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They Want Emergency Powers Permanently

2021-07-26 | 🔗
As the pressure grows to return America to a condition of mini-lockdown, we examine the words and ideas of the public-health bureaucracy that is horrified by the prospect of America just...governing itself. Plus: transgender athletes and Jackie Mason. Give a listen.
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Welcome to a commentary magazine, Billy Podcast today is Monday July. Twenty six twenty twenty one. I am John Paul towards the editor of comments Sorry, we ask you to go to commentary dot. Org few free reads subscribe, whereby our March that's commentary. Dot Org with me is always executive editor, a green while hive, I jump senior rather Christine Rosen High, Christine. hygiene and associate editor Noah Rossman high Noah illusion. So
the I wanted to talk about something else, anything else, but there's nothing else to talk about. Really I mean we can talk about reconciliation and whether or not the budget bill is gonna go through I've nobody knows Democrats of given the Republicans, a document that supposedly resolves all issues, but according to access They don't have a final agreement on bridges, tunnels, broadband schools, nothing so, if they don't have that, I don't know what they are. Mass transit sorted out to talk about those very builds talk, but there. So we gotta talk about cover them. then the mass mandates and everything that's going on,
I'm really sorry. I wish we could talk about something else. So I want to read to you from a Washington Post article, the headline of witches quote as corona virus surges, a GEO p lawmakers are moving to limit public health powers, and this article serve lays out the fact that Russia. Oh no! The delta very this here, but as this is going on crazy, libertarian Republicans are trying to limit the ability of unelected officials and governors to to rule by Dick Todd or feed
something that you'll remember was brought to us in the spring of twenty twenty, as a two week exercise right, two weeks to stop the spread so a lobbyist at Alack, which is a conservative group that her helps work with state legislatures on deregulatory issues named Mr Howitt child is is quoted in this peace, and here is the article here is how the article by. Frances Steed sellers and Isaac Stanley Becker. Apparently, all people now have two last names here is It says count child says he has seen
the model act. That is the act that they wrote to to say. Power should be limited, providing it to stay legislators if they need a mob oh for legislation to write at the state level. He has seen the model acts influence in new laws in Indiana Kentucky where certain emergency orders now expire after thirty days, unless the General assembly improves and extension, and there are new protections to purchase firearms. The group's model legislation which public health experts believe would leave states relatively defence listen in an emergency is not motivated by any how in child argues now according to the Washington Post, which does not source this. A thirty day state of emergency that is that
legislation would require a vote by the legislature. To extend lit would leave that being a limit. Thirty days would leave public health experts states relatively defenceless, because governors and public health officials should have the unlimited right to rule by fear when they declare that they need to rule by fear. I quota C est, one article, so you can sad one article, but if it reflects a body of opinion, which is that efforts to limit the ability of state level officials to close businesses to order businesses to act and certain waste, or individuals to act in certain ways that thirty days is not a long enough time for an emergency to be managed. Is this really?
where were headed. The here today can today to do these public health experts that are named, but are the to hear. They think that thirty days is not enough for an emergency help me out. The guys well defines we ve redefine what the emergency exits by any definition, the emergency as we understand it and twenty twenty is over. It was the uncontrolled spread of this virus, which would force the hospital systems into collapse that is no longer a realistic threat, so they threatened needs to be redefined and hunters there's a lot of political pitfalls here for Democrats, I think they're not really recognize because the polling doesnt such for we get about before we get to the politics. I just want to go through this because forget cove it for a minute. Ok,
Governors have emergency powers or politicians have emergency Paris to deal with wife, threatening situations that are brought up. Pon us by you now by a force majeure. You know acts of God how we want to slice it worth: quakes, hurricanes, a terrorist act and, in this case, repair damage. No one. Ever thought that governors would assume emergency powers and then hold onto them for a year. This is also was to be contained because an emergency is an emergency. It's not a status quo, it's not something that goes on forever right. After thirty days, the legislature could mean and pass laws with a time limit right, make a pass laws. That say, everybody needs to wear. Mascot
after the governor, who declares it you can pass along the thirty first day to mandate masks until such time as whoever says that there are no longer necessary. There is no law. These are. These are executive. Writs that is not law in the United States and so what we do, what we have these? What this? The way this article frames it is going forward into the future. It's not enough for pilot for elected executive branch officials or unelected executive branch of vessels appointed by elected people to have thirty days to work. There will, in an emergency. You know I don't. I don't like to use the word on American, but that's pretty on American.
