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The Hillary Problem

2016-09-07 | 🔗
Description: On this week's podcast, Abe Greenwald and I survey the bad polling news for Hillary Clinton in the wake of the release of her FBI interview and what a race between two extremely unpopular people might mean in November. We wonder at Donald Trump's insistence on enlarging a military he does not wish to use, and wonder how he can reconcile all that with his promise to destroy ISIS. And we do not forget how the president was dissed in Asia. Give a listen.
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Welcome to the commentary lies in Pakistan, John Pub, the editor commentary across for me, a Green Waller, senior editor hi hi John, nor Rossman, this is an on line. Editor is usually with us, but he has on paternity leave as a second child Elias was born last week, so we will attempt gamely to fill the gaps with more words from aid and me on our usual subjects. Of course, the upcoming president,
election and the interesting news over the last couple of weeks that the race appears to have tightened one pole taken over the Labour day. We can, which is not a good put time to pole in general holiday weekends, putting trump in the lead the first major pole to do so. I think pretty much in this entire cycle by two points to other poles taken around the same time still have Hillary Clinton with a comfortable lead of five or six points. But the general consensus is that the race Has tightened over the last three weeks, which makes sense a by think, because, obviously the news has been absolutely terrible for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has not called any mexican judge. Someone who can be trusted to hear his lawsuit or hasn't insulted the gold star
parents of of dead american hero, so in general, he's had a better a couple of weeks, then than she has it would appear. Will it will be hard not to have, but I mean he could probably you know it is as pull it off, but it will be hard not to have a better a couple weeks, and she said I meet you in a part of the issue. Is that since these sort of sequestered her only interface with the american people, she's not out there really speaking to them? It's it's these headlines! It's these news dumps! That's all that that the electorate is getting of her and has been for months and her talk of
Trump does to say she gave a very powerful speech a couple weeks ago about Trump and the all right and the problems therein, but that's all her attacking him and we again have the classic situation of a front runner playing, prevent defence and caution and showing deep caution and not having responses to the extremely bad news that is coming her way in terms of her found nation in terms of her a males in terms of what the FBI released, showing all sorts of remarkable things that she said in her interview with them, including that she didn't know what the sea and classification mental documents and and
sure thing all which suggests, as as I think, a lot of people have been saying that she's either an idiot or a liar and she's, not an idiot, so she's been pretty much exposed as a liar, not apparently to the degree that the director of the F B, I James Commie, felt comfortable to indict her on the grounds that she was speaking and truthfully to a federal investigation into her into her treatment of classified information, but nonetheless pray much closer for everybody else Are you, and in some ways it occurred to me that the fact that it that Israel can officially be proven that she's broken laws here is in some sense worse for her, in that the opacity of it and- and this shows that the suggestion of of of that that this dishonesty and corruption is tolerated, like oh,
This isn't illegal than of in this is this? Is the corrupt system that that that trumpets talking where it will today for their dirt to us look at one of which is that that's right that that that it stinks lot of smoke at something bad is going on, but- that she manage some how to get rid of the information that would reveal what the badness was that she found necessary to delete. those thirty three thousand emails that she got rid of and the hammer that was taken to various of her of her, or double devices, and the laptop that mysteriously went missing in the mail and and the fact that a very sophisticated program called bleach bit was used to completely wiped her devices and hurry males and then
where's. The server was broken into pieces and thrown somewhere in all of this. None of this would lead you to believe anything, but that something really hard. Coal was there that had to be got rid of, and when the F B, I decided not to a diner which of course has been better than her being indicted by the less raises all we have now our questions that will never have answers and leave her living in this poisonous political limbo. You know where she is, she sure sounds. I should get a lot of bad things, but nothing nothing. So bad to take her out of the running to that
It's where she lived. She just sort of stuff there in that cloud right. Well, you know a friend of mine, we Esther Day said who has been watching him covering the Clinton's for more than two decades said that the big question with the clear that there has been this cloud over the Clinton's since ninety ninety three, when it became clear that that that various untoward things have happened in Arkansas, that she they had made a hundred thousand dollars on a thousand dollar investment on a lamp property that there had been billing controversies at her law. Firm and the bills are the billing documents have gone missing and then mysteriously were uncovered in the White House.
