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The Democratic Debates, Volume 2

2019-08-01 | 🔗
Biden and Harris and Warren—oh my! We break it all down for you on this podcast, in which we wonder at Kristen Gillibrand's strange insistence that fairness would demand privileged kids get shot by cops, Andrew Yang wanting to give you $1,000 a month, and Bill DeBlasio just being a jerk. Give a listen.
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times a year with me as ever senior editor, a green wild high Abe hijacked associate at her no rough, but I know a job and in Washington, Senor writer Christine roses high Christine Hijab, ok, so debate the two debates, so I'm gonna give you that my my top line that by next week the middle of next week, Joe Biden will be approaching forty percent in the in the democratic primary polling that I think that is probably nationally nationally. That is probably the main result weakened go into deep detail on. Why are what happened or whatever, but he was not, knocked off his pedestal he's rising, he's been rising and I don't see any reason to think that that rises. Gonna stop, particularly as
Almost every other minor candidate took a big hit, and I think calmly, Harris took the biggest have. Also that's my take that's my big overview. Take Steve. Do you have a big overview? Turkey? Not quite that big, but I do think what's what's been interesting, pretty laughter. Let's last night's debate is just how strange the media reaction to bite and performance has been. It's almost like the trump has so shifted the goalposts for what is appropriate political demeanor that job I
naturally being a competent politician on a debate stages like well. You know he didn't really win, but he didn't lose me that the very disappointed that there wasn't some basic moment like there was come later resumed in the last round of debates. I think he did really well, and I think this idea that there's an effort both to boost Camelot Harris's performance as more than what it was and is similarly with with Corey Booker and I dont think either one of them demonstrated anything remarkably day, There is in terms of two overtaken Joe Biden, Abe yeah building on and what you both had, I'm starting to think that we as a general manner the attacks on buttons, beer in political life, some from decades past will consistently now be a matter of diminishing returns for for those who are going after him, I think maybe it looks lamer however, it goes on and we ve hit a certain threshold with that Noah
the criticism of bind the accent I've seen. It seems to be mostly stylistic that he was halting and he had actually met continent had a really good observation that Britain has afore sentence. Problem he's really strong on message for exactly four sentences and then the sentence, begins to trail off and he just shoots into the universe and sort of just becomes a very strange anomalous and is really say anything and then hits the wall the club. Stops and he stopped amid sentence. The style is kind of halting but everybody else is a substance problem everybody else can perform. What they're saying is nonsensical or disjointed or just downright outside a range of expected of policy prescriptions at the american public will pull accept. So in that sense Biden, that's a much better job. Ok, I'm not only as a Finn binds performance in this.
Way. This even goes back to the first of which, of course, appalling suggest did not harm him one. You don't want everything settled back into stasis. He was exactly where he was before the first debate, so it didn't hurt him in the long run and that's why the debate was actually far more important for common Harrison was for him, but here here's the point he is running as a that's a very by this thing to say: here's the point the fat hit. It would take. Look: here's the deal the fat, the matter is that that was his leg go to raising he running as the consensus candidate right plurality, Canada the one who will be most most acceptable to the largest number of people in the party, and he needs to keep look, over the horizon to the general election. That's his approach. He will either win or lose using this approach, but he will
certainly lose if he changes and abandoned this approach and he may win if he continues with it, which means he wants to go the people who are attacking him, but not very hard. He wants to try to occupy I this position rail. Its heavily moderate. Within this a very liberal framework, but he doesn't want to offend the liberals, so high doesn't want to do what John the way did in the first debate, which go at health care go at. The Medicare for all single payer. Future hostelry what he did and I think very intelligent, and took Comma Harris out in two minutes in the first two minutes at the of the debate was say, Looks at her house. You just released the plan. Your plans gonna cost three trillion dollars. What do you have to say about that? astounding
you didn't have an answer and then he said. Look, it's very simple. My plan cost seven hundred and fifty billion dollars and our plan costs a trillion dollars. Woody that and then she said Your plan believe ten million people have been covered now. Just give me a second here: ten million people is less three percent of the population of the United States, at the very least when album was pushing Obamacare. He was playing with numbers like forty seven million uncovered right. I mean Are you really going to say that its worth spending to em to tuna? border trillion dollars more to cover the lad ten million people that are not being covered. We get behind that. It's a zero sum game accurately. Basically, ideas of funding this up as like playing with monopoly money mean they're all doing that, with the exception
My wife Biden probably is too by the way and singular I'm just saying that he had this very simple thing he didn't say your ideas are bad, he didn't say you're living and fantasy land in it and people. You know he just said. You want to spend three trillion dollars way after that and she base. Said well, we have to do something, so I think, the dynamic. You know Harris who had the best debate performance in the first round. So she said down to earth after four weeks. You know between the debates but had He turned in another, really good performance than it would then, while she's really formidable all she's, the one who can prosecute the case against trumpet debates with tromp right that is gone. This was you know, I don't care what the point tree says, are what people who are just you know. I will not say a negative word about an african american woman for fear that someone is gonna come at them with a machete.
