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The Liberals Set Their Trump Trap

2020-10-13 | 🔗
The podcast crew takes up the idea that American liberals have collectively hit upon their closing message for the election: The GOP is the party of the disease. The question, then, is: Will they change their tune and their approach to the virus if their team wins on November 3? Give a listen.
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Welcomes the Commentary magazine Daily Parkhurst, I'm John put words. The editor of Commentary magazine today is Tuesday October thirteenth, twenty twenty an important day, my family, as it is my eighteenth anniversary and the fourteenth birthday of my daughter, sherry. So so this is, It's an interesting thing, having a an anniversary on the same day as Europe as your child's birthing as it seems like it would be very special, but actually a competition gift set up between how
much time you are going to focus on what and everyone living at any time spent on the anniversary has been in the past, deemed hostile at hostile act toward the birthday, so she is now of sufficient aids at this is no longer the case, but it's better. It seemed like a great gift upon her birth. As you know, this had happened on our anniversary very soon. so very you know, but, as I say, it turned out to be an interesting, complicated, dynamic and but but she's a wonderful and a viable one for marriage, and I'm very grateful today I am happy to be celebrating this with my colleagues associate at around Rossman high. Now I dont see already Christine rose high, Christine John.
And executive editor a green Waldheim agent? Ok, I wanted to throw something you guys that occurred to me really become less light, as I was, as I was falling asleep So it's it's either a brilliant in you know of the of that serve sword or its or it's totally per were preposterous, and he goes like this
Whether or not at eight is certainly not a conspiracy or that you know some people had a meeting and sat down in the mainstream media and the Biden campaign in Democrats and and Advil all of America's liberals had a had a zoom meeting at which they hit upon this strategy. But there, I think, is a devastating strategy thing going on that. May help explain why President Trump seems to be flailing in the wake of his covid nineteen Osis, and why the cover diagnosis was eerily helpful to the democratic narrative surrounding the election and why it is nothing beyond as a super spreader beyond Trump, which is its not just that the covert diagnosis reminded everybody of the pandemic in the centrality of the pandemic is that it gave.
Created a new story line the story line is the republican party? Is the party of the disease so had the event at the White House and people at the White House getting it. You now have this very issue. Still thing where pence, how A pseudo there's, two or three days about whether or not the debate was gonna have to feature was gonna have to go virtual because of carogne or whether there would be the spit guards which their ended up being. in in the very their highly competitive Senate race in South Carolina, Jamie Harrison who is running against Lindsey grew. suddenly made this whole case that line
see Graham, might have the wise and testing for the virus, whereas the virus test wisely testing for the virus, and so we cannot get away from the virus. Trump can't get away from the virus. The republican party can't get away from the virus, the Republican put just as in two thousand and six, the sex, the congressional sex scandals somehow became a party wide problem when it was two or three congressmen organised a congressmen. The senator whatever. and obviously that was a much different situation that didn't affect everybody in the country nonetheless as the election approaches, if you watch the new it's all this trumps rally. Why should he shouldn't have a rally he's spreading virus? He could be spreading virus, they could all be spreading virus. No one should ever have a political event. They could,
we spreading virus. All of this they don't care whether or not he has rallies they don't get. This is about the narrative that the Republican Party is the party of the virus and, if you and therefore implicitly, if you vote out Republicans, you are voting out the corona virus that isn't it That is why this is my theory from late last night. I don't think that's a controversial theory at all, with the exception of the fact that the same the usual suspects. Her were barking about trump rallies, being public health risks were doing so before this event at the White House. So it's nice more bet it it's a preacher. Certainly no, but it's over line that you can it's a line that has
for new Sally I to go, but nevertheless it is a political drive and more to the point. I think there will be this, and I said this day he got his positive cases that he will forever be a radioactive ended a long after this disease has had cycle out of his system and he is no longer infectious, whether you believe his doctors or not. It's well past. The point at which any observe cycle of this viruses and run its course
but it will persist all the way up until election, that anyone who gets into proximity with this president, both physically or politically, will be considered a radioactive ethnic. I mean Trump in the jail appears. The typhoid Mary of this election is kind of the it's great it's great branding on the part of the Democrats. What there's another aspect of it that I've seen in the last few weeks that I think is also gonna post election, be become much more salient and that's the the fact that we ve started to see on the margins and certainly among some of the design of experts. A lot of questions raised about lockdown, emphatically school lockdown there, even the Atlantic, which you know his is had a lot of kind of fear. Mongering pieces recently had a peace over the weekend about why we should reopen school.
