so they ever set this up at some point, tribal? I'm trying to make is that Anti vaccines are now.
acting like victims. They are the victims of a terrible conspiracy against them. Now the only people working to victims from anti vacuous, who don't get vaccinated, are there non vaccinated people who, I think we can say unless you are under the age of twelve or even a lesser you're. Under the age of eighteen or the child of a of an anti vaccine does more facts. You you have there no responsibility, but every every anti vaccine, every non facts. Firstly, I state is now effectively and anti back, sir. I believe I don't house to put it ok, maybe they're waiting there waiting to see if there is a permanent. If there you know theme can see ends, and this is becomes a permanent vaccination there waiting to see whether the data come out that in the waiting to see you not wait to see fine, congratulations, we can all get you other sick happiness,
already. I am not putting on a mass to protect them from I don't get, I'm not gonna get covered and I'm not gonna transmit I think a lot of people think like you, I think a lot of people who are vaccinated set out this doesn't make any sense for me particular Considering the numbers were a month into this new search began in June case rates are still going on Seventy average now is forty five thousand people. Yes on the twenty. Second, we had sixty three thousand new cases. Deaths are not corresponding does kicked the average seventy rolling average of death deaths. Due to this new cover search PETE on July Fourteenth, it's been trending down ever since now, God forbid caveats about hospitalization like that for his life, but in the UK the Dirt coupling. Of course, rates in death rates has been totally sever. Why should it be the case here? Where was six out of ten people over the age of twelve or fully immunized
We may be, and stock outlined, says we're. Probably at the tail end of this thing, we ve worked farther into this outbreak. Don't you think we are, and it made me debate? Just as municipalities? The country are re implementing mitigation measures that Like any sense, I don't think they know what they're playing with so wooden. Isn't there an opportunity for a sort of very real world vaccine inducement message here. That goes entirely against the idea of ok. We need to mask up again. Isn't is the time for public health officials by them duration, and one also said? Well, sadly, we see from the numbers now that those who don't get back to those who are vaccinated or not ending up in the hospital there,
dying and they are outliving. Productive, engaged, free lives without masks. Unfortunately, those who have refused the vaccine they're the ones that remain getting sick, they are, in some cases dying. This is the time folks to decide which side you want to be on. The rest of us are going to be out there continuing to have fun and live our lives, and those who haven't gotten back scene vaccinated are going to Can you in in greater numbers than us much better to go to the hospital? Get sick and some cases die and that's the message and that's it that everyone's gonna bring at the kids in this? where you see that the battle again over masking in schools in the fall out? the heating up and in a lot of cities and a lot of district school districts, because now they really can say, that's the only group cause, there's no in others, the first father still only emergency youth authorization is so there are still people
clinging to that like the I'll, get it when the FDA finally approves, it will probably come in a little bit, but for the since kids under twelve can yet be vaccinated. That's what I'm hearing, certainly in the Dc Metro area, from from acquaintances and just in the kind of mainstream media. Trickle down effect is well. If you don't wear mask even if your vaccinated, you want children to die when you point out, of course, the statistics which have not changed in terms of children's rights, because we know, although its more contagious the delta variant. Thank goodness does not seem to be more deadly; it doesn't matter they fastened on this population. That can't be that needed yet and said if you dont all wear, masks you're going to pass this to them and they could die so that that's them, that's the message are going without you can see. We talked about it with the American Academy Pediatrics earlier this week, but it's it's now spreading like wildfire through the sort of so called sensible, liberal approach to the pandemic in its worrisome. I want to talk about a surgeon, general vivid mercy who has to very small children. I would like
to see footage from his ring camera as to whether or not in his house. He is wearing masks around his own children, because if he isn't he's he's a filthy hypocrite who was telling people to do things I sought and if he is keys, saying, there's either there's no. I mean you can do it every wants, but this is craziness. You wanna you wanna live around your children with mass on. You think this is a rational thing to do. When you are vaccinated person. Here's a number for you in Washington DC way, Deasey Health- I don't know what these e health These every large cities, its health department for open for the city, ok supply via this number is made of three hundred and seventy five thousand fully vaccinated individuals.
