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The Cosmic Unfairness of It All

2020-09-24 | 🔗
Does Donald Trump have a plan when he does absurd things like refuse to entertain the prospect of a peaceful transition of power if he was to lose the election? Of course, he doesn’t. But that doesn’t make it any less contemptuous. Also, the indictment of a Kentucky police officer in connection with the death of Breonna Taylor, cosmic injustice, and our culture’s inability to handle moral ambiguity.
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Welcome to the Commentary magazine Daily Podcast were Thursday September. Twenty. Fourth, twenty twenty, I'm John POD words the editor of Commentary magazine with me. As always, executive, editor, a green wild high Abe I jumped no aid is not did not pause to slip. A cup of coffee, which is what you did yesterday, he's he's changing his behaviour, never make that mistake again and now he is taking us Senora Christine Rosa High Christine John Christine,
never has coffee during the show my coffee. Sometimes I do ok, ok, if I woke up later themselves in writing and associate editor Rossman, who occasionally has coffee, I always having of he always has coming under budget. Somehow, the coffee. Not only does he have coffee is just holding up a job, wrath- and I have caught his six cups. A damn thing I ever having its that's a hundred dear listener that you are having coffee, as I think we all need a lot of caffeine this morning. It may be as annex or to work something stronger even than that acts. Will that be our strangle as a course tranquilizer, obviously horrible horrific scenes last night in
Louisville and elsewhere in response to the grand jury indictment of only of only one police officer in the in the dealing with the events that led up to the the shooting of Brianna Taylor to cop shot last night in Louisville the molotov cocktails being thrown scenes. Now show none so media of once again. Other diners being disrupted by by black lives matter protestors, who are just sitting outside the having food That, of course, yesterday afternoon the presently United States decided to do wine to say that there was a there would be happy twelve transition of power following the election. I assume, meaning that he
say two things, one of which was a he would decide, as he said, incisive soon, he would decide. He'd will keep us powder dry, whether or not the election had been rigged, which has one thing at second: there wouldn't have to be a eia at a peaceful transition, a power because he would win the election and therefore he wouldn't have to leave office, but this is guy was a calamitous events and we could talk about whether the calamitous events, because it's an indication that you know he is gonna. Barricade himself in the oval office and not leave and try to create a civil war or because impractical, political terms, aside from his constant assaults on sort of the
legitimate pageantry of american democracy, including the obeisance proper obeisance that is paid to these traditions, like the fact that we have a peaceful transfer of power, which is the one of the glories of the american system. Aside from that that tat that we he's some put himself in the position now of he had actually had like two or three days of good news. There was some tea Paulie NEWS he still behind, but the poles were tightening- and of course, all we're. Gonna talk about for five days is whether or not he's gonna refused to leave office and there's a debate next Tuesday and- twenty minutes of that debate is gonna, be taken up with questions of what he believes about the electoral process and all of this and the, and so he just stepped on. You know his first good,
Forty eight hours in terms of the practical politics, including the Supreme Court nomination stuff which I know liberals think is bad, but we think is probably unbalanced, mildly marginally good for him and for Republicans, while that's over with now and, of course, the nominee whoever Amy Coney Bear. It is Is gonna have to address this in her hearing right? it's gonna be an hour on this in her hearing. What does she gonna do if the election is that their way she gonna do if the President says that the election isn't legitimate that so that that hearing now becomes part of the literally the electoral process, and he did that he did that to himself. It's not good for him any time that he is discussing things that are not the things that he, I to raise to discuss, is bad. So that's my
That's my summation of the reason that we all need horse, tranquilizers and coffee and xanax, and whatever else Christine, where were you M nine? Can I completely agree with you? with the assessment of what Trump said, because it's one of those perfect examples of a moment where he could behave and in on Trump like fast and right ethos. That's very good of direct question. Do you guarantee a peaceful transition a perfect opportunity to do an excellent, sound bite about how, I guess that's. As you said, this is one of the great things about our system. Is that the deed the print who ever the new president in his sword in with the old president, watching, even if that president from the opposition, even if they lost in a bitter election fight, all of that is set aside other non Gratian day as a symbol of how this country operates not through not through aggression,
and force and street violence to overturn political decision making, but at the ballot box? So we already have a lot of anxiety right now about the ballot box. We talked a little bit about that yesterday. And by the way you are completely pressure because as a sort of acts use today about how the Democrats or flipping their message on armed in person voting, but for him to say that is I mean I don't like you used the word dangerous. All that often to describe in his rhetoric is a lot of it is over bloom, but then is a dangerous statement at this particular moment. Were you don't work waste away from an election in a very tense time, with a lot of anxiety and violence going on in the streets here. Needs to be the calming force and the way to do that is to say you know what even if we do have, even if it takes a little longer to count all the ballot We are all on the same path here, which is too. Legitimize this election, who ever I think, I'm gonna, win, etc, etc? Can do all his bombast but to question
