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The Perpetual Legitimacy Crisis

2020-09-25 | 🔗
Donald Trump’s apparent decision to make people apprehensive about whether he will vacate his office should he lose the election has lent credence to some otherwise insane theories about how the election will play out. Also, the looming threat of a second lockdown and the psychology of COVID malaise.
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Welcome to the Commentary magazine Daily Podcast. Today's rightly September twenty fifth, twenty twenty, I'm jump on towards the editor of Commentary magazine with me as always associate editor nor Rossman high Noah. I got Senor runner Christine roses High, Christine I done an executive editor apron Waldheim, I jumped we, not be doing the show on Monday, as it is young people who are so, we will try to keep you say so interested that you're just listen to this work.
Until Tuesday, when we will obviously be doing some form of debate. Preview, and then I guess also some kind of discussion of the Supreme Court nominee. Who apparently is Amy Coney Barrett, though we have to wait till tomorrow until its declared the same economy. Barrett missed an opportunity here, John tabled it we're just calling the lid from Monday. Rather that's it's that. Thank you very much. Ass were calling a lid Once again, I am fascinated by this this effort to create a new story out of the fact that Biden by were few
thing to be in the news to the greatest extent possible is likely. I don't know, I made it possible that he's making a terrible mistake or that this is all, but I mean as likely, pulling off one of the great campaign strategies of all time, which is he's being given an opportunity to remain silent while his rival Does everything he can to remain the focus and centre of attention when that's probably the last thing he showed her why we should wish to be and, as I detail in a colony oppose this morning, he looking at what happened this week
his inability to say no, I will obviously they'll be a peaceful transfer power. You know that he gets himself into trouble and then has to get himself out of trouble, or you know rely on the fact that he has forty two percent support to show that when all the dust clears he's basically where he was before, but then he loses days, he loses days and it sir, liking this to the scrambling quarterback scrambling quarterback accepted the scrambling quarterback. Usually, if a six of cemeteries, successful He gets way behind the one of scrimmage people chase him. He tyres. How many ends up with a game of you know, five or six or seven yards or baby? More and Trump doesn't gain. He ends up back at the line of scrimmage every single time, so he runs. He gets exhausted his people's chasing get exhausted
he doesn't game, they'll lose everything remain static and I think it's fairly clear that if everything remain static, he doesn't win the elections so binds lid people really do seem to think, isn't a calculated strategy and I think it's a strategy which is this law Let him go, let Trump have the spotlight. That's the best thing for us is to her. Him rather on and make himself of figure of constant endless controversy, well, yeah. I mean that's at least you're engaging in some form of analysis. Here I mean oh, thank you from mainstream reporters. Is that these nine days of lives over the course of September's about nine days, beginning in the first week of that, members all debate Pratt. It's obviously debate prep and have their you actually that its anything other and debate crap. He is so perhaps oh, my God
That's the thing at least republican dynamic, raising the wine that he's been prepping, so much better, be scintillating, and even if you don't buy into the conspiracy theorizing about binds mental capacity One question I do have as aid. Not conspiracy. Theorist is, if this isn't strategy, It is about an energy you, no kind of peace, having his energy so he's in fighting for next week. For the debate, that is that, Give me a concern to voters and that's zero dollars and one cents. The job he is running for is the most demanding physically and mentally, on earth precious if he can't run a campaign where he's out there day after day doing what he needs to do. Bode well for his ability, as the leader of the free world, do that either it's extremely demanding job. That's why they all, except for trumpets, obviously a diet, job they all go gray over the course of their term in office. It's extremely demanding, if he's not up to that. That is something that votes should weigh.
As a small point. I mean, I only wonder it's also something. I think that the trumpet Trump campaign would have been smart to hit on more frequently, as opposed to the arm, or at least in addition to the vessel for radical, some message I mean that he's the pick that the campaign and the candidate is this sort of phantom who's, not really there, who Who should have weaves in and out of every issue two and doesn't really declare himself. You know that there's a vaporous quality to the entire Biden think that Trump would be happy to have been smart to pick up on that. Well, so let me let me just go with this in two ways, as Biden is leading by six eczema points, and play polling? What have one good trumpet had one good set of staples from washing Post Davy New, ABC News, but otherwise the pulling this week confirms
various senses. That Biden is ahead in Ohio in Iowa. He is tied in Georgia. He is ahead in Florida if an end, he is already way ahead according to his balls in Michigan and in and in Wisconsin, so the election was over. If the. If the polling isn't wildly wrong, I mean you know or if there is in turn about right that so once again we have the then ask what is it? The Biden is doing wrong. I mean, I think,
is fair to say that looking at this, you could say this. Is you don't worry some because he's not up to the job, but the fact that its us, so it just seems to be working in his favour- speaks against the idea. This is happening because they have no choice but to let it happen. This way that that's number one number two, I don't think there's any person on earth who serve deals with geryon ears like the science of aging or the medicine of aging. Who thinks that you need to sleep for a week before you engage in a debate right you're supposed to be doing crossword puzzle that you know engaging and beef, but if you want
till acuity. You wanna keep your brain engage thought not not be sleeping entitled. I just don't think in the absence of the fact that he is actually affirmatively senile. If that you know that that this is a strategy that they would necessarily be pursuing, the ito to keeping quiet because he really needs is rest her for all its next Tuesday, but I think they have determined. This would be my speculation. Their theory of the cases that every time Trump opens his mouth is good for them and that they were scared by the Supreme Court nomination possibility because it meant that the story would shift from Trump. Does this trunk? Does that Trump says this Trump says that to something else and having at another figure men? The dismay really really well
in the case of another major figure, is gonna step onto the scene and be a dominating figure in american culture in October, and that could help Trump, because it will move the spotlight away from him, and that is what what what he needs. I think that's their theory of the case they can make news any time they want, including not with binding, saying that they can issue statements. They can issue, you know you know. Vice President Biden said yesterday that it at it at a day you know, or or whatever you know, even if he couldn't go even if he was like lying in bed curled in the fetal position, they can make news at. Will they choose not. And that there has to be strategic. Forget that the only thing I can say to that is that they have a huge assist from the mainstream media, because I think, if this were a republic,
candidate, who was challenging and democratic incumbent who was who had was calling, let's like this and ended in pursuing this strategy, It wouldn't be, as no I said earlier, they wouldn't be simply accepting the line that this was debate prior right. They would be challenging that they would be demanding more statements. They would be trying to on earth whether there were some something else going further meagre is not doing their job, and if that candidate had the record of floods and performances that burden head, it would every headlines Questions arise over you know, and capacity Then there would be the matter analysis of whether were helping the campaign by reporting. This way because were written, lowering debate, expectations and then we're event, essentially assisting the campaign were already over thinks. Every ok look, let let's face it obviously we. You know. I've been so I've spent forty years in the mainstream media as a practically as a conservative, and it's been biased for four.
