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The Dems Take It All

2021-01-06 | 🔗
The podcast considers the meaning of the Democratic victories in Georgia and the fact that four years ago Republicans had secured control of the House, the Senate, and the White House—and have now, four years later, lost them all. Give a listen.
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So for best expect the word some reaching some diapers. The way of knowing these ways going over the best expect worst for welcome to the Commentary Magazine Daily podcast today is Wednesday January six, two thousand and twenty one. I'm John Awards the editor of Commentary magazine with me. As always, he whether a revolve hi. How John C Loretta. Christine rose high, Christine an associate editor Noah Rossman, so it appears that the Democrats have taken control of the Senate with a fifty. Fifty
the tab equal budget majority only because the vice president, the incoming based present camel house, will be able to vote in case of a tie that effectively gives Democrats control of the Senate, Democrats Control, controlled the Senate and the house, and of the presidency, and as of two years, and two months ago, Republicans had control of the White House, the Senate and the house representatives so that that no at the peace that you and I wrote together at the end of the twenty sixteen election, which we called their ruin choirs. We pointed out that Barocco ended his two terms not having lost all of these down ticket down ballot, races, a thousand state and local legislative offices-
And had lost the house and the Senate and the White House, and Donald Trump and Donald Trump in four years, as opposed aids against himself reelected that something will feed the Ets French, in so far as the real carnage for Democrats over the eight years of Brok of Alma, was way further down the ballot at the state level to legislative level, which really decimated the democratic parties farm team, and they had to go through a but real rebuilding process. That republican sort of escaped on, particularly in the last November's result
were confounding because Republicans did actually pretty well, but what Republicans now face is a real, a real profound conundrum, because the trends which were multifarious that were pushing states in the sun belt, away from the republican column, like Arizona like Georgia, accelerated and intensified over the Trump era to the point where Donald Trump took took office. Both both these states had in Georgia in Arizona respectively, had not voted for republican President, since nineteen nine Adele running and projects a definite, both are represented by two Republicans in the Senate and now they're pretty much blue at the federal level Georgia's Georgia's, I think, more republican by like two to people that they lost, who sits there. Of course,
this year and they held on to them in two thousand and twenty. So the alacrity with which these states in their white affluent educated suburbs, have been moving away from the republican column, has been countered by the republican strength in the upper Midwest places like Ohio, was content and even his remaining in Michigan to a lesser extent, but what they have to put they decided. They have to appeal to them what their their pitches to these voters. Republic, is to over promise and under deliver. It is a classic populist fallacy of class populist trap and they don't seem to see any way to escape it. They their pitching grievance politics and
creating enemies that for them that they promised to fight, but they cannot because they do not really exist, they're, creating ghosts for them to chase, and this fraud that they're perpetrating here is a dead end. I think they recognize it, but I don't think they know how to get out of it. Ok, so look! Let's unpacked! Some of that what what you are saying is that they over under deliver because essential in their promising to win a cultural war that is not winnable, is a political matter, that they are on the right and that Secondly, There are over promising a lender delivering on the notion that you can what over at the Carter moment. At this moment, between between the election and the inauguration. We have a. We have an outgoing president
Confidently, assuring tens of millions of people who seem to be listening to him that the results of the selection can and will be overturned. He did it this morning. He lit we did this morning, he tweeted out the Republican Party and, more importantly, our country needs the presidency more than ever. For the power of the veto, stay strong stay strong for what wanting to be out of office in two weeks in two weeks. There is no way for him to retain the presidency. He is convincing people that this is a possibility. This is the ultimate overpower
listen under deliver of all time- and we saw its effects in Georgia yesterday, where, as a result of spending two months telling people that he won an election, the election was rigged. The Republicans were in charge of the election process rigged. The election process that is voters suppression, heap, suppress the republic, can vote in Georgia by convincing enough people that it was futile to vote. That Republicans lost these two Senate seats and there is no question Democrats hit their targets. Democrats voted in the same numbers and slightly more in some places and Republicans in turn out. Republican turnout was roughly fifteen ten percent less than was initially The eighty seven percent Democrats were closer to a hundred and in some places in the cap county. Apparently it was over, it was better. They turn out better than they did in the case of the person. The first part is cultural. The second part is on policy and lets take. For example, I think on like this,