This was a disastrous performance for her. She needed a good performance. She turned in a bad performance and therefore given where she could be verses, wish He is right now it was one of the worst. If not the worst debate performance. In recent history, I mean maybe. You know: Rick Perry, forgetting the third cabinet agency he wanted to get rid of was. It was obviously much more painful because you felt for him and you wanted to crawl in the hall and die watching him have his brain freeze, but she did not have good moment from the beginning of the debate to the end of the day, that's two and a half hours a bad moments. So that's my Harris. Someone defend her go ahead. Now, there's nothing to defend she's had three. Months to figure out an answer on this
She actually supports in the bill she cosponsor Medicare for all Bell burnings bill. She had a big blow up moment with Jake Tapir in April when she said yeah, we should get rid of the public. Are private health insurance employer sponsor health insurance, which is in the bill half the democratic conference. The Caucasus and the Senate came down around her shoulders that we don't actually support this. That's never gonna happen. It certainly not gonna happen at any level in time limits of scale. That's not glacial, and she he's been back and forth over that for the last three months she still hasn't formulated, and it concerns its pretty humiliating at this point that she can actually tell people. What is she supports in her her plan? Now, as is okay? Well now, Michael we're going to leave existing Medicare structures in place transition. People on to existing Medicare and then transition over the course of ten years to a single pair system does Nobody really think that there is another option there was the chief somebody
Snap, their fingers. Never one all hundred eighty million people in their dependants we're gonna, be transitioned overnight. The Medicare is dislike a sop to reality. Will so Biden said? Look at my plan, it's very simple! If you like your health insurance, you can keep your health insurance right this fair hand on. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor in point of fact. Healthcare company- this is particularly true of of Harris, as planned by thing is true of almost everybody's plan that isn't officially a single pair plan. Medicare, for all plan, healthier companies are not going to survive most of it. I mean if you, if you, if you give people the option of going into the public system and the risk pool of you, know the aim of the risk of which is the definition of how insurance works shrinks to such an extent.
That you don't have enough people in the system than most of these health care? My most of these insurance companies will fold or they will have to jack up their premiums. To such extent that everybody will in effect be forced into the system and then only rich people genuinely rich people will be able to afford a private plan and their will small coterie of very exclusive doctors who will not accept public money and will you know best? by the way why you have to prohibit employer, sponsored health insurance and it Medicare for all systems. You have to get everybody in the simple. Right. So this is a whole other thing where We're getting into swanky wonky policy territory here and unnatural, that matters very much using the Marian Williamson first debate. Theory that policy isn't what's gonna defeat, Donald Trump, but you know something that speaks to pee
Those are the spiritual crisis that people face, which I think was the truest thing. Despite her new age lunacy, truth thing that has been said in any of these debates. Is that Democrats, or not the big trump by saying, These policies are bad. They have to say that he is doing something bad to the countries. Their spiritual, emotional health that he needs to be stopped and that the presidential candidate needs to be able to reflect the idea trend Biden. Does this by the way? That's why he says we're in a fight for the soul, the country, but though the walkie stuff does bring out something that that does, I think, of affect people's opinion and an end to the outcome of the of the election, which is that we, you know you will win Harrison binary are getting into the weeds about Tibet. The various plans I think, when it becomes clear that she cannot defend herself, regardless of of of what
people know or want to know about the math or about the the transition and and and and all the rest of it. I think back that it she ends up looking unable to do and her position says something meaningful and it, and it wasn't just on healthcare that that was the case during the debate right. She was, she was unable to defend herself and her criminal justice record where she was clearly she was. She went after bindings, criminal justice record and instead, you know from her other flank came, tells her gabert kind of lake sweeping her unexpectedly, You know that sorry for the Marshal metaphors, you know she's she basic gases by the way I this is the moment at which I could mention Christina you. You are a black hey, I Christine Rosen example. Black has earned her black ballots, but I can't remember in which discipline what it, which is likely to happen
they Blackwell than I e that we act now. You can feel free to use these metaphors all longer they're not going to stop her for my before, but I was really surprised to see how well Gabert did that, because Gabert can kind of lose the lose the plot, sometimes even in those debates, but she did quite well and she did Joe Biden work for him when it came to putting the camel hair is on the spot about her record is as it should. General California, but you know, Harris Harris like all of them, maybe hurry Harris more than anybody else, but Harris has boxed herself into a corner. Her own record? You think, but we think Biden got trouble. Keziah sponsored the you don't crime bill of ninety nine before and he flipped flopped on the high them Harris Harris's. The way that Harris got to the Senate was by being a tough on crime Democrat who had been prosecutor secure an attorney general and so therefore
She was very liberal, but had some was able to paint to the centre on criminal justice. Now the party since her election has moved radically against want enforcement, not only law enforcement and cops, but enforcement in general. In this giant d, the population of prisons and word we're not supposed to prosecute anybody for anything and so She can't run on her record. She certainly has no legislative recorded in the Senate because the Republicans have been in charge of the sentence and she got into the Senate. So she got nothing to run on there and tell them the average came at her from the kind of libertarian left on having prosecuted marijuana crimes and things like that and rather than say, which is what you would think you would you say,
