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The Democrats’ Kamala Harris Conundrum

2021-06-08 | 🔗
Vice President Kamala Harris delivered a hilariously bad response to NBC’s Lester Holt when she was asked why she hadn’t visited the border yet amid her efforts to oversee the ongoing border crisis. The episode adds to the mounting evidence suggesting that Harris is not great at politics.
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Welcome to the commentary. Benghazi, barely progress today, Tuesday, eighteen, twenty twenty one, I jump on boards. The editor commentary with me as always: executive, editor, re, Ringwald, I've I jumped Senor rhetoric. Steam resin high Christine, I can add ETA, Renault harassment, high on our agenda, the schedules. This is going to be one short podcast, so we're gonna get right to it. With common Harris talking to Lester halt on envy. he knows and being
asked why she hasn't been to the border where, as we know, she has been given the assignment to help solve the entire problem of the: U S: border crossings from Mexico, Her answer was: why haven't been to Europe either I've made must be watching you believe, though, it's that beggar giving her too much credit. I mean I've been to Europe You know in a year, in other words, since the pandemic. either by the way, and so I guess I should be solving the border, I'm trying to figure out what the logic was of love She said there were. You know she was taken off, got a little bit because she had her signature. Cackle when she was answering the question, which is a sort of tell her about her nervousness rings, on the question. Yet let let's go into that, because you make a point of this in your forthcoming peace in commentary.
Magazine about Common Harris and and the and the schools I'm not the prisoner by its about schools of unions, but Common Harris, a delivered, a very similar cackle when She said in her unbelievably lame and embarrassing fashion in March or April, that parents now understood just how hard it was to be a teacher now that they have actually had to be home with their children, said the woman who has no children. and then she delivered the cackle, the towel in TAT. It was the tell, I think, tell of when she's feeling insecure about about what she's about to say, and you saw it on the debate stage during the primaries. Quite a lot when she's very scripted in very rehearse as she was when she
TAT Joe Biden for being a racist she's com, but when she's on the fly and actually having to answer questions it in the way that one would hope these second most powerful person in our country would be able to do without heckling Giles. I encourage everyone to watch this video because we can't do it justice. The discomfort that you feel is Larry David, ask in it's a cringe worthy moment and the subject, it will come along Harris's AIDS, feared when they told CM and that they were dismayed quote, but the general perception that the vice president will be deemed administrations borders, aren't you Borders are she'll want to be responsible for any sort of policy here she wanted to be this ephemeral figure that was tasked with identifying route others in an almost academic sense, not with actually tackling the symptoms of migration, e g, the actual border crisis. She was up to oversee. She is a remarkably maladroit politician has been since she's been on the national stage with me, making wild allegations against broke. Having overcome nowhere, the bussing thing which he had
oh end game for her constant dismissal of issues with this kind of flipping effect that she adopts in order to to make her make per interlocutor, seem casting callous and count assent, a central point, the name I want. I want to jump to you, but the simple point here is about common Harris becoming a star during the Cavanaugh here, as if that was, the general line was that she was a star during the cabinet hearings and, of course, the problem with this notion that she was a start during the cabinet. Hearings is like everybody was a star during the Cabinet Harry's. It's like how any anybody in America there is a point which anybody America could imitate Ethel Moment Cause like Ethel Mormon was so affected, a performer anti that you could imitate. Ethel, mom, and basically any liberal woman could be a star. The Cavenaugh hearings, bye, bye, intoning,
the liberal line about Cavanaugh and then getting celebrated by the echo chamber that had put the intonation into their ears in the first place, so it is almost like a playwright, writes a play and is the audience and then shares the performance of his play and that somehow then has the Platos cave effect on the rest of the culture and so yeah. What we are seeing here is look she's got a long time before she has to run for president. I believe you know, assuming that Joe Biden doesn't drop, that an office in he probably doesn't run again in TWAIN sway forces that long time to get her game up, but these performances are I dropping like people spent years making fun of Dan Quail, I mean Dan Quail was Maladroit verbally, like he was maladroit in the way. Put aside