The evidence is pretty clear and the way we ve spent months talking about the goalposts shifting, but I think there's a there's, a strong political motive right now not to talk about that not talk about reopening until after the election, and that, I think, will see at suddenly look. The narrative is shifted. We have a new president. Everything Getting better we're gonna have a vaccine will see the shift happen in real time very swiftly, but I'm it's it's interesting to me how much of this the masking theatre that that the binding campaign does is and these strange events he has the one he had the other day. I think it was a Michigan where he standing there and there's a bunch of trucks. So looked to me like a scene from the horror movie Christine that was based on those misshapen. King novel, like all the cars are just sitting, people were driving into hear him. These sparse rallies are actually seen is virtuous in this narrative, and so Jonathan
True- and I remember Noah, saying months and months ago, that this was gonna- be how it played out politically for buying that there was just nothing in it for him to to paint an optimistic picture about how the course the pandemic was going and that something happening. I also think it's completely true, and what is interesting is the counter to was so so Trump then tried to pay him, as the candidate of the cure right, you heap, he came out, is any he almost as if he is, if you fact it himself to have two further to get a real grasp on on what the problem of the nature of the problem is, so he can solve it. He described his restaurant as restaurants called were Jenna regenerates. Iran is a place you go to eat with their tables and dishes I've heard of such things. In the past, the rest wrong
yeah right, can regenerate his right of heated discussion around the place you gotta eat in the south. If he had discovered a restaurant startled me them, then he might habits he might behind. This happened I'm sorry. I'm gonna have a monopoly air to be fair as much as I despise. The theatrical seen chewing covered in the theatre of it all and binding campaign is being really excessive. By maintaining eighteen feet from his nearest central Peter and it's all offer show the the super spreader event at the White House was a result of their own negligence and they do not have any alive ugly moderated, but they never
never mind, but here's my ear Abe so Trump does needs this election to be not about how he and his people are superstructures, become a disease. Obviously, that's not a good message going into the elected going into the voting both or the early voting right that that is, you might say, it's just about the worst possible message. You could ever conceivably come up with in the history of the world. Well so, but he can't figure a way out of it, because every action that he takes
is then seen refracted through the prism of this question of the contagion of the virus that that that's right. So what could he do? No three weeks from today's election day and remember, we may see as many as thirty to fifty percent supposedly outer. Now I find this all ridiculous, but that you have thirty percent of a hundred and fifty million votes are gonna, be cast for election. They, let's is probably not going to be that Benita. Let's say where, basically in election day right now so three weeks, I don't, I don't think from hasn't another play on his end right I mean, I think of it the times more or less up, which doesn't mean something camp.
Lately, sudden and unforeseen couldn't happen on be Biden, Harris Side, Tis to still change things, some some disaster on their part. Although it's it's it's hard to see what that would be boring God forbid, a medical problem on their own there and all right, but I but yeah, I think, he's he's he's play that out. I mean you know he get the idea that hey I got this, I beat it had been quickly. We can be strong through this. This isn't the end of of of the country in the broad strokes. That's that is the best thing he could have done the wood. The way he did it was a little crazy or a lot crazy and no one was receiving that message and there's a weird desert, tat problem of town I mean obviously even commenting on a problem of talent. Trump seems ridiculous, but add to that point,
If you look at the rallying, he had in Florida, but yesterday in the tone is euphoric that he triumphed over this virus and that's the wrong tone to have not merely because did the horrible horrible devastation. This thing has repeated that the hundreds of them The boys loss, but the fact that you don't you for it is not- is a weird thing to express to the public about your own battle with something that you can control humility issue. I should be exposing grateful gratitude and I mean he's clearly grateful for the support he received any. He said that many times, but you know he was talking about Europe crowds A thing into Floridians suggests men and women. It was bizarre, I mean, did that kind of euphoria. People were Oki, Billy was on drugs, but I think he probably I think it's revealing of just how scared he likely was and how sick he likely was and in his experience. But but it's the wrong political message. I think
this moment, but I kept just as pure matter of pr, though I have to say that I think humility would actually in a weird way, really certainly be the end of him, not not that this isn't already the political ends in that the way you want to boost your profile. These days is really to serve amplify. What you are already? What? Whatever there is, that people are interested in you may go back on that in some sense, so be to shift to humility, for trump would be seen as a total. Defeat of a sword number that there would be away I'm it again. I am not even sure. What's interesting, here is trumps reaction, get to the extent that he's kind of boxed into a corner that is almost anything that he would do we could do would still provide the echo for this message. That is so helpful.
