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The Numbers Are Really Good

2021-05-10 | 🔗
Today's podcast exults in what can only be called exit-velocity numbers about the pandemic and a shift in tone from the panjandra of the public-health community given the good news. Then we tell you the truth about what's going on in Jerusalem before making fun of liberals trying to explain the reasons for the bad jobs report. Give a listen.
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Welcome to the Commentary magazine Daily Podcast, today's Monday may ten, twenty twenty one. I am John POD words, the editor of commentary, and I have an idea ouch meant to make the announcement is that com Terry's annual roast. I believe this will be our eleventh roast, is on will take place on Monday November. Twenty second twenties the one in New York City. This is one of the I'm saying this, even though
the master ceremonies and therefore should be considered a biased speaker. This is one of the highlight events in the conservative world. People adore it it's an evening of high jinx laughter, Merrymen, an incredible good fun and we will be providing you with details about how you can come, how to buy tables. How, by seats in in times to come in you know, weeks and months to come and really If you haven't been, you should, if you have been you gotta, come back as we're all gonna, be together in a ballroom, I'm guessing we're going to be on masked, because we're going to talk about why, I think we're going to be unmasked a lot sooner than people seem to think we're going to be on Mastin some, and the roast D. Is our own rabbi mayor, Solid Ajax commentaries, jewish
Jerry Columnist, perhaps the leading voice, intellectual voice in America on issues of religious faith, and the founding and the american experiment. hilarious guy on his own, an absolutely maddening person, as he is twelve years old. He has. She has a rabbis ordinance. He has. He is the rabbi of the oldest synagogue in North America. He is the as a phd from dont know where I can't even remember where in american history, maybe it's prince them, I can remain he just six children. His wife is an assistant. U S attorney. Their kids are incredibly well be. This is why hate him his kids or such like? Yes, six!
It's an incredibly well behaved and they serve lunch for you and they do it there, like it sickening, because everything works great and sallies life, and so we are going to tear him to shreds we're going That's what we do at the root. It's nice nice roast! It's not like a mean roast and Whoopi Goldberg and Andor and TED Dancin ARC, and a sharp and black face it's fun. It's amazing! The rough commentary raise roast our big fundraiser the year and we're gonna be giving you details later with that. also present at that roast will be an you can meet them. You can meet them if you come, exec better, a green waldheim. Job friendly guise of friendly guy loves to say hello but to all of the listeners and, of course, and I can't Eight seconds end ass senior runner, Christine Rosen. I asked in a job
Spain also very friendly, loves to meet people, don't crosser cushion the black belt. I promise for anyone around at the rest, even though it is the record is often wrongly right off the record and hopefully off the record. But jolt crosser is what I'm saying and, of course, Associated no Rossman, who is probably like one of them is like the glamour star of the Rose boys like where's. No, I want to meet now. I know hi. I don't believe it is time where's that no people say to me. That's what they say. I'm telling you right now get another martini okay. So why do I think we're gonna be on mass we're, gonna have to survive, now remember its November at the end of November our so near the end of November. So we're talking, I don't eggs. Someone do math for me six months on, like that watch the number
his friends yesterday there were twenty two thousand new cases of covered two weeks ago three weeks ago. Excuse me, There were seventy eight thousand new cases of covered a day. Yesterday, twenty two thousand cases. This is the cliff the bottom falling out we have. We have gone over the good cliff, not over a bad cliff. The numbers are declining vertiginous Lee and though I'm a little more leary of noting these kinds of things, cause for complicated reasons that the daily death rate also has hit the lowest rate it's been at since March of twenty twenty I'm nervous about desgas those are weak in numbers and sometimes those numbers are. Reported late stuff like that, but the case load is the important thing now white Noah shaking his head.
no one shaking my head good, because I just click on my state need european and did stitched are shocking, its shocking the number of how this everything just fell off a cliff ahead jacket and a couple of days, but without their April first, as others, like five thousand six hundred who cases it's not my vibrate today. Will seventy average right now is eight. Ninety three with new cases, three three hundred thirty So do we invest dream and worried by, but also more than half the natives vaccinated, so it makes a jury duty. During the surge that we heard about the Michigan surge. New Jersey, I believe, was the second worst stout in that surge. Pierre is going up and open up up an aggressor unable first run just fell off a cliff right, so we have gone from seventy eight thousand cases to twenty two thousand cases in three weeks,
We were at, I believe, thirty, three thousand cases the day before yesterday I think we were also in the thirties the day before that, and then we were in the mid. Forty is the day before that this is what a chart on a graph, as you know about it. Ass, but even I know when a dot goes and then you put a dot to its right that is lower than the doktor was before it, and then you have another one lower to the writer that another were lower there, it's going down and if it's going and if the dots are pretty close One is a lot lower. That means it's going down fast, so free for those of you who are math challenged. The dots are going in the right direction, exactly what we would want. And, of course, the fewer cases there are the fewer cases there are that's how infection and contagion work, so no a notice to change it.
