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The January 6th Texts Are Very, Very Bad

2021-12-14 | 🔗
Matthew Continetti joins the podcast today to talk about his piece in the January COMMENTARY, "Disaster of the Senate," about Chuck Schumer. But first, we discuss, and express our horror at, the texts to Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows as the January 6th riot was going on—and wonder at their long-term effect. Then we talk omicron. Give a listen.
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Welcome to the commentary magazine, Billy Podcast, today's Tuesday December fourteen twenty twenty one. But words the editor of Contrary magazine, I only have a few more aid to ask you once again to consider commentary when you are thinking about your end of year. Giving commentary is a five fiber, one c three non profit, and we are fortunate. Grateful am proud of the fact
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associate editor nor Rossman high on our agenda and joining us. Today, Washington commentary columnist Founding editor of the Washington Pre Beacon scholar at the american enterprise ensued and, of course, the author of the forthcoming, the right Matthew, caught Mannheim, high John, so mad as our Washington commentary columnist with unique perspective on the end, now in the doings and coming the Washington. What are you make of the revelations last night, pretty much through the mouth of this chamber, of the emails going back and forth between Trump chief staff mark meadows and various figures in the Trump universe on January. Sex relating to the insurrection around the capital offers John. I like
mention my unique perspective, because I'm talking to you from Maya Garrett here in the you know, sub basement of the american enterprises to it so I have to go up to the roof. The bay I to actually get the unique perspective on Washington that I try to bring to the pages of commentary or is the proper perspective of Washington, has got looking out onto the shaft, but from from this place I will say that mark meadows, cell phone is now the most important object. To our The nations capital because stem the tenants rosemary woods, as did the home state, its act like. Yet you have to go back to a mixing secretary to fight a similar kind of the museum piece, that's waiting for its place in history books. So these text messages
They are pretty remarkable. I mean in remote and the ones that everyone is talking about in the nations capital are from either Trump family members, such as Don Junior being the president or begging mark meadows to get the president to to do something during the right on the capital on January six, and also from several Fox NEWS Channel House in their it's not only a sign of how them scared people were during those three hours in which they have the capitalist under assault. Abide by a mob, but also kind of the hypocrisy of some am Trump opinion leaders that debt, despite their worries and private, about what was happening. And there sir they're calls on the on the present chief of staff to clamp down or to call for calm and peace on the capital
within hours really within days they had taken a completely different and revisionist line on what happened. Ungenerous rights that would be Lord Ingram and ensure unhappy in particular ebb, and they turn that revision is line into a movement. wasn't it wasn't just that they them with. We know they're lying, because we now have the evidence of what their sentiments worth the time. It's that they then worked doggedly to make the exact opposite of the king of what they knew to be. Case, the cakes and the threat that the cynicism of that move actually for fear of the network, in particular that that prides itself on cancelling pointing out the hypocrisy of the left, massive hypocrisy, I think you're right able did, they have rallied the troops around the sides,
yet that the whole thing was overblown. Meanwhile, when it was happening, they all knew very well what was going on and were begging for the for the president to acknowledge that things have gone too far and to call off these Iders, which she could have done. I mean just that that this sort of counterfactual of a lot of this leaves, leaves it even more agreed just to see what they're doing now, which is to make you know these documentaries about the poor victims of January sex debate. The rioters themselves ridiculous, and that is what's important, whom what you just said, everybody knows who is that this is the reaction at the time, and everybody knows that they rationalized themselves into something believing or saying that it was something rather die than it was. We all know that, but what these texts reveal at the time is, but to a man almost a woman. They believed that Donald have the capacity to intervene and to stop this, which implies he had the capacity to start it. It's an expert exposes the extent to which they knew the president's camps,
city and had to work themselves into some sort of alternative theory of the case I have to one thing is somewhat even worse: as a thing essential in relation to these outside people, because what a couple of people said in these texts was he's gotta do something. This is gonna ruin his legacy, so it wasn't even Gotta do something because something evil is going on that threatens. The very nature of our society is that this is gonna, look bad for him and then, by extension, us over time, so you better do something to nip it in the bud and therefore you know give himself option for the future or whatever? So it's not even that what they did was they looked upon? What was going on in horror and set? It has to stop, because this is not the case. Three that we want to live in its like. Do this, it's bad pr, it's bad pr for the term bran, which is ten times more
Obviously, but of course, may the lot easier once it became clear that it wasn't as bad. For the term brand as they had feared for them to sort of switch gears and gone another direction. Ah, I am struck by the fact that what we see in these texts and what we see him What we know about meadows is behaviour in the prior to weeks was that it was like a they were playing both sides they were playing the insurrectionists in the sense that people are coming into the White House, proposing cuts the Mamie theories, including John EAST, and others about how the certification of the election or the out of the fine old they now nail in the coffin of the Trump hopes that somehow the election results could be challenged reversed or whatever that there was a lot of traffic about this. There were emails,
There were plans, there were powerpoints. There were legal briefs. There was this there was that an rather than anybody with the exception, maybe of the people and in pencil office or mark short pants off saying. What are you? People crazy, go, go away, go away now with your madness like this is. I understand that the president really would like the election to gone the other way and would like a magical formula to do at this. Otherwise, but I am still like the chief of staff at the White House and I've I've worked. Do I have there's things going on: there's a pandemic and there's things go and I can't be bothered with your lunacy. Nobody was, doing that from what we can tell. Nobody was saying, as the steam was gathered, on this insurrectionists right. Nobody was trying
