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The Law-and-Order Issue Is Getting Traction

2020-09-14 | 🔗
The media can't bear to report it, but the polling over the weekend shows movement toward Donald Trump and rising concern over urban unrest—and they're going hand in hand. Can the Biden people see what's happening or are they blinded by their press coverage? And we discuss Christine Rosen's important article, "You Will Be Re-Educated." Give a listen.
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Welcome to the Commentary Magazine Daily Podcast today's Monday September, fourteen twenty twenty I'm jump upwards. The editor of Commentary magazine with me, as always executive editor, aim Greenwater, I jump associate editor nor Rathbone High Noah, I don't and so you re Christine Rosen, whose peace leave cover article four of the October issue of commentary. You will be ray educated. We will be discussing at length on this podcast high Christine again, but before we get a gun,
James Peace. I wanted to talk about an interesting example of what some Michael epistemic closure just by the New York Times in its article on the battleground state polling that it has now published, are published on Saturday morning about was concept. Never saw the North Carolina Arizona and another stay back here quite club I pray that the balance? What was.
Interesting about this is that the article purported to say that trumps Donald Trump effort to make a case to the american people into borders. Of these things that the anti violence envy unrest are reasons why he should be voting for why people should pull away from ah Joe Biden a warrant working and in fact I am not sure that that's what the point said at all and from the language of the times, its own coverage of the event of the coin, as suggested that, in fact, bindings trumps efforts to tag binding with these problems are in fact, beginning to find a little better. Here's a quote from me
article in Wisconsin, Mr Bind receive forty percent support and care for forty three percent were trump. That's a significant drop off from Jimmy when at times Also Mr Binding had by eleven points, All of the narrowing cables resulted, Mr Trumps, recovery, support and borders to the right and centre, some of whom have expressed The winds of disillusionment in the earlier all amid the ravages of the pandemic in a major way of racial justice protests. So. He was his narrow in the pole. Over two months from eleven to four in June, people were expressing discontent with him over his handling of a pandemic. Let us now in September, a seven point swing in his favor in in their own policy.
And somehow the times than ends up in this article characterizing their findings as suggesting that trumps attacks on anti via end, and support for law and order are having no effect. I would they do this because they were afraid of their readers are afraid of the six million People now were reading them online, most of whom it would appear. The surge in success of the times and the Trump Arab are very eager to hear news about how Trump is terrible and how everything is going away and are And they understand that if they were poured otherwise the smile supposition, or they understand that if they themselves start believing otherwise, not only with our readers get depressed what they will get depressed
now, I'm not saying by the way, the polling that shows by MS ahead. All these places isn't good for by it is it. But my point is that when you try to register when you were born a puzzled, look at pulses the change from previous polling snapshot in time, so you want to say, will what is the snapshot? Time look like relative to the last snapshot in time and if purse for exam the about whether state of this election witches Wisconsin troubles. From eleven to four after two months of rioting and then the Canosa rights it began the last week of August. I dont know I think that there is a lot of evidence to suggest that things are really beginning to bite for Trump, and
liberals don't want to hear it and there, and so they are basically refusing to report on it. I agree, and I think that the the percentage of people who are moving to Trump because of this is, is likely appreciably greater than even that indicates because it's one thing to shy trump voter. It's a whole other thing to be a shy revolution, disapproval That is even that is even a scarier position to be in publicly, and I think there is another reason for the times not framing this accurately, which is that it shows that this social justice, justice movement is failing in a sense because, as it is
turning people off a good number of people are saying this and they are repulse right so I mean that's, it doesnt perfectly good supposition. Also, you have just have the natural narrowing a fact which is that people dont can they don't like Meda like it when they get closer and closer to having to decide whether or not you are going to vote for him, they are deciding to evolve, form or go back. You know, go go home to him or whatever it. Of course, he one I was consumed by a tiny sliver of you, know half a point or something like that, and so the fact that he was down eleven give gave him all it gives them a lot of room to make up in and was consecrated scientist in Wisconsin that he is narrowing. Most of these Paul's the times they Paul shown trumps its margin smaller
then it was before, and so that the events are not gonna. Our aren't helping move things back, environs direction right, the violence over this. This past weekend alone, two or three weeks from now is gonna also turn up in Poland. And there's a lot of criticism on the part of voters who are sick and tired of you bring about mostly peaceful protest, but then turning on their television and not just in places like Chicago in DC and New York and allay, but now in length, stirrup the danger of smaller places which did happening Canosa. It is continuing around the country, violence that is, that is loosely organised by black clothes matter types in response to, in the case of Lancaster, a completely legitimate use of force by the police in it in a very volatile situation, and it doesn't matter the circumstances that the protests in and the violence usually begins before anything is released, including the police body can, for it and even one spot. A cam footage is
