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2021-03-15 | 🔗
Christine goes to a demonstration. Liberals act like the Biden administration has brought Christmas every day. Andrew Cuomo sends his sub-goon to scare New York state politicians. And the Oscars are still kinda white. Today's podcast is a smorgasbord of delights. Give a listen.
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Welcome to the Commentary Magazine Daily Podcast today's Monday March, fifteen, twenty twenty one. Yes, it is the IDA March and I'm John onwards, the editor commentary and with me as always cash with the lean and hungry look that kind of editor, a Ringwald I jump out enough. I can keep this going. we know the Old WAR Tasker Socio Editor no Rossman, so
and I dont get Cleopatra one- can help help help earlier man, you know like noblest, the noblest of women. I'll. Take your wife Senor writer Christine rose high Christine I got well soak Christine in this weekend, for the first time in her life, you know I think the thing that the liberals tell us is is is the sole purpose of democracy really, which is to be able to protest? That's really. All it is, you know, is protest, em out being out demonstrating the few, the glory of freedom, so you were out protesting. Yes, this really is the first protestors, ever attended. I only caught the last few minutes yet, although as less bit of it and I stood off to the side so ex definitely still not embracing this protest, a role as a temper mentally ill
but if I dont, like crowds, annoying mobs- and it's not for me, but the process- organised by parents who want to see their schools reopen publics the parents in dc- who are you by a public school parents in New York City and in San Francisco in and in some the suburban counties around you see that are also still not open, organised by open schools which, which is its resignation. My movement at this point and also I will add, because we're very hard on teachers and teachers you do on the show, I think correctly, teachers for open schools was also part of this movement. These other teachers who actually do want to get back in a classroom and feel safe, and it was just a protest outside the mayor, Miro, Browsers offices, downtown saying you know we win virtue. School is not working. It's not working for most kids, we need to be back. the classroom. It's now safe to be back in the classroom. We need to get rid of the six foot distance rule, which was entirely arbitrary and we, with with precautions and place, there's no reason. Kids should be back in a classroom. I was,
sparked by rage to go to this because one of my kids high schools just announced with noise. nation, no justification that we want returning to school at all this year, several been a full calendar year plus last spring that one of my kids will have never set foot in classrooms. There are a lot of angry and upset parents. A lot of kids spoke at the rally and talked about how we heard it wasn't. They'd, never seen their teachers from the elementary school kids in particular, sort of heartbreaking to hear them talk about struggling to get through their lessons. Of course. In typical DC fashioned quickly became about raising social media responses to some of the things that were posted online, we're all of its mainly white kids. It's mainly wakens We point out that a that's not true be at all of these rallies. It was a mixed race group of parents and the whole point of this is the most volume kids, at least here in DC, who need to be back in the classroom. The most are actually the minority. Kids are the ones struggling they're, the ones who are most behind. We now have data about that. That's that's come for a fine, so this is the people of Haiti
and I was glad to see people turn out. I dont know what this will mean for most of us for the rest of the school year, but I think it so the very clear message about next fall, which is that it should be five days a week in person in Classroom should be default for schools. It should not. In option at where virtual is the default, that needs to be changed. So you wrote Thus for the blog it's up on the blog right now, you should take a look at that peace has its very affecting and because he has been lacking commentary magazine dot com, where we give you a few free, reeds and ask you subscribe and later today. The contents of our April issue will be fully available for your approval and review as a subsidy, I'm sure they also wrote briefly Christine about some practices elsewhere principle, this these protests were all over the country in cities like New York in San Francisco and apparently well attended that you had a detail in this. He said I'm pretty shocking about the Chicago teachers. Unions
This was a story that emerged over the weekend near the Chicago teachers. Unions have been among the vanguard of teachers refusing to ever return to a classroom ever because I guess they signed all kinds he's including structural racism for some reason, but the moment most recent stand is that demanding that they be given priority for vaccination. They were speaking, send emails by the school system allowing to check hidden. We can then schedule their vaccination appointments and if they ve We then backs need to let the school system, known as the school systems, trying to figure out how many teachers and vaccinated and can safely get back to the classroom. The Chicago teachers Union sent out a note saying you know, I don't click on that link, because if you do who does not know that your vaccinate over then you might get back soon and then you're not going to be able to have the same accommodations, what they call them by which they meant you be able to sit at home and refuse to go the classroom anymore. It was shocked, the shocking that local news story, I put a lincoln there too it its people should read it as this is no longer about safety, it is no longer about kids. It's about power.