the calm them down roll their eyes at them. Tell them to stop say this is not going to happen to be a kind of reality back and an end. So that's the sins of omission rather than the sin of commission an altar that's really going to be the lack of a question about whether there are long term political consequences from any of this, which I kind of doubt. I have to admit, because you never They get a going to get gonna attacks in which meadow says go for it. You know there's can it be there's no Eminem in out unless someone erase the eighteen and a half minutes of of Mark meadows phone like Rosemary Woods and Dick to phone there's not going to
smoking gun thing that says I did this map a voice tat we ve had you know all the effort and see what was going on playing out in real time, and it was clear really by the end of December twenty twenty. That Trump was trying to find a way to overturn the results of the election and remain in power, and you can have a semantic argument about what that constitutes. Is that a clue as to liberal media describes it? Isn't a auto go pay, which is my favorite, which is, I think, the technical
M for when a ruler doesnt as usurp power, but tries to remain in power, but it this is playing out in real time. We saw this. We heard what we heard. What Trump was doing? Excuse me- and I remember I recalled that at some point I should find a date when Michael endow, the my pillow guy, visited the White House and he came out from a meeting with Trump and some intrepid photographer snapped a pic of his notes and on and on the notes were written. The words martial law and its allow is no secret that this is being discussed and everything that come out from the commission so far is further proof of how to involve the the that the president and his top eight were in in this question of figuring out. How do we stop Joe Biden from taking
Our in one of the lessons of them of what we learned yesterday is everyone was bothered by what happened on January six, everyone. I think that was a moment that no one, even the ones involved in this kind of well Kin Pence refused to certify the the election does at that then trigger a series of events that could lead us to remain in office. Even those people who were involved in that debate. They saw the ransacking of the capital and they were shocked and horrified with one exception. Donald Trump happens just kind of shoulder. All you need to know about Trump. After his after his election laws, whether they were angry. They were angry man, what they were doing through the day when they were tourists acting referring reactor
They were angry tourists. While I get notwithstanding idle tourist, yet they were, you know they were. They were unable to get into the, on the empire state building an elevator flows like I really angry tourists and therefore they try to turn the empire state building, and I agree with you, John, that the political consequences are probably negligible here, because the movement that was described has been so successful in changing people's perception of what happened. Ungenerous six. However, you know there is one adverb that China, in her statement, which was a pretty striking. That was the word corruptly in describing potential trump actions and that that adverb suggests that there she is thinking anyway, and the committee may be thinking as well- potential legal
charges against Trump, not only in in in regard to January sex, but also- and this is still out there in the background regarding the call that he made in December with two rapids burger. The secretary stated Georgia, where he was where he was saying. You know come up with the votes. All you need to do is say that there was broad and then we can. We can At this thing going here I mean as interesting. Then we get into the whole constitutional question whether or not they can take ex post facto action against him for actions taken as president. That's what the second impeachment. Was for whether there are some I mean, I think they are laying the groundwork, a report in which the two Republicans on the committee, as well as the Democrats, are going to say that tramples materially involved in an effort to subvert to overcome the results of the twenty twenty election and hear worthy officials who worked for him with him and in the house and in the Senate who may have been com,
I said in this effort based on the evidence that we have and that we ve been able to get through these subpoenas and then it will be up to american people. To judge I mean that that's that's really! Where it's going in. There is this question of these emails that are as yet, I think, the authors of the email, Sir, is our remain unknown to us, but emails going tomatoes from people in the house in particular, and the Senate saying we are helpless in here. You ve got to do something: we're helpless And my guess is that every single one of those people who sent whatever those emails were voted against impeachment and is now talking about how we know, we need electoral integrity, blah blah blah blah blah. I want to point out: I'm gonna remind everybody again that, though you know commentary
reputation for having been so hostile to Trump. We are MRS commentaries, a conservative magazine, I all five of us our concerns on this podcast. we are. We have now spent you no eleven months, dissecting bisecting vivisecting the excess. His M evils and barbarity is of the of the Bible illustration and the woke left them all of that and awe, and I think the horrifying tragedy that may be Anne and unrolling here through this commission study and where's, the refusal of Republicans to assent to a jet, true by partisan Commission as Kevin Mccarthy, Craven League continues to seek the house majority leadership position that the tragedy here is. That term is that there's, there's gonna be a very ill
proper reckoning that it's gonna be easy. It's gonna be too easy for people on the right to dismiss the evidence that was only before their own eyes on January, six, there's gonna be before their own eyes. As a result of this report and that'll go to miss me, Eight by Democrats on the committee Committee say this is the worst thing that ever happened happened than akin to to you know, did you know October, nineteenth Don T nor the Khmer Rouge. You know what they're gonna they'll make these like the deranged comparisons and go over the top and talk about it. You know and south, and so we will actually not have the kind of public confrontation with the facts of January six that could that might incline people on the right to revisit this question of whether or not they want their party and their movement to be some kind of
oh terminus tool of the Trump brand, because. that way lies madness. Like twenty twenty two may be. The election in which you know Biden gets his come up funds from the voters and Democrats thousand reasons which will talk battle that later, but if Trump is on the ticket. Twenty. Twenty four there, be plenty of people who are going to take account of what the commission said and what the factor I, who are exactly the people that applicants are going to need to win the election and ask the Democrats from the White House and their own refusal to reckon with what we're learning is going to lead them right back to Trump and going to lead them right to a three hundred and sixty two two hundred and twenty two electric to meet.