a closet two years later and totally forgotten thing, which is that when the Clinton wanted to install a friend of theirs making the travel arrangements at the White House, they fired mass. The public servants, the the M, the civil servants who had run this White House Travel Office and then attempted, and then somebody attempted to pin crime on the head the travel office Billy Dale in order basically to cover up for the fact that they were trying to get work going to try to get this contract to sign to a friend of theirs? And will you look at all of this in this? Is this is two decades old and has nothing to do with the present, but behaviour. That start manifesting themselves when you are trying to simulated about something that smells. Even if it didn't
rise to a crime. Then in two ninety, maybe three east sneaking around in the acting weird and not behaving on the up and up and the new you trigger all these conspiracy theories on the part of your your enemies And then you have to protect yourself against the falseness of the conspiracy theories and protect yourself in general and then in and higher habit of behaviour. created a cycle of behaviour in which she and bill not do. Things in a certain way that makes them look shady that sets off their enemies, which in turn then leads their friends to defend them against their enemies. But what Hillary Clinton has done here with these email,
the server and the classified information. All this is not defensible in any realm. I mean you can defend in the sense you could say that it doesn't. If you're a certain type of person, it doesn't disqualify for being present cause she so wonderful and all sorts of other ways and everybody has flaws, but it's not defensible she clearly they behave very badly here at the very least, and I think when you look at these Paul's, what you are seeing is people who ought to be supporting her feeling extremely uneasy about supporting her there, but Trump's number remains around thirty nine. Forty, forty one, it doesn't move very much her number bounces down from fifty to forty, depending on the pole in the
at the moment and that what that means is that she is. She is leaching support out, because people find what is going on with her distasteful. It's got nothing in some way entirely has nothing to do with Trump. This is all about Hilary, and the p. Who ought to be back in her going eyes. She is making me very very uneasy. You know what she does about that will abandon. Also, then I serve hate even propose. This is as a possibility, but. Is it possible that Trump is now sort of figured out that he needs to and that he then? Maybe he and stop getting in his own way. Here and and- and let this just happen to her- I think it's pretty clear that he, you have to say
that there were some point, the middle of August when he opened his eyes one morning, and he said I'm not gonna win yes and in fact I'm gonna be humiliated so better, take some advice from somebody else and do something differently now he is who he is he's gonna have a lotta unscrew. did. Have you no foreign half hours or five or six hours of unscriptural did debate time in which he will be asked unexpected questions that he does not know, he'll be getting in which he'll have to respond to her, and that's when you just don't know how he is going to behave so that that's the key. The key is that he, he also is Hiding in some sense of me. Go he ok, the Winter months Louisiana and he saw the damaging, went to Mexico in he said, but every said Mexico and he gave a speech
earlier today about the about defence policy, but he's not going Sean Hannity three times a week anymore, he's not going on you now phoning into Foxen friends every morning he is backing off in part, because the news, I think, is so bad for her, but he can't back off for ever. Just like she can't by half right where the other interesting aspect of this is in these poles. We got forty to forty three percent for her percent for him. That's eighty three percent on election day, those numbers have to add up by logically to one hundred percent vote, will be whoever you know what percentage out of a hundred percent, and you know that there are in the end, gonna be eighteen percent of the voters who aren't gonna vote for either one of them. That's pretty clear. I don't think that the greens and the greens and
Mc Mullen and the Libertarian and they're gonna get eighteen percent of the vote between them. Southern the question is: can he climb up from this gives a very difficult forty percent number you know by two fifty or for he ate, or something like that. There still seems to be absolutely no path to that in the electoral college, but you know stranger things have happened. I guess I mean that the support that she's hemorrhaging does seem to be going to to the greens, libertarian. So I mean it's not you know it's. It's he's benefiting mostly not from rising, as you said, work but from her. Well, that's if you put them in and then you don't even know whether people will default on the whole point is that it
