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The Psychopathy of Andrew Cuomo

2021-08-04 | 🔗
Karol Markowicz joins us today to discuss the damning report on Andrew Cuomo's behavior toward women, the meaning of the victory of the less radical candidate in an Ohio Democratic primary, and the Biden administration's open embrace of unconstitutional lawlessness with its continuance of the rental moratorium. Give a listen.
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Welcomes the Commentary magazine Daily podcast today is Wednesday August worth twenty twenty one. I've jump on towards the editor of Commentary magazine with me. always executive editor agreement, hi Ho Jon, I see an editor nor Rossman High Noah, Christine roses out this week first today, New York, Post, columnist, Carol Markets. Welcome to the podcast Carol had, I think, But to have a man, a pleasure Have you and of course we have you on in large measure, because you are one of these stalwart voices. In
in New York in New York media in New York City in New York, state about the dapper Dan, Jones and Miss behaviors and misconduct of the airport. Dates, Governor Andrew Cuomo, who was just delivered. What may be the crush blow to his continued maintenance of his office and his efforts to garner, the elusive fourth term that that his her father was unable to secure in a. biting stinging crazy detailed report on his work place, sexual harassment behaviors. though Como had done so much. That has been unethical oh and possibly illegal and just raw over the last seven Ten months, and yet he still
enjoyed a lot of support and his opponent must have been pretty guide and even though the media, which turned on him. A bit is still not quite where are they would be if he were a palm again so yesterday was definitely good day were those of us who think that Roma has not been held accountable for a lot of distance over this time period. so we should we should go into the nobody's going to gruesome details, because the details are there, you can just go, read them and hear about his his misconduct, which is complicated because nobody is eleven. There is, I think, one allegation of actual an unambiguous physical abusive behaviour want one person who are remains name was, and the report claims that he groped her breasts, but there
are several other cases, all of which what they appeared. A document is what I refer to in the post I put on commentary. Man commentary dot org yesterday as a kind of power, or dominance. Fetish was allotted, hands, EMS and he uses them. His defence as well, will get to but there's a lot of use of his physical physical presence in relation to other people, that appears to be desired, and to say he is the alpha. There beta, he is the powerful person They are the weak person and it seems to be very deliberate and multi decade right, It's interesting accidents to women who accuse him. Oh overstepping into physical. You know touching, I guess one of them, Ireland, the Golan has been violence, has been
with her name, she says he kissed her on the lips and the other woman says so at an opportune moment to basically that are more than just words, but he s an interesting, because I think when the story First Roque of his sexual harassment, a lot of people, media new about his. You know what you describe the AL thing and the bullying and screaming and being really aggressive with people that was really an open secret. The way he would abuse people who dared cross him at this has just different because it it did crust over into sexual harassment, as opposed to just general harassment. Oh yeah, I think all about has been known about him. I think All of us here, definitely the stories over the years there has been here in that way. I don't think that was much surprised. People right, ok, procure here's the thing so
a politicians being in a bullying and trying to express their dominance, and all of that and we just went through. We had a president who did this for years and longer ends. One way that you know alpha males or alpha males who are absolutely obsessed with expressed themselves as alpha males are suggesting that they may not naturally feel like out from the hills who and so people have you no sir taken that end is part and parcel of what what an ambitious powerful man who you know, takes no prisoners and takes no fools and believes that light this up in about a relation as about power relationships that you need to be in the dominant position in order to get things done, you know like. If you want to say: ok like
really the sun rises in the morning and sets some evening. So a powerful man is gonna, try to express its dominance in some way or other, but there is something different here. Because- and I I I have to put it this way- Cuomo is insane What I mean and I'll say, that's a joke. You know, sir, sounds funny but Andrew is a some obsessive vindictive. mano Maniacal Hyper focused person who seems to be driven. As decades of I followed him for more than three decades when he was in Washington in the clear demonstration, and he became the set Terry of Housing and urban development when he ran for governor for the first time in two thousand and two he has a very
a great hyper aggressive shading into psychopathic. Am I right, I mean I know, I'm not a shrink- and I shouldn't say this, but but almost everybody who has ever dealt with him is terrified of him if they have any personal experiences He when he was secretary of Housing and urban development, there was a bad inspector general report about his handling of a certain a section eight. I was in programme, and he not only sought to have that inspector general fired for the sin of reporting critically on his office is handling of this, but sought to have that person Trot INA brought up on criminal charges and and sent to jail like it wasn't enough that he. You know this as somebody who is supposed to do this right and directors general are supposed to state. This was his when his first major,
job on his own and out of his father shadow in in in politics and would serve his introduction to life. He can't skirted away from that. He then ran for governor in two thousand and two and had to depart from the race because He saw mishandled his attack on George Pataque, either then Standing governor, whom he accused of holding Rudy Julianne his jacket being aware, there was something he just he doesn't know how to behave, which is one of the reasons why last year's emergence of him as the law gov everybody and was so outspoken and so incredibly great, and all of that was so startling to him long time, observers who had known in the way, shape or form that this was not the person that he was being.