to them. I think, but you know we could have said like it. Doesnt I forget about me I got you know, I'm I'm I was sick. I got over it or I'm sick. This is all about use elections about you thought about me and yet important is operational warp speed. That's what's important. What's important is you know the motto, colonial anti bodies which are gonna gonna, help people, that's what's important, I'm not what's important here, read your what's important and remember. That was the thing that I think helped Biden win. The debate aside from trumps own performance with Is that Biden kept turning toward the camera and saying this election isn't about me? It's about you and even there you can see
that bind by saying I'm not gonna, tell you what I'm gonna do about court packing. I'm not going to tell you what I'm gonna. Do you know I I'm not the issue you're the issue and trumpet the issue. Don't make me the issue. Don't make my views, my positions, my I'm not gonna, cooperate in any effort to make anything that I think are believe the issue we're billion screaming about this, and you know I don't know that he's gonna get away with her not get away with it right, but but, but that it's all part of the narrow and trump you know, feeds that, and if a thumb- and he doesn't have another pitch is how he doesn't. He doesn't know I He doesn't have a natural understanding of how to do that. How to say this is about you, because nothing is about any body else in his
mindset. But I just think what what what you see when you see this unbelievable pessimism, just like the news about covered is just will let less pessimism of an almost you know. It's like one person in Nevada. Nevada. Excuse me: a gets a has a resurgence of the virus, a second coming of the virus, one person in the United States out of seven million positives, and there are new stories about it. Michael Mina, who is the epidemiologist at Harvard complained about this this morning, that these stories are irresponsible because they are going to create a panic on the basis of some
it is apparently not representative of anything. Similarly, we have the the case. Numbers arising, you know, Idaho, doesn't Idaho doesn't have enough. I see you beds for the outbreak or whatever the notion that, like the death toll, continues to fall, that the case numbers increase and the hospital innovations in vessels as a as a factor of the virus in general are, are you know down, as opposed to up and all that we never get any of that and that the question of what happens at Biden wins and its November fourth November five November? Six. Will we continue in this? We are trapped
nightmare from which there is no escape, or will we suddenly get thee hey. You know what this regenerate treatment is really pretty good. Everyone get you know, and you know I think we can open schools now, because you know what they're really not schools really are super spread Let me look only Emily Auster said so in the New York Times doing a you know a lot the two most studies, so they are not really in all this, but it's this everything is terrible and so that just has a practical political advantage against trumpet the Republicans. For obvious reasons. Yes, this is my trajectory of events. if, by whence you have a lot of big city mayors already on record saying the end of the term, which just happens to coincide roughly with election day is when they're gonna re, evaluate and prepare for opening schools the schools ago. First, because you ve already started to see data
data pieces in american press reflecting what we ve known for a very long time from research abroad, that schools do not represent a profound risk. In fact they have a lower risk relatives community with regards to transmission, so they will go first The already saw people like that, the head of the dead which I say now we don't like lockdown. We never advocated for locked and locking, Frederick pony and measure, and what's more than not really all that effective, so that will serve as a predicate to reopen everything, but not the second trump losers and not, but not before or non duration day. The swearing in of the new Congress, I think, Janeway. Third, something along those lines, will will become the point at which we reached the pivot because then we will have a legislative mechanism to achieve the kind of things that we want to do, and the progressive side of things and progressive mayors who
Governors rather who are most of whom were on the record, many of whom were on the record, saying back in April may do and that we're not gonna get out of this thing until we have a vaccine will come to terms with the understanding that the vaccine is a little further. and we wanted to be last night. We got some news from Johnson and Johnson that they hold today a trial as a result of the sickness is really difficult to develop a vaccine, particularly on this truncated timescale. So
can't sit around and wait for that and they all the other. They ve all reached the understanding that revenues are critical. At this point, I don't know that they will retain or saying and hears here's the outlets which, as you are part of an the or part of the story line that says that we are in this unprecedented horror. And then, if you follow me again, I there's no conspiracy. Nobody got together to decide that they were going to do this. Liberals and the liberal culture are in a moral panic about the future of the country and how we are about to you know, go through with it I was in years of darkness if Trump wins again, and if the Republicans prevail in the Senate and whatever, and so their mood is gonna clear up. If Biden wins, a lot in colleges plays into all of this and so date they they feel this way in part, because they feel this way