together. She is Maladroit, conceptually that's an entirely different matter. Abe zones, I agree entirely with with with no I mean so she doesn't didn't wanna get tasked with making policy. I totally get that, but she didn't have to make policy issue if you'd say that she's going to be addressing the problem of the border sender, the border for the optics. Who cares what comes out of it? I mean I mean we care, but it, but if we know that there were not she's not going into this to actually figure out what to do at least sender info. You don't get that question well then said she was in Guatemala announcing do. I am do not come in she's today, she's in Mexico, backdate centre to Central and South America too, to say, stop coming, but she needs to be on the border. Looking like whenever right, whenever Optics Name said, administration wants to see
Ok, I want to ask a question about this because in twenty seventeen Jeff sessions and the attorney General United States gave a speech in which he said do not come, he said, do not come everyone in Central America understand. If you come to the border, we will arrest you. We will turn you back. We will not let you into our country. Just sessions was treated as though he were. You know. I don't know where you know gave Hitler and she literally said nothing different she's, exactly what just session said and we're supposed to give her a pass when, in fact the whole point is, there is nothing to say, that's the whole problem with the this border Christ says we got an idea in hundred mile border. The only thing to say is Biden to get up and say do not come or for binding to stand the border and say we will arrest. You were so
like that, because the message went forth because of democratic talking points and liberal, whining and moaning and bemoaning enshrining in crying and destroying about the monstrous acts at the border that once Trump was gone, it was, party time you know by the Rio Grande, but but not just by liberal activists, Biden himself during the campaign said we need to rush the migrants to the border furthest. would he said, yeah yeah? Well, you know I mean it because he we need them here to deal with the basil of war or the basil of war. Excuse. That's basil. Faulty who ended all over seven years has learned nasal. It's it's, no one. If Americans would take the jobs handling the basal, that's so so. Basically- and you know, I think it is important to note that the boy
Fucking tackles represented by the mainstream media in their incredibly gentle treatment. Of of equally of liberal women, politicians, but also liberal policies since in general, and all that is it is a long term catastrophe for these people, because you can't brush this stuff under the rug. For all that long, I mean ear. Yet, first of all, you make them think that they are not making mistakes that they need to correct by not hammering them so sufficiently that they figure out how to redirect their lines and attention. All of that. But you just build up giant portfolio, a giant dino file, folder full of consular isms and Kamel of Behaviour and Kamel of this council that just becomes
colossal political liability overtime with those ten percent of people when the middle, who organ decide all the elections, you now going forward. And then the familiar engines already rev two life defending her and defending her from from criticisms, because your sexist Nobody can criticise a woman unless they're sexist. Obviously, her sit hearse achievements in the world of politics from becoming come now at the telephone a g to? U S. Side to the vice presidency means demonstrates, capability, as well as a politician as though we ve never had Maladroit vice presidents before, as though vice president's have never been chosen solely now for the deficiencies they shore up in principle by the most absurd. Let me just quickly say Dan Quail became sending a letter became the senator from Indiana at the age of twenty nine and before George H, W Bush picked him, as vice president, was the shepherd, the sponsor the writer,
a major piece of american social legislation on job retraining, not that I really care about job retraining, damn quell was forty, years old. He was a bad peck. He was a mistake. You know he did Bush more harm than good, but the fact that he was the most successful young politician- of his age in America and somebody, moreover, whose stewardship of a piece of legislation became the subject of several doctoral dissertations about how you get through things through the Senate and through the com, some into law that didn't matter to anybody. What mattered to people was his compartment, his behaviour, the things he said when he was vice president. That's what mattered and yet you can give her a pass. The way you don't give whale a pass, she's not gonna, get a pass. The past is not absolute or lifelong. Well, the past she was given at she's she's there trying to give her past