I have job to do. I was hired by the people of California, be the attorney general. I prosecuted the laws to the extent that it was required that I do so, and I think you know that voters I'll find you sent me to the Senecas. They follow did a good job, but she cannot do that. Instead, the only thing she defend herself out, which other was startling, was how brow If she had been to oppose the death penalty, when she had to like face people effectively, shooting quite say this, but it would, I think, was the point when she would have to sit face. You know a family of somebody who had been slaughtered and say I'm not pursuing the death on, because I just don't believe in it personally and how we were supposed to think that He was so brave because she we know she willing. To say to people grieving people that they shouldn't there be there. You know their loved one shouldn't it didn't deserve or didn't earn. You know that the
the worst punishment that that those state could you know, levy against the people who had the who had killed them. That was just that's what I mean when I say she didn't have a good moment. I mean she's mute in front of tells you gabert. It took her an hour after after the debate was over when she goes on CNN, like forty five, and later to say I shouldn't getting lectures from a woman who you know sucked up to the war, one of the worst Dictators know whose email killed five hundred thousand people- if you can't do that during the debate, if you dont have you know the mother wit to go to the top. Maybe she didn't, they tell you not to punch down, there is no reason to get in. The mud may now has its origin to be from never bides down and dna eyes. Trump, never punches down drummed never pay desire of this is the advice I get. You bet it's ridiculous. I mean
You know someone comes at you in your supposed to go back so so all she ever hindering the Bay Garrison say I mean, since you bet he's just wrong when he says about my record or you know, gum,
her influence just rule, fictive your window near losing her, while the other thing that one of the other things that struck me about the performance of the Ladys on the stage was- and we were all group chatting about this- was needed it there in some weird way. I feel like some. These democratic women are gonna, undercut that support among white suburban women by piling on with the intersection all you know, you should feel bad about yourself, because your white thing, Angela branded that by that strange, extended tirade about you know your white eat, your kid wasn't arrested or murder by caught, because his white is walking down here he was walking down the street with eminent in his pocket. He won't be shot because these white, it was a stir. I mean we all understood what she was trying to do, but there was
so it bizarre and an off putting by I mean if you, if your apparent with white signs, you're thinking what is she spake? This does not scan with no she's the only person who can tell why people that you know They should understand that their children, you know all things being with their children- should be shot by by car. That's what I'm going to live in a fair society, Christine Your son should be shot by cops. Just like you know, african american kids are job. I cos The duchess goes without saying. I'm sorry, I don't know what your objecting to its my privilege, shocking. Nobody wishes it able to Tom Deafness at that. Coming from someone who supposedly no got her got the pulse of women vote. It was just. It was bizarre, took a buster at the other
line. She knows how to feed trump, because she went on a bus tour, which is an interesting example of sheet. Yet she she won reelection estate. You know that when Sir, the five percent for one or two to one republican district. Yet when she when she was Republic Mackay when she was pro life and pro gun You know she never had. Does you never had to run again after because he was appointed to the Senate? So I think He was the most except for bill. The blog was ever category also, but I mean she was the most embarrassing candidate on stage, except, of course, for might be that, or you could say, Michael Bennet seem to be on fishing.
Play right here. Is he so thoughtful he's? Got such an interesting? You so thoughtful and he's incredibly thoughtful and he's so thoughtful, and you know I ate it was one of those. But what are you even bring why turkey you standing there, why doing this to yourself the first like four opening statements that we first there is the plaza demented opening statement where he said it: we're just gonna tax, the hell at a rich people, but like one, to the other after the other. They all seemed the so odd to call medium, not that cool. And of course, in contrast to every how we know the entire first debate the night before was care rise by everybody go yelling Bernie Sanders sub my, but is a born. The Lahti yell worn with Lisbon, who was yelling all night.
Was yelling about the no first use of nuclear weapons in the issue that hasn't been raised in the United States, since one thousand nine hundred and eighty three its regular taking a nice journey to the asked literally rubbing her hands together with glee at the idea of class warfare, heavily taxing the wealthy to pay for everything. She was You want to do what she had had, so that that everybody does this businesses on twitter and they all reinforce each other's tags, and that takes that they had Europe Coy Booker had a great night and Elizabeth WAR and had a great night I didn't see any of it. I was much the same thing, Corey Booker's performance was disjointed and halting and his body language was strange and he was laughing nervously of weird points where he didn't really have anything to say and Joe Biden and dropping the opera file on and was really effective and Elizabeth Warrant had a better performance physically, but she could
defend a single thing with she advocates and any they came back at her, with elementary no opposition to her policy preferences. Her far less progressive policy preferences should- she'd bout right line. She talked about how these certain things weren't in the green new deal when they demonstrably are hooker Booker. Why two Booker Biden came back at him with the story of consent decree from the Justice Department, suit from the seal you and various other things about police. Action in in in Newark, and he lied about what happened. Oddly, I mean like out now lied, and I think he also turned mine then said your actions destroyed. My community, meaning the crime bill not to like fact, check too much, but Newark has been under has been has been led by african american american mayors and a city
So since nineteen sixty seven, that is fifty two years that is longer than Corey Booker has been alive and He became mayor of Newark in two thousand and seven. I think it was. It have been forty years and the idea somehow that you know some federal action. Can the you know in the in the in the midnight These came in, and everything was just going swimmingly in new. Work and somehow you know I mean I mean federal policing rules took the city down new works. Destruction is a story of self management at the local level. Empowering hustlers- and you know, and race also raised.