release the riots continue. So there's there there's a sense on the part of kind of a rational person. Looking at these situations that we'll wait a minute is this really about police, and I think more and more people are starting to question He motivations of a movement that responds to every single incidents with the same response in the same kind of disorder and chaos without ever looking at the facts and without ever you know, thinking through the consequence their actions, while we also have that we also have the horrifying events. Us. Angeles were saying when someone shot cops point blank, you know ambush them, shot them and then, according to reports, the cops were transported to a hospital and black lives matter. Protesters showed up to try to block the ambulance from or to do when they could do
what were they chanting left? Let them divers like we hope they die, and I am pleased that my dream, because you know a lot of rumours, get started on social media. I watched all the footage that was out there and it was horrifying horrified and I don't care if it's a very small group people, they identify themselves as protesters, and they were wishing death onto officers who had been the target of an attempted assassination where this is, I think, a fourth or fifth or sixth event of cops being shot out simply for being hops and and there is. There is no rhyme a reason to it. There's no others know why is everywhere. It's across the country in different cities, Brooklyn first it places. What was Angela Brooklyn- and you know I think we made the mistake and others have made the mistake of thinking
because the canal riots in various other things didn't immediately register against Biden or for Trump that nothing was happening, that things worry that the public. It basically decided that it was largely on the side of the change and that's how they work and blame by for it or they work in a sport trunk, and I think, if these Paul's are about outliers, what they suggest is that this is a simmering cauldron, not a and overflowing cauldron and that unless the violence from whence between now and November, if Trump keeps hitting this message over and over and over again, it is going to have the intended fact that he wishes
the two and because the mainstream media are so allergic to the message they are gonna. Try to report on everything that suggests that the public, this feeling the other way? Even though doing this at this moment is actually harmful to the result that they wish to happen, that's what they should be doing, is pressure by to be as tough on this as we possibly can to minimize the damage to himself. But you know it's very hard for liberal Democrats to get out of their own bubble and here the real voice of the undecided voter. Can I just point out something that a huge misstep that I think will in Retrospect B, be seen as such by the binding campaign sending commonly Harris to go me. Jacob Lakes, family was a big mistake. For a number of reasons, because now she gonna go meet the the
I have the the guy in like Sir, who is who was shot by police as well, because in both of those situations, what prompted the police presence was a domestic violence call a vulnerable, A woman in a household felt her life was at risk by a male partner, and you guys- I hear, is going to the inner going to sort of. You know that the Jacob like family, calling them wonderful people and what not, what are they issue- gonna go visit. The families of these officer shouted allay. You gonna go, I mean, did they ve set a precedent here which gives tacit approval to a movement whose rhetoric is leading to a quite violent action? Not always, but but it is their it's part of that movement now and I think more Americans are starting to identify it with black. This matter and seeing the goals of that movement is something other than a kind of nice. You know warm and fuzzy feeling them. Should I get along, we should, you know, have some sort of law enforcement reform. I mean. I do think that the tone is shifting, but for them It must have been following black lives matter since the beginning this is, Lisbon, the tunnel
this matter is just been given. This code, this veneer of respectability by people like the guy campaign and those that that's gonna be a problem for them in the next few months. If the violence continues, which obviously we all hope it doesn't. But the signs are not optimistic for that type. Yeah you know cause. I always wonder to what extent the good that story gets out. First of all, you know the idea that the black eyes matter is as radical as it in fact is, and also things like commas visit which, which the mainstream media didn't really there was there, wasn't really much criticism there wasn't it as far as I can see, there wasn't any Abu it was you know, was it only came from conservative and right wing precincts on social media and and conservative media
but it's amazing to me because it seems that the story in this case gets out on its own to some to some extent a cat not at when there is a violent incidents after vial an incident that that sort of no no degree of framing it changes can change the public perception for that long Oh, I think, just in general on everyone, he's gotten so spun up over the last two weeks over what word them the end, and answer very soon. I knew he had some tromp, and all of that is that the wee wee outrage level at Trump. In the mainstream media is. Is I seem to twenty sixteen left mother, that's not beyond twice sixteen but its rise into such a point. That is because
an unimaginable to people who dislike trumpet, anyone in the country could possibly want to vote for him, and they cannot hear they cannot bear to hear that there may be a problem with the way biting his frame. This rates, and maybe they need to hear a bigger. They are the only ones who can put pressure on binding sufficient to make him I also remember his his his course if he really needs to alter or a man his course. It's interesting set of political circumstances abiden, Italy has got what he's gotten over the last seventeen months or something like that by not being much of anything where some going along with whatever the most based. Consensus is in his coalition and his party five knots.
