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The Democratic Tea Party Is Here

2020-08-05 | 🔗
Democratic voters in Missouri went to the polls on Tuesday and ejected another longtime incumbent from federal office. This has become a trend—one that suggests the Democratic Party is undergoing an ideological makeover, and that process is being driven from below. It looks like the Democratic Tea Party they said could never happen is upon us.
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Welcome to the Commentary Magazine Daily podcast today is Wednesday August Fifth, twenty twenty, I'm John Podhoretz, the editor of Commentary magazine with me, as always, Furthermore, a green while pay her job, does the other nor often high on our agenda, an Senora Christine rose and high Christine, I John, so There were primary elections in various places yesterday and the most significant event it seems to me, is that
bill Clay of Saint Louis, a ten term republican at the Democrats. Congressmen who is. He was himself the son of the other third I believe thirty year democratic congressmen was ousted even in a primary by a squad, a person, and this is significant, because clay is relative, speaking a moderate friendly to Israel and serve like a deal maker and his his first who best at him. Ah Corey Bush is ay somebody who basically was created by by black lives matter Sorry and
As you know, everything that you would expect her to be with that as her originating political birth moment, Bernie Sanders endorse her and you know any sort of somebody who is expected to join the squad. If you add her too two mile Bowman and a New York and various other people. We have seven cry married Democrat incumbents in the house, defeated by leftist insurgents in this site, alone, so the deep the tea party dynamic that overtook the Republican Party in twenty ten, has now basically become a significant factor in the Democratic Party in which more any illogically, extreme new politicians, anti politicians of friends
for our coming in and sweeping away all deal making more traditional politicians and, of course, tat them puts the fear of God, the interim everybody who remains that they are that they are susceptible or were were in danger of being challenged. Same way and that it turn pushes the party structure and the party ideology vastly in the direction of the more ideological extra, people, simply out of fear, know you wrote about how their resolve this confidence in the democratic party. After, Oh see, one her primary and add a couple of the sky, people one their primary that, how can t party couldn't possibly happen? The democratic model While I was back in the Obama here,
actually around twenty fourteen twenty fifteen. Twenty six there was this sir. At so it's it's! This dynamic that were witnessing right. Now is the joyful only from sort of when I told you so perspective on our part, as this is beyond the radicalism. Should the demographic problem real time. But there was a spade a commentary around twenty fourteen, twenty fifteen about how Democrats couldn't possibly have a tea party style, internet, seen revolution, and I wrote about this- enabled new twenty nineteen, as it was a time when the New York Times described the dynamic between speaker policy and the squad as being quite open warfare, which was indicative of what we're seeing right now, this ideological o row make over of the crowded party, but the logic behind this assertion made twenty fourteen twenty fifteen was that the cold, the parties are a symmetrical according to the Atlantic, Molly Ball. At the height of this idea, they symmetric polarization
the notion that the Republican Party was radicalizing at a rate that was not commensurate with the rate at which Democrats were coming more ideological and a demo That's just like governing too much that there were two competent their words I have to tell you. This is so important, a point that I'm gonna interrupt Noah. To reiterate, I have all my very nice friends on the left are constantly telling me, but you know we care about governance, its governance, its governance, and, if you care about governance, you don't allow activists to become your leading politicians into defeat. Your actual governance long term, congressmen assumption was shared by people like the did, those who advanced Orton or in Spain and in man and when people advances asymmetrical, polarization theory that Democrats were just too willing to compromise and therefore to damp down any sort. Radiological rigidity within their coalition because their words so capable at
wielding the levers of power in Washington, and it was such nonsense at the time obvious nonsense at the time that they were anchored by the White House and once that was gone so too. Where these that the efforts to tear down the road within their own coalition and it's sort of nice to see that manifest now just to reinforce this theory, men say: hey, hey how we were all right At the same time, though, it's a very disquieting phenomenon building another twenty twenty party than people. Think people remember as though it was this even primaries. It wasn't really a wave of primaries a lot of the price of the candidates who who won and were more ideological, were seeking a seats open races. They were primarily quoting quote people who were groomed for those seats. Within the party coalition. So they didn't really our sitting members. There were some, but not many most of what they did. They list of the people who were assume
to be taking over those those seeds that the people within the republican firmament, who had been formed from legislative seats in upward into what they believe to be federal states, and so this is a different sort of revolution within Democratic Party than the immunity. The revolution one it's possible, even you can I would have been more aggressive. Well, ok, so the two parties, great success, did not come in the house. I mean you can say that the Republican Party, great success in twenty ten came in the house because of the sixties received shift to the Republicans. In twenty ten, but it was Marco Rubio beating, Charlie Crest, again, an open sea Charlie Chris was the sitting governor of of a was defeated by a state legislator, not only defeated but like humiliated, sixty forty and then you had Christine O Donnell in
Delaware and then you had weirdly thing like my castle right didn't I worked right, then you had weird things like Bob Bennett, the senator from Utah being ousted at the state convention, not even in a primary, but by in the state convention a you know to term sitting senator so they went and then of course, and twenty twelve TED crews beat David Cameron, who is that who is more senior and more conventional taxes, politician and so on, tea party was as a convenient way to describe how d since the tea party movement itself was not electoral. It was a reaction to a care and various other things, and this idea that obama- was slicing inviting the constitution to push forward his agenda.