everything and they will suddenly have a totally different emotional perspective, but I don't know that that is true of the tens of millions of people who have bought into them Why that they need to stay in doors until there's a vaccine? I dont know that you can shut that off by Andrew Cuomo or a Gretchen. We murder or the mayor of LOS Angeles, saying you know what we're going to reopen now, because that they're, not the public, isn't aren't robots. Aren't there robots liking, it depends on how much the public has also bought into this, and if the Poles Ernie Judge dead they have bought into it, does significantly how much trump is the existential, right rather than covert so once the existential risk is removed. If binding wins, then I think we're gonna hear from a lot of those governors and mayors
not living with a certain amount of risk right. We have to manage the rest right now. You can't manage the risk because, as long as trumpets in charge, its existential existential risk can be managed in the same way. Right said the rhetoric just heats up, one sees removed. I think we will. We will see more of that kind of well. It really is like the flu here. The ways were handling it. We don't mean of the federal government, sound good hands. I mean look in D C, for example, we ve had very few. There was a couple of days as we were. There was not a single covered death there. You know a few new cases. Our teachers unions are refusing to go back into the classroom until there is basically zero of any minutes. If you read their rhetoric, that's what I'm here for safety is, is the only option, but that that's because they know the mayor will cave to them. I don't think she's going to continue to cave once once bind whence. I just don't think she. Well, I don't know this is my question. People have been in a state of trauma for many months and you can't turn vote
like a light switch when you want to you can't like you can't, but they can explain our young away as dealing as living under trump if they are even moderately inclined towards the liberal view of the world of the last few years they consume see that purging of him ass a perfectly their lancing that boy. Nor do I think they do. But do you think that I mean? I assume that we don't think that you know people who are like panicked about the virus and living living in the most Stephen draconian possible ways are doing so as a as a protestation or were, or is an example of their liberal face. This is pushed very elemental, primal buttons for a great many people, and it has been exacerbated in my view, by the way that everyone has talked about this as a public manner for the last six months and, as I say,
when they want, if when they want to say Ding Dong, the witches dead everybody in our work. You know everyone come out because the house has fallen on the witch and now you know, Munchkin land is safe. The munchkin may not come out of their houses. You know the teachers unions aren't gonna come out of their the teachers. Unions believe that these kids are gonna, kill them. and they're, not gonna, settle valley. What another now studied Do our homework. let's quantify this, what's the percentage that does, let's say twenty five percent, of the days of the seventy five percent out. So it's seventy five percent contrivance yeah, it's a political contrivance. They don't actually believe that they don't actually believe zero cases. they want actually believe zero risk does not really it's. I don't think it's real and I don't care during at once. If you're trying to quantify fear and say
that I think we're overestimating what I could be. That's what I've been. That's, that's the question I mean. Maybe I'm overestimated, but now I think I could also not be overestimating it. You can't be Andrew Cuomo and throw you know, people in jail and shut down religious services for six or seven months and then reopen them on on November force. Can I ain't? Nothing is not an obstacle work. I can just go. Buy em observation, an anecdote here. because this is a similar question- had come up about what the New York public would be to the opening of dining indoors. Would people go with it from what I've seen people reading endorse in India in in pretty substantial numbers emulate. I, they're, dead, indices. Well, yeah I mean that
certainly, but it seems to be so. I think up enough to meet this like what is a twenty five percent, I mean that's a low barter clear. Yet, oh yeah, Places are gonna, look filter the exempt you can fill them. I mean there were competing traumas at work here. You know, there's there's another nonsense. People are absolutely petrified of the disease itself. and then there is the trauma of not being able to Roma. Freely and partake in those aspects of life that they have enjoyed up until seven eight months ago. So ok, and give you a different example. So Biden wins Democratic, the Senate,
you know our long national nightmare is over. According to you know, according to liberal culture in the movie theaters open, let's just say this is the question: is anybody going to go now, cording to you, a people might go because they're going to restaurants. I I just don't know that you can. You can reassure people that everything is clear when you have established in everybody's mind without saying so. There were only gonna be clear when there is a vaccine, and so you can say trump you'd have the election is the vaccine, but I don't know that people are really
we gonna feel like the election is the vaccine. I mean maybe in Berkeley, you know, and you know, and at some other places the election will seem like the vaccine, but ordinary frighten people are still going to be worried about going to a movie theater. You bet there's, but there's I think, at its heart in rapid there's that there's a whole cadre of people right now who are abiding by the? U, no shelter in place, the most extreme measure kind of mentality, because two to challenge that is to allow yourself with the sight of trouble, and these are people who don't like trump- they don't like when he stands for that. like us, whereas they don't want to be seen as a as a mask defying we're trump trompe and right there. They don't want to be seen that way, and I wonder how many of the people who are Going out who art who are very careful about this is given permission to be less insane and less lockdown will embrace it.