Not trying to get out ahead of anything, not storing the pod, not you know making point to the tax even on trumped, whatever nothing and the rumours me Roque as the countries of a crisis that is just the global crisis and and and he is not speaking out adequately on the matter. I particularly struck by the other raised rage about this trumpet Only in Nevada where the governor sizzle lack like you're saying look, Donald Trump is killing. People always have rally so awful they're, all their they're, not wear masks it's a horrible. It's terrible. This is the guy who opened the casinos in his state and I saw a first class, no people on the biggest strip,
no one's work masts and by the way, nor outdoors I mean this, they want. They weren't have tourism that, in the end, the Henderson Rally but I mean fine, so attack trembling like them. You better closed the casinos, like you can't, that's where the cognitive dissonance starts starts being the roads, if you're a certain type of voter in a place like that, it might be inclined to vote for them And you are told- he's. Doing all these terrible things don't look about wicked. Look what he's going to be doubled the now. Let's look at what we do, but you have to focus on him, that's. Where methods that will you get the shy trump folder or the voters afraid some pollsters things you just get the your folks.
Wrap your all just full of crap, the media, swollen crap and these democratic politicians attacking triumphal crap. That doesn't mean that the people who say set out are gonna voting for trouble, but it's better for Trump than the alternative, which is that he's the only one small crap. I'm not saying that the rally was a good idea about idea. I don't really understand why he did it. Actually. I know they think that maybe there was shot and about it seems like is war moving warm wiser to go short places than one in an and not do not do what he's doing stupid ways like having a rally that leads him to get questioned about it, but I bet No, I just wonder whether I wonder whether you abiden campaigns,
fishing gears and addressing us in the way you think he should would look like, and it strikes me that is in some sort of a trap need to you. You mentioned this over the weekend John, and I thought it was pretty astute that if this changes mines it will do so cumulatively in part, because any whenever you're ready to receive this message around the violence there's a headline for you. It happens every day and that's seems like a pretty priests, fair prediction, and I do think that the does do the attack on the police, in LOS Angeles, qualitatively distinct from the kind of rioting that we ve seen the Dallas events in twenty sixteen was, I think, a pretty underrated early sunder explored factor in the twenty sixteen race. Will you talk about what that was?
anybody who doesn't remember was a coordinated assault by a militant radicalized belian supporter who took a sniper rifle and started targeting Dallas police officers and killed several of them. I think, was almost six right six, something like that before he was taken out with a remote explosive device, and that was that was a real wake up call that surpassed into the either because it was, I think, a round. The conventions are before the convention's. Unjust became background radiation, but that background ready
hasn't has a deleterious effect over long periods of exposure, and that's maybe what we're getting into now, but providing what would? What would changing tack look like because she came out over the weekend immediately after this attack in the dress that had on and said all violence is terrible, and you know twitter being Twitter, which reaches for the most tendentious reproach to any issue possible, immediately attacked him from all sides of the issue. It was a mealy mouthed statement for the right for the left- it was giving undue credence or undue attention to outlier about, and I
who, if that message, which appeals to normal human beings, who find violence, atrocious and hear somebody condemning violence and say lots: ok, whether that really has the appropriate effects or does the public read that, as does twitter, that being either insufficient to the moment or an undue concession to your political adversaries and what tonal, what Tony can strike that would appeal to to the voters who are unnerved by this moment and who
maybe just beginning to tune into it and say: okay well, this is now commotion, Lancaster and Might- and this is coming for me now. How can he address those concerns without the without creating about new cycle for himself? Please go meet with cops, he's the stand next to some law enforcement officers and say these men and women have we have their back. They are doing a very tough job. Every day they put on their uniform, they put their own lives at risk to protect others. An idiot, unconscionable that they be the target of this kind of rhetoric or violence. That's what he should do better. Having also strikes me as insufficient in part, because it's a positive message and what is needed now is a negative message. What is needed now is to identify these individuals who are being the
problem and call them out and say who they are and what they are, and why were against it now? The way to do that according to people like Josh Barrow, like a kind of agree with in this sense, is not add, assist a soldier moment in the form of talking about violence of borders, because that's too to fraud for the left which could do is talk about these privileged, oh, wait affluent over educated people who are throwing molotov cocktails. At police officers and then going back to work at the law firm that their work at. That seems like an easy one, and that strikes me as the right way to do it because you wouldn't and anybody in your coalition by doing that right ever but nobody has a soft spot. That's a varied! That is a very sister soldier thinkers. Remember in its two things, since the soldiers she was a nobody. She was a tall
nobody should think she was a wrapper with no audience, and you know like she had sold at fourteen thousand records at the time that the fact that the current one Africa's she said Why people small buyer, she said something told we'd bananas and an absolutely key targeted. He was punching down like something fierce like he wasn't going after you know, MW way or or public enemy, or something like that was going after an unsuccessful forthright wrapper. Yes, somebody with no constituency, which is where these people were talking about really? Are there no keep edges radicalized board, comfortable people who are obsessed with blood last men? That seems like a really easy person to throw over the side of the boat
I think no is absolutely right that that's precisely as a matter of political strategy, what Biden should do my concern is is: is that from a moral standpoint. What that, actually the tacit message, a black lives matter, and particularly its radical wing, is that I'm your safe? You say we're not gonna we're not actually going to challenge the thing that leads people to go, pick up a gun and shoot cops in cold blood, and that is what concerns me long term in a way that since your soldier and wrap you could cordon off as part of the culture and not deal with, but this is starting to have broader effects that are violent and dangerous for everyone, and that's the part where I think him doing that in the short term makes political sense, but as a matter of of the kind of being a political. Leader is bad leadership, while the other question that was raised by this is it if this really, if people can look at this in a coolly peoples want binding to win.