the union's in particular, by an excess of exercising in exerting there. Well over these as school systems. For far too long, there were two theories that governed the shutdown of the school system were three one them was a kind of atavistic response before we knew anything by the virus, which is that, of course, you imagine, there is a well pandemic and kids are gonna, be uniquely affected are affected, but worse because they have not fully developed immune systems, and it turns out that, for whatever mere of miraculous reason that that was not true right. So a depressing I do is close down schools
Because kids are gonna die, so that turned out not to be the case in relatively short order. Then there was, you need to shut down the schools, because teachers are gonna, be at risk and the adult in schools or be it rests with the kids, don't get, but they might spread it. They adults will be together, and you know unless you were because it's impossible in a lot of these places, to do social, distancing, six feet, whatever them. You gotta, keep them closer than the third Anne, and we now know that this to be also a problematic analysis of the situation, particularly if you can keep windows open, for example, stuff like that and because you know, like my kids, been at school and it's a private school and they manage somehow to keep windows open and make all sorts of arrangements in. The third, which I think is the most interesting,
and because it is the one that is the actual socio sociological or wherever you want to call. It reason why you have to do this in general, that is now total the science has now totally disproven is school It will be a will, be the progenitor of community spread that, because people come from all over into one ace and their their congregated inside the building, and all this that that this is how, because that's a unique location for this, This is how it will spread like wildfire everywhere, and that we know is not true, particularly with care. And all that. So now we have three different interlocking reasons that schools closed, that it turned out were understandable in the early going as a kind of protection against a you know against something becoming
speed outspreading by the millions, but then We have known in some cases, since the summer and in other cases, since the fall was simply not true or did not follow the follow them ATO, and here we are, and yet we are still acting, including, of course, Saint Doktor found. She is still kind of acting as though this is true. Like we dont we're still doing studies on three feet or so studies on whether or not that you know the social distancing has to be six feet or three feet. There are studies, there have been studies, there are many studies, but this this bias towards keeping things closed because you don't how danger it's gonna be how dangerous it can be to keep them open when school systems in the United States never closed, yeah studies as the wrong word for it because steady implies a control group and methodology.
Standards that are, as you know, the observed across the board, for not doing studies were doing, experiments were experimenting with three feet in life. Schools with live children And we're observing those results. Studying anything. These are being impulse in the real world, if it was so terrible and so risky, they wouldn't be experimenting the children's lives so so, gets to us like a different psychological point. We had on dealt with all that and on Friday, but but there is, this feeling abroad. That too, who are reliant on on law. Down standards are certain types of more aggressive standards. I think it's a feeling- and it may be unconscious- serve not really
but that that will mean that everything that everybody did over the course of the day will be somehow alleging that everything they did over the course of last year was pointless, and that day we subjected ourselves to this kind of so social torture. For no good reason that we were foolish that we were stupid that we we were panicked all this, and I dont really believe that that is the case, but that I think people are so worried that they will feel this way in some sense or that they will that this would that date that they want at stake, serve locked down to the extent possible because it will justify the past year. Can I can I exemplify that, because we have this peace, an axiom today, headlines where does pandemic responds gets a second look from national media media figures that
keep score and all around the Santa's and Democrats who did the same thing he's gonna aid through in a sea of corpses on his waited is keeping businesses in schools open. Now, maybe he did the right thing right. Couple of paragraphs later you get to the bottom titled Arthur above all, we have long known that the states Pro business republican leadership was making a sort of brandy bargain that the death toll was the price paid for keeping commerce flowing It's in school and then it's just like trying to be its approach act has, however, you feel about the state is how you feel about reopening and general. Now it's not that's not, the conclusion that any sentient reader of this peace would be would withdraw draw on their own action. this felt, that that was not a good thing that we couldn't have draw the the inevitable conclusion that would result from their reporting, so they had you by the hand and draw you to the conclusion that they prefer, which has only an exclusively John
as you said, from a psychological comfort blanket to justify retroactively everything that we ve done in the last year. Which at this article demonstrates probably wasn't the best course well remembered it will go away this is evidently just brings up that there is such a huge, partisan dimension to this there the early you didn't go back. The tramp, of course. That in a fairly early in the pandemic trump. What came out on the bullish side of reopening of it. Well enough, And a lot of democrat women, the temperature there, but well, advance of a lot of public health visuals in and whatever else that sort of said the sides in stone, and so we got some it's fun because we saying this is understandable. Early on that was understandable. Early on these mistakes were made earlier, but nothing is caught up since then, because the politics of it haven't changed instead, the politics of others,
stone, which is to say if you want to reopen, You are a Republican who is just as no accords the exit axioms article. You know trading lives for commerce and, if you shut down than you are. It's they shot than you are is a pro science, democrat and humanitarian law. And I think to add to that- that's exactly right, because it puts in its put the bite administration several times, as we have noted in a really difficult spot because the science starts moving in the direction of saying you know it's safe to do x y see including open schools. They kind of talk The talk a little bit like oh yeah. This is great binds. Is we got it? We got a really work hard to reopen schools, but behind the scenes they're doing nothing to her to actually bring the pain to the teachers unions because they need them in. In two years, You know next year to vote for them. They need that they need the support of these interest groups, and they are kind of play a weird wink wink game with them with them, and I think what the demonstrations by parents this weekend showed in what a lot of the push back from leaders like this
Let us have shown is that you're, not they're, not gonna, go you need to be able to do that right, Cosette, they're, they're, saying one thing and the facts on the ground are quite different and that kind of hypocrisy is gonna. Catch what I'm eventually maybe not next year, but in two years I mean floor. They did not have a less a fair approach. Right Florida did something that arguably was what people who want contact, tracing and stuff like that. Kind of did I mean there was a form social profile in going on, which is to say that this floor decision was to isolate the elderly? It was elderly if they, if their hospitals, they can't be visited. If they are at nursing homes, they cannot be visited. They need to be, you know that kept isolated apart from each other and from others to get through this period.