on this later, the two thousand dollar checks that right. It was a lie. There was always a law What way, with our trump did mark what what two thousand dollar chips? Okay, so what died of their over the course of He's a timber into November Democrats became very recalcitrant very stubborn about a second, a fourth phase of covert release. They wanted to stall. They wanted to this to hurt Donald Trump, and they did so until after the elections. And after about a month of looking everybody's wounds, they'll never got back to the table on gnats blow ceased ignition negotiated this agreement and when the deal was done in my done anything done the legislature both chamber had passed. It was going to the president's desk. No, no, not enough. I going
outbid my own treasury secretary, I'm going to say you know, everybody needs two thousand dollar checks which provided Democrats with a rallying cry around, which they absolutely did. Coalesce and Democrats passed a version of this in the house and started putting a lot of pressure on the Senate. The Senate was not going to do this for a variety of reasons, most of which, because it would require renegotiated, entire package. Second is terrible policy, it's fiscally unsound and we spent already five trillion dollars. We don't have so what this did was essentially and the only reason why Trump did this and people have spoken off the record to reporters about this is because he was really mad at Republicans in the Senate, for not lending credence to his paranoid fantasies and all he wanted to do is stick in short dead, but he gave the and he gave these voters something. You know a promise. The promise was that they can vote themselves, the treasury and that's an enticing promise and its one pocket Sir, for frequently make because but people respond to the idea that they could get alot of is not free money. It's our european responses.
Sort of what responsible politics wait. It's not just irresponsible, irresponsible politics is one of the dumbest political moves we have ever seen. Is what did Joe Biden clothes? What was Japan's closing message in Georgia on Monday, was vote for us off and and Warnock and we'll get you two thousand dollars and stimulus in in a check I mean it was little only a bribe. He went and said two thousand dollars was number that Donald Trump, basically inspected into the political conversation and got the Democrats control of the Senate as a result of it. I don't know that there's ever been anything like it. I can't think of anything like it. Because it just made all he did was set up every reasonable Republican who was against it to look like the bad guy. I mean that was it so those of the so he turned the Republicans into the into the party that doesn't care about you
I will answer that wasn't his attractive. What we don't know, what is objective was it's impossible to discern objective? I mean he went to Georgia. He campaigned once again, as in twenty eighteen, he went places and campaign than they ve lost. So you know where we are now going to be in a period in which there are going to be recriminations and discrimination. They're going to be who lost the Senate, who lost the house who lost the presidency and the Trump wing is going to argue that it was because of inconstancy a lack of faith aside from fraud and things being stolen and evil republic. Gives in certain places them and again leave it with a funny part about. This is if everything that he were saying about a governor, a camp and secretary of State, Rapids, Berger and others were true and that they stole the election form in Georgia in Georgia's results,
mystically overturned. Joe Biden would still be President four January twentieth, it's a weird, the only silver lining, I concede that this close to what's unravelling right now is is that it is going to force that tromp reckoning sooner than a lot of us expected it to because there it's weird sort of way in which the hard core trumpets have turned into Version of these socialist laugh, which is to argue like real Trump ISM, was never really allowed to flourish right here. He was loaded by all these terrible. You know rhinos and all these terrible people who wouldn't allow his is message of hope to it, please bring forth and the truth is we saw in Georgia is exactly the logical conclusion of Trump isn't, which is fracturing up the party when it needed to stay
together, an undermining of the parties own message in a state that could have really gone either way with this deserves special election and he blew it up and he's happy. He blew it up because for him that there is no party, there is only tromp. So the fact that a lot of people who have been trying to thread this needle withdrawn for four years now have an opening to say he just blew up the Senate like we just lost our majority. The Democrats will now legislatively have very few breaks on their policies, all the stuff that people were worried about For November is going to come, rushing back and are is on political twitter they're, like hey, maybe for the police, was a good idea. All these ideas are going to be back in play and that's Trump's fault. That is Trump's fault.