But it's it's thing: it's the label that we give to this move and the Republican Party toward a much more at the illogical and much less practical form of governance rights. Obviously senators are more powerful than congressmen and they, and since there are fewer of them, winning a Senate seed away from somebody or a Senate nomination away from somebody has a larger significance in some ways there the other individual choice by this seven people in one cycle, seven incumbents in one cycle being ousted, means that the Democratic Party has taken the lesson of the tea party or the exam of the tea party and has accelerated it well, and I think circumstances have also accelerated this, and we see this in the Corridor Bush when in Missouri, because two years ago she was one of the few
turn people in the absolutely sycophantic Netflix documentary burning down the house which followed mainly followed Alexandria, Cassio Cortez, is Mary Challenger Crawley in New York, it is also one of the Justice Democrat fronted Cannon is she lost quite quite decisively. I think, might almost twenty points in that primary challenge, but she came back very quickly and defeated a man who actually was putting forth all kinds of you. Criminal justice reform you propose all kinds of this method. Black lives matter claims it once in Congress, as an activist for the black clothes matter, movement, two years later, she's back and she got a lot of support. She actually. Didn't get an official endorsement from a yo see this time around. But in fact it's cushion didn't need. It was getting a lot more money, alot, more support and the big shift was the post George Floyd race tough and that has actually in a way that even Obamacare didn't do for the tea party types that his
dramatically accelerated this ideological activists politician group and and push them even further into power in the democratic party? We, of course Bilbil plays black. So he's got me black. He moved. He shifted to the left in response to events, and it was not enough because you guess not a tentacle activist enough, and I think You can also see this notion that there is a generational shift going on, in which the post millennials? Don't have no interest in right work, but the practical lessons of politics, which are like maybe attend term congressmen who has a lot of seniority, how's, that is now being run by that your party is a much better choice. For you, too,.
Have as your representative, given the stuff tat, he might be able to deliver to your district then, a freshman who has no experience in doesn't know what the hell she's doing. I knew you'd have to care about your district. In order for that to happen, they do so superficially, but all politics is nationalized it will be. If you are young, you know you don't really stand the dynamics of your your local constituency, that has just that's, not apathy, that's just a lack of spirit, but look either very simple. There are a couple of practical issues that are raised by this shift and I think the most the key one, at least from our perspective year, aside from the larger question of the Democratic party shifting to the left, is that what all of these This chair is is a bizarre Lee, a bizarre
focus for people who are only interested in hyper local issues and all that with Israel. So the squad YO see where she had to leave, who just one gigantic she'd there was an effort to oust refused to leave the failed last night with a primary challenges. Johann Omar, I jump. Bowman, who beat one of the most pro Israel members of Congress in winning in here, New York, Elliot Angle and Bill Clay, who was known as a friend of Israel of all of the primary victories that our serve at notable only one in the Bronx Richie Torres who won an open sea. The open seated Jose Seraglio expressed any. Kind of commonality or support for for Israel, can understand that these people
would necessarily have any time with Israel, one where the other that's not part of their issue, sadden they normally scene right now would seem like foreign policy. Isn't any man a moment to them, but this is a very, but what they care about. Is Israel in a negative sense, much more and they care about any other issue and will in relation to american foreign policy and if you again, our sitting democratic official, a senior democratic official- and you are looking at the order of battle that thing that happened in twenty twelve. When the vote from the floor at the democratic convention was it against saying that Jerusalem was the capital and it was overruled by the mayor of LOS Angeles, who was then sharing on the floor.
Who clearly violated the vat voice vote decision. That will not happen again, you what you are not going to have senior Democrats interceding too, to make sure that the party doesnt work go off a cliff in relation to Israel and we Forget again, an inflection point, therefore, with the american jewish community and its a wholesale support for Israel and by the way forget the American? Just me like serious Pro, is real Americans, who are still Democrats, who are waiting to be put in a position now over the next Four years of picking and choosing
and having to make a choice between a party that will become functionally and then probably programmatically auntie is real and their connection to the jewish state. Well, I hate to say it, but at least in the short term and and among the jewish contingent of the of the group, you describe it's not going to be much of a choice: they're going to they're going to stick with the party, because anything is worse than being perceived as a racist which wich be the alternative in their mind. Right. Well, look I mean you know. As it happens, angels are important issue to me. I believe it to be important issued. It took two to american jury agenda and all of that, I think we're gonna learn that you know all of trumps extraordinarily pro Israel moves are not gonna, help him very much in twenty twenty with the jewish fog, which of my guess, we'll be exactly static as it has.
Open now for many cycles, like it'll, be seventy two twenty force. Some like that answer. Oh the thing that you might have thought, which is that their these moves would would help him or not, are not particularly get help him. Of course it also depends on how you define the jewish vote and whether just that somebody says that he's is due in votes. A certain way make some part of the jewish community is understood in the sense that, like being he wishes of any meaning to that person as a fox when the head for how the values to say as a as a jewish activist. He represented the Jews who cared not the Jews who are just do so.