Years at its worst now than it was fixed. Ten years ago and there was kind of odd ways marginally worse than like one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine one thousand nine hundred and eighty It is now part because of the domination of the three networks and really five newspapers, and that's it of course, not not the case, but yes, oh there playing they are. They are dealing with the reality that faces them, which is that they have a compliant press and therefore they they are. They don't have to find themselves in the position having these questions raised, although I will say this witches everything is primed. If Biden goes up, as we say in theatre, you know at during the debates and loses his place, loses his train of thought or does a Rick Parry
thing or something for everyone to swipe down and start talking about this at the moment. That is precisely the worst possible moment for him when he wants to really close the sale. So it's not as though it can happen obviously can happen at a moment's notice. The Hillary Clinton people would tell you that, The media aren't biased because they hated her, so if they were, if they were just ideologically biased, they hated her so much that they destroyed her. You know according to them and that she was right to keep an arms length from them and be mean to them and all that because they were so horrible to her, and I think that's her paranoia. They would have been happy to talk Hillary Clinton into Ruth Vader Ginsburg if she had made it possible for them to do so by not taking six hundred and seventy five thousand dollars from Goldman Sachs,
by closing down the Clinton Foundation because you SAM running for president, therefore you know it's very important, might look like Caesar's wife and therefore I do not work. Doing whatever we can't even not even have a semblance of a conflict. I know the appearance of a conflict of interest and then it would have been. You see, she's up our work she didn't do it. So they were primed, she had a sixty five percent approval rating. When she left the left foggy bought me. They were primed to treat her like that. Like a lion, Ized figure, she wouldn't let because She'S- and this is you know, I mean she's crazy, she's, crazy person. She is paranoid crazy personnel paranoid. You can have any. Isn't she had enemies, but she is also in unable to take advantage of the natural predilection of the press to be nice to be eight o a female candidate. Beetle Democrats see to her as a betrayal blazing path. Raker you. She also refused him
the narrative that they wanted her to embrace over and over again, which must have changed too low for her was the victim rights. You is the victim of her own husband, but She stay with the husband they were bought with this foundation and she didn't see herself as a victim, even though that was actually the median error. That was, I think, the most appealing for a certain demographic growth of journalists, particularly that the tariffs female journalist, elite institutions that saw themselves in Hilary and her. Overcoming narrative. Actually she overcame a little too well in some sentence rate, and then she didn't and she was shut down those conversations about booklet alive on the trail, if you recall omen, they wanted her to wallow in her in a wrong wife's tat is a little bit more so
I guess so she is now so Biden is taking advantage, as Hilary could not take advantage of his of media bias, in the east passwords as he is not feeding any flames right. He has not given them anything that they feel of necessity. They have to jump on by not responding by not providing kindling right of all trump is Trump is daily kindling for the anti Trump fire, which I think should bring us to a conversation with wide to have for a couple of days, but we keep getting a sidetracked on, which is this door stopper of a peace on the Atlantic by Barton Gilman about,
the threat to our democracy posed by the period between the election and the Euro in January, twentieth, twenty twenty one, assuming that the results are either inconclusive or close, or you know confused, and this piece which is another, is an example. Here's the problem. So I read this peace I'd thy texted, you guys. I said this is to raise this article is deranged range and then about three seconds later Trump was unable to say that he would. You know he would abide by peaceful transfer of power, which case I still think the pieces deranged theoretically, but practically speaking, I kind of lose the argument that you don't really have to ask
age with it seriously, because Trump is somehow making us engage with it seriously by his weird behaviour, which is double down on yeah. Because of course, he's now following the Roy Cornwall, which, as you never apologize, never may never go back and all that and then there is this other weird detail, which is this a story out of Pennsylvania about how Not there were nine spoilt ballot, there were ballots founded toward the ditch or something and them they were dirty ballots. An egg role for trumpet they were thrown away. So if you dig into the story a little bit, it appears that they were a spoiled ballots, that they hadn't as I ve been talking about they hadn't they they they may have arrived and been opened in some facility because they were by an election facility because they were
They were mailed there, then they open them and it's it with the privacy envelope was not inside. This was to hide the ballot, and so they were just thrown away and they were nine dollars and they were for Trump. Another reason I bring this up is to say that a new story came out. The justice department is looking into this and there is a it appears that Kaylee Mcinerney, the White House Press secretary, knew about the story before it was made public, which raises the prospect that they have been hunting for that. The Justice Department that Robin was there have been hunting for a spoiled ballots story that they could retail, to make the case that the balloting is everything is terrible, however, was if it was if it was in fact nine ballots in one place that were spoiled and somehow they were mishandled, but they were never going to be used.