legitimacy of the election before it happens, is not good I just think it was the fringes, this terrible, not just polemics, for him as a matter of strategy, but for the country, bad for the country for him to say he already gone there. He gone there and, of course the Democrats have gone. There have been going there for two months. Hillary Clinton said Biden, shouldn't concede, everything's close and with that We had this, but that shows to me why it's dangerous, because the reason it's dangerous is because, when you introduce these things from different these, these, these attacks on our traditions in our system, from a from on high they build on each other, and so now that he's set. This never he's on record saying this. You can't retract that everything, the President says especially-
something of that matter resonates indefinitely forward. It is now that is introduced into built into the level of entered into high level. You know now high level political analysis, but into this actions of art of our process. No, let me ask you. This people are starting to offer it, not a defence by the explanation of what triggered the president here, be cause. The phrasing of the question was win, lose or draw. Do you? Do you hear pledge to abide by a peaceful transfer of power, And, of course, when loser draws a weird way to put at because what what PETE, what transfer power would there be? If you want there would be no transfer power and so he was sandbagged according to some people
or he didn't really understand the question. According what some people- or you know, some some version of that effort to explain why he would, got rattled and not really understood what it was that he was being asked? He was just being asked like? Will you know? What will you are we right now? It's like! they're saying he was. He was right using to say that he he was he was revoked. Is right to say the election results were rigged, and since we know that he said that in twenty, sixteen he's been saying it through two thousand and twenty he's not going to be put in some position where he takes that back standing. You know at the press conference yesterday so that that is a David. Her sunny of the National Review set in a couple of other people set it. What are you? What do you make of that as a post hawk rationalization- I guess whatever gets you through the night. Doesnt strike me as particularly compelling
when a politician of any competencies asked whether you consent to a peaceful any the answer is yes, it doesn't take a look commission on your part to get to that point. You don't have to think your way through it. It's not a trap. Is pretty foolish and it does DR ever been crazy, not delude, not just the president's opponents I mean to engage in that rationalization is an irrational act. Then that's crazy. However, I will say that I don't think the people who anticipate this has been something of a prelude to a coup or being particularly rational, either its reckless its dangers since the irresponsible, but the president. It has been doing this, as he said, for a long time and as you noted, he questioned village Missy of his own election. So this is just something something of a tick. By laying the groundwork to contest the legitimacy of this election, as he has he's, revealed his objections to be a contrivance
The president's allies will engage in motivated reasoning as their going now, but by getting a friend This issue is preemptively, rob some claims of any legitimacy because he's clean illegitimacy to an election hasn't yet occurred. You simply say- I'm gonna say this: no matter what I get their will people who will respond to that, but there's also serve a political effectiveness which responds to the president's detriment because This is why that the law and order message that he's been running with for so long doesn't take he is an agent of chaos. Nobody purse. It seemed to be a force for stability. Heed proceed himself to be a force for stability. Use doesnt seem particularly interested in stability, and so, if people are frustrated by this violence, terrified by this violence as they should be, they don't look to the president to restore order because he has no interest in restoring order, they lose as the election. They will be in part
not just because of the many conditions that are some of the more it now but in part, because they dont perceive him to be this force for stability in everybody, theirs when I talk about this later, the spartan guarantees in the Atlantic, which, in a craft over the course of twenty thousand words, a variety of rationales for how the president will go about stealing the election, most of which I don't find particularly compelling. A lot of them are speculative, but Ultimately, the crux of this argument rests on this proposition that the president's agitation will result in ST action and. Now as Christians, and we ve seen a lot of ST action, but the nose Nothing the system would buckle under that is, in my view, really doesn't give the country than of service and of credit an filibustering here. But I wanted to relate the story it something that stuck with me for a long time. My friend my father,
the year. Two thousand after the election was engaged in a deal to liquidate a hospital and transfer it to Nigeria suppose over in Nigeria. And there was a lot of news about the elect. At the time in the chiefs with whom he was meeting tribal chieftains in opposed this question, turn with all this in violence in urban, and but all this instability in question, over the election protests in the street, and you know questions about whether or not there will be a transfer of power. That's that's legitimate! Why Arthur Wizened, the military in the streets? Why? Why haven't you resorted to this? This last stop gap with we would in a heartbeat in my father's answer was Essentially, if I remember rightly that the conventions that we having or what we do is we revert to the courts and we put our faith in the law and in tradition and the set a covenant and that's worked for us for the last two hundred years and it's not it's not act into
early a norm. It's not something that just exists in its tradition. We adhere to it, or would you break it based on our whenever we waters law that buttresses this. It's not it's, not something that you know just sprang out of, but his forehead, and we just kind of take, take it for granted. A lot of people think that this is a very fragile thing. I don't. I don't think this is a fragile thing. I think it can withstand a lot of pressure, we're gonna sing, That's it you that's a really important point, because if Trump had not been undermining his own case for law and order with these remarks, which I agree with you know, he's done, there would be more pressure. Brought to bear on some of the things that the other side has been saying, most notably Joe Biden in the wake of the Brianna Taylor. Grand jury indictment of only one of the officers, Listen. We think this is a terrible thing that this this was injustice in That is exactly how our justice process works in all ages.