Susie ask electorate means low turn out. That's the classic thing. If you have you know, if you have fifteen to twenty percent of Republican too, don't want to vote for trumpet. You have ten to twelve percent of Democrats who really don't want to vote for Hilary. Therefore, you will have decreased turn out. Pillows people aren't gonna, go to the polls to vote if they are fine, their choices distasteful and that again is where Hilary will end up with a natural advantage, because the Democrats have a magnificently able turn out machine and, as we know, the term campaign is built no turn out machine and the Republican National Committee who knows where they have a term wishes to have a decent turnout machine for a mid term elections which are made on which, in which an eighty million people vote
But they have shown themselves pretty incompetent over the last two elections at building a tramp machine. Four hundred and thirty five million people, and indeed it is generally not in the role of the of the national committees, the party national homies, to generate turn out. In the presidential sphere. That is for the campaigns to do so. We know he's built out built all that out and so the lower the turn of the more unenthusiastic. The you know, election appears, the more her technical advantages will come to play. That was the story in twenty twelve is, as senior Romney official sets me another problem. The mistake that we made is that we thought that the unenthusiastic Obama voter wasn't gonna vote, but the truth is that an uninstall
ass. The vote cast counts the same as an enthusiastic vote. So if you have the ability to get the enthusiastic voted to the Poles, that's just as good as having somebody who will drag himself over over broken glass to get to the poles. That's one to one end, and so far we don't see. There's no reason to think that there is a modality in which the Republicans are gonna. Get those honest, as he asked, ignores the poles. What we ve seen Democrats do it before, and that was the storing twenty people forget that democratic was. This was not an election with full of enthusiasm for a bomb at all. In any way, TAT was not the story. The story was that he pulled people who, in previous elections, probably would not have gone.
the poles at all, because they told pollsters that they were not that just about voting and united at read some analysis that that suggested. That will maybe this could. This could mean a sort of higher turn out and we expect, because when when candidates are so dislike, You you wanna, go to make sure that that that the wonder you dont like dozen doesn't get in but the but the kind of distaste people have for say Hilary when she's she's the more dynamic factor right now, she's the one losing. But it's not. It's not. Like she's scaring people into into into making sure she said, what has its more if they were leaning towards begin a holding their nose and voting for they. They can no longer quite do that right, but I mean the none of that that doesn't make any sense, because in fact, the notion that people will drag themselves over broken glass to vote against somebody is totally unproven. That's not how it works. I mean you
can't say that her path to victory, involves making sure that democratic. You now serious demographic considered Zis understand the threat that Trump, my posts so the they'll be scared and they will fear will drive them, but you know you still have to. people real reason to feel good about going into the voting booth and pulling the lever for the person they pull the lever for, I think, Romney pulled that off, even though he lost he pulled that off with his performance in the first debate in two thousand and twelve and two when he really appeared
as an actual in them. Publicans could have the enthusiasm for him that that day that they really felt that they wanted. That was why the Romany teen thought that they were winning going into the final weakened, because they knew that they had solidify the republican vote to ninety two. Ninety three percent that Republicans have become enthusiastic about voting for him and you know the trumpet the trunk and people who like trample the enthusiasm of voting form, but you know, can that can that harden into Can that can lead distaste that many people feel for him dissipate over the next two months him and I suppose it is. Could you no part of the story? Is that things become? You know it's just like that that that that data- that you can end up, tolerating any horrendous odor. If you were in it for more than forty five seconds.