How would they even know that they were all for trump? They could only know that they were all for trump if somebody open them by mistake or open them, because they weren't supposed to be at whatever, so that little story. Then says to me. There's something more going on here. That means you can't just say that there isn't some kind of weird. Plan or get out deserve half ass scheme tat kind of say that anything that was not voted on on election night. Every ballot that was not voted on election night is Compromised not at all the island would carry that the OJ press release, which was subsequently edited, revised to be less crazy. The aid it is clearly part of a strategy and to be fair to two Barton common in this government. He's the others, as we are full of really convoluted machinations, and one of them is the notion that the Trump campaign can
wait. Law boil electors and battleground states were Republicans, had the legislative majority and appoint a slave, let electors that the governor would have to sign off on of the democratic governor its little more complicated, but they would essentially They were replacing these electors with their own, their own people, which are not entirely even sure had this would work in July. The Supreme Court is the ruling unanimously saying that states have the power to require presidential electors to vote for their parties, candidate for president of the faithless electors. Essentially, a thing of the baby: that's a law, that's a law! In other words, you have to actually pass an affirmative law and that the law, that says the electors must, you know, must be tied to the results of the election has to be passed by the sign into law. So if its function that's thing and in the common thinking he gonna peace came explicitly from the term campaign
those were hit the sources without even soaking, from a little to no avail of importing, yet whatever that means so what they want you it's hard to avoid the impression that there's a concerted effort to want you to be on the edge in your seat here about whether or not the president will accept election results that don't go his way just sort of out. You know, apprehension that want to cultivate yeah, but that doesn't make this peace less crazy. In the fund. There are some really fun aspects of the peace double now within now that this prospect has been raised. We know that here is that we are going to be a very normal election year. It's gonna take a long time to count ballots in places like Florida in Arizona they caught the count, the earlier vote early and they actually start tabulating before election day, but not in places like Pennsylvania. So and there is the naked ballot controversy which is so convoluted, it's impossible even describe, but the bottom line is there's gonna be allowed a balance that are probably going to be contested and thrown out in some,
I'm just being valid and it's gonna be maybe you're the Little Bee election week, maybe you'll be election month, but that leads to these real Weird scenarios where you have these competing rates of electors, that back Congress in the house has too has to sign up, I often in January six, when they meet to certify these election results in the the culmination of this Gilman scenario is fantastical, and you, You really have to delve into it, because it's it's quite entertaining so his scenario is that This is calling off this the rolls here and before he goes to Pennsylvania and tries to certify the Pennsylvania results, but he can't move on because just as Democrats did in two thousand, when they were certifying the results are Florida, there will be an attempt to object. That objection failed, but in this case it would succeed and ass. He policy would
spell all the senators from the chamber of the house where everybody's meeting to certify these results and pence can't complete the roll call. It can complete. The certification of the results of penalty neighbour removes onto Rhode, island, and then there s the institutional requires. An implant Pelosi says we're gonna stall indefinitely and then the count is incomplete. By inauguration Day, at which point she be comes the acting president of the United States. So the ultimate irony of this common scenario is the bad guy. Here is Nancy Blowsy she's, the villain. She assumes total control. She she's only the villain in your scenario, if you haven't worked the West Wing, because of course there was a whole thing in the West wing where the speaker of the House becomes president, because something as the vice President President has mass or why get whatever the hell it is, and then John Goodman is that is the yeah.
Figure the house has got a cat. He moves. It turns out he's a pretty good president. Even though is Newt Gingrich, let you know he's look he's Toffania Resource one. He doesn't want to be president. He wants to give it back as soon as they can wonderful, fantasy world of Erin Sorkin there or not errand Sorkin. At this point, I think it was John Wells, but nonetheless, like there's a whole there's a whole world of liberal pornographic fantasy that political pornography that involves all kinds of interesting plays that will involve the saving of democracy from evil republicans through interesting machinations. That will make fantastic HBO movies in fifteen years. That's very exciting. What we're staring down the barrel of is an extremely boring election night, which ends up over by about nine thirty when we get the Panhandle coming in UK. So let let's start rather
that that so the counter scenario to the counting of election month right, the counting of the month is that of the Poles, as they stand now- are pretty accurate. A ahead by seven nationally. He probably wins by seven nationally, and the state poles are pretty accurate, which means that abide Windsor, two in Florida, and that, because of this early, counting that you mention, that Biden wins Florida and one spied and wins Florida. If such a thing should happen just as Trump winning Florida and twenty sixteen was the holy crap moment that caused every bay to say. Oh, my god, something that we can't believe is happening is happening. That way
the temperature goes way up. Biden winning Florida will calm, everybody down, MSNBC will calm down. The networks will cause down, because those twenty nine electoral votes not being in the you know in the Trump camp Suddenly his math gets very good. He has to run the table practically everywhere that he's behind to win. And so may be formally they won't be able to do. They are winner on election night, because Pennsylvania, Michigan Wisconsin are all going to allow mail and bowed to come in over the next the succeeding couple of days, but they're going to be pretty clothes right? That's basically the scenario
So there is a formal winner, but we we go to bed with Biden around two hundred and forty electoral votes and tromp around a hundred fifty or a hundred sixty or some like that, so it will be so much pressure on companies scenario to concede the night of and when he doesn't, which he won't they'll say you know this is it. This is upon us, but the day after concession isn't an abnormal thing. Hilary no Hilary next day think Al Gore that either and and out and how we were asked clearly better. While they were no character, current carry right, carried them. Carry because of this weird Ohio. Miss word fantasy. That Ohio was you don't get, it was gonna switch hands the way Florida they thought was switching hands in the.
You know into into thousand anyway, but the Gilman Peace Right lays out all these scenarios, where tromp creates they're all these conditions and, of course, one of the interesting things about this endless peace is that it fails to deal with the possibility of the reverse, which is that Trump wins where it appears the Trump wins and the country is set on fire, so I'm this is. This is my concern. Is it we're getting a lot of preparation for how how they can handle and obvious when by binding that Trump will try to? You know snatch? away from him or or somehow block, but they are not mentally parents for and upset and other upset that really are, and I in and the only preparation I see happening, is in the radical fringe. That's like we're gonna burn. All down. That's the one group, that's really eager and really ready to go and that should be of Where are the level headed moderate centrists, on the left? Who,
saying? Ok, we have this plan. Thank you Gilman, but what do we do if its clear that here when even by a thread, because we ve had years of let's abolish the electoral colleges is not legitimate. We need to pack. Of course we do all these things because he's a fascist vote. Repression, voters, the brush, I mean there. They are not mentally prepared for the last two weeks. Three weeks they have been actively working themselves up into the exact same mental condition that Donald Trump reason, which is that, if they dont when it is due to fraud, oh but I'd say did- is completely legitimate at I agree with you, but I'd say it's been going on for longer than that, because for. Months. We ve had these stories of we're, not gonna, know who won the selection for ages where work have no I'd the fog that they are throwing up in advance of how this you know. Meanwhile, we ve had successful. Relatively clean elections. You know countless times, but this time it's gonna be such it can
using fog, we're not gonna, know and here's why we're not gonna know, and I That was all very unhealthy for the country, because that an end, it was all done with the idea that we have to prepare the american people for this. For this eventuality, where we're not gonna know whose president, but I think that through this terrible screen of of steadiness about the outcome of the election that allowed for all this was her of a pocket lipstick play to happen and by the way allowed for trumped, be asked in first place if he would accept, if, if, if there would be a peaceful transition of power Lettre, so this isn't great right. It's it's not healthy to have this much these many legitimacy narratives around the president, but it Not new some kind of thy don't share the apocalyptic view here the notion that president's