But the charges, a grand jury of of Brianna tellers, pure, sat and listen to all the evidence, listen to what the investigation found and determine the officers who who shot were doing so because they were murderous racists, but because they were in the line of duty and fired upon first day, I'll come was still a tragedy which I think everyone should recognise that brown until it should not have lost your life. It was. It was a terrible tragedy and there are lots of other reforms that could be made in the future too, to try to limit that from happening again. The fact that, a binding, stood up and said after our justice process work said this, justice that real sat me because that gives you here is one of our favorite drinking it that's a permission structure for the people who are in the streets because they will argue look even even the leader of the Democratic Party. Right now is saying this was in just unjust. This is unjust when in fact, its poorest, I see how our justice systems work, not by pressure or by threat of violence whereby emotional hyper ventilate.
Since then, hyperbole by the media that that encourages them. But thorough investigation and rational application of the law, and it does not always give us the emotional result that we want, but that does not mean it's not justice. Well, I was struck by the fact that according to the new stories on the on the indictment that this was not, this had not been the execution of a no knock warrant, which I read I mean I'm not I haven't read deeply into the Brianna Taylor Batter over the last months month but I read enough that I thought it was a foregone conclusion that it wasn't no not warrant if it was not, in fact, if it was in fact a knock warrant that change. Everything- and this is where we start getting into the the madness of of of these events becoming
These you no news stories that that's a gallop out of control, because obviously, if they knocked on the d, or instead police open up then don't want from one testified to the grand jury, the rights indeed, what they did wrong. It miss who said that yet right and then her boyfriend start shooting. The entire incident becomes something else now does appear that day. You know that they went kind of get out there. But crazy Amy they shot out twenty times or whatever it is. I don't know I mean again like I've now using it, for I don't I don't even know, but the index was returned against an officer who had discharges weapon but wasn't in the line of fire and was not shooting at it to define target apparently thrice the young. The bullet went into a neighbour's house
That's what I do want to run danger mean charges right. So I mean it really does change. It should change everything, but of course it doesn't change anything, because the argument is that she as a person at the outset, a terrible mistake happen and this terrible thing happened and therefore it was then assassination of an unarmed black person and I am struck by- I sent you guys this sum tweets. One last night. By someone they Michael Jackson, who won the Pulitzer Prize this year for a musical that he wrote called a strange loop And he tells a story about how He was living in an apartment and he had a couple roommates, because this is before he won the Pulitzer Prize and became so like a celebrated, the figure of the american Theatre.
Yeah, a couple remains, and it turned out that one of his roommates was a drug dealer and its sixth back in the morning. There was a bank that there were, Bang is Bang on the door and cops saying you know let us and we have a war and they opened the door and basically, he and- second roommate are pushed onto the couch onto a couch now and serve handcuffed or Europe basically put an approach position and they find, the third guy and he freaks out. Understandably, he starts crying and hyper ventilating and the cops get concerned and bring him. Some water and tell him he's, gonna be ok and they just have to search the apartment, because somebody in the day, they understand that he is, he is not a person in the world, but they have to make sure that you know no one fires at them or whatever
and then they find the drug dealer they arrest him. He is now in prison, so the cops come in. They have to sort of stabilize the situation, make sure they're not fired upon their executing a warrant that was legally obtained. They treat they from the way he describes that they treated him very properly and kindly and understood that he was in emotional distress tried to help him and get help for him and then in the in the course of this he says cop shouldn't, execute warrants and No, it's open season on black people having thing ignored that his roommate mate was in fact a drug dealer who was right, who was part of a drug gang who then went to prison. Now I understand if Europe Libertarian, who believes that there should be no drug laws, that the story here would be to get rid of the drug laws. And then, though, it
warrant would be executed. But is this where we ve come that sort of like a member of the American a Pulitzer prize? Winning dramatist tells me story that tells of entirely different story from the story. He thinks it's telling at least in my eyes, and says somehow that he was treated unjustly, where he should be blaming his drug dealer, roommate you're having it danger him that his exile Hobbs, who are trying you know what. If the drug dealer neighbor had, you know continued and there had been a warn against him, and some other drug gang had come to his apartment to take out the drug dealer. Neighbor where they can observe niceties and give me a glass of water willing? I prevent later another were shot in the head. Well, and this is the thing about the Brianna Taylor case. The other tragic aspect of it is this:
he was involved in the drug trade peripherally. She wasn't. I don't know she was dealing or what, but she was heavily personally involved with a known drug dealer in that area? She ever heat. They have her on recordings confirming that you holding money for this. It was an ex boyfriend. It's not that it's a tragic tail because she clearly at some points tried to separate herself from this individual for whatever reason somehow was still kind of trapped in this world which, even if she wasn't it, directly dealing the drugs herself. She was a peripheral figure, which is why her name was also on the warrant neither she'd rent a car under her name, which then someone used in a somewhat was murdered. In that car I mean she was not. She won in this orbit, and that is tragic ass. She obviously was at some level at some point trying to get away from that, and but that's but the story like they rushed to turn everyone into a perfectly innocent angel and martyr. Whenever something happens, is it