Twenty twenty four to Biden or Harris or Buddha Judge or Donald Duck, depending on which one is the democratic. Maybe there's also, though I think it is a real problem with the public discussion about threats to democracy. Right now, right, I mean a new. You touch on it a little bit by talking about the hyperbole on the left, and we see that in you know that everything is anti. Democratic. Now anything done anything done by Republicans in the states is Anti democratic, so state legislatures that are duly elected, changing rules about voting or changing. You know the different procedures about how they tally votes nationally is seen as Anti democratic, and there were you know, there's there's really a kind of it's quite a conspiracy theory, but there's a there's. A narrative. That's been building on the left even pre January six about the anti democratic motivations of the Republican Party, and that actually does make it more difficult,
for those independent people in the middle who were very found January. Six can horrifying, but might be leaning conservative tend to have a discussion about what really is a threat to democracy. So I think January six was a threat to our democratic process, absolutely horrifying, and if the Republican Party embraces that they deserve to go down in flames for the next twenty years. In my opinion, but that's not. The discussion were having we're having a discussion where anything that that a republican leaning state legislature does in its own. Eight with the support of the majority of its voters is also labelled Anti democratic, so the word is losing its meaning in its power. That's also, I think the way that people on the right who would see these emails can rationalize away the hypocrisy on the list He is well yeah. The coverage made us crazy. You know,
he got. Everyone is Derek. We thought we. We thought this was the end of the country because of the way it was being covered in the way it was being talked about. You know it was only one suddenly realized, it was no big deal. and there being mean to there being means that their being means these. Seventy two people who trespassed on the capital building of the United States I mean it's again, one of those things where you just wonder: it's the classic thing where, if this were reversed and those protesters had been and teeth or black lives matter, or something like that. What would Tucker Karlsson be saying? You know what he be saying, I don't even have to tell you what it was. He would be saying he would be calling for whipping them in the public square. It would be calling for using cattle prods on them. He would be calling you know, you would be saying they would know what to do with them and so a poor? You know like that, like that, that's that's how this boughs and that's why.
You know that's why this has got to be such a problem. I do want to amplify Christine's point about DM, irresponsible democracy. Rhetoric, though I mean However, everyone in Washington is talking about a cover story of the Atlantic monthly. Regarding governments, massive piece about dinner, the Trump coup is already a play, out and then David Land heard of the New York Times Oak economist. He wrote that morning newsletter he just the other day on the same topic: drawings, gowns, peace, discussing all the threats to democracy in the states- and I look I'm Always looking for empirical evidence so show me what's actually happening and I have to say the evidence in both these pieces is remarkably thin. I mean the has to do with you. What did the George, a law that was passed with a Texas law that was passed
Both of those laws- you know they change things around the edges. In some cases they liberalize voting procedures. The most controversial part in George, the Georgia law, allows people to up to remove election officials but of course, at top trouble with long lines of Georgia for four years. I'd say you know any problems with the election administration fault in county four year. So what you know? Maybe they they should make it easier to remove some of these election officials, NED Land heart in his big column, the other day about how democracy is about to vanish, says. Well, you know in in five five major states with a sleeping is playing out places like Texas in Georgia, in Wisconsin, in Arizona Michigan there were, there were lost
posed allowing a political appointees to overrule the results of an election in all five states. The lost failed when an anticlimax efforts like come on David. Give me more Europe. the government peace to it's like you know, I'm not sure what the real threat to democracy is. The fact that fifteen percent of the people are just out of their minds and bankers. That's the constant threat to democracy them! That's not new! but that's a very judicious assessment and an important principle. The assessment of the evidence before you but I've been burned already once because I made a very similar assessment November, twenty twenty, when we were talking about when the coup that was being talked about very brazenly as a coup was banal criterion lawsuits that every campaign staffs up for and files to some degree or another. Just
as a matter. Of course, that's a sort of thing that I thought was insane came out against. It said: listen when a criminalizing the conduct of of Elect Mary of running a race and challenging the results when their challenges, but that was four injudicious behind the scenes they were crafting memos to overturn the election. They were operating in ways that word nefarious and a kin to something along the lines of a political coup, and it was a mistake on my part to assume that that was where it would stop. It didn't stop there and we don't know how brazen these people are going to be in the years to come right now what doing is operating within a legislative. Nor as of legislative affairs. Fine, and we should say that we shouldn't we'll get ourselves worked up into a froth over the absence of evidence. but that doesn't mean they're not gonna, do something incredibly brazen when they the opportunity to do that. Ok now I wanted
The you know that it's not fair, because we're being judicious and other people are being judicious we're sitting on this conservative podcast lamenting lambasting talking about the evils and cynicism and problems on What has been largely would be to consider our inside the crisis of democratic legitimacy as ex asked by political activists and people in power and using laws an populism to try to engineer different results from the ones that voters seem to want, did not start with the Republicans, and it did not start with tromp. If you go back two, two thousand two thousand and four two thousand and sixteen in two thousand and eighteen we had these are