are not legitimate in their elections. Dogged George, W Bush after two thousand a dog after you went Ohio because of the Diebold Voting machines. Jaif Metro we had one- would have been attacked by the exact same conspiracy theory, because there was this notion that tag Romney have these associations with voting machines Of course. Mr President, Hillary Clinton herself has said. Donald Trump is an illegitimate president and nevertheless they take the oath of office and perform the duties of the executive branch as they would. The last couple of hundred years. So well, these narrative our great for social stability they're. Not here Hundred percent consequential as to how the government, organizers and functions, except that we are now in a week the moment right now, I think socially, is a little bit different and that we do have people who spent the last to know several months taking to the streets over everything, including below criminals, who who shoot cops
get out on them redundant, not taking to the streets over politics. In this matter there interfere in DC they're they're, going into the day just as apartment the head of the data is apartment, they're, going to Miss Mc Connell's house every day and trying to wake him up. I mean there are their small, it's a small group. I agree, but I think that the Hillary Clinton point to me is really interesting, this week she was going on and on about how you note how it's terrible that the Trump said that he would I abide by what the election results were. She's end for firms, as you said, for months going on and on about how you know he's not legitimate President Biden shouldn't concede. I mean she she's, but on the other side of this argument for a while, I'm concert, my concern is that the people who first turn down opposed George shooting, uncover the nice, the nice, suburban. You who wanted to show their thereof is so. I welcome if you I have a lot of democratic party leaders after election day, saying here
trying to steal an action you need to get to the street. You need to get out there and showed his cannot steal. This democracy you're, gonna, see a lot of people do that and I dont think that would have that didn't happen after George Bush, it didn't happen after Romney, but they ve been kind. Them The messaging has been clear: the message has been attached to the idea that you take to the streets like if you follow them media and follow that sort of work, less activists, types Dave. They happen laying groundwork for protest, but it didn't Donald Trump I've, no election there were more distant treats four days during an operation there. There is violence across the country right. So the whole point here is that what we have seen over the course of this year might be a prelude. Web, were a kind of dress rehearsal in an odd way for me
asked demonstrations in which people, just as conventional liberal people, ended up in the streets for black lives matter. Very people who had never otherwise participate in some kind of of ST action are now sixty five sixty six sixty seven sixty eight million people are going to vote for Biden Abiden voter. Just go into. You know that the idea will be that, as it is praiseworthy to do this year, exercising the right to protest and talk about your vote and did the danger to democracy in all that, and we see action of a scale that we have never seen in this country and numerically, and that all of this has been prepped by the romance of of going into the streets. It's like you know this weird thing happens
ah, the vat viability, value and and and no bill Lee of our system is rooted according to a certain type of theory in the right to an ex accessibility of protest, not because we build institutions that guard people's liberty from the government, not because we get we weep. We have an unconditional gonna win, we focus on them. Personal liberty, as opposed to other countries which focus on social solidarity, all kinds of stuff like that. No it's that everything's good. As long as you can protest, if you can't protest, then it's bad and protest itself is good. Peaceful protest, I mean I sound like Rommel Johnny moment but peaceful bright, but the point is that, situation what what we protect as the right to peacefully assemble an and protest road, not seen consistent, peaceful.
You seem right. The mostly peacefully euphemism covers a host of sense, and I think that all unfortunately continue to another point is that the protest is protest is obviously something that is part and parcel of what a free people can do, but it is not the highest expression that only What people can do mostly the social with people can do, is like to go along. Have a family pay? Your taxes in a vote and cannot be a good citizen. That's what people can do. You are not somehow better or a better participant in you know in our social structure, because you stand in the in a street with a lot of other people. In fact, that is a weird I wouldn't say its anti American, but the notion of,
Ass action is not what America's about America's about the rights of the individual, not about your not about being part of a Rousseau we in collective and in our collective mind that expresses the will of the people, and not only the right to do. That, though, is under zero threat has who has a problem? then you I mean you may not like it, but no one is cracking down on peaceful protests, in fact, including trump, by the way who is even he's even paid lip service to you know you're, not time a prototype. Protests are one thing, but you know that we're tired rioters, and not only has there been no threat to it. Only the protesters have gotten the covert exemption. It's the thing. You can do
supposed to do when you're not supposed to do anything else, but the people who are like we're gonna burn their stuff down. They dont mean themselves right. They mean the young radicals that they have been sort of like attaching themselves soon and tell him to go out into the streets, and this is what you see. We ve got a piece for the website not too long ago about these academics and humanities who romanticize. As we said this violent protest about how effective is Oberlin professors like violence, actually gets the attention and politicians much more. Then, on peaceful protests and this other academic, who is talking about the virtues Nicholas Sandwiches, this practice and Apartheid South Africa, where they strap attire around Africans who work with the apartheid government thoughtful aghast, later on fire like some sort of a noble expression of of hostility towards the existing power structure, but there
doing any others. There just radicalizing the vanguard, livery Bolshevist Way at the vanguard of this revolutionary, among other than under the cities like her aids. It's about Turgenev Gilbert I'm good at that radio. Yet. But I am saying that there are rubicund could be crossed here in the advent of a of a contest, an election where the result is unclear but looks like it may be, trending toward Trump we have had three and a half years, beginning, as you say, nor with the very beginning,
the administration went three and a half million people were in where we're at the the women's March. That's how that's how this began, and that, with course, was. You know a very interesting expression of conventional political power and the thing that show that two thousand and eighteen was going to happen. In my view. That was let you know what they. They got a lot of passion behind them here they got a lot of passion, a lot of force, all that stuff worked, was all the political stuff that failed them right. I mean that the sort of like the investigations into the emoluments, the rush investigation, the impeachment all that Washington Centric stuff, failed to dislodge Trump or failed to dislodge the we know coming Republican, whatever actual serious organization at the local and state level, and all of that lead to you know a shallow.
King in the house, the Poles and twenty eighteen and, if by wins in twenty twenty, will largely be the result of this. Reignited fervour on the part of you know. Democrats are people who, in a really want, want trump out of there. And this is all the my fear there is this- that that stuff, witches, real and serious an undeniable will be overwhelmed and destroyed by the confusion of that which is good with demonstration, end and demonstrations. That inevitably will involve violence and that's bad and and that's where we, we start crossing barriers that we can't go back on, because if it
good that this happens, and you know things are set on fire once again for a drinking crew. The permission structure for this to be the way that you deal with elections. You know this is where we start. People keep saying we're becoming banana republic. This isn't a banana republic. This is like you know. I don't know what you would call it like: arab democracy or you know, or like a kind of a dead one of these kind of populist democracies of the night, excuse me, you don't like the election result. You write you dont. Let you think that it's not fair. You riot, that's how you were onto elections. That is what the glory of our system has been, that we don't do that. We haven't done that and we may about to do that, that there is an interesting sort of microcosm of this that his and over the last few months in low level Kentucky because what you saw, there were a lot of local activists who had consistently and and peaceful
He then protesting the fact that the cops and the Brown a teller case had been arrested and that the investigation was going on and on and they went they would I'm afraid they weren't they they kept their peace. Agitation. You know going week after week and then what will change a few months ago is that some more radical outside activists groups, one of us This led by Linda's our sore came to town set of camp in town. Started, raising money there an end outside groups and just started ample things up deliberately saying we're here: to bring them temperature up and working but more pressure, and then they started doing things like camping out ages private home and refusing to let the matter in hand and so now what we have and then the decision comes down and at this point you ve got groups all kinds of outside group descended on Louisville any talk about a tinderbox right. The way we ve had two nights now of a fair amount of violence. We can law enforcement officers shot and it doesn't look like it.