That number is already skewed. It's for people who live for whom this is a boating issue were being jewish, plays a role in how they vote, not just because they wear it like up like a piece of fashion, but that it play some rollin have about. The parties are much closer. It's probably more like sixty forty, and it is seventy thirty, but they are going to make that this is not going away. They are going to move on this I wonder if, in a microcosm what happened with the women's March, which kind of fits the description of how the Democratic Party used to be with regard to Israel sore about it, you have a lot of sort of like minded people share certain values who want it, who you know her protesting about those values, but are very small John of anti semitic leadership might some of whom are
Also if you like legs matter, pushed out jewish feminist from that organization and refuse to let them walk refused to let them carry signs that showed the flag of Israel is these small group of people succeeded in effectively purging from politeness. Fashion among the larger group, generally more on the side of the people who wanted to be able to express our support for Israel them with this radical minority, effectively forced them out and their daily to all kinds. You know, upheaval in the organization, but the Democratic Party could see the version of that in years to come with regard to this radical contingent- and we know- certainly the squad which is now growing and adding to its ranks- has been absolutely unapologetic about its anti Semitism among some of its members and when called out for its actually laughs in response. That's how confident they are that they're not going to be held to account and they haven't been held to account by the democratic leadership. The old guard, the police. So I think we can,
see that play out at the party level in the same way that we have among liberal progressive organizations already well that this is also important, because what we found out about what was going on in the internal explanations of the women's March, not because people were thrown out. And then left like who went out and gave a press conference and said I wear out because they are a bunch of anti Semites running the women's March. It was the reply of a year of investigative journalism by tablet that revealed these facts that the people who were subjected to this treatment remain themselves, so woke, and Nevertheless, I it not want to talk. They did not want to contribute to any
controversy relating to this, even though they themselves had been victimized by it, and that is the question for that. In small bore is what the question is for the large community of jewish Democrats, donors in nor in a wild, a disproportionate number of donors to them. It causes and to the Democratic Party are jewish, who are also many of them contributors to Israel and jewish causes Are they going to? You know just kind of lay back and take it if, if things get Perry and of course, things could get Harry like there's right now We just heard that Saudi Arabia is developing a facility to create yellow cake for uranium and partially with the help of China, which of course then raised.
The question of whether or not there is going to be a nuclear arms race in the Middle EAST with Israel in one corner. IRAN and the other and Saudi Arabia trying to protect itself against. And we could have a massive. Foreign policy issue relating to the idea these nominal american allies, in our view, Israel's, an american ally, Saudi Arabia's, whatever Saudi Arabia is, are somehow bad because they have nuclear weapons it needs to divest themselves of their nuclear weapons and get out I got or war. Imagine a world in which these astonishing events in IRAN over the last two months. With these, the series of explosions that sea
to be related to degrading the Iranian Nuclear Programme are met with criticism in the United States by political figures, with some power who say Israel is, you know Israel clearly doing this and their ratcheting up tensions and they're gonna cause a nuclear war. About that that's easy to envision, I mean that's the under by an administration that will happen as an easy one to predict, but at the same time things get a little complicated. When you start talking about you, politics, is the fantasy of the binding nights in the Obama AIDS that they can return to the status quo ante twenty fifteen and simply revert back to the around your status while at simply not going to happen, and the pursuit of the around deal shifted. The geopolitical political landscape in the Middle EAST to such a dramatic extent that you can't simply return back to the old days, there's been a undeclared war
between the United States and Israel and ran for the better for the last three years and it's been a hot war, and this is not something that is like an has a minimal impact and, as you say, you know, there's now they start him tat down, but for the better part of last three years, there's ass soon, ass, she ate realignment. There has been a carrot characterized by low intensity. Conflict across the region. Has everything to do with IRAN's efforts to project power and influence, and Israel remains a very important piece of the puzzle for American GEO political. That's GEO strategic objectives in the region and an idiot logical antipathy towards it will not a race that utility that utility is vital. Could be abandoned known probably the illogical you a little bit, but it's an interesting test, and I would put it this way: assuming Biden Winds and the bite nights, you now come into power how emotionally committed. Are they to there?
restoration of what they see as sanity in deciding that they want to revisit this ideal and to enter into diplomatic negotiations. With IRAN when IRAN is now I mean we, don't we you know what the order of battle is, but IRAN, IRAN's position likely significantly worse in terms of its development of its new nuclear power so the after what's goin on this summer, then it was even in twenty twelve twenty thirteen, twenty fourteen like why would you want to revise its economy and get up, but they may, this could be a mere religious commitment on their part to the notion that trumped up ended everything and they're gonna try to restore older structures to return to normality in those older structures, in their mind, include the Iranian Nuclear Deal, which was only struck in twenty fifteen
I like, I could see them saying we need to go, restore Neda right that that's or we need to restore some whatever you know us, beyond I way, relations with day, you know well whoever, but They also have this emotion, connection to the IRAN deal in part because of trumps hostility to it. That might lead them pretty irrational territory like it when you his name. Is there there? reality. Will wealth will take centre stage, but people often do not arise in it. None other than the president. Only the chief exact well? In this scenario, it's Joe Biden, I love it What is it? What does it mean? The job is the president. That's what I mean we don't even know me
but also believe that others have that foreign policy and stating and well he's always made wonderful foreign policy decisions as we would require in order to restore the Rangel. It would require a rapprochement with Moscow in a way that is very different, to envision without blowing up a lot of eighty illogical lines and hypocritical, quite a few of very prominent members of the Democratic Party. I don't know I mean do John that this circumstance you describe is what happened with a bomb right I mean. Oh, oh bomber came to office with grand foreign policy aspirations. As reaction, To the Bush foreign policy right, it was about reversing the the damage that it end in view the Obama administration framing that that pushed it that which was why You know they were all these radical one. Eighty shifts in do as policy could it could be