the real mistake here was made by the way that Biden chose her and talked about her and ran with her is running, may throw it was because she was a black woman. He was explicit about that. He sent that was driving his choice. It was seen as a reward to the black women coming to those who come to the poles of ugh. Put this black woman. Oh my ticket, everything about that pig was related to it politics, which is why nobody, the american public, will now not by this. This line that the media is trying to feed them. That criticism of her is, is you know, sexist racist, that's the whole reason she was paid, so is she's actually incompetent doing some of the part of her job, which is mainly messaging upgraded to stay out of trouble message. The presence message support the present stay out of the way through the crappy jobs like either. Borders are she's, not even managing those in a half way and was her popularity levels have remained in far lower than by she's, not popular and and just to add one potential here. The
The real concerted effort on the part of culture makers and political observers to avoid acknowledging the obvious, which is that this administration is hilarious, is not going to last Hazel of war is going to be noticed by people. This woman's bizarre discomfort in her own skin is going to be noticed by people, and it's gonna be lampooned. If you don't, you don't take that opportunity, somebody else. Well, I mean the point is that the right is already taking notice and the rise building up and therefore there is, of course, a standard. Now issue circle, the wagons, anything the rights as is wrong. You can't, you know, don't give them credence. It's me. fair. You know they're being
and fair, and all that mutton and and that that lasts, that can go only so far because a person who blunders the way calmly Harris blunders is going to blunder in ways that are fundamentally and finally Annette normal. She can be as woke as you can possibly be, but that thing that she said about parents and teachers much more important than this didn't go to Europe thing, which is itself. You know like a line at a v. I mean it is literally something that Selina Meyer could have said. Inv enow in a desperate effort to get herself out of some box that she had put yourself in right. I mean in its text book up, but the thing that she sat by parents and teachers was
Have you been all those people, those people out there, but everybody who actually lives and ordinary normal life ass grew them? You know I mean that is her mindset that is familiar. That is where she comes from. That is the way she looks at suffering Americans who had to stay home from work for a year, because nobody was there to take care of their children wild. Teachers whom she is sucking up too, are playing a long range political game which again you she can support. And you know it's just a question of what the emphasis is and what it says about her mindset in what it says about her being able to communicate to people and Biden is doing her. An incredible, solid Biden has decided that he in some weird way he was Miss treated by Obama. He wasn't given enough to do
even though we said he did this, and you did. I have me, do the other thing wasn't to do this to his vice president? What was done to him or what? What did Kennedy did to Johnson or what you know, what Nixon did to acted like? He was going to make her a full partner, but she can to be a full partner because she is an idiot. I don't mean that she's not doesn't have a high q. I dont know I mean that in some fundamental sense, a politician we saw her idiocy in sheep blue herself ought she got herself the moment. The break out moment of the twenty twenty campaign was calmly Harris's moment where she says. I was that little girl on the bus that you wanted to derail or you wanted to build up shoots tyres out whatever it was. I was that girl and it was a breathtaking political moment for me,
bear and she, as Noah said, had nowhere to go with it like you, don't do that. You want to have five steps beyond while she ever she has terrible political instincts. Shall we say occasionally gets it right when advisers script, something for her as they did. that debate moment, but I mean look. Anyone who Gatesman dated Montel Williams can be seen to have good judgment, but she's very much someone who is trying, I think the reason something no said earlier, which really, stuck with me, she's, not comfortable in her own skin. There is a kind of weird anxiety a sheet. She emanates when she's in those off the cuff situations that are good politician doesn't show they might feel it, but they dont reveal it. They You have a kind of demeanour or mean in a way of behaving with the media and with constituents that that seems more natural, she's, very false, like there's something I think an average American, this interchange to your point, that's why that statement about parents was so jarring mean someone who's step, grown stepdaughter, isn't it
term influence are invoke, model, probably shouldn't be speaking to the needs of the average american parent right now I mean this is not she she's she's the wrong messenger, but she even her message is off. It's just ass. She had she's, not you know her stepdaughter or is not her. You know she, you know she's, not her stepdaughter keeper, her inability to deliver a message, a coherent message to people about whatever it is that she's doing is entirely deeply rooted in her herself and that's. You know- and I think also mentally, what's happened and let's go back to the policy that she she's in Central America, lesser hold says you have the border and she could say, will hold on Lester.