tat. It was a legitimate for the Supreme Court to stop the floor to recount when it stop the Florida recount, because basically Gore didn't when Gore under the principles, the all recount rules in two thousand, were only gonna be legitimate if what they showed was Gore winning because of the confusion of the butterfly ballot Palm Beach County and when the Supreme Court said. We cannot go on with this. This is not the proper way to handle this. The idea, was it Bush was an illegitimate president. Two thousand and four Bush was an illegitimate re elected president, because in Gambier Ohio, the the the voting there were lines at the voting machines and it when, when voting, stopped at nine p dot m and that could have overturned the result. That was to her hidden this great controversy two to american stability in the future, and that, of course, if you know it every every argument that is being made about,
voting rights and expanding the franchise, and all of this is also me in two forms by Democrats, one of which is, we need to make voting easier It should be easier. It really should be easier. That's like a no brain right, ok and the other is. We need to pass these rules because Republicans have an unfair structural advantage, In the literal composition of our republic worlds, Peter empowered over and over non rural states. It's too easy to do this in its too easy for them to get that, then the big counties don't have enough sway and they're all located in too many too few states. and so we need all kinds of radical changes to the way we do things and national plebiscite. You know At the end of the electoral college, we composition of the Senate. We composition of
Supreme Court. In order to change the very structural basis of the way our system works to favour one part, the over the other on the grounds that this system unfairly fade there's another party and then, of course, you have Stacy Abrams in twenty eighteen, claiming that Georgia election law, as she never even said that it was improperly being followed, meant that she lost by fifty thousand boats and that she was the legitimate and she was the legitimate, two of the twenty eighteen gubernatorial election in Georgia an election she lost by fifty thousand votes. There has never been a reversal of an election in american history of fifty thousand votes. There three hundred votes once even nine hundred votes, not fifty thousand pounds, and she she is, she is like one of the leading funds
users and political leaders of the Democratic Party, this deal legitimate nation of our democracy is by partisan and it has different routes. Different forms, stiffer ways, but it is all they cheat. We have to cheat back that is, and so, if you, the fundamental basis of the people who want to do this, is That the system is a cheat, so their anti american, their anti constitutional, and they are both sides. eating away at the foundations of our republican system, and I don't hear any Democrat. I don't hear any liberal commentator saying that their own nonsense. What we are saying about trumps nonsense and John, you left out of that. The fact that the left was laying the groundwork in the run up to the twenty twenty election, to make the case that trump we'll have cheated
in on the chance that he had one reelection all the discussion of the post office and I have looked Louis, enjoy them yeah who was going to control the the mail and but right right and blend chained up a male about ass. Yet and all the rest- and you know I guarantee you had drunk one- we would be involved in a sort of you, no country wide. disastrous discussion akin to Russia Gate Investigation about how Trump had stolen that election, ok, so limited Do you guys about ball and brands sheets? I'm really not can be the one to talk to about born branch, cheese sheets. In fact it's gonna be my colleague Noah, because he has been
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apples from their office buildings to the Senate Chamber, you ve seen it in the movie advising consent. If you haven't seen adviser concern, you should see advising I then I've written on the church. You train many times. I have written on the two to train also, but I didn't you know I I I want a populist a people to think that I dont propels. Maybe maybe the capital rioters got down there. I dont know that bear the generous six commission might want to look into that. The setting of David rid bankers Nord by they can still take it. If Q Shopman had been like running that give the Tran, like Sir, like like a lot range, they rather than ransacking the Senate chamber just take a ride on the train exactly so the pieces about newly minted setup. Party leader, Chuck Shimmer course became majority later, when the two Georgia Senate Seeds went democratic checks humours, but extra and Washington. Since the late
given these early eighties, wherever whether he took Stephen sailors, is seen him in the house in Brooklyn and then became famous is being that of the famous thing said about him: was it the most dangerous place in Washington to be? Was between Chuck humor and a microphone gets elected to Senate knocked off? EL the motto twenty four years ago, twenty three years ago and then climbs in the ranks this a very weak. Jobs and a majority leadership, and there have been masters of it, like each Mcconnell. Who really is a master of the press? The ultimate master of it was the master of the Senate, as so dumb by Robert Kara. That's when the Johnson, we now have almost a year of trucks, humour as majority leader of the Senate. How do you find his tenure. Well, I come down negatively shimmers tenant tenure as leaders so far, but mainly because of my discussions with several republican senators over the past month or so all each of whom
expressed his disdain for shimmers leadership in various ways. The one argument of the Republicans kept returning to was Time Management Senate is very unusual, operates according to two different counters. There's the legislative calendar which handles the laws, but there is also the executive calendar because a sentence responsible for all of the appointments, one of the key jobs with a majority leader, is to manage those calendars, Make sure that all the future trains on time- and this is something at a humorous spectacularly bad at its very good at Press