because I know a lot of those people. I know a lot of people who, like you I mean I was working my dog by myself for ten miles, but I still wear my mask. Is I don't wanna get yell that I dont want people to think I'm one of those mask deniers. I think that's a there's, a swathe of people in this country who wrote that description. Ok, I want to talk about masks, but before we talk about Basques, I wanna talk to you about our sponsor today: bills: dot com because, as I told you before, being in debt, stinks credit card stood modes, mortgages doesn't matter what kind being in debt flat out stinks and there is a way to beat your death its bills, dotcom, if you're losing sleep over Maxwell credit cards or stressed,
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and we thank bills, dot com for sponsoring the commentary magazine, Podcast, okay, ok, so CDC, director, Redfield and various public health officials keeps saying this thing and I will stipulate that we are not epidemiologists were not. Doctors were not ok, but were reasonably literate people who have been spending you no seven, eight months reading up like this, like we're taking a graduate seminar and they say, as I heard someone say, MSNBC yesterday, if ninety five percent of the public would wear a mask, eighty thousand deaths would be prevented. That's what some guy I don't!
but who one of these guys with glasses and gray hair said on MSNBC Redfield said we could wipe out the virus and eight weeks, if everybody warm ass. What what's going now is this towers man? Is this science or magic? Is this actual? Is it that if you were a mask, the transmit, the spindle spray transmission would be so hampered that nobody would really get it anymore answer, but of course it would only work of ninety five percent of people did it, of course. Ninety five percent of people and nations- random thirty million people are not going to do that. So it's not gonna happen or is it
That science, or is there some weird talus manic thing that if you, where the mask it is a symbol of your general behaviour of caution, jacket of just where a mask and then not do anything else that has attended upon wearing them
like you're, going to wear it, but you're also going to socially distance, because, if you're wearing a mask, why would you wear a mask and then not socially distance Y? And I am, I feel like three or four years from now, when all the dust settles, there is going to be a reckoning about a lot of these pronouncements that have been made by the public health industry that are going to provide more fodder for the idea that we cannot trust establishment institutions to be telling us the truth about these things or that they are just as prone to ridiculous enthusiasms, and
no trends and group think that is carried out. That is in set it out of nothing as as anything else we don't know by now. You guys are to be able to study this structure. Scientific revolutionary paradigm shifts, and we know that institutions do have these trends where they all there is group, think up a. How could there not be, but I really do think that will only see the fall out of that after we have had months and months of one political parties and we follow science. We follow Science sciences stay a month and we must do. This is and then they win the election, and if that message shifts to know his point earlier, if that message shifts to swiftly that should breed cynicism in public that, like we'll wait a minute, we just we made all the sacrifices we ve done everything you said we followed what you'd defined as the science juvenile. What you're talking about that that that's a healthy
scepticism that can be taken to you. No conspiracy, theorizing extremes, particularly online, but it's it's the public's right to question those institutions when they ve been getting inconsistent messaging from them that it with an overly of politics on both sides. I dont think basking answer will move. The Redfield statement, in particular was kind of an amazing thing. Trump got a lot of criticism for saying that you think Redfield was confused, but the truth is he must have been confused Redfield, because what he said was actually a reversal of everything that he had and they had been saying up until that point, because Would Redfield said was this mass will protect me. My mass will prevail me, as much as vaccine, the leak conventional institutional, scientific wisdom on the question up until he had said that was that you were mass to protect other people Your mask is not your vaccine and and Redfield said that
So to me it it it was pure. It was pure magic us within a political assize magic. I dont think masking. As he said, John is symbolic per se of the interventions you taken your personal life beyond masking. I think it's indicative of the interventions that you would take began masking so that in it also engage in masking probably also engagement, sanitizing, handwashing and social distancing, and all the other interventions that prevent infection worm alone is insufficient knows. As of March around sixty five percent of people said they wore masks. go outside as a lot tomer. Fifth, a breakthrough morning, council pull that has risen to ninety two percent of people, knowing no that's not true, but Nevertheless, something that you feel like you have to tell a pollster which suggests that there is not a lot of resistance to this message. Not even the simplest interventions like masking when you go outside is something better, a hurdle that you can clear.