and so if they are also the spread of the virus, they need to remain isolated. That's a kind of weird version of the South Korea system, which was as the sole profiling of people who had corona or or, viruses like they were, they were put, they were told they, actually they could lead their apartment. Apps followed them if they went out of a certain range that things beeped at night, do that supposedly and will harm they were. They were soldering people into their apartments with blow torches This is a kind of weird. This was all this was a version of that which was most of the people that you know who I know a lot about their said. Well, this is the best way to handle it, but now. Our civil protection system doesn't really allow this to happen, whereas, like you know that you can track people individually, so we don't have
yeah, but you could say, if you're over six, fiber over seventy in your in any kind of people should not come to visit you horrible. That may be so. That was the HANS. The choice that floor to me That was arguably kind of a more. Was more along the lines of the authoritarian measures that people resisted in the United States on the grounds that they could never. They could never pull them. So- and I just want to say something because the way the mainstream media talks about what they assume Floridians heard and did during this pandemic, because the media dislikes Rhonda Santa's because he's a successful Republican, my so my dad's eighty lives in Florida. He is Ray cranky, libertarian this guy. He cleared got the message at eighty that it was better for him to stay home too. He avoid the Grosch report in all the places that as a desert, you know nice retiree, he would otherwise go and he doesn't like the guy.
red or the state at all, but he was like you know it's a pandemic whenever in that, actually was the attitude. However, if you wanna go, take a stroll outside with no one else around you don't have to have mass got, for there was something actually cut common sense circle about a lot of the reactions authorities and now yes, that's when I returned to my family, but when you'd see these pictures people on the beaches keeping distance. King enjoying some sunshine in fresh air, without a mask on that the mainstream media was basically look at these fools. They're gonna kill us all. That's not the attitude of the people who work in Florida. They were for the most part. They were early responsible and you can see that in the numbers There's a lot of good cover, there's a lot of good coverage in a lot of great conversation on today's on the podcast. Today's response, dancing or as Post Corona new show, which you can get at the apple pod casts. Google podcasting Chirped Spotify, wherever first show at this week show is, with Maggie Haven of
your times and they discuss the political futures, run the Santer, the Governor Florida am Andrew Quabo, whom Maggie has of covered and watched her more than twenty five years as a as it as a journalist and in New York City who cut her teeth is a complicated than your post, which is where I first met her almost thirty years ago. It's
It's a really fantastic political discussion and it gets into some of the the interesting twists and turns of the politics of the pandemic and her close study of Donald Trump and them and the and the reasons that he was and able to take advantage political advantage of the pandemic in a way that would have made his current claim, which is that he responsible for operation warps reach will get the lion's share of the credit for the first four people, getting the vaccine, that his own rhetoric and sent and words and behaviour undercut his ability to claim the kind of credit that he might otherwise get or deserve for that, so that is dancing or as Post Corona with Maggie Haven. This week,
You shouldn't go back and film, listen to meal Ferguson, Billy being listen to me. You can listen to re HANS. Alarm of them had been stood. All talk well, what America's gonna be like when this damnable period is over, so go to veer, podcast provider and the end subscribed to dancing oars Post corona, so the the fact that people serve understood what to do and got the message. What to do, even if they were cranky libertarians and all that informs this whole conversation going forward, which is. There has been a kind of public focus on the more extreme examples of people who couldn't handle. The demands that were being made on them to serve them to restrict their own person.
behavior socially during the pandemic and then there's everybody else. Let's say most people at all, who were where they lived her. How are they did a day sorbet? They followed the. They followed the rules to the extent that they could or to the extent possible and- and that's when we get into this question Whether or not the the binding restoration and faulty and all and end the the remain the mood of pensive ah. I don't know were still in the second out. You know we're not mere where it out with the climax is not coming and we don't know they'll be some other. You know mysterious horrible developments, Abu ALA yeah, I mean you know it's like it's funny after the press You know of resoundingly announced
Biden had offered the country hope, even though, as we pointed out in the pot castle, did his his, addressed, didn't really play that way to us. So she went out on my good sort of like a scare, the scare run over the weekend so much for the hope he was. You know he was talking about how yes, it's a bad idea that those states are pulling back on. Lockdown restrictions, because is this is the reasoning that I felt was very interesting and worth getting into Elizabeth, He said we ve seen before then, when we plateau at a high number. In other words, when cases play hell but are still sort of high that we that they rocket back up. This is true in a way but to put her on content
We have also seen that, when cases plateau at a very low number, they rocket back up as well. In fact, that's what preceded than the last huge wave not just here, but all over the world in places like Israel worth were cases were brought down to, you know barely perceptible levels than they than they rocketed that that some of the points it Yes, there can always be. Their surge social, We therefore never really bothered to open up, we can we can always lie and wade and protect ourselves or, if they're think we can against this next search, and you know he's we ve gone to the well too many times on the if we just with this close, if we, just pull it out now, where we know two weeks to control red one month of wearing master, unified, silver disk?
