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The Media Won't Quit Trump

2021-01-19 | 🔗
Today's podcast takes up the surreal fact that Joe Biden will be president, and Donald Trump will not be president—and yet it still feels like Trump is the only news game in town and nobody cares what Biden will say or do. Also some football talk! Give a listen.
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Welcome to the Commentary Magazine Daily Podcast today's Tuesday January nineteen, twenty twenty one. I am John PUG words the editor of Commentary magazine with me, as always, executive, editor, a green waldheim. How John associate arrived, and I know I am Christine. Rosen is off today. So as we as we record this, we are twenty four hours and twenty two minutes away from the last moment of the Trumpet Ministry
and the first moment of the binding administration, and I have to say that I am very much puzzled and baffled by what the world is going to be like on Thursday compared to today, because it still seems to me that Donald Trump is, is taking up the mind space of ninety percent of the political, conversation in the United States, even as he leaves off then, even as he basically has not been speaking or publicly, for days and days and days you know, We have had this situation with him as the dominating figure in American in world politics now for five years or almost five years and and
I don't know that we know how we're gonna have conversations without him, so much so that when this image appeared last night on the mall of these flags, these hundreds of thousands of flags and put on them all in tribute to the people who had them the poorest of covered. I was almost like. Haven't that happen I mean I know the binding people dinner. But how did that happened like what Biden people I didn't? Even know that they were allowed to do anything until the inauguration, you know, whereas in an ordinary set of circumstances, both not tramping president and without covered of course, this whole last week would have been people are coming to Washington, their checking into their hotels, there are parties who is doing. This was gonna, be there that binds of showed up and they're gonna be do.
X, Y and see on Tuesday night and then there's gotta be a day of service and then not be. This then they'll, be that and of course, there's gonna be this in operation where nobody is present to end and they'll be oh crowds on them all and the water cops and all this at it just doesn't feel like anything, it's gonna change. But of course everything is gonna change I think there's gonna be a an interesting test for the media coming very soon, so tromp was never been removed from platforms owing to his incitement and that the words he uses being deemed as incitement so Now he's going to be out of office, he won't have twitter, he will somehow find a megaphone right. When we assume let's assume for this argument elsewhere, some other place born perhaps his own, who knows
will the media that praised his being de platform because of an incitement will they not cover because to cover it would also be to broadcast excitement right well. The question is: who were the media, because obviously Fox NEWS is going to cover at Fox one of the restructuring itself. It appears to do something about its ratings decline by going more heavily oddly enough in the maggots direction, it some moved its programming around and is putting serve Trump friendly people at seven o clock in the seven o clock out which was a news our in his avenant become another opinion our. So they won't. They will be looking for occasions and opportunities on which to on which to do that, as well as
you know what is obviously be provide. Some kind of a corrective to the coverage of Joe Biden, which we can presume will be worshipping the first hundred days or so. No, I won't have you. I just think that, there is a kind of addiction to to trumpet courses an addiction to every president, like Obama, was the centre of all discussion and George W Bush. the centre of all discussion that serve its in the nature of presidencies, to generate this kind of approach in that people forget that that was the case are obviously the second term of bill Clay, the entire conversation, the United States from January, one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight until February, one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine revolved exclusive exclusively around the personal behavior and personal peccadilloes or defense of same of Bill Clinton. So it's been like twenty minutes been like thirty years of presidency,
very much part of the twenty four hour new cycle created by cable news and then by the internet. The president's have been this these this serve the gigantic figure that lots out all all other news. Questions can Biden be that person after Trump or is as trumps so changed at that he has to be that person I mean I'm not even sure they want to be it's kind of hard to see. Precisely what kind of figure Joe Biden turbines administration wanna, be they they talk in public. And on background to reporters like they want to be born very policy oriented and detail oriented and to drown you in the sort of stuff that'll make tuna deliberately to me.
Between now and this, is it a governing strategy to traded, bury you in details to the extent that you can actually parse legislation, executive orders and their effect just noted to err on the side of a being. You know to err on the side of the kind of guy That makes makes you wanted to know, and that's the sort of thing that cable news channel you gonna have to fight against. They are going to have to drum up draw they are going to have to go into interpersonal squabbles within the White House between Congress will have you not the sort of thing that were used to, but there's gonna, be a huge tune out effect on the part of people who have been drawn into politics, not just viewers, but people who cover this sort of thing for a living being drawn into it because of the trauma they like the drama they like the attention. They like the anxiety that Donald Trump has produced him in his detractors and even the people who were attracted his movement,
they're, not gonna, be there Joseph fiduciary responsibility on the part of some of these outlets. To not let go of that that drama, I dont understand her I don't know having to navigate a world in which Joe Biden is deliberately some innocent. because in as much as that, good governance, it be terrible for the bottom line. So they really do. There will be a conflict there that an end my money would be on media.