Calm down any time soon, so that at a national scale you could see something like happening and my Concern is even if try. This is why we job, but I sort of joke that we would to see a landslide either way right. I mean there because a landslide disconnect shut the other sign up for a while my concern actually is that, even if I'd winds and a landslide dingy, unrest will pause, but it's not gonna end I think you will see some sort of action on the streets because it's me it's still pretty likely. They'll be ambiguity on election night, we're not sure to what extent, but I'd spits a pretty safe bet that there will be some ambiguity in some states, an unlikely that there will be a they all. Every race will be called the night of an you seen as we said in up over the course a three month riding in anticipation of events not either.
In response to events, so you will certainly see people for whom the election is merely a pretext for that's why I say is not entirely about politics in most ways is not about power about politics at all. What what is? What is the Portland? What is the Portland action, which I think is now a hundred and twenty days long? What is it about now? Well, what is it about? It does not have a topic except and our direction right. This is what I had said. It's about it, but what it does the quota, you, your piece is able to humanity and anything else about humanity. Right and I look. What are the reasons that this election was gonna, be unclear, We difficult and confusing and emotionally upsetting. If not the major reason is, of course, the pandemic and the difficulty and the and the fact that it will be a difficulty for some people to vote normally. Obviously,
Where were the possibility for people over seventy two near impossible for people over seventy devote normal and we're still living in a world in which supermarkets and things like have special hours for people of a certain age to shop in an effort to make it possible for them to do so without being exposed to others or whatever can't do that a polling place. So this was going to be a horrible situation. We have no idea what turn out was going to look like. We had no idea what it was going to happen till there. For, aside from the difficulties that I have constitution, electoral, civic, civic difficulties, I have
The move towards mail in voting and Guenaud early voting in all of that is, I think, give out the election days up as a civic glory that we are apparently surrendering so I've structural problems with this except this year, because there are tens of millions of people who are not going to feel safe going to the poles so accommodations had to be made at this is, I think, work where I have to say this to our listeners were Trump fence, where Trump has done something really bad end
I am not of the irresponsible but cut of destruct civilization, highly destructive witches by saying that those who cast a vote by mail or that their ballot is cast by mail or absentee or early, or something like that that that that there there's that's bad. It's gonna make the election bad when he is the present presiding over a country that is wrestling with a pen dammit that has now killed more than two hundred thousand people is them is easily the most irresponsible thing that he has ever done and what's more self destructive of him, as I keep saying, because he its voters over. Seventy, more than Biden does actually, and so by calling into question the viability, value or be legality or whatever of
of this balloting in in an emergency situation, which is what we are in, we are living through an emergency. He has made everything worse and he has made it will and what's more, as is from the case is made it worse for himself, and you know it's it's it's unforgivable and people who wanted to say well. Hilary Seti David Biden should never concede northern. That's all true. Hilary is now private citizen, and you know it is an angry disappointed. You know enraged person who never
Should it be a presidential candidate in the first place- and I you know- I don't feel sorry for at all- and she should go away and you know, go to the Maldives and enjoy herself instead of you notes coming around and trying to stir things up, but she's, not the present United States. He is and he's making everything worse. He has made everything worse in this regard and in that sense bark gammons. Peace, though crazy, is a is a response to a reality that could and should have been. Otherwise, I would say let let not it to continue with this mood of deep, crushing morality. I wanted to ask you guys about get not to be New York, Centric, but sorry for New York, Centric.
The metropolitan opera, the largest arts organization in the United States, which has more than I think, a thousand paid employees. Unlike like that announced it would not reopen for business until September twenty to twenty one. Which is an indication of the real difficulties that are faced by it's like New York and elsewhere, with theatres Life Theatre, any place where people have to gather inside and auditorium restaurants auditorium all of that in the absence of a vaccine or the absence of a collapse of the of the veracity of the virus or the case law, anything like that- and I know we keep talking about how things are terrible for the restaurant in the stream movies. What's gonna happen, But you know where we are now we are on the heel.
Of seeing massive, the mass of collapse of a certain type of american entertainment, dining movies, sports theatre performance dead. For another year and dead for another year. You know I don't even know how to calculate what that what that means, but the boy oh to the american Spirit that is already represented by in a like watching one of these football games or where these baseball games with no crowd
Which is this, I find them unnerving and depressing experienced myself, and then you can't go. Does he get an end and the boredom the national border, which is something that we we ve been talking about? Ape talk to me about the boredom and what, with the social consequences of boredom aside from the financial calamity of this represents, for you know, four The major american industry, yet industry, I think, I think the prolonged stream boredom imposed by the mean first, it was sir fear. You know that that the pandemic cause, but then the extreme boredom of being locked in your home not being able to so should not be able to see family, not being embassy, friends not being able to go into an office and swift engage with the daily with the normal rhythm of life and now the what I've heard from countless people.
Who have to be on zoom cause all day every day and are losing their minds over it. It's not only bad psychologically on an individual level at which it is, but it makes for a kind of collective impulse towards mischief and involvement. In all sorts of destabilizing things that that people wooden or otherwise get into- and I think a huge part of you know, for example, that the other protests and civic unrest after George Flood was a manifestation of this. On a border and if it's going on and if the next thing that everyone is supposed to protest, is in fact the american election wild.