Well there's more of a silver lining, their gas, if in so far as you can see it is anything positive, is that now the progressive left really does feel like there. They ve got the the wounded, her back and they're, going to demand a lot of things that a fifty fifty split Senate republican We can't deliver you're going to see. Now we have to contemplate a democratic, led Senate under Joe Biden, so you're going to see his nominees go through easier. He might have more leeway to pick somebody who's a little bit more less palatable to the republican conference, which they've been doing actually for the last two months. A lot of these cabinets picks were calibrated to go through the committee process. That was going to be led by republicans He dodged a bit of a bullet there. Joe Biden is going to get his judicial nominees, but what kind of legislation are we going to see we're going to see tinkering with the marginal tax rates? Probably we're probably going to see these two thousand dollar checks now Lord knows, but are you going to see
filibustering. Looking now are you going to see you know that a broad social legislation like you're talking about knowing that still gonna frustrate the progressive left, they're gonna, feel like these. We ve known you all this power and you're not using it even but they don't have all that much power. Well, it's complicated because you know the oddity of this moment is that to take the position. The last time we were in this position, which was George W Bush coming into office in two thousand, with fifty fifty Senate, with Dick Cheney being able to break down eyes, which lasted for four months until the liberal republican senator from four March in jeopardy announced that he was going to cost with the Democrats and flipped control of the Senate to that That's the major piece of legislation that was under debate and that finally got past
at the beginning, there was a tax that there was a blow bush tax, but with the Senate having just marginally flipped Democrats Bush, got a major piece of legislation passed. It was no child left behind which, of course, featured aspects of education policy that were palatable to TAT Kennedy and the Democrats, which is why they agreed to a grand bargain on a major p of legislation. The lesson that is, if there is some legislation where Biden can bring, you know, can make comfortable for all fifty Democrats and then maybe one republican or two Republicans, so that one or two Democrats,
Ten for reasons of their own local needs not have to cast up a hard vote on something. That's where you could look for real possibilities. Deal like this margin is so narrow, is so slender that that it will be hard to get anything done, except as part of the budget reconciliation process. That's how tax bills get done and that those that that is the one thing that the Senate, that than evades the fellow buster rules of the Senate, is the budget reconciliation process. So you could get by tinkering with the tax code in the budget reconciliation process, but that's later in the year I mean or Evan you can bring it up as a budget bill. It's all very get out
one of these things in your problem and tearing to explain to you, but I mean it's an interesting political situation that everybody finds themselves and nobody is strong. I mean that's that the ultimate thing is that is that policy is not strong, because her margin is five seats. Chuck Schuman, the new majority leader, will not be strong because doesnt, have a margin. Pretty now he's got fifty six plus the vice president loading he can. Those committees he controls. All of that all of that is very important by the way, because it means that binding will avoid, as Trump will avoid being subject to heart. You noted two congressional investigations that and distract his ongoing process. That was the gift that was given to Trump by having the House and Senate in republican hands in the first two years that he escaped the scrutiny
of you. Now, even though the Sun Intelligence Committee went deeply into the question of Russian. Interference in the twenty six election, he was never. He was not put on the spot as he was from twenty nineteen onward in the house right Joe Biden will avoid that. That's a huge thing to avoid the huge distraction to be able to escape well an unlike By now also has is gonna, be aided and abetted by the media as these Georgia Senate, candidates for the Democrats were abetted by a media that that failed to do its job of thoroughly investigated in reporting on any, we know potential problem, so it's an even better position than Trump was. I think Europe, I don't. I don't trust a rubber Warnock. As far as I can to him, but he was a good candidate. John OOP wasn't a good candidate, there's, no reason why she should have lost behind Joe Biden by eighty eight thousand votes only to come from behind. That's a failure of Republicans to turn out
But How- and why must you be? If you just pulled off this incredible victory and the Tire media landscape is thanking state, Abrams. Well, you did this. She didn't do this, Little boy don't make me, but ass there making her to some sort of other told him they're saying, thank God, Stacy really dead. It ok, contributed he's a candidate about Warnock being the candidate was a to be fair. Were not being the candidate was Stacey Abrams doing the democratic senatorial Campaign Committee wanted a different candidate for that forty, I can't I can't remember who was somebody was not hoop, who made check. Certain boxes would have been less confrontational, as liberals stuff like that and she he insisted on it being Warnock. So if you like Warnock, you gotta give her credit. He was her pet apparently. So,