Like I wasn't gonna the border because we were set up the event straight. I mean they're like TAT. I could do it from a standing start were setting up the administration dealing with covered with a lot of important things going on in relation to it, creation, and do you know reopening America and getting This is so that I am in a position where I'm in the sick room. I understand what's going on with IRAN and all of that- and we are now I'm now Turning my attention focused on this matter, and you know you bet you're. You bet your baby, I'm gonna be there at the border, doing my surveys and all like I said that I just did that right now I win planet but John Jay, the present. it's it's far better, obviously than what she said. I still don't think there is as it's not sufficient, because I don't think there is a sufficient. I think it. I think the thing you aside from pointing out common,
discomfort in her own skin in her and her maladroit listen respite. I think it also does point to this problem in competence in even I mean just just in the in the basics of it was a good question, because why didn't she got to the border? Just just for the photos, you just it just answer the question. What we know why she didn't go to the border, because the democratic follow up at the border is the follow up. That as look how Mean America's being to these migrants? Suddenly, therein charge now and they're, the ones were being me into the migrants, like you, you're only photo wop is to walk around cry I ain't over the people in the cages. Well, but splendidly ages. Are your cages had there been by not but avis right by not.
getting ahead of the messaging themselves. The administration is seeding. The narrative to the Alexandria cause your Cortez isn't squad members of the world who have been pretty active on social media, sick now, they're not being as vitriolic as they were trumpet there very disappointed in some of the statements. Administration is make lots of diesel. Point meant an earnest handwriting express, but they will. They will up the stakes on on their rhetoric if they see it being politically viable for them to do so. So they are. I think it's a missed opportunity for the binding ministries and attempt on his left flank about border issues too, but but he can't hampered down of years wiser counterfeit down, because if he thought, if they find themselves in a position where they are standing at the border, they have to choices. One which is essentially to throw the cards in and say you know we r who we been for the last five or six years. We are going to be you no sentimental and it'll open, hearted and crying, and all this about everything that's going on here and then we'll just see. What happens
look, maybe he's about to undergo a labour shore. We already in a position where it appears we're in a labour shortage, maybe we'd she held a pittance to do some work. I mean Don't even know right, there's that and then the other is, and if he does that then hand the Republicans, a giant big, you know softball us off balls to go into twenty twenty. Two with, because remember, Americans did finally start associating falsely rising crime with illegal immigration. I think it's a false.
