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Throw Cronyism on the Pile

2020-07-13 | 🔗
Donald Trump’s Friday night commutation of his associate, Roger Stone, further reinforces the public’s apprehension about his presidency. Parsing the statistics that contribute to the impression that the country is in the grip of a new surge of COVID-19 cases. And Peter Beinart’s attack on Israel even as the Jewish State is again saving the world from the prospect of a rogue nuclear power in the Middle East.
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Welcome to the Commentary Magazine Daily podcast today is Monday July, thirteen twenty twenty- I am in other words the editor commentary magazine with me, once again after a week's break, a well needed well deserved weeks, Craig Associate at a low Rossman high Noah. I John Christine, doesn't senior writer here, as she was last week, high, Christine Icon, and never never
Never gone always air executive editor, a Green waldheim, Hydra. Ok, so I am going to try to challenged everybody. Somebody defend the commutation of the sentence of Roger said, Don't everybody jump at all at once? That's like throwing herself on a grenade rain. Have anyone come up with a legitimate defence of the communication of Roger Stone were ok? I can't defends the computation project and in particular but I can try to offer some some calming perspective for all the people who are foaming at the mouth about vessels on a pardon he still convicted Phelan his sentence was was removed, but he is, it wasn't, pardoned the crime he was found to have committed. This is, if you have a problem with the potential pardon power which obviously a lot of Democrats and people on the left do today Then you should have had that same problem with it. When you know, former terrorists were parted,
by Obama. And you know people like Susan. Google, who were you no kind of dangle with pardons by my Bill Clinton, who is president said they wouldn't testify. Then you should have had a problem with that as well. I do think that the partisan nature of this is sort of fastening. Rodger stone is is bizarre and I kind of a horrible hold on Christine. Yes, I just want to point out that, in his last set of pardons Bill Clinton pardoned his brother, yes, ghetto Let's just yeah, let's now, and that is the only defence, those that did everybody whose put on one side of the Isle commenting on this is hypocritical, which suggests that conservatives Republicans one problem with this. More noble stock Early on that thing is
The only way Clinton's laugh but buncher pardons were incredibly controversial. Yet his harden are rich you know, nobody really knows why he pardoned. Yet he pardon the puerto rican terrorists departed, a whole bunch of people as he was walk. At the door for complicated reason. And it was a major political issue for the first three weeks of the Bush, present so as well as in the history of controversial, pardons and computations that people you know, I get blamed for, but there's a reason why they usually do it in the interregnum right in the transition period, because you're so explosive and politically stupid. I mean there's through such a mountain of political problems, for this particular weight has that this one probably doesn't rank, but I mean it's an indication of how risk averse they are that the president's willing to do
I think it could argue that Obama's pardons in communications were worse because they were ideological in nature and the CIS, crony asked, but that's really fine distinction. What that's an interesting distinction! I wearing you know yes, so so about how you could say a bomb. Did it out of left US principle revealing himself to be who it really was, for that Trump is doing it. You know, as you know, he's like pardoning Frankie the angels, I can't be sure the Frankie five angels is gonna slit his wrists and and die in the bathtub. The other contacts here that I do think it is worth at least noting- is that we ve let a lot of violent felons get out of jail and out of serving their sentences because of the current situation and some of them. People have gone on to commit further violent crimes, including a child who was shot here in DC by someone who is on early release because of the pandemic, so that that was one of the excuses.