and if we don't have been so the conclusion that you have to reach him and if we are, we all know that ninety two percent is not a real figure, but it's never was probably close synthesis. Seventy five percent really, but everybody closely universal- thinks that this is the correct message: This is the correct thing to do so. There such ass a ball with their settle to the messaging that their receiving from their political officials in the net messaging changes. We can expect the behaviors well, which suggests then the trumps behaviour on masking is insane just as a practical political matter. Guess that's crazy! You don't want to be on the other set that I'm not sure that that was knowable back in March, but in October its knowable. If seventy five to ninety percent of people essentially believe that vote.
She requires them to say that they wear masks, throwing lots of dog with doing whatever you can't dog, whistle that you don't take masks are important or that you find your serve contemptuous of me asks is yet another sign that you know trumps intuitive instinctive politics. This is not the best way to to a situation in which we are facing headwinds like you want to go, by the data and uses tailored to help you formulate the message that you're gonna, if he is deeply convinced that putting on a mask makes them look weak, that's bad in all this and ninety percent of people in the country say would be but what we wear masks then he's effectively sending the message that he thinks that the people he wants to vote for an
well in and he ate it out. Also robs him of a chance or anyone really on the right side of the ILO, to talk about the fact that most people wearing masks, even if their self reporting Frankly, are wearing them in a way that undermine sir useless even Joe Biden I mean watchword of his press, covers he pulled it out and coffee put it back up, he's touchy and all of us do this. I am not calling him out because it was so egregious because their such virtue signals with there we all do that, like so they're already, the effectiveness level of the Basque is gonna, be diluted by our own human behavior, but that would have again a good leader in during up, health crisis would say. I worm ass. We saw where Mass, let's be careful, not to do this. Isn't this while we were masts, do your best again messaging communicating with public. This is all
Instead, we have videos of him being chopper back to the White House in him, ripping off his mask a I've, not even talking about like what a good leader is. I'm talking about like somebody who was trying to win an election, he can be a good leader could be a terrible later. It could be. The best present are the worst. President, you don't want to be on the wrong side of it of a ninety percent issue. You know I mean I appreciate that masks are driving people crazy and the more you think about it. There are all kinds of upsetting aspects to this like little children who learning, you know toddlers and babies who learned so much from watching the faces of people were not so their parents about silent messaging. How people react one of the reasons that public life going,
public, particularly in cities, but I imagine everywhere, has gotten so fraught and that people are so on edge and that fights break out and stuff like that. That seem out of out of weird character with the way Americans generally behave is that people dont know whether someone is friend or folk as they can't see their face. They can see eyes and therefore they can. The whole thing becomes a roar, shocked, test They are feeling judged by somebody from what their eyes look like, but you know somebody walks by you and kind of has a neutral or even a smiley expression that would be completely vitiate. It but we don't have that, and so You know everybody, I know everywhere you go. You like you're, not sure whether to make eye contact with anybody any more.