as you know, is also famous John for inventing the Sunday press conference that he would give on Sundays because he knew that it was such a slow newsday, typically that he would be ensured coverage in the Monday. New York papers, so great a press he's great candidate recruitment. Now he was really behind the major democratic victory of two thousand and six. He played a major role in recruiting senator like John Testword Montana, for example, who could Jim the former Senator Jim Web in Virginia, who could appeal to the to the centre as I was to some of the left, but when it Mr Organization when it comes to the kind of Guy institutional knowledge shimmer had is, is not very good at all and that, if you just look at the past couple weeks, he was really rescued on the debt ceiling, for example by Bitch Mcconnell, in their its,
its Mcconnell as much as he wants to kind of jam up the works of the Senate, a democratic majority or in a fifty one, with a comma Harris Vice President's typewriting both because but it seems to me is overriding: concern: is preservation of the Senate filibuster, and so that is what rescued humour on the debt ceiling, but he still, he still hasn't pass this major defence bill which has been passed every year for the past sixty years, rarely as late as it as if gone now, and that's because he just doesn't know how to manage the process and he still has been back better to worry about as well so again, here's what was interesting is that nobody wants these
jobs anymore right. That's part of the whole platform that you know the house and set up a platform rather than being a moulder. The? U relevance point about the institutions in Washington that you know people wanted to I'm and become leaders and the and- and these are boring, hard, boring organism an old jobs, very detail, oriented involving trying to come to consensus, holding your temper being tough, but not being too tough Harry read before Mcconnell. You know. Others like this is a very complicated job that requires more by partisan action than any other job in Washington because of the Senate's closer rules more our ability to deal with larger personalities every one of whom thinks that he is a king and all of that and there's no
I don't know whether somebody's gonna be good at it until they do it, there are various jobs. I guess I will say this that, like editing I'm a manuscript is another one. because I know about this is there's no way to know whether someone can be a good editor until they start editing something because there's no asked of minors, it's impossible to say what it is. That makes a good editor. Similarly, it's difficult to say what would make a good leader The house was much easier by the way to be the the speaker of the house, because thousands rules and houses traditions effectively make the speaker a version of the Prime Minister in a parliamentary system like as long as he, for a long that person, female and male can corral damage party, they can rule the roost and they don't really need anything else.
It's going to mean a lot. That Schumer is not good at this job and may mean that Schumer, better Schumer would have said to Biden in May. We got to stop with this, build back better thing, gonna kill us. Let us now focus we'll. Do it we'll do infrastructure would break up bill back better into seven bills and try to ass, a bunch of them individually and really put Republicans feet to the fire on the individual, because they're pulling at sixty five percent even in their states. Let's see what happens there, he didn't do that and he still fantasy. He still saying it is the fourteenth of December. It is still his line that there's going to be a vote on build back better by the end of twenty twenty one, which is a and sane and be he don't want that vote. If it comes
because I don't know how much some afore Joe Mansion is. Gonna have to do in front of trucks humours face any more than it has done to say. He has not voting for this bill, they're just this detail that came out about how is the bill if, if be billed back better bills, provisions were fully extended, meaning they read we paid for by the terms that were originally involved. It would cost three trillion dollars. Red three trillion dollars the deficit as opposed to the nobody. Even those with this number is one point. Seven, five, two point: two: it's really not clear what that number is two point: two trillion mansion sat on spending a trillion five and no more that's what he said. He says it. He says
number again and the pole came out of West Virginia voters that says sixty five percent of them are against it or think that it will it will. It will create inflation and fourteen percent or four it. Why is he saying he wants? To spell? Why is he saying there's going to be a vote on this bill if he gets his wish, he will take the bike and presidency down as a nice big Christmas present. Forward for newly established president. He did the rhetoric he's been using around. It is also shows both being he's both out of touch and and seemingly did there's a whiff of desperation cause. He trotted out. The children mighty keeps talking about the child tat grace, I think, of the children to slip into poverty, I mean this is it. This is a tax credit that we know from pulling months ago. Most people like about it like that that unit there's not this huge demand for this tax credit right now people are,
and about inflation in their there still concerned about coverage their concerned about supply chain issues, their concern about the bread and butter issues, and that's not really one of them, and yet he keeps he springing up the children as a human shield, and I always see and that it's whatever political leader does that Hillary was the was the master of this technique whenever she was in trouble, should start talking about the children when any politician abstracts the children, you know they're they're, spinning for some reason. I think that's what he's been doing for a week. You said it's just interesting, because we we, we really do, have a sort of competency crisis. At the top levels of our leadership in the United States, Biden is not competent. President tumor does not appear to be a competent Senate majority. Leader policy is a competent speaker of the house,
some degree. But again, like had this three three and a half months of Misha gas over the infrastructure bill that a stronger and and and more resolute leader could have could have undercut literally by saying to bide. We can't do it this way, we're gonna. Do it this way and you go and tell those people that I can't convince that you know that the future of the Democratic Party is on the line. The future of their influence is on the line, let's see how they like it. If they are in the minority in twenty twenty three, it is not and to be in minority in the house period. Like don't do that things are going to put you in a minority, but she didn't do that either. So there is a mass of competency crisis. The only person who seems to become permanent remains Mitch. Mcconnell Kevin Mccarthy is not competent either, as we also concede. So there are like five leading