We have. The vaccines are out there. The circling where this copied well, let's not blow it now we ve heard too many times here I mean I. I think that the thing that is so- annoying about this, and we can express restoration. You can't blame vouch for the fact that pandemics, India Viral spread as what it is, and all of that and you know, don't blame the messenger, but what's the difference which where we are now and where we are where we were in November October. Why can tell you there are like four five different things, one of which is that it was getting colder. It was getting colder one of the reasons that Florida didn't as badly as some of the other states of that. It's a very warm stating that viruses don't last aren't aren't great in heat right. So some of the summer numbers and other people saw, even while other people were descending in numbers. As it was summer
You know Florida was flooded, the guy goons I took advantage, but you know it was fortunate to be where was so now It's getting warmer number one so, depending on what happens in April and May and June. If we have a warm sprang, that'll be good and then. Secondly, a lot of people got corona You know or have and have anti bodies or whatever in their systems. And now we have. I don't know what it is. Thirty, I can't tell you Some of these numbers were somewhere in the twenty percent or thirty percent close to people who have been vaccinated have at least one shot. In the United States you combine? All of these things this is where we may be. Broaching heard immunity but like that, not the notion that the that the cases that the tire body of the body Politic, the United States remains unprotected and that spread can simply go where
it wants to, whatever wants to, in whatever way not true and found. She is acting like it's true. I mean but we can write. I actually we reached the point that the by the had set for itself initially as a success, a hundred million vaccine doses were distributed. First, doses. Second, doses were happy. Doses had been distributed to the general population, We know that, according to the New York Times, data estimates were now at twenty. One percent of the public has been. fascinated in some form, first or second doses and research is increasingly suggesting that as for the Pfizer Madeira vaccines at the first us after four weeks is pretty good on which felt she NASH, apparently as the loving administration against saying, because, God forbid, you know the actual data, but at its current pace based on projections, we will reach fifty.
Percent of the public being vaccinated in some form by May fifteenth. Seventy percent by June twenty seventh- and this is important foreign debt- The fact that we had this astrand. My amount of doses delivered on Saturday it like four point: five million, which we haven't even approached, and yet the yesterday fell off somewhat self. It's maybe a bad baseline, but nevertheless fifty seventy percent by them. middle of summer early summer there's no logic that suggests that we should maintain Funding based on that level of immunity. Well, anyone. Who knows what happens if we now there now But when you want what are you? Gonna kill people you're lying? I tell people you're a super spreader just got classed as they Superman. revenge, and you know what everyone who listens will deserve to get it. And I say this
we're fucked you becomes like for a while. He was like you know, a saint, because it was warning us and telling us this difficult information in helping us to this time. became sort of this weird like cartoon villain. But at this point, he's literally count jocular he's like a serial, though it it's so ridiculous. It keeps coming out with escape and, like you know, trying to spread fear and it's not, I would aid like I'm sorry, I've stop listening to it and I think that what we should be the responsible thing now for both public health officials, either by demonstration to be saying, is now: let's start planning for the fall for school. let's sir planning about what we can use this summer, to really bill back better to do all this stuff that we know we need to do to recover to get business back up and running to get kids at camp to get in appearance back at work as much as to figure out how what the new realities gonna look like, so that, when the school year starts, for example, everyone's ready, because last year last summer, I think there was a lot more uncertainty for people. the really smart, thoughtful school groups and private schools that that took this
and seriously found a way to reopen last fall. But there is no excuse for businesses, The end product providers, people who are really struggling right now, even after they get their checks. Argotic we'll be struggling in the future, if we don't get the country back up and running and that's what the focus should be down, that's not downplaying any potential danger, that's looking forward and hopefully forward. So in terms of looking forward. You need to look forward when you're trying to figure out how, asked to manage and invest your money and that's why you wanna take the advice, opinions and research of the bonds and group,
your bosom when you are considering how best to look at the future of the United States, its economy, ah its workforce and the investment opportunities that are provided by the unprecedented situation that we find ourselves in the bonds and group to products the DC today, dot com, a daily internet, knows letter and dividend CAFE: dot com, a weekly internet knows letter that delved deeply into the intersection of politics and policy with uncommon.