same and by the way that included a rapprochement with Russia at the time That was the that was the Risa I that was the original reset yeah A lot of things have happened in the interim, get George W Bush was criticised by Democrats and she doesn't need to doesn't for being too soft on on Moscow and then proceeded. I think, nine months after the invasion of Georgia to orchestrate the reset relations. So they didn't have any much didn't having trouble with accuracy and hypocrisy is no obstacles, probably pursue something along those lines. But you will you really would have to soften a lot of the sanctions, the new sanctions on? on Russia in order to pursue the kind of regime that allowed the around deal to function in the first place, the transfer this nuclear nuclear fuel, for example on so I don't see how you do it without inciting some kind of a war with the problem
of insurgents who really do believe all this stuff. Ok, I looking at Moscow and and really do believe all the stuff about Israel by the way they are there really genuine in their convictions, but the utility than this necessities of governing will become an obstacle. The only I could say about this is that one of the vanities of thee Liberal mindset is the wheel, look circumstances, change policies change with them, I mean I'm allowed to change my mind Barack Obama. Two thousand five said that in other filibuster was a dab only necessary element of american policy that could not be worried are removed. But you know, when you say ya see said we should ever the fellows, who, like all when's allowed to change their mind. No one's allowed chime can affect the way you look at. Anything you can now that's a terrible example, because he said it is a tool of Jim Crow. So either Was it wasn't in two thousand five? It's not like that changed
dare you the Algerian, how dare you he changed his mind? That's the most important thing is a dual, never change your mind, but he ll change his mind, and so, if someone they have to change their mind about Russia. They change their mind about Russia. You know what it's too dangerous to have this relationship with Russia. Be that belligerent, let's say cause you don't we really is recommending dinner. Reconciling we need single pair and we can't be fighting a cold war with Russia on we're trying to imposing, by the way to all and any hippocratic any type of critical moves will be more in foreign policy will be much easier to accomplish, because post pandemic, all focus is gonna, be on Stick policy anyway, right, like this theory there going to be able to you know whatever whenever goes on outside of you know: post pandemic, rebuilding runnin, and you know-
store, starting up the nation in securing our public health infrastructure and all the rest of it. No one in the media is gonna, be paying attention. Loans can be wanting to right. Ok, let me I pull back and talk to you about today, spy. Sir, the Bradley Speaker Series, because making sense of current events during this extraordinary time can be trying conceived liberty. The Bradley Speaker Series is a new video series that offers meaningful perspectives through engaging fifteen minute interviews. You can hear at Bradley, F D and DOT org slash liberty watch the most recent episode featuring my friend, our commentary, contributor British, author historian and Robertson. Quick tell you started and Roberts years ago I took end Roberts to a jewish restaurant of lower recycled Sammy's romanian steakhouses. I bought him a t shirt there. That's a sandwich stake out and in the years since, when he and his wife have travelled to all kinds of crazy places. Cambodia
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So before we move on, can we briefly talk about with the Republicans just today, jerk Kay. So yesterday was a contested primary for you. A Senate in Kansas, Chris CO is very controversial figure who had already lost statewide Democrats had intervened on his behalf that were running a lotta ads on his behalf. There I never really awry Mary five million dollars in spending by man. That's a nice idea, media markets along why and he lost. He lost handling, and this is a pretty important piece of the puzzle, if Republicans end up keeping control of the upper chamber of Congress in number. So the University Virginia Centre for politics, their so called crystal Ball, cannot today, with some revised ratings. Kansas is moved pretty firmly into the republican camp
There are now two elections in Georgia that are both leaning in a republican direction. George and the bubble in Montana is on the bubble, but generally the pictures. To look a little a little. I stress a little better for Republicans so on. There are three true toss. Ups in personal republicans are expected to lose the special election, Martha mix alleys, to live a sound recording, ordinary Arab and centre court. Colorado is expected to lose democratic, sounder diversion it's an alibi is expected to lose so Republicans there haven't net a loss of one, and then there are three through toss up. Stoning Ernst in Iowa Tom tell us in North Carolina Collins and main. So what we're looking at me now is democratic. Forty, eight republican, forty, nine with three toss. Ups and that's, those are credible seats for Republicans. Red Donald Trump is not the right. Now he's he's competitive.
In North Carolina. But I don't think anybody would be shocked if he won Ion North Carolina if he were to win we'd have to seriously hinder perform the top. The ticket Norton lose those two seats, Susan Collins, maybe unsaleable, because if down from early trails and in Maine But you can really envision a scenario in which all three of those are held, or maybe only one of those is lost which would save the Senate fur Republicans, even if Donald Trump, where loose presidency in its notable that trumped did not way and on the Kansas election right. He wasn't tweeting in endorsing and in some ways that allowed the people of Kansas stood two to kind of find some moderating sanity and that reason, and and put the more mainstream republican in But I do wonder if, if that's gonna continuing the house, republican leadership is now issued. Their sort of you know: Powerpoint slide presentation about how they There are members of the party who are running for reelection tit to the messaging they want and they date they took the
of unusual step, a single. We really hope the truck campaign looks at this message sitting as well, because it's very much focused on the bread and butter issues that we are talking about yesterday about the economy about recovering after the pandemic, the kind of stuff the trump is pretty bad messaging, but that the Republicans are clearly starting to panic. About keeping their majority certainly descended in and not losing it even more in the house. Okay, so I will limit. Let me throughout the scenario for you, the Democrats, picking up the Senate, I think it's generally been thought that they pick up the Senate in a circumstance in which there is at least a quiet or slow. They substantial, but not huge, democratic wave. No words I give you win see. If you went of winning a reply democratic,
three in Iowa Democratic victory in Maine democratically. Free in North Carolina you're, that's only happening because there, They national mood shift against Trump that probably means he either does much worse than he should in those states or that he loses them and so in an inner in a funny way and here's my proposition Republicans where there are likely to keep the Senate if there is a very clear selection or of Trump wins order, Woodward or to lose more seats, then they these these phenomena and then these rat rankings because the way will be larger than it appears and that that's where you get a shocker in Texas, will they only wave is studying the debt