figures in american politics in Washington and four of them don't know what they're doing and a paradox is for shimmer that more composite two years with more successfully is the likelier. It is that he won't be mad pretty leader after effects terrorist acts and sell it I'll, even if it does get bill back better through somehow and Christine mentions the child tax credit. Well, yet that's on mansions chopping block. He wants to get rid of it, and this itself surest saved the most important part of the bill. It's what mansion wants to get rid of me with a lot of people are talking about. There's the mansion concern with the deficit number and with inflation, but there is also a big fight going on in the Senate, democratic, focused on the salt deduction, with the huge give away in the house bill to some of these blue states which Republicans will accurately portrayed as a attacks got for the rich and not in
use campaign will there's some Democrats who want us to lower the threshold of the deduction and others who rebelling against it. But they say- let's say somehow she mentioned- falls in the end on a much smaller bill and tumors the claim of success. Well, they he's just added another arrow to the quiver of the Republicans, who are already enthusiastic about running next year to take the Congress back. You know, if you, like Churchill, Miranda who doesn't it Nobody I know likes, but somebody must like him, and you know- and I met with our about maybe largely by the way. But if you like him, it's the holidays. I know I know Hanukkah's over with, but you know the holidays, and even he deserves a gift
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By now and here's extras holiday gift to you or to chuck Schumer say one hundred dollars off your ex chair just by purchasing it, a texture commentary come now. That's letter x, the word chair, commissary, dot com x, chair, has a thirty day. Guarantee is complete comfort and you can finance your purchase for as little as thirty dollars a month, but the x chair commentary come now and save Exchequer commentary So, let's finish up on the on the on alma crime, I think it is now fair to say that everything that we have been worried about than concerned about this the temptation I'm are now talking about the political, ideological temptation or the observed the technocratic temptation to control everything, but the theoretical temptation. to continue to redefine the pandemic away from what we needed to do is is to move, which is what I think was the general consent
this position: it needs to move from being a pandemic to an endemic human condition or an endemic human fact that we're gonna have to this. This nineteen are some variant of an around for a very long time. We will we need it to get less fatal, less dangerous, less this and then we're gonna have to learn to live with it and go back to normal, and I think it's very clear that the political and social oh and medical and epidemiological pressure, is now on to say that we need to treat every variant of this as though it is the you're coming of covered and that what we need do as a eradicate coded, as opposed to figuring out how to get to a place where we can treat it so that we don't get very sick from it if we get it and that we need to live with it and we have New York, California,
Britain, Israel other places treating this as though it is Ebola cause it's more contagious than the the other variants and therefore its like a ebola. The fact that it is way less harmful, I mean we are getting too
at which we all Emmi. Whenever says as well, we need more data, woke, hey. It's been like five six weeks now and we have one confirmed death in the on the planet earth. I was very sad to see Boris Johnson, who I was in an interview. I guess yesterday or two days ago, said well, there's a lot of talk about how I'm a chronic is more mild. Let's set that lets. Let's put that aside and and and talk about how how how easily it spreads. You cannot put that aside. If, if we put that aside, because then we can talk about the common cold as as as it as a planet changing disaster, two that is part of the puzzle, that is a key part of the bug. You cannot put that aside the thing about
acting as if covered zero is now the goal. Is that no one is stating it exact, they're just acting like it. So we remain in certain no man's land where we don't know no one says why, where we're doing the crazy things were doing, which is doing them is the smart thing and you just go with it a broken record on this. I'm sorry no girl got Hooja, but there is a false consensus that has been established in certain communities about covered. Some communities are much more of risk averse an impasse
these mandates and pretend to follow them, and some communities have just moved entirely on from the pandemic as though it doesn't even exist anymore, and that sort of a status for that is holding for now. But it is untenable in part, because people who most people don't like this I'll give you evidence of it actually has a pull today with that, I think crystallizes, the problem for the citizen, straighten. It has not been back better agenda, expanding the really inflation, although that's a very serious pocketbook issue, it is a sense of hopelessness about the pandemic combined. Forty six percent of Americans now expect that they want. It will be more than a year or never before they can return to their normal lives. A plurality of people believe normal life is no longer possible. This administration ran for and one the White House on an explicit promised to retain this pandemic. They failed, they have failed without an ounce of humility that consistently move the goalposts and their income,
a sense of hopelessness in their voters, will no longer be also enthusiastic to tune to your head to the polls and affirm. Does it their support for it? administration, but their opponents, most certainly will. An all Joe Biden has to do, is look at the seventy two percent of everybody in America, whose vaccinated and call it a victory, does it say look at this. Seventy two percent of Americans of all ages are doing. The thing that we want them to do. Thirty percent are, most of them, are in a state of statistical, negligible risk profile demographically. We won t you're welcome weep, but I do know you ve had we haven't seen anything yet in terms of almost one panic, there is peace and actually us today coding Senor by an official who says.