Slurs and all that and doing everything wrong and destroying the city's industrial base through excessive regulation and taxation. It's like a textbook example of urban decay due to modern contemporary. What Walter Russell made calls. The blue model. It was like one of the founders of the blue model and for him to turn a and Joe Biden. For the condition of the city when he took it over is just you know, standing astounding active hoods day, Maybe it was nice because demo, that's wanted. Somebody else to praise instead of Harris Harris did so badly. It's really annoying about all of it is said Booker with tagging Biden further. Nineteen. Thank you for Crime Bell, which had a significant effect on reducing violent crime, which was more than twice what it is today and then none of eighty percent more than in the past
eighty percent when I was there and then Biden can back at Booker and attacked him for hiring Gary Mccarthy who effectively helped clean up the streets of New York and put them in a place that nobody, when sharp angels mare thought, was impossible? everybody's got a great record neural attacking each other over it. Ok, but you know what we should I get to the question of. You know what what the condition of the Democratic Party is based them. What what's being sent these debates, but first I'm gonna. Try two guys about nets. We, because if you don't know your numbers, you don't know your business, but the problem growing businesses have that keeps them from knowing their numbers is their hodgepodge business systems one system for accounting and other for sales, another four inventory and sullen: it's just a big, inefficient mass, taking up too much time and too many resources and that hurts the bottom line. Introducing nets,
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Wednesday I, which was Democrats attacking Barack Obama's policies and legacy, and are they crazy? What is this madness? My barnacle Mika Joe this, is madness. Ninety eight percent of Democrats love Obama. Eighty one percent of Democrats like Obamacare job, the only person on the stage defending Obama. Everybody has a plan way to the left of Obamacare. This is it was think, has effectively the Democrats in this debate, not not as modest sharply but are using Obama the way in twenty sixteen twenty fifteen twenty. Sixteen Republicans aside from Trump we're implicitly using the George W Bush administration, which is to say that some finance- and you know it fix our foreign policy. Whatever our immigration system, they were effectively saying we're not going to go back to the Bush days and Trump was like nano. Bush was a monster in that it out to push
the disaster right so is willing to tell the truth, but based so no one is going to attack Obama Friendly right, but but is an interesting thing like the party has moved insanely to the left in three years our two and a half years, and since Obama left I mean. Obama's, now a moderate reddening. The fast anything about it. Is the parties moved to tell to the left since since Obama left office and just remember how startlingly left he had been. In terms of a democratic president, I mean he his his his liberalism itself had not been seen really in there, The sort of the modern age of the internet in the White House down in a It's not. Everybody has a plan to the left of
Brok, Obama, Marian Williamson, has no plans not so I'm just saying. This is an interesting thing that the the party I believe one way of looking at this is that it believes that thought in twenty eighteen was that Bernie Sanders was the guide a beat and that he was the guy. Would you know God, and he one twenty twenty states him. You know, came really close to Hilary got fifty million votes or someone like that in the primaries, and so you know he was the one to beat and that you needed to come up with things and say things particularly your health care that we know where you wouldn't just sound like you were offering light versions of his. You know big giveaways, right historic faded out. Maybe that historic faded because warns hasn't, are warm after her tears,
will opening six weeks. You know, got her sea legs and all of that, but I think that they are betting on an idea that the democratic electorate is way further to the left than it, in fact, is and so pot in policy terms. They are effectively led to oppose or
criticise Obama's policies when Obama is the most popular democratic in the world, but not its, not just criticism of Obama's policies, it suggests such a dramatic shifted that we look at the way that just about all of them talk about the private sector. Now me, even Obama would give the nod to you know o businesses, innovation and he loves Silicon Valley, innovation. They talk that up. You know he invited to set up a lot, but now almost all the candidates who are considered Sears contenders and among the Democrats talk about the private sector like some sort of the empire, sucking the life out of the country. You know it's it's to me: that's the most shocking. It's not just Sanders and Warren who are doing as an end when pushed on that as they should be because the majority of Americans, don't you to private sector
that way. You know the response was that's just a Republican. Talking point mean it is kind of shocking that the shift in India, the tone about the private sector, where it's a what abiding do bugging said when they said you know you, you don't hear the insurance companies enough. I can't think Harris said it, but it was basically like Europe, and doesn't do anything to Cuba. To punish or destroy the insurance companies. Like he's setting common jack anyway, said for Opium Lloyd's right and said. I think that these you know they put them nine, nine billion pills and and they should go to jail, but now, because somehow they there they charge too much there Premiums are too high. It's that they did something specific the bad org. You know he is alleging that they are responsible for something bad happening. That sure should possibly be the subject of criminal investigation and action.
I it be proved that they knew better and that in any way, but that wasn't the point the does that you're supposed to hate your health insurance was to hate your your provider, and yours was the hate. CARE and everything like that and during the debate now and I both all you do- is Google this Majorities of Americans are satisfied with their own healthcare, on private health care and private, limited hotlines, and, like all that's book boot, bolstered by Medicare, now private open assurance both care and cost a majority of the public, as of this year, are sad who said that not just the majority, the Plaza that's a big big, mainly in one survey. Depending on who asked the question. It was like close to seventy five percent and the poles are really unambiguous about all this stuff. They he's been pulling on decriminalization of the border, providing health insurance for illegal immigrants, blocking
I won of reparations. These are not majority positions with the general public, about a third of the general public supports all these things, and not even Democrats are all that sold on all of it and he can get a majority of Democrats in favor of some of the stuff, but when it comes to like making illegal immigration a civil offense instead of a criminal offense, Majority of Democrats are into that. So basically, this is that a fine so you know that debates republican debates also the same like IRA always start. You know they occupied territory. Close go to. You know any logical outer limits. Then the candidates are. Gonna want to run on, were out, bore but themselves with it without the candidate when he becomes the candidate right. So in that, in that sense, this is nothing new word, nothing surprising. What is what,
new and surprising, I think, is how ill equipped the people on the run on the left word flank. To say anything that puts mean on the bones of their own lunatic policy prescriptions well. This is why, and I think we do Marian Williamson a disservice by saying that only she only taps into some vague spiritual sense among the left that is removed from the pews. That wants to reconnect with that's no spiritual hunger for meaning and insist of the universe. She can do what trump by just out bidding me tire field with nonsense right and she does Do that really effectively by saying in a well yeah, I don't know why you people are John D. How do you even call yourself Democrats, if you dont, simply want to assume the power of the presidency to unilaterally cancel private debt? I mean you're right, I'm gonna! I him I'll complete that fight.