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relief at the at the ideological and political and personal changes at the top of american politics and decades of of actual Washington experience that will be brought by the team. Biden is assembling. Can those overcome some of these weaknesses to get things done? That Democrats can then take to the public, and particularly this new category of swing, voter right, which is the suburban rights that have basically flipped policy
back to the Democrats from the Republicans are those suburbanite. They are not in the democratic camp. They are not there for the Democrats, Democrats go too far and they are going to zap right back they're, going to snap right back without Trump there, so does by maybe Biden just needs Trump standing like a you know what hovering like a balloon over the giving day parade and not moving to say you know what, if you, if you screw with me and stuff happens, and you throw me you're getting him he's just going to come right back. So you better keep me without that he's got. This is a very tricky thing to manage and I think in part Christine, as our media columnist in part because
three two one recording suckers Davis Armenia com, this game out to me, what it's like for somebody like buying who will not get a proper feel for whip up for how he's doing politically, because he will have the blocking tackle of the media pushing back against any sense that is going too far in the other direction will be consolidated and pillow by, I think, bind admiring media that will be very defensive of him at any time. Anybody says it was going to fight like you didn't, send him. I drop what about drop it into this backdrop? Can bite can will? This is a major issue for Democrats like they don't have a field.
For what's outside their bubble in a very, very significant way, because they're not challenged by the first responders in of among opinion leaders at these having you're saying You don't feel that that in that amazing sense of freedom, sorry, I couldn't resist that. I'm reference in common Harris's plagiarize story about her toddler awakening to social justice, but that to me was plagiarized from whom the this out. Twitter Twitter, conservative, randos on Twitter, exactly don't try to raise for the press, but a real pitfall. Yet even wanna do the diligence on line she's done this. She actually gave her
length here and more embellish version of the same pleasure. I story on C span on both tv earlier in and for me, that's what catchers went you're? What you're asking about job, which is its merely that they are defensive on behalf of the Biden administration they're actually actively going to have to craft a narrative that is somehow going to wash away the sins of their resistance era, Trump behavior, because while they feel They claim to be relieved that now you know democracy is about to be restored again. They really I need the villainy of Trump in order to justify their own inability to be objective in their reporting. So I think it's going to be. Would be bad for the bite administration that they're not gonna, have, as you said, a sense of what the average person really does think about. What's going on, but worse, we're gonna have this process where they're gonna be crafting
very positive in restoring democracy narrative that might not complied with reality on the ground from most Americans, and that will bring us right back to where we were right before twenty sixteen incense. Here's MIKE turn John, you say that maybe Biden needs Trump hovering there too, to be this kind of foil on the sort of figure against whom Biden can say. Well, you know I will view What that guy, I think I'll have it. I think Trump will be hovering. There where it where's, he going otherwise used. It's not. My trap is getting over this. It's not like he's welcome, backed, and it will be welcome back into the mainstream entertainment world this is. This is the role of a lifetime for him, and I think the potential for trumpet continue to do the exact type of damage he's done on the way Could you conservatism on the way out of office and I
This is someone who is praised, the things that I think he's done well, I've praise those to the Heavens, but the potential for him to continue to do the exact kind of damage is done too conservative over since November is tremendous going forward. Look, I think, that's in arguable- and I think it's so in arguable that that this is the question that will animate all discussions going forward from noon today, where we are we're. Taking this out in the morning on the day in which bind these will be formally You know the electoral college folks will be formally accepted or supposed to be formally accepted by the vice president and, of course, there's going to be a big scene right. That's developing! and this question is it's the Plato's cave question again? Is he real? are the shadows that he is casting Dave?
terrified or workforce were thought to our or or looked at as some sort of weird political benefit. For Thirteen senator's son, like dad hundred thirty members of the house, you know countless Republicans outside of Washington. These protesters will come to town to be part of the stop the steel rally. I've come to DC. You know he we're looking at this end and saying he is his capacity to be a positive force for the job. He has now been conclusively proven by what happened yesterday in Georgia, where special elections that Republicans should have one they lost and they lost because of him.