Tidal wave is coming, it's gonna be fast, it's gonna, be it's gonna, be less severe. Yes, but there's gonna be plenty of of of hospitalizations a tidal wave, so they're getting right. Before it like you know, March, twenty twenty mode over this thing you know, as this is going on, if you like, look at as we all do. I guess the Daily get out chronicle of of actual cases and hospitalizations and deaths in the New York Times were only were taught but almost Grenoble economic Crime Delta, still ravaging the delta face it and is now coming back. We are back to twelve hundred or thirteen hundred deaths a day case loads are up, and that is not all my colleagues in the United States. This is still delta, and it's like. We can't even pay attention to the right thing. That is you don't like what we're we're we're you know and tissue painting the Vienna the next. The hot thing legacy
you know it's opening into. I can't believe it. It's like spider man no way home any minute. Alma Kron will open in it's gonna want everything else away. But that would be a good thing. John John Anthony values asked about this directly was asked whether maybe you wouldn't be preferable for a far less severe and more contagious variant of this disease to overtake and supplant all the delta variant right. Would that be a good thing? He says, that's a very dangerous idea. It's extremely dangerous idea, even talk about something like that. We are false sense of indignation here. Projecting all this. You know the answer. indignation, but why didn't say why? Why that? Wouldn't that wouldn't be a map angle will get sick people get sick? The whole point is honestly: we shouldn't care if people get sick,
care if they get hospitalized and we care if they die, but we shouldn't care if they get sick, nobody cares of somebody else gets sick. This is crazy. We have now moved into a position in which the national health profile of the country from a virus has now become a matter. of individual public policy and the individual restrained of individual liberties- and this is madness until all Micron turns out to be fatal. The imposition of changes in our lives with no evidence yet that we are getting there. Ok matter, Why, I just want to say, is madness in liberal dominated institutions or states where the rest of my panel lives, but for much of the country, the pandemics over you got your. You got your vaccines. You got your booster it by the way, if you got your boss,
for Europe at your basically, you know like your carrying out one of those shields from do against the honor crime. You know it stops it with their energy and there Obama to live much Red States right, of course, have banned the mask mandates in the schools right or made them optional. And so my former writer Matthew Walter had this piece in the Atlantic. He lives in three rivers Michigan, and
said he wrote in the Atlantic ass. If no one, no one acts like the pandemic is going is something is happening in media in liberal dominated chieftain. So you see this ridiculous coverage in the media. You see it in states, I California and New York in New York City, with the plaza and, of course the problem is you have the president, who is just he's being over he's allowing Anthony found she to run his pandemic response, and I think it's causing him a tremendous self harm, because he could you know it's not right. He could just say: look it started when the New York Times Editorial Board has at length the editorial this past Sunday saying it's time to just accept the fact that we're gonna have to live with this and by the way those masks they're gonna have to be optional. Now,
I mean you have all the permission you you you could want. As a democratic president to say, we need to move to a place where we just accept the reality of covert as an endemic disease and Airbus team, Christina, as you say, that there is a way in which that did you know we talk about culture worth a lot on the spot cast, but there's a way in which there is a culture where that plays out with us. Where there's a condition when people have like general anxiety disorders are have had experience of trauma, they have called hyper vigilance right. They have problems going forward even when their lives normalize, not always being,
I learned it affects there. You know immune system, responsive affects their nervous system, it's it's trouble and it takes often takes people years of therapy and helped to get through this, but there's a sense in which I listened to and watch what is happening in Blue State America with with regard to the pandemic, unlike therein hyper vigilance mode now that the threat is receding, but their their vigilance is so high and it's been so high because of the trauma of experience from this pandemic or the fear and anxiety, it's gonna take a lot for them to let it go and in some ways it yourself reinforcing- and I agree with that- the President bears responsibility for that. Hyper, vigilant They have living life, because even if he's not articulating at that clearly his behaviour, his actions is administrations. Response does endorse that no value Noah. Let me ask you this. Let me ask you this because we return of the civil war the shop, so we have coffee, cocoa, no, we meant to govern your place. It puts on this relatively complicated indoor mask mandate that any business that doesn't have a vaccine requirement. Everyone has
We must in doors and California has now as of tomorrow, established it indoor mass bandaid everywhere, regardless of any thing and then yesterday whole goal. Suspend the enforcement of her mandate At the county level, meaning any county in the in in New York I think there are thirty three, but I could be Miss remembering threats too well, anyway, any county is permitted to use the state principles to enforce a mask mandate. If its county, deputy ever whatever wants to so like New York County, which has Manhattan that can do, can enforce it. In Staten Island, which is Richmond County. Maybe you don't aforesaid and there's no state. Why? But so is maybe this over.