body, will adjust to it. Well Trump spin out there now, first fourteen fifteen months, and you know the horror of what he said and done in the disgusting things of you said and done are now Conner Regular, your country, you see now everyone's become inured to it. It's like the lie of the data. Whatever nonsense that he spews one day after the next. It's like yeah very, very, very close again so funny even today in this speech he gave on defence, which I think we should talk a little about about. So he binds sensible practical pie suggestions that have simply been handed to him on a sheet of paper meeting its time to your brother. If we need to grow the site,
the military which he says we do. We need to break the two thousand and eleven sequester rules involving the defence spending, so that there is adequate money to pay for more ships and more. More military personnel and more planes to save time. He basically gave a speech in which his heartfelt thing that that is that we should never intervene anywhere, which which, which begs the question Why then do need a larger, militant, larger and more advanced military for what for what conceivable purpose? All of that is more particularly building a larger navy. That's all for the projection of american power abroad to do the things that he is now declared. He does not wish to do well. I suppose,
you wouldn't you would need this larger military to implement his as yet articulated thirty day, ISIS elimination strategy, great what we told us last year. They already had a plan to defeat ISIS, and today he says that he exactly whether in fact, the phrasing very odd. He either one the plan to defeat ices and thirty days, or he wants a plan on his desk in thirty days to defeat ISIS The feeding isis in the form in which he describes the feeding ISIS will violate every single one of his preconditions about the use of american power. That is, there is no way to feed ices that does not involve boots on the ground and territorial controls seizing territorial control. in Syria and Iraq and throwing them out of the supposed caliphate at removing them and then creating the creating a barrier for them to get back in so that their so
their oil and the money, and that their base of operations, as is eliminated, and it cannot be done in thirty days. If that was in fact, the thirty days he was talking about, and it would involve all the kinds of all the kinds of political investment in a in a in a far off land that he says he's opposed to, if you know it would involve, it would involve dealing with the Assad regime involved. It would involve making sure that all these other groups, and not just no sir, but all all the next jihadists, don't don't pay up and and resume the fight. Because Syrians are our continued to be more upset about Assad than ISIS Right, which is the important thing. Here I mean these details are very hard to get get units again the weeds and make you start mentioning different groups in the complicated that's arrangements that are going on in in Syria against ices. But if you are committed, if your policy, your soul policy the world is the destruction or the removal.
levices, as you know, is a cancer on the on the planet. It myths, you to certain forms of behaviour that in some ways are more extreme, more dangerous and more full of more potential unintended consequences than the ones that he has white washed. His hands of lake Iraq and Libya, both of which he supported. That now claims that he didn't support so that the that's the name getting fat like you. No one knows that Obama knows now there s there is no eliminating ISIS without the elimination of ISIS and that he was basically just blowing smoke when he said that it was going to do it. The always had these two different sides or right ices had to be destroyed, but they were J B team, so either their Jamie Team or they have to be destroyed. He basically wet with it
B team, and am, I think, basically, is operated under a strategy that I would guess Hillary Clinton will operate under also, which is that ISIS will pose a threat and we will absorb a certain amount of ISIS activity in the United States and in Europe rather than do the incredibly dirty work of getting rid of them. So if that means in Orlando every year or a pair every year, or something like that better. That then than the full on elimination. No no politician can say that out, and in fact, in some ways it's a serious policy that say it's the thing that cannot be said, but is, if you look at, if you will want to be politic about it. You say you now. Fifty two hundred there
true commitment of a small war in this place where we, no real hope of doing anything other than stemming the blue, shouldn't Syria and eliminating eye which, both of which are incredibly valuable things to do, but the United States does never hard or the will to do them in the way that they would need to be done. So here here, the United States, here's your choice in I'll: do it and suffer the consequences of it or don't do it and some of the Kok consequences of it. There is no good answer No politician will say that, but I think Trump in particular has put himself in an interesting cage and box that will see how he manages to squirm through if he is really pressed on it in the in the three debates and in and in what goes on over the next two months. Obama of course, hasn't come out and said you know. Yes, as you said,
what sort of ex except will accept, will absorb the ices attacks as a as a price for not getting involved in it in a real war against them? But what he has said is that he's very proud of the fact that he's but the sort of conventional farm policy wisdom, because up until he came office, the farm. U S, foreign policies that to go out on a limb go too far, and lock us into these shows of bravado, and he in fact calls reneging on his red line in Syria, the proudest moment of his of his presidency, which again following the logic if he were a true realpolitik her if he were a true early in person who viewed narrow american interests with dispassionately and with it without a moral framework as the oars.