At least seventy five to ninety percent, probably because of him and in various complicated ways, not that complicated asking us really about you, know I'd, say complicated, because you depressed turn out because he depressed turn and instead of focusing on the control of the Senate, which was written down. I'm. So I said we can overturn the last election right. Tapper at CNN peace posted an unsurpassed glow from an NSC official saying that are pulling look really good until they said you know. I'm gonna help us for undo this thing
and then I got the re undermines sulky. So he is to blame for the loss of those seats, just as his behaviour and twenty atm led to the loss of the house and Republicans in safe seeds and safe districts that run. You know, fifteen to twenty points in the trunk direction are now going to guide the republic party into a trump be imposed from future, when all available evidence is that the parties future depends on it running in the other direction, I mean you know It was arguable after election day that the that the results just that that Seventy four million voters that Trump turned out were decisive to making sure that Republicans scored these surprising.
The surprising strength in the house and on the ten or eleven seats that they that they won, that everybody they were going to end up being net negative, so maybe Trump was good and bad, but I don't think you can say that now I don't think you can look at this and say Trump affirmatively lost these two. Seats in Georgia, just as he lost the two seats in Arizona, I'm in Arizona and Georgia are now you know if, if, if we had conventional politics in some fashion report, I would have for Senate seats that they now lost. It would be fifty four forty six, not fifty fifty. That would be two republican seats in in Arizona tour bubblegum seats in Georgia. That would have been like what everybody would have expected. The counter argument that they're going to make is that Republicans did better when tromp was on the ballot and worse when he wasn't, and there is something to be said to that. To be honest because his presence
EL. It does drive up turn out, mostly in rural districts, in rural precincts and republican candidates, outperforms Donald Trump, where he is a drag on the ticket in places like the suburbs and along the Rio and in South Florida, dairy those Canada's do better than than trumpet so of a mixed message and Republicans. I would be interested in reconciling that. If it wasn't such a painful process, they just they, they can't. I dont think they have it in them to tell their voters the hard truth, I'm just by virtue of what's Bob they had happened. Did I they may not be. They haven't winters in telling the truth that they may not know the hard truth, because the hard truce for a voter for for a congressmen you know in Oklahoma, is a different hard truce for congressmen in the sub
of the like these are ignoring founders, known, true told right now this isn't it jack lie and it just a running lie a preferable lie. It's it's like. He's Democrats a manual Goldstein right but they're. Actually, it's like a manual Emmanuel Goldstein, a nightly television show the big brother put on an end there perfectly willing to play that role. They that's they want to be in the national courts, precision their objective as law made her list of daily in the media, the islamic smile of all or most of hundreds of kilometres. Yet, though, our pomp and lawmakers generally, Congress has generally sacrificed its constitutional progress in favour of getting media attention and down from the ticket to getting in front of a camera, and that's how you advance. So, if that Europe, if that's your ticket to being in an important figure, a political figure, not competent long acre,
but in something someone who's infamous and who gets a lot of attention in the press, and I think that that really is a pathway to political success. Today I find it difficult to get the other. I have to disagree with you, and this is, I think, that's true of a certain number, a certain type of congressional player. You know the ones that you follow, then talks about who were using institutions platform rather than a mold right and Matt Gates. People like that or on the other side. However, you want to slice it both senders and congressmen actual kind of evade the spotlight? You know they do a lot of low, There are senators, you have never heard up from states, you don't know very well, I mean, if I said to you up, you're, not gonna, play tribute in making crystal won't play, trivia again, but You can name the two senators from Idaho it's kind of a reach to, only one hundred senators right and where the sort of people should know that, if you can,
