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The Permanent Constitutional Crisis

2020-12-09 | 🔗
The hosts look back on all the many crises Donald Trump’s behavior was expected to yield. And while his behavior is doubtlessly dangerous, it has not produced the kind of perilous legal circumstances Trump’s critics feared. Also, Abe Greenwald posits a unified theory of protest movements.
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Welcome to the Commentary Magazine Daily podcast today is Wednesday December nineteen, twenty twenty, I'm John Public works. The editor of Commentary magazine with me, as always senior writer, Christine Rosen High, Christine TAT John Associate editor nor Rossman, high Noah, John and exact an editor a Green Waldheim Abe. I jump
you know you guys, you knows I always mix up the order in which I introduce you, and I'm wondering is that is that of is that a violation of conservative precepts that I don't. I don't provided at a standard rhythm will. You know it's like Rich Lowery, always says: oh here's, the sage of authenticity, woods, Jim Garrulity and here's the notorious envy De Michael Brent. Already it's always in the same form. What are you guys think am, I am, is it anxiety provoking does at you, look a little anxious while we never know where I'm going Maybe you should doubt riches cadence when he does the inner the envy Mvd things
hardly any real like about this. The edge there's like a drama, their young, yet what I'm gonna do not as that is- and you know that is intensely scripted like he says. The same thing at the beginning says the same thing at the end he adopts the same cadence. I find it comforting arrears, it's just not my more and more of an improv guy. You know I do it did improv. I took improv, I you know so I don't know I'm just asking what what do you think I am I making you is? Is this discomfitting, nice, roman LA, I think,
some. It's you, it's a small strike against. You know like the the forces of regulation and bureaucracy you're, not at any rate it to pointless rules. Yes, but no one is not meant as it, because we always answer in the same way. So weird the sleigh, his ruffles right. We always hijack so you're saying that I am the norm violator I am than why I'm the one who is threatening the constitutional order here and you You guys are like anonymous right, you're you're, trying to work within the system to two too Levin and you know, and help me, you Know- may make sure that the book place runs smoothly, while I'm trying to tear down right. Yes, so your miles Taylor and I'm a draft that it ok, ok, why not biomass? So speaking of norm, violation,
so I guess what norm didn't get violated the Supreme Court of Course yesterday in it in a one, thence. Unanimous ruling did not grant, search or or whatever it was being asked to grant injunction relief. Sort this that the other thing to this effort to change the out come in in some fashion or other in Pennsylvania and thus has effectively brought to an end. The tree any idea that the Supreme Court was going to intervene in overturning the results of the election, which was psychologically science fictional, but it wasn't just Donald Trump himself who was indulging in this fantasy, of course, and
it was the entire liberal establishment which has been threatening since Trump began, appointing Supreme Court Justices and, of course, appointed three in the course of his of his term that the purpose of this was self interested that he was trying to create, not an ideological block to help conservatism, but a personal lawyer block to help him with whatever evil fascistic schemes that he had in mind and if, in fact, Trump had that illusion, it has been stripped from him very cruelly by what happened yesterday.