bonds away to govern policy. An argument can be made for that those say that we are not responsible for the fact that side and the Syrians are going at each other and that there are a quarter of a million dead end. All that has happened. That is their problem. We have no interest in that. In that area, and what's more if Europe, if Germany, has made this terrible mistake to open its borders, because you know the sad images of Syrians flee and leaky boats and people drowning, that's not are problem either our narrow national interests involves securing our homeland and securing our interests than theirs oil and Syria and there's no? This is another there's, no that, but he doesn't, of course, say that in the end, he will be the most cold blooded american foreign policy leader. Since I don't you,
know who I mean, you could say Nixon, but even Nixon, I think an excellent and, and and and Kissinger, but even excellent Kissinger WAR quite as cold about this, you don't sit there and watch an entire region immolate, largely because you decided not to properly negotiate the status of forces agreement, no hawk and thus created this vacuum that allowed this sir, this evil, thing to mushroom and then, of course, the challenge to to it even on reality terms is. Are we really being served by this because, as we now see, things like his is reneging on on b on the red line, his
being pushed round on IRAN's nuclear deal? These are having global consequences for the? U S in terms of stature and its ability to influence events right, which we saw last week in the week before him. The Serbs was to make this triumphant sweep through Asia last major foreign trap as president finally, the asian pivot was at the centre in the forefront of things, and then these ridiculous things happen. I'm his trip to the government China got all pc about about the staircase that had been flown by the United States to the landing, field that he would ordinarily come down and insisted that their stair case be used. Rather, his because they couldn't, because the secret service couldn't communicate with them chinese driver was gonna, drive the staircase up to the play up to air force, one and so Obama instead came down the arrears,
our case of air force, one something that he only does when there is a security risk involved, and so the Chinese were deeply offended. But of course flies there and the fact that they don't say do whatever The present I'd say it's do whatever you want with your stupid, staircase winters stupid, plain staircase that you flew year before you know, because you know, trust our stare. If you ok, you know trust our staircase fine. We understand your Europe Erica. That's that's real. We want to make nice with you, so they didn't do that. Then, of course, there was the whole absolutely hilarious thing that happened with the President of the Philippines. Do Turkey, where detective because Obama said Emily, take up the fact that he is here, he should accept.
I have some questions about his human rights record in fighting this drug war in the Philippines, whereupon do I'm hearing this call them either a son of a whore or a son of a bitch you're, something like battered. I think son of a horror is supposed to mean son of a bitch and into Gallagher. So it's not as bad as saying son of a poor. Another language, rodents and the Philippines is an. It's a: U S, ally, I mean that you know it by the way, interesting thing about the about this whole thing is so there is this guy to tear tea cup becomes parted. The drugs are just let you know, they're having a terrible drug problem in the Philippines and these elected by a plurality in May or
something like that, because he says he's gonna he's gonna. Basically, take it to the drug that he's thousands of people are gonna, die, aquarium him fighting this, to kill off the these drug lords and to end it, and this is what he wants to do and, and here called something like the Jackal scraps of the Punisher. I he's got some like crazy cartoon, nickname the sky and then he he now that ninety one percent approval raving of the Philippines having been elected, I think by forty, but with a margin of forty four percent, because they like his tough talk and apparently they don't mind that of the United States, son of a whore. So so, there's there's more for your argument. That Obama has has the Americans aiming has worsened some degree right bomb. and there are already look at least look someone through a shoe right at brush
but that was lit and order. There was like a guy in a room throwing issue at night and it wasn't it wasn't the president of the Philippines the shoe, and not only that, but there these are. There are also deeper, more substantive problems at that we're having or her around the world. I mean not only the chinese obstructing his his is declining, but they're not listening to us when we asked them to stop dredging up in creating islands in the south, China Seas and infringed on under the ceilings of our allies. You know well, of course, not IRAN is now is now you know regularly harassing: U S: sailors in India in the Persian Gulf. You know these are also, the wages of laying back and and and bucking the foreign policy consensually about IRAN is not only