Commuting stone sense what he was about to have to report to start serving. It has an older high risk individual. He he would have also been subject into this thing again, an argument that the people on the left have made namely a vigorously when it comes to violent felons. But now our very upset about crony of the President's getting again That's it I'm not defending register and smoke impossible to ask if there is an interesting aspect to this, which is that the the pardon power the commutation power are in the constitution and our relative the absolute and there was a fire during the drafting of the constitution about this and the idea was that, yes, there was a remedy to deal with the unjust or corrupt use of the power. Which was removal which was impeachment Andrew from office
What we now know is that impeachment and removal from office, though there have been three impeachments there has never been removed from office. There have been forty five presidents. It's been two hundred get out thirty years, since the drafting of the constitution Clearly this as a that as a specific remedy for the misuse of power has proved to be toothless right particularly if someone's about to leave off has committed, particularly it's the week before they're gonna gonna leave office, but there's the secondary one, which is that it becomes a political issue and can be used as a political issue in the election, the raids has been expressed about the stone commutation has to do with the fact that what Trump is done there appears to be no remedy for, and something needs to be done to make sure that in future there is a remedy, but there is
remedy in the remedy is November is the November elections election date and if, if this adds to the brief to the indictment brief for Trump politically, that, I think is one of the two reasons, He is voted out of office. He will be for three reasons: he'll be voted out of office wrote one is The handling of the job, particularly in the last year, with the pandemic and and the riots second is. I can now can't remember what the second his The third is the question of him as his corruption, our economy,
They come it's. Ok, then the second one does matter. I had at my lost any personal asean of this office right round the social laws that every every way want to look at it, including the cronyism and the the sense of corruption. The use of the presidency, as you know, the personalized presence in all that- and so I think this You feed a log to the fire every time trumped does something that raises that, and that is helpful to Democrats. I'm sorry It is very hard unless you are like Magua. Paranoid. You know you know the most out to exploit to not to think that a guy who was fairly convicted in cork courtroom by a jury ghetto and whom the
a prosecutor that the attorney general himself said was righteous two days before Trump commuted. The sentence that that is justified. I meant you, but this is in oak. You just have to remember that this is not a defence, but stone is not just a from crony. He really is, arguably the author and architect of of the trunk presidency an end and had the idea for it a good decade before it even happened. I mean he was the this the primary champion of of Trump and the White House without it and when it was this trouble using idea. Wayback went to that. In some sense there was, absolutely no way the trump wasn't going to do this forced out- and I am anxious
then the throwing a bill are under the bus here is is an interesting wrinkle, because it's just yet another person inside this administration who will soon be outside the administration, who will have no incentive to defend the president, and I can't think of anything, really Does that mean unless you're so deeply and personally committed to the idea, the trunk presidency, but whose committed to the idea of Trump himself the man whose to his personally invested in this guy in his personality with that guy from the guy from the golf course who is now the social media guy. What does the guy who was like, ran the golf course in Westchester die scooby, no junior, that's your man whose, admittedly, but why do you think he had so many of his adult family members surrounding it? I mean there's that there's a reason by that right, he's he's his his sense of loyalty is constantly under siege and those of the people he trusts for. I was, for workers on for better but tell me,
It's like succession right, I mean it's just a lot of drama that those men well listen. The thing If we don't get hot that that I suspect- and I went out- maybe at some point we can find out- or maybe we cat is stones- are not his brilliant, but he's also not but he's also brilliant, and you can't you gotta, put to you. No stone is the architect of the downfall of Elliot Spitzer as governor of New York. This is not something to be trifled with now. Remember. He quit the Trump campaign in August of twenty fifteen, because he for four reasons that we ve never understood they were having. They were clashing and he they were clash. With each other and he could whatever I dont know that we can assume that he ever quit the trunk. Campaign and will never know, because that's him and Trump on the phone and stuff like that. But you know
Somebody was picking these sites were Trump, was having these rural rallies where he would generate thirty thousand people and it wasn't Brad par scale. Who was sitting designing a website in Texas? We don't know who it was, but these sites were very cleverly chosen and the they had two fold effects right. One was to create this image This populist groundswell of love and support for the sky out of nowhere second was to register borders and to get them on your mailing list and to get get people's names in the fold that you could then be used to manipulate and have them advice there friends, and do all that if we were to find out that that was Roger Stone and Roger Stone was the architect of the Trump campaign, as it was going
but for reasons of his own madness he himself had this idea that he'd needed to be away from Trump or looked like he wasn't part of tromp or whatever but he was still part will never know, but a certain type of analytical associated thinking leads you to the theory that stone was far more involved in the first year, air of the Trump presidential campaign that we know, in which case Trump has every incentive to commute his sentence. Word a pardon them I mean he's. Probably thought commutation was something he could because he couldn't realistically say that stone had been right.