Briefly. I went away from an interview that the times did with Barbara Frere, whose LOS Angeles County now potentate public. the official, which is really illustrative of why this is gonna, go on for ever and ever never quoth. She asked about whether things masks are gonna are gonna, be a problem for business as she says. I dont think that we consider wearing nests a direct aid, disruptive mandate at all. Some people may be inconvenienced by it, but it doesnt disrupt customary business processes which is kind of insane she goes on to talk about how we're gonna get people vaccinating and she's extremely deferential to the Un Vaccinated drippings a clue about what we are seeing here. What these people are crazy, then a crazy people who are just being obstinate or we dismissed. People is being completely irresponsible. Many actually can't get back separated for health reasons. We all have to commit ourselves to helping people who have concerns in order to make progress
Jim Gary over National reviewed the omens work when he doing a broke down the number of vaccinated verses, unboxing native people in american cities and found that plurality is in places like Chicago in San Francisco. In LOS Angeles, America, Accounting and Harris cutting taxes, fill it off the appear in the walking was content and on and on and on our not vaccinate it. This is not a republican crisis as much as the press focuses almost exclusively on republican, irresponsible republican broadcasters who talk about no vaccine as their basically awaiting control. You worse, indexing hesitancy in the cities where democratic constituencies are forced to now contend with, and qualify their concerns as much as republicans are there their base motors? We don't hear anything about it and that's why they think this is all that is necessary, but going to be extremely popular, and I think they're really Miss
on that one. It's also, I mean there's a real. You know the old metaphor about the frog. Put the frog in the pot of cold water and silly turn up the heat and doesn't realises boiling where it is simmer after the last year. I think in terms of over region in and read finding what an emergency is- and that includes things like mass mandates and vaccination talk, but there's if I could, An example from the one of the nations must encompass mayors, my own Maria Bouser. She did a similar thing recently where she changed the public health sheet. She ended the public health emergency, but she extended what she called the districts P like emergency, so they just remove the word help, but the main things she still allowed to do are the things that actually art shouldn't be necessary. If the public health emergency is over. So the number one thing she wants to do is keep them Hey guys, so she can continue to receive federal reimbursements in federal relief and grants and money basically pouring into the into the city, but she includes in there.
Our government services like make changes to how services are provided to residents that could include the public school system, the dm be all kinds of things it would also. She says she can provide incentives to comply with public health recommendations, establish mask requirement, and establish vaccination requirements, so is she's clearly deciding to take the health out about, but most of these power still involve a suppose. It public health emergency and that's the part that that concerns me, because the Republicans are right. This house happened with a lot of these voting requirements that were emergency measures during a pandemic and republican legislators. Now, like ok, let's go back to where we were before since emergencies over and then Jim Crow to point out that we were seeing a lot of this redefinition of what is an emergency as it were, getting to appoint risk and to be permanent emergency, and it's happening with climate change to you here. There's a lot of talk, because now it's sort of like the early american public has got
itself serve acquainted with the idea of living in an emergency that we good now declare climate change, some sort of public urgency and allow that to trigger never in a sort of an extended privileges that that government has as well, but at an elevation say that this is an emergency powers to do what exact it's, not it's not as if we haven't seen a year half of the very policies there talking about. Not it will be with us we haven't seen with we ve seen these things prevent the virus free sweeping back and forward over the country several times in several waves. It would be one thing. If we were Australia, not that I met, I think that you know what we ever could be here or there. That's the way to go, but you know if we had the and locked down or policies, or you lost your fortress,
America that that mimic the kind of results they had their that broad cases down to that single digits. What what? What would we even be talking about doing you know it's it's. It is really just this stupid the amended version of comfort that they will end. And to add to that, I think it's also a way to try to bet you, Americans, to accept states of permanent emergency about things that aren't, as you say, aren't emergencies such as climate change. We were told last summer racism is a public health issue of public health emergency. We ve been told, gun violence as such, and the message I would say to know as point I agree. This is kind of a weird tactic for Democrats because what's gonna then programme, Republican in his or her stay standing up and saying you know, an abortion is a public health emergency. And I'm gonna lose these emergency powers to stop it. There is nothing to stop that if a democratic go down this path, Democrats are getting a lot of feedback. I think from from a person from pulling that is really misleading in
you you had this, for example, in January twentieth in July, twentieth rather have the hills Harris Ex Pole asked the following question: someplace, isn't he seeing rapid rise and covered nineteen cases. Despite vaccination efforts, if there was a spike in your area, would you support repose, reassuring mass mask mandates, We found that seventy four percent of all voters fully support, thus including seventy one percent of independence and fifty nine percent of Republicans Ellison. If you believe that you're out of your mind, you're in some sort of bizarre bubble. We talk about twitter, not being real life, but real. Should be real life, and if you outside and you see and you a world. Seventy four percent. People wearing masks you're in there Reed narrow slice of the public years as much as pulling suggests that everybody loves the sort of thing it doesn't match. Your experience lived experience right. That should inform your view. Okay, so I think the point there is the question of aspiration and why this is so fiendishly
difficult, because if you assume that Harris didn't make up the Paul numbers, they got people to say this to them. It's because people think this is what you're supposed to say. If people continue to think this is what you're supposed to say, then the feedback loop that you're you think Democrats are, you know, are arm are our being misled by does have a factual basis in the belief by you know, people that all things being equal if everything is so terrible than yeah, I guess a mask is better than nothing but the public health messaging. A word that I hate, but I mean you have to use it was context- remains astoundingly, incoherent.