portrayed as by the liberal media yeah. Absolutely I think when Cuomo shifted years into lake from all you know, just consoling new workers. It was really startling it with somebody we haven't seen before on these. After knowing him for decades, I need it for a while, and I pointed to the time where he flipped out on a reporter for asking whether there would be school the next day at the moment where he lost that, where he was unable, maintain that mask anymore, I'm a camera, their borders. They walked up ahead, but he basically Astley. No will there be school tomorrow. Parents are confused and he went on. he was just like your confuse know. Your computer is my parents were confused at you, and
That was the moment. I think, where a lot of people who had been paying very close attention to Cuomo previously willing, we this guy and was, of course, the com on that you're, describing where it was was Jimmy Vulcan Journal me and- and you know the whole point it then I bring up here is that is that the way this actual nature of his interactions. With women, which is, which is what makes this report so shocking that it seems to have been in a verified by by attorney General Tis, James Nothin? I want it You know downgrade or downplay that, but it, but I think it's less about its less about that. An war about just the way he interacts with everybody, but you add in the event of the opposite sex component and you get into territory
That is not only in the legal based on federal. State law, a buddies, stored merrily discomfitting simply as a matter of some rational understanding Abe, yet just to stay with the the crazy theme for fur? Second, because I think it is, it really is standing what he did this past year and a half to me the creeps
CS. Port of all. This is that at the very moment that he was working and had instructed his office to work very hard and very complicated ways to hide death numbers from the federal government and was being sure pursued by some parties who were aware that this is what he was up to. That was the very moment where he couldn't stop also trying to raise its profile, be the centre stage at all times and try to elevate his profile to that of two that it's something equal with the president of the United States. That's me is the sort of that's this kind of pathological gain part of it to me that that jumps out some one. Who would do we want to do that
I will take years to do his doing something that is so problematic and potentially illegal, and we should let their historical revisionism. That is preferred by many. people who averted their eyes from the disaster in New York of time. It was happening, take hold, observers new in late March that the thing had gone terribly, rightly: merger, twenty, twenty- that something has gone terribly wrong in New York state the few between Donald Trump and and and Gunnar farmer. Dan in MID March, at the very outset of the pandemic over death tools over the figures that are coming out of nursing homes, Roma, have faced a fair amount of criticism, domestically inside New York for Love wrestling with measured, bless, YO and he's a student.
shut down, the subways is big. You know, hygiene theatre with the subway is which was MID April and I'm a working paper in April. I think, thirteen fourteen fire and MIT economist said. You know that, don't you states and your cities, lethargy and then overzealous responses simultaneously toddling from being under reacted to overreact to this crisis. contributed till it. After all, this was available to observers by MID April of twenty twenty and waste started writing about it in April and May of that. there are some the notion that nobody could have known anything until Albany started leaking, though the full administrations repulsive behaviour towards assembly members legislator, It's just revision is simply not true. Now we
It's a say that nothing about the quoted, because the covered response, is implicated in what happened yesterday. None of it has to do with that. This was an investigation into almost personal conduct with Food Male AIDS and I dont know if you can say what would have happened without the other. Well, I it doesnt matter, because we we just that. That is not what is gonna happen here we are how can I get a reckoning, in relation to Cuomo and that nursing home death toll in the that may with there. But a lot of coverage ever there's been a lot of writing about it. That is not what is going on here and almost response, which was spectacularly weird. The test, Jane the attorney general of New York had a press conference with the chief investigator that, He had engaged to do this job, a former. U S attorney, I believe, and- and
Cuomo then issued a video statement that has clearly been pre taped. We don't know when it looks It was nighttime which again was weird since it was released at one o clock in the afternoon, and it was added it. Then it was edited to feature dozens of pictures or to several pictures. Let us say of him putting his hands on people's faces. it is also a key feature of the published, a document that he released in response to test James. Port. So this statement and this statement and the video were all done before Tis James's investigation was released. It was pre done briefly. So it's not a response to her findings. It's only
response to what he knew based on what was reported, she might mention and talk about, and so what is? What was fascinating? and where you get back to my craziness thing and by the way by the way been crazy, is not grounds for Fishermen are noble, I'm just talking about trying to understand what we're who he is and why this all happen. He said to very startling things. His chief named It was our Charlotte Bennett and aid said that He was abnormally interested in her sex life that he made constant reference to the fact that she herself had been sexually assaulted in her presence in the presence of earth and in the most startling detail that at some point he ordered her to drop and give him twenty
he wanted her to get on the floor and do twenty pushups in front of him. Now that's not sexual per se again its dominance. Its adoption submission fetish. We know that it's true, because we it that the evidence for it is a Ten brain is email that she said, disbelieving email that she said to her parents, saying he made me do this now. Is saying to someone droppin make do pushups in front of me. Grounds for impeachment removal from office. I don't know what have we done? That aim? Have you ever made you do