Manufacturing narratives tat are favourable to to the drama that we become accustomed to. The drama doesn't have to be binding centre. The drama this is where Trump comes in the drama can be. Ah, how is the job of extra paving the fascist threat represented by Trump, and if this oppose a fascist threat represented by Trump and by the Republican Party, that is in its role? How is that going? How is the extirpation going? What is the nature of the take over of the Republican Party and its ongoing role? I mean we saw the M Wyoming Republican Party or parts of it moving to censure Liz Cheney for her by a vote to impeach. We have the Arizona Republican Party moving to censure, Cindy, Mccain and Jeff
lake for being insufficiently pro trumpet and send him a came for the evil of having endorsed Joe Biden people. In my only talking about seceding I mean there's get. There is a lot of material for people to use and TED Antisocial deploy. The question is whether they will that will serve simply to keep Donald Trump as a border, controlled media figure them. Joe Biden will bet there's at a level of editorial judgment that would have to be made in order for you to cover those things at with the kind of four today that they covered that that sort of stuff in it and the Trump era. My my inclination. There is that in a pre trump world, that sort of thing
is newsworthy, but its newsworthy in so far as you lump it into a single piece about these Inter party tensions, and it Maybe gets. You know a three coverage: it's not it's not the world's biggest story, we're talking about committees at state level, full of functioning. Are you, many of whom are Tori, especially at that level, unhinged activists types and who don't I have a whole lot of say over how the party develops a party develops top down and that's it. the managerial judgment that I don't think News organisations can afford to make in the age of trump, not just because there being overly cautious solely to make a case, because it to that and also because it advances this narrative of the Republican Party as being in state of civil war, which has been the narrative. the prevailing narrative since two thousand aimed at Least- and You already seeing those organizations pivoting to this in a covering the Republican Party in the wilderness in Antwerp.
Logical way as that it there. devoting themselves to a scientific evaluation of the evolution of this organism in its natural state. I fear breeds I tried guide, say it's an manufactured narrative and one that is not purely designed to to keep the trump momentum to the movement of the trunk momentum and now that the monetary value that was Did it with a going, why? I don't think it's that self, conscious that they know they need to do it, because it is a job. You know that they don't know what's going to generate ratings. Let's put it this way and the one of the reasons that Trump, maybe so important to them going forward, is that it's not gonna be enough to say well, there's this guy and Wyoming who wants to censure was Cheney, cause a whose lives, Cheney and be who's the guy in Wyoming. But if you say tramp tramp,
then create all these associations and, on the other hand, as I think you said, to begin with, they are all our Abe said to begin with. There are committed the idea that Trump needs to be de platform them silenced because of his unique threat and so they're gonna be torn in both directions, because that deserve the side. Horror stories, look at a classic media coverage of the Republican Party is defined. somebody you know, a town council met in Colorado Springs, who says then racist and then make that into the horror of the day. That's that's a classic thing, but the edge Trump took that to a whole other level. Where wasn't just a guy and cholera rings, it was present United States doing you know things that I think are legitimately unspeakable in some cases, and certainly over the last month,
and so that that that focal point remove Donnelly from our ability to pay attention to politics, people who do this for living, but also for from from the general public that is also got an addicted to add to the outrage, stood being outraged Trump, but there's so the possibility, I think it's a very real possibility that there could arise a right wing. Populist figure who does more than just censure Liz Cheney, whose makes to fill the vacuum of of that the Trump left behind in the aid and the outrage the and he will look, he or she will, of course be accommodated by a meter, that what that what they would like to put a new villain up there,
you never see these things coming beforehand, that there could be that there could be a huge figure looming over the right that that was that we didn't expect in. I don't know three four or five months, while people pop up and then they than eggs Well, there's also that phenomena like Michael I've, a naughty you know who serve popped up and then blue and exert like, became a gigantic me, if and then Blue himself up. It was like two months it was like to answer from the moment, their people. we're talking about Ahmadi running for president when he gets arrested, and you know and end and has all these legal actions taken against him for double billing clients, and things like that. So there's that phenomena of the moment, which is that everything is crazy and crazy. People have a unique ability to generate heat and light, and and and news in part because of the nature of the thus in exhaust.