Was not incoherent before it was before before the vaccines we ve got to mitigate we ve got to behave in ways that will help mitigate the spread. We have no other means of mitigating the Brad, so we ve gotta, do social distancing and we ve gotta, wear masks or whatever. Now there are now they're vaccines. So, first everybody wants to get a vaccine had a lot of trouble getting it because there were being limited because of public health theories about how it should be handed out. So we are now well beyond that and hears what they say. They say everybody should get vaccinated and if your vaccinated you're, in the clear view on vaccinated the delta variant, is a danger to you. Ninety nine point: five percent of the cases of people who have
In the last three months or from Delta everybody who was hospitalized, almost everybody was housewives us from Delta, get yourself vaccinated, but we shall, where mass again you're not at risk, but you should where mass again, because it might be recipe you're, not at risk. We might be a risk which do not respect you are at risk, but you're, not a risk and found. She last week said something very much like a camera. What it was we don't want. People
I think that something or other relating to this will screw you pal Flint mean you, don't want people to think who died and made you the governor of people's brains, you're a doctor who works for the government. You are not the master of Euro human psychology and this assertion by the public health officials that they know how to speak to people in ways that are going to get them to behave in ways that they want, as now been sulk closely disproven by the last eighteen months. That, in fact, I mean there's a lot of evidence to suggest,
that the reverse is true, that they have lost public confidence or at least public confidence with enough people that it is. It is some self defeating for them to go out and talk to people. So what everybody says? That's right! It's like! Ok, look! You can order people to get vaccinated. We ve got to talk to them sweet music. Like Chris Christie said yesterday, there was a guy came to me said. I don't want to be vaccinated, that I talked to him and then he said I ll get vaccinated. Well, ok, so of every human being in the world. Did that with one other person who wasn't vaccinated then sure, maybe that would work, but not everybody is Chris Christie. Not everybody. Has the facts to hand out of the vaccinated are not themselves lobbyists and their protected their only being. We are only being evangelize with this notion that we, the vaccine,
headed need. Somehow too, we need to be sacrificial lambs to this process of convincing the UN vaccinated they get vaccinated or sacrificial lambs to the effort to kill off the delta, where I don't buy out by having a wheeler world through the population. While we stand around and mass it, it's incoherent in the extreme to say what is being said here and it gets worse and worse and worse and stats are being
misuse. My my nephew I'd know I'm bloom, who is the Twitter Dionne Taster, but the great quarter feeds- and I don't say that, because he's mine after you, by the way it is one of the great twitter feeds he. He found this morning, Bob Whacker the chair of the Universe of California at San Francisco, department of Medicine, ok, author of the digital doktor, so Bob Whacker says: oh now, here's the delta variant, we're we're. It said it's a nightmare, I'm in a city with the name, its highest backs rate. Ok
This is a rising fast and our employees, of whom ninety three percent are vexed. You wanna bet that that's not true, but anyway, let's look at hospitalizations on June. First, we had one covered patient in our seven hundred bed. U s e f hospitals whenever quite got zero. None were nice. You today we have twenty eight hospitalized patients at the hospitals, fifteen on the floor and thirteen in the icy you a staggering increase. There are twenty eight hospitalized patients in San Francisco and Oakland an area with more than two million people in it hey it's twenty eight cases and he's saying this is a nightmare. This is a hard. This is the most stained and the danger of all GM vaccinated. That's true, but he is basically saying we now the
you know we now everybody needs to get mast up again. Well says by the way we see no evidence that efficacy is waning. no case uptake and those vaccine December January versus more recently and the vaccines are still more than ninety percent effective in preventing severe illness. Okay, so the vaccines were great, but as we now appreciate, they dont prevent all infections yadda doubted that at many ends. This whole thing by saying, as Doktor Leanna, when convincingly argues it's time to add back restrictions, especially indoor max masking you there's a whole thing in which he says the vaccines are more than ninety percent effective. There are only fifty three people hospital, I used in a city of you know in an era much well Mary of more than two million, and we all need to where mass again, but this is ok, so this is what striving a lot of us nuts
This idea, because there's another narrative emerging now, particularly among you, no kind of progressive left, democratic, laughs, mainstream media that says the real price but the real reason keep on getting backs issue. Is it the Republicans? Have police Besides, the public health must everything's politicize. Now they have turn this into a political issue. It's a partisan issue, but now they did it their terrible. This is why people won't get vaccinated. Now we know that's not true of the case in point. The substance always describing earlier about some the vaccination rates in democratic stronghold, but there is another problem here, which is that the public health messaging itself became politicized under under Trump, not because of trumpet in response. To him in many cases- and there was never an acknowledgment of that- there is never an acknowledgement from any of these people that their their message on me. king was mixed before said that perhaps maybe people are rightfully suspicious now when we hear the masking debate reemerged. That is what that's the faith in institutions. Think there's a reason and is perfectly well
rational reason why a lot of Americans aren't gonna, listen to public health folks anymore, because those people have never acknowledged the mistakes they made. That is important. It's important for leaders in these institutions to say you know what we got this wrong. Here's what we ve learned since then: here's! Why we're recommending this now? Here's the risk compared to what it was a year ago. All of those things treat adults like adults rather than like ignorant children, and that's a huge problem right now: ok, so here's. My here's, my ultimate point. This guy in San Francisco wants indoor of indoor mass mandate. He wants Gavin Newsome to somehow imposing the door mask mandate. Ok, He has made an argument against nor mask mandate, while arguing for the enormous mandate. You know it you in these circumstances, you need the state legislature to make this decision. Ok, you don't need one person, you need the body, of elected officials in the state who make laws to make a law or not make a law because