harassing or sailors in detaining them, and these things are happening. But as there is the steady drip of revelations over the past three weeks that IRAN has been allowed, not in fact destroyed. All of this excess uranium that was supposedly going to be destroyed in the wake of the IRAN deal, but has kept a third of it in storage. So, that it can maintain it. It hasn't spike, didn't hasn't, sent off to be in outward at an ability to do it. What do we do it, a deed to deem nuclear is it or do we know about a yellow cake at her would have whatever it has happened, this fissionable material that's already been created, and
All of these secret side deals that are being serve coming out moment by moment being revealed by our friend on research, at the Israel project and at Johns and John Solomon, the rapporteur at the Wall Street Journal, and and you know it's just astounding the IRAN deal- was a catastrophe
we believe the around. It was a catastrophe, as it was not just an assumed that they would cheat later, not that there were side deals that allowed them to cheap a free. While the deal was being implemented. Right, Ratner side deals, the details of which we don't know, but but but point to the idea that the Eu S would let the iranian slip on the dawn. The demands of the deal essential and then treat us as treat and then be incredibly provocative toward the? U S Navy, which is the which is the other striking part, so that basically, what ever I yeah Obama had which was the secondary idea of the Iranian Nuclear Deal, that it would bring IRAN into line with the
more rational civilized communities of the world. It would add mesh it in western capital structures and international economic structures and that it would therefore have this incentive to behave well over the course of the decade, and then maybe that would be the decade in which IRAN would somehow come to see. Reason about its irredentism and millinery him ambitions, including its existential threat to Israel and obviously the idea was the minute that this happened. The Iranians, we're gonna, say: oh yeah, that's what you that's! What you think you now we're gonna behave in ways that, at other times or to provoke, would have forced you to go to war with us or shoot up one of our planes down, nor our you know or bomb one of our boats, because it was or allow one of our boats to fire nor about
is. It was coming to a close, and this will happen while, while IRAN will be enmeshed in international markets now- and we will what the recall the benefits, but the behaviour won't change, so it sets really great time for America. I think we can agree, it's a really thrilling moments to look the leadership that we have now and the leadership that we're about to have the choice between the two most unpopular people average for the President
and, as I say, is I said earlier, you know. The funny thing is that the vote has to add up to one hundred percent, so we find ourselves I'm sorry by the way for the sirens going down Broadway, that's one of the problems of this raw form known as podcast, and we don't sit in the in a nice studio with you no fall of all messed with soundproofing and all that week we we we can't afford it. We don't do it until you get some taste of what it's like to work in our offices here in the garment This is our that that's that's not for the elite, that's right where that's where, where we were part of the Euro. I know that this is what you know. You see all every everybody, although trump people look at us and say you know we're going to wonderful cocktail parties and you now high we're high stepping out with people like that, but in fact lacking, we just weep
cast a Middle EAST. I hide cast him at sirens and we we leather, funny little detail, but our offices- which I don't think I've ever mentioned this package- that we are two floors above all sharpens national action network. so this this building that were in contains multitudes every well so tonight, It is a commander in beefs forum, I think matters. hours, presiding in which first pillar, then doll jumble, be asked military questions and all sorts of military questions and he's Telegraph with he's gonna, say what's interesting about Hillary Clinton- is that there is a general perception. I think that she is
or net hawkish than Obama. We know she is because we ve heard she she was for more military engagement. She was she she is, was always in arguing for more military engagement in the world and use of the military during the Obama administration than the president was comfortable with. But it is funny that work into this race, with the perception being that Hilary is sort of more hawkish than then Trump and how hawkish can she actually really be? What do you think I like? I can imagine that she's real? No, not yet there are articles dating back. You know, I don't know five years already saying that you're Hilary some sort of secret Neeoka Reserve,
your con light. I mean that's, not new people there that there is a lot of that kind of talk. No, I don't see it at all. I mean you know. One thing I'd like so much it ask her tonight or at some point, is to really serve tease out from her try to get on record, as well as where she, where she disagrees with a bomb on these things, where she would have been more hawkish where I am particularly regarding IRAN, Iraq and Syria did. Did we leave in the right way if you, if he asked, if, if you asked or did, should we have left what she said? Yes, of course, that there was a mistake, but did we will did believe responsibly? That was the