literacy and a dedication and devotion to data that our second to none. I am highly dependent on these on David bonds, writings and the work of his crack team of for a deeper understanding of the macro economics and the macro politics of the United States, and you should be to sell the deep sea The data com dividend cafe that come all this in the bonds and group the antidote to the intellectual, spaghetti of the financial services and financial management industry. so building back better. We need to build back better and we are reminded again and again this weekend after thee the signing of the corona virus bill. The nearly two trillion dollar bill that up
Nobody who looks at the energies of the bill both positively and negatively, is under any illusions that this bill was is actually dedicated to Korea, virus relief or or any of that this is a and is treated as a transformative moment in american political and economic history in which these at the Liberal left view of governments role in the economy has a re emerged after more than a quarter century in which it has then even during Obama's period in which it has been- let's say not or not in any way, which was being advanced aggressively that aggression was being couched in hidden in language,
was much more along the lines of let the markets work, and you know stuff like that, then than now. When will we basically have an absolutely and mitigated an end and unmodulated claim that that because of this is to bring new kinds of help and aid directly from the federal government to individual households and households with children and households with disabilities and and direct federal suspensions of various industries and various politically industries in which the public sector as is deeply invested and them, and I again ask whether the political moment whether this is a terrible overplaying of a hand politically because by one by four and a half but it was only foreign half points he one three hundred and six,
robots was the same number, the Trump one in twenty. Sixteen and he's got a five seat and the Democrats and five c margin in the house and their tied in the Senate and the last time you had transformative moves like this of this serve. Nature was, let's say right again in eighty one and Reagan, not only one by ten points and one more than four hundred electoral votes Republic, one twelve Senate seats. I mean like that they transformative election, in which the election itself said? You better do what this guy wants, because the public is behind him and saw an you know, and we ve had this q, shift politically and he got the tax cuts and it was a very big moment. But finds not in that political moment, so what are we?
What are we make of this? I throw to Us- or I have a question- is this? Do you think that the though the fact that there are not couching any of this, in the language of sort of you know, but letting markets do they won whenever and and that, along with the fact that it that this has been positive. As far as we can tell some farm among the public has this. my gone from from from their kind of Spain. You know and attacks on social programmes, generally speaking, is that is is. Are we pass that age where there is not where there's not inherent stigma to to You know big government in that sense him over help largely by the but a certain sense of the pandemic. Well, that's the! I guess. That's the question that, I am pleased with the results of the policy will move forward
where the other and rural ill it'll be. You know, assess that is as either a bad job or a good job, but I don't know that inherently people are Americans are r serve repelled by this anymore. Well? I don't know that they are or that there there are enough of them who are than they're, probably on were there, but enough of them who weren't this could be like a five. You know this could be a five percent of five point two, friends, so if thirty thirty five percent of the country, like once government intervention everywhere and forty percent of the country, would prefer you're, not you know, then they have the Serb, some small number people, the middle who kind of shift around and he and and swing that Peter totter in one direction or the other they're, probably up for grabs right,
I don't really know how do we know we can now we can evaluate the sort of stuff ideologically cosmos. Voters are not ideological there, much more practical, so and we ve long known that the generally, once bigger better public services, and lower taxes in that that's what everybody wants, which is impractical as a power from policymaking standard, and while Democrats are now talking about him, structural spending to the tune of four trillion dollars in action overhauls and making unions mandatory in all this other wishlist items coming down the pike now, according to bloom, reporting, is tax hikes, because we spend five trillion dollars. We don't have over the course of this year, so they're talking now about things like raising the corporate rate from twenty eight percent from twenty one to twenty percent Parry back business pass through is raising income tax rate on people making more than four hundred thousand.
Ballooning the estate tax and making capital gains higher people making a million dollars per million dollars off campaigns. All that will raise I a lot nome. Sorry, according to the Biden campaigns, analysis will raise a whopping two point. One trillion dollars over a decade again, we spend five trillion dollars. This year we never had, or over the course of the last year We never had. We need Elizabeth, you weren't pennies again like can she wrote those two pair it s not about is sufficient address any of these budget shortfalls. sufficient too rigid. Economic growth and to reduce businesses making capital investments and hiring this sort of thing, that people eventually do feel and so maybe once they get to get the idea that our trade offs associated with this broader publics then, that maybe the equation changes why we know that that day,
Christ, you're gonna, be marketing. it's not just as we rescued you, but as big bad Republicans refused to help you are all suffering. They didn't help we helped, and in that sense they think it's actually a boon that this whole thing went down in a completely partisan way right. This was not a bipartisan. This last relief, though, was I partisan Do you think there is an opportunity and an? I never underestimate the ability of you know congressional Republicans, that's two feet from the jaws of some sort of victorious messaging, but they they have an opportunity here, which is two relentlessly focus on how little is actually being handed out here in terms of covert based relief and how Sport is in this Bellamy the newly like to Senator from Georgia. The tender Warnock has been saying, I'm gonna go around and say we did this freedom Republicans didn't want to help you is the same guy. Who is giving like half of the aid for that has been delegated for farmers to black farmers, only he's under pressure It's gonna be some some, probably some losses that emerge out of this in terms of whether that's constitutional, because black farmers are now