then you will have a debate in public with public officials who have to face voters, not one guy, not his public health officials, who don't work for that who theoretically work for the people, but are not the inner will not lose their jobs or get their jobs based on based on public opinion, unless they become highly controversial figures. All these people need to say is state legislators and we need to set. You know me tell me to one. You know step up. They need to go into special session and deal with this in order to stop the spread of the delta. Very that's! Not what they're saying they're saying: let us do things by fee out when we are in public on twitter talking nonsense, but that's just at right. They can't trust the democratic process to deliver the outcome. They prefer right off so much about the assault on democracy. Here it it's written from your face, and can we talk about the political consequences, briefly
this sort of thing, because it now we d have pleasing, seemed gap. A car, ok because it seems to me like the walking into something akin to a bizarre and they none of them seem even remotely aware of even the prospect that there might be a public backlash on this sort of thing. What is Joe Biden is what was his chief objective in twenty twenty one and his first of his presidency a narrative tat, they had conquered the virus that if the pandemic was behind us and the economic recovery was ahead of and now you have all these credit ratings places. Vincent Goldman Sachs, saying, locale, everything's gonna be arrested by the spread of the delta burial and so to venture the mitigation measures that need to accompany on both of those narratives are being squandered, and you know you look back on that. We talk. a governess and being in a little bit of trouble here, Horton ahead of his recall all The only reason why he's been recalled in the first place because of covered mitigation measures and the public's antipathy towards them
and another. This is gonna show up in the polls just like republican victories and twenty twenty didn't show up in the polls. Republican swept back into office after one year of being exiled ins in, for example, an Orange county, and how, Democrats explain this away. How did they justify this to them all? We couldn't canvas, we couldn't canvas and twenty twenty but couldn't hold town halls, that's the best way to reach voters, town halls now the extraordinarily onerous mitigation measures imposed on them all wild and coddling riot pursuer incentivize, to write in the streets as a result of these mitigation strategies where we're heading into a twenty twenty, Well, that's gonna. Look a lot more like our twenty two, it's gonna look more like twenty twenty than the first six months of twenty twenty one and Democrats, don't like there's gonna, be any consequences as a result of this in their dead wrong. Do you could be right, as I say that they do, they do get pull numbers that tell them that they are not at risk
from doing this again, just like that that the southern California sweep weren't, you hang up on the radio. No, I agree, with you, I'm saying that they there they are gonna have to. You know, be adults about, does also and to an end and risk as the siren song, that Tucker Karlsson, is the problem here and of course, they also know that Tucker Carson. is it really the problem here? They know this because they know that the Jim Garrison Numbers are the gym, garrulity numbers that there is low vaccine compliance a lot of major urban centres. I ever the argument they give you and I know, cause I'm actually had this argument very dear friends, they'll say: well, that's true and that's a problem but they're just so many more white Trumpery who aren't getting it and that's a bigger public health issue because there's more of them. That's that's the response to that argument. Generally that I've heard
from from thugs on the left about that, I'm gonna. Yes, I know I know I know, but I am Are you aware that with the people theirs but there's when you're talking to their venues and they're talking amongst themselves, justice, as as accommodating Athenian vaccinated as the people in the regular just asking questions. I may look as they know that their constituents are vaccinated, do look Mississippi, which is the state the people keep citing as the one that has lost twenty vaccine. Compliance is fifty percent white and thirty, eight percent black now It is fifty eight percent white and so I'm sure, there's a lot of Fox NEWS non compliant people, but it is also close to forty percent black and there's a lot of non compliance people there too,
and, as I think you keep saying the idea that there is one group that should know better- I mean it's a fish, its implicitly this, look you're, why you should know better black people. You know oh, it's so kind was bending over the level of it is just. Astonishing. Yes, there are. Obviously there are deep cultural reasons in both places why this is happening. I mean, I think there is a. There is a straight a student, the fact here, everybody who you have two types of people who went out and responsibly got the vaccine so as they got right, people were really scared or lotta people. Common sense but common sense. People who are really really scare of covered don't want to get it, and we want this to end, and then there is the UN that whole Lena population, like the people who jump to do thing
to be responsible to be the first people who are responsible right, like that's. Why said, they're, like straight a students or people who want the gold star. Well, here's the thing about the people want the gold star few say to them: go out and get to go out and get the vaccine and they tapes. hours and hours a day, trying to get a vaccine appointment in February for their parents themselves or whoever. Then they finally get it they get vaccinated. Then you tell them. How do you know what It's really good high. You know, I'm I'm doctor Fouche, you, the guy, that you really trust and I'm I'm Leanna when the epidemiologists rights, the washing poster, I'm doctor whacked her of the universe of California in San Francisco, put a mask back on their like. Ok, it's another,
parents to get a gold star. It's another chance. You know to get an ay, but that's it! That's it. That's a big driver for a certain type of person and those people are disproportionately reflected in a lead opinion in the United States at there's a there's. An additional things lurking danger to the fact that this game never ends this haters there's a new? There are new ways for you to get gold star. It said I suspect, were pretty close to as good as this gets right. There's been up, you know, as we try to make point said it's at some point last week, the vaccination effort in this country has been in broad run, numbers kind of an extraordinary thing we review
and hundreds of millions of Americans go out. Do this? The numbers have been brought down special the death numbers to to below five hundred every day or so vaccination rates have slowed to what they are if you are vaccinated, your Jim really safe from the Delta variant, Anne and certainly from the other variants If this is as good as its going to get, we have to stop. We have to be able to accept this nowhere near being able to accept this and its. It strikes me its interest, there. There was a that Sarah Huckabee Sanders Rota an up ad over the weekend in her, in whatever the major Arkansas Arkansas, Post gazetted whenever it is and she's cheap. She It's a pretty nuanced argument for why people should get back stated in rates in organs are great like they need to be more. People need to be getting back, they Arkansas she acknowledges that, but she speaks to them