own yesterday on the morning shows. Shall you elaborate, I shall do so What have I been saying for the longest time that the answer to this whole situation is glaringly obvious when it comes to the back vaccine. Hesitancy thing give people and incentive in the form of getting their life. And getting their life back means going mask less people who are for, vaccinated, do not have to wear a mask inside or outside I'm gonna. Stick to that position, even though is politically inconvenient to say as much pull came out conducted by the University of California LOS Angeles pollution in Europe. I am sure, the incentives, foregoing matchless among Republicans republican voters. no longer had to wear a mask. It was like plus eighteen points, fifty three percent, even among Democrats, hispanic the tenants all across the board the incentives for going matchless. If you begin to get back to night it would you get back say that if you could go matchless refugees are off the chart,
responding to this sort of thing, so I said you know this is obvious. It is so obvious the answer to this riddle and Yesterday you had people in their asking. This Sunday shows the holster asking. Listen. When are we going to see indoor indoors specifically asked mandates disappear and you had a people like Scott, whose recently been pretty good on this issue, but has been more reticent previous months. Sang, listen, we're at a point for warm or if the eight former everywhere director and already that I'm a spokesman was guys you ve got to do much. Yes,. This body that to do this and he's risk of rules when it comes to a whole host of other public health issues in the bathing in and and the food you eat, like he's, he's a very new public health, your operating type- I'm using listen. People have to judge their own individual risk based on their own circumstances and rather point now. We're guidance has two comport with the observed provisions that were saying in the data which is declining case loads
Anthony found. She was uneasy with George Stuff Annapolis. He was past again, whether it's time to stop start relaxing indoor mask mandates. He replied, I think so you're going to be probably seeing that as more people get back we need to start being more liberal with them the number of vaccinations and then finally, on Jeff Zeiss, I believe in your name, was the head of the task force. The president's taskforce fur covert settled I want to be soon to be leaving cause you he was only. He only came to the White House, briefly the help, so he could go back because evidently, I would say he's been fired but allowed to say that he was thing alone. Why? Maybe this is why please, he's a little with the guy who also oh I'm sorry, I'm wrong about Jeff Zeit, I'm sorry! I I got this wrong and I'm gonna were correct myself before I get sued, it's not Jeff's. I should Andy slathered Islam arrived at is leaving ok, Jeff Science, I'm sorry. You were staying because here's what he said. He said that the sea,
He's a guidance across time will allow vaccinated people more more privileges to take off that mask, so we can weaken quibble, the language and I think we should, but ultimately there lying here is that there is a dramatic tone shift when it came just last week when it comes to constant the necessity of wearing mask indoors. If your vaccinated, a week ago, it was listening, This not only is there that the virus is out there, it's everywhere, if you're in a dangerous situation, you don't even know it. You gotta, wear mass, but also to make yourself a good example for everyone. sue, isn't vaccinated that lasted. Are we going to have two weeks and everybody seems to have determines here, at least in the policy, making order that This is not an effective inducement to getting people vaccinated margin that don't. I, why is Joe Biden still wearing a mask all the time,
And everyone around him and his administration, who are who were among the very first people in this country, to be privileged enough to get their vaccinations and to protect them that message I'm sorry every time there, some news clipped the chose them all mass every time you see calmly, skipper husband, a kiss through their mutual masts mean that is the wrong message. When are they? I really think there's gonna have to be a moment where they start masking indoors before local officials are going to feel comfortable, telling local businesses that can take those where it must. Where mass I sound, it's bad optics. I think for him to continue to do that. I think there will be such a moment and he will play it as as this grand instance in there in the story, the pandemic. I am now removing my mass, because we ve done it. We are safe to do so now we now you can do so. Basically, it is like an infrastructure weak right, but as fines on the pretend timeline you know about
I will be another another data point out, a hundred and fifty days a hundred thirty three days on the wondered. Today he sent the dove out from Mount Etna came back, and then he knew that he could leave the Ark. And bring the animals into the world that that that the new world that God had presented us that that is that what you're, though you're saying yes? Yes, yes, he says that he said that out by the way. Thank you for mentioning the bad, because we didn't even talk about this before we started the show, but how about the damn breaking in the last five days on the you know, what odds are greater than it was a lab accident than that it was a bad name
a and and some other transmission pass to humans. We have not only a major article by and by the probably them, was decorated science, journalist of our time, Nicholas weighed in medium, which is Thousand words long and much of it is incomprehensible to anybody. You know, maybe again, if you're good at science and math, unlike you would be able to follow the technology and jargon that he's using. But I mean it's a pretty unassailable argument that if you were to go by the fact pattern, That is more likely that the war Hon LAB was experimenting with producing this view.