One thing is all a wild active hypocrisy, maybe, while as possible, we should entertain that one. Yet the mass mandate is not going to be universally enforcing Europe because its unenforceable, the same as the true in California is California, where, if you read down to the eighth or ninth paragraph in the New York Times story around it, you find out that places like LOS Angeles, EAST, LOS any style I which is experiencing. In both cases now has always had a mass mandate, but very compliance when it comes to masking because compliance is optional. This is an optional man. we are forced to endure the contortion of the english language to now, entertain that France and its because what Christine described is True, this is no longer about public health. Public health is ancillary to this. This is a contest between competing psychological dispositions and differing theories of so
the organization that are incompatible and will be decided at the ballot box, red states have ratified it already. Loose states want to. They like this to a certain degree, We don't know where the rest of the country gets the way in, because the president is very firmly aligned with one camp, not the other and the rest of the country will determine whether continues and if every indication we have from twenty twenty and twenty twenty Twond one is that people one of boat themselves out of this thing- and they will be You need to do that. They will vote for the party that gives the them the option out. I'm very struck by would hope. Oh good I'm very struck by what hopeful dead, because what she was doing was saying my liberal base needs mean upon him mandate, my sense of self preservation in a complicated state, which I have no political base, as I'm just installed here from being lieutenant governor, and there is a
credible, theoretically, credible or Hoboken Canada running for governor, although he had to step aside for wild to deal with cancer treatments, but there might be another one. I'm scared! I'm scared I'm putting on a mask mandate. Cuz I want to be governor and twenty twenty two. I thought I was clear because my main rival for the governorship Tis James dropped out that looked like. I was then free unclear and then this all mccrone thing happens, I'm going have to be top, so I'm being tough, but I am also not being tough and their train she's trying to say the baby and the fact that she wants to split the baby tells me this idea that the blue states want this on the red states down in the blue state. Voters are going to support hawkish, not on this and the red state voters or that this is a lie that blue state voters are going to be as enraged about what happened over the last two years as red state voters, and they are there's no one to punish now
Even after sat at third reading. Politicians and in red and blue states those sitting, politicians are all them Rats, even even auditors, it serious enthusiasm gap that favours the doves over the hawks, even if they will, even if they do like this thing, enthusiasm is on the side of the doubts, and I just can I just point out as it bugs me. You guys probably didn't notice, but I did hoped would Togo gave a press conference where she wore a necklace that its scrawled in gold, it says faxed and I was like that it's a perfect we have reached peak kind of performative, I wearing a gold accessory that says Baxter
I was just there is some doubt about insufficient unto the day. First of all, does it say double backs a boost vexed, and I both stage could now say boosted, because I dont think that vaccine need a charm raising or you can keep adding your boosts. Two excellent. That's right! That's right! That's what we need is a nice Helen, fickle, Laura Charm bracelet than just has each you, no one to be almost Kron whatever. This is the mad world in which were living in their I'm gonna, say it again now as an approaching political cataclysm, and I don't really understand how it's gonna work and I don't really think, despite democratic and liberal hopes, and She's in dreams and whatever that it will that what the revelations of January sixth What went on January sixth are gonna, have the slightest impact on the mid term elections and
That is where the cataclysm is gonna be, but I do again think that this is that the stuff it was chain came up with yesterday is a slow, acting poison that can might have terrible consequences for Republicans past this election, which is going to be about inflation in Poland and the Democrats, urge our Jeffrey where, We have eight percent for some reason, whatever it is, maybe high. as we go forward- and we have this incredibly inefficient, crazy did no incomprehensible covers back on anything. You so much everybody got a commentary, got organ, read his teeth. Disaster of the Senate and then go to Amazon and pre order. The right is a story of the conservative movement in America for aid per student now on John, but words gives Ghana burning.
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