where they are in a way that is is compelling and anyway, I'm sure Chris Christine did as well. She talks about the public health messaging being nods, like saying I totally understand why you might not believe this and here the reasons why I would encourage you to rethink that and here's my own experience and here's what I saw in Washington the years when I think now and it was. It- was good that this was said to be by a very dear friend, who's on the left. You said: don't you see she's she's, just encouraging people to mock public health officials, and I do think there's this real divide to speak to her. Star student thing, John there's also among our elite policymakers and institutions, in particular in the media. This the idea of technocratic superiority, it's like we know what's best, and it's just ignorance and stupidity imparted chip if people dont immediately agree and that's another kind of DE bought divide when it comes to these sorts of public health measures there, not speaking to people they are condescending to them? They are not explaining why vaccination is good in the way that Sanderson Christie did. There
During her hectoring them and that's not effective, and I don't think we're going to see it much more vocs, nation among those groups, if that continued okay, so the Goldman Sachs has announced that, due to thee a very bad the uncertainty that has been enter. It has has entered the american economic system because we don't know really what's gonna happen with. The public response, and with vaccination rates and all of that David the slow down in their expectations for economic growth this year they they are predicting I'm into massive growth. This quarter we're gonna, hear about that. Sometimes I think at the end of this week, but maybe a little less than the expected and things may slow down in the third and fourth quarters, and if this is a matter that should be of concern to you as it should be, concern to everyone from the present I lie down. You need to go and subscribe to David bonds in his letters, the DC to data com?
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material of original, progressive ISM right that was Woodrow Wilson and the progressives of the first second decade of the twentieth century, saying expertise is what will save the world. We don't need. All all of this populism is terrible and all of it at what we need to do- is appoint good people to control the behaviour of markets and behaviour of endeavour. tools and dot run schooling according to sign the latest scientific principles and all of that and this man General fetishism that that that tat gripped the bad what Woodrow, Wilson White House and then to serve, took off in that in the twenties authorities that is progressive. As of now today we talk about the the laugh that new the hard laugh now calls
self progressive right that they don't really mean that their progressive light, like that they mean they're redistribution IST there. So list, in fact, if not a name and but they, but they are very much of the belief that authority from the top needs to go and mock about in private behave, private industry, private capital, private investment. All of that to make sure that thing go where they should go and where it would be better that they got when all of that, and that is that is present day progressive and old for racism and so We have this interesting dovetails because merrily the left or or let's say the kind of shaggy left the the sixties left. The process is left.
Should be screaming and horror at the behaviour of these public health officials. These are people who are suspicious and sceptical of government government investigated leftist groups in the sixties, with co until proven, YO penetrated them and do you know the CIA is bad. Big government is bad because it does because it it seeks to limit your freedoms, freedom of speech, freedom of sexual expression, freely of everything, and now they ve essentially become handmaidens. To this you know almost explicit notion that it is proper for these unelected people to tell people what to do how to shop, how to travel Well, it's even worse than it even worse than that. I mean. I think, that good, the contrast between, because look that early twentyth century progressives and did a lot of really bad things, mean eugenics being one of the one of the worst
examples, immigration, research, a lot of really terrible things based on really bad science and bad technocratic theories. They did a few good things to like. You, know your candy, don't kill you anymore. This is a good thing like that there were some reforms that were good of an unnecessary for public health, but what I want, I think the contrast is as the example of the inn electrical to whom our progressives now appeal, what they, what they want to do, is not merely dick dictate from above. They actually want to suppress the democratic process. So look at Abrams, exe who, in the name of anti racism, wants to establish a federal agency. That is a rude final review for every law. That's democratically pass, so it's not just like the people get to vote. The representatives craft legislation is passed, the present signs that it becomes law. Oh no, there has to be another step now and that's this anti racist bureaucracy that overseas all of these
legislation, piece of legislation and appointments and whatnot- that's actually the goal now and that to me for it for a party that constantly saying that is the other side that wants to destroy democracy. That's pretty anti democratic! I have said this before, but there has been a total them version on the left The sixties, with the idea of then, was that the government was bad. The people were good, hence power to the people. There was the slogan right and today its view, very clearly the people are bad. The people are so bad that we must empower the government to fix them. It is, it is, this is behind. The emergency orders is behind that could come Missions on anti racism is power to the government. that's why I feel like the modern progressive left is, as is much more
much more mirrors, the progressive left of the late nineteenth early twentieth century John, and I think you give him credit for that's Herbert Cravat, grossly right, but I mean here, but the point is the date they said we can make things. We can make things better, applying the latest in scientific. And social science and the dead, the stuff that doesn't that whenever we Germany was doing Germany and Europe, but Germany took on later right. That's one of the things that discredited, progressive ISM was top down ism. As applied elsewhere in the Soviet Union and adequate national socialism. Let's not forget the state of Indiana Pastern Eugenic sterilization law. Long before Germany ever even got around writing about it. That's right now we that's right. We we partially, we, we influence them and then we look hours if there is an obsession with prussian organization,
Militarism were there at the parliamentary rights, then we looked with horror at it and we pulled away from it and we have conventional american liberal. Leftist politics, which are you know, are not necessary. Do not necessarily speak to this specific thing, but when you make a fetish out of you, no higher education that you make a fetish out of you no degree, he's from the highest university then no one is allowed to do anything without having Harvard Yellow Prince and after their name or something like that. You end up inevitably back in a circumstance in which the ideas Who are you to say, acts, get out the sky is a doctor. You know it's like he's a doctor he's not a trance.