I mean that there would be grounds for calling on one one be out anyway. So that's one thing where, where Charlotte Bennets report on his behavior, which again serve solve. It has maintained a certain degree of ambiguity about what it is that he was intending but nonetheless involves conduct. That is frankly. Jawdropping leap, weird bizarre and and and sexual lies to some degree but to a kind of weird degree, and then his self defence, on
I think he knew people were gonna say he held my face or a kiss me on the lips we held my face. He knew that because the reports about that- and that was why he issued these pictures of him holding people's faces over the here's an kissing them, and he said in the end they were poor out. I should go back to travel back. He said she Bennett. She was sexually assaulted and she came to me and said you want to work for me because you sexually saw this was the issue her and I've a family member. He said who had been sexually assaulted and
number, the powerlessness that I felt in relation to that sexual assault and how I couldn't do anything. I was resolved to help Charlotte Bennet in any way that I could- and I guess he kind of said she took it wrong. Everything that I did was an effort to help her. I wanted to help her and she took it wrong and its. I apologize to her, but basically she's crazy, she's crazy. All I met was good and she took it ok, so that was that's case. Number one that he serve surfaces a a family tragedy to defend his own mind, set in his behaviour. That was told fine and above board and unimpeachable, but that could be mistaken by you know
a crazy deluded victim of sexual assault. Who is just overly sensitive or something like that. I made you actually parse it. That's workers number two the hands so his hands. He and he learned it from his mother. He learned from his parents away from his mother's mother, told ready he said. First, his parents laid down to his mother. Is anybody who knows Marrow Como knows he didn't kill nobody put us. He wasn't coming angli putting his hands on Ebay, space, kind of a misanthrope and he was kind of socially distant from people and he do any of that so Andrews Line is he put a hands on people's face as a gesture of love and support in this, and that this is whether who he is he's the same in public as he is in private? Yet his hands on people's faces. The way Michael put his hands on Fredo's face again. It's nothing in comparison is I am. I can do anything I want.
your physical space. This is who I am. I violate your physical space. I touch you kiss you, whether you to or not. This is not normal social behaviour, I don't care if your name ends with an o The main concern with an along alike you can get out in your mother. More! Your mother is wonderful, indeed, outbids doing all that if you're gonna play that you know it our hands a card, I'm gonna play the car Corleone card and save It was not a kiss. This was the kiss of death. That's what Michael there were two Fredo, and that is what that is. What Andrew delivered to dozens of people who to whom he expressed his eye. I can eat you soon as look at you behaviour. So let's not talk about the consequences,
Carol what we have every member of the House, the York Congressional democratic congressional delegation, has now called on him to resign the two centres are called on him to resign. Most major policy since in New York state, including the speaker of the assembly we'll have to drop articles of impeachment. If someone's drop harbours impeachment have now said, he should resign. He literally design and Joe Biden has called on him out of the Meda programme. Ok, yeah. I've Still don't see him resigning bag. Video yesterday is I'm a weirdo and that's my defence, and I think you sticking to it. I think I am Christ. I am willing to be surprised here. He has lost, a friend in the world by He has seen other politicians survive and I think that sort of Bin, the message of glass
few years, where, if you just keep going they'll go away, they forget about it and you can move on in your role and as far as new workers are concerned, I think he probably still enjoys some level of support, which is crazy, but true there is it Pull out this morning, Snapple conducted last night right now, the new cycle, so you can expect this passion to fade but close to us Eighty percent of your first say that he should resign. but, as you say, you know, he's a malignant narcissists, that's unlikely Annie as the Ralph North Moreno up. Example to fall back on request, really isn't whether he has the stomach to power. is fully the weather. Albany. Has the then stomach to impede I move beyond the in the impeachment investigation into proceedings
Ok, that's real open question might be: let's go into the Ralph North example, because Ralph thoughts on the governor of Virginia photos came out of north EM, where someone who looked like nor the whatever appearing in black face while he was a medical school alma Forty years before the revelation of the photos, nineteen, eighty to something like that he was a black face. He needed to resign. Everybody setting either to resign. Me was like I'm, not gonna resign, and so that's Ralph North them. This is this. there absolutely no relation to that the offence does what bears relations that the bottom had fallen out for both of them in terms of institutional support within the party? Ok, but nor thumbs cases. I didn't do it. If I didn't do it, it was forty years ago
and and implicitly- and this was important in terms of this sort- like frenzy over him wearing black, face the employee. The thing was every african American in this state thinks that white people are racist. And makes the people still voted for me. A lot of black people still voted for me. Do they really want me to go? They want me to go because I was in black face. They probably think I know why we all do black face- that was kind of the kind of sort of voucher, excuse or re rationale for him. I was elected people chose me, you can't just drive me. Because you re right editorials- and you are you know, and your Europe's or political figures running for the hills to protect yourself. This happened in this happened decades of war. I was even there