do you see, has recorded two hundred breakthrough cases or just point O five percent of all fully vexed. Daily vigils, two hundred cases out of three hundred and seventy six thousand. These are breakthrough cases and all we keep hearing about the breakthrough cases is that They are mild them their milder, then a cold, that's how mild they are now clear. They get long covered, which this condition that we keep hearing about the danger of the horrors of long covered. I don't really think that yet have spelled out. The long covert is a real we need a bold condition as yet, it seems to be a panoply of symptoms that some people seem to have. Of, but we are now trying to avoid,
uncovered again. Two hundred people breakthrough in DC out of three minutes. Every six thousand vaccinate people what is going on with the health care public health people here? Why again I mean you get to conspiracy theory, why are they pushing this, and the only thing you can come to is, as you know, they, this is the most fun I've ever had. This is this is for them They are at the red, hot centre of of of american life and the minute that they say right. You know why I guess: there's the delta, varied and vaccines and vaccinate people are behaving yours
possibly a manifestly crazy and they're gonna get each other sick and congratulations to them, and we really what they should be doing, is having meeting saying, approve the vaccine for peace for kids under twelve, but instead there there. You know so instead of saying what they're saying the minute that they say the pandemic is effectively over the other. People are getting covert or people warrant vaccinated. We don't care about them any more as a public policy matter. We don't care about them, they don't care about us. We don't care about them. Tat is over, I mean I'm, not a name. You know is do that their own, but then there done isn't that the most effective smartest public health strategy at point we're erecting all these boundaries. Around unboxing people were stigmatizing, them were punishing them were forcing them into their own spaces, where they can congregate amongst themselves, explicit isn't the smart idea to erase all those boundaries and it doesn't
finally emotional, the need to punish these people for their selfishness, but it also justifies and picks aided maximizes the benefits associated with heard immunity, which we should be close to achieving. At this point, the sixty percent, the public, fully vaccinated. You need to integrate the vaccinated puppet vision with the vaccinated population, so that, if he were vectors of transmission, am I wrong no, but that we are so missing, though a very large constituency, that's not in public health, not public health professionals whose who, in the interests of never letting a crisis, go to waste, don't also don't want the crisis. To end a mean, I wake up, Dickie, afflict sender, Amy Closure, who is now proposing legislation to ban free speech in terms of health misinformation being spread. I mean, if you look at the kind of power grab at her, that elected officials are still interested in pursuing the crisis, has to still be a crisis in order to justify those in the delta variant fits perfectly with that crisis. They
themselves and they were protecting the children mantle and continue to do. You know overreach in terms of what they would normally be allowed to do as elected official. So I think that there is beyond the public health folks. There are plenty of people are happy to see this kind of crisis mentality continuum. We Fleming we ve talked about this more than your meat. They have incentives, real incentives to do so. So where are we we we're on these bizarre tracks? We have public health officials in L, a county and am without feeling, I think it's the fifth largest city in the United States, who are mandating that people wear masks inside vaccinated and non vaccinated, Isn't recommendation, I think, fillies just a recommendation Guessing LAS Vegas variety with ok, I apologize
I apologise to Philadelphia for not for the fact that it has in the end to violence. Yet they get a keyword is its brotherly love conditions, but you know one of our favorite covered hysterics doktor Leanna when who writes for the Washington Post them appears on CNN said this bizarre thing, which is she said we have to have mass band aids because he can't trust that people who are on vaccinated won't just say their vaccinated and then they won't where their mask and then so. We need everybody where a mask, because we can't I trust the honor system, I'm not gonna, get covered from these people, two hundred cases out of three hundred and seventy six thousand once again
We are talking about a number that is so small that you cannot express it as a fraction point o five percent like it's, you can come up with a fraction, that's like five out of a thousand or five out of ten. I don't even know what it is they held with them enough enough of Leanna. When saying, I need to know that everybody who was walking random all his vaccinated, it's none of your business. If people want to go, get covert and get sick, they can go, get told it and get sick that were not the case before the vaccines. It is very important to stipulate that we did not understand transmits ability and we did
And we had all sorts of reasons to think that you know you're a relative age, a relative weight and all of that we're going to make you far more at risk, but we did not have any defences or protections outside of some of these reaches that everybody went to write a watch data briefly, I watched her home video produced by in the future in doktor winning her family, who also has very young children that was hosted on ceilings website which feature to her and her family doing what you should be doing. If you have done children which has now going inside never going to an restaurant staying outside all the time constantly in Europe. parents at home in doing alone mitigation measures on strategies and done. Successive to us, but it's it's normal.