Boredom will not have seized by then and- and it will feed into this as well- that the zoom call point there is really interesting because there's actually been research about how human beings, says experiences right and one of the ways we do, that is having clear boundaries when things start and finish and daily life we take for granted that work starts unit for a lot of us when you go into an office and when then, when you come home, it's over now. Obviously, technology has expanded the reach of some of those responsibilities, but the event itself is banned. So what a lot of people? I think you have reported experiencing resume is not only that those boundaries have disappeared, but because everything's happening on the same screen same place, but that its flattened other experiences. So, if you're having resume conference call, it were followed by your friend at midnight on Zoom, followed by a call to your parents are on Skype. It all emerges together as a single experience in the way that your mind processes what you ve done with
self. That day is actually different qualitatively than the way that we lived liberalize before it. I think it plays into that not just the boy but the on we re like designed to it and inciting where there is memory here, but you know the sense of lake unless this end and despair that has said it in for a lot of people will so last my both my my my dog others, eighth grade and my son's fifth grade clad a classes. Had the grades had curriculum night over zoom ordinarily, you go into school, meet the teachers in the classroom. They show you what their daily show. You the word, so is. It happened. They were scheduled on the same nights, two different schools, so it's two started at five hundred and thirty ish five hundred and thirty ish and then ended around seven, seven hundred and thirty ish, these two sessions, and it was the first time I've had this experience. So, like I'm sitting in my life on earth,.
In further scream watching and we're being talked to, you know, because it's not really interactive and there's a moment at end of these things where they say. Does anyone have any questions of greasy beauty? You're emitted, your microphone, which you're supposed to and not an anti dumping talk too, and I had a the oddest experience, which is that I wanted to jump out of my skin and it was. It was like Charlie Brown teacher You know where their talking there very serious with all this and I start hearing war, who won world. I can't I can't make sense of the words that are being spoken to me. This stuff is being directed. At me yeah. So I mean at least you're engaged right in their alot of people who were engaged, even though its it incredibly boring and sole crushing.
Berry and spoke with a lot of people are experiencing, and what I mean team for less five months is feeling let this unrest in the streets estate mandated indolence. The people who are most imposed upon by this pandemic, with financial hardships, were according bowling, African Americans Hispanics people with low annual incomes below forty per thousand dollars and young people aged eighteen to twenty nine at the all that these earth in exclusive categories, but they all overlap in this You know as concentric than diagram and write the center of the Van Dyke Room or the people in the streets. They ve been told that they cannot work. There is no work to be had. They can have any contact with the relatives who might serve as a moderating influence. They ve been told it. They can One thing and one thing only to have social contact, which is to join our friends in the streets, which is a party atmospheres. We ve been talking for a long time. You only see the solemn marching and noted that resolved political action. What we see in these videos that are on line that don't make it on the evening news is alot of partying, where they
sit around with each other consumer alcohol and have nothing further to do than that, and this is the condition imposed on them by their local governments towards some political. Here, as well as with the american politicians and municipalities that are governed by Democrats haven't been especially coy about what they want to see here. They want to see this action in the streets, it's good its healthy. It's just. What do we expect and what do we expect I think it's exactly what we're seeing. I don't think this is some accident, some unforeseen consequence of public policy. Possibly the unforeseen now we ve been seeing it for six months. This is part of an objective there. Something very interesting about the political dynamic in these cities. You know that the famous blue state model that Walter Russell Meat has talked about that is now becoming ever more evident, which is that all political parties were endemic or whatever
until relatively recently were anchored to buy, and you know, supported by at the local level, small business small businessmen in both parties who organise pull it out very effective people. They employ people, theyve Dave, they did stuff merchants go merchants, restaurateurs shop owners. You know people like that, like small businessmen, often very republican republican areas, often very democratic, undemocratic areas, and There was always a kind of Czech against the most radical economic ideas in both parties, and particularly in the cities, because realistic business were heavily involved in politics and were part of a constituency, the
being served, and that it was understood that you know you couldn't just layer on every regulation on their back. You couldn't do this. You couldn't ok Something has happened the last fifteen years with the with the serve the now the apotheosis of the squad, but that this kind of thinking, which is Are they no longer play a role in the idea of job creation? The idea of All of that place no role in the thinking of a democratic pen very much- and we saw this in New York City in particular, last year in the did, not in the for to run Amazon. Out of the city when it was going to create twenty five thousand So we had another incident this week where an area in New York called industry City in Brooklyn that wanted
rezoning so that they could create more business space and retail space, space and stuff, and it was gonna, be twenty thousand. More jobs was killed again by progressive politicians on the grounds that this would gentrified the neighbourhood sunset Park that its in and therefore cause housing there to become unaffordable overtime and that, therefore, the creation- this is now forty thousand or fifty thousand jobs that have been killed by democratic activists, and these are all jobs. These aren't, you know hedge fund jobs, and so we are now living in a time of which there is oddly democratic politicians seem to be feeling no pressure on the job front and they were the party of job. They were the party of what the working guy
who near job back to New York City. Briefly, there's an article in the New York Times this morning about the restaurant problem heading into the cooler months, and the title of it is how Europe's and heat lamps will save New York's restaurants in and there's an image of this couple outside dining in a giant plastic bubble and deed. But there are no. He lamps rights are the subject of his heart. Is how the city Council has now racing to try to approve these already bees band. He sources in others is big, propane fuel tower that has an umbrella at the top, the reins he down on you. I have one in my mind the back of my house about one in July. As we all knew this was coming in anybody. There's gonna have a social life and wintertime needs have one of these giant. He propane fuelled heed our it's right there. This is going to save restaurants, which have the smallest possible profit margin.
And they all their money off alcohol in the first place is in saying it is detached from the industry. It is detached from reality. It some sort of a fantasy to provide again permission structure for people to person. Eve lockdown as a sustainable thing, because we're heading into another one they're talking about it for Brooklyn they're, talking about it for queens these places, which we are seeing in uptake and cases in Israel where they're saying ok, what we're gonna do, might have actually not have full shut down a march style shut down, but it is something akin to it in order to stave off this out, you know even even the even the non shut down, which is that next week, restaurants are gonna reopen in New York at twenty five percent capacity. That's they're all gonna clothes. You can't run a business at twenty five percent capacity that that that that's nonsensical, I understand from a health yet another one year, the also switching net.