aim. The senators replaced. People who ran for other offices knows some sky coming in they bloodless who is gonna, be a senator from somewhere. I can remember from where Why ok, fine my own, but I need you What I'm saying so so the image right, but in their flight and very five members of Congress and three hundred and fifty of them you have never heard of so that is and what they want or they used to want. Is I don't know what they get now what they used to want with a lot of coverage in their local paper. They wanted ribbon cuttings, and you know and news about how that some grant was coming in through their administrations or they help individual people. They go home into law town halls. They wanted local attention and not national attention. They want to
Under the radar, keep their jobs, be a power broker in their local area, which was important to them and not be a focus of controversy. So you have this wild split, which is that for most Republicans and for most Democrats in american politics, what they were It is my school quiet. You know, then people com, they kissed their rang. They help their kids get jobs, they do whatever it is that they can get as a power broker, but they dont want to be met gates and they don't want Trump and that that is not what they wanted. They never wanted from fifty five percent. The Republican Party in general, didn't want trump, even twenty, sixteen one them over its, not at all clear to me that if another president had been another guy had been president, if somehow it had been Romney, I know it couldn't have been Romney, but if it had been Romney in two thousand and sixteen he wouldn't have gotten support from Republicans. We don't know that that's
the nature of negative partisanship and the culture once I'm Trump was that, on you know nuclear. You know like like added that nuclear fission to the to the negative partisanship and and and and the culture of war, but but you know, I think, A normal politics, restores a lot of politicians to the standard equilibrium they want, which is they don't want all of american politics revolving around one controversial figure about whom all of their actions have to be taken? in relation to this one guy, ok, but then they after I mean I actually see it from the perspective? If you look at the Republican Party, it's almost like it went through a mid life crisis in the early teens and- and you know about it, but it stood for weather was responsive to voters and then it you know during this midlife crisis. It went on tinder in it. It picked this like crazy, inappropriate to have an affair with that's trump and now
and he's coming on around a wreck things the sort of Republican Party, record, and now they have to decide. Am I going to make this guy my trophy wife and ditch the old previous wife, or am I going to kind of wake up from this moment and say I've made a terrible mistake. Again, I mean that's the kind of clumsily reality which is such a great I so and so, and joining this money through some friends and family who want it were in the orbit who are going to have to someone's gonna to stand up and take the park. Your silence now is the moment where we are going to have this honest conversation with you about what we ve seen you. You're, embarrassing, she's, really, nice. He's really. No, I mean look. I can see why very charismatic You know it's like you. They have no one but Lindsey, Graham. No, I can fix them right will fix them. I can bring it really. If I just work with them, I can fix them
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I had I interrupt you, though you said that it was with children in school. You should qualify than his children and those of us with children of schooling, age. Yes, because they're not in school remounted school right Ok, so, but but stories over the last weeks or even watch imposed about the DC teachers, unions and, I think important. One of those little bits of things comes out as a result of the social media and act. This leader of the Chicago Teachers Union demanding that schools remain closed because of the danger of the pandemic graft on vacation in Puerto Rico. Having.
A flow there during the pandemic. When you're not will, when the city said said, you're nuts was travel, proudly, it's ok to travel to where we go to hang out and have fun in a pandemic. When then come back and say that school shouldn't be reopened so that you can set at home and watch the prices rise. Instead of teaching the class or say you have office, hours and watch the is right I mean anything. You can say that would be caricaturist an awful about the general hey you're, not only universals, but of the teachers Overwhelming majority majority, whom seem to think that it is the responsibility of are of the taxpayer to support them in their new luxury situation of being able to do whatever they want to do at home, while children sit at home and fester.