such a ban in the other lifestyle choice. It's it's a lifestyle choice. This is sort of like eating organic or you know, taking a lot of supplements or being an exercise freak. It is just another lifestyle choice for these cities, sort of people and has nothing: to do with public health, but it's a lifestyle choice. They want to impose on the rest of us and that's the way I mean I'm honestly it this isn't about organic food, energy and supple, exactly true, but there's, but there's too there's this real d by that I mean I'm facing is apparent and I'm sure lover listeners will be facing in the fall to so. You know the my kids out, my my kids are fully vaccinated. Most a lot of Many many of their classmates are as well in high schools where they hadn't didn't, have any in person classes last year, because, thanks to the teachers, unions and our incompetent mare and now their basic,
who sang you should be grateful, we're opening at all and you're going to have to wear, masks and not complain about it and do all of this safety theater, because we want our undesignated teachers to be protected. We went to all these other people who refuse vaccination be protected, and I cannot talk to my kids this is a ridiculous rule. This is one of those rules and I'm a rule follower. As of as by nature. Like I'm one of those people I stop, I can do complete. Stop at the four way, stop sign that person- and this is driving me crazy, because I have to say to my kids. Sometimes these rules are not really in our best interest and there are there pursued for reasons other than actual public, fifty, and I mean it's been fascinating, but I worry about all of the all. Of the messages were sending not only the fear. The fearmongering for the younger children were who were told that is dangerous to leave their homes but for older kids. You were trying to raise and a culture of respect for some respect for thought
in rural following in, and what not- and this is kind of this is how its faith in institutions crumbles its family by family person by person when we are faced with these sorts of bizarre regulations but you're. So this gets a something, often throughout the art or discussions during the pandemic. We ve serves pause to wonder where the public is in relation to us. You know how representative are our feelings as as applied to the larger american public I'm honestly, like fifty fifty on where I think blue states and liberal, cities are going to come down in terms of their public behaviour in the event that mandate mass mandates resume everywhere. I mean to what degree are people who end up anecdotally? When I speak to people, I actually don't know of any one who is who is
afraid to get covered anymore either, because I'm talking to someone who is anti vaccine doesn't and has decided that it doesn't that there are two It is our minuscule or that their healthy enough, that it won't kill them whatever their thinking is or because someone of because they ve gotten the vaccine, feel secure that need that they're not gonna, get her. If they do get it, it won't have a big fat So so I dont really know having had the sort of taste of of freedom lucky us for the past, you know month to month, being able to walk around without a mask. How much of a nuisance are people willing to make themselves? now should do the mass media come down again. Are they willing to make sense, inserting a risk getting kicked out of places looking like like, a rebels or worse. Looking, like Republicans you know were ready for media stories or or are they going to comply at night? And I truly dont know the answer
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Sensible efforts to force people who are not risk of covered into protocols that will not protect them or make them themselves or make them healthy, or anything like that. I also want to talk about the increasing phenomenon that I think we see in. Let's say some of the defences are people who are speaking in not in numb defensive terms about people like the Andrea Hopkins, the football player who said I may have to quit football, because I don't want to
they have the vaccine? There does seem to be a phenomenon that I was trying to. I was trying to pass this out. My think it. This is how you have to describe at the anti anti anti vex her ok. So if you're an anti vaccines against vaccines, if you're an anti anti back. Sir, your against the people who are against vaccines, if you're an anti anti anti back, Sir, you are against the people. What now sees me that's right, is it desire it or get if you're an anti anti anti facts are yours hence the people who are against the people who are against the peoples or against vaccines, and this is a way of not being an anti vaccine yourself, but expressing sympathy for anti backs are so we have these schizophrenia phenomenon of John Hannity