Politics go ahead, come at me and they couldn't because they didn't have anything to come at him with. All of this relates to quarrel, behaviour as governor in the governors Mansion with state troopers and Aids and young aids and they're all women there, all women and- and this is like. If there had been ten Monica Lewinsky's Clinton, would not have survived There was one Monica Lewinsky who the other Monaco and Skis Word did not come out, and rather she also didn't wanna, be Monica Lewinsky, Modoc Lewinsky did not want her name. Expose did not want to testify against Clinton did not want to do this. It was forced upon her Charlotte Bennet Lindsey. well in the trooper, whose name we don't know and the end of the for the other woman whom, whose name who says that he groped her breasts, They came out of on their own of their own volition. To say he began in ways that are
acceptable and that do if they do you know, if they can be served substantiated, do violate state and federal law not criminally by the way. The that's one of the reasons the Tis James Eternal. well said she was silent as to whether or not he should be prosecuted a criminal violations, their workplace violations, the criminal but would have to go to. You know like whether or not he perjured himself in his interview with with state officials but John. Yet in this case there is actually not even one monocle whisky, which is, I think, the way Cuomo looking at it. He say I did not hear what he thinks so little of the interactions. You know he's he's he's right, he's thinking well be one thing if, if younger, titans actual or yes at oral, their acts of governors Mansion, I hadn't girls big deal. I'm still thinks about it for a second,
No, I haven't even hit on them we have had on them. I just got my rocks off. Making them feel bad and showing them that I was the big guy and they were nothing they were dirt. I have to say that that pole to me, so I am not surprised by it, but sixty percent, who want to see him gone in the heat of this thing, strikes me as a very low number. Actually I mean, given all we know given, given you know how long this that the time has been turning on him, if that's the worst, he doesn't opposition life. I don't think that's terrible for him. I don't agree with that, because when the regulations in the Lindsey Boil and revelations and and the Charlotte Better relations came out months ago, his is Paul numbers. Drop slightly, but they remain well over over fifty percent and there was a
big age gap as usual. In these this is like voters over fifty were like out. What's the big deal. An voters under fifty and particularly under under forty one no no. You can't do that. Sorry, that's terrible man, Oh, he was gonna, maintain maintained a support and he must through many syllable. There have to be investigation. All that this is a reversal for him, maybe He won one, the governorship with well over sixty percent support in his last election, and so he is in fine. You know if that reverses and if those numbers hope all that needs to happen is for Democrats in Albany to not be afraid of him. That's It needs to happen if they believe that the boulders rolling down the hill, all they need, is to not be afraid of him to impeach him and removed from from office. So I mean it
I haven't one of the things that I think doesn't get as much I think a sort of one of the most egregious parts of this is that he try to destroy I at least Lindsey boiling after she came forward. You know he's centre information to various news outlets and said here is her personnel file and do it you well with it, and I it funny because in a tweet strippers yesterday were com was obviously a thing there's no way zero tolerance for any kind of sexual harassment. It should absolutely be take the woman's word for it and that's it and of course, in other, so many. And who are getting shoes that have timorous statements, but it interesting because it he doesn't get that much attention or what happened next, which again is no trying
go after these women. Personally, I'm sure it wasn't just Lindsey Boil and that he did this to, but she's not sorted out spoken about it I gotta also talk about one point in his statement where he hilariously I'm sorry hold on a second out where he hilariously referring, but not by into his his chief aid Melissa de Rossa. aggressive advocate on his behalf, which is to say that she is she she follows his psychopathic instructions to the letter in terms of trying to destroy people and and harassed people and terrified people. that you know these accusations against her were sexist and that he, if there's a powerful woman who was doing things a man would never get accused of being in our having done terrible things. So it's access for people,
with him to complain that listen dear Rosa in the you know, who stand in for the governor did terrible things to them. That's that's that sex That line really hilarious, also because everybody knows that Malta is a bull dog and good for her. In her role, but she absolutely overstepped uncommon behalf on Secondly- and you know what else is unmistakable, I gotta tell you that you need to get express european. That is unmistakable. Expressvpn doesn't log your activity online lots of cheap or free Vpns make money by selling your data to advertisers, but it's recipe, p dot m doesn't do this. They even developed a technology trusted server that makes their VPN servers incapable of bring any data at all when you have a vp- and this is a way of masking of you- click on an app and do something at it. It it hides you're,
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Protect yourself with the Vps I use entrust use my link, expressway Piazza coms, less commentary today get an extra three months free when your package that Express VP and dot com, slash commentary, visit, Express V, P, m dot com, slash commentary to learn more so anyway, Carl Hasty, the the the speaker of the New York State Assembly. The ball is now in his court. It's called a quarter, resign ethic we're all in agreement the Cuomo won't resign, he's gotta see where this is going. He wants Ralph north them to be the example and by the way, maybe we should take two seconds to say what's good about Andrew Cuomo, because just to be a be fair, Andrew Cuomo has done for probably very bad and crazy reasons, some very good things. While he was governor
He won Carolyn Europe, Europe, Europe, New York, school parent. Why and it seemed entirely based on his right agent hatred to build the plaza which started the minute. The plaza, was elected and started getting praised as the possible leader of the new progresses and in the United States. He saved charter schools in New York City from build the plaza who, whose first act as mayor, was an attempt to target and destroy the Success Academy. Schools, do you think not now not terribly of Andrew former war. Things like that, I saw him a sort of the the One normal Democrat in New York state, but I'm really soured on him in terms of schools, because I, that over the last year he could have open schools