Alignment, but that alignment has been made we're going to be in a position of rising crime. We might be in a position of you know, of a border crisis with more migrants coming over the border than what has ever been the case, and all of that and you are just creating a public safety and sovereignty issue that Republicans can hit over the fence. And if you go the other way right and say sorry, there's a new sheriff in town we're going to be nicer. We're building nicer everyone's going to have a mattress, we're going to have air conditioning we're going to make sure that families stay together, we're going to do whatever we can't we're going to we're going to hire Mercedes Benz limos to drive them all back
to Honduras and Guatemala. Whatever it is, it you're gonna say you still have to say something, and then the question is how you say it so that it doesn't trigger a democratic civil war or get Jacob Sober off to write a sequel to his book and cry at the border if, in fact, MSNBC whatever allow an Anti Biden wine about the border to emerge and before we before we continue, Let me just talk to again about Express VP again. You know there was another massive outage internet outage a yesterday which points to the fact that everything is kind of connected things are connected, and one of the reasons there connected in their connecting the waiter connected is to make sure that big tat can share the information that it gets. Off of you and and and sell it to each other and market to you and user information, not only to help you make choices but also kind of against you. Two kind of seduced you into stuff
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tat one button. Then you are protected. So stop handing over your personal data that big tech monopolies that my your activity and sell your information and then go down and screw up your ability to connect with the people you actually want to connect with protect yourself with a VP antitrust. Give me safe online visit expressly polyantha comes less commentary. That's Ex Pierre S, GPS, dot com, slash commentary to get three excrements free, go to express gps dot com, slash commentary right now to earn more, ok. Where do we go from here, I'm going back to Camelot you're. Ok, I've done little, because I am genuinely dont think that the burden of ministration has made it comprehensible, calculation,
here and it's one that they apparently gone all lean on to the extent that their pot committed if she was chosen to be a political asset to the administration, because she can speak to progressive and progressive interests. We have no evidence that progressive respond to her in a favourable way. If she's been
listen to use of trade among minority demographics, particularly black democrats. We have no evidence that she's done that her she's capable of that and black Democrats turned out in droves in the primary their turned out to vote for Joe Biden not come last she's proven herself and capable of navigating the various controversy she's been tapped to navigate, including his were most recent. This voting voting rights bills that are passing through state legislatures, most of which are being maligned unfairly and unjustly by Democrats that they do things that they see that they are Democrats say they do that they do not end, even if they did do the things at them across allege what on earth and the vice president do about them. She's going to have a portfolio that you can't demonstrate any efficacy addressing any these issues. She just gonna say while I was there and I offer seat that sort of thing. But what did you deliver so the buying the ministrations tat this person to be a lot of things? She's not, and I don't know
you can go back because of the branding effort. I mean it's just it's. The binding Harris administrations all over the dead, the letter heads so I dont know what could what decision they ve made here and whether they can, even even if they do recognize that they made a mistake which seems pretty apparent now that they can go back on it. They just seem to be sleep walking towards disaster. Ok, now before we get all the conservative bubbly in our own, you know in our own and our own lame. I think it is important to note that the binding demonstration may find itself in a position that we really you know I haven't seen yet because of some of the dumb.
Really dumb mistakes that they made like the like: the extension of the unemployment benefits, which was which was really damage and what I mean is Goldman Sachs Ally, the people who are projecting economic growth. Now, what they're, looking at in terms of the second quarter, formed a twenty twenty one, which I guess we see reports on in July. I think right, as the third quarter ends June thirtieth, like my friend David Bonds and says in his new letter today, he says we're going to see a double digit gdp print for cue to write them. We're gonna see a tete, ten percent growth, something like that and, as he says, like G think what it might be if they hadn't done.
unemployment, insurance, stuff, good times could becoming forbidden. They really could we haven't with which we have been living. We live so much in the data they our reality, particularly on social media, that we haven't really taken account of what it could mean forbidden to have these numbers now policy wise it screws em up, because the desperate need for gigantic federal circumventions into the economy. If, if we growing a ten percent there that day saw harder to make their case and Joan and no no no. No. This shift is already happening. You if you can't make the case on economic terms, because the economic picture is now no longer so bleak. You make it on racial terms, which is what's the voting rights bill as there is the canary the call I am for this, but they will shift alive. The infrastructure bill has to do with you know there are things