We went strain of this virus in order to learn how to defeat it. That's why you generate these data. It said the of generate them in order to you know to be Al Qaeda. A sham release it into the world and kill people you're doing it. In order to see, if you can figure out the means by which to kill it off, but that the lab had inconsistent, how protocol standards
He weighed actually explains why it is so difficult to work with incredibly contagious virulent strains of things in labs, because if you are to treat them the way they should be treated, you basically have to act as though you are on the move, knew you wear at a level for protection suit. It's like wearing a space suit and you ve got these gloves on and just manipulating anything picking up a test tube or having to do anything. You know attack tile is incredibly difficult, and so there is a kind of institutional bias Ford lowering the threat level just so you can work more effectively and
comfortably in the lab, and that is the thing that may have happened and there's that peace there's a piece Ike. Now I again on blocking on this on a notable british scientific. I gesine that kind of says the same so remember when Tom Cottons was treated like he was unsafe by thee twitter moron community. When he gave the speech saying we need to investigate the role China and the war on lab in this rumour that guess who was probably right, what we had a very, sharp observation as to why this sort of stock, because that was sort of a week with a lot of people, playing with that very early on in this pandemic and in a much more academic way taking it we reasonably seriously and it was dismissed following a lot of science, journalism and waits theory. There is that done in other people
her signs generally do not take. Do not have an adversarial relationship with their sources because they ve our experience. Unlike political journalism, they ve never experienced a condition which are being spun there being misled or there's a abroad. A political agenda work that would otherwise frustrate there the work there they have being friendly relationship with resources that they don't anticipate being spun and in this situation, they were being spun in part because of the political relationships that exist in the international public health community. Most Thirdly, the doubly which, owing to its relationship with China and that essentially led to the condition in which you had now this? This really obnoxious sort of politicized, backlash against anybody who and even enter came to the notion that there should be an intermediaries, animal here that would events the kind of antigens that would suggest that this had a jump and we have yet.
Find it and we couldn't. We didn't see it, then we can find it now, but it does assorted question that was shouted down in April of last year because it didn't comport with what they were being told that if people they trusted and light and in a remarkable other peace today by Ben Smith in the New York Times there is, there is an article about the Ben Psmith has written a car. About how China has been leveraging its media power, all over the world following its belt in road process in which it is supplying infrastructure to the world in, in exchange. For things like votes at the? U, when and stuff like that, that China is now,
creating essentially a kind of global news service that, as Jean wants news agency and others are supplying video and their supplying articles, and this in NAFTA Go to South America to Africa, to other places and in in Asia, and you have to figure that part of this, at least in the inner ear over the last year, was more favourable spin or the suppression of unfavourable spin about what was going on in China after the war Hon. That they are leveraging some version of soft power. He then lichens this to what the United States that, after after the cold war, with the, U S, information
didn't see, and the CIA finding things like the Congress for Cultural Freedom, which created intellectual magazines like encounter and various other things, except, of course, what the United States was doing. There was propagating liberal values, I don't mean like current, but the way we use the word liberal now I mean classical western liberal values in a world that was being threatened by totalitarian ideology, communism- and here we have the Chinese who are promulgating and overseas media and propaganda strategy. The per of which is to praise China itself not to propagate larger values that are dissonant with the ideas that were being spread by the Soviets and their allies in the illogical spread? China is kind of, though it is a com, this regime it is kind of posted, illogical to doing something else. So I don't really think that that's a fair analogy, buddy
a fair analogy. What you're talking about is a great power, harnessing great power methods to get its message across World and China is doing that. While we are sitting Here- and I would say even the fact that We are still going to be loath to to the mistress through his can be loath to pick up this question and say: our great adversary may have unleashed unwittingly unleashed a deadly contagion upon the world a contagion by the way that, in all our innocence, we helped fund because part of the project was funded by the. U S, government that we helped fund in our innocence, in our innocence about
a competence. The world needs to know that this is something the China did. That is both true and it is also a part of a great power rivalry here when we cannot let them get away with this. If they're going not only because truth demands it, but also because we need to make sure that the world knows what it's getting into, it is going to let China be dominating player country by country, a bureau Europe, China HAWK Shore, Indeed, I am unaware of its follow up what I was thinking of wisdom, it sort of like the description of what of what China's up to is kind of like a sort of manufactured, soft power. It's not you know yourself. Powered comes traditionally from in deadly smoothing the american soft power from.