Two indoor dining, even though it's going to be only twenty five percent means the restaurant, in addition, you only running at twenty five percent has to spend money now on new things, to facilitate maybe endorse your will, a friend of mine who owns a who owns of a restaurant in New York and got one of these outdoor pavilions bill to put in the street outside his restaurant. I asked him how much it costs them to build its literally a wooden platform with a kind of adequately. He said it ten thousand dollars. So how much? How? How how many meals does he have to serve to make the ten thousand dollars back that it caused him to build this thing? How much of his not over the ito that that's that's? No one else is paying
for that. But him and then, of course, we have this whole political disaster over the next, the subsequent tranche of current of of corona relief that didn't go through that could have provided some more support for these for these institutions. But my point here is your right: that there is state stating forced indolence. I dont know what the. Another with the practical consequences would have been if their hadn't been stated, forced indolence, by which I mean. If there were no rules governing movie theater right, I mean it There were no rules at the metropolitan opera could open it, probably wouldn't open anyway, because people aren't not enough. People are going to go before they declared lockdown in March. All of these institutions were seeing eight thousand two hundred and ninety,
decreases in business. Cuz people were not comfortable going into my ride. I don't feel that way. I ride on the buses and subways in New York. They are still empty because people are not comfortable and the subways are now in pristine condition. They are being cleaned every night. Now I know if you really pay a lot of attention to this. The virus does not attach to surfaces that are born and all of that, and so the cleaning is kind of coded seater, but none the less people are not riding on the subways they're not going to go into these restaurants. At twenty five percent capacity anyway, so the state enforced lockdown. This is part of the tragedy here, where I appreciate the anxiety and anger that people have about this since Hey, you know. What are we doing in this is
arable, serve like the covered sceptics, but people are being the prudence the people are gonna would display anyway. It's like this is not something you have to do. After twenty two years old. Do you start feel like you have to go to a bar you'll die? But you know if your fifty, you don't really have to go to work and they're not going to go and end. So this is part of the tribe. You know we're living through an unprecedented tragedy. It's going to have these terrible terrible consequence but one of the gap. There is a lot of this. That is political identity. I don't wanna was Descry politics to all things that happened here, but in the same way that in March american political officials on the left private, really were saying: go down to China, town and celebrate, and everyone did they are saying now you have the lock yourself down in perpetuity and every is. There is no reason why schools can open the reason why schools can open is because teeters one cup digital,
work, it's not, he doesn't have anything to do with risk factors. We all know this now from research are broadly no there's not from research. Here we know them. No one I ever I got Whenever I have to disagree with you, because you're saying that there is a political and ideological this, and I am saying that we have never lived on its, not just an identity component, because I know people who are being politically as libertarian as they come, who are called our freaked about covert and won't go outside. I mean it's, not it's not that simple, really isn't. This goes too much deeper feelings. I believe that our very you know ingrained about disease and infection and dirt. Then you know and and an end to all and contagion, and all of that that that hit you
most primal way, there's also there's. Also, though I answered and distinct cultural moment that we spend inferred for several decades now, where the idea that these states should rescue us from every day. Challenges is kind of into the cake right, and so, when the state, when the federal government for Paypal has, as its you know, spokesman, leader, Donald Trump card. All over. The map was deaf people that anxiety people feel in any way is wrapped up, but I think you're right and that even if we had a kind of calm, cool, collected presidential, figure kind of dispensing MRS advice directly to the people, there are still being anxiety, but he didn't comparison for me is to look back at previous pandemic like outbreaks and the attitude of the average American. As far as we can tell by their behaviour by what they said at the time and what they told journalists, was much more stoical. Then we
to be now, and that's not too to be dismissive of peoples genuine fears and concerns. But we're alive stoical people, I would save him. We were a hundred years ago in many ways, even though we actually are also a much safer and technically proficient people are just think. It's never been the case that people were where it has been demanded of people or where it were that the least gesture. Is that people need to be stoical. Do not I mean like as a matter of public policy. It's like that the problem with it. We haven't been asked to be. Our leaders have not demanded that. Congratulations from us, that's part of what I want is feeding into this. I ever saw you're saying. But what I'm, when I'm thinking in relation to this is when after nine eleven of the idea was got. Don't let the terrorists will go out loud.
A life as normal was possible because you don't want them to win, and that is kind of what people seemed to say like in a buck up. You know keep keep calm and carry on, but there's nothing, but but it's a weird demand to make in the middle of a pandemic where it's not where we think we know The two weeks we think we have new information. That says it's really not that our there. So you know, there's transmission rates are low. What all that stuff and yet then you just have this aggregate number and if I had said to you in April honestly, if I'd say to you in April, the two hundred thousand people would be dead by September. Would you have thought that I was right? I mean I think we were all kind of like well enough goes over eighty thousand, like that's who she is. You know I mean it
two hundred thousand now, and I am sorry, but if people is in some way voice are gonna, say no, it isn't and it isn't really in these are co morbidity than they would have died anyway, and all of that just stop at like. Don't don't don't go there with that thought process? It's not! It's not right. There's a reason that every major leader in the world is panicking over this of its. Not just That's not just you know. Poorest Johnson is now walking down Britain a second time, baby, Netanyahu's, locking them in Israel for a second time Numbers arising in France, the rising in Germany there rising in Spain. You know we don't know it's going on in the authoritarian countries where they don't share appropriate numbers and all of that, but you can't really trust it, and I just think this notion that governmental policy might have caused people to behave differently. They might have behaved somewhat differently.