rotation engineer? Who knows how people act on subways? He is not responsible. He is not a student of that. He doesn't know what he's talking about. Necessarily You know he tells me, I gotta wear a mask on the subway I'll wear mask on the subway. I heard that there was a lot of you know transmission on the subway. I here there's transmission and small rooms with three hundred people in them. My subway car doesn't have anybody in them, but that's the whole point of this is that it's all a wave of shutting people down and saying ordinary people are stupid. Ordinary people are stupid and they need to be led, and this is very important. To any day, and they you know, and at its up solvents paternalistic. In that way, it's like we have to understand. You know that's why these African Americans don't wanna, get vaccinated. So so you know what we need to talk to them into, because it's really understandable
but I got it. I just add one other thing, one one new, maybe more intense danger now verses in the previous progressive era. Is that the capture of institutions which conservatives have been correctly concerned about for decades? capture, mainstream media, but also of academic institutions and academia in general, has created a class of people whose whose work whose first it was, you saw it in the humanities and Social Sciences, and now we're seeing it even in medicine and the hard Sciences can be cooperating. Captured by the same mandarins to say. Actually the doctors evidences shows us that what we want to do and what the things we want to the emergency orders were an issue correct and then, when the response on the other side as well, there other doctors who disagree, you can now suppressed that or you can call a conspiracy theory or you can, you can say, will that purse
didn't, go to Harvard our guy went to Harvard because they have captured the institutions that capture the outlets that disseminate information. That's the real concern, I think, and by free speech and censorship, is and should continue to re emerge as one of the really important issues and that in this century, right so we're talking about the government here we could talk. A little about about big tech again and how incredibly annoying it is you open your email and you got you ve got to hunt The emails, clear we or were or were text or things clearly suggesting that somehow your computer, your phone never it listening to your conversations, kids, you get offers from things that you were talking about twenty minutes earlier on the phone that you didn't. Do a Google search on rising like that, you know it its creepy of its chilling of it. If it gives you a sense of you know of how Truce of big tat can be in your life.
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trans athletes. Trans athletes. Ok, do you think that transgender athlete should compete against one athletes of the gender aspect with which they, then, if I too athletes of the gender, they were signed a birth three not to be allowed to compete for, don't know. Ok, here the numbers, twenty percent, say, the athletes should be allowed to compete with the gender with which they identify thirty nine percent, say athletes must compete with people of the gender they were assigned at birth. Beating whether they were born male or female and third fourteen percent said it shouldn't be allowed to compete at all, so in total fifty three percent of people in this pole say
either they shouldn't compete or the or, if your board, a man, you should compete. As a man of your born, a woman, you should compete his woman, not that people were born, is willing to try to compete as banned by the weights mostly around. twenty percent say they should be. They should compete against the gender with which they identify fifty four to twenty, with twenty three percent saying Don't know acts YO says: Americans are deeply divided on how transgender athlete should compete in Tokyo with no option coming close to a consensus, Oriana Gonzalez rights- really ok, fifty four,
some say: don't you don't get to come at all or is that it matters? We are ok, that's a consensus! That's fifty! Four to twenty! At best, at best, you should compete against the people you here, you know who we know were born the same sex that you were born. Only twenty percent say compete against the general with which we identify. That is not a contest. Fifty four to twenty here's, the contest Democrats, say thirty: five percent democratic, lean democratic, say they should compete with agenda with which I gotta fight,
twenty five percent say: athletes, the gender they were assigned a birth, seven percent say don't competed, also even among Democrats, its thirty five pro thirty five to thirty, two against and thirty, three have no opinion. Ok, so Democrats are pretty much tied on whether or not transgender athlete should be allowed to compete out of there. You know in the gender- and I have already outlined the have no opinion by the way, are people who do not want to state their actual opinion on it. where's, my guess and also you know we should add- are our usual caviar about Paulie. It's always wrong and it's always wrong in the same direction. What we get add a few points right, let out a few points, independent