worryingly small minority among the minority of people who actually farm for a living. So there's all kinds of pay off and interest groups. You know getting getting there there do here and if Republicans can focus on that and on the likely tax increase that middle class Americans are good experiences resulted this. They might habits, I hope of messages someone so there's a piece in the New York Times by. I guess at the end of last week, by Rachel M Cohen, who is described as a freelance journalist, writes about politics and policy and here's what she says last spring as a poorly understood virus swept the planet. Something remarkable happened across the country, all goals of government put in place policies that just a few months earlier would have been seen by most people, not to mention most politicians as radical. Politically naive. Nearly seventy percent of states ordered bans on utility shot. Often more than half did so for evictions. Mayors authorized car free streets to makes his streets
these safer pedestrians and the federal government nearly triple the average unemployment benefit within weak state? The limited states, a limited extortionist medical co, pays for prisoners and scrap bail, New Jersey past above released more than twenty two hundred incarcerated people, once the pandemic has been a long nightmare, but those were progressive. Pipe dreams turned reality The arrival of the corona virus forced American Pollio policy. Is to admit that the new world wasn't just possible. It was necessary over the past, several months- I've been through dozens of activists in policy professionals, whoever countered stories apologetic, shifting quickly and issues they have worked on for years? Okay, so we have this basic admission by the activists left that this is the best thing that ever happened to them and
is, and it is a big bad, because I guess where aid is right in those circumstances- The policies are really the bar will see what happens like you know if, if if they can cause I am in any way proximity to an economic boom after the pandemic. They can say. Well, we did it, and here it is, we work a large part of it and activists government worked. It worked the whole problem of activists government from the gray deciding onward, was it didn't, really looked like it work they put in all these programmes and inflation spike demand to be wage and price controls and drew him. You know in introduced and all kinds of activists legislation ended up having unforeseen consequences in terms of social disorder and social decay that the
people who designed them and believed they were noble and wonderful did not have an answer to explain why the things that were supposed to solve problems were me, more problems than they were solving, but that's long term issue, and this is a short term question, at least in terms of twenty twenty two and twenty twenty four not a comprehensive analysis of the pandemic response on just one aspect of it: the broad and scope of federal government. So allow for unprecedented border closures. Frazier she's, not saying that and also discounting the extent to which countless stupid regulations Just simply wiped off the box, everything from them We re in our own vaccine, regulations and testing mandate. Still allowing you to. Take out all out of out of a restaurant. All these things were just in just two. If you're at overnight by necessity and so on
Rotarian could make the same case about the libertarian moment of the pandemic if they were intellectually dishonest. Well, that would be. That would be an interesting. There would be an interesting play, and I just wanna spend a minute talking to you about that. Look, I've been talking to you about a month the telling how Judaism's essential book reveals the meaning of life by Mark person. This guide to the passage sailor and pass over Hugger Don T the remarkable millennia old volume that provides Jews with the blueprint for how to run,
The annual pass over sailors and embodies the lessons of Judaism stared serve up stem to storm in the course of its fifteen sections, and they are the order of the sailor. Mark has up many observations in the book, but here's just one. I wanted to share with you from from linked to king from pain to a bomb from DE mille. Superman from Tubman to Bush from Franklin through the architect of the capital? These Americans show us just what the authors of the haggard I meant when they said that the acts of the story is the reason that we are not subservient to a Pharaoh. Today. The acts of the story is giving us the language, the vision, the direction and the moral ambition to resist any Pharaoh and construct a glorious alternative
to him. The United States of America is simply the greatest sadder ever conducted. So this is among the many jewels of wisdom and inside the you can get from the telling by mark or some reviewed in our April issue by Tevye, Troy, which you will be able to read later today, a commentary magazine that calm and, of course you should, by the telling and get it ready, use it as the Epp, as some of the matters give you a lot of ideas about what to do to make your Sayer spicy an interesting this year so and thanks to markers them than the telling for sponsoring the Commentary Magazine Park asked ok time to talk. That our obsession arm our obsession that were too obsessed with and were so obsessed with Andrew Cuomo? So, as the
number of people who are calling on him to resign grows and grows grows, and now includes the Senate Majority Leader and the junior senator from New York Jill Brand, the mayor of me, city were items how many boats that fifteen or twenty New Europe members of the new Rational delegation also the people in Albany all this comes the story that Andrew Cromwell sent out his his uber goon Larry Schwartz, who was his secretary and then served various committees, including me the emptier as comas. You know a substitute representative, goon There is now the corona virus state goon. called around to county executives there. I don't, I think there are sixty two counties in New York state. If I remember,
correctly and he was calling around county executive saying that's a nice county got. There would be a pity if something were to happen to the virus, to the vaccine relief distribution there. You, because the governor Cuomo is calling right. Do just wants me to gauge the level of his support that he might be able to expect from you in this time of trouble, and, of course, I am calling you as the corona virus. Bizarre and the vaccines are so What are you gonna do about Cuomo in supporting him ha what you're gonna do, and this is Andrew Cuomo to a tea, and you know I note that sounds like what time for some traffic problems on average Washington it's exactly right that that was the least than endorse right yeah. That was your
efforts to get the mayor of shortly to endorse Governor Christy's reelection been twenty thirteen twenty four. and then, when he wouldn't do the weirdest part about this. Is that day they made they made that they made the traffic trouble for him and for it Lee, but of course they couldn't Her say you know what we're making traffic trouble for you and for LISA you better changer, because they knew that so they did it after. There was nothing that they could do about like it was like they were taking revenge on him, but it's not like you get a switch. endorsement out. You know is that which is another reason why I was so spectacularly stupid. A gamble but even so yeah, it's like that. Only of course some traffic is the very. very annoying, and we all know that, although I guess one death was attributed to the traffic jam and fourthly, somebody who's ambulance, couldn't get to the hospital in time by more talking here about vaccine distribution,