actually undermines the cause, because then you can't look at the situation very carefully. Its situation and find the places where there is room for reform? I will it is, I think, John actually, that that is the narrative that were going to see more and more from from prominent people Ebro MAX. Can he just tweeted out something saying the law has always been lawless. Ever since the law replaced the master, I mean well I salute all you know, woke then call on you ve put out there, but that's actually did that. That idea is not without consequences: but that's again he sees them was admirably forthright member of this revolutionary contingent there. They don't want political reform, They don't want the law to work as the law should work. They don't want to operate within the existing system. They want to shatter. The existing system. They want a new system, something rather elder I can certainly undemocratic and MR candies
estimation. We need anti democratic conventions to implement the kind of person, totalitarian as I would call them, because they operate with in every sphere of society, civil society reforms, but This is this is not a move. That has any interest in justice as we understand it. The objective blind meeting out of consequences for violations of criminal statute don't want that. They want something much grander. It's only be a apologists for the revolutionaries. Who then to reduce the reform story and the incremental no defined the police doesn't do you find the police know all cops are bastards doesn't mean all cops are bastards they they swoop in after the radicals state very plainly explicitly and sometimes at length what they want, what they mean. I should correct something
in what I said about the the warrant. So the warrant was a no knock warrant, but the officers knocked and announced themselves at that's what the witnessed a testified to which does change everything cause. David French has very interesting peace at the dispatch where he says that there are two different Supreme Court findings that are in conflict here. Supposedly that are created, complexities that are leading to a terrible results. One is the constitutionality of a no, not warrant which the Supreme Court has found is acceptable, and the other is the castle defence, which is that you are allowed to defend you're home against an intruder, and if the intruder did that the intruder If the intruder is not clearly a police officer, you
still allowed to defend your home. So if, if you, therefore, if you have no knock warrant, someone Bang burst in the door and you pick up a gun and you shoot the guy because he's burst into your house and it turns out he's a cop to rights come into conflict here. So this whole thing then turns on the question of whether or not the cops did in fact knock and announced themselves. Even though the warrant did not obliged to do so. Often its law, guys, it's not impossible that reality, Taylor and her boyfriend didn't hear renouncement did hear them say this. Is the police running impetus other either a couple questions about the boy friend? And who himself? Is he a licence? Gunnar? I'm not we're not. I had the yellow, okay so easy if he's a legally then French's description is, is apt, but
We do know from from the investigation that the cop whose bullets killed we're gonna Taylor was himself first shot by the boyfriends guns, so he he was also legally returning fire night. I do think this idea that this is one activists who went to burn down the system is no. I described correctly this but they dont want, is a situation where actually everybody acted within the realm of the law and someone so died, because that isn't that literally a tragedy nobody did anything legally wrong, and yet someone is dead, then that should be the impetus to you. No change- Wade that the law works or figure out ways to fine tune, but that can happen in a an environment where it. The answer is literally, then guard has to come out because people are going to start writing in shooting cops in the street, but this is enough also of this cultural phenomenon, which we become really uncomfortable with the notion of moral ambiguity.
The generation now that rebelled physically against the notion that you can be a complex individual, like that. In an arch. We require defined black hats and white hats and done the resists rebellion against video games, for example, because they have begun to embrace moral, complex, three and that can lead you too. I guess you know not you not us, but those people out there who we don't have any faith and make that can lead them to some really bad conclusions about what kind of behaviors you you were engaged and this is just a really dumbing down childish viewers world that has been reinforced by, well, meaning elders, who perceive this to be some sort of a man, noble impulse, but it's me tested now in the streets where we do not have the capacity to navigate situate in which there are no villains right. Well, you know that that's an interesting
twenty one years ago New York was torn apart by the killing of a an african immigrant named attitude, the ILO in the vestibule of Bronx, their Papa apartment, building that he lived in at twelve thirty at night because for cops responding to looking for somebody saw him. The vestibule was dark, they called to him. They asked him to stop, he seemed to be reaching for something. They freaked out, one of them started, shooting the other cops didn't. I didn't know whether the pull the gunfire was coming from their colleagues or from Dielo. So they started shoot
Fifty one shots were fired, the hollow was killed. He was not the suspect he did not have a gun. It was what was this. It was a tragedy and we can't deal with tragedy tragedy He is a horrendous inexplicable thing, happens where a series of snack quick judgments and these are going on that all go wrong all at once, and you know, of course, was there to try to light a fire at the scene and create a riot, and all of that was dal shopton. Needless to say- and it didn't happen in part because the city I believe I was was was still in the wash of a kind of dizzying gratitude that the crime wave had been interrupted and turned on its head.