And they can look at it and see the thread rather than try to narcotize themselves. Do they provide the kind of implicit support for binding to go at the people? He needs to go out to try to pull back or to at least neutralize the damage that they might be doing to his electoral chances, particularly in the three women, western states. That's where the mainstreaming, what the legal opinion have to come in then of course- and this is where we can maybe start talking about Christine's peace. It is uniquely difficult at this moment for them to do so, because culturally
The message is that are being imparted about the revolutionary ideas that have taken this country by storm since May. Ah, there is no counterweight whatsoever in the culture outside of politics, but this is a good moment to the Deuce Christine Rosen's October Lean, article n commentary MAX available now commentary amazing dot com will be re educated, which posits that we are living in a moment in which there is only impossible set of ideas that one can look at the United States the only one prison we can look at the United States, Europe and this will be enforced by a regime that can only be other re education regime in which you were, you were not allowed to think any differently from a enforced. Orthodoxy that says that America is racist and
You, as a white person, are part of the problem, not part of the solution, and it oh, you are openly willing to knowledge and kowtow- declare yourself a villain. Are a villain anyway. Christine can you elaborate sure I what sparked my curiosity about this particular moment was in a wood, Conservatives have for a long time worried about what I thought of his Miss education right. The kind of ideological theories that, in fact, a lot of academia. The efforts to sort of in insists on you know diversity and sexual harassment, training which we actually know from research, is often counterproductive and not not successful in teaching people to behave better
and these are kind of you know at all at a baseline level. They know they ve been around for decades and we ve kind of we're cranky about them and we critique them as we showed, but but it what shifted this spring was the tone, and the techniques of this effort to re educate, because it's not any more about adding to what's already there it's about demolishing. What's there, because it's considered systemically raises and bill. A new regime on basically broadly speaking, is called anti racism. Abram candy is its most. A prominent avatar, but it's it's all over. The place are all kinds of books to talk about this. And so I started looking first set education, because a lot of my friends were set forming the emails this summer from their private and public institutions that we're talking about play revamping how they teach everything in school because of systemic racism and we're going to have to be anti racist. This an anti racist that I'm like, oh well, that's just not going to spread, but then I started seeing
you know that that is actually one of the more stunning moments was a with a high school teacher who, during a virtual public assembly in June, said that all right- matter, and the reaction to that was was so brutal. He was threatened with you know, being fired any had to issue a public apology that red, like a force, confession to make include parts of it in the end, Peace in and people should read it, and that stand me because you're someone who was saying something that is not innocuous to say that we should value all human life and treat everyone with dignity is precisely what the civil Rights Movement and Martin Luther junior in particular has long argued that is no longer considered acceptable, in fact, by interim candy antiracist standards. That itself is a racist micro aggression to call yourself a color blind person. Who tries to see human dignity and human value in every life makes you racist. That is now.