Organically, from what the country is, which then has a positive effect on people. This is like soft power for the ironic age, where you you can't, you can't pray anything in earnest anyway. So so, why not praise China for being iconic but good or bad well? And it is a different, Approach in terms of how Americans mines might be changed to see, China is more of a threat than many people want to see a right. Now I mean imagine if you for those of us who group as kids during the cold war matching if every toy you played with said made in the Soviet Union on it, eight adjusted there's something about China's practical ability, beyond its ideological mission and beyond its nationalist mission that that has already did that's where the Aim there far ahead of the game in the west, that I really think that the fact that is
has anyone said Wilhelm, flew everyone's like yours, xenophobic, racist and you know Nancy closely, high, tell the down to China Town and yet there there's a political over reaction to even a whiff of xenophobia in this country that actually works very well for chinese propagandistic purposes. and we shouldn't. We should always highlight that. That's a really important thing in terms of our political leadership postures with regard to China, I think it's all HU, a bizarre misunderstanding of the message of like a respectable and intellectually consistent. I don't know when you would Paul. It sort of Anti China a set of ideas because I'll give you I'll give you a soft power example. Interesting example.
no man's land, one best picture at the Oscars. No man's land is a movie about you know. American nomads basically was writ. It was written and directed by a woman named Chloe Zhao, who is China born and came to the United States as a teenager Closure was now Hurley. Forties did he hired closure? Who is an independent filmmaker for I, too, million dollar project called the eternal, which is one of the Marvel cinematic universe movies. It's gonna come out in the fall starring Angelina Jolie Disney is very conscious of wanting to be a major player in the chinese film market, which is now the second largest film market in the world.
and wants to make a lot of money. They are and Bob Eiger the now executive chairman of Disney, like spend a lot of time there at the up. They built a Shanghai Disneyland. There's all kinds of Disney is very conscious of the idea that if it can be a dominating cultural force in China, it will secure its advantage. You know, as a corporate Lee for years to come, and so yet hired Chloe Zhao as a director in part, almost consciously cause. She is herself of chinese origin and is in fact a Chinese. You know Bore born in China except that closure gave an interview to a magazine Sidney asked ten,
years ago in which she said something like the chinese government just lies and lies and lies, and dizzy is now facing the very real prospect that the tunnels is going to be banned in China, because this quote from closure exists. Now the call from closure in this magazine, I believe it said he asked I maybe I may be off on this so but has been memory hold, apparently cannot find the original article, and you cannot find the original quote. If you do a Google sorry. But you can find it from somebody who had at who put it down, which is how people know about it. But. The magazine itself, or whichever magazine was seems to have been encouraged to do. Let the original source of this quote so Disney
misunderstands what it means to He'll to the chinese market the aim in the United States, the toy me like a closure was somebody- was family left cheek, to come to the United States. People do do that necessarily if they like the country that their living in- and he thought well she's Chinese, and their chinese, a booby do redo, that's gonna, be so great look, her name is her name is Zhao they're good. so excited that we have a marvel cinematic universe. Will we may by somebody named Zhao have apparently my family, those like China, China's like here's, my giant foot, stamping on your movie, forever, this is like this is like Nancy Pelosi going too I doubt it saying the war on flu is that how do we know people in Chinatown would think that was xenophobic dont if, if they these were Russians in the United states they
hated the Soviet Union. They didn't like soviet Union to Chinese. animals who come to America and make a life here. Do they love the regime in China? Wouldn't they go back to live in, China, if they loved the regime in China. I very confused by this entire idea, but this is this: is the larger danger of thee America hating trend if you don't believe that what the where's stands for and what its founding ideals are, and what we strive to get ever closer to in this country you don't believe in the in the dead she'll goodness of those things, you are completely susceptible to the the the propaganda from other countries, and you don't you, you ve lost your compass in terms of how how you can even assess
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timer call one thousand eight hundred and forty four for exterior exterior the thirty day guarantee of complete comfort, and you can finance your purchase for as little as thirty dollars a month go to X. Chair commentary come now and use Codex wheels for free x will blade casters X, chair commentary com, so you now, we always say that the beginning of it mistaken, approach he's going to test it. People are gonna, tested and see where comes down. This was something that was said for years about North Korea that it was gonna task right, tested, tromp, protested, Obama. You now did something provocative really in early is early stages to see what the bribery situation might be, where they could get out, threaten nuclear exchange and see what they could get and, in fact, bribes, railways paid Trump gave
Kim Jong run up some add and did they wrote, lovely after after Trump said fire and fury and we're gonna we're gonna, destroy you than their writing, love letters to each other and all of that. Well, there's another place where testing has traditionally taken place, and that is the Middle EAST and particularly Israel, Palestine, and we have that now right, we have a test. Now, three months since the administration on we, we are hitting the anniversary of the unification of Jerusalem after the nineteen sixty seven six day war when Israel, took back and and solidified Jerusalem in in in taking the West Bank from Jordan and their, as has often been the case, but now much more violently at this year than others, there is very sustained political, violent action going
around the Temple Mount in EAST Jerusalem by the way not often cited as the third holiest site in Islam. So it's like you know, and the tunnel that is controlled by a group called the walk of which is which controls at and is a muslim group that has denied that denies legally denies the right of Jews to prey on the Temple Mount in order to in order to ensure that there aren't You know conflicts, two hundred and twenty two create you do to lessen the possibility of complex also because they want to claim sovereignty over the temple. Mount But here's the thing it's a third holiest site in Islam right. The temple is the first wholly a site in Judaism, the Temple is the Temple. That is, the save the holy aside in Israel is the wisdom. Is the western Waller was called the wailing wall for a long time?