Hundred billion dollars or whatever the number was she throughout for the cost of reparations, and its five hundred million dollars s mansion be doing to study. This way was studying and just up to it, and she isn't. She also doing something that none of the others are. We all through gently marker, and you know, she's she's, very good, mocking herself by dinner. She said, oh I'll, let you know how I did when I see with the means arming he's funny, but she is in her weird new energy way. The only one offering a positive vision for the country right, everybody else in this field, certainly the front runners. It's up to Joe Biden, whose business it was just get back to normal, see which isn't really of forward looking positive vision, it's more of a return to stasis where's than where's the message of hope, where's that you know, maybe in the Trump era. That's that sounds naive, but there has to be some positive vision and attached to all their critics have where things are going, because I think for the
average motor that they need at least sliver of that she's, giving a nice little right. Now, it's it's cloaked in all and a lot of mere do age love, but its she's. Even one thing, if she's back she's peddling, redemptive narrative, but her break out moment was on racial justice right where issues where is she went further than anyone else in this field is willing to go by talking about, with the exception of better work, by talking about the extent to which racism and bigotry are pervade every single they are the essence of this country, every institution, its economy. What have you beta pedals at narrative too, but willingness and has Then she said in a way that is using language. That is very much part. Of the general american conversation outside of you know a wee sophisticates or a sophisticated whatever, which is that this is a psychic problem. There is a dark psychic force
which, in a different century, would have been referred to as a demonic force or the force of the devil or the influence of evil. That is causing despair that is crucial, eating emotional turbulence, and that is the is the pause of the racial divide and if we deal with this dark, psychic force and defeat at weak, and get ourselves into a better place right. So objective at all you like as its pagan minutes. You know it serve illiterate Chris. Doctrine or, however, you want to call it that is not all that dissimilar from twenty fifteen. Publican, saying, look we're in a spirit. There's a crisis in this country. There's a crisis right, we're on money goes much or its different.
A different from american carnage american cartridges is, is known as the end of american automatic right. It's exaggerate, but it is yet the sewers I rate the opium addiction raid. All of that speaks to everybody understands this, that there are no the policy descriptions aren't, what's gonna solve this disc, bear this sort of mass despair, a lot of which the takes place. It takes place out of our view because a lot of its him, you know states without hang out and and if you live in New York City, there is a person like that on every block lying a white thirty, old person lying in the middle of the street forty years ago would have been an employed person, probably with a wife and you know, and a house somewhere, and it's very visible at its real and, of course, the one person stages who from New York City
who is law partially responsible for the fact that their all loud to lie in the middle of the street. I know in their fitness, you know in their open way. The dictum condition has nothing to has nothing to say about it. So, here's by war, here's the thing about Warren battles with more in every basing the cheese gold is, though, a run away in a winner of the first night. Maybe of both might see. To be like Bernie is reaching the end of his road. So, like my job last night but over the other night was that when he mostly sound like was a guy in a restaurant, going all my wife, my wife, my wife, the tuna salad. It didn't bring us potato salad. You know that, more and more ass or caricature, and that get out but he does is yell at people who agree with them
she's the ongoing fight fight to get this done. The fighter and I'm a bully. I'm a believer and I'm a fighter and I'm going to fight and I'm going to fight and I'm going to fight, and I You know about water, energy and allowed enthusiasm, and but boy were really give do this together. So if he's fading, together in the polls they make up about thirty percent so here is re. Another convention that is taken hold within the analysts community is mantra that is repeated over and over that they don't they're not going after the same voters. They have a completely different set of voters. These two progressives with very white, very affluent, very educated based supporters. They just they have different voters. I dont know why that became some sort of accepted wisdom because of course, they're going after the same voters.
They're going to pay for their glared at all after commies that rests at airport. I you call and progressive, there's a wrinkle result, whereas if there's a reason, I'm call them commies, because I think a progressive and come up with reasons that the progressive would vote for binding in words, a progressive says, binds probably progressive enough. A commie says by is the same as Trump when you get, right down to it. It's no different Baikonur Trump and therefore an inch of air, a bunch of commies. What you're saying binds the Menshevik now that this cast his menshevik? They don't go as far as violent revolution, then like a yo style, we need a damn riots. Commies is not, as a general termed describe their degrees, I Anders yelled at John Delaney, for having made money in health care, because no one should make money in healthcare. That's a commie heeded
he their honeymoon in the Soviet Union. That's commie, Elizabeth Warren is a copy of a different stripe. She's, an academic commie he's a commune. Commie he's a vodka, their com is well known. Where amounted to say is that when they realise that since Highlander, and there can be only one that they will mount a credible challenge to buy what you mean the commies, or I mean, the candidates and also, of course, now I ruined sick boy in a bind them trouble because he's gonna stage and can be him and burning Elizabeth Warren in the Buddha, judging Booker and then then he's really not gonna be able to stand up to it, and I say he Is standing there and they're gonna be too commies coming Adam and we don't think yet party or I dont think? Maybe I'm wrong. The Democrat Party is not the party of Alexandria, Cassio Cortez. That's not what Gotham House Majority and if
gang up on him and attack him from the left constantly, and he basically says. Look. I'm I'm on the left but I'm not gonna you guys. I don't know how that hurts them. One of the things I helped Joe Biden, whether this month after his bad debate, was the assumption that on Monday, the non commie wing of the Democratic Party that that was salt, Andrew Barack Obama's legacy and that didn't register well and that, even more pronounced last, that's one of the recent he said he said Brok of Mamma vetted. In two thousand eight. This is after the crime bill, it's I voted for the Height amendment, did all this, and I was good enough for him and if I'm good enough for him who the hell are you to say, I'm not good enough for the Democratic Party in twenty twenty and it's kind of a potent he doesn't Well, they so they took the responses. They try to get him on things that that that the Obama administration did that are now anathema to the Democrats.