on Monday or Tuesday, making a heartfelt appeal on his show two people to get the vaccine and that apparently, yesterday on his radio show saying he's not encourage anybody at the vaccine. Why is this happening? What is going on? How about the fact that half the Republicans House still won't answer whether or not they ve gotten vaccinated They are worried about the opinion of the Anti Baxter's. They don't want to contribute to an atmosphere of hostility. anti vaccine. So they don't wanna, be didn't want to support the anti anti factors, so they are effectively behaving as anti anti Anti Baxter's, as are many voices on them Eight who was so I want to separate us as people who are anti
back sir, but were also anti work? No way so you might were. Were anti how'd you get any backs were right. we are fire engines, five generations back, This is like you, don't want. Anybody is zero. nobody except the rattling continent in Korea, arguing about from honey bullets are left in the gun. Yap simplistic was two plus one I always get in trouble with mass. So we should ask very bad is quite clear that there's a constituency on the right that believes there being coerced into this sort of thing was a viral clip yesterday about this guy was just coming out being intubated. still has oxygen is talking about how you will never ever ever ever get vaccinated under any circumstances and guess what we're You have to learn to live with that its
we're gonna, go away, there's a sentiments on the right and on the left of, but there they don't get covered for some reason that rejects the idea of coercion of state coercion under any circumstances whatsoever, as an infant on their individual personal liberty. Now I think they're making it a decision. I dont think there they ve, rationally sort this out. at their liberty is being infringed upon anyway, but they do and society will have to figure out a way to accommodate these people, because coercion isn't working inducements, aren't working incentives, isn't working, it's not gonna work, but here's what we're not going to be a live with, even though I agree with everything you said, people having kids moving forward, their anti vaccine sentiment is going to get its gonna, be much more widespread
Then we have seen since before the pandemic, since, but even after the recent waves of of the anti missile vats and all that stuff, it's going to be so much worse now, because it's so completely thinkable now, where it wasn't too have just cords and words of people say not trust vaccines. I'm not I'm not gonna do at another, my chances, and that is something that will affect everyone. That's great. I hear you're absolutely right and it's just fantastic- that this sum: a miraculous applicants, some of the very which is not whether we really what the MRI Nay vaccines are about. This Morocco application, the idea that you get a tiny spot of disease to stimulate your body to attack the disease and therefore you will have this a resistance to the disease, maybe
the rest of your life for certainly for decades or some like that. This is a miraculous thing, and- and it is very old. People were trying. Expose themselves to smallpox in the eighteenth century to prevent themselves from getting smallpox. People did this with a lump sum in the classic thing. Was you know my My I'd months is a baby. My before the months vaccine was available. My mother had my sister's sit in a room with me, so they could get it this is the oldest menaced right- the Emirates vaccine does something different. It's it's. It term which is, I think, one of the reasons why it is susceptible to this idea that something you know, magical and evil is going on, but I mean god, you're? Absolutely right that we are? We are moving into this end, the and this the phenomenon of the anti anti aunt
He back, Sir, on the right, the sympathetic voice or the people who are sympathetic to people who are being attacked for not getting them Maxine or whatever. It is our effectively fellow travellers of the anti vaccine movement and are spreading the gospel of anti backs, though they will claim they are not. and so you know I don't know. Let's see where we are, and twenty thirty five when We have already had the phenomenon of these measles outbreaks in California, from among kids, whose parents refuse to get the maximum it. Now again, you know this is a very well written zebra the interesting set of phenomena we are. We are very much believers in the notion that governments should not be coercive, but
the whole theory of the government not being coerced shouldn't involved. That is also based on the principle that a self governing citizenry is prudent and left to its own them ices will you now will not like commits such weapons of Gore bound meeting suicide or poorly organised or getting their putting their kids and positions where they can get this disfiguring a monstrous diseases from which they will never recover a male ended. This is that new wrinkle, some of these kids die in Durban. Infants who are not yet eligible for vaccination in California who died as a result of their parents, you haven't ass near their children then being exposed to these diseases. So it's not even just a day just get sick and as someone who sister lives in northern California and I contracted whooping cough, isn't it old. When I after visiting her, they have a very at a very high outbreak of whooping cough and her region, because they weren't vaccinated against it, meets not a joke, but these