basically we are retaining wall outside the Temple Mount and is the remaining. for a long time the remaining archaeological evidence of the second Temple and its. And others lot more is away a lot more, their stuff underneath their tunnels underneath and stuff like that, but for a long time for many centuries about what was until It's the holiest site in Judaism, but somehow you know in the world of people who are always fighting. It is the third holiest site in Islam being number three Islam is way more important have been number one in Judaism, but nonetheless, so there's this there's violent actions. The violent actions are provoked by the Palestinians and and the Israelis respond, and then everybody starts yelling at at Israel. Okay, so and tragically apparent. the divide administration has bitten. We know that Jake Sullivan the National scurried Visor contacted Marrakech about the the israeli National Security advisor.
To express its concern over the violence and two counts all you know tat This is the kind of language that was. You has been used for ever to kind of equalize the notion that people who still rocks and foment disorder when the authorities try to quell the disorder, the problem as the authorities and not those who who who create the disorder and then we're gonna go into one of the reasons why there is this thing going on, but what he? What are you guys make of Jake's at now, check that the reader of this call. It does not say we call on Israel to show restraint it doesn't it. The language is kind of vague and said, we express our concern? fine in some ways, because of course, Israel is expressing its concern over the violence by attempting to quell the violence. So if you're gonna parse the language, the language
is not as bad as language often has been when you're talking That is rallies practicing self defense against palestinian activist efforts to foment discord with Israel. Particularly a week after Lockwood Abbas as a authority cancelled elections, making him now go into his seventeenth year of a four year term worry has not had elections, because it became very clear that if those elections happened, he and the policy authority would lose power to Hamas. Ok, so that's setting the table able able you're what you're take here I mean the color of a kind of you, this response as boilerplate democratic foreign policy. This point I didn't make things remained it's not as bad as you say. As you know, it better
on carry would always doing away with the worst possible call for you know the calm of road or whatever open journey. Balmy years but There have been other bad responses emanating from from the As for our from my Elizabeth word from Rashid, it's a leap from there are no more than that that are all serve as add as as, as one would expect, this is the if there is any flare up under any circumstance involving is wrong and and Palestinians these these these, this can reliably be depended on. Two too without any sense of context. other than this. Their gas rebuilt. An understanding that is I was wrong about about everything in it. The person's thousands are innocent
to end their merely throwing rocks, and you can both sides this. I think what what kind of interesting this time round. I wonder, is that at this point in history, we're aren't there right. I mean you know me it is our second, but I mean, but there's so much serve. You know instability and things flare up so so often in so many places right now that it's it sort of less it's. It's not that the shiny object on the horizon that that Middle EAST unrest once was? I think, wonder what's a good one, I mean I mean in NATO's. Here is real, calling on the? U S, government or the government of of you now many. I e the mayor of Minneapolis to show restraint not not today. He would it with their go. The other way were Portland or something like that. That is why we are ourselves living through an uncommonly violent and confrontational period in the United States
So it is a little we are also internationally. I don't do that. Don't do that really yet ever actually, Right Germany, there were there. There have been sort of the corona Iris riots and varies and various other place the day, but there's a way in which actually apes point about this being kind of boilerplate, democratic foreign policy responses but I wonder how much of it is is boilerplate in the sense that, like if you read What do you know the receded to leave tweet yesterday in particular? She she says. Oh I, you know, I was seven when I first prayed the Alaska with my It's a secret site for Muslims is equivalent to attacking the church, the voice of a girl for Christians or the Temple Mount produce Israel attacks. During Robert on where's the outrage, protests so hurt. We really You didn't call on the by demonstration to do more, and in fact it's a reasonable mean he should they shouldn't response saving at all. Actually, but his left flank, which hates Israel is gonna, be do
in this. Every time anything happens in Israel with the Palestinians. We know this and she's there you don't leave is is among the most agreed just at this kind of project, and a lot more also chime did so the usual suspects will always be. They are ready to foment hatred, but how shouldn't respond and I dont know how much it was of it was very vague in and not a firm response and- and I think to the point of contact for this particular altercation. That's all that matters here is the contacts you, though, legal context about the debates of homes in the area. All of that roguish rate during when gotta get into this, because this is this is a very important and complicated story that people don't understand. Ok, your hearing, if you read this, that there are fights over a neighborhood in East Jerusalem called shake Jarrod shag. Gerard is the term in Arabic. Obviously, for this area, which was
not the name of the area to Jews and does not now remain the name of the area to Jews who call it a shame on a hot topic Simeon the just seeming. The just was a rabbi holy man who died in who was a high priest, and it is claimed that his tomb exists in this neighborhood. There are disputes about that