and everybody knows that if somebody from Andrew, whose office calls is speaking in their tone, that his intent is to make sure that people die under your watch. If you don't do what what he wants since its apparently perfectly fine for him for people to die on his watch and four up the DAS and all this. So how much more? How how many more contemptible things can he do? Do you think I mean: is there a limit? The number of contemptible things you can do. not as long as he is the sole arbiter of what is contemptible and what not when this is taken out of his hands in the form of maybe him and impeachment inquiry or prosecution than we talk about. Something else For now. It's just you know moral suasion, which doesn't seem sufficient for this character. Well, I'm
That's the interesting problem of the present moment, which is that we, we don't have a system for a disgrace, exile. Let's put it this way. Like one the reasons that a politician in previous era would have quit and run would be that the sure was intolerable and that the one thing they could see was at least somehow the pressure could act like I can't live like this Only thing I can change is my status, so I'm gonna, gonna resign, because then at least at that Jack Hammer will stop hammering on my head, but nobody the jackhammer never stops any more. In fact it may I may be worse so, that's another quality. I think the council has in common with Trump, which is this, the sort of but when you are facing a huge opposition
globally and mounting crisis on and on every front, just pushing Lord, regardless, you know not not and add, not not backing down, no matter what that is, that is, you know. there the jack hammered doesn't doesn't stop either of them it it sort of you know, is it spires what we and our estimate, how, how much shamelessness, both in political culture and celebrity cultures actually now a benefit to those who are willing to push it to its maximum limits ripe. We saw this with Trump and shameless the cells it sells for policies. Since I mean the Kate that cable news media loves it because it gives them endless, content and the only reason we're not seeing that pressure brought to bear on promos that happens every day after his name, not an are but shame business is a new. You know that there are, unfortunately far too many people in american culture right now who understand its power. If you not be shamed that you can get away with a whole lot before you're finally brought out yet you know it.
What about this? Before about the the governor, northern Ralph Northern example, and has recall during that period that if, when everybody was calling on him to resign democratic candidates, democratic lawmakers presidential candidates, it was an issue and I recall I can remember remember who the quotas from others none attributed quote from people close to him. He was to resign and in those circumstances he would enshrine himself is a racist for all history. He would never be able to live that down and at least if you stayed in office, there is the potential to move past the scandal and find some sort of redemptive, similarly intercom off, he would resign would be casting Health is a letter for all time with the without the positive of redemption or forgiveness, cheap, because the very same people who are calling for his head now have eliminated that possibility from our society that forgiveness, redemption magnanimity or not virtues today. Will you know I gotta think that no one will ever resigned or step
of a race for harassment, whose again right this this is me too moment or not. This is it if you can, if you, if you come up against this, this many users this much scandal. Kind of you, your own party and yours insult. You are such a national political figure and you're still no Having way no one ever will in the future right, you know. Guy when running a business. Hr issues can kill you wrongful termination suits minimum wage requirements. Labour regulations, I'm not connecting this in any way, shape or form to the topic that we were just discussing by you know, each hour, managers salaries aren't cheap an average of seventy thousand dollars. A year. Bambi spelled Ba M b E was created specifically for small business. You can get a deadlock HR manager, craft age, our policy and maintain your compliance offer just ninety nine dollars a month with Bambi. You can change hr from the biggest liability to your biggest strength.
You're dedicated HR manager is available by phone email, a real time shaft from onboarding determinations. They customize your policies to fit your business and helping manager employees day the day off for just ninety nine dollars a month month to month hidden fees, cancel anytime. You then start your business because he wanted to spend time in each hour. Compliance, let Bambi help get your free at our audit today go to Bambi dot com, slash commentary right now too, enjoy your free hr audit. That's be a and b e dot com, slash commentary so a little LA cultural news. Just before we came on the Oscar nominations for the weirdest year in american motion picture history. came out, and I I just wanna play profit here, because it happened about fifteen minutes before, and here's what happened that we are now going to hear about for two months, which is that dumb? Are there
like nine best picture nominees, and only one of them could be categorized as a work that tries to deal with the subject of white supremacy and the politics of our time, even though it said in nineteen, seventy one which is Judas in the black Messiah the islands, yeah, but apparently highly propagandistic, examination of the life and death of Fred, Hampton a black Panther who one who was killed at the age of twenty one and a shoot out with police but has nonetheless treated as though he literally were the black Messiah by this by this movie a whole bunch of other ones. Sort of that also serve to evoke Belem subjects, even though they are not necessarily about the subject at hand like one night, Miami which is as Portugal via caches Clay, Malcolm X, SAM Cook,
one other person, Jim Brown debris thank you all spending an evening together in Miami directed by the Oscar Emily winning actress, Regina King, who was expected Moscow nomination and did not get one the directors there is no black director among Lee Those nominated and so on here's what we're gonna hear: Hollywood White, supremacist, they're, all white supremacist, and in the end you can do this, neither, but basically, if the. If the motion picture can is not fifty percent african American by next September, you know it will be evil. So that's my prediction is now, as we speak its ten a m on Monday morning, and I we been on the Pike s. I haven't been able to check
the instant reactions, but I presume that these are the the instant reactions. I mean it s. What occurred after the imposition of certain diversity standards by the motion Picture Academy and timber of twenty twenty right is not amazing the Lee it has to be- There- has to be at least one led of of color to be a general ensemble casks. Thirty percent of the actors have tat it had been minorities. Storyline sergeant matter have to have some of that and arts next year, So let us getting getting all the races and early yeah pretty much. I think. That's, that's! That's! That's entirely fair!