I mean they're, risking others lives by not getting vaccinated to some extent, and I think with covered. That's not the case right now with the kids. But you know, if you have a kid in school, you have to theirs mandatory vaccinations. If, if the FDA approves this, it will it possibly could become a mandatory vaccination at all. At the flu vaccination shots every year are not required by many school system. So they'll have to make a determination about whether the it's important enough to make it mandatory. But that's coming that that that's the likely outcome of the FDA approval process and it would it would make a lot of these discussions much easier. But I agree, I think the antibiotics population among parents is gonna, be much larger and that's not a good thing that the fact that this is all become you know this is all become a substitute for partisanship and ideological positioning and stuff like that, for a lot of people not for everybody and weak,
saying that you know there is this bizarre insistence on the part of them on the part of liberals claim that the problem here is, you know, Tucker Karlsson, Fox whose them do you now irresponsible right wing media, a peddler anti wax information when we know that you know african american populations that are not listening to talk or Karlsson Fox NEWS. have comparably low rates of vaccination and again we're supposed to think- or we were told months and months and months ago that we have to understand that because of the Tuskegee experiment, Some things like that, but come on already come on with that people are decide. they're, not they don't wanting get backs for whatever reason, and so, as home Jenkins said earlier this week in the Wall Street Journal you're either will be there needed or you're gonna get carpet. That is clearly what is gonna happen over the next. you're a year and a half and what there will be
hundred percent of the population that is either vaccinated or has been recovered, and the Good NEWS Scotland said this more Is that every piece of evidence that we have shows that if you get covered, you have anti bodies in your system six months or longer out from getting covered, thus making you effectively immune? just just a point on they did this scepticism among African Americans in particular about vaccination day. The rationale which is the mistrust of of godlike, not trusting the exports of the government to do what's in their best interests. the exact rationale that you see a lot of the anti backs are trump voters making is all its the same argument. I think what so frustrating when you watch these discussions in the mainstream media is that one group making An argument is considered illegitimate and ignorant, and the other is is considered the opposite, and that's that in fact, public health messaging should say of both groups.
These are both arguing the same thing and here's. Why we want to persuade you that your rotten now that you're idiots not that your foolish none of these the insults? Just this is something that is an understandable impulse in a country this large, with a state that this powerful. However, here are the reasons why We want to reassure you, etc, etc, but they're making the same argument. They really are. I'm gonna say it again It's been seven months if people are getting back, They're not gonna, get vaccinated. The only way they're going to get vaccinated is if they know somebody who gets covid and there and they and the person who gets called and says, don't be an idiot like me, go get go, get back we keep hearing this anecdotally from people that they they get actually after they hear somebody, you know like had a rough time was covered where they know someone who had covered or they were or there's something that goes on- that that convinces them change their minds, but unless there is an event that convince them to change their minds, it's probably not gonna happen.
anymore, so they're gonna get it or they're, not gonna get it, but we are not responsible for them and they do, of course, than than you have the interesting harm part which is okay. So yet are we What's the healthcare? What's that? What's the national healthcare implications of this, so for it turns out. Not many, I mean that's the funny part when you hear this year. This I'm worried I'm worried as the mayor of us. I am worried that hospitalizations are increasing, but their nodding, but I'm in their increasing by a tiny margin. All this is based on fearful expectations of a spike, and it's been a month or six weeks since the delta very popped up and as Noah says, the case rates are increasing and everything else is ruined. Deaths and hospitalizations are up in.