but that is the claim- and in eighteen, seventy six, the jewish community in Jerusalem purchased this area from bedouins for fifteen thousand francs, the jewish community, which was served, the proper proceeding community to the jewish agency into the the administrative structure, sure set up that ended up becoming the state of Israel in one. Forty eight so was owned by the jewish community in eighteen, forty eight, when the war of independence happen and when the armistice was finally reached Jordan had taken control at sees this area of EAST Jerusalem in there. What this was the great boundary that was basically broken down when Israel one the six day war and took this area back along with the rest,
the west at the took the wet rest. The West Bank, Jordan had no claim had no legal claim more claimer. Any claim to EAST Jerusalem or or anywhere else but it took it and, along with doing all sorts of other wonderful, charming things like DES, creating the jewish cemeteries on amount of olives and and and other things It allowed people to squat in these houses. Twenty seven families, I believe, remain in these houses in Shake what they call shake Jura when Israel took the city back this area back that had been where property rights into national property rights had been secured by private owners in eighteen. Seventy
ex purchasing the land they had purchased the land. I hadn't sees that they didn't take it from Arabs who had lived there forever. They purchased it legally. There isn't. There has been litigation now going on for more than fifty years over how to handle these, titles and the fan, these that are living in these houses, which they do not own which they never owned and in which they were squatters, and so they have squatters rights, which is a very complicated issue in the world of rights and law this area has now been purchased by a developer, wants to tear down the houses and build something new. and this has now been an issue that has become a complicated legal issue and so the fight, because
the people who live in these houses pay no rent because they claim that this land was seen. from them. As the Arabs, general and the Jews have no title to what they therefore don't have to pay rent and they're not paying rent, and so they have effectively been evicted for rent non payment of rent and the houses will be torn down. This is the pop summit. This is the supposed cause of every thing that is going on here, which is of course, a lie, because what's going on here is my who'd Abbas is trying to distract from the fact that he cancel elections and because The Palestinians are waving at their supporters in the West and at the Biden Administration saying what are you do you just started? hello pay attention to us. What are you gonna do for us where's, where is this going right, do not be fooled. This is a dodge and a distraction. Those houses, that's twenty, seven,
Emily's! They do not have the right to live in those houses, they ve been living in those houses for decades and decades, and presumably could very easily strike some kind of a deal in which they will be paid. A bribe to leave them they are not leaving them because they are being used as a political issue. they lie. This is a big lie, this as yet, another big lie, and every leftist jewish organization that swallows it or wants to promote. It is doing so False reasons echo reasons, although ultimately not cynical, because what they believe in is that Zionism is wrong and that the jewish, the idea that Jews have an eternal home in in in and in Israel, and particularly in Jerusalem, is
wrong, and here we have a case in which it is unmistakably the fact that there is a legal title to these homes. This would be in essence, as though not that this is maybe not a fair analogy. somebody, Oda clamped painting right, a german Joan, declared painting he fled and he had to leave the painting in the in the house and a nazi took it and the painting goes down in the family for two generations and the his family, the only comes back and says that's my glimpse paint. This is a real thing that happen said that I painting and there like. No, no, it's ours. You left it behind. Like oh yeah, we left behind. We left to biogas. Your your your people killed six billion of my people will leave it behind by choice and we need to leave our hot. We didn't leave you now. She might not static by choice. Zadok excuse me seem ahead. Psychotic
Joyce. We didn't leave a by choice. Jordan attacked us and talk our talk, this land from us. It does not belong to you. It was stolen from us in a war, Ok, I'm not, but it goes to show at this point what what of poor selection of arguments in cases that the design is crowd. Has to try to stir up a global anti Israel sentiment to take this private Lee whole case involving a number of families and turn this into into into something representing it in the international war crimes, at the bed to get real involved in the peace process again I mean you only here: that's right I haven't seen then proceeded to lay quote but sort of a common refrain pieces that you read about this in domestic
Media outlets, like the Washington Post, is dragging on, unlike in previous decades, the absence of an activist Washington here for suggestive foreboding that this process will never be resolved the address of the Divine Administration and Joe Biden fancies himself. A foreign policy president is terrible at it. He doesn't it. symbolic geopolitics, and he makes he has really bad instincts when it comes to foreign affairs, but he's sport get really wants to get involved in the peace process. The only the only distinction here That's what really matters is the lack of any arab involvement on hearing the arab states clamouring for Washington invest too to invest itself in this process. Obviously, for reasons that we ve talked about in this package for me many weeks, maybe even years at this point actually know they think about it, but to the extent that dead
situation on the ground, has changed so dramatically over the course of the term presidency. That the arab world governments at least recognise the strong arming. That's going on here recognise this as a test of the western powers, not as a test of Jerusalem, not as a test of them. but as a test of the extent to which Western Europe in the United States are willing to get involved. In this process and therefore stifle the progress that we ve seen towards a thought in normal, is no normalizing of relations between Israel and its neighbouring arab states. I mean we should also mention the story in the New York Times by Stephen Earl, anger and David Sanger about the IRAN nuclear deal. That runs as follows.