by the way it's like other Europe. I think there are two or three female FEMA there. Three female best director nominees, so that there is an interesting question. What will the fact that the director promising a woman emerald for now the director of Nomad Land Chloe Zhao, and I think there is one other? I can't woman who does that outweigh the fact that there are no black nominees or does not matter because Regina King is both black and female and didn't get nominated air go Natalie, white supremacy but massage any miss, massage monistic white supremacy or racist massage. Me, I don't. I don't know, I don't know which in time I bingo card is full. I care I like I just I can either and I have to. I really would encourage listeners that they have if they read the Atlantic to actually read Conor freed store has written a really interesting article,
because we on this podcast cast pleaded for people to make a dead to do wash between the phrase. Black lives matter, which obviously means by people should be treated with respect obvious, the movement, Capital B, l and black lives matter and Connor's written, and interesting piece about how this is now entering the blacklist matter in schools has now has a curriculum and he took a closer that boy. Is it not what you want your kids to be reading? Unless you want your kids to grow up to be radical marxist, you know race warriors that actually could be really happy, but again, I think that it is. It touches on some of these themes, which is, if everything is cast in this of race. We're gonna have very different arguments about quality and cool to see when it comes to what's produce culturally and we're going to have a lot of pitch battles about what should be being taught to kids in schools that we saw the one thousand six hundred and nineteen project is another front in that ongoing broader then can it is a battle. I don't think it's. It's not and to be to hyperbolic here. But this stuff is in kid,
Your kid schools and you should know what their teaching you should get the box and read the minutes, pretty shocking. So look! Let there be! No doubt you guys big Turkish is trying to suppress free speech. They don't agree with, so why exactly? Are we choose in view of these big tech companies? All of our personal data? The lines have been drawn. Big tech has made it clear which side thereon now is the time to take a stand protector, personal data from big tech with the VP antitrust for my online protection. Express we p m when I use at my connection, gets re routed through their secure encrypted servers. So these companies can't see my ip address at all. My internet activity comes anonymize, my network data is encrypted and the best part is you don't need to be tech savvy at all to use express European, just download the up on your phone compute, the top one button and your protected. So stop handing over your data at big tech companies whose aim is to censure you and spy on you use the Vienna whose everyday visit express, weepy and dot com slashed commentary. That's Ex Pierre S, S VP end
Tom slashed commentary to get three extra months free, go to rescue Piazza commentary right now to learn more. so where we're gonna, we're gonna, say, say goodbye. But if anybody has any important things that you wanna get off your chest before we go on this on the eyes of March updating money to beware. I guess not! Absolutely critical them Well, we're dumping leverage reform. Oh, I think you should dump all over the other star of the pandemic, whose start as faded pretty dramatically California governor chasm given new some. Do you recall, petition against him? Has gotten it's two million signatures, the I was gonna. Do everything we possibly can to invalidate those signatures, but they still have some weeks more coming. He probably will face a recall petition at this point.
and Emerson next door has a pull out showing Californians. Rules of garden nuisance performance to the tune of fifty five percent to forty four percent, which is statistically negligible, obviously, and oppose recalling him by forty two percent to thirty eight percent. those are not good numbers for this governor. Then, if gasping sorry, competition Republicans are gonna, have a serious a moment of introspection because they're gonna have to find somebody to replace him and all the pressure on the council, Republican Party is the same pressure on every other republican Party wishes to be more populist more trompe. Then probably the electorate of California would apply So they have a real opportunity here. If they don't blow it, you know it well,
The recall election in two thousand and three, where a great Davis was recalled and Arnold Schwarzenegger ended up as as governor that race to succeed, Gray Davis was the first real glimpse that we had of the cartoonish quality that primaries we're gonna start taking in in. In answer the wake of that, that was where was like area Huffington and an Arnold, and I care member, like literally team other people, and it was to serve like Oriana saying You are so terrible to people on your certainly like Oriana. You also hilarious you like that this curve, preposterous com and then you know, was a. We are only a few short years away from Adam,
nine, nine nine and will wait just that ridiculous Republican set up and then the twenty twelve ridiculous Republican set up and you know who is leading to a beat up Marianne Williamson in twenty sixteen- and I don't even remember- who invented twenty slash, twenty and and that and so a California once again lead the way in revealing the horrible nature of arm arm or politics, and that maybe this will do so with that we will see by and by Commentary magazine dot com later today for the goods and services of our April issue, and you should strive with you haven't already subscribe and we have some more March Tamil March. Like I mentioned, we got that got the women's skis at merch, dot, com magazine, dot com and see if you might want to get one for the loved one in your life. For Christian, though, on an Avon, John Bloodworth-
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