And no, we were talking just before about various other. We know all we hear about is the Trump as a unique threat towards democracy in our institutions, and them I saw chorus Jackie who works at eighty, I say that she supported Jim Mattress waiver for Secretary of Defence, because tromp was a unique threat toward democracy back and twenty sixteen out the boom. During the transition- and we needed somebody- I guess she's them. possibly saying whom we wouldn't do, who wouldn't participate in a coup, trumps behalf, and so she supported the waiver. But since we haven't that there is no such threat from emanating from binding, she does not support the waiver in the case of General Austin who needs a waiver, since he is only four years retired from active duty in the military
to become Biden, Secretary of defence. So this is where we are like Trump. You had to appoint people who were going to prevent trump from afar. from using the military to you, no added a role. Tanks on the capital work, something so that threat is over dead. Remember he did we'll tax on capital. Yet none of us we're stuck in traffic jams when those tanks were rolling itself for the fourth of July. Yes, you know we were read. What it really is What Donald Trump does this not by its detractors are crazy because their only listening to what the president says. He broadcasts every single thing. he wants to do in quite a bit of it his untoward here. Apparently learns that we are having this argument briefly beforehand, whether or not this was a very serious threat, but apparently, according to the duck
what we saw. He really didn't want to fire Robert Mahler during the robber Mahler Investigation directed his subordinates to do something along those lines and they simply ignored him, and he was broadcasting. That's what he wanted to do in this would have been a very serious threat in the event that a materialised for the people who were saying it's not gonna materialise, where the people who were an element that car then they never get any credit for its. Similarly, there was an atlantic article. That need a lot of waves before the election Barton young men who printed based on the source ass. He spoke with within the republican legal community, Donald Trump plan in the event of an old close election that he lost was too, Tate and lobby, and try to convince these states that were in dispute like Pennsylvania, to appoint a state of a slate of legislators electors rather that would for him, regardless of the outcome of the vote in the state level, now people like I said
was crazy, not because they wouldn't try to do it. They did they broadcasting wanted to do it. This is what they tried to do there trying to do it now, but it would rest on the spurious legal arguments that they would ultimately make and made in this area and even if it was a closer election, those same Marylin legal arguments will be before the courts, so the people who are saying that this I'm gonna happen more relying on the durability of institutions and the predictability of institutions, tested institutions like the courts, not the the sobriety of the Republicans around Donald Trump or Donald Trump Zone. You no capacity to delay gratification here on. That's, never something you could trust. You could trust these institutions, and even today there is no. There is no faith in these tried and tested Institution
to perform in the predictable ways they have performed in over a century. Even the lessons that we learned of the last four years are dismissed out of hand, mostly in fact my bought. My contention is because they prefer the anxiety. Well, there's this actually it's interesting, because they haven't really start to either there's a dozen new recalling the Atlantic from yesterday or today, about how will I know You ve been saying coup, but we have to talk about how we staging a coup because talking about it, prevents the coup from happening. But maybe we dont mean Cook, has like the inuit word for snow. There are many different ways eminence like this: it's this extreme, the energetic attempt to talk talk themselves into them. anxiety that you discuss no, and I think that in in one sense, look saying that institutions held is something we should all be proud of, because it shows the durability of them. which is not to say that all the ways in which Trump has stress stressed of those institutions is, is something we should.
Embrace, it's terrible. I mean we ve all. We ve spent four years talking about the ways in which he is violated, norms and undermined faith in these institutions. So that's all bad, but I agree that this this effort to continue hi anxiety, at a time when we have real world practical challenges to be dealing with is self in its become self indulgent, uncertain and upon the mainstream media? That's a very interesting point briefly: they what the left and the progressive just even out the liberals, conventional liberal are doing is borrowing language from Turkey in prison. Today. The same way that Donald Trump supporters borrowed language from Turkey to describe the deep state, there really is a deep state in Turkey which consist of career official. bureaucratic officials, military officials, that that survives transitions. Why regime? There was a deep state. there they might have been dismantled. It was like everyone
I remember lads- has dismantled the deep state and the other reason that does in actual fact, piece about how people from countries where there are coups recognizes Is the Turkey was a military dictatorship? I mean Ataturk was a was effectively military dictator and there has been serve uneasy. Turkey then transition to being a democracy, but it wasn't me Leah Democracy is any time anybody went too far. The military came in base likely to moderate in out too to continue policies of extreme secularism and all of that and blog about and that some basically, the whole point here is that military rule, in Turkey was the rule not that that was the norm. That was the constitutional norm now
The other way around, whereas our norms- we don't have that, and so the idea that you can then say look, I know what were coups are I've lived through that maybe there are various different kinds of cool The envelope coup- and there is the Manila Envelope- Coup, Edna, muttered crew and the deaths of that, and we ever had a cool. Why don't you? Let me help me many terms for snow when you ve never had snow, and there cannot be a coup in the United States as it happens, I mean, I think, genuinely honestly and truly for small coup often throws out the President Santer. The president then uses the military to do what exactly suspend the legislature, What's he gonna? What did you do that surround the Congress? Unlike imprison everybody, I mean what are you doing
states what happens, then it makes no logical or logistical sense to worry. The Trump is going to cause a coup. He was the legitimately elected president I'd state with extraordinary powers. There were also limited. What's more, those limits hell, they held constantly holding now. The thing that is so amazing to me is that if we have ever had a legitimate satiable in terms of liberal Democrats or otherwise of the federal system of government at the amount its according to which there is no centralized election system. There is no centralized system of anything, including laws you now, basically, Tromp had a challenge if he wanted to overturn the results of a legitimate election he had.