President Biden, IRAN's later say they share a common goal. They both want to re enter the nuclear deal that President Doll Jake Trump scrap three years ago, restoring the bargain that IRAN would keep sharp limits on its production of nuclear fuel in return for lifting of sanctions that choked its economy. But after five weeks of shadow boxing in Vienna Hotel rooms where the two sides ass notes. Through european intermediaries, it has become clear that the old deal strictly defined does not work for either of the many more at least in them. Long run The Iranians are demanding that they be allowed to keep the advanced nuclear fuel production equipment they installed after Mr Tromp abandoned the pact and integration with the world financial system beyond what they achieved under the twenty fifteen agreement. By demonstration for its work, says the restoring. The old deal is a stepping stone and must be followed immediately by an agreed. on limiting missiles in support of terrorism and making it impossible for IRAN to produce enough fuel for a bomb for decades the Iranians say no way so
guess what you can restore. The iranian Nuclear Deal, because who has no incentive to restore the Iranian Nuclear Deal, the Iranians, they got the frozen money. Yeah there are sanctions, it could lift the sanctions they got to France, money there now producing nuclear fuel. What's in it for them, just so by You can say we went back into the IRAN Nuclear Deal, which stunk, which was at which was which was were a ludicrous deal that sixty two percent, more people almost at the time that the United States struck, it are you saying it s this administration saying it Joe Biden, campaigned on in his than the members of his administration and state have reiterated that we will not return to the J C p away framework because it was insufficient
insufficient to deal with the problem, and it didn't deal with the problem and we need a better deal and all I know that that's nonsense because they would take whenever they could get so. This is this is the interesting point about about the question of whether or not the bite, menstruation, which is very young, can be creative in a weird way. That is that, ok, so Trump you know a completely unconventional president who, basically, if by a vote- but I was gonna, say oh biden- if a competent, something like he wanted to do, the opposite right, and in at least two areas, I think with IRAN I'm in Iraq and IRAN and Iraq, and and Israel, Palestine and the Arabs. His loathing of Obama
a boar, weird and spectacular diplomatic, fruit and and lead to kind of creativity in how things we're gonna be managed. Such that we killed solemn money, the world's leading harvester, progenitor and and and a husband or of terrorism and an attacker of american troops, and we helped midwife to the extent that we could by not interfering with it, the Abrahamic, a cord world in which Israel starts making nuke is a common chord with its neighbors common cause. Okay, so what is this say to us about by here? We are, he is now being asked by his people and by his own kind of conventional wisdom, world to go run.
Back where they were in twenty between two thousand and twenty. Sixteen on these matters we to restore to calabrian policies that we have not only advanced beyond, but that we're not here full to them that when that were harm to the world and that they could build on. They could use as as stepping stones as he says, to different and more creative policies. Instead of when brain dead and just playing the same game that was played before and the ten Patients go brain. That is obvious. We all have an politically right. We're like it's, the classic like go back to cutting tax rate whatever it is like go back to your comfort zone. Iran deal was great. You know we need to be a You know we need to sort of help. The palestinian wow really want to look at it and they,
can do that questions what you're gonna do with this sperience with IRAN in Vienna and what they're going to do with the Palestinians. Now they don't have to go here do day or do they cause Christine, you would say, maybe Do you have Maybe they don't have any anti bodies to resist while they can do anything? Creative is to do something too much like the previous administration did, and they cannot do that, their their activists base on particularly on these issues, will not allow it and the media will not help them. Pursue a narrative that makes it palatable to those groups The irony here, of course, is that. We hear so much from the left about how. we can never go back to the way things were before the Pandemic the day the old ways were sullen unjust and its You know get bitten by comes in here and its priorities. We would
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Can you started reading this on Friday and reading analyses on Friday, and, of course, that could not be allowed to stand. Will not be allowed to stay here right away. I mean it was the it dawned on everyone that they couldn't run away from the facts of the case when this jobs report dropped, the consensus was among responsible observers of of data that gas employers just cannot compete with the federal government here, which is providing benefits that they cannot. The canopy met in the private sector, their labor is, it is priced out now what that would be in the marketplace, and that's that still persists among people who were beholden to the debt to the date on the left. People Exley Ratner on an are still me,
in this case and its uneasy case to make em your arguing with hundreds of thousands of employers or as vocal as they possibly can be about the fact that their desperate for labour and cannot fill these jobs. But it didn't take long for the progressive class to start talking themselves out of the facts of this case and into an ideological idea of why this is happening, any dialogue golden means out of it, I think everybody has their own favorites. My personal favorite is the ideal that now that sort of came and went, but still with us a little bit, which is that most of the job gains that we ve seen in art. There stop there though, gains it's not your million that we expected it's about a quarter million over the course of last month. And, though those games are mostly enjoyed by men between, Women are still locked out of the labour market, and why would They belong to the labour market because they they lack for for child care, because the schools are all so this justifies a one point. Five.