Eighteen percent compete with the gender you identify with thirty five percent, no athletes of the gender it out. You were assigned at birth and twelve percent don't compete. all so independence. Forty forty seven to eighteen Republicans if he added up eighty one, two, eight. Ok, so Republicans our you know where any but Democrats or thirty, five. Thirty, two with thirty three percent saying that I want to Answer- and I think you're you're all right that, basically, probably that thirty three percent falls pretty much in the guide. Probably there they shouldn't you have they they should in out there. If they're a girl, they should They should be a girl if they have if they have the physical morph given to them as a boy they be allowed. They shouldn't be allowed to the they shouldn't be allowed to beat grow holes at sports. Can I can I put out something that's really frustrating about that. The Trans debate, because you knew there it there's. It seems like their two separate
issues like you, have people who transition when their adults and then they want to. compete in the air, the men who went through puberty, if you go through puberty as a man and you get all those male hormones, it does not matter what do when you transition later. You will always have a physiological advantage in sport against someone who is born female. That is that it science? I'm sorry? That is what it says it might not comport with someone's personal preference for what they want to do. It is an unfair advantage that is even more. It is even greater than someone taking in a performance enhancing drugs, that is the route Americans look at that they look at a good. They look at someone who's competing against other women and tracking who was born mailer went through email puberty, and they say this just doesn't seem fair because it isn't, but same time, there's a parallel track in this debate that says younger and younger children should have their puberty blocked with drugs. They should be allowed to trends, younger ages and you can see where this then diagrams going right like eventually there try
to eliminate the these sort of visceral sense of unfairness. The people see when they see do as an adult transition and has a physiological since they will. Then we should let them transition earlier. We should let you know people who, six or seven who feel that the wrong gendered, so that that's where I think, a lot of the danger of how the media portrays this is is headed because As we know, the mainstream media outlets, particularly the New York Times the marsh, impose relentlessly, have stories about trans folks. There are always in one direction, there's always framed in the same way. They do not talk to the critics of any other stuff and said american people are being FED, a narrative that that so far there resisting, but that will become increasingly more challenging years come ok. I just want to point out that right now, rubbing for governor in California is one Caitlin Jenner born Bruce Jenner, a gold medal olympiad. You know a winner of the gold medal in the most difficult olympic event
the calf one in nineteen. Seventy six set world records was insane. You ve never seen anything like it. It's ten events you now sprints long jump, shot, put high jump four hundred metres, the discus, the pole, Volta Javelin, fifteen hundred meters, whatever right unbelievable. Imagine this cafe, who, like you know, did you now beat everyone? in the world as a man instead was Caitlin Jenner and nineteen. Seventy six and competed as a woman. Like that's that's that's the standard you want to look out here because of your computer is a woman he would have run. He would have one that by
You know two hundred thousand percent margin over over the next born female person, not fair. It is not fair and that's what people respond to aside from everything else, and the fact that you know there is a significant number of people who think that trans athletes shouldn't repeat. It all also speaks to a point in the public discussion that you're not allowed to bring up, which is that you know this is there are a great many people who do not believe that this is a conventional way to deal with a body and intellectual and spiritual dis morphia that it is a that it is a nightmarish thing, not a great thing, and that it is something to be raised that we are clear,
the conditions under which in the world, this has become something that is praiseworthy rather than a condition that requires compact, in its treatment and notice that they didn't give the pragmatic option either in this has actually been true for a lot of legal cases regarding locker rooms and bathrooms in middle school and high schools in elementary schools, nationwide you're not allowed to say they can have their own category, it can compete against each other. Have a Trans athletic category which has been, poems by people here and there over the years. In the same by that a gender neutral bathroom space has been offered up by a lot of schools as a way to protect the privacy and interests of people born female from the people. Born male, who still want to use the female restrooms, the female locker rooms. Again, a pragmatic, very american, spot. So can you know it was, as we will build a middle neutral ground where people who feel like they want this space, but that legally has been challenged every single time and they ve won those cases in many and in some thing in Virginia there is a case where a high school student, one on appeal
So you know this is the option of trying to find a compromise is becoming there's less space for that in our current debate over these issues, do you know the thing about these boundlessly the expanding rights movements is that they always start out to be, and they purport to be and against Frank being about the rights of people? To do more? To be unfettered, and they always end up coming around to infringe. Upon the rights of others. So the unfairness here is is it is. Is the unfairness that Someone who was trained as an athlete compete, in a category that is defined by their sex, no law nor has the right to compete as that and shine as that and accelerate as that they live there.