The mode that were operating in and it has not infected everything, but you can see the tentacles spreading and spreading rapidly. And there are a lot of people who have very enthusiastic made themselves. Fellow travellers in this the times covered. Some of the students high school students who were very eagerly reporting on racist behaviour of their peers. There's a there's allowed. The enforcement mechanism is is coming from The calls coming from inside the house here. People are very eager to call out other people's perceived misbehavior and racism. But for me that the really crucial point is this which, from color blindness to racial equity. That is very important for people to understand. Those are two completely different, is a viewing our fellow mankind and viewing us our society
and the latter. The one. The moment that were in now, which embraces racial equity, as the only goal, is dangerous for a number of reasons, so that's kind of abroad they and then has just full of examples and for each example that I who do the peace, there were multiple others impulse that wouldn't fit. It once used studying what the end goal of this movement is, It's very concerning, and I think that's why a lot of conservatives were upset about things like the one thousand six hundred and nineteen project, because that was a kind of perfect distillation of the Motor should hear, repeal and replaced repeal the old story about our founding and the principles on which that founding is it was, was made and replace it with a different story and with a very clear villain, anyone with white skin, and it is that start. It is that starkly presented when you start looking at the literature which I ran quite a bit of wonder what ring it's important to note- that the risk is that this didn't happen overnight. It feels like it daddy by this assault on color
Agnes as being itself a form of racial discrimination, because it it precludes positive discrimination is something that has been on the fringes of this moment. This movement, rather fur for years, probably more than that, but I've been aware of it for at least four years and its assumed its place within this ideological hierarchy. Now only as a result of a lot of groundwork. Lotta spadework, that's been done over the course of many years on the fringes. One of the things that you right in the speech that I thought is really important make note of because it dovetails with AIDS, revolution, peace near the end were discussing this book. Dismantling racism workbook for social change, in which the author Please note that, among the quote, characteristics of white supremacy- culture are things like quote: worship of the written word individualism and objectivity, and you go down further talk about how this so, the public's this charter school system,
rather removed. It slogan, which was work hard and be nice because hard work is now a a notion that passively supports ongoing efforts to pacify and control black and brown bodies. This is the sort of thing that you have to attack As viciously and as with as much energy as you can summon as early as possible every and whenever it rears its head, it must be destroyed because it will very quickly subsume our culture, our individual, individualistic culture that rewards work in an enterprise and anathematise it As all the sudden color blindness is now racism
and tomorrow, it'll be work is racism, yet you know and the difference in Christine's you say: Miss Education and re education that you know the difference it you point two and wondered knows just discussing about how color blindness is. Now an indication of of racism. This also points to a larger underline difference and, the ideology ideological shift in the country, which is that the radical left and they d accusation against the. U S used to be the criticism that the- U S wasn't living up to its own ideals, that in a sense, a grudging show respect for those ideals and because you are criticising the country by the light of its own goals and aims. This is saying that that that
those aims that that goal itself is illegitimate and and needs to be rethought. That's right, and I think that you see that in a lot of the rhetoric, you see that in the trickled down way in which kind of academic radical academic theories that most people would never come across in their daily lives are now in their real. In their age, our briefing they won't, they will find them in their rights are briefings, and these are. These are not. These are compulsory in many cases, the most rages, although is now sounds like it. It is temporarily on hold, because Donald Trump has decreed that critical race theory shouldn't be using it as an education tool in and the federal government the sandy, and the laboratories, the countries one of the country's premier, nuclear research facilities had retraining and re education classes for white men were white. Men were taught about all of their oppressive behaviour and that this is another part of it that I think
we'll find when they have to sit in these sessions themselves or their children are meant to sit in them. They are not it's not enough to just show up and listen with an open mind that is still racist. You have to confess your own sin and the confessional aspect of this. I think you know less. As I pointed out in his peace, that's the revolutionary peace, it is becoming mainstreamed in way- that's very worrisome. So the other example that I stumbled across was the lower a private school with it We mentioned this on the on the pot gas last week, a school where the children had to be assessed, sort of a pre assessment before clear about their own anti racism and the questions role very leading very propagandistic and they had to attack their name to their answers, and I really fastening discussion with my fourteen year old sons about if the school gave you this. Quite. How would you answer and already what? What shock me
The thing they understood the ideological motivation of the questionnaire, and they knew exactly the answer they had to give to not get in trouble. That is the kind of self censorship that we are you that's the environs. We are creating and raising children and and and It was workplaces that concerns me. The most social media plays, huge role in this now, because people Mary people can now be compelled to offer this testimony because silence is then consider complicity. So if Europe a social network, Instagram or a social network on Facebook, and you do not, and an called comes out that you were supposed to the port and anti racism moment or a bit of work. Day where you was to put up a black images. Photographing Instagram or something, and you don't Your fears that it will be noted that you do not do so
reason to have these days is precisely to locate and target the people who are absent from them, and that is where the cultural revolutionary aspect here comes in his there demand that you offer testimony that you is. It is also a followed. The enforcement mechanism is a cultural, shaming mechanism that can also lead to dismissal. I mean that's the story on purposes in these teachers. This kind of this sum these craven apologies for people who are not falling and locked, lie step who are. It is demanded of them, its wise for them to make these apologies, because you shouldn't ruin their lives over, you know not refuse, thing to do some tiny little in our accommodation to political correctness like the. Cost benefit analysis for individual person is obviously,