we're not actually infrastructure that you'll see the shift. It'll now become battling white supremacy, which is a problem that will never disappear according to Democrat, so that I think I think I d logically and messaging lies there. They're gonna be able to switch very quickly to them. now, the one thing that they won't be able to talk about. Well, it actually weirdly would have been the one can counter. Intuitive interesting thing did to put Camelot Camelot. Sorry at would be crime. Binding that combines legislative record on it is clear he denied if someone thing he rejected it as a candidate, but she also has an interesting comment: tough on crime. He hissed embracing a little bit of that The current moment might actually reassure alot of those butters that right now we are saying and in survey responses that that's one of their number one concern. Certainly Philip cities- I mean here's, the problem, you know if we're gonna play Rachel,
Politics Douglas play racial politics, so yeah, ok, so they'll play the race card. That's great! Seventy two percent Country is white, so I don't really understand you know if what you're talking about is the question of whether or not the presidency of the United States in the hands of a? U have a guy who got eighty one million votes if he, if he is going to play his presidency to a minority group, even if it is now the largest minority groups in the country which, by the way, he even isn't that weird, like that's a we heard, that is a weird approach. It's one thing to say: we really need tab. You know do all we can to help people, including the systemic races, when all of that it's another to say that the entirety of the federal government's approach on the economy has to be done, is
rapid and designs, let's to lift lift up very specific population, but but who loves that the media and white liberals why people, just a guess I'd have written about all I want, is a significant proportion of them respond to whatever racially repair the policy. You said it the committee because I hate racial conflict, that's the equity Language should ask whether equity equity equity, its baked into all of their big policy proposals. I know, but we don't. We don't know how that plays. We saying that white people are gonna say: oh I'm white, so this is gonna help me so they held with them. You know I'm ensured. That will be the case with a lot of republican voters and all that I'm not even tongue met that. But I mean the number of people who are poor, motivated by bye by weakness in terms of whether or not their gonna support. You know, trillions of dollars of new spending, I dont know I mean do we have any evidence
but that's real. We don't I mean you don't get everything we're talking about here is sort of ok. Anyway, it's like it's not anything that the response that would be negative. The response that would be that would necessarily sharpen pause which up at the polling, places that stuff that's always gonna be quiet. That's always ITALY. The quiet part out loud that that's that's all I'm it!
That's really all I'm I'm saying and and yeah it's interesting. You talk about this, a social order and disorder issue, so knotted focus you know unnecessarily on on on New York City, but at New York City, which is as a half million people, has a primary in two weeks, which is the most important local election in the country. Simply by due to the fact that New York is the largest city in the country and the primary winner will almost certainly be the next mare, and you have a very interesting phenomenon going on which, as the charge to the front of Eric Adams, why is that interesting? Well,
Eric Adams is of a former police officer, but he was an anti police police officer that was his entire mode and reason for being in the ninety nine easy ransom. They called one hundred black men and law enforcement who care, and it was a group that sort of sided without sharp them against the police, have talked about oh racial injustice and that all this and Eric atoms seeing the opportunity representing the poles by the declining by the by the worries and in the among the Yorkers about social disorder. He has remark. You know he is now serves to lead over Andrew Yang. Apparently I mean who knows, because it's a very complicated primary as that
a fawn climb guy. So this is like the John Kerry Pitch working right. John Kerry became a famous american politician because he was an anti Vietnam war veteran and then in two thousand, for he got shows up. It is like sergeant care when every was lieutenant carry reporting for service. You know saluting it Mary was mister. You know mister bad. You know army guy, met Mr Military Guy, YO and and and it didn't work in part because of the swift boats counter attack, but it seems to be working for organic now. How now, how were made, maybe warden, Frederick atoms and how that can be adapted and other places
is. It is an interesting question, but the point is that you have all these other people running for office and all their doing is talking down the cops and Eric Adams and saying hey. I was a cop, and that is supposed to mean that he'll be good and on cry he won't be by the way tat. Sorry, they made me neither good nor ban on crime he's a he's. Not an impressive person arrives. What I'm trying to tell you, but that's an interesting hinge moment for the left, because now just say that the bar to clear for being tough on crime, poet. fishing is now so low that you could trip over it. Well, yes, but we're only at the beginning. I fear we are only at the beginning of the crime search right. I mean we still the number one priority for New York City voters, democratic boaters it it is the net