Because you know no, whether someone is gonna be like when you look at you know I mean you, don't know what a store on a street. It's really really destructive of the social fabric, and so I appreciate that this is like this notions like out we're all gonna be wearing mask for a year. I mean really we're gonna be wearing. Now, Until next September I mean I don't have the civic life of New York City again, I know everybody who listens thinks we're just so. You know parochial about this, but it's going to be very difficult for the civic life of New York City to survive. This kind of any body is a possible threat to you if you're the sort of person who has that kind of attitude and yet what working
do what I mean. I just think like that's where I sat enough. You can turn off so easily. If ninety percent of people say I should wear a mask. They're not gonna, get take the mask off. So quickly, even if they want to know, I mean it might become more like seat belt use You know that there was this period of transition. Where nobody I mean, I grew up whirling around on the way back as we called it premises, stooge would peddled station wagon, and I wouldn't giving the night. I looked back and horror of those times, and yet you know over the course of a lifetime. Now everybody's buckled up in, as I should have told you guys, my kids car seats back when they were young, they could have been sent to the moon safely and they were so yeah it precisely so, there's a sense in which, like many countries in Asia did decades ago, mass wearing just becomes a culture of thing. When you Take you put on a mask when there's a flu outbreak of imports. Animals, it just is not. It becomes a cultural and something in a very deep.
We politicized end alarming cultural symbol. It just become something most people do and there will always be others who, sadly, Dorsey Belt and their more likely Dinah crash. The way people who don't mask up near are sick. They will in fact others, but it's a cultural shift in right now. In the midst of a culture. War is very difficult to have that sense of normalcy, about anything. Everything becomes a signal of something and that's the thing that no matter who wins in November, I would hope to see resolved little bed that tension and trump contributes to a just simply by the outsize nature of his ok I want to move on, I wanna moving, and then I want to make that very point here. I dont think that you're going to see the kind of culture masking in this country that you see in east asia- I just don't foresee it- it will will be with us longer than problem is necessary and it will at last the pandemic, but well we'll go what will be the first thing to go? Isn't the masking, but the
man, a garment, rending, shaming that you experience on the streets in the event that you're not mass in the appropriate setting based on this person, whose fifteen feet away from you. you're gonna kill that anxiety will disappear and slowly masking would go with it. Ok, so here's what I want to move on to talk about, so each day, yesterday, First Dave Early voting in Georgia right on Columbus day, so huge two hundred thousand people voted and there were very long lines at the early voting. What And what I see- and this is How the narrative this is this. Insane narrative that is now developing. Is that people standing on wine to vote is a form of voters. Suppression.
They would notice this like. There's all the people run light it. So they were in line for five hours. They you interview them on tv, it's like well, if I'd known it was five hours I wouldn't have sent Sudan. I'm real people saying this is just a form of voters. Suppression vote should be easy, you're, not supposed to stand on line. What the hell is going on. Here is one thing in life that you're supposed to stab outline for its the polling place. It is part of the civic obligation of being a citizen, the United States, people have been standing on line to vote since voting began in this country. Oh two hundred and forty years ago, two. I think there are two two explanations I mean I'd. Some of it is partisan, obviously, here this more from Democrats than than from Republicans, but two things one we happen. over the last ten years very much on demand society. We are used to pushing a button and having a result and that's how we like things,
More recently we have been not used to standing in mine. I mean I actually had noticed the last few times. I've had to stand a line for something be first moping out of our house. is being around other people, even with social distancing, which of course causes the lines to be longer because they have to be properly space. Unless you have, you know Russia, the grocery stores, which some of us experienced with very early months, the pandemic, its Then you're out of the habit of doing so, I had actually noticed that this narrative about how lines for voting was- is intolerable. This is started while back? I remember during last mid term. Elections on the commentators would walked, slowly walk the distance of the line to demonstrate. how long it is. Then there were interview people, sir. How long have you been waiting here to vote
God, here you know two hours, that's incredible! That's unbelievable! Can you believe that we that that there there are these lot? You know that that this idea that having to wait in line to vote is another symptom of crumbling democracy. So in two thousand and eight when we had record turn out- and it was the Obama election where he got- seventy million votes, the treatment of Elect they was that it was a giant party. People couldn't wait to go to the polling place to cast this historic vote. They were dancing, they were singing, they were pretty brought food, though there was a jubilant in the new member there were, there was like a million people and let you know in Latvia Park when, when Obama won the election and Grant park, five hundred thousand people were out dancing in Chicago and all
that's so it all depends on whose ox as being gourd here like as long as the as long as the result is fort old, and it's the way you want it, that it's fantastic, that I thought everybody loves crowd. Everybody loves a good demonstration about black lives matter, whether a million people, but God forbid Anybody- should have to wait to cast a goddamn vote. I mean is my- I'm coming out of my years now, you don't even have to reach back into two thousand eight that when I stood on line for two hours in New Jersey, you'll have to reach back three days because it's not like Georgia is the only place that has experienced really long lines, the coverage of virgin is really along lines to vote has been with the tone of perseverance and look is look at what these voters of Europe are putting up with in order to cast her Bela forty five days at of elections have forty five.