cost benefit analysis for the entire society, the closing of free inquiry, A refusal to accept a false. Story about the United States and the damage that is being done by people So the things that no with citing this sum deserve attack on this notion is like hard work, good manners- and you know social responsibility are somehow our towing to white supremacy, the damage that to precisely the people who need to hear those messages so that they will be able to live a productive life as adults is, is is is almost hard to quantify impossible to quantify. I would say seen the will aid. Your aren't Europe, Europe, local, how things are like the cold
the Revolution of China guy. Can you talk about sort of like the those sessions, though you know, However, they call them in this rather sashless stronger sessions here in China. Will they range that the gamut I mean it? You know from just a sort of plain old intimidation of prominent figures and less prominent figures for everything from spouses, supposedly non revolutionary ideas do having non revolutionary art in their home, which was stolen then by the Red Guard, but from that to murder but mean that was so. In that sense you know the cultural Revolution was
more, was significantly more violent and deadly, but the. But the vast majority of the struggle sessions were not liking, o scenes from arms they what they were. They were more like what we see here. And then we and end and the stuff and eat this stuff. This happened since our I wrote my. Is that we see more and more of us special social media where the blacklist matter protesters go out. Restaurants like in dc- and and the mob swarmed the place and try to force Diner I'm who were out. You know just eating with their friends and family too who raise their fists. Salute to to blacklist matter, to show their sympathy with the cause to repeat the chance that that they want them to,
I get in their face and and and tossed the task over the that the tabletop and whatnot that that that stuff is that is that is total. You know red gourd action. I think one of the things that people should be aware of, because we now hear presidential candidates, like Joe Biden calmly, Harris using these phrases. All the time is that the work that phrases like systemic racism are doing because one the things that people like Abrams Candy and the anti racism crowd want to see happen is a downplaying of Indonesia. Responsibility, cultural explanations for behaviour. Any of the things that honestly, a lot of a lot of the most prominent and interesting black sky Hers and black civil rights activists in our history have pointed to, as part of the reason, the things you, change causes ape said earlier, a holding.
Ideals that the country wasn't meeting because they were leaving too many people behind the they systemic racism crowd wants to take those discussions off the table. So if you re candy, he's very specific about saying you know if there is poverty and because of a systemic racism, You have poverties if you go into communities where there's also violence in a kind of glorification of gang culture and massage any and homophobia. None of those things practice by anyone who practices and is therefore they do not responsibility, because they are in a system that is so systemic that individual responsibility. Doesn't really is not at. It is a racist explanation for that behaviour and that's a big shift that happen quickly, because even even people, there's like turning his codes, you know ten
there's a go: we're criticising the behaviour of african american communities where that that kind of conduct was taking place. Bronco bomber criticised offered some criticism of the cultural criticism of certain practices in certain things that were glorified and held up as a an alternative doing well in school working hard. You know being irresponsible parent raising your kids, while all of these things were things that our first by president with them I think that is now considered racist if you're an anti racist to critique any individual behaviour and the african american community is racism, and thank him for that shifted, shocking and really dangerous. Candies apps is amicably forthright in so far as he is very explicit about what needs to happen, which is, in his view, a constitutional amendment that would establish the language of this kind of systemic racism idea and then create, because it is impossible under our current system, creates
in a bureaucracy that is unresponsive to voters. That is, that is completely distinct from what the political will will allow that oversea every legislative affair at every level in the country to establish this anti racism radiology and then oversee the work done by a political officials to make sure that they are adhering to these views. It is a recently anti democratic in so far as it removes democracy from the process. You need to have this kind of bureaucracy, ized totalitarianism, and it is to tell it areas and in so far as it requires a certain ideology that must be enforced from the top down to which you must have here, and it applies to. Every facet of life would have been very good at that there has to be a totalitarian regime,
in this country in order to meet his vision, one we'll just back its valuable that he is willing to say as much I lad, not everybody is, but those who believe this adhere to that very belief that the donation is racist at its core and there has to be some sort of authoritarian mechanism to extirpate that evil from people's hearts. Well, because because, according to them the system itself, there is oh freedom within the system, because the system dictates the parameters by which people are able to act. Therefore, the myth that were democracy, a myth that people have choice, because, because the racism is is this, can, I think, you know we have again an example of how people like us. In a very high leads, people are gonna, get through this just fine. You know our kids go to the thirty thirty five forty tops
go go, go through some training this in that no yeah, whatever happened, they'll tell em up as lawyers Olympus. Doctors will end up asserted that now, at the time so their professions living in some version of an american gated community. It, though here, a living, the meritocratic life. That is wonderful. It is the denial of the american idea oh to everybody else, that is the evil eye. Watched a lot of the first day football yesterday. If anybody else did, but the The degree to which the Our long pre shows on Fox and CBS were given over to political instruction on black lives matter, issues
was was was quite startling and again very important, because obviously CBS of networks and every lay have have now all joined in on this. On this doctrine, a fox now on, via by Disney in the agenda, CBS on by Viacom and This is a moment at which this is the interesting question. I think, the very critical moment for american sports and no one's watching baseball. No one's watching the best well play ass, no one the U S open. And will see how football did the idea that sport is a refuge from the The everyday horrors of of of of of over politicize life is how completely gone, and I think people are voting with their at their feet. There were most
say, I'm just not interested in in getting lectured by these pituitary cases, now I mean I'm serious like who are these is there all the other old steroids twenty two year olds? Who know nothing about anything, giving you a little lecture about dead. You know about it about systemic racism, a systemic, maybe being the first forces three one, two three or four syllable word: they ve ever spoken, I'm I'm I'm talking about. We know who foot we know. American football players. Are, we know basketball players? Are that they are now becoming our moral consciences and ended leaders and guides tip to to our to our bright future.