And superficial challenge, I mean you take Pennsylvania's the best example, so he's fighting in fighting and fighting to get governor, camping Georgia to call the legislators in for a special session and have the report begins somehow chooses s. Another slate of electors that are friendly to him will first of all go right ahead with this idiocy. A nonsense of one in fact affect the results of the election, it six electoral votes by Dan. One by you know I don't know eighty. So this is all this is all narishkeit. It's ridiculous: go ahead, fight and fight and fight over and for what purpose. So you can say that you got that. That Biden got fewer electoral voted, you didn't women, I mean it's ridiculous and camps not going to do it anyway, but A version of this that he wanted to effect in Pennsylvania couldn't be affected because there's a democrat
governor Democrat governors, I'm going to call in the legislature to turn to create a rival slate of electors when Trump lost the state by eighty five thousand votes anyway. This is this So what we have here is everyone's ago it so terrible and we need popular. The states in the states are still I mean I've been removed from the time I was going the ninety seven I remember, having at social studies teacher a very left when social science teacher who wanted the above abolition of the states, why did you have states too, but that that is to meet the joke? The whole thing, because for all those complaining about Trump being a threat to There are democracy and being and to the constitution.
These are forces and people who are given different circumstances are fine, with threats to our democracy and our. institution. It just depends on the policy aims there. If you want to buy stayed sure if you want to get rid of the second amendment. Sure of you. You know you want to pack the court's sure. You know that it has nothing to do with their enduring sense of the sanctity of of the american system at all. It's about the policy Well, that's why I think of the fact that the Supreme Court Jason was a single sentence and unanimous was a rebuke not justa trump, but to the the people on the left. Who said they need to pack the courts. It was a review to both both of them and it's sterling example of how our system is supposed to work This has always been projection. Right always been what I mean, that
we would do we wish to retain him. This position. We would certainly appoint edges who would see the laws and instrument towards our political answer. Why wouldn't that right? Well, I mean in home as we as we go through this process, what what Trump has done? That is dangerous aside from no showing the week, in other words the if, if their, if he hasn't grown or institutions in crate into crisis. He has revealed the hollowness of them and that's bad too, because you know it would be better if they're all of us were not so easily were filled, I guess, but he couldn't have gotten elected if the institutions were stronger, like the political parties,
he couldn't and he couldn't workers and even so as a tool as the most outsider president in american political history, with no loyalty or fealty to any one but himself, none so that what he wanted to do was turn things around and make his party loyal to him through all kinds of things both you know that winning things and also intimidating people who might disagree with him and all of that through all of this, he didn't fire mauler. I mean that. that's the key thing with this all my god. We got about a crisis, he wanted to find my liberated and I don't think he wanted to fire mauler I mean the real. And we think you want of our mothers. There were legally want of our Mahler Don began. The White House Council told Mothers Committee that trump at one point or other said you have to go far smaller and he didn't do it Tromp confirm alert any second of the day. All you do is right, a tweet that says
Mulder has been really in a rubber Mahler is fired. He doesn't need Don Mcgann doesn't leave anybody. He did you know him. I urge a matter that way. As I recall I mean it, you know he or you know or or pretended to or whatever he has. It gives a direct connection to the american people and to the political outside the political system do whatever it is. He wants to do and there were norms that he did not want to violate and what's more his own animal cunning was right because it was, it would have been a much worse for him had he fired Mueller than had he let this process go forward. The report written and there being no impeachment of him on the basis of malt. Whatever Andrew Weissmann and all these goons wanna say: Mahler did not produce an art did not produce a bill of impeachment, again
struck that had to wait for the other nourish guide. This notion that he should do. You know that he should lose his office because he attempted in competently to get a foreign country to do something that was politically advantageous to him, and you know I don't think they're really help them and did it didn't. They did didn't help him either, but it didn't really hurt him hurt him that much of the third impeachment american political history was wildly and effective. So you know he didn't violate norms that much what I think he has done is unleash dangerous animals. But that's the moment that were now and Eric Ericsson said this very well in a email yesterday which, as you know, when you walk around saying what he is saying that the election was rigged was stolen. Everything is terrible. Your will was violated. What you wanted to do was violated.