emission of away right click everything ammunition with everything breaks in one direction right, so that would be Georgia Montana Mean North. Carolina, Iowa and maybe even worth living tax. Everything doesnt have to break one way, but I mean what this means is like in the last week. What we know in the last week of twenty sixteen is that three quarters of the undecided basically went for Trump that nationally and that's what that's, what made me the difference and so either or something like that is going to happen where they break they break for the incumbent and that Sir He was the Senate for the Republicans, but if that doesn't happen, abiden victory may just simply mean that Democrats pick up the Senate and and and maybe by a larger margin than people even realise that will end up being fit
for forty six or fifty five, forty five or something like that paralleling the neck, the Reagan experience and nineteen eighty, where Republicans picked up twelve seats or something like that, but nobody anticipated this. This risk the scale of the republican victory in the Senate in nineteen eighty, because nobody really serve looked at the things this way. But that's my proposition anybody wanna taken on The pimps or play theirs. I there's other the moment of deep silence also an ominous pause I was just trying to see if I could somehow work in a joke about Yo Semite into that, but I am not going to work. We do have to mention that at some point in today's, but for those with a rope watching loony dunes,
yes, the oh, so I guess so that the most significant thing that I learned yesterday, which I thought I knew everything there was still about loony tunes- is that dumb at some point in one loony tunes cartoon, Yosemite, SAM's, real name given a Samuel Rosenbaum. The idea that Yosemite SAM is jewish? Is it it is so mine blowing to make. As of course, what do has that access to the eye alcohol in other I never knew a diagram. I don't really know Joe had that accident so, but apparently also looked like Fritz freely, who was made of the enemy
herself anyway, so that that's the jewish mine blowing fact of her last week in a wise, but since you brought it up as the flooding, the fact the fact tat he had two chances drop. He had two chances to save right, firstly, said Yosemite and then he said young young summit in Samara, maize, or something like that. So I guess that cognitive is lucky did so well and cognitive test. Maybe now speaking of the cognitive test, we have this footage. Yesterday, a hum of Biden getting annoyed being asked by Yahoo. New something like that about his score on the cognitive test and he's said to African American from CBS News, something like that's like asking you. If you took crack or something like that, you know like it again
about man, my men. Are you a junkie yeah? So imagine again, like imagine under other circumstances, see I'm. Yes, we discuss this history, but I really think that there are people on his campaign. Why, people who understand that that bind Unbound can sound is over the top. You no kind of a boundary list as Trop can at moments in that. That's not a good thing, given the messaging maple successfully so far from bring about him, he's being returned to steady com. I mean he's very thin. Skin starboard, there's almost no value to twitter anymore, say you forever act here here, the conventional wisdom and I saw more than a few mainstream big name
National news reporters commenting on that video as though it was the unmitigated disaster that it was no varnish. No no running block? It was just. This is terrible, and vice president does not look very good. Here and there in more and sorrow, but nevertheless important shift and an evaluation of the fact that your bite an extent is really unstable, so spun so, but basically like all trump just needs to stop doing anything and let he can only this can we work to trumps advantage of trumped, doesn't say: Yo Semites, he's gonna, adopt the bite and trade see for himself for the rest of the election yeah. I guess so. Can we talk a little bit about the?
male in votes, orthodoxy and the panic and everything else it's going on, because I think let me just lives every. I think that it's crazy that Democrats have already said that they don't believe there is any real voter fraud, fine, so they can say, there's no real voter fraud. Obviously it's not three million votes voter fraud. There is about her fathers, voter fraud. In many elections People than indicted voter fraud this year alone in various places, but then extend that to the notion that there is no conceivable issue that needs to be raised by
male in voting, and that the only issue is whether or not Trump is fussing with the post office to make it harder to count. Mail in votes is that. Why is I mean? I don't know, I think again, if Trump were more focused and skilled at this to say, can't you see how someone could see fifty thousand fake ballots in into a male about how? How do you know, I think they're there they're setting themselves up for making a claim about the sanctity of putting through the mail that can really buy back at them. I'm an outing. It bites back at the molecular. I think it could buy back at them after election day if it is the kind Mass that it could really be- and they will accept that everyone will just go into the corner and say whatever helps their chemic unelected
I don't know I mean I just think like they should be tat time. But more circumspect about how there are no issues raised by mail in voting. Why, if its? If it, if it bites them after election day, what what because what I mean when I say bite him after election day, is that if we don't have a winner on election night and there are twelve or fifteen or twenty million mail and ballots still to be counted and then there's a question. Like? Why weren't they counted? Where are they? The chain of custody is missing in some places and all of that they are just going to say every every thing about mail in voting is wonderful and you're not allowed to question it in any way, shape or form, or how about this? How about because they're, nervous and close, and all this they start saying what we have to count ballots, that return him without a postmark which has happened in New York State, a judge ruled
that balanced remember that pose work needed to be counted, that's insane because that is because they ve been your assuming a kind of logical consistency that has never really been a hallmark of the Democratic Party when it comes to these sorts of issues. So, for example, its AB Lately onerous two presented government issued idea in order to cast your vote, but you should be submitted to a thorough weeks, long background check in order to exercise other constitutional rights like purchasing a weapon, and so I feel like, I think, actually they can very easily embraced that prediction, but as apes and depending on what the outcome starts to look like a minute starts to actually sound more like an episode arc that was indeed years ago, where they work counting individual ballots and they kept switching sizes to weather the ballots haven't or not cancel all based on whether they wanted a certain person winner. Another I mean you, you can well. The cynicism level is already quite high with regard to that sort of issue, and I dont think the Democrats expect I actually think, there's a fair amount of condescension on their part.