Gives you an example of how Trot may win, because this culture of lecture and hectoring, and all of that is gonna drive everybody in saying, there's also Christine, but this Christmas is it. You know part of your point in the end the peace which, as you know, I I can't really annoyed when people say that what's happening at the moment, isn't knew that it's just another. Sample. What's been happening, all long, you know you're, just you Excited about this and unduly, but as you can, there is no refuge from this. Now I mean that, as that is the difference, this is mandatory and it's absolutely everywhere. Yeah and aunt em in one of the things, It's that surprising to me is how certain web mode of persuasion, right, education and moral
persuasion were too of the pillars of the civil rights movement in the twentyth century. Right it was like you, we need access to all of the opportunities that every every white person is given and we also need persuade all those white people that we deal with it. We are their equal because you know in equal in dignity, eagle and self respect all of these things, and that was successful, and it was shocking to me I'd actually seen defence of this in. An essay on serve left, left, leaning, writers, who point out when, when consumers are appalled by the example that I gave early, of this unit. This woman, who was besieged by blacklist matter people, insisting she raised her face some of them. On the left was well, you have to be disrupted. That's how the civil rights movement made a point. They were disruptive include. In restaurants, totally missing the idea that, when they went into lunch counter and sat peacefully, a process by the way for which there was a whole lot of training that they went through. They were basically given training them, they practiced being.
Shouted out and harassed in horrible things being said to them by their fellow activists that, when they were in that situation, they sat there calmly as a perfect example of dignity, and the end is people being disrespected and now. The people who were screaming and yelling at them worthy horrible, racist, So in those scenarios I always want to say to the left. Well, which one do you thank you- are you're the one screaming and yelling at the people sitting. Having said even that kind of weird hall of mirrors effect is lost because more Persuasion is no longer on the list of approved tactics and that's what concerns me is applications out the window and moral persuasion is no longer the gall there's. Only one other thing you can do, and that is violence.
But I wonder- and I mean people like us of a particular political persuasion- think that it's really stupid for Democrats to not provide some sort of an alternative here. Some way to dissent from this new orthodoxy that isn't supporting Donald Trump, who is its own, goes basket of problems from, but do voters actually think that way I mean I we want these this violence to bite. We want these protests to register politically, but the evidence to support that is relatively thin, not non existence, but then voters dont, maybe necessarily see Joe Biden as a vehicle for this kind of behaviour earliest tacitly accepting of it. Maybe they see him as a bulwark against it in part, because he marries walked toasty statements, again Ireland spoke the least that something I do you're going to have asian his personal behaviors, given no indication that he's the he's supportive of this sort of thing. Quite the opposite, so maybe
I do see Joe Biden as a bulwark against this kind of behaviour and Donald Trump. An end can register their dissatisfaction with this by supporting him rather than just casting a reluctant ballot for Donald Trump, but you know that the best argument for trump- and this has been the best- are you for truck with you. Ruth it or not, is that he has the ability and perhaps the fearlessness, to call out. Sort of madness when he sees it without worrying about norms- and you know or other at sea to get does what he was, but also you sort of upsets the apple cart that that clearly needs upsetting. You know- and this is in that sense This is one of those cases where it you know whether or not people like what Joe Biden is serve say,
Mealy mouthed in and you know, condemning Indians, broad and effective terms. They look at trabants at will least he's out there saying this is absolute madness, and this must stop ok, so I think that's true. If the election were today, this is question. If we're seven weeks from the election. And there are more cops or shut, the head, and there are more riots when a guy so the copper, the knife and and the cap has to shoot him and if there are in Portland goes on forever. We have this pole by the leading pollster an organ showing something like sixty to sixty five percent of the above of origami and I don't like the roll call vote the events in Portland Riots, rather than protest, they don't like them, they want them to this is a new one of the most stir Rock ribbed. You know, I love love. Mr Weber
communities in the country and reliably democratically voting community and the longer. This goes on. The more the mealy, the mealy mouthed stuff may look like its politics and like a form of elevation to say I condemn all violence. This is not right out there that like this, but if we are worried if, if everything keeps going on this way- and it's like October thirtieth. And there's another race riot in the Vienna states, two or three days before the election and the city is set on fire and Biden hasn't said anything to move the football in his direction. I don't know I mean the late breaking voter them is gonna, say who's The guy here who's gonna, protect me from this well and in its work, noting that the re education goal doesn't care at all whose president right they just need to capture the ins