The notion that some some psychopath isn't gonna go to Harris were Pennsylvania, start shooting democratic legislators that that that could really happen. I know that it's happened. It happened to Republicans in twenty seventeen of the soft ball game, so you know that these animal passion- can be unleashed and what he is doing it in a very systematic fashion that is dangerous and it's awful at its extra legal and he should be ashamed, himself and it's disgusting, but it's not a constitutional crisis, but also even if it doesn't result in you know a psychopath picking weapon. It is inspiring bad citizenship. You know it doesn't have to ending in homicide. It's it's a general loss of faith in the ways of the country and and in our institutions, and that's, and that is a terrible, terrible thing. It's not the same things: a constitutional crisis
Well, that was a very different from the mean. I'm not. My president protest sign, there's something qualitatively different about the Arizona Republican Party, suggesting that you should fight and die in defence of a lost election. I'm very plainly: will you take up arms in defence of the day, the assault and rights that this GEO pew that has led by a lunatic Kelly, was a psychopath and now they than them atrophied of the Republican Party in the sun belt, really is following the trajectory in which the Virginia GNP just imploded in on itself. Where you have these, these real recalcitrant activist tight, banging on drugs that there really shouldn't be unsteadily, losing political power as a result, and that's it
the thing that, like they are the people who at full deathly afraid of this sort of thing, which is not to say they shouldn't be, but dont discount they earn or do discount the extent to which the public doesn't reward. This kind of behaviour just the opposite, I mean you know this whole notion that he's a unique threat to everything the lead. My other favorite thing lately is this stuff, that's being a pedal that on on inauguration Day thereon inauguration weekend, he will try to steal Biden Sonder by flying off on his plane and going to rally of announcing his candidacy in twenty twenty four well. So this is interesting is a ah. He doesn't have an unlimited right to fly off on air force, one that is of courtesy, those extended to him. You know he doesn't own the plane. He doesn't have total
and so in its not air force, one one spied in this morning by the way I'm air force, one is the designation for the plane on which the president rides. It would no longer be air Force One, it's just a plain but, as I recall on inauguration weekend, twenty seventeen, the entire American left, went out into the streets, have a demonstration against Trump called the women's March at three and a half million people across the country were in the streets for effectively protesting against an don't forget the many democratic political elected political figures who, who publicly announced they were not attending inauguration and protest right because he was a legitimate right. So I mean you know everybody these, nor you know we live in a time when the Norm Relations are by partisan, they happen all the time, their their gross and their terrible,
and Trump is worse because he's president and therefore has a much larger role in crashing these things and is having a terrible effect on the republican Party. As we speak splitting it, you know empowering the most irresponsible and craziest elements of it, because they are more consonant with what it is that he wants to do politically. But this is the time that we live it. Yet we just had a series of Biden had to spend two weeks we talked about it, everybody talks about it, try
not to say that he wasn't going to pack the courts? I mean that was a real say, an end and that they were gonna grow in, because it was unfair that that that that the Senate is constituted the way the Senate is Democrats. We're gonna grow the number of states by two in order to get themselves for more senators, I mean that's a nor that that that would be the largest norm, violation in american history. You know in the late fiftys, when we added the last two states, it was very clear that we are adding one stayed. There was gonna, be republican in one state that was gonna, be democratic. If we're gonna do it at all, which is exactly what happened?
I mean that's, the Iranians in Hawaii was a republican state and Alaska was the democratic state, and now it's all, it's all reversed itself, which is another thing about american politics and how nothing is ever static and that's why it's all projection that they recognise themselves Donald Trump, because the arguments they made in their favour were not about the enfranchisement of these. This. sins of Puerto Rico or that taxation policies in Washington, You see, or even at the oars argument in favour of expanding the course that there we'll just really overworked? I mean I've overworked them and they need more and they're all old. We need like an age limit other nationalities. We're proffered. It was only revenge. they look, they made an explicit. This was this: was an effort to dilute the political authority, Republicans at his ill be gotten anxious. Stand by the wages and, under a digression,
Threats are always talking about. How frustrating it is that land masses represented in the form of the Electoral College or the Senator Landmass doesn't vote right, how much land into an actual geographically, Does the House democratic Majority occupy according to day Waterman, says its seven percent, sixteen percent to accede, Parts of the country is the smallest house, majority and geographic terms in the country's history. Yeah I mean so right, so landmass shouldn't represent anything, and yet it does. You know. Why does because that's what the constitution says there, the reason that they're all of this go you could read.