Philatelic Molly. I mean you know again in terms of the whole population. There are fifty to call the patients in icy use in New York City, fifty two who or talkin my really dark blue democratic government cities and public health officials who only socialized with themselves and talk heads whose only interaction with the public is on twitter, so all of them are getting this feedback that suggests everybody's gonna love this. Not only do they want the return of mitigation measures, they're going to heap laurels on us for four reimposing, these restrictions on them and I think they're all misleading themselves in a really in a really detrimental. Detrimental way on the notion that the voting public, so these cities are going to rush to the poles to reward this sort of behaviour. this onerous imposition on them, in places that even bother to observe it in the event that they do observe at which I think is probably going to be localised highly localised. strikes me as fanciful, I'm having data to support that island,
the appalling data that suggests the public is gonna. U no fresh poles who who say that thing I need a return to masking. It doesn't exist theirs, as does the desirability by us around saying what is necessary. This is everybody, loves the sort of thing. But I don't think it's true. I dont think its real. I think the public is going to react with visceral frustration if, if they have to abide, The restrictions for no discernible reason other than to protect themselves from the irresponsible, which doesn't make any sense either YO dealing with statistics like the ones that I'm offering you about about hospitals, rights am breakthroughs, and all of that people who can french, these numbers and give you a sense of how numbers in a large scale, government reported numbers interact with how we what we do on a daily basis, I'm a wash with admiration for such people, the guy one of the guys
o best. Who does this? The best is David Bonds and of the bonds and group who does this had did this with covert throughout twenty twenty, and the end, and does this every day in the deep seated EVA Com, his daily news letter and endeavour them cafe: dot com, his equally newsletter, where he crunches the numbers, the macro economic members, and gives you a sense of what policy makers are doing what they're doing and when what they do seems to be in conflict the very numbers that they themselves report and that they try to make policy based on. It is illuminating, it is ah I opening that's why David Bonds and has three Billy, dollars under management with his by coastal management firm, and why people trust him their money and why I trust him with
the analysis that he provides me daily and weekly, so gotTa Divinum CAFE dot com subscribe to David, Parkinson's, we, the Daily NEWS, letters, the bonds and group the incidentally, the intellectuals, weary of the financial services and management business are right, so we keep to its covert covered colleague covered covered, but there I want. I had now just talk about the media and cope it, so I was listening to NPR morning as I was driving somewhere, and there is a story about a tale of two states: New Hampshire and Massachusetts. They border each other. As you may know, and you know New Hampshire has away lower unemployment rate than Massachusetts. apparently John Slew, the governor of New Hampshire, who is, I'd needling. I run against Maggie Hassen and sat race, is tied with her in pulling, which I think again given what we
about. Poverty feeds is probably ahead of her. The Republican is kind of laying his fellow Republican Larry Hogan, the not Larry home, I'm sorry, but what's his name, the Baker, Charlie Baker sees me. There were publican governor of Massachusetts by saying look, our unemployment rate is half of yours and you know we did we relax. We never really had these bad covered restrictions and we relaxed all of our covered restrictions to before you dead, and you know what else I did I the unemployment, the state unemployment benefit. When the federal government you Know- and you know what did it do it extended the federal three dollars a week. Unemployment benefit. I ended the states unemployment benefit because I did not want to give people and incentive say home, and you know what it's worked worked. They they're, not home
but do Hampshire as a low unemployment rate and Massachusetts Zombie raised is relatively high and an MP hours reporter reported this in kind of cork screw reverse its like. Why is this fair? It just doesn't seem to be fair that Basle juices, which was so responsible in the way it handled covered and unemployment is being punished by you know, binds this reality. It's not fair that Johnson New should be making fun of Massachusetts, It's, after all, didn't Massachusetts, do what it was supposed to do has provided, are blamed, benefits, hasn't it and then they find some economists University of Massachusetts at outpost, squawk see a bum place at place. I've ever heard of you know who says well, we have a lot of minorities here,
ok, we'll boy, you know because also were more urban than they are, so people were living together a lot, and so there was more covered because people live together and city. and there was more covered, and so you know and minorities, and you know and end the debts you know the way it is and so it was insane and fascinating because this is it was one of those like Fox Butterfield Moments, the Fox Butterfield moment being, of course, Bore. You know, as as punishment increases, there seems to be less crime on the streets. I mean you know this was a famous New York Times story from the late. Ninety ninety,
you know. As war people go to prison, there's less crime on the streets that shouldn't be happen. A pair of courting to Fox butterfat should move with happening word of, but everybody else rather than get yes. Well, that's totally logical so anyway, but that that the bet, if you, if you, if you use logic- and you see that you know you d, recidivism finally locked away and stop committing crimes that that's good, let fewer crimes you're not getting at the systemic causes. The root causes all those things that have now become the way We talk about things like crime, the way that we talk about anything related to economic and social inequality. I will note the unemployment claims are up again right. I mean where we have this. We have picked we're restaurants and other retail places desperate for workers. There was a very comfortable horrifying story in the new post recently about a camp that actually had to close early because it it was under staff in the staff that it did have very clearly and competent. An untrained because who have around the camp was desperate for workers.