days ahead of election time. But no one is saying this is voter suppression and with the difference between Georgia and Virginia, I would like also to say that it is so. My answer is now: will governments it is that it is so much easier now to stand on long lines because of the cell phone, I mean stood on a life for two hours in Brooklyn in two thousand to vote in the bush. Gore election at my local synagogue and I wait on my for two hours and then we got there and they said you know what the voting machines or broken, and so that means you're gonna cast a paper ballot and it's a provisional ballot. Your means? They only count it if they need to because they didn't have there. This was not this is this? Was the system so basically waited for two hours. My ballot didn't count as it was a provisional ballot. I didn't complain, I mean look what what could I do?
Suddenly it's twenty years later, if you wait for five minutes this this this sum world of voters, suppression psychosis has now decided that if you can't just do it like an online pole on drudge, your vote is being suppressed. It's this bizarre move to suggest that anything that isn't-
You know it's like this. This notion that there's no such thing as voter fraud right there's, no such thing as voter fathers. No voter fraud, I mean what are you guys? What are you people talking about municipal elections in the United States? We have every voter system that we have has been put into place in order to prevent very simple forms of voter fraud, ballot, stuffing ballot box, stuffing unions handing over hundreds of thousands of ballot it. There is all sorts of evidence that the two nineteen sixty election was one. by Kennedy, because a voter fraud and Cook county engineered by the daily machine. Nobody knows this for sure, but there were sure aha Hell of a lot of odor fraud in Cook, County and Illinois was the tipping state that one that one Kennedy the election, so that was sixty years ago, wasn't two hundred year,
wasn't two thousand years ago, but there's a there's, a sense in which its interesting, if you look at it in the sixtys, when the parties themselves were much more powerful, much greater arbiters of the process and people had more trust in And in the process than they do now, we sought surprising. In particular the media landscape in the last five to ten years, an online and social media in particular The people now see their vote as an act of instant gratification and it's weird to cast up there. I think really people are used to having an immediate response. To any impulse of their will or emotions in and they don't see why voting should be different and particularly younger voters. This is why I was under a culture Cortez. I guess I have to now refer to as Representative Alexandria cause you protect sugar barons. she's a genius. At this rate she goes on the ear she does these instagram stories, you does his little videos, you cheat talks in the language of you feel some. I'm going to respond to this.
And I mean look- were asked to give our feelings to the gas station Bumblebee Philip our cars like. How are you feeling today went what did you think of your experience? What was your pizza experience like I've gotten seen not on b, we ve been kind of the culture rated to this, and it's not a surprise to see it happen with voting, but we do need to. I think there's a way to push back and because the parties have utterly collapsed, doing their jobs. We gotta find another winter to read, but its educate, ordinary. It's not ordinary people who were issuing these complaints, great its political class. It is this, it is the very online p. It is this political class and this entire voters- suppression industry. That is there ready made to be an excuse for when Democrats don't win elections and it has become a an ad.
It's now reaching a level of absurdity. That is just. I find incredibly offensive that people people are too good to wait on line to cast their vote for president there so busy off their so busy that they can't win online to cast your vote for president. I thought we wanted a hundred percent voter proper, didn't you know like, on the one hand there all like democracy, fetishist, Yellow get MIKE Lee for saying that you know voting, isn't the end all and be all of democracy and, on the other hand, the
should that you might have to sacrifice an hour or two to cast a vote is deemed. You know is deemed something. That is why people trying to suppress black people, who apparently can't wait on line four things. I gather it's like an act of white supremacy that black people wait on the line to vote or something anyhow, but don't worry if this will all go on. Everything were saying will have no effect whatsoever on the ludicrousness of this line of argument, but it because, if you think that you're, when you watch things and you think you're taking care, Is he pills like get out like we ve got to you're? Not taking crazy, kills your right there, all terrible's, your correct. That's that's! Why we're here to try to help! You understand that
you're seeing reality and their living in a world. So we say with that. We will bring this podcast to a close, will see again tomorrow for aid Christina. No, I'm John hordes. the camel burning.
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