the and actually the least important one is the presidency, for them is much more important to capture the schools and the universities and the cultural institutions. That's actually how more you get what you get quantitatively more people under your under your ideological umbrella, then I guess I shouldn't that's now a triggering word for me with all the anti far umbrella steps forward, but that's how you control our people than you do. If you have someone who, as you know, the kind of ignoring you in the White House and on the left side of the spectrum, so I actually think in terms of the the game, the reeducation anti racism types, don't really even carried in fact trot having trump than they office gives them a kind of rhetorical. Well that they probably appreciate right now. I will say this so if the polling suggests, as it does as the your time spell, simples suggested this weekend, the lawn order is now more important aspect of the election and the virus that does
give Biden an opportunity of the sort that now is talking about meaning. He is not like viewed as being against lawn order, but it me is that he needs to deal with the issue more authoritative, maybe that he has thus far, and if he can, which relies it against himself. Then he probably gonna walk said. Because he is so far ahead on how to deal with the virus, and these are clearly can be the two major issues. We already know the trumpets, probably gotten all the benefits that he can get. If his positive numbers on the economy, which remain in the realm of higher than anything else in relation to him, but again, I think it is really going to be difficult for the bite and people to see clearly through the smoke that their own side
is blowing and we know on the right how hard it is to do everything to me, it would be fair to them. It is very hard when there is a unanimity of opinion on your own side to break through that opinion, to see things that might be really damaging to you, I'll give you an example of this last two weeks of twenty eighteen of the election cycle of twenty eighteen. When Trump was hitting on, though caravans. The caravans coming every day and Fox had the caravans on tv every day and there was the caravans, the caravans, and I it was. There were moments when like why. I guess I'm right. I mean I think this is kind of desperate and it's really not gonna work, but I buy my I'm probably right. They must know something. They know that this is work it Because why would they be hammering it so much? Why is this so and of course it didn't work to work at all. It probably worked against them by
you do get this sort of like when everybody on your side is talking about the same thing over and over and over again it's very hard clear your mind and say I don't know if I really accept that it's like what happens when you know you go see a movie that everybody thinks his friend, how you know the piety the book piety the moment of the movie pilot going you coming to go that was terrible and then you you realize you're cut too scared to say it because people, start yelling at you? If you say you didn't like Paris when it may even like parasite, it was about what do we get unlike the shape of water? What are you create so you're? Like I, you know I was really good, but I could the plot You do not understand the shape of water scene, it an idea what that's Mcgann rotational are another time, but I'm just saying it's really hard, and so in the Bible case, it's probably its harder than the most was. Of course, this, please into every orthodoxy and emotional pie,
and everything that people have been raised on for the last three generations. I would say: that's all into this legs. Have I wear the Biden, people and I'm not, I would watch I will watch for polish. Thank God, please stop stop. Stop. Would let them see play the game like you know, This is not helping me. You can't just play the game. You can't just show up. You have to actively. This is that this is the. This is why their harassing just average people out for dinner in D C weekend. There was a whole another group doing it again in what they kept saying is. Oh stand up, join us overcome your whiteness. There's video this so that to me that was so striking to me, like you, actually have to overcome you're the act then, to birth by standing up in an proclaiming that your whiteness somehow makes you complicit that's the message that they are gonna, be hammering long after them.
Seventy five and puts his hand on the Bible and is inaugurated. If you went and says that's the part where I think you can't have football without the social justice stuff and you can't have music, you can't have baby book mean one of those examples. Like eight different n d, has a baby book a board book This meant to start your kids on the anti racism journey. As you know, newborns it's as it has to be pervasive because its at its re education, it's not adding to the story. It's real. Placing it so everyone please go to commentary magazine that calm and Red Christine Rosen's, very important, You will be re educated if you haven't been rich, gave the right we're going to re, educate you about your re education and, as I said, this is the leader of our October issue, which we are closed tomorrow has a lot of great stuff, and it will be talking about a week for Noah, even Christine. I'm John put words, keep the camel burning.
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