couldn't find them till the last minute and everything went went south for the poor campers. But this is a real problem and we and yet a week we keep hearing these promises about the economy, roaring back as Biden promised us and we don't see. The evidence in the logic is pretty you're give people money to sit at home and not work. Why would they go out and seek jobs in the labour market? I just have. This is part and parcel of what Noah you you were talking about them in large enlarge bore about whether democratic politicians then blue state people actually understand what it is that people who are not already far only lodged in their camp here if they hear them talk and that they are having a conversation that is,
In which there are so many bubble, suppositions that they don't know what they sound like, if you dont, if you aren't drinking their cool, and this seems to be a greater and greater problem as everybody retreats into there. You know media, but and all that, but it was always true, was always fox. Butterfield was you know, tat, five years ago, not not now, but I just wonder like is: there was There is an added around here. I heard that story and said you know, I think, maybe we need to edit this whole bit as you're you're you're reporting on how I knew sure is having a better go of it and they were, they were looser uncovered than Massachusetts, and they were tougher and unemployment benefits and Massachusetts and everything he's going their way, and things are going. Massachusetts way should we sort of maybe Anna. is that not from the perspective of poor
Massachusetts but baby. What lesson there can be drawn from the behaviour of New Hampshire, but that is also the lesson of Florida. Freer straight, I mean that's what we witnessed you know so there You know it's not have been able to report on the relative success of Rhonda Santas, his handling of of of covered in and Florida sting in opening and somewhat dynamic. They had to whose concoct all sorts of scandals about not reveal true numbers? You know hidden deals with with, with with chains about vaccine distribution, you know, because you couldn't just come out and say hey. This seems to have worked
yeah? That's not just covered the unleashing a wish was, but it's your employer is perfectly the perfect indication of this sort of temptation on the left and impure has become utterly unlivable over the last year, because every issue, every subject must be subsumed into the national conversation on rights in which there is only one side. There is no dissension, no dissent allowed from the preferred narrative and their preferred now Have we learned in twenty twenty and our learning twenty twenty one did appalling data? Is not really all that well received by american minorities if you're a white progressive, affluent white progressive in an urban suburban setting that dangerous speaking to you but they're, not necessarily speaking to the people for whom they presumed to speak, particularly on race but she's on policing issues, and when talking about covered on mitigation strategies, I there talking themselves into a cul de sac.
in part because they allow any sort of dissent. Remember back comment in twenty seventeen, twenty eighteen there was this mean. Your wide effort, the sort of understand how they lost the conversation, how they lost the national conversation that are speaking only to themselves. They have one outcome when twenty sixteen election year prepared for anything else, was psychologically devastating and was in. committed themselves to sort of his half hearted, but at least it with the right intentions, effort to include voices that word that descended from there particular preferred narrative, I'm Joe Biden Winds, and that goes out the window now we're in a period of untrammelled progressive, tendency, its its mark. Seen in it historical inevitability and anyone who doesn't abide by our agree with their premises, must be an atom attire, stigmatized meal shuffled off the site, and if you're is indicative of that's ok, now want to talk about. I want to talk.