Both more but I still think they need Trump, and yet there are committed to doing something do doing what they can to move trump off. But you know the Lincoln Project doesn't want to move Trump. Author Lincoln Project wants to continue to focus on Trump and to serve attack everything. That's any even Ansell, airily comment. If that it was not a word Ansell airily. I just. I think I just made that up. I've worked coming, not really word but ok connected to him because that's their business model and that's also their passion than their there. Their goal- and you know, The liberal media have every reason to do what they can to in an odd way support the fringe power in the Republican Party of them more extreme elements, because the more they seem to dominate the conversation dominate the discussion and
and are the motive force of the Republican Party, the easier it is for the Democrats in the liberals Ali be outraged against them, but to mobilise against them and to run against them and to turn the entire party into Sharon Angle, Ah Richard Murdoch Todd Aiken the senatorial candidates from twenty twelve, who made it impossible for the Republicans to gain control of the Senate and twenty two and twenty three, because they were so it insane and extreme up. You know, I think something is going to take up a lot of admits. It would most focusing on the media here I'm a lot of media's attention, which will will be a kind of pandemic. Triumphal There will be a lot of stories about how we are now in good hands. We are now making progress on the pandemic and that,
this way will, every bit of it will be sort of a bad trunk right. It will be, it will be a way of dinging trump and saying you know this is we are we are. We are, we are pulling out of the mess that the method horrible last president left us in that way. The story stays on Trump sort of over. There is best practices to not let drunk. Go. Democrats, however, have a political paragraph two tether every mulligan from now until the Rapture to Donald Trump Republicans Kaliko Donald Trump because mobilise as the base media Kaliko of Trump, because he said these are money making machine tromp can't let go of drum, because Trump wants to me. So, everybody has much doesn't mean. Maybe everybody genuinely insincerely wants to move on and heal the nation the imperatives, financial, political or otherwise are to keep him the news and to mirror his affect. Can we do them? a Romo thing sure, because it
absolutely her ever grow John. You like this. For us, Maria barter Roma Fucks business anchor play this morning, just casually dropping this quote, a new report says that some far right protesters have discussed, posing as members of the National Guard infiltrate the inauguration much. The way. Democrats infiltrated. Two weeks ago and put a mega clothing, referring to the capital riots Democrats Prison like this, pushes the thinkingly sherry boost us, put on a mega hat and and started raiding the capital building. This is insane what the hell is this. There was a meeting on one arrests. There was one arrest of a leftist extremists who seem to have been in we now a person right who got it. To the capital one one arrest there have been. I think two hundred and fifty arrests made so far
There is one we rightly reference at pull pro public video collage collapse. All the parlor videos that were taken down- and I was watching some of them this morning and there absolutely horrific and you're telling about many hundreds programme, dozens of people outside many hundreds inside that building and there is no ambiguity about what these people were forbidden, what they were doing and what their intentions were, So this is just a rank, propaganda and abject lying to the audience deliberately designed to mislead them, and this is a news channel is a cable news channel. That is my question to making I want to get up in the morning such as easy task is lying and rang propaganda, or is it is it psychosis? I mean I don't know which is better or worse or whatever I dont know Maria. Art aroma became famous speech, She was she was the first of the that CNBC
money honeys remember this. Twenty five years ago she was somebody who was on the floor of the stock exchange serve talking about where the How was that our, and then she became a kind of money, pundit unseen b C and had a show- and she interviewed see- I and stuff like that- she married one. She was served in end something, to her over the last seven or eight years, and she has now become a more guarded central figure very little different from and as this quote indicates, and she is about to get a try out in the in the seven o clock. Our on fox, which has tried, which is doing some kind of a kind of beef, golf with various fox personalities to see who gets this our borders in its her kill me to end on a tray gouty, Regarding now renewing our legal Rachel, Campo, stuffing location,
she was also a coup who is a very charming person, but has gone totally magua centric up. So I think your question, though John, is an excellent one, and I'm I'm inclined to think that it is more about delusional thinking rank puppet propaganda. I attended in this this. This goes for the left extremists as well. I tend to take them at their word. For the not. I think that together the worst problem. I think it I think it's worse than rank propaganda. I think they are in the throes of of conspiracy thinking. I mean it's interesting as propaganda, not propaganda. it's almost as though it doesnt matter anymore, and I mean there's an interesting thing going on Joe Biden will be sworn in at noon tomorrow.