Not everybody. Would it be. It's like you, you're, not gonna, if you're seventy five years old, you're not supposed to be stoical right, but the Such a thing is that we should all I mean I guess my. I am not suggesting that people who are high risk should just pretend like that unity, be tough in our no absolutely not mean that is clearly a you know, a very dangerous thing. I guess what I objecting to is the idea that the sense that the man judging from our leaders- and this is true on both sides- that the ILO has been either completely inconsistent outright false or it has said we have to stay at an elevated risk of panic at all times even though the conditions on the ground are changing. We do know that you know, although case Where's arising rising hospitalizations are down. That's your slowing. This is good news, but that that the you're, a sort of need to be made that safety is among, the rhetoric has remained at them. Then it was six months ago and that's my concern going forward. Nor I agree, and I want to give an example. So
in New York. So now restaurants, or of opening the the twenty five percent indoor capacity starts on Wednesday. I think right, I don't know people gonna knock goes John says they might not go, they might go they might Trickle in overtime. Is more people go any there's a sort of feedback It's ok or relatively okay, but either way. Homo made that decision when the numbers were what they were, but the numbers hadn't changed in two months. He could have made the exact same decision to HANS earlier. Oh, I agree it mathematically. There was zero difference in in in where the cases were in New York and what does the end, but their rising, and what an. I'm going. I would this rising nationally. There are not only talking about the bureau's like they're like, nor could they never targeted laughter,
what? But this scenario that airlines economy? What is the endgame here? So we ok ourselves in a bathtub. Yes, each week in an What we saw very their business in this city even so it S. Like said, oh, I forgot the only people outside our roving bands of marauders who are being applauded further political document. That is the future that you away yeah, that's unsustainable people write in or it ok Noah. If I told you where we would be in October in March, you would have said that can possibly we already said we were saying it was gonna, be unsustainable. By May fifteenth like, I bring the boredom think back into this to actually because another problem with the book, the boredom the mass boredom is that it enervate the country entirely. So you do accept more because you are you're
all. Productivity and your attitude toward productivity has shifted, so it feeds on itself. It is why people will continue to accept things that you would think that. A healthy population would put aside and clear what it means to accept the reverse accepted that that's what I'm saying in the absence of a sense that things are coming, that this period is coming to a close. No serious business can plan right. So now the movie industry, every major movie that was gonna, be released and twenty twenty one has now been pushed into twenty in in twenty twenty is being pushed into twenty twenty one. Billions of dollars of investments, which is what this represents. Our bureau club billion a half dollars of investments that we're supposed to produce returns and twenty twenty are now go
into twenty twenty one. So there is a loss of income in the present, with a hope for the future, which then will push other things off, including efforts to create new work in twenty twenty one. Until twenty twenty two in this one industry, there is going to be this dead zone period, and I dont know that politicians I mean. Obviously, if we were a different, backed up country in which you know, people basically expected understood that you know you're gonna die, which we don't really believe any poor or think somehow it's either. If you die, that's something terrible is Hap Emmy. I obviously you know what I mean, I'm trying to say it's like people died all the time and it was just sort of accepted, and now it's much more but much more painful for people to deal with it. If we live in
The fact that there's no end means that you got politicians could say okay now everyone can go out and go to restaurants, and a lot of people would be like enough. People would say: I'm not gonna restaurant until I get a vaccine, that's a restaurant business would be, Teeter would have teetered anyway, would have been twenty five percent down. What's aid, not a hundred percent that eighty percent down, but twenty five percent down and not a little boyfriend outside the suburbs wings. We had twenty five percent capacity here that three weeks ago and things Robin and I've been inside and I've seen to the extent that capacity can be filled. It it's filled in the in the peak hours. So is it I can't speak a movie theater second, speak too large, larger values, but I mean it
it's a little different, your cause, their space and in places in New York City. There, restaurants are not up or don't ask me I went on one person in there now I've been tab. I was a boy I was at a bloody place in port service, New York, I've been to a movie theater New Jersey. I've been to various places at that had endured dining and endorse and stuff like that and they were empty like and that they will have to be empty but be their empty and you can make a living like they're. Still, six people working there serving for people. That's not you know it's the restaurant. I was in Import Germany or has gonna close, because it's already in the zone of what is now being
expected with social distancing and all that it can sustain itself. That's arms, I you know I hate to be despairing, but until there is, I thought this notion that we couldn't served that that we would need a vote that we would need a vaccine to move forward was not that the country would demand to move forward was totally wrong. It's clear that until there's a vaccine, not enough people are going to participate fully in the economy to make it worth the while of the economy to fully ray open, except now everyone's down on vaccine anyway. It's not a vaccine- it's true. I thinking of necessity, intervenes here at a certain point, you're talking about a survival instinct taking up an eating survival instinct. But why do you do you can engage and long term planning and we're
I'm not doing anything it. So it's not as though we can actually compared Noirtier and likewise is different than yours. Well, but it's not your experts will be different them than mine, but you know stadia states that are open? Dont have any people in them footballs, footballed and baseball and basket All of that is a very popular decision, but not that not every state does that there are states that lucky I went to their their stadiums with this reduced capacity thing. Well, I'm just saying like it's not like are you? Are you telling me that, like Florida is in great public, northern Florida is the restaurants are booming and bustling cause? I don't think that's
oh I see no, I mean I haven't seen any evidence to suggest that out outside of this goes back to Christine's point, which is that there is no, nor do the pressure on. You is toward becoming a habit you're a Europe that the pressure is to dig a hole and stay there. It's not to do. That would mean that the resilience postmen eleven thing. It's not to support your local business booking physically, recently: it's just the opposite. You're being bombarded every day with tales of of horror about this disease, which is right around the corner surrounding you in the ether within which we have to put in a word here for tromp, because in truth he's he was the only Some of you know from on high who said, who actually spoke about sort of moving forward in the face
But that's why they're other political element of this year, but he discredited it took completely. I mean he's talked about it. Many said swallow bleach I mean No, I'm not exactly was really helpful about you, no kind of shine, a light on your throat You know my sustained, he had inconsistent messaging on this out. I mean I just he wasn't the only one all kinds of governors- and you know in red, say governors and stuff like that. We were talking about it Am I just like us? That's continues this incident the the winter and the people who are allowed outside or writers and marchers yeah? There has to be a counter movements. There has to be a display of physical. From a bone from saying from Republican of prologue left elected officials, republican government,
and state official, saying, listen! Guy go out into the streets, make a display of yourself. Otherwise surrendered the streets to the two. This madness, I'm just gonna, maybe I'm just gonna, say again: that in April you were saying this couldn't last until May. First and it's gonna be October first in a week, you were there have been completely wrong about that? There have been signs of resistance and we're not giving them proper credit But I think- and I must say that I am sick of this and are not gonna. Take it anymore, you about what is it that they're not gonna, take that's the problem. The problem is that they are not going to take it, but unless everybody doesn't kind of,
get simultaneously. There are no new jobs, there's no restaurant! The that the experience of going out and pop partying or whatever he is kind of haphazard and weird and discomfitting, there has to be a kind of general social compact that things are over because you can't have it can't be half way. It's like it's like you, London. In the blitz, like you can't half of London, isn't gonna reopened and the other half of London. Is you don't know where the bomb is gonna drop, I'm not resisting what it's a virus and people are doing what people do when they're scared, and maybe they should be less scared and- and we ve been joking, of course,
that they'll be a whole shifting mood if fine wines, a landslide, they'll, be a whole shifted mood and suddenly will declare that the virus is over. I thought that the political demand was going to be on blue state governors and officials, because that's where the most damage was being done to deem the virus cured. Remember that was the thing I kept saying in April, like they were Cuomo itself it would deem that there was a cure for the virus and clearly that incentive is not public is not present for him. There's a reason, because he still at sixty five percent in the polls. Unless that incentive structure changes he's not going to change. So I don't know what to say I. This is talk about crushing Rossi. This is a terrible way to end, but that's because we're going into Yom Kippur. These are the days of awe Deva tone
ass a Sunday night at two Monday, most solemn day of the year, the jewish calendar Mostar in some ways the holiest today the year sulphur for those who, Celebrate, is not the right worst commemorate commemorate the Yom Kippur. I hope you have an easy, fast and and and- and I hope you have inscribed in the book of life for a sweet year and four slash- eight Christina Know- I'm John Podhoretz keep the camp apart.
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