The city was now safe, that the kinds of pressures that you know. If such a thing were to happen today, there would be two million people in the streets in New York, calling for the disbanding of the of the Mai, p D The point here was that what was clearly the case was that something happened that nobody would have wanted to happen, not any of those cat. They weren't They were targeting for US ass, a nation, the ito- he didn't know too much, so they were killing him in secret, nothing. It was five or six horrible turns of the moment that led to this task, will result that I'm sure haunts these guys who were involved. The ILO is dead and their haunted for the rest of their wives for having participated or been, You know involved in this moment, that's what a tragedy is, but we don't like tragedies any more
but he likes tragedies, but I mean like this is the whole thing. It's like something terrible happens. Who do you sue with the hope? The whole notion that something happened and what you want to do is find a lawyer to sue. Somebody is too Deny that terrible things happen for which no guilt can be assigned right I mean- and this is through the course of human history- was have understood that you know crap happens, and life, short and life is terrible and terrible things happen and an odd way. We in America no longer accept this contention. Geller? Society has no way of processing that, without falling into this kind of manichaean, good versus evil, because that to be the role for for faith right faith was away for human beings, not trying to understand the meaning of tragedy. There's an and there's entire theology. Ronnie. Answering the question of. Why does God allow bad things to happen, but it is
secular society, which doesn't have a mechanism for processing that way that everyone can agree on or where that mechanism is broken down, which I think it has at this point. There is a turn to force to to anger and hostility. It's a real emotional because they the feeling is still there, but to process it. You need some way of doing that and that I think why we see so much the hysteria called videos of people literally dreaming in losing control of themselves, is, is There's always a kind of religiously ecstatic thing. Ongoing hunter Castula still lacks a growth in world. I've seen it before it's very recognisable. When you see someone on the street literally losing control of themselves physically cathartic for them and it's terrifying for the put other people a rotten. Sometimes no we world
talking about this. The other day I am offline, such bringing to the show when we were discussing the impulse by son, to equate lives, lost in war and lives, lost and nine eleven it covered deaths and That makes sense if it all falls under the rubric of unfairness. It's just round that was unfair and it's all unfair right. So it's just a different species of unfairness. Even their top one is murder, one is death by pestilence those two things are not comparable to or any rational human being unless you them all as just the universe being unfair and that sort of thing that we have two rectifies in society, because unfairness must be somehow extirpated from the human condition. I mean, I think, that's a very you know, d point everybody. If you ve lost somebody particularly last somebody ETA, Emmeline, timely way, your deepest fee.
Is that some horrible injustice has been done it, but it's a cosmic injustice. You know I mean, maybe it's not. If someone you know if someone is killed by drunk driver, it's not exactly a cosmic injustice. Someone has done something wrong for which there should be punishment, but you know my sister died of cancer at sixty three, it was. It was a terrible injustice that was done to her, for which, as as as Christine's, the only consolation. A solution is to look to you know what God says to Joe Bright, which is when jobs as why Doing this to me. God says: where were you when I could? aided the universe. How how can you understand the work that the mechanics, the workings of the union, forests are something that it is not for you even to begin to grass and that there is a country,
consolation in that great final poem in the book of Joe, because it says That which surpasses understanding may have a motive may have a motivating factor that is beyond our ability to understand and therefore, in that sense may be part of a just system that we are just it. It's it's it's not for us to see its workings, but an I got no legitimate. We shouldn't loose side in this. That is that it not just the tragedies in which everything goes wrong, and no one is precisely to blame that ignite. This kind of responsibility there are the cases where suspects kind of do everything wrong and still there
gets the added the same response, yeah or or were justly smaller or or chaos in which the country is set on fire. Bye, bye, bye lies which again speaks to a different impulse. Witches Is the question of whether or not when, when you're, in a high pressure moment in the country, people to take advantage of it by making machiavellian and use of the of the IMF actions that are being out in engender to see if they can improve their contract negotiations with it, but with a Hollywood studio over their tv show, which also happens, I mean Of course one can say this and say: well, that's not fair. You can't say that, because just as small as one person is one thing that happened right and again, we have
go back to the signature fact of the entire black lives matter moment, if you are sceptical to worse about the importance of these confrontations, which is fifteen unarmed black men were killed by cops in the United States and twenty nineteen fifteen. There are forty two billion black people in the there are three hundred and thirty million rest. The United States and there are at seven hundred and sixty thousand police officers, and they were fifteen of these incidents live fifteen even beyond that The phrase that always gets me when people say why dont you support black lives matter. The movement I say: hands up, don't shoot no like, but that's why should support butterflies better. I sent the movement which was birth in a lie. That phrase was a lie, was proven to be a lie and people who like to hear that at all, but it is it is. It is a fact that cannot be
but I want the response I all I tend to get not always, but the one I tend to get his yes, but it could be true. That was not to want to brought this very birth at the very birth of these agitation. Thirty years ago was the to want a broadly incidents and so on, Brawley claim that she had been gang rape to by Klux clansmen, who smeared feces on her and all this, and it turned out that she was afraid of her stepfather and had made all this up and by time. This incident had been had served cooked into this giant stew system, just returning in New York was accused of being involved, as was the attorney general, the state of New York, as some in some kind of sex ring. That was, you know doing all this and all that, and then it turned out that it was a cock and bull story, a teenage girls, cocking bull story and at which point it was, but it could be true
you know I mean things like this happen. A really things like this happen everyday clansmen. Wandering around Poughkeepsie New York, smearing feces on fifteen year old girl. Do you know what I didn't know that happened every day now that I know that it happens every day, I'd really better changed the way I calculated, because that is. That is the way this devolves into this. This happens all the time I'm at it doesn't happen. All the time is not limited lie. That's not limit interracial issues in the wake of the young. What about this for the website in the wake of the enemy to movement? Tonsure, you're foundation convened five hundred and fifty specialists in the field of women issues to rank the war all based on the number of those the rate at which women are mistreated and United States rank in the top ten alongside place. Like India, Afghanistan, serious Somalia, Saudi Arabia in the Democratic Republic of Congo,
and the notion there is that you know I'm in their sexual harassment in this country and coercion and a lack of access to rape, justice or justice and rate cases at, but it is a lie They knew its alights predicated on alive, but it's a lie in service to a greater truth or universal truth, What are we really wish would be true and its also harder? There are certain things that it is harder to. You now serve like, as I say, factually the idea that its open season, I'm on on black men and that cops are shooting black men all over the country everyday constantly and that their all and black men are gonna die young because their killed by cops is a lie. The idea that a black people live. You know with a degree we observe low level in an atmosphere in which they are Viewed with low level but persistent distrust that makes it hard for them to have the same opportunities as others, and all that is is not so easily.