The debates on the articles of confederation and on the passage of the constitution. All of this was considered. It was all considered of when the amendment was passed to make the Senate directly elected. This is all considered, and the joke of all this is that all this happen that we have to do this, and we have to that. We have the other thing and Republicans have a structural advantage in this than the other thing in the world. I saw I saw when I was growing up. The house had been democratic hands of uninterrupted. democratic hands for forty years until ninety. Ninety four, so g, howling, Zack? We was it that Republicans have some bizarre built in political advantage. In fact, the only time in our history that we see a party with built in practical political advantages was the democratic price control of the house for for decades and Annette Uninterrupted for decades and there.
I think it was twenty six years or twenty eight years uninterrupted in the Senate from fifty two to seventy, I believe, or fifty four to twenty six years, fifty four to seventy. Something like that. So it's five thousand one hundred, and eighty excuse me so things change- and you know just because everybody is an idiot and doesn't remember anything or know anything american- about american history. This notion he can then turn around and make these arguments about how you know? One party has an unfair advantage. That's how Trump gets to the unfair. You know everybody can play that game. That is it worse than that they don't know the history, because I was remembering that in I think it wasn't right after the inauguration of and twenty seventeen June member, the absolutely ridiculous. Very public support
already readings of the words that made America, you know they did this whole thing where they would all they wouldn't celebrities, would read the declaration of independence and read the constitution with this very performative active we care about document and we are the only thing standing between its destruction and Donald Trump, and it was so Oh pretentious and acknowledges- and of course the liberal beat and the leftist aided up. They didn't obvious read it very few because they spend the next few years, arguing that you know he was decimated get, and I do believe he was challenging you don't like as others. It was. A stress test Are we going to see that again? Are we gonna see these pretentious readings of the of the dot, the founding documents? They actually used the history as a kind of propagandistic, tool for their own purposes. the power, and you know the right has its version of that too. But it's just it fascinates me it'll be really interesting. We talk a lot about, What will we do when the same thing that happened under Trump happens under Biden Howell? What will the response we are already seeing
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be it so Christine. Let's get into this question of not only hypocrisy, but what what else? What else there might be but think ground hard day, the movie and cause? We woke up to now is it there's a new autonomous own in Portland, the Red House at Miss OWN, which was a bunch of anti far types set up to protect, failing to protect some people who were illegally squatting in a house in North Portland along a bit, The street, the police came to break to break it up clean it up and they were actually rebuffs. There were enough squatters therein and protestors there that they push the police, backfire Some arrests were made, but this is the road. This harks back to the summer of love, as it was called we're different on time. Mr Evans were set up we have also seen a lot of hand, wringing over protesters against restrictions and protestors. Again,
Rio at large towns in the media, which is a sudden interest in protest tactics. That was completely absent during the summer when biplanes matter protesters, for example, blocked at the door camped out on the on the law of the attorney general of love of Kentucky, for example, or here in DC, were constantly showing up. You know they built a gear teen in front of Jeff phases. This house they were protests in the mayor's ass. These were tactics that have been used by left wing protesters for months. and were barely mentioned, and now suddenly there there are problems or seeing it. Certainly in the media were seeing. The narrative suddenly pay attention to things because the DE in the art swishing in terms of who was he election but I'll, be right back she watching the autonomous own so carefully, because I mean I think this The kind of thing that Biden errors are going to have two comments.