How much the american voter understands about the voting process and they feel like all they have to say it's right anyway. You wanna vote anyhow without having to show idea. It's your right and republican send to talk about it as a response- Billowy, in addition to being a right in those messages, are really two very different ways of approaching the whole process, but, of course, some of the gods trump. So yesterday you said it was ok too. Male in Florida, which I can only mean that random And this call the re said you know we ve cut the democratic margin, I'm I'm I'm melon voter requests I have an we're really pushing this, and working with more male in butter requests than the Democrat. So stop saying that people shouldn't vote by mail in Florida Party really should vote by violence Lord and then he said everybody should vote by Florida. These also stepping on his own madness. You know
but I you know, I mean It's an interesting thing, because if Biden is pretty clear that that this will happen for Trump, but you know it's like: if Biden doesn't win a decisive victory on on on election night at some action could be by the way that he wins. You know in a razor thin in various places, but the mail and ballots are coming in and it's pretty clear that the male unbalanced are gonna go Democrats way, so the marginal role we are in is gonna, be a and asked show where Infer Anne S show. That's gonna make flora. Two thousand look like a hoot nanny And you know I mean we are not. We are not in healthy civic shape, so you're too
about riots, you're talking about I'm in love with this! Well, let's say Trump pulls out, really lit given our job looks like he pulls out what's wrong with his right or trump. When the night night of that's an easy scenario to envision more republican show the Poles day of their own voters, absent absentee as much as often so. You know this If this scenario that you're describing plays out where you have absentee values, millions and millions of absentee bell is indeed to be counted over the next several weeks, it's more likely. Those balance would favour Biden and Democrats than they would Republicans so the day of turn out should look better fur from unless it's a complete blow out for what that's what I mean, in other words like it's, really really close on election night than you can probably presume it, particularly depending on what what the state as the Biden that binding is gonna win,
but you don't think there's gonna be violence in the wake of the selection. There really couldn't be via we. Just we just went through what there is violence in their wake the last election year. I know, but I'm talking about like mass short the protest. Will it seamlessly shift to the new to the new cause of meaning places like this in New York, L other big cities, the protests have never stopped right. There's there's that actually still ongoing, nightly bunch of mischief being made on the streets and peaceful protest but mostly mostly peaceful accepted, escalates peacefulness, but that's good at that that can easily shift to people, being very angry. You know, and and
certain an anxious, so there's an interesting form, former emotional blackmail here, which is it's a little like what the Democrats and liberals can finally be region Roberts, which is like you know what Biden better winner, there's gonna be held to pay. You know now, by the way, I think by winds, very close there could be held. There could be there could be riots in a different direction. I mean Republicans tend not to riot, but it's not like. There are crazy people on the right who would do terrible, crappy things now, of course, in their case, it won't do mostly peaceful.
There will be no mostly anything while building emotional blackmail and in the form of appearance that an impending reimposition of lockdown in Democrat, led cities and states. For some time and it really has an air of the it's hard to avoid the sub text. Being you know fine, when this is all very fine, but dont, probably electron pearls, we're gonna have to this. And I say that's like the John Roberts thing, like you know, if you you know it's, you say that Obamacare is unconstitutional. I mean that's just going to be so bad for your court. You know, if you do ask if that's just going to be that's not going to be good for the coordinates legitimacy,
You know it's a nice courtyard here, too bad a somewhere to happen to it. You know that that has very much been a message that apparently Roberts has been heating for the last eight years and jam and it seems to be implicit, although of course I don't think a really works now I am wearing out, might work with, like sixteen people in America, but it's not you out that no one's gonna, no one's gonna change their vote. Based on the idea that Biden better winner, there's gonna be violence. I'm just saying I could be I would see the way, but it's much more likely that if Trump wins I mean you know what happened in Portland will happen everywhere and without for without the pretence of there being a bit having been fraudulent right use. The excuse won't have to be
that he won because he stole it. Oh no, no, absolutely wrong, because he one way because it because of the word thirty years are a hundred and fifty two hundred and four hundred years of republican, voter suppression and systemic racism. That's why he lost in abiding campaign is advertising this already, how it's just that the then Psmith column under the bends, Matthias beyond the notion that John Pedestal playing in this role play playing Joe Biden, which was leaked from the Biden campaign when the garden it anywhere else. The notion that ok, you can't can effectively to close election. He can't concede why voter suppression. There suppression out their guys. I can't do this, and so you know California, cancer, Oregon and Washington just kind of have to secede from the union. Unless, unless I'm inaugurating January, will
you already like yesterday, Stacy ABLE Republic did anything remotely like that by the way there would be an incredible outrage Ilona behind, Let me foundations of the republic like we have never seen. How can we get? We point out that two thousand in the in the full and Florida in two thousand. You know the whole thing about our wow: what trumpets of delaying the election of the most evil thing, That's ever happen, and we agree like we why we tore him to shreds over this right, who called phrase selective revolt in certain counties in Florida it wasn't the Republicans. It was Al Gore who called for selective, revolting in certain cases in Florida or estate wide revolt well like so don't tell me that these ideas are all of these crazy ideas about how