Dismiss. Nor is the idea that men are pigs when they, when they deal with women. That's not dismissal like one of the reasons that the me to movement made perfect sense. As it happens, was everybody knows that actresses are treated like cattle and that this has been going on for a hundred years like. That is a real thing. That is a thing that happens and that men, you know, can be insensitive to gross with women. But being growers is not a present family right there. You know we will, put that to one side- thank you. But, but you know, being gross is not a crime. That's the thing! You know
being a if you use the term being a shitty media man. So you like take somebody that you work without to add for drinks and then make a pass at them on the street. That's not a crime, maybe it's but unseemly. Maybe you should go into a drunk tank. Maybe you're, like you, know, yucky, but your entire life isn't supposed to be destroyed because of something like that, and yet it's it's a thing that happens that actually is a thing that happens every day and then the question is: to what extent are the things that happen every day criminal and deserve of punishment, and the point is that, obviously, if black men are being shot by cops every day, those are you know that that would indicate that these are things deserving of punishment, but the country seems to have been hypnotized into believing that these incidents, such as black men, but obviously brown a tailor, not a black man- that these incidents are key
still in common and happening every single day, we were in the country- and that is an untruth- and so we are, we are. There are millions of people, rioting, they're, going to re, education's and having diversity committees come visit, their schools in their workplaces to teach them about, how racist they are based on something that is not a truth. What was the name of the person who was shot in Washington see Christine Thou Deanna Kay the young K. Yes, and the story behind that was that he was a completely justified so shooting he was, you he ran from cops and then turned and pointed a weapon at a cop who had told him to stop. He was really did not stop He was on the cops radar screen because he was unknown gang member and had been driving around the city live streaming himself waiting illegal weapons. They when they
this happened to two other men in the car. At the same time, with illegal weapons were also arrested without incident because they differ. The cops the young, ran, and the question is whether he was trying to draw the weapon her way or whether it was aiming at the cop. There was a split second, you couldn't footage the body can finance from the police officer was released its very clear that the police officer behaved appropriately. That gun was headed. Right was pointing right at him when when he was shot. Nevertheless, this matter in immediately staged all across the city protests and they still now have him on their list of of unarmed black and their argument being, he was trying to throw the gun away in a cop should have known that in that eight, that the second and not fired there. But it's not. I wouldn't blame the protesters, but a mob behaves like a mob it. It's still lit a collective lizard brain and to an extent, there are. The individual has drawn up. An action deserves at least
some difference, if not absolution. It's the institutions that are making this happen. Its Theseus using these police murdered, D on cable or word snap, the american civil liberties, union and politicians who soon who fail to make a distinction between this woman who who died tragically, and that situation in a hundred other situations. There is no there's no distinctions drawn, we don't. We don't have a pair the need for new ones. In this argument and those those politicians, our institutions are doing as a real disservice. Look extremely like children amounted to get another story from New York's. You no good battle days, meaning the days in which crime was like. On the on the voting. To us decline, and there were these incidents, so in crown hides Brooklyn, there was a sketch, frantic, young man who was having a fit on the street and threatening people screaming at them or in our elder Orthodox Jew, and he the cops were called in and
had one of those little hammers and with know what hammers that is at the word while these little hammers, which his parents later said was religious object to him. The wizard, not anybody else by the way, but to him of religious object and the cops had told him to hold in place and freeze and he took this and small hammer right, but he took this hammer and raised at over his head and then they shot him and he and he and he died and the parents said he was crazy, which he was he was sick, which he was and he had this hammer which he did but was a, little hammer
I couldn't hurt anybody and they should have now and this whole idea that police officers are supposed to be gifted with telepathic abilities to understand the motivations and actions of somebody when they have five milliseconds to decide what to do. It's not clear, they knew with a hammer, it could happen. Knife. It could have been a gun they didn't know was in his hand they weren't standing face to face with him and the ultimate truth here is They don't want to shoot a guy. You think cops, don't know that the minute that they have to discharge their weapon, their careers, are suddenly in a terrible, oh crisis. They don't want to shoot anybody. They don't want to
obviously a psychopathic cop, a crazy person or you know somebody who is like a mafia copper wants to silence a witness will do something like that. But you know we're not. We don't live in we're not living in Nypd Blue we're living in the real world, and so the family was mad at the police officers for not saying, ok, fine do whatever you want to me. I can see you're crazy and maybe it's just a hammer, and so whatever and at this is a big element of what's going on here now, twenty.