perhaps they voted during the election, but it's their problem as of January. Yes, so you know, let's talk a little about this- that these these demonstration, the locked up the ante lockdown demonstrations, all of which are you know, I find it very hard not to have immense sympathy for these small businessmen and and others who are saying. Or destroying our livelihoods on the basis of our policies are ideas that are being unequally, work or unsystematic fully enforced. It had seemed to Serbia a uniquely hostile to a dining institutions and churches, for example, and and Weird Lee sanguine about TAT, Big Box stores, em and and other things, including in our male salon, should be closed, but TAT bowling alley shouldn't or whatever you know,
this weird thing that is going on, that is driving everybody crazy, and yet we then have in Idaho and in LOS Angeles, as as you mentioned, these, these incidents, where anti mask protesters or anti lockdown protest, are going to the homes of public officials and having demonstrations on their lawns outside their houses. And all of this- and this is just awful- and I can tell you I family experience of this, so my my my brother and laws, Elliot Abrams, who is currently the coordinator for the administrations response on Venezuela and IRAN, but in the nineteen eightys was an assistant secretary of state for latin american affairs and in that position became a highly controversial figure with the very far left. That was not only oppose taboo. Irregular administration policy in Central America, but openly advocate
open. Advocates of these stalinist regime in Nicaragua, for example, and one day of a coalition of these groups, decided that they were going to stage a protest on the lawn of the Abrams home. That is my sister, Rachel and and her then three. very small kids. She had a six year old, a five year old and of three and a half year old and they sat in their house, while on the sidewalk right outside their windows. With my with my nieces with my niece, a nephews looking through the windows,
with people, shouting murderer, killer, you're, a monster, you should go to jail. You now banging Drum Bain pots doing this doing that it was terrifying, terrified them raged. I was also observe. Enraging was of this. A suburban neighbourhood, Chevy Chace DC on on thirty, first Street and and the whole point of this is to make life as unpleasant as possible for people who are public officials who are simply trying to work through the policies that day that elected you know in the elites, Gacy was working for the for the ring and extraction which had a policy that he was affecting. He wasn't a surly its creator. He wasn't its progenitor whatever, and and yet you know that it was deemed by this far left. You know by by these by these marxist,
That is why all was fair game and that he deserved you. Now he deserved everything, including port. You know that the the scouring of his own home and the terror and the frightening of his own children, because a policies that they did not like This was an extreme thing to do in the mighty navies, and it is now becoming an entirely common thing to do as as we as we begin, the third decade of the twentieth century and talk about norm, violations and an end of you now any kind of remote civic Concord or p sword or more an understanding that a public pub, officials and public servants, just because you disagree with them. That doesn't mean that they are not working for you there working for you tat, my that's my my story.
the officials who live in DC have been constantly targeted, particularly in the last year by black lives matter, protesters antitrust protesters here, the postal, the postman. Their generals home that there were these constant protests every site. You know, Saturday morning all these people gathering banging parts making a racket that trying to get it couldn't get it building obviously, but this is common in DC. Now with drove through the Trump administration, and it starts Sunbury unless smaller scale member scale. Member Sarah Sanders was actually a restaurant. People are in a reported officials, reported being kind of called out in public but it has certainly escalated to the extent that it now it's not. It's always been a common tactic of radicals right. whether on the right or the left. As you point out John, but it's it's it, I'm really annoyed by house how much attend. It's getting when the people banging the parts and yelling and occupying people's front stoops are considered
right wing, it's terrible and it was completely ignored all summer, their officials all over this country, whose spirit This is on a nightly bases and her, and there were, there is no recourse. They just had to endure it right because it was left wing protesters. So Typography What we are witnessing, this large scale cross pollination among protests, groups and fringe groups with different different members and different groups among them should be taken play books from the from each other from one another, serve. You know organically, so The so, though, as we do you're saying that the anti lockdown protests are going to people's lawns as the as you know, at tea for groups had been doing and black lives matter. Groups had been doing over the summer, de the Staten Island bar honor,
who was protesting, lockdown declare an art- attempted to declare an autonomous zone taking a page from the Pacific Northwest Northwest Anti far groups. People whacked out sovereign citizens, movement, one at least one branch of it in Seattle is taken a page from blacklist matter and not on the doors and white suburban neighbour neighborhoods, declaring that you know the homes people's homes in the name of a black citizens.