My kids or private school and have done pretty well under these circumstances, given the given. So I will now turn the silver to know em Christine, who are not in such a of a grand position. So it's not! though this you said she was photographed on vacation. It's not like there was some paparazzi hiding in a palm tree with a telephoto lends that just kind of captured her she took a self imposed. It runs around as she has that much concern for the consequences of these action, and then she is judged appropriately the consequences of our actions precisely zero and end she described her. You know beautiful setting at length to she was usually trust how the glories of her vacation we're going to go into old San Juan tonight to get delicious food which is lovely, never,
is it is lovely. I will say that I was there on on one of the now. You know. I think that this period of of decadence of me, Maxie business, is now over one of these men is serve conservative magazine cruises that we ended up in it wandering wandering around the nurses, beautiful, building, an old San, Juan I'm looking at this. This is really amazing and I up up on the second story and there's the commercial sign, it's the Hooters What's the holders anyway Christine that, unlike its have not set foot in a school building, since last march, so it'll all we're coming up on almost a year where they have had to do entirely virtual learning, Deasey public schools kept promising that it would work with the mayor of our city, to to come up with a plan
They had all summer to come up with a plan. They did not in every time they got close to a plan at the very last minute. The Deasey Teachers Union would back out of that plan. They say yes, yes, yes, this looks we're on board and then literally the day before back out and the wash imposed story, the washing posts is extremely sympathetic to the teachers in this town, even they could had to sort of say. Oh it's, it's really tough, there's a lot of mistrust on both sides. Well, and you have an incompetent mayor in an absolutely diabolically selfish. Teachers union trying to argue what's best for you. During the only losers, are the kids right when two elephants fight it's the grass thickets trampled. This is the perfect example of this, and I think for fruit individual. There are lots of individual teachers. My my are blessed are blessed with some of them who are working really hard to try to try to do the best. They can there's no way with this structure that that's possible, and then there are quite a few teachers who don't even bother to show up. Not they don't talk to class, they dont great the homework they they don't
scraped. They don't show up to office hours, they are derelict in their duties, which would be fine. In my opinion, if I wasn't paying for that, my tax dollars are paying them a salary for them to do whatever they want with no the points is, that's not legitimate and I think a lot more and more parents, even in a liberal city like mine, are starting to say, wait a minute. In fact, we have a meeting tonight about one of the schools for a lot of the parents to discuss running plans. The safety message is no longer a cheap fear mongering that the teachers unions would like it to because parents are now at a point now that vaccination is starting to happen. Saying: ok! Now we actually want to get back in the classroom. They did a survey that was heavily weighted towards staying closed here in DC, but even still with liberal, parents and a heavily weighted survey? More than half said we want our kids back in the classroom, so we really interesting over the next few months to see. If that happens, I'm I put no faith in the
anyone at all but very little faith in the mayor's office. But this is a huge problem nationwide, even for the places that have done some sort of reopening there's constant pressure on these school officials to you know cave to the union there is a single case of covered. For example, said this is an ongoing problem. I doubt my kids are gonna, be back in school this year they will have had a full year without any in person school it. It's a hostage crisis, only talk about how Republicans or beholden to their to this two trump and his constituencies and Democrats are absolutely in the end. The very same position and democratically Democrats in these urban urban centres were education unions, teachers. Have so much cloud. They ve made ridiculous demands. The goalposts continually move. Their objective is to keep the door is closed for the foreseeable future. They don't want to reopen. It's plainly obvious. And you hear elected officials of democratic Elect officials is express frustration with this in public which a sort of a new phenomena, but they can't figure out how to
rate themselves from the situation, it's been profoundly psychologically damaging to my kids. First just to illustrate the absurdity of this. My first grader came home the other day and we pay a little bit extra to send them when we can't watch them during the day, because we have to watch them during the day to send him to a jcc to do his remote schooling. At the J C C and hid troubles obviously to do his work because she's very limited proffering there and he came only end than his is appropriate work and he was protesting. Lesson said nobody. I watched my Jim videos. You're. What I said you might Jim videos and its exact what it sounds like you're, not gym class, but it's not. Class in so far as you don't actually do anything You literally watch people exercise and this this is the requirement that they have to meet out of
That is hardly think of something new or will you be? To my mind, the nigerian address the plaza, but listen, I think something interesting happening and again as I have said, many times said yesterday in all this likely, political consequences of this are not good, immediate, but there is there something is corroding here that could go in all kinds of interesting and difficult and complicated ways. As this sentimentalism about the about the public education industry, the reality of what it's like for the people who actually have skin in the game as parents who have to navigate it. This has been something that only people absurd, elevated political consciousness happened dealing with over the last thirty or forty years, most people, I think, say, while this is just