Years later, the cops are supposed to know what you are doing. They are supposed to know it. That's why you are supposed to not you're supposed to simply follow the the things that cop say, even if, by the way there being incredibly unjust, I mean that's the other weirdness of all. This is even if their being incredibly unjust, the power situation says: go pro go prone, it's gonna be much worse on you. If you submit to Europe adrenaline wise condition and like come back at them, go prone, go let their cops stop. Do whatever they want deal with the consequences later and then people say there humiliate it's awful. It's terrible, and I understand that completely. But what choice do you have? They have a monopoly on force? We give them that monopoly on force because they are there to protect us they're, not on the streets to go. Should there there serving
as public safety officers and that we no longer? I believe right now. That is not a common belief about police in the United States. I do know what people think they're therefore read parenting, theirs well, they're. There are certainly trigger happy, cops and cops or in dangerous situations where they discharged their weapon after giving conflicting demands to suspect, but they cannot mean we ve all seen that, but I'll know that those are outliers and that's the except we shouldn't we should be capable of making the note that this is a rare condition, not an endemic one. I mean I've talked about this again. I hate to just keep focusing on your could just that. I know the story.
Well and New York wonder what a transformation in its policing from the sixties to the nineties York had had a bad police department in the nineteen sixties. It was corrupt, cops, we're getting pay out were teen, be Copsewood yet pass routinely from people on the street. You know there was a gigantic corruption commission that serve looked into what was going on. It was a nepotism system where, in a cops, got into the department is their fathers in the private grandfather than carbon would no matter what they were, no matter, whether they showed any facility or ability or had the cognitive ability to do it all of that and over the course of the next thirty years after the Nap commission found all of this corruption and bad practice, the entire department was overhauled.
Offsets have a college degree that was not necessarily cuz. It was so good cuz. I needed to be more intelligent or something like that, but also so they would be older, so they would join the force when they were two thousand two hundred and twenty three they needed to have a college degree. They needed to go through six months of training. They they got training in a variety of ways, including de escalation practices in this matter. The other thing that by the time the nineties rolled around the end. Pd was a highly trained, highly effective force in which police never pulled there. The number of times that a New York City police officer in a city that it does not have a high overall crime rate by this twice as large as in the other city. So therefore, the aggregate number of confrontations between police officers and intervene- This is probably higher than in cities that are,
but smaller, but have a higher crime level. Nonetheless, they never pull their guns. They don't take their guns out of their holsters. They dont have to. They ve learned that they don't have to a lot of that stuff. That's not happening, I think in smaller cities and in suburbs and stuff like These cops are not as well trained and they may also be operating on the basis of the pop culture. Image of Criminality in policing, witches You know you're always undersea. Now, my god a moment you could get killed and all of that is served true, but it's also really not true, and so what we get see if this goes well. After all, this is a is a training revolution in a man. Can policing, where it's not just that you know some. Some guy is given a badge and wandered around, like hall, monitor being obnoxious to people on the street because he can
which is again also not a crime, but it does create ugly aims that are unnecessary line. If you talk to police officers and ask him what would be the number one brief: what what's one of the reforms that you would like to see a lot of, I'll. Tell you better screening mechanism, so we can screen at the very beginning of the pipeline when people are coming in and want to train as police officers, better screening mechanism, so they can read out at the very beginning, the people who would be down the line more likely to be trigger happy bad cops, write his wind. We do this all the time in hiring right. There are all kinds of ways you can screen and vat in if you ve ever worked for any sort of yeah no uniform service for the federal government or what on any any anything that involves intelligence. You know level screening Europe given a kind of personality screen. They can devise that they have them in use in some departments, but there could be a lot.