someone just as were speaking sends me a text with a link to a tweet by a pastor. Dame Gregg LAW passed, her Gregg Walk was a hundred thousand followers, and this view is a parallel them echoed all over. The place quote to be clear. changed my mind about nothing Trump will remain. President Biden will be exposed. America, were main free revival is coming unquote. Ok, a hundred thousand followers. I know this guy is really but there and the replies are amen? Yeah, God is good how the lawyer, we love you passed her lock. You know I am praying for this to happen agreed. You know I mean so this isn't
you know it Trump said the election was stolen and we're never gonna, except the validity of the Biden presidency. This is trample remain president after twelve p m tomorrow. No again, so it's a hundred times followers, we don't know the followers are, half of them could be. You know, like media matters, for America trying to watch crazy, rightwing opinion, but let's say that there are today there are five million people in the United States which would make up. You know two percent of the population or something like that. who actually think that somehow, between now and twelve p m tomorrow Trump figure out a way to remain president. and then it's twelve, a one and Trump is no longer president. That's a lot of people whose delusion. Will then crash into the shoals of reality. Does that mean
does it matter. Do we just laughed that off cause? It's only two percent of America? I dont know honest lead on them, but I don't think I I dont that we left off we the size of the mob at the capitol They are not all propagandists there. There there they were there. because they believe it. You know and they are, they are just the Tipp of the spear look. I was thinking about this in relation to twenty sixteen, and no poll was done it in twenty seventeen on the verge of the on the verge of the inauguration of Donald Trump, where Democrats were asked, if they believe the Trump had been aware was a legitimate prisoner had been elected legitimately there was no
The only thing I could find was a Harris poll in the spring of twenty seventeen, where people were asked what Democrats thought not not what the truth was, what what they thought Democrats thought, and it was something like sixty percent of Democrats thought that other Democrats thought the Trump wasn't the legitimate president. So, let's just say so, it's not really in it and it's not a precise parallel, but there's a lot of there's a lot of people who are expressing wall, including me. Fact that the pulling in the last week suggest that sixty seventy percent of Americans think that binds election was illegitimate and unfair, and he is that he is an illegitimate president. But I think basically this is an attitude that is now going to be shared by every has was was fought about pretty.
Every president, including Obama. If you take the retro active birth tourism as an effort Delegitimize his election, that would only rose like really in twenty eleven, two thousand and ten, two thousand and eleven, so Bush was illegitimate because Florida was stolen. Obama is illegitimate because he was not a legitimate present cause. It wasn't born the United States, trumpets illegitimate, because Russia, and because he didn't, when the popular vote and now Biden is illegitimate because they change the they made it too easy for people about, as far as I can tell, and the media are unfair. The media unfair and they change the rules and the media being unfair, was also part of the Obama, would be part of a general republican idea or conserve idea that both in twenty two thousand and eight and two thousand and twelve, that the medial surface of the block and tackle with a report on the worst aspects of of a
as the history. and associations didn't like tell us what happened on the famous rush of Holiday Birthday Party celebration tape. Where Obama spoke that the delay times literally buried, organise, put in a vault and won't let anyone ever hear and then in twenty twelve serve serving as their black has blocking tackle on Romney and That's that's illegitimate. So basically, all people that you disagree with her now illegitimate, but this dates back his day, airbags effort, our interests or a service go. There was this famous yoke of Paul from MID twenty, a teen found, a full two thirds of Democrats said that they believe Russia tampered with, though, tallies on election day, which was not ever lead much less proven it was just sort of at something that they were offered an opportunity to say that, and then they took that opportunity.
Sort of a comfort blanket and you saw people like a rat throb doldrums presidency, people like Hillary Clinton, since twenty sixteen opponent saying let down from, was an illegitimate president using those words illegitimate. President feeding these these, Iris. What is different about it is that nobody ever act in that way. He said it the kind amended. It wanted to believe it and nobody has ever acting like this government had been stolen hijacked by any legitimate president and that rendered the entire system illegitimate. Thus, in legitimized whatever action you, take against it now. People are acting like the government. Is illegitimate and then all rules of engagement are out the window and you can do whatever you can restore the legitimacy of that government even taking taking extra legal action extra costs, national action to support that project? That's what different about that. That's! What makes its Gary means incumbent on everybody who certainly footing with these narratives to realise that they were playing the fire and to stop doing it. But we haven't seen that kind of risk
this: it will listen, you know with the change in administration and we have a change in all kinds of policies, and fiscal and monetary policy will be among the most notable in terms of. changes. Janet Yellin, testifying today in her hearing to be confirmed as secretary of the Treasury is somebody If you need to know what giants gonna. Think former chairman the fad now becoming the the Treasury secretary, you need financial vice and financial analysis that deals with what she will do, and you can get that really brilliantly from our friend at the bonds and group a financial management,