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and ready for planting now through July. Thirty first go too fast growing trees that comes less commentary for fifteen percent off. That's fifteen percent off at fast growing trees, dotcom slashed commentary, fast growing trees, dot com, slashed commentary, so guys gather Newsome is facing a recall election. They managed to get these two million signatures up to the tube to have a recall election. There was one people remembering too as in three, that ousted a great day was the governor and lead to Arnold Sorts, Niggers, the gubernatorial run and and subsequent to terms as as governor of cow? India and we ve been told, we are told constantly- this was gonna fail, it's fail, it's ridiculous, you know he's got states, can avail guess what it may not may not fail. Big pole, Emerson College comes out The first all they had had a thirty eight percent in favour and
four thousand eight hundred and forty two against us support for the recall amongst the new survey, respondents was at forty three percent, while opposition was at forty eight. According to the San Francisco at Sfgate, which I guess, de, I think, that's the San Francisco examiners or the chronicles website. Listen to this the biggest red flag for Newsome was the Poles question. Regardless of the recall effort, would you vote to re, elect governors and twenty twenty two or do you think it is I am for someone new a whopping. Fifty eight percent of voters want someone new, while only forty two percent are happy with do some suggesting government could be in serious danger in TWAIN into is appointed as a Democrat
independent with enough name Recognition Republican, not closely tied to former President Donald Trump and the National Republican Party Newsome as blanket the airwaves adds ads. Comparing this recall to the January six capital riots he's had lack lustre marks on his handling of wire fires and drought, and I'm sorry, but there does seem to be that much information on this. But what is the thing that was most notable in national? more attention for governor some in the last year and a half was, of course his as venture to the french laundry in upper where he had a big meal, a happy fun indoor, Millet, America's best restaurant of into its man, whose bus, restaurant and certainly one of its most expensive restaurants unmasked after you know, yelling everybody map that message.
the two things about this one pullings bad and it all shifts in one direction and the polling in California was terrible because it did not pick up the fact that I think five republican seats were recaptured in twenty when he has against twenty eighteen in the house. One of the reasons that the that the Democrats were shocked beyond me or by their showing by poor, showing in November. So if California, is bad, as everybody else is pulling and the numbers are four thousand three hundred and forty eight Newsome probably better, be subtracted some numbers off that forty eight and whoever is against them should be adding numbers to that. Forty three, This is bad news for Newsome AM, I think, could be that call the election that we talked about yesterday. I guess there's two months until the recall orb of a six weeks
something like that who knows what's gonna happen: it's not going in the right direction for Newsome. the thing that weird thing about California about here is that sort of everybody primary, so new sums competing against Republicans and Democrats, apparently, and there's a ton of them running and everybody splitting the field. We all talk about Caitlin, Jenner, she's, set up all the oxygen but Larry elders and feel John Cox was on the ballot republicans. Twenty a team. I think twenty one, twenty nine. So there are some big names here too, but allow a little ones, and it's like forty candidates for some, but I guess I don't know how this field whenever I don't actually know how this works, but as long as Republicans are united against one particular candidate and Democrats are gonna, be this united because they have a sitting governor running gets hold of other Democrats. can benefit just from a fractured field. If they had a single unified candidate. I think you'd be in real trouble. Republicans
What to say I was in California in two thousand and three during the recall, and I happened to listen to on the radio in in in Palo Alto. I listened to these sixteen candidate debate. The recall debate in which the big, the the become click was between our Yonah Huffington and Arnold Schwartz Negative, both of them, you know, barely comprehensible with there. You know her thick greek acts and then is thick german access or July. Although you also flood the issues like, and you have no idea what they were talking meditative course, Arnold, Arnold one, I hope, there's another couple of debates there. Cosette that could be really in it's fine, but this is something to watch, Poor and well, and also just in general, with California Kiddo there, the progressed, dream D, the California dream there have been in this- predates the pandemic a bit. If it's you know California people, but it really
came to the fore during a pandemic. Is this debate over whether it really is a great places at the future of the country? Or is it actually where a lot of the liberal progressive dreams go to try practical reality and die die a very clear public death, even though the people who believe in those progressive dream still cling to them like universally the income like a lot of the environmental stuff. We hear about a lot of these are tested in California and they are found wanting and so that, as as it is an experiment for Progressive ISM, California has been an absolute and abject failure. People are leaving, including businesses that are leaving that state, so it in that sense, though, the recall effort is, is perhaps the first wave of a larger reassessment of California. S place in our culture, too, could well be well Everybody have a wonderful weekend will be back with you on Monday for aid for students,
I'm John POD words at commentary. Dot Org keep the cavalry.
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