Interesting money and research spent on that kind of issue. That way, but the time someone graduates from the academy, you already have gotten rid of the potential bad, bad eggs and they're all kinds of interesting, creative reform, it can happen once cops graduating nor on the job, the very beginning. That's actually when people say we want to defend the police, spend money on this stuff that we know might have an opportunity to improve them, not just get rid of them, but obviously that's not their goal. The more radicals, so, as we limit, is pulled a spectre. Rank re politics for a minute. There is Biden, Decay, a lid again today, meaning he will big. No public parents are news or anything today and this has now become coming, serve a general joke, as I think they're urban for lives in the last seven days. The by
Polly, just say, he's clearly doing the bay prep. Don't you know this is the most important thing that's coming. It's coming next Tuesday. So is doing today, prep the people Don't worry, Democrats are saying: oh, my god, you know he really has to be out there doing things, because the Trump people are. Concerns are saying: there's, obviously something wrong with his mental acuity, because he's not appearing, not saying anything. Not doing anything. I see these Paul's this morning, New York Times. You know really high quality New York Times. Paul's that have a tie race in Georgia and ETA is a tiresome Georgia. A a three point Abiden lead in Iowa and a three point: Trump Lead in Texas in Texas,
that this again would say whatever it is, that binds doing he's just keep doing? You can tell the difference between people who have any experience and politics and the act on Twitter, who are saying Joe Biden just can't possibly manage to perform hunter stay nights. Everybody. Even remotely peripherally in politics, knows you don't lower debate expectation? like that ahead of the debate you raised them, you may can perform if I'm shows up and doesn't have it. You know a senior moment on stage now it will be a win for him, because the expectations are such so low that he can it's a low bar that can clear up any ice. I dont think that this is a debate prep. I do think this campaigns extreme. Lethargic and, in the event that he loses Everybody is blowing these details off we'll go back revisit them and say: well now we saw the price
Please come in a mile away. Man we're this is obvious, and only the professionals were aware of these ominous portents, but at the same I am the president is in the news, a log and it's not doing him any favours. Why would you want to be in the news if you do the binding Can you exist as a as a hypothetical, an apparition that just kind of his in the ether? and doesn't have any such any solid form to it. That's that's a benefit here, nothing seems to stick right. I mean I am correct me if I'm wrong, but if it was if it, if a congressional investigation found out that might It's his daughter had received millions of dollars in a wire transfer from the widow of feed air of Moscow, while in a right like right now. What would that not be a story like that that there's a lot of stuff it's been coming out about bindings record is really what in he's running on his record as much as Trump is, and none of it seems to stick so I mean you're, probably right John, like there's something about here. Behind the curtain I mean he's playing with eurobonds here and now. My work,
will that one doesn't stick, because the people who did the investigation couldn't make it stick. I mean I've seen these headlines in places like our friends over the phone I was trying to look at this transfer of money. Isn't that suspicious? Well, the Johnson investigation found that they couldn't link any political activity, I reiterate the american public Policy too- these my transfers. If you could have made that charge, it would be in the headline instead you're just dealing innuendo well, let's go- Well in the sense that I mean the what sticks for me. It is agreed it didn't it there's no evidence that this change, how we, how we behave towards Russia, Ukraine, but the idea that that you know he's incorruptible while Trump this totally corrupt. In that sense, as a political charge, I think it should have some you're. His family clearly has benefited from his role, as vice The senator he's too, to run the kind of fine upstanding.
Turn to normalcy, ethical person. I think a chasm questionable. Let me look: we ve had to listen to lots of charges about the Trump cards for the past several years. Many of them justifiable, ok, but rather that they say twenty ninety. What did I say? I said the Trump people are insane because they ve got at hunter to early. This was stupid, doing it in the summer of twenty nineteen. This is the material that you want to save in case. Spiten is the nominee to try to bring him down in October, so they did everything they do the caused impeachment Trump wasn't impeached, and now it's turning and talked over, and they have a little bit of news if they got out of this thing and if Hunter had been, let
to its own devices for another year, and they had the Republican Party had controlled and contained itself and Trump had any understanding of how who time political Advanced is advanced, this could have been the only story around in the middle of September, but he blew it. He blew it. They Smith had hearings on this for two months. That's all I can say that make sense. I mean that's what I was talking about. I mean you know what there is a lot of smoke and looks very unseemly and clearly he's a sleaze and a loser and he's like grabbing money wherever you can get it because, because he's potentates and other countries don't know that the Son of the vice president has no power, and that has that doesn't really. Is it really going to be able to do anything with that power? So it's a great
damn to go around. You know shoveling money in from you know, from morons in other countries who who understand how power actually works, the United States and and and so you really could have gone with the oh. You really think I'm. This is literally the corrupt Hilary stuff. You think trumpet his family or emolument being well. What about Biden in his family, but but we had, it was the dominant political story of sick of the last six months of twenty nineteen. I mean, though the president will bring it up, but this dovetails back to the what we started with with the president's refusal to to the countenance of peaceful transition of powers. He just he cannot allow this election to become a referendum on his opponent. It must be all about him. He sees everything within the context of him and if it's a referendum on him,
I think you lose it. Wasn't everybody understands that it's the in the referendum on him, as is its if he loses, and if it's a choice election he could. He couldn't However, if the choice is now going to be between somebody who, against whom there is a somewhat credible charge, that he is threatening not to leave office if he loses the election and somebody who says, I'm not crazy, and there are people in the middle who are genuinely undecided, he's just made that choice a lot easier for them than it was at three o clock. Yes, I go back. I go back to that sign that certain popping up right after the inauguration of Donald Trump, any functioning adult twenty twenty, there are a fair number of people and who is the functioning adults in this scenario, I think that answers pretty clear and that, of course, the. Average irony here, because we have no idea whether bite and effective, functioning and held. So
to so one. So we now have two dysfunctional adults: twenty twenty it appears and we're gonna have to make our choices that way. Anyway, with that we will, we will call a halt to the proceedings today and get back with you tomorrow for a Christina now, I'm jump outwards. Keep the caliber.
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