he was in charge. He kept saying out, I'm in charge, I'm in charge and then, when you called primed, opens causing well well well on that and charge. You guys are inferred, so I really thought that I wanting to be remembered that put out, because I think a lot of people don't realize that I think they don't realize. Cuomo could have open schools period and the story and chose not to, and he likes them the power when it's easy, they want the power when it was a little tougher and you will have to deal with teachers, neurons and upset parents were keepers, and he just wanted on it and so I use the kind of thing pretty positive Lee about him and Europe's thing is causing your schools, but I can't forget what he did over the last year, plus I'm not saying we should. I just wanted to point that out than two or three other things, which is that he is a guy,
who can get things done, he's gotten budgets done and, most importantly, at least for the future of of me. city in some senses, the state he smear headed and lead the drive to renovate Lagarde Airport, which which doesn't sound. You know if you don't, live here. You don't understand what a disaster already airport was and how the new airport will be finished will be finished next year, its being built you know up at the same site as the existing airport and being is replacing it building by building it's a very complex logistical job. It's a triumph, the Tappans he bridge, which is a major artery for commercial and suburban traffic, and all of that
The United States is not just a bit of a local thing like this is how trucks ghetto upstate, New York and stuff like that had to be replaced because it had it. It was one of those since was gonna, crumble and fantasy. He got it built. He got the second would you subway completed so this aid? Will you as a new Yorker d? Do you agree with me that you know if you're gonna, like look at a ledger shit, you gotta say you know he wasn't. You know He wasn't a blog. You write about whom up nothing good can be said. That's right now I look at. It is particularly important to point that out at a time, and we don't know the direction that the new Democrats are heading and we would we move, we may not see
silos competence like that. How can any time soon? So it's definitely worth mentioning at its up, but not even just as New Yorker. I think it's just important it's but the more interesting as anyone who looks at any these stories, any sort of news, consumer new cycle, obsessive, it's more interesting to see the contradictions in Britain, the personal and the good, the bad, not not, not because one negates the not because one day you know wiped away the other. He is he's on balance a horror I think but were but it's the, but its creates more interesting, realistic picture to to give him credit words do ok. Now, let's move on to the Ohio special,
election last night, where a hard fought race between a progressive squad type, a Democrat prove Sanders person, Ohio, state, Saturninus Turner was defeated by Cuyahoga County Council woman, Chantelle Brown this race had national implications. Do you wanna talk about all that shit? I suspect you have stronger thoughts on this than I do. Thou com Neither Turner was a radical, far left progressive so far left that shit into it- is in the primary that she would be a hostile, of Congress Visa B D by an administration that should be a thorn in the side and she outraged her opponent the dramatically tool, one male, because she was
such, as you say, in national figure, and somebody who had done nationalized this primary raise as part of our strategy, There were some signs early on or later rather closer to election. There not just in Poland, but we had seen by signs from her. pain that they knew they were on them. They were knowledge trajectory towards victory, rather than the sheet mean I'm a turn of flu in Alexander Abkhazia, quotas, and rather than holding a big booming rallies, they decided to just storing arc, which is suggestive of thee, dubious popularity of the squad members outside the seller corridor and closer media venues and in the end journalist- and it wasn't, it was close, but still not not especially close for me to the point. You call it a closely contested race
her. She was defeated rather handily and done in her concession speech, Turner dinner The malign influence of evil money that had corrupted this rate shoot. She did not in a variant trump in fashion did not accept. Legitimate the legitimacy of her feet because of the influence of evil money once again, we must reiterate she raised proponent, dramatically, to blame the money four for her look, it's not just good money What money with my real and what she meant. By evil money was jewish money lets us. let's just come round and say it. What she meant was: jewish money, the democratic majority for Israel, a super pack, a democratic super pack way. Into that race because she is an anti semite, she's natty, some
she's only Anti Israel. She is an anti Semites. Yes, but she said numerous anti semitic things and she came out and in defeat said, She was going to make sure that this didn't happen to anybody else like the way had happened to her. Because I'm not I'm quote, I'm going to work hard to ensure that something like this doesn't happen to another progressive Canada. Again we didn't lose this race Evil money manipulated and malign the selection. Again, as no said she raised, almost six billion dollars Chonta Brown raised three million dollars. Twice like totals, are completely insane rightful a primary raise. A congressional there. Direct and Ohio right, so he turned on the progressive me Bro, trap o trap house spigot, and raise money from people who hate America and
Haiti is real and hate choose an ad. That's one of that. What it was part of her secret sauce then Chantelle Brown was the boy the fishery of people, horrified by the prospect, nationally, that an open, anti Semite was going to win this I marry and they came in and raise the less money but enough to keep her floating and she is a successful local politician with in our track heard of her own and she one fair and square, and the accusation is that she has been propped up by jewish money and so Jews in America who support the squire. Me to think long and hard about whether or not that sir The attack is the kind of thing that Europe is going to exempt.