Right. So what were the things you return order on the boy did he wore brown deportations? Did he tell Barack Obama that that was bad? What Barack Obama didn't really fourteen twenty fifteen with those kids did, that was lousy right did. He was like mine is whether new thing there should have an uncle John Banner Hell. No, you didn't moment. But the funny Coronel get what what what I did was. He said I am not going to go into the advice that I give right of that's, that's private and I'm really not gonna. Go into that ten. Twenty later when there was a whole conversation met. If Ghana stand, he said that he opposed the surgeon Afghan right right right, everyday, apparently, when he gets to pick when his advice to oh bomber was private and when it's not prime, everybody have an opportunity to really litigate that issue, because when it was introduced by the moderators, it was introduced as criticism from Brok a bomb as data Secretary Johnson who
was the engineer of these four. There are a million outstanding removal. Orders is now weird to execute some of them somebody should have to cut the guts to say, look Obama's d, Just secretary was executing judicially mandated removal orders, that's something you do as an executive guy can't imagine. That would really hurt him, but there are They were separate. This is the other great was calmly Harris's boma. When she was talking about the border and she was like wouldn't let me until I got on a ladder and I look down and they were separating the kids by gender. I can hear Let me add that when I mean that's how it's a spectrum, PAMELA you're, just tell you that that that's one thing and the other thing is like so there being separated by gender, because there are boys and girls and their going into dormitories and at camp at summer, camp use
separate preteen kids by gender, so that they can take their clothes off without being looked at by other. If we were separating the gender, that's the crime. I thought the crime was the cages. No apparently separated them by gender is is it is? It is a catastrophe? I'm the one calling camps. Somber cams can I just say one they about using a bet. You should see the cabins at my kid summer. Camp like who glance at NICE not my connection
on the point about the Obama legacy, one thing that struck me about all the boosters response to Korea: Booker's performance is it that was one of his big zinc, supposedly one of his big singer moments during the debate raise when he Wendy scolded Biden said: did you can't trot out o bomber when it suits you, but not when it doesn't, and you have to contend with this legacy and that for me I was turned put myself in the mind of the user of suburban White Lady swing, votaries person, and I thought you look back at you probably reasonably well disposed towards Obama. You think Trump might be a little nuts and you hear Corey Book or say that, and you think wait a minute. He doesn't it, oh dear. No, he doesn't he's not doing that. It seemed a very unfair attempt to score a point on binding and to me it fell flat Well, I I you know: Booker came at Biden from the from the right at one point, because Biden got jumbled and he saw talking about how
should be allowed to ask for asylum. That's american law! If you come up, you know you should be able to ask for asylum. So if you come into this country illegally, you ask for asylum there. Should the process which is wrong and actually Booker pointed this out. You're not allowed to come into the country legally, you, you cannot apply for asylum. If you dont cross at a designated crossing point where you ask for asylum and Biden then double down on it, which is yet another sign that the problem with these debates is as long as you say what you say. Confidently people can fact check it. Go till the cow come home, that's what you should do live through your teeth say: whatever needs because you say it, you know with Brito, because you get through the moment. Then all people knows you're just not telling the truth why? Aren't you telling? The truth is that I can we move on now I mean this is very debts very aggressive, so
he had a moment, that'll hunt him, though in general election, if he's the nominee problems, gonna be the nominee if nothing changes. Was his all calm Colin fraction right, but you know you can act to sketch that No one's gonna just etch this primary away. Know what I'm saying is primaries indelible health. I mean in the sense that at some point he can say in Pennsylvania, calls here to stay and then Well, you said in the debate the policies I well. I you now calls here to stay and amounts. Are you can? You can say no work, calls calls on the way out, but you can't say fracturing to ok. Let's now talk about climate change, because we some very useful moments of advice in the climate change. Portions of these debates, including Andrea, explain that everybody needed to move to higher ground. Spoke out. How are you going to afford the move
to higher ground. This is real, the good advice it I'll. Tell you right. Tell you a thousand dollars about that's what everybody, including a baby, gets a thousand dollars a month. Because automation is gonna, destroy everything and its interest. Because I had some sympathy with this argument of the universal basic income. Odd sympathy in this sense, which is this idea that the driverless are five million people drive for a living. United States. It is the euro, it is the. Unskilled labour job par excellence. That requires nothing except the knowledge of have you know of how to turn our car and drive if you, if those jobs go away because of driverless car is an uber and whatever, and you know an app that there is going to be an employment crisis at the lower end of the country. Those jobs will have no.
Go and all that, so I was sort of sympathetic with this, except that it is now becoming clear that the driverless car, maybe a camera. It may mare, never actually happen that there will be driverless cars or if they are, they will be. Like said what you know, they will be cars, only drive in a very limited and the limited areas in which there only driverless cars and there are no other cars and all of that because they, this notion that they will inevitably be able to fix the problem of the need to respond to external circumstances at up at a moment's notice? make judgements that only human can make and that a I will not be able to make is pretty strong, so Yang Gang is dated like when Yang when we hang first took on the universal basic income. His sole issue there.