and that was those that that was the watchword. While there is no way that Hillary Clinton, who requires every bit of Barack Obama's persuasive powers with the parts of the demographic coalition that she can muster to help her in November, who has given disagree? We know one jot or tunnel with with with the Obama record, but it will be interesting to would be interesting to see or squirm. I mean you know, speaking as speaking as you knows, people who have have not have made our distaste for other republican nominee. I think unambiguously clear
over the last months of year. None the less. You know that one of the things that strikes me is that a lot of liberal commentators and people have been very archly saying that in other republican Party, some of this upon themselves, because nobody stop Trump and there was no effort to stop Trump and really didn't. Everybody was fighting among themselves and no you, the GEO, P owns this. This is the result of traditions dating back and ok. So here's my question. Hillary Clinton in March of twenty fifteen gave that press conference in front of the castles
Erica at the U win and this disastrous press conference in which he talked about the email scandal, and we now know that three week that it was around the time that, despite the fact that she said she wanted the emails release chiefs or somebody simultaneously ordered that many of them should be destroyed where were the Democrats and Liberals Series Democrats, the liberals, who said you know what she should not. She is really not fit to be the president and we're going back to a time in which we have in our the Clinton era the disgrace of the Clinton Arabic revisited upon us, and we need to look at this very hard, including Barack Obama, who had sitting there his vice president, whom he could have drafted into these
to his into service in running against Hilary. No one in the Democratic Party did this except Bernie Sanders, who is by definition not the person that you're looking for? If you, if you're saying you know, this, is really not the right person, so the fact that you know the right has gotten lectured on how it was so bad about stopping Trump and everything at about him, and I would still like to know where were the: where were the democratic pandora aside from the really Lib leftwing ones, who didn't like her from the left? Who said we can allow this Clinton right. Where were the disease to be visited upon America again? Where, where were they? Never Hilary is exactly in more who warned you know the Bernie rose. You weren't, you didn't want this because they wanted socialism and thought tat. She was a corporate sell out. not that she was asleep, and you know this.
Again the single most significant moment, probably in this entire presidential season, for the Democrats when at which Bernie Sanders said in that debate, that he was sick and tired Hearing about her emails. Imagine that Bernie Sanders had while he was doing prosecuting the case against Hilary. For being. You know insufficiently The left wing had also said. We cannot go back to the highest pitch week. These people cannot be entrusted with the presidency. Again I mean say what you will about Brok, oh mamma. You know it is and say what you will that the fast the furious and all this you know that there are no financial irregularities surrounding the Obama administration, personal files. Irregularities or fits of personal, Miss behaviour and stuff that you know disgraces. oval office, and here we are and an end with hill with Hillary Clinton.
Playing the role of of of key defender and blocking tackle in ensuring that her husband, despite her humiliation, state an office so I just think it's an interesting irony of this of this election. That Democrats were now sitting there. I think panicking at the thought tat she may blow this right, we're simply too cowardly to oppose her in any systematic way, and I think there are also political health implications here too, because during the primaries people on the left, love to say, look, look at the wreck that that the right has become lay there they're, just there they're out there in a mess that their fighting with each other But naturally, when you have a candidate like Trump out there, that's there's, there's a sign of some vitality and health and the fact that he is that he's being opposed by the right. It's arguably less healthy to two, never produce
is an anti Hilary movement on the others right or or or No so Martineau Mally. So there were the three of them. That stage there is more normality, there was Hilary and there were there was Bernie Sanders. Some are normally never could get anything serious going and Hilary was not compelled circumstances in the election in her primary season to adjudicate and and have to answer and deal with the emails as a political matter. All fell now into the summer and in the fall if she loses she's gonna, lose because of this, and the people who will be responsible for her being defeated. Are the Democrats who didn't look at her
in March of twenty fifteen and say we better get Joe Biden in here or something like that cuz. Otherwise, this you know the disaster is going to befall us. So with that in mind, and with those with those with those thoughts Once again, we come to the end of the Commentary Magazine Pike S Commentary magazine closely on the end of it. Seventy, first year as the most distinguished men. We magazine of This opinion, cultural reflection, its purpose too, defend the West allowances in its institutions to represent the best that has been thought and said western culture to defend and stand up for the United States of America and to stand as a bulwark against Anti.
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