Then when the revolution comes because day. The point here is the evil, not the money, it's not the money that they did not raise outrages. Hurried out, spend her and driver to defeat. The point is that there was that money at all and that that money, because of its provenance, is evil. And so this was a very in that sense. I think it was a very important victory in you know in reserve, It is in a weird way and but it's not just being taken as that's all I'm going with the jewish angle, but I mean the Jew. And will press is saying this is a triumph for the sort of the Biden Democratic Majority, because as no You said she said she was coming to Washington to be a thorn.
Biden side. Essentially right I mean that's basically what she said she wanted to come and give Biden hard time and The Washington Post headline is liberal wing candidate loses in Ohio, democratic primary d the leader of the article by day waigel and cobia goods, Chantelle Brand
there, are going to count counselor dealt a devastating blow to the parties, liberal wind, Tuesday, night devastating. I think it is an encouraging data point that the counter revolution is somewhat underwear taken together with the increase pushed back on crime in cities and walked back on defined the police. The increase pushed back among some people somewhere in the liberal sphere, pushed back against critical race theory we're saying good movement, I think I'm in all sorts of ways fits and starts absolute, as it were the foregoing into our final topic of a day which we cannot avoid wants to avoid it. But I do not wish to go there. Yet, let's oil, but that's
That's the counter argument. I don't know I don't have that wish. I will lay out in yes excruciating yoga, but just just I think this is it Tom Edsall- has a as a characteristic leave a very interesting piece of New York Times today about how Biden's honeymoon is over and which actually also gets into what we're going to talk about, which is the which is the rental moratorium But the important point here is a Sean Patrick Bologna congressmen from New York. Who is list? We are heading the fund raising and leadership effort in the effort to keep the house democratic and twenty two To help me with his colleagues in which he said that the polling, showing that they would lose the house if today, if it were today and tat, almost everybody in the room hearing that says the real
is that the issue said that is now increasingly being associated with Democrats NET nationally is injurious to them in the upcoming elections, that is, crime disorder, the the border, the server, Russia, people at the border and the inability to get covered under control and all of those taken together are are, are creating a very hostile frame and field so that the Democrats, according to this pole, that the that the DC took are their six point behind the generic bout in a battleground states or the error in the places where they are actually serious, races or something. Why have their six points down? And this is pretty early for a for a number that large and so that's the a green shoots that it's not just that you know all. This is the systemic pattern. Secular pattern party wins,
presidency and then losers in the house. It is issue driven. It is that Democrats are increasingly taking positions or being or going to be held responsible, four things going on the United States that that the american people don't like and with that. Let me talk to you about. I'm sorry. Do I have the right, I don't think. I don't have the right out here. So I'm gonna talk to you about our friends at the bonds and group see today, dot com and dividend CAFE outcome still no letters. I've been telling me about what daily one weekly, providing the kind of analysis macro economic and microscopic analysis that is the red improvidence of our friend, David Bunsen, who runs this three billion dollar
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oh moratorium Supreme Court last month, for six weeks your son, like that, ruled five, four, that the rental: moratorium could stick around. Until the end of July when it was due to expire, but that it, but that effectively it could not. could not continue after that point and the four votes so the for the five people said let it Dick around till the end of july- and we can kill it immediately, but but it, but it's an overreach its unconstitutional and and so I will just let it go unless a give Congress in a month to pass legislation saying that landlords do not, till the end of the pandemic. I have the right to evict. Anybody and thereby demonstration said it was going to abide by this right and then
Corey Bush of Saint Louis Christine. We have some consumerism favorite freshman congressmen slept out and get up in the lounge chair on the steps of the capital and low behold Joe Biden than the CDC announced that they were going to extend the France a moratorium, having acknowledged that it was unconstitutional five weeks ago, Noah, please rent, right. Five hundred thousand was charitable, honestly, very dispassionate and charitable assertions of why wanted volumes we were. I went down room to show bravely because uncharacteristic, but also very new snoozing, like a kind of a news anchor, I'm gonna be far less terrible. I gotta tell you where I was when this happens. I was in my kitchen Newland around making dinner for my kids and listening to Joe Biden talk about whose asked about this addiction moratorium a couple of times.