Something real there and now I think it's much less real and adjust sounds like he sang and you get a thousand dollars, and you now here than it really is on his way. He data campaign, the other day were was talking like one of my lucky. People who signs up on my website from email list will get. Thousand dollars a month literally enter online to win now. This is the guys. I remember that nothing turns me into a national conservative faster than minimum income, it has deleterious social effects. It has been tried in country and abroad. It has it they failure every time it is try it and it does a lot of damage along the way people love this guy. You know nerdy wonky people love this guy, He's absurd he's an absurd, earned candidate he's never run for anything. He knows nothing about. He thing he's like a fifth rate you know onto paranormal businessmen, and they gave him a good questions. They set him up to talk about his one plan. Nobody asked him how
a thousand dollars a month is going to contain around in the strait of her moods he's never asked questions outside of his little area of expertise is there was the question when he was asked why he was the best person to deal with racial animals that that's got to make that fit into your box. I mean you really have to go outside of it. He actually He was asked about IRAN, though, but away not in relation to thousand hours to We only the first- and I remember, bringing up around was built applause you who is talking about how we are now very anyone here. Where are the waving war with a wrong headed IVO Nourish, is strangely Yang made was also asked about IRAN and they said that, since you know that's the escalation is happening because we're pulling out of the deal we are actually well. I mean either way. Ok, so of course there was there when there is the astounding fact that foreign policy took up, I think roughly five minute. Thirty, seven. Second recital by buy one issue with total withdrawal from Afghanistan right which isn't it
while it may happen it may not happen. I mean whatever is discussing These debates has nothing to do with data with anything, but the Democratic Party It is true. Obama accelerate this prove Obama added is now deeply more true than my party than any time in the hills Three of everything does not care about foreign policy ass. They Obama was no one of the reasons that Obama was so bad. A foreign policy was that he didn't care about if he wanted always to get back to what he cared about, which was you know, domestic stuff. And so you know he did everything in a half cocked You know we did a surgery the little bit of a certain time limited. The surge of he did Libya, but he led from behind, and then he met a red line and seriously didn't drive It came up with a deal with IRAN that didn't temporary, runs ambitions in any way, shape or form. It was simply a bribe right, so he was terrible at foreign policy because he didn't,
her about it, and now they really don't care about it. I don't care at all about Let's talk about this in Twitter and Dandridge nerves of professor ass, some intelligence flat, tough as far like. Yet again, you know climate change and trade, or foreign policy issues too the guy now, but nobody is talking about them as such. Whenever those issues came up, they talked about them as legislative issues as long as problems to overcome legislative domestic obstacles, because nobody dresses trade and climate change as though they were international issues. I mean trade is an international issue, but it is by definition its own issue, but is not what is before us. It is highly intelligent powers. I mean trumpet turning it into that, a little bit by by making trade the proxy for everything that is going on between us and China, but trained it has been its own issue from the beginning of trade in the post war. And since I, but I'm talking about from the eight
In century onwards, trade functions as a as an issue. The it is an economic issue, the Trans National economic issue and has been forever and support that it leads to war. So therefore, foreign policies pull them because you need diplomacy to solve the problems that that restrictions on trade can lead to. But it its own thing, which is fine. Policy is how is the United States relating to the rest of the world in terms of its you know, in terms of governments and and movements and ideas, and Democrats have literally no interest in this any more and you know it despairing to those of us who care about it on the cards. Negative side because its clear that there is much less interest in it than there ever was, but
My friends, who are democratic foreign policy people, have gotta be banging their heads against the wall at the thought that nothing is ever discussed you know unless, unless they ve just drunk the cool laden decided by flavour. I now, where hide out, that's dumping Fettes. In the Kool aid by the way. Yet this is a big thing. Corey Booker said you know: Centre Biden, there's a phrase in my community if you're dippy in the cool, a dip in the cool ever you know what the flavor is right when it is worse than that, among the one with which Labour Code Kool aid has no flavour and great coolly has of labour its sugar. It should with a little ouida with things as they put it in a food colouring with the sugar and you could chips in the Kool aid anyway. What do you mean you like to lick your finger, put the dip it into the and then and then put it on your tongue? like what the hell metaphor was that what they What the hell kind of thing was that, like getting things are good, you know you should do you should
figure. It out you should grow like an onion with your head in the ground, dip in your finger, deepened in the Kool aid without none what the flavor is. I could spend all day trying to figure out what the hell that supposed to mean anyway, please babe, I'm sorry aroused say it I had to have you actually you actually you, I guess she's, you sent me sort of thinking about it not to be put back from my coolly reverie. No, the democratic, the democratic for fun, I'll see things worse, of course, because there is one issue now, there's one foreign policy issue that they are willing to way and on that is apparently important to them and that Israel, and that's that Israel is now was, and the United States is too supportive of mean Israel. There was no one wasn't it. There was a our policy question only one. Several acts, as I recall, but I remember the but details Israel right, so they care about. There was some of them care about Israel
but even Israel has now become a domestic issue in the sense that it's like tromp is to close trappers poisoning our really it's all about trumpet Israel in that doesn't mean own anti semitic, hate and Trumpet but but only a small coterie of people. You know on the left of the party care and that they want to talk about. Like Elizabeth, worn and bring centres about pretty bad, it tells you Gabert is like you know, a nightmare, right. There is real. They want to talk about it, but why not? They step on every other third rail the earth, they they approach every other, popular policy position with gusto. I don't know They cause they're unsure about where it leads. I mean you know if their worth for them to grab onto with Israel like the cushions.