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I'm saying he's going to manage the hell out of this crisis. We have a lot of extremely pessimistic talk coming out of the administer the incoming administration RON claim the White House Chief of staff saying we're going to see half a million deaths. You know before spring apparently is going to focus on this in his arguable address, I think, would be pretty dark and- and a lot of this is then gonna be in support of Biden, saying I'm gonna get a hundred we're gonna get a hundred million doses into american arms and a hundred days. But, as we pointed out the other day, as we evolve in points out this morning in national who dot com it's not that ambitious, said task to get a hundred million. Don't we have basically been averaging Thursday and Friday of last week, we average the million doses anymore
organ arms, so a hundred million doses I, as a million doses a day so were already there. So I don't know, Managing the hell out of this is gonna. Get us to a better shouldn't. Should the managing. How this mean that accelerates, rather than stays on the pace that it has already achieved. A you are you are. You are the person who, like stairs of those numbers, our than warrior yeah yeah, I mean the numbers have been late, they they do fluctuate like so we went. We did a little then on over the weekend, but but dip over the weekend I can about, but the trend is unmistakably going in the right way we ve been rising dramatically week after week. yeah the analogies over used, but this should be a kind of moonshine. I mean he should be shooting for something massive right
way beyond. The nome. Is that were already talking about as opposed to being? In the same, it invites zone of of where we are and end. The weird thing is how few peep not weird it's kind of expected, but the notable thing is how you people The Mundus you know this this this was already accepted as as part of the thank God we have someone in their who's. Gonna who's gonna, take care of this I may look, I don't think, there's any question. You know that Trump or the trial Restoration deserve praise for the speed with which the vaccines word developed and supported, and though the way the the policy decision to basically, just throw billions of dollars at these pharmaceutical company. Saying. Look if you develop a vaccine, we're gonna, buy it no questions. Asked so assume you're getting a five billion dollars from us and go in and go to. It was
I am not sure that a democratic administration would have done and was something that was very sound. It's also clear that America's health care or public health apparatus has failed. This kind free massively, in a way that will, I think, be studied in the in the way that serve some of them The failures around Pearl harbor something we're study because we know oh, that they need to distribute. Vaccines was coming because There was already talk that we would have vaccines by the fall in the late spring and no system of protocols was developed within. They knew there really need refrigerators for the for the extremely cold temperatures at which some of these were restored in places that had never needed or for
nation like that, and they knew this and they knew that new. The other thing and we were gonna. Let fifty states decide all of that and then apparently nobody did anything right that! That's that's! What's astonishing to me, with the exception of maybe West Virginia, which apparently is like far outdistancing every other statement country in terms of how this is working, what were these people do? It hey there were so busy because they were dealing with covid as it was going. But I mean you didn't hire new logistics people. You didn't. I mean I thought the army corps of engineers was going to handle this or people we're going to handle this, and it is Kai, staggering the degree of gum mental failure at all levels to anticipate how this was gonna work and that we started having these more debates about how you know who you know about hush. Get it and why what's the moral frame in which so they could sit around on zooms pulling.
Our respective beards talking about white privilege, minority needs and who should get it for an all this while pull were dying and, while a second while this second wave was, was, was coming and where at a point where you know Here we are fifth or sixth than the world in terms of AG. Administering the vaccine and end It's fine to lay this at the trumpet Menstruation Sweden. It deserves it. That's what I'm saying like it's not like. If they'd shown leadership of Trump had de politicized, this to some degree and said, look we're dropping all this something we're going to deal with in a separate way. He didn't know what the hell he was doing and pence didn't. Tents was humoring Trump and they didn't call in fifty help. They didn't come up with a unified, centralized plan or even a plan that wasn't unified or centralized, but in which you would you would come up with benchmarks. Are you coming
a general theory of how to do this right and that's a failure, of national leadership and any effort to Brown knows or try to write off or say two trumped doesn't deserve responsibly, for that is just being an apologist, but every state health. Commissioner, seems to be in the same boat. Every governor, who didn't you now start in July, trying to think but how this was gonna go and instead wanted war, more of what Walmart Walgreens and see vs to handle it. Somehow it's just jawdropping to me, but no, if you weren't you struck by, and so what governments like to do right now. They, like lock, downs, that's what they let you out of your miniature lockdown, I had one in our inner up here for your point briefly, but in all the states that have appealed to private mechanisms to try to bridge the gap here