and one rapporteur asked him. Are you sure it's going to pass Supreme Court muster? and Joe Biden said now quote the bulk of the council, nationalist colonies are assembled a bunch of constitutional scholars around and to talk about the Supreme Court. How they're going to ruin? As he said, the bulk of the constitutional scholarship says that it's not likely to pass constitutional muster Joe Biden set. However, he continued. There are several key scholars who think it may and its work The effort, I my jawdropping I'd, stop what I was doing transcribed exactly what I heard the second. I heard it because it's often that you hear a president's, say no. Not only am I going to do something, that's illegal that violates the founding charter, but I'm gone to do it knowingly, and I'm going to do so because he went on to say in effect that it'll take the courts a minute to figure out that its constitutional and, in the interim this
act of lawlessness can have the desired effect. Is. It does not begin to describe this we'd be an assault. Dignity, the office and an offence to the oath mission of the earth, unimpeachable violation, the of the job I took in January, and it would be that even if It was done in defence of sound policy. This policy not so Morally repugnant it has created and contributed to an point one percent year over your increasing median rent price which masks the scope of the start of this damage, because in that and most major macros, its upwards of twenty percent invent. it does not exist for rental for rentals, which has put forcing people to put their lives on hold. It does not allow young people to start their lives, people who are you. A low income renders are actively hurt by this policy. It is morally wrong, atrocious and
and an assault on the social compact for property owners who have investment properties. Who now I have seen fires living on the properties I need it doesn't take long to find horror story after horror story after horror story about people who can't get rid of people who are not paying them rent. Not taking advantage of the problem that allow them to bridge income and pay them their property owners. and, what's more, it is generally in a salt. I think on it, India, that wherever being out of that. The justification, if there ever was one for kind of policy no longer exists, the job market is glutted with openings. Employers are desperate to hire people The notion that there is an economic crisis on our and, as a result of covert, is fanciful, its solemn cystic and for Joe Biden to engage in this policy to to I do so with such naked contempt for norm.
And law indifferent. of a bad policy that screening distorting effects and and crew making hypocrites of the people who have to execute this policy. Is a travesty on so many levels and the fact We ve just seen from the press. You know sort of life was a bold and decisive move most Tina lawlessness is you're very rarely gonna find a criminal who just sort of legs wavering on whether and he's gonna a crime. This is a crime. This autumn I think that I just want to point out that it's not actually about covered demonization of landlords and land owners has been a critical part of every left wing revolution,
that we ve seen in it's bullshit. It's going back entirely and don't forget when people were saying. Do you find the police last year there were also saying, abolish the Red right which which got less attention, because it was not identity based on one, but this that is very much part of what was going on in all the upheaval. Ok, I want to talk about this. Question of landlords cuz. I looked up the numbers cuz, you know, if that's the guy, I'm a journalist and I'm by the I do the shoe leather reporting that you know difficult. going into Google and typing in something and getting a number right back and five seconds. Forty four million rental units in the United States there are eight million landlords. Eight
million landlords in many ways. What this suggests is that the vast majority of landlords, a renting out the basement apartment in their house, They own one unit they'll, two units they honour. fractional in some building that they bought with their relatives. Something like that. These are middle class people looking to support themselves This is a small business this is a small business venture being a landlord. This is a war on middle class, people who went out their houses, rent out parts of their houses or have a little bit of investment income and they bought it. They bought something and they rented out. That's what it is and let's get let's be clear about what about the eviction moratoria and what it means. When we didn't know what was going to go on with the economy and the she was not only what
Gonna go on with the economy, but woods somebody be evicted from an apartment for non payment had come lead and they would wander around. Looking for another I've been going into other ones to look at them and then spread covered so the idea was, everyone needs to stay inside. We want everyone's inside it's locked down time. Nobody we have to look for an apartment. There's an eventual moratorium about a year more than a year since that and assigned from everything else. No landlord is going to evict somebody who paying their went. You evict people for non payment of rent every single person who is implicated in the moratorium, because a million people need to be evicted according to the number I saw yesterday are people who are squatting what was said they are not paying their rent. Despite hundred dollars a week and unemployment ends money that is going from the federal government to the states
the vengeance for rent and welfare payments at the state level in various states for help with payment. Rent and landlords who just want to be I hope that this is not like all nice lobby these are people who are deliberately defying the law and deliberately defined there contracts and the federal government interfering with it and this again, something where you could have a sort of vote, J citizens, movement that no one will see come at eight million people being screwed by the Bye demonstration with this extension of this emergency, you think that's not gonna have consequences at the ballot box. That's a lot of people in the United States, that's a whole mass of people, all of whom have their livelihoods threatened, not just their livelihoods but like