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mid century or a sort of nineteen. Sixteen is proud Jew. Jewish comedians. It leaves MEL Brooks as the only who is ninety five as the as them as the last last surviving remnant of a few more, therefore, ok, really like who Shall you still love? Ok? Well I mean I'm just Juno cat chemicals. Comets generally meant for me I'll get all the other yeah yeah Jackie Mason was was what was a weirder by figures? Wasn't precisely a cat skills? Keep like the tumblr walked around, and yet I walked around the pool and helped in India told jokes around the pool. He was yet a slightly differently came up very fast, very quickly in the late nineteenth fifties, having been a rabbi having we're having actually had pulpits and congregations anyway, ape tell us about you and Jackie Mason, and
arrived at them high school yeah. I had you know I am slightly because my father, but at since the cat skills, the conquered. Hell, specifically at and elsewhere that some other stuff around the country. But that was his main job back back. When that. That was a real hub for american Entertainment and, I was trying to think of how this came about and not entirely sure, but one went to my problem which actual wasn't my promise of more comprehensive and we're gonna do. But I went with her another schools ploy to a problem, you went to a prom, yes and On my way to it, I went to the Symphony cafe, which used to based on the west side. Manhattans restaurant is, I knew the um, The guy who ran it, who is also used to be entertained? Does he was it
use www Mars agent, those alone, he was running Dangerfield Age, any of them, breaker he's he's alive. Is he lives one block one baffling and me and my promenade and my friend, whose does that still my best friend in his prompt aid, we and we had a drink with Jackie Mason before the problem, and I know Remember much about it. Aside from you know, they're being like you know, to tuxedo teenage couples. You know sitting rounds high talking to checking accident On the way that you know go dance to Corey Heart, but that's the best, that's that's my contribution- and I saw him again on the street about five years ago in a similar area in the West Fifty's. He was walking on the sidewalk furiously pumping these
like small arabic style waits talking with a woman who is like the towering over him. I thought he was the they literally the funniest comic either. I think they're Jackie Masons the world according to me, which, which debuted Broadway, nineteen, eighty seven after a sort of aid, a lull. He had been Maybe the most successful Stanhope Comic in the country in the early nineties, sixties many got into a complicated Contra toppled, Ed Sullivan Guy to be known as a as Asia as a whole. Problem child and then sort of like his career, went into the toilet. and he made a lot of money went around a lot of South Florida doing gigs it's a condo associations and stuff like that. Nowhere in the mid abies haste he did this one man show in allay and actually Millbrook some Carl Reiner went to see a cholera.
in particular and said this is gold and helped arranged. You know a gig for Mason on on Broadway, so they rented out the Apple Barrymore theater. I think, essentially to have him. Do this and Frank Rich went to see him. Who was then the critic of the north of the earthquake, there are times and said this is the funniest thing I've ever seen and if the world, according to me, is the funniest ninety minute stand up event like as a bit almost ninety minutes with one intermission. It is minute by minute the funniest. Ninety minutes that has ever been recorded in my opinion I know it by heart. Practically I listen to it five thousand times. It is a work of genius. there's never been anything like it. You know most of his material, most of his famous material about the difference between Gentiles and Jews, which
often so surpassingly brilliant, both about Jews, Annabel Gentile, said about the cliches there too, and therein that that there's never been anything like it, His political humour was funny. His imitations were funny every about him was funny and if you knew him off, days, which I did a bet. He was exactly the same off stage as onstage, except that he wasn't funny You would have a conversation with Jack in it and he would talk to you liked as he would like to know what's going on, but the Gore God is, go I'll go what does he do with the luck? Bucks, a good luck, box logbooks and he would serve yellow you and serve talk to you about. Politics? Are talked about Israel or something like that, there wasn't a joke, but he was he was. It was ass though he was doing a stand up routine, but it wasn't funny he was in that circumstance he was all but intolerable, but when he
owned his views into material. He was, he was absolutely astonishing and you can. I think you can hear the world going to man you to know you to be most of its there. You can also get out. I'm sure you can listen to it on streaming service, and you know he went very you have very conservative. It was kind of a NEO Kennedy went very colony was very trompe in I get a radio show him. The lawyer, Ralph Felder had a radio shown a tv show for a long time may use. He was very pro immigration, at least at some point because I know you better get out. You know you know, have one's afraid of having it. Next kids come to this country, and you talk about how you know that the no no one's actually, if you're in any room anywhere no one's working hard on this country, the Mexicans so we re wasn't right, wrung Elsa. Nobody like trunk, his trunk was read what was good for Israel and he really and he and anyway,
he was out, it was a complicated person. He was not a very pleasant person. And but his passing marks. You know it does more quite the end, but like he was kind of the last person in the world who spoke of the, This accident, I mean there's, nobody has hit em sovereign custom in particular speak a kind of weird. English serve Yiddish, English. But it The same like he sounds like my grandparents did. He sounds like you. He he was the last remnants of a world in which people talk like this and, of course, the great joke about Jackie Mason. The ultimate juggernaut, Jackie Mason, is that he was born in Sheboygan Wisconsin, because his father was a rabbi in Sheboygan. Was com?
Sheboygan Wisconsin wasn't born lorry side. He wasn't born in Galicia. Wasn't born the pale settlement. He wasn't poorly wasn't a alive. He was born. Sheboygan Wisconsin family moved to the glory side when he was five which yet, which is as a where he got his accent and be when he realized at some point after after his Smith after he had two congregations, is the son of a rabbi that his his voice was gonna make his fortune that that he was that that was funny and in fact there was a Hannah barbaric character. There was a serious cartoons in which he called the did the aardvark and he was the voice of the Aardvark, and then he is known to my son. My eleven year old, Simpsons, obsessive son as
As Rabbi Krakowski, the Father crusty the plan, which is kind of his last his last towering gig in show business anyway, so Baruch Diana Matzoh, Jackie Mason, back with you tomorrow and Fur Christine no enable jump onwards. The camera.
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