one priority for democratic those in New York City, but what I am saying is that d, the results of being the low bar candidate have yet to show up. In other words, let's say Adams wins, and then he really isn't that good and on these issues and crime continues to worsen if he gets in because people several he's the guy who might be able to help us with this- and he doesn't help us with this- then woe betide him and every other progressive politician as the decade progresses it. This is a slow, build problem in a city in which the Republican, Party there or Republicans always have see no did historically way better than anybody than they should have or ever could have in part because of social disorders wrangled as yet but this is an important point, because you're right that we're in a kind of weird and progress
real transition moment on the crime issue, because we ve seen we saw in Philadelphia the beating backup- marriage challenger of the very progressive agee there and other cities where there are progressive prosecutors who are elected. If they get reelected, I would guess at the crime wave continues. Particular those cities- that's good, there's gonna be a backlash to that kind of progressive prosecutor. At least, I hope so for the sake of the people who live in those cities, but that, but right now we're seeing people still giving the benefit of the doubt to this idea that the entire justice system needs reform. You know we're still not that far were only a year, almost your way from other unit, the summer of of protest and riots, and- and so I think people are still willing to that risk and and the mayor relation in New York might prove where I what
There was another mayor election last week in Fort Worth Texas. That is also interesting. We suggestive it's weird race. It's a non partisan primary, so candidates were now the two candidates were known as being aligned with the Democratic Party in a lie with Russia can party, but there were no lines on the on the ballot and one was a serve conventional Republican, candidate and and the other was awoke liberal in a city that is, I believe, eighty percent hispanic or were is considered. Eighty percent hispanic and the Republican One
and this is yet another data point in the guys. Don't assume if somebody has you know and oh at the inner has an initial at the end of their name or you know, has the name began or walk keen or in a way that they are that they are gonna, be reliable, democratic voters. Any more I mean, particularly in a state like Texas, obviously but you know stuff is going on there, and that was an interesting race, because there is no question that the Woke candidate was to left. For the city and the district Party. She she she end up becoming the the,
candidate anyway, in part as a kind of test? I think, if you really look at this in historical terms, it was sort of a test of how far this could go and ah woke this failed. This test in the you know increasingly purple state of Texas right. It's not purple yet, and twenty twenty two may show that it it's it's gonna, bounce back, very red, but it's kind of close Anna, a city like fort Worth, could have in a place where you would have seen the kind of avalanche effect where you want to set a high school boy they're coming. They have an interesting message for young people, Well, the and the opposite happened, and you know what else needs to happen. You need to get yourself an Ex chair, I'm not going to tell you again. I'm gonna tell you again as long as they buy adds, but I'm gonna tell you right now, because I've been telling your time and time again
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chair, commentary, dot com, so we gotta go anybody have anything of it. Credible moment that you wish to share with our. Was there are so many fifteen years again as where I live right now that their showing up on like whether radar, it's it's or fighting in discussing kind of fascinating, so there of shared focus, got checked with my sister mayo me. Who are as I was, was a resident of DC. Thirty four years ago in nineteen eighty seven, the most disgusting thing, I've ever seen the Cicada year it was disgusting. There was literally not a room on the side that the sidewalks you had to walk over cicada corpses just to get from your car into a door of a house. All of that and my documentary ever
from one witness. Is it's really not as bad as it was then? So I had it worse than you using your. Let go tell you. Let me tell you right now: I'm tell you right now that we old people, it was worse them than it is. And we had to walk up your way through cicadas. he was. I was here for the previous one, the fifty than one fifty years ago, and it is worse yet their size are. Seventy five is worse that when that time, to o k good anyway, the important thing is that here in Europe City, we have many problems. We have homelessness, we have junkies, we have, we have We have my a wily running from air. We have all kinds of problems. I haven't seen this cicada, so this is a joy. the urban joy of not actually having a separate around there. We have now justified remaining in New York, while all the same people like no. I have run
The help me other drugs, no Cicadas Algeria. There haven't seen a one this year, usually one or two, but our wealth Still, ok, fine. Sorry dies. I worry that. Do you take me. There are currently a superior to events in ok, so we would back to you tomorrow for April still not jump onwards. Keep the camera.
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