They ve got mortgage payments to make based on what it is that they are not just property owners. I wishing you know the more honest bolshevist argument is enough the landlords and all all power to the Soviet by the our houses even its money, that they think that that is going to happen when, in fact, stone is gonna, end up owning everything. precisely the landlord it's gonna be next. War, landlords and they're gonna have fallen on everything and it would be quite as like the mom and pop downstairs, who you no kind of feeling pray for you and we won't have to come to your house and get you out foreign consortiums year, your house will be owned by Dubai, now that the other arguments are very small. Very smug of idiots who said well, you know and investment property is there is a risk and there's no guarantee of return and govern worthier investment. As This was a market effect as though this was just you know
Capitalism run amok these Dobbs, who perceived themselves to be so sophisticated that they can make an omelette really clever arguments are contributing to, as you say, John, I think the condition that one you look at a political back like not just among others, the people who saved up we need to have an income property or the people or in selling their house, rather than renting it, because there is no incentive to it at all and praising pray Europe certainly high because of this intervention in the economy, a righteous renters who can't move out who can't find a place to live? whose families are now jeopardized by this, scarcity, like abandoned inventory in the rental market, It contributes to a sense of unease. Ok, we ve got to talk about one last element here, which is the provenance of bindings decision to go against what he said. Which is that, where a coin to that would apply by a Supreme court decision that found that it was
Ok to go on for another month, but then, after that it was not ok, ok because of four constitutional reasons it was set. Spire unexpired Congress did not make a law advancing it, and Congress. It was demanding leftists Corey Bush, the squire, Maxie waters are demanding that bind do this unilaterally when they as the rhetoric, relatives of American Congress did not do what the Supreme Court effectively sandwiches. Ok, you want is to continue pass a law, then we can talk because will be of a different constitutional framework. relation to this. That didn't happen and it went on so well is the story here and the story: the revolution that Rock Obama initiated and Donald Trump continued, which was they didn't like that, Congo wasn't doing anything. And so when Barack Obama said Congress Gone. Crazy does work anymore, and I
PAN and I have a phone and we can't wait, we can't wait. I'm going governed by executive order and in time but again, and particularly in relation to the dreamers he it made unilateral law from the from the oval office that the Supreme Court and various other courts knock down. on very decisively. Saying I'm sorry, that's not how America works. Laws are passed by the legislature and a minute stirred by the executive who signs into law, and you can't make law. You are the president. You can't make law and an trump became president had no interest in these niceties either and continue down this path of you, no sort of like using executive orders and declarations of the sort to advance, lawlessness and now we are three presidents in two ways: this as a political strategy. In order to claim tell your back
that you are doing what they want you to do. Ok, abiden they know that they know that whether to use illegal vein Oh that its illegal they they acknowledge that ITALY Maxie water said. I was a mistake, though only let's be honest, open, but MAX you actually will learn lawful. President George W Bush, Maxie Water said who's got upon his shoe. If who's gonna stop you, she said. If you do this to Joe Biden, while welcome to the Banana republic, everybody who's going to stop the president from take from from from this unbelief we'll take it. Oil is urging the problem was his cheering this only because there to school erotic to violate the constitution themselves examined method. I you know not that this excuse anything bunch when chump did overstep things there were
go on the right and in some people in this room that spoke up and said something where are the similar people on the left. Speaking up to saying that, This is unacceptable. This is not how we are busy trampling on the constitution etc everywhere. I think the point here politically is the bog and found himself finds himself Ass Tom Central said that his honeymoon is over things. aren't going. Things of suddenly turns sour for him, largely, I think, because of the new numbers in the pandemic and and he is worried about losing that base. His word about the democratic base for the first time he shouldn't, because being so having an opposition to the base is actually his superpower in my view, but I'm not his I'm, not his political adviser. They know their party better than I do and and he facing down a challenge on something that was is not anything that most people care about,
because the overwhelming majority of people in America pay their bills. That was part of the discovery of how the tea party started, which is this notion of you know what, if you can't pay your mortgage will will will you know, don't worry about it, because if you don't pay, you'll still be able to stay in your house. That was the beginning of the tea party in two thousand nine. Ninety two percent, people pay their borders is on time and you're. rewrite existing contract law? eight centuries in order to help the eight percent, who don't not fair, that's what Rick's until he said, that's, not fair and it's not fair if the vast majority people are paying their mortgages and paying their rent to have a parental moratorium that allows people to squat that from the landlords that is just and so Biden is giving in a very weird way on an issue that does not help him. As far as I'm concerned with
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thanks for having me guys, I loved commentary, and now I think, all of your awesome so think so much will thank you and thank you for providing us with your with your New York centric, remove the fired, a wealthy Europe, your movements, the Arctic is New York has let you down rang on the cancelling potentially right. Well, able iron are here for the for the duration. Maybe who knows so for aid and Noah, and the absent pristine Rosen John Homewards keep the camel.
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