that is created by leveraging in the public sector level, have been you castigated. Where it scorned for for doing so, so crass is appealing to avenge bright, to create in alchemy. Events where you can get a quick vaccination if they have too many vaccine. not enough first responders to get it or you know, till enlist public's supermarket in the south to marketing in the south, to distribute this sort of thing, but these are pretty effective mechanisms for for redistributing vaccine and I don't see why we shouldn't be it. Going to these institutions stood to cover cover them upset are left by the public sector. I dont know why there is frustration with that sort of thing when everybody needs to be marshalled into the support of this cause, but there she read it all the time is, though, it's like, ah well, they don't have faith in the fat in the federal state level. Governments to do this sort of thing and that's a lie
lack of data. So why should you I, should you had this point? What really is predicated on faith. Ok, but this is the one thing and twenty twenty one you should be able to do, which is Europe person in New York state? You want to access your New York City, you want a vaccine and you you felt one of the categories. There is no centralized database, you go you go on a website. There are fifty five different places to get an appointment. If you get an appointment, one that doesn't mean you can't get an appointment at the other. You go to the other. You make another appointment, go to one slash, three you or they're. All the appointments are gone. Nobody there is no system at which, unlike every other thing on earth, where, if you do, x. It closes off doorway. Why? Because there's a cell phone and the internet and databases, and be shared, and do
but no one set that up now know what you are. I mean you guys are, as you are absolutely right, that This would have been done better if event bright had done a precise because event pride in all these things are set up to handle such things, whereas you know a and individual silly MD that have he's gonna have the vaccine that isn't connected to a whole bunch of other databases and that's New York state, which was the worst hit state in the country until California just got outdistanced us right. So if you go it's all luck. If you got an appointment for somebody over the age of sixty five or seventy five,
walk, walk its luck. Why? On earth again rock- and there are plenty of people in the medical field who have very limited exposure to potential at rest, patients who are taking advantage of their criteria to get vaccinated and good for them. Everybody should There is no reason why you should have any frustration with somebody who gets get vaccine Incas. That's one less person who gets a vaccine that's a very one, important that is a rule we really important point about this and am not not enough. People are making it, which is that there is. idea that its immoral for you for so and so to get up before. Thus, in such, but in a world in which what we're trying to do is get national heard immunity it. Actually doesn't matter whether you're twenty two or eighty. If you, yet our glower white or ritual, get or in other words it doesn't matter, it makes perfect sense. You have to organise it somehow
and the way Israel did it was by aid. So they had seventy five sixty five, fifty five, forty five thirty five right, so that an that's how they did it, and that makes sense because you're at least breaking up into measurable chunks. So you know you ve gotten. You know as much participations you're gonna get in this age group. Up to this point it serve like you know, lines at the airport when you're in zone one's own zoos on three zone. For so you can load the I am properly but yeah, but notion, that's not fair for in a white people to get it before black people. This is not a privilege like this is heard. Immunity we're talking about here is three hundred and thirty million people. it, was to be protected from the ravages of the virus. I have to say regarding the unpreparedness. Perhaps if states had spent those months that, while over the spring and summer and and fall while we were getting reports of successful vaccine trials in
if a lot of these states had spent that time, not saying. Oh we're, not gonna get the vaccine by the bye as soon as the President says. That's ridiculous or not saying I wouldn't trust a vaccine that comes out of this administration and instead actually laying the groundwork to deliver a vaccine, the second it hits the ground we could be in better shape. Well, you know that's what I'm saying we need among the many reckonings we mean among them like how did January six happen and all of that, if It would be a way to do as very serious long term dive into what happened with this public health crisis, and you know
hat. Why? Where the failures were and how we can learn from them? That would be great, and of course, it's not really gonna happen. That way, because too many people who understand this are implicated and have a political access to grind. And, oddly enough, I don't feel like we are grinding an ax here like I, you know we are not where it. This is an ideological publication and, were you know, we like when we like, and we dislike whom we dislike, but I don't really care about that in this case, and I think it would be great for America if we could look at this dispassionately once it is over and try to make sure that how this happened never happens again, but I don't know that that's going to happen, but I, what I do know is going to happen. Is I'm going to talk to you about fresh, Lee another new advertiser for us. Because do you need help keeping your new year's resolutions to get in shaping the right? Then it's
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as Anti Blimken, the incoming secretary of state is testifying today, improper before the Senate Foreign Services Committee, to be approved, as the Secretary of State with Ruth Weiss as peace, a tale of five Lincoln's right this article, where she goes through, that the the history of the Blink and Family Lincoln's great grandfather was a notice yet a writer of the at the turn of the century. His grandfather became an extraordinarily successful business. Man who was then an activist and and the end of a motive actor in try to help establish the that the jewish state his father became who was a member of the Commentary Board in the nineteenth and early mathematics.