elections can be a legitimate and need to be re done only you know Trump invented, but it's so let it out because right you have voting rights advocate and for our listeners, who can see me I'm doing scheme, courts, Stacy Abrams who still has not conceded heard her resounding defeat in an election, because she claims voter fraud. Now, arguing yesterday on television cause she's a very popular talking head right now that we are all going to have to be patient, because we know Trump is put this sooner corrupt, postmaster general in charge, and we too laying the same ground work that I think the vine campaign was doing, be it the bends fifth column. To start. Opening the ground getting into people's minds. The idea that we should expect fraud, but obviously it inside bind victory. That argument will disappear without a trace, but if it's even close, there are prepared, the american people's minds will be prepared for the next stage of this argument, and that is worrisome. It's also,
strangely irresponsible of the media to allow her to say those things without any challenging of her of her, so called facts. What we're we're we're were beyond, now, in other words, that you now basically anything that anything that deal legitimize is trump. It is good because tromp lies and you have to dig you can't you, you can't do anything that lies peep seem to believe him. Even money lies, and so any clue and you might make about him, however, responsible at my b is legitimate solely by the fact that he's irresponsible. So, therefore it's it's permissible. It's like the line Blues brothers, the guy says use of excessive force against the book was. Brothers has been approved, having basically. You're allowed to say anything: you want to about Trump because from says whatever he wants. So, therefore, you can say whatever you want otherwise you're unilaterally disarming,
inside the space. Abrams thing doesn't really fit that model. It has very little if anything, to do with Trump unequal, he's sort of a peripheral figure in that whole debate. It has become dogma on the left she won that election all evidence to the contrary notwithstanding and you can't it's an inviolable tenant of modern progressive orthodoxy. Hasn't it has almost nothing to do with proper and everything to do with. Republican, so I can do to help you know after the Clarence Thomas and need a hill hearing. Sixty percent of the american people believe Clarence, Thomas and forty percent believe they need help and now you're. I have to say that you believe Clarence Thomas, it didn't believe in either held, though I believe Clarence Thomas. I did not believe in it hell I didn't, then I got now but when these things line up with your priors, as you might say, and the relentlessness of the cultural control of liberals endemic.
That's an these regards means that there is now there is no from a barrier to write it well- and this is important because the language is being used about voting this time round- is shifting decisively in one direction and that's why neighborhoods as the leading advocate of this, but you see at all all through even news stories about the upcoming elections. There not talking about voting fraud, they talk about voters, suppression, so the word suppression, replacing fraud and it is doing that because of doing a specific kind of ideological work in replacing the idea of fraud. Fraud is by partisan, it can be bipartisan. Suppression is seen, as you said earlier, John, as a kind of partisan action that Republicans trying to take against Democrats, in particular against minority voters, but that shift is important, as I do think alot again, Americans, you don't follow the details of of election law might not pick up on that, but they're getting a signal. That's pretty strong and pretty consistent from the media and from the left about what this elections gonna look like and that ignore them,
need to resist what we're gonna do. I'm digressing real, quick because it's important or earlier conversation so you're right back this. But I want to introduce this New Monmouth pull out of Iowa. Just now, yes shows Trump ahead. Abiding by a few points, and generous ahead of her challenger by the exact same margin. So again we were lucky. The scenario starting to look like Republicans, can keep a sentence that will really shocking what Republicans can keep the Senate if it if there is not a national wave
that's waves, vitamins office easily, I mean giving up this terrible environment forget about how this environment that were in right now is the way but here's, but here right, but that I think one thing it's important to know that trump people did not expect Democrats to win the Senate. That was not an expectation that polling began to turn on Democrats in these state elections. People thought they could. They could get Susan counselling, something you Corey gardener and now, pretty much yet because they also knew that Dog Jones was gonna lose in Alabama. Suddenly it started to look like steep bullet could win over over.
Over Senator Danes, in which of the big guy country states it again. I carry Montana ok and that may be the Georgia seats were in place, may end and mixed Sally was gone, and and all the ear. So suddenly, this was idea that got burst by by actual data, but nobody thought in January. People thought that it was. It was certainly a fifty fifty proposition the trumpet get reelected but opens with, would almost certainly hold the Senate. So this is a new thing in a yeah. Maybe if things tighten them, then the race comes more focus for firm republic. Then, of course it it doesn't really make sense in some of these states for these races to go democratic. Despite the Lincoln Project him, everybody else saying that the republican voters need to punish republican politicians like
Maybe people are going to vote for by Mary violence, gonna win, but these are conservative. These are states that are not liberal and they're, not gonna wanna be represented by liberals in the Senate, I've been for the most hard? Unless, basically it's like enough already? You know I'm sick of all of you, but that that that may not you know as people advertise and make them remind people of who they were my. Maybe they voted for them in the first place. Six years ago, though, fell they'll snapped back to it, and that includes Susan Collins. By the way you know who who is liked in May I mean I know everybody thinks that everybody hates Susan Collins, because they are every liberal, now hastened Collins, but I have some highly billina I've. Some interesting annex data on that one of my favorite words, that is because a vacation in Maine
and it's really interesting to drive around different parts of the state. Because you'll see you see a lot of anti trump stuff, but I didn't I haven't seen a lot of protein and I Collins stopped so whatever their whatever their beef with Collins and I do think that's more the dynamic of a more progressive, different view of veto, Since you look like you see, I have also seen a lot of trumpets signs. So it's it's a really. It's wacky an interesting state. They do have rank choice, voting in some districts in submitting their its wacky elevate, but I would I would Collins seems perfectly suited, and I could very well see her wedding, but I do think If she loses its an anti trump vote, not this airily, a referendum on her per se. Because a lot of antitrust stuff here has been threading, the ideological needle as a as a successful candidate incumbent for the Senate for a very long time and people would do well-