Billion dollar intervention in the private economy to create this big childcare infrastructure felt funded by the federal government not reopen schools which are closed in part because of the reasons that the same people who want to create the childcare infrastructure are keeping them closed. In order to compete with a rather to mitigate the risks of coal, then so they created the conditions that they now want to address or through a broad public set. sector intervention only makes sense if you are completely blinkered and behold into a progressive There are many others that are just as fine. Ok, I gotta read you the best. One is the best one. I think it's the best one Catherine ran pow, who was an economics columnist for the Washington Post, on CNN quote, certainly the where's were much lower than had been expected. I think there are a number of reasons to be concerned about labour supply being suppressed in some way. You know workers wanting jobs but still being hesitant to take the job
and offers some of that might have to do with, of course, with the fact that they are getting more generous unemployment benefits. But there are a lot of other factors to including lack of access to childcare. Public trends. It cut backs the risk of getting sick at work, the risk of frankly getting assaulted at work. If you tell a customer to wear a mask, so there are a lot of complex things going I'm here. Yes, yes, a jobs report, there was expecting a million new jobs and two hundred and sixty six thousand were created. Hundreds of thousands of people are refusing to look for a job because their worried that they'll get assaulted at work for telling a customer not to wear a mass that that, by in her statement, is doing a lot, a heavy lifting beauty folk, stop beauty I want to point out that what that did what her encapsulation there is. The perfect example of how the
let us cessation of masking than we talked about how the mask is the new mega have for the other side, I mean there's a that description. Of course. she's signalling to her to the viewing audience CNN that look. This is exactly why I think she said it she's on CNN it was on one of the cable goes every sheet she's bay, they signalling look they're gonna come screaming at you, these crazy robes, who refused to where mass and have killed. So many people do the pandemic. It's such a perfect and capital. You should have wrong headed thinking, but for someone who isn't economics rapporteur to be talking like this is a bit concerning what why why do we have a lack of access to childcare? Could it be that Schools, many schools remain closed, well, and even for this is actually really important point. Even the ones that are open are not consistently opens the few work an hourly way. job. You cannot take a shift not ignore whether or not you might have to quarantine or your kid. Suddenly, the He's gonna ended one rather than
three or at eight Munich do go from eight to ten one day, but from nine to twelve, the other. If you're shift worker is very difficult to schedule. Your shift with the way the even schools that are technically open are operating right now. Also lets. Can we discuss me public trends of cutbacks? So yes, here were public transit cutbacks. If I could just share with you right, New York City has cut cut back subway service from one. I am to five, a m which is supposed to restore next week I believe twenty four hours, but this notion that people who two years ago were working are now not working because there were public transit cutbacks of indefinable,
of it in the far undefined nature again we're talking about seven hundred and fifty thousand Miss jobs, not seventy five thousand jobs in a place where there were public trans where Insane New York City it's hard for people to go to a night shift, although I don't know who starts work at one a m, or gets off at four thirty? I am necessarily, but let's say there are such people. So you could say there are a number of people in cities who we're gonna they work at night, but I'd, but that there is a four hour window there, not not an eight hour with right. Ok so anyway, public transit, cutbacks like this is like just pulling crap out of your ass to come up with bullshit reasons why people are going to work
because somehow they managed to get to work before. If they really needed to go to work, they would go to work if they can't get to work in a place where they have to go, get public transit in a world in which jobs are going begging. They're gonna be able to find a job closer to home. This is only a problem when you're at eight. I'm percent unemployment with no job with no labour force demand, and you have to get whatever job. Uk That means getting a job. Forty miles away, All around your labour crisis is that there are jobs, begging everywhere, not just where you got a slept two hours to get one, but they are also participating in the hot take economy which I purchase Paden as well. This is a commodity that is perhaps a little overvalued, but I make a living off of it John. I will not. I will not the broke your assault on this.
the sector of the economy that has been so good to people like us, Furthermore, impel any we leave to thrive in the sort of situation, so you know we can rely on national assets here. Can I just say there is one thing that that a couple of commentators have said that is worth exploring, but is difficult because it's a qualitative, the impact that one is easily quantifiable and that's a generals. the remaining general sense of anxiety and fear about getting back to normal, which we discuss, and there can be. I think it's that combined with no economic, don't hear them, you don't feel a wolf at the door right because you got all these government benefits plus you're still a little anxious our it. Where are we going to go back to normal under the present still triple masking I'm a little nervous found? She says we might have to mass forever. So I think that those two combined factors can have a huge impact and give us those numbers, but they don't want to acknowledge the the kind of political choices that were made to get us into both those situations.
apologise for my vulgarity there before I, you know, I got a little too rats there and and was probably unnecessary, but it just uh showed the degree to which it is really hard in the hot take economy. Sometimes people serve you a new rancid plate of something, and you just have to throw it against the wall uploaded back tomorrow for a pistol, No, I'm John upwards. Keep the camera.
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