So it's all very disturbing to me not just because it's simply disturbing on its face, but because it speaks to this deeper issue that doesn't have to do with ideology per se its becoming this sort of general stew of it's about the destruction and it's about the tearing down and deal with Jean missing. of our system in every case it it it doesn't matter. You, though, that the cause is the pretence. The b. The aim is, is the measure you taken its end and everyone is taking on everyone else's extreme tactics and using them to important point of me, I you know: there's no, there's no comfort in the some
This is really what we were saying this in the summer that people are also under occupied this year. They dont have any where to go. They don't have anything to do. A lot of them have lost their jobs, and so they are kind of like this, these extras in some kind of a political epoch that they are that they are get out but they're, like it sessile, B d mills extras you know, would do that there be no at the foot of Mount Sinai with the golden calf or something they got nothing else to do their wandering around serving as the as the background material yet, and it yet Liegemen believe also that if you think things were dicey after Trump lost and didn't, at the results, imagine what would have happened had he won in this country right given
at every that's my my city was borne out, yet nothing. Everyone should act as our everyone else's. Everyone's conjurors Caesar everyone out is writing right. What if he had what if he had what if he had one Pennsylvania, Georgia and one other set, was consumed by five thousand votes in each case. What would have happened, then? You think calls for faithless electors. I mean literally twenty. Sixteen. There was an effort to get people to
Airbus rifles electors to literally change their votes in the electoral college, to grant Hillary Clinton the victory that there's a was a nominal argument. In that case, it would be different from this argument, which is that as she won the popular vote at the electoral colleges and illegitimate waited decide according to these, these, these theories to to decide if there's gonna be a systematic world in which people who don't when the popular vote, but nonetheless prevail in the Electoral College of the only happen a couple of times or once maybe once or twice in american history before Trump and twenty sixteen and therefore it was like. While this is not what we went for, so you should change your vote, but unless that that wasn't a violation of the warm, so until people did, I believe, or two people did at the time vote to two to switch their vote so that his total on the electoral college
day was three hundred and foreign surrendered six, and I think they were restored through legal action to the to the three hundred six number, but I mean is not to do what about is a more. You know you it's just that this notion that there is something unique about the radicalization of the right and the radicalization of of of tour, of the Trump response, and all of this it's not. This is a. This is an american disease that we are faced with an american civic collapse, slow motion, collapse that were going through and and the notion that you're gonna look at a presidency that you didn't vote for
prevailed narrowly over your report party and then decide that it it were its illegitimate is really bad, but I do want to do something about them in this sense, which is that we had this whole thing. Tromp is a present. He doesn't respect our institutions, he doesn't any once this. They won't do that, isn't constitutional crisis. It was Barrack Obama, who said we can't wait. I've found in a pan, I'm gonna do what I can absent, because with the Republic of Congress, so we're concentrate. The american people chose to have a presidency of one party and Anna at least a house of representatives of the other party. After Brok Obama, the Democrats work there will in two thousand nine and twenty ten and spent two and a half trillion dollars in eighteen months than they decided that they were gonna do what they could to put a check on that when the president
it looks at that fact and says: I'm gonna try to do stuff anyway, because we can't wait. The american people were saying: wait. Maybe you were saying stop and he was like I'm not gonna stop. Well. I don't know what to do with that when, when wench, when, when you then have a present when you would then follow that up with a president who, who basically takes that M goes further with it and you know, puts it puts in badly drafted executive orders about you know, stopping people at airports and and and and all that's the name of also does plays executive order games that are kind of pretty fast and loose. You know what what what are we supposed to make that oh bomber was over turned by the courts over and over and over again on those efforts to legislate from the White House
and trumped just followed along. He didn't innovate sitting here of reading, about Memoir- and you know one of the interesting things about it- is that it ends before it gets to this real question of how he was good, how he handles his sudden powerlessness having you know how to have it, having had a total mandate handed him and his party, of course, I'm sure he will not take any blame, but he deserves it at their word. There were a few things, though, that which, if you wanna, be a little more respectful of our institutions of Europe. If you Joe Biden NEWS about a step into one, you know one of the big over reaches with with title nine, the dear colleague letter that the Obama Administration NEWS to basically lemonade due process on campus, to correct that, instead of you writing his own executive order. He had the role and Trump administration officials, namely Betsy Divorce, at that
education went through the rule making process. She followed the role she's a cheat. She put it out there. You know they did draft rules, they had people come and do the public comments it was debated. They did it the way they were so do Joe Biden will go right back in there were men and others like an orgy. Dear colleague letter is my prediction: I'll be interested to see if it is easy for them to dismantle, though, because the rule. Making process in all of these agencies existed to stop exactly the kind of a red you are describing so there there is actually a model for getting stuff done. Administratively that respects the rules Obama a blue, a lotta that out of the water, because it was very effective, mediate and media praise him, for it was like look at this bold, decisive leader, stopping these backwards, judo Republicans from running the country, all right. So this is that this is a short show, but I think we have. We have exhausted our topic material for today, so we will let you we'll let you go and enjoy the rest of Europe.
the rest of Europe, your time for Noah Abraham, Christine I'm John Public, he became a burning.
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