Became an ambassador to Hungary, and now there is tony blinkin someone I know slightly, who has served in both the Clinton and Obama administrations and will now be a secretary of state. So what's what? What? What? What set? What what struck he was most salient about this peace limits its not only I'm a great story about generations of of Jews in America and answers what what that represents for many jewish families in America and in the changes wrought. But there is this question in there about devotion to rail Jewishness over time over end in successive generations and
one of the among a leg paraphrase. I can't I don't have in front of me about one of these serve ideas here and it's interesting is this idea that I see you have actually blinkin who- you you at the end, I guess others in his family who sort of devoted were perhaps kind of em, siphoned off wars mimic the being the river devotion to Israel in it
in his in their capacities to dealing with other countries efficient for the. U S, government right, I'm in some ways it could say that them that they are they transferred down there. There, their design is passion to a passion for the Democratic Party and that you go from a grand, a grandfather, Tony Blair, his grandfather, doing what he could to establish a state of Israel to totally blanket supporting as a above administration official, the J C p away, empowering IRAN, which, of course has as one of its stated goals the the elimination of Israel from from the planet earth, which is not to say that something that Tony Blair and believes in. But that is an interesting, serve wrinkle, and I think the other piece we should probably mention is Joseph Epstein means the making of a sergeant list which share, which is his power.
no account of having a written this column about Joe Biden using the word doctor. We talked about a couple weeks ago Emma on the podcast Joe Biden, saying job, I'm sure, collar of a doctor, she's, not a medical doctor, and this is all part of the credential ism madness on the part of the american elite and having written this for the Wall Street Journal in December. The world can crashing down on his head thousands of letters and emails. He was the number one trending topics on twitter, North Western, where he taught for US several decades dropped his name from their website, and and so this is an EC. This is his account of what it was like to be at the centre of one of these. You know: media outrage, storms, We should also mention, I think, the
MIKE's column, because its relates exactly what we were talking about. Explaining why the vaccine roll out has been is problematic as it has been and and mare, Solvay, chicks, column, talking about why Israel has been is as successful as in Spain. Right, so commentary Maghreb, Edward, actually figure editor others on this, which has has everything to do with the capital rights and there's a I never struck out at me that really crystallizes the conditions that the droopy faces it right now. Quote, the Republican Party is in an existential fight for its own survival as a positive force and american politics and a mirror in society, and that's it. That's a stock assessment where we are today he'll be a fight, and it appears as though there are interested parties within
few people are willing to join it. As the Senate today resumes its regular business Senate Majority leader Mitch Mcconnell, who will be majority later for another twenty four hours, no more open business. By saying that quote the mob was fed lies. There were provoked by the president and other powerful people render suggesting pretty clearly that he's not abandoning his original assessment of what needs to happen during the trial phase of impeachment, which will occur before the Senate presume. And while I have every confidence that the republican conference will, you're out some weight weasel out of their obligations to posterity here, most notably being the fact that the president will be out of office. That's easiest one to reach for you also had former attorneys bar say that the president did this in no uncertain terms, all these people are going to print potential. He brought his witnesses during this trial
It will be controlled by Democrats, The amount of evidence that we'll be privy to over the course of this proceeding will be difficult to, ignore for all, but the most shameless public figures, of whom there are probably several enough at least to ensure that the president has not convicted, but there will be a fight and it seems like the Republicans who were will it's a compromise with the tramp movement are no longer well we'll see about that that is not really. I mean that it. That is What remains you see me as also the way the Democrats conductors trial. The way the housemaid impeachment managers conducted trial in the Senate is gonna have an enormous effect on how the republican senators react if, if, if its Eric's wall well, a wandering around saying that everybody, whoever voted for trumpets, a fascist who should be killed, there's gonna be a blow back. If a manager calmly, judicial
flee and with some I toward actually succeeding in winning the argument road than scoring the partisan points that they want a score, and I'm not. I have no confidence, and that is the case This is a very complicated moment and they could really miss handle this very badly in even in their own terms and and and create the conditions from which Republicans could in fact, wheeze allowed of their their object, actions rather than seeing this as it as a moment to stand up and say you know what maybe we can't live, maybe we can't live without him I can't live without a meaning tromp in his and the way he marshals the boy, but we probably can't live with them either, and the country can't live with the example that he's
that and the Congress and the Senate cannot look, cannot live with the example that he sat but will wool The instrument of media environment. Going back to her by Roma is clearly will be. clearly inclined to render whatever nonsense Eric Swallow says as an impeachment them you're, an elevated to the gravest of offences and justify wretch. actively irrational. That Republicans had already reached, which is that the present needs to be acquitted. I expect that to occur that will make it somehow divide. It doesn't matter we're not going to find what I'm saying. Actually there is that that, because of what Mr Connell said, because mourn or information comes out that is not exculpatory but is more damaging and this trial is gonna take a month. It starts the minute that the House transmits the hat,