You know they know best there, the teachers early ministers, they know what they're doing at this is not my field will do whatever they want right and will follow them. They should get paid more and we should probably taxes fine if they go up to sports rules, stuff, like that, we are now seeing the development of a kind of union aristocracy that is asking for special privileges in the midst of a unique challenges and and That is a very strange kind of thing to demand under these circumstances, and so when people say you know what I mean: you're, not heroes, maybe we'll heroes aren't the teachers. Maybe
the hero and they suck. Maybe they stick, maybe they're the envy. You know there are all kinds of public officials. Are people don't like you know they don't like the person who writes a parking tickets and they don't like iris auditors and they d, white people to the or people at the welfare office, but generally speaking, they have been told, and I believe that the people who are responsible for the education America's children are doing so out of the goodness of their hard out of a commitment to public service out of a love of children. All this, and we are seeing that this is true and a lot of us have thought. This is not true for a great many years, but you have to be deep into it to get there and there's an, and I want to make a point about the distinction between individual teachers, many of whom are really doing the best they can in a difficult situation and who are
have great admiration for, and the polluted Educational Bureau see that makes a lot of the decisions for them and they don't have a say in the many more than the parents. Do those people like that union a unit in Chicago teachers women are making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. They are not that they have the third there well paid. They have pensions and benefits that that bridle, those in the private sector these are not suffering euro earnest the saints who are just you know, barely making a living wage. They are well paid, and it's that group and in that little black sea, which we also see in higher education, that is costing taxpayers a lot of the money. So when taxes arrays is not going to get your teachers better out, better classroom supplies and a higher higher wages, its paying that bloated bureaucracy, that has its own self interests first and children's needs second
Look that's an important distinction to make their good teachers and that the unions are the bad guys here, but nevertheless they are not absolved of their complicity in the situation. Each and every one of them, just as Republicans, cannot be absolved of their completely in the hostage crisis. Currently in this is does their bed. They made it. I think a lot of you listeners. If you have school age children, you probably noticed that your teachers are loaded younger this year, maybe there's happily young ones, who work just got out of college. I know I have a couple of those. You know why it's because the older ones didn't come back and they didn't and they didn't get fired. They were doing just fine, they just decided not to go. This is a condition that they benefit from and they take full responsibility for the fall out as a result. Okay, guys, let me just ask you How did you choose which internet service provider to use the sad thing is most of us have very little choice because Isps operate like monopolies in the regions they serve. The
it uses monopoly power to take advantage of customers. Data cap streaming Robinson list was on, but worst of all many eyes: peace, logger internet, info that Davis, other big tech companies or advertisers to prevent isps from seeing my internet activity. I protect all my devices with as with the other, what does expressly beyond you ass? Well, it's a simple after you, computer, a smartphone and criminal, your network data and tells us with security. Server so that your isp cannot see any of your activity just think about how much of your life is on the internet. So I every site. You visit every video, you watch every message you send gets tracked by eyes or other tech giants. Who can then sell your information for profit? That's the reason I honestly recommended recipient. It's right there on my phone right there on my ipod, it's on my computer as the best way to she'll your online activity from your eyes, for you just download the app tap one button under device in your protected and its recipe.
All this. So that's flowing your connection. That's why it's rated the number one VPN service by seeing that and wired. So stop handing over your Personal data is peace and other tat giants your activity and sell off your information, protect yourself with the BP am I used to keep me private online visit weakly and conflict, commentary. That's the expert, yes, weakly and thought comes less commentary cigarettes, restaurants. Pray go towards recipe at that time. Slash commentary right now to learn more. I think we should just make note of the fact that a tragic, tragic things are going on tragic and monstrous. Things are going on in hand, as democracy activists are being rounded up in mass arrests. I think
so far. It's fifty three people were arrested last night, but the thousands of files and documents were taken from their offices, and I think we can assume that they are going to be sweeping up more people. To a strategy that, in advance of another set of election, since the Han conquerors decided not to take lying down the chinese communist parties efforts to turn Hong Kong. I once you have free protectorate of of great Britain into just another: Turkey of the year of the Communist Party as President G at his minions continue to give the lie to the idea that China's economic prosperity is leading inexorably to political liberalization. This is a terrible, terrible thing,
that is going on and on I will say that I was heartened to see incoming secretary of state. Tony Blimken condemn this yesterday and say that the incoming by them station will stand with the protesters. That is. That is a good thing that that was done. It's a good thing that it was sad and every everybody who is understandably concerned about the nature of the incoming, I was to take heart from the fact that in this way the area they are saying and doing the right thing sell for Noah Christine enable John Words tomorrow.
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