to mark that Korea gardener too, by the way? Not that I think he's I'm an appalling. Is this dreadful for him, but Craig Gardiner is eight, is not a down the wine tea party politician he's a complex, interesting character and saying that here just a many travellers admit a misunderstanding and he has room to make up a particularly if you know, there's some kind of some fade or a tightening or something like that, even though I don't think there's any whether Trump wins Colorado, but you know who knows Ok, so I am throwing allotted aggression. Valued things across the wire which is insane
there are no details associated with us. Just kind of dropped on New York City intends to set up traveller registration checkpoints to enforce quarantine orders according to mirror buildup, lousy, o the checkpoints will be at the bridge in town crossings and pen station, and presumably the central ever imagined, but I'm not sure I know the answer for grand central is the trains are go in and out of grand central, almost always from Connecticut to a few here right now, as we have heard that this is this is not constitution, There is scale you win. Rhode Island was attempting to police these kind of restrictions. Yeah, but also logistically, how will that work is a matter of a massive EAST Coast traffic jam right? Have you stop after no one's coming in and out of these stations? That's why I was at Liberty Airport last week and I was actually way said my
whatever it does matter, but like I was worried that there was going to be some kind of a whole thing where you have to go registered a table. Are we not because there was already talk that there was gonna be stuff? and there was nobody there. There was. I mean it was like it was like, after that, after the neutron bomb, it was empty pen stations empty grand central the empty so sure you could register people, because our only eleven people travel had not been re much. Are they gonna write? What about the people who pass through the bridges in tunnels on their way to their destinations? I mean that's the part that I like you mean yeah. How does he understand how this doesn't violating their state calmer, exactly exactly with you and we have to sue you have to do you know you have to make that case. I think the central point here is that, Do these guys really dont want to surrender their emergency authority.
And they are they are on. The verge of a school in new York- is going back to in school schooling, though not five days a week, there's gonna be all sorts of other things going on, even though the corn was desperate not to let restaurants reopened for indoor dining. For some reason, that is clear to me, except that he wants to flex flexes muscle So this is one way you can flexes muscle Those are logical and Cuomo rat with schooling. There was a time story than ever this morning about how all eyes were on Cuomo, whose single objective in life seems to be to contradict build blogs you expecting to come out and counter man. This effort to reopen New York City. Nerves, any being the only major metro in the country. That is doing so. I believe that what is going on is the corona panic about what what what we ve seen is
in some cases and a rise in you know positives that has unnerved everybody in the states where it hit hardest, meaning York in Particular- and this notion now that other people are going to come here, bring the disease back and that we're going to drop into the pit of hell again, that's the popular reason for doing something like this is protecting us against a second wave. That is not our fault, you know, but is the fall his disease to people coming from wherever they are coming in in disease terms, and so You know, apparently it's terrible to be xenophobic towards China by closing a flights from China, but it is not anti american to close off New York from other part. So of American, like I've been going on for such awoke population. So much irony.
But I've been there is that there is a genuine panic at this notion that, even though we are seeing you know, Ass of numbers, the positives without people without Hoss illustration rates getting into any kind of critical number. Last, I saw a thing I saw said that you now, basically, hospitals are as full as they are at the conventional times, as our I see you are not over, not over their basically, where they are net nationally, although there might be mild spikes elsewhere, but even so you know I'm not. There has been no overwhelming of that. There was no, by the way, no overwhelming, of the healthcare system in New York City. Despite that that that whole thing didn't happen, there was one really bad hospital out of it like a hundred and fifty hospitals in New York City or, however many there are so there is a panic here, but you know European you're not allowed to say that things are better now like to say that the disease is more varied, less virulent than it was
and you're not have clear and you're not allowed to talk about the possibility of heard immunity in New York City, because Sweden is too closely associated with heard of unity. Sweden, where cases are all now also now down to the shore, narrowly manageable levels. I mean you know the idea. The idea that that are that New York, city, infections and debts are so low and have been low for so long. Despite people, you know out eating, you know in pretty significant crowds outdoors and whatever else, the idea that that this that there hasn't been some heard immunity
that that has been conferred on the people. New York, I think, is a little crazy. I mean especially now, because vase revised scientists have have a kind of new paradigm, unheard immunity with with in terms the virus, whereas they had once thought that you needed to you needed a population to those two to that. Sixty sixty or plus percent before her immunity happened there. They. They now think that that that was a projection based on vaccination. But if heard immunity is conferred just by actual organic infection, the number could be significantly lower, as in nineteen or twenty percent, which is absolutely in keeping with.
What New York has been through? We can only hope yet, but but which would also mean that no matter who came in Yahoo infected or not but heard immunity by its definition means if they're not gonna, spread among your president's right, so there's a hopeful no to end on. You now know Voter Fraga, where you know maybe there's maybe there's something that I remain anything which would be nice since I was in a large group chat with a bunch of friends of mine and we all agreed on that. ITALY, that the things you're gonna be so terrible that no one was even gonna. Get to like tour colleges in the spring. Does everything would be closed in the spring, which is like nine months from now? So in case you want at night. That, because this is the crushing morosely podcast and we need to end on our economy, will not that I have any. I mean you don't want to get a new one.
We didn't Lebanon. We didn't do how kindergarten cop is now tool of fascism and needs to be cancelled. Maybe we'll talk about that tomorrow. For now. I M Christina Jump onwards, give the camel burn.
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