Then at the house transmit the articles impeachment to the Senate. The trial must begin according to rules and it has to go six days a week. It has start at one p m every day, and you know it This is no joke. Like this whole notion, they could all be kind of brushed under the rug and done quickly and all that that is not going to happen August. Nancy policy sends the articles impeachment over to the sad at Adena how she pockets them and this will be the major event of the of the first month of the of the binding administration and could Republicans there are. Could a third of the republican caucus vote to convict? I think it could at a third of the carcass that seventeen out of fifty at need to vote to too. I don't know I mean who knows I, could it happen? It's not half it's, not two thirds
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of the of the NFL playing against each other in the game. The would determine which team would go to the to the end of sea championship, and Speaking as somebody who was approaching his seventh decade, I was, I found it very moving to see these guys. Forty three and forty two years old, like battling for dominance- and I am struck again by something I wonder if so again, at Tom Brady's forty three drew breezes, forty two, you look at them and they look like they're in their late twenty,
early thirties, and it's like I remember when I was a kid people in their forty seemed a lot older than people in their forties. Do now and I'm about to be sixty, and I don't, I feel, maybe it's because I have teenage kids, but I feel younger at sixty. I think that my father felt at sixty, though he oh, you know. I was like nearly thirty when him when he turn sixty- and I was youngest kids, though, maybe it's kids the do that, but I don't just struck me as a very interesting moment in time at which serve all everyone's on your ones, understanding of age and the passage of time, and all this is undergoing a wheel like his world historical shift and I didn't prepare you guys for this for mother fact. I'm talking about this, so maybe you don't have anything
to lie. I do I know it's. It is a fascinating thing. I have observed the two because, when you now. If you watch old movies and there are very often characters enter the sort of stern. This, sort of spine of the of the film and it's you know some man and dressed in certain. You know you, then you look up the actors age, any she was gonna. Try nine at the time, something you know these batteries is used. he's, portraying the voice of reason. You know because they were its- they not men today a grown man sitting that they dont only look younger. They sound younger and I mean there were going on higher. Yes, it is so it is a fascinating thing, and I don't I don't know if it is part of like the other sort of a lot of large scale. Biological changes that also mystify us that these days, the end
increasing allergies and lowering of sperm counts content and whatever else or if it is, it is purely a function of the culture shape individuals. I have no idea, but it is very real. Ah well I mean you know there was a lot of talk fifteen twenty years ago amber. David Skinner wrote a piece for the weekly standard about, hairless men LEO Leonardo, the Caprio and you know the male ideal, having become as somebody with no no no chest hair. Like the vote that virility- and sort of manliness as it was formerly understood. I had to
can a real love. You had taken a beating, and this is no longer the way, the way that things are, though, if you look at the recent most recent trailer, the movie that Leonardo Caprio is, can be in this sab. This fall with Jennifer Lawrence. He looks like a mountain man, like you, didn't in the revenant, so he these hairless. No longer, though he though he though he was then I don't know aid. It struck me as a vote
free, interesting phenomenon also that they also that these bodies. Obviously, it's freakish that that neither one of them has had a career, ending injury or something like that. Most people in football have careers at last four years or five years, something like that and they're. Obviously, both you know they very lucky, although breeze almost had a career, ending injury at the very beginning of his career, but they both been very lucky and- and they take extraordinary, really good care of themselves and their. We obviously don't know so much more about the body and how to keep take care of it and keep it in peak physical condition. Not that I would you think about that by the way but the but but but such as life of Noah being being younger than we have here. We have literally here a twenty year gap. I'm a fifty nine about three sixty able forty my knowest thirty mind. So we have a
We have it. We have a multi generational difference here and no, it obviously still feels like he's. Twenty nine would that be that's. Ok, I got hit by thirty nine pretty hard the other day of my all, suddenly little little knives being driven into my shoulder, blades forced me to lie on my back. I was like this: is it the rest of your life? You lying on your looking at the ceiling in I get paid for no reason, but yet I I you know I am relatively useful. I dont have many health problems. It's this. Salubrious effective, being employed at this institution. I imagine this is atmosphere whereas Gipsy Yangtse on absolutely worrying. Made of the west in them and the destruction of democratic institutions. Gipsy I will say: data carbon had this bed in a comedy routine, like,
Ten years ago were when this was actually, I think at this moment before he himself went through this horrible medical catastrophe, where the wrong side of his heart was operated by a doctor, but he said you are. You hid like forty five and suddenly, you're walking around and you suddenly got attacked by nothing. You're like how much are you know, cause you're, forty five, so just parts of your body just start attacking you out of out of nowhere. So I'm glad to see that as prodigious as you all know that your prodigy status got you the attack on the shoulder at thirty nine instead of a forty five, which I think is one dammit car research would happen anyway. We have wasted your time enough, for today I will be back tomorrow. we are taking laid. So you should. We expect to see this in your in your pocket.
Feed? Really until the late afternoon tomorrow and that, as of now, we are still being joined by Mega Mccain tomorrow in the wake of the inauguration of Joe Biden, so joy that at Ford Noah enable jump out hordes kids camel burning.
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