Peace plan was released and it's bad trump is bad cause. He supports the questioner, peace plan or you know whatever, but How did the Israel right now is an abstain stasis because there's no, we know there's! No, though the election was inconclusive, there's a second election coming there's no negotiating partner in the Palestinians, blah blah blah so you know it's fun has now. Of course, the blind in general is that Saudi Arabia can be trusted and and and home been salmon. Is you know is a psychotic murderer and all that and yet so, what's the so what your policy, you now go, go out. Leave bananas because of this one admitted d, fasting assassination and then you know where relation with with with a key country in the world is totally coloured by this one thing that happened: they don't want to talk about that either set to say they would like to say that
from where they went out by Russia, but they didn't want to Russia. Where was the talk about Mahler Malerba last night just about any Tomlin Harris said you know he should be held accountable. There was a question is said about the Mulder report last night. Yet- and it was about impeachment and then a lot of the candidates gun on board with impeachment, oh by the way, another kind of a foolish I mean it. It's a low investment thing now, because they have a cascading series of Democrats in the house coming out in favour of impeachment as history says is upon us. There is no makes associated with us? If it didn't happen in July, it was never going to happen in our but he's coming out in favour of an impeachment inquiry that sort of consist only of a filing for grand jury material, that's the impeachment inquiries and everybody can get us a board with National and that those words investigate There is no doubt aware that have actually some legal standing right
I'm gonna remind you of something you said knocked over of last year, a thing I set it to, but I guess it's true now, but because I think something going on here. That should not be dismissed among really part of the debate, which is we said that if Democrats, when the house, they will impeach trump The logic of their need to impeach Trump was unassailable right, then you win, and somehow what what is dashed in their face that maybe this is an appalling bad Nancy Pelosi doesn't want her speakership governed by and impeachment pursue, will not lead to a conviction and there's some kind of weird pause and the pause is then you know like: to whatever Mauler issues report them will act right. So Mahler issues is report and it doesn't say he should be impeached and then the
Och starts the or whatever the inexorable logic starts ticking again, which is well the second part the report says there were ten. You know active structure, but for some reason, Waller to chicken or whatever, to say that he wanted impeached, they may impeach. I know there's this whole line about how they can't do it is then they'll do in twenty twenty, the Republicans every piece of evidence and ninety. Ninety eight was that impeachment was a mistake, was a political mistake. And it would never convict. The public was sick of the topic and they going to force the public going to force this down the public's throat and it was going to happen and it did happen, and it was disastrous, they almost lost the house, and maybe eight you know it was there were humiliated when the impeachment, when they can, when there, trial in the Senate went so badly
and that was the end of that it was. It was a mistake. It was a terrible mistake, just be cut, but they had to do it because that's what their constituents wanted. Well, If there were two hundred nineteen Democrats was constituents and majority of whose constituents want impeachment, he will be impeached Nancy policy will not be able to stop that and it could be. It could be. February. Twenty twenty who's gonna! Stop it. If The visual congressmen feel based on the pressure that they feel their committed, that they have to go for impeachment cause they're gonna get killed, then that can happen and when he twenty five congressmen will not knows you, Hence it is, but no is kind of like blinking confusedly I just I don't. I don't know if that pressure is irresistible because it's been so far resisted.
Maybe even if it's that the entire majority of the Democratic House carcass No, I don't even know oil. They need like eighty five percent of the Caucasus too, validates every single democratically in the Caucasus. Saying I'm on board with appeasement that doesn't necessarily mean leadership has to assent to an omission of short leader. Need leadership can do it. Her wants name in vain. It quite advantages. It allow lotta thwarting over the course of his b average. I know, but banner allowed their loud, the you know, government shut them. Twenty thirteen did what you know because He was like ok, fine burn it out. I can't stop you guys if you're gonna do this idiot thing, I'm gonna stand here. You know you're not going to make me the fall guy. Saying I dont think I dont think that it is beyond the realm of reason, that just because they're not gonna, get enough people and there are going to be able to write them. The indictment
by September that it therefore dead. They ve gone from fifty to one hundred and eighteen in favour of impeachment three weeks, yet as a result of the calendar. As a result of that pressure going guy off, but then they're going home for a month there could have town halls and the ones who haven't committed we'll see what have I'm not saying it's gonna happen. I'm saying it's just The notion that somehow it will, it will be stopped simply by dint of the calendar. Assumes that there isn't in internal logic, within the Democratic Party and the liberal. Mindset in the United States that will not require it to happen, as you know, people friends of ours, liberal friends of arts of said, like trumpetings, beheld, a Campbell nephew, say them away. The only hold him accountable is to convict him. He'll never be convicted. Therefore he won't hold them accountable than it's like, but then Republicans we put on them
record as saying that they know that he can crimes and they'll still not vote for it, and I'm saying well. He know the public will not know that he committed crimes. If he's acquitted by this meant there will be record that he committed crimes. He will be acquitted and that's like air, but then the people who voted to acquit will be held accountable so there's this kind of totally circular logic there, which is I want him impeached. I want peach. The peach am I need him in PETE's. I can't take it. He must be impeached. Everyday said something racist, so he should be impeached whatever it is that they want to also come up with if it gets into twenty twenty if it gets to the point where we have the ILO Caucasus, then you have a very narrow field and most likely a front runner and though the locusts, a power shifts in them in the party dynamic from Congress to the nominee, who can pretty much dictate terms.
And if you would think yet it. Rather, there is no none that, but then the fight is between whoever is still in the race. It's not. You know ok, everybody, Washington shut up the fight, is you know, Warren versus Biden or whatever it's gonna be in some like that right and so At the same time like there could be to narratives at the same moment, mean there is a vested interest among the liberal, meet and seeing Trump impeached, no matter what happens at the presidential race It was a brief related. We forgotten you, I'm just unjust, observing I I I do think that this month, off this month away will will will. It will be interesting to see if the Democrats who are so keen on impeachment, when their chattering away to a cable news as are going to be feeling the same way after they talk to their actual constituents? Well, that's the question here, but I mean it,
seems like they're not getting any push back from their constituents. Quite the opposite, like Elliot Angle, who is the most you know, who's who is as close to herbs semi conserve Democrats possible, represents Riverdale in part of our Westchester. Impeachment. Why? Because AOC is primary, him has a peasant, has a primary candidate from the Justice Democrats running against deli dangle, and so he needs he's trying to do what he can to. You know vitiated the danger that supposed to him by this by this challenge from the left in there. You know there could be more of that too, no. It is not. I am perfectly fine weather So with that we will bring, will bring this session to a close. Everybody have a have agreed
we can for aid. No in Pristina, John John towards Cuba,.
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