Who wrote it because there was a prosecution for the Justice Department. There was a jewelry, there was a judge. There was an effort to impeach one of the jurors that failed all of that, so that was maybe a bridge too far, even for him, but he wasn't going to let stone go to el that she is not particularly loyal to people, he expects loyalty from people, but the quid pro quo with Roger Stone may be much more powerful than we realise and if, like a safe and five years or ten years, we ve I doubt that stone was running the campaign. That would be a more. Believable answer than that. They somehow stumbled into the strategy of rallies and work places where you could get forty five, twenty five thousand people to a you up to some stadium and aunt em and praise him. So that's
the other aspect of this story, and I think he basically, this is one moment at which Trump must have weighed his options. Also, the possibility that stone could drop. You no stone knows everything about drop, a clearly wasn't he had decided. He wasn't. Gonna drop thirty doubts is up. There is a precedent for this to write Susan Macdougall as the ultimate precedent for this. Yes, you miss Basin, They promised a pardon if you refuse to but she also an agreeable she d write, but she wouldn't let us was Macdougall who was in the light of the principle of the Clinton's and involved in white water, refused to talk? Shut her mouth didn't talk to the grandeur of wooden answer, questions wouldn't do anything wooden cooperate, would end, was basically thrown in jail for contempt for
two years, because she was basically like screw you I'm not I'm, not helping you get Bill Clinton and that that is what she did. It's what web hobbled dead? It's the Clinton, People remain sought, Warner, ordinarily, silent about the things that they could have saved themselves with, which, as we know in Trump World hasn't happened that one's rights not just Bolton there, but Michael call it play Michael Cohen? Sat there for a year, saying you better, pardon me you better, you better part of me and Trump wouldn't do it and Soco and said fine, I'm going to. Try to destroy you and now Trump has its ultimate revenge has come whenever the corn went out for dinner during his release from prison because of covered, and then the pure presents showed up of shackles and supposedly gave him a document. That said, oh, you better sign the. So you can publish a book and council, but I've written a book then obviously was a pretext. They go back to come back with shackles. He says accounts
the document will acknowledge you're going back to jail in areas in his in solitary confinement in order build New York, Michael Cohen, having been out for a week or weaken a half or two weeks, wandering round the Upper EAST side, so that's what happens when you cross drop, maybe not only do get that go to jail, but you gotta jail again, or of the Clinton's lasted well after Docklands presidency. Does that same influence and authority pertain in twenty twenty one after trumpet theoretically walls, while that he has surrounded himself with people who are not loyal and he has behaved in a fashion that breeds contempt while there
who's gonna who's gonna maintain this America well, but Christine is right, which is we don't know who's in the circle of America? I mean if Jared Vodka and Donald Junior and Erika the Circle of America, then yes, they will maintain the America, but if you doubt I doubt it out so the people that he has actually sitting around saying. Should I commute the sentence or how do I do this or whatever I don't know, who those loyal a star but chances are there are very few of them right. I mean it's. Not probably it's not. Mark meadows, the chief of Staff- probably it's not his White House counsel However, that is now I dont remember who is now its problem
Kelly Anne could see can't trust her because of George, it's probably not you no mercy slap, because who would listen to her for five seconds without running screaming from the room I mean. Who would it be? You know, hope, hex Maybe I don't know I'm just saying like, but merited twenty twenty one issue is also interesting, because then there is the question of yes or the cliffs Hilary was still there right. Hilary was still ten colors, clearly gonna, prepare presidential run all that, so the Clinton World had an incentive to remain quiet about the Clinton Lumberyard Foundation that they were going to run from set up had had as certain monitor the incentive for, though, for those same groups of loyalist, remained quiet and profit from their. So the little build up a cold, the personnel of Urundi Vodka and to tell
everybody around Donald Trump to her political, that's the question, but of course, then you have the interesting America question, which is: will there be an interim family squad? all over who the who the inheritor of the mantle is will join. I concur with the dawn, rises, actual misadventure, others, a success. My money, Zaldivar get back. What's your number, I was gonna, say birds, as you said that that you were, you have the theory that trunk loses. He runs again, but but you were just addressing them. Look. I think that there is every possibility that Trump will run again if
the defeat. If there is a defeat of the defeat, isn't so decisive that you now he couldn't possibly one again I mean he could, but he couldn't, but I mean it would be weird, and you know he will eat other problem party in the wake up in the wake of a possible death. Nation can't exactly ter, even if the there enough primary about you could then literally have a conspiracy in twenty twenty one at the Republican National Committee thing to create some crazy set of rules to do whatever you could to not nominated him again. Not to go too far down the fantasy road, but if it's a vodka what she running ass, she she has been the the tempering or that the ideas that she's been the tempering presence here, the kind of anti populist at you know
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following the news. I do not know what the state of the covert search is. I've just been trying to immersed myself in the details this morning, but you can prove Only give me a rough idea of where we are in this covers search. Give me I'm a broad overview of what you think this is our faithful listeners already know the Navy. That's me, everybody doesn't. So what is what is your thirty thousand a perspective on the last week of covert news was of a colleague MRS bad right. I mean it's bad in the sensors when a surge of cases case the case load is up. I don't know eighty percent over over to exert meaning positive tests coming back positive in the number of people who are said to have covered, although these numbers are hard to their their hard to sort through, because some places
seem to be abrogating current cases with people who have tested positive in the past and our aggregating test that feature people showing anti bodies, which would mean that they have had it and recovered from it in some fashion, even if they did no, they had it and people who currently.
Positive for it, and so those numbers may be somewhat inflated. The second interesting piece of data that again isn't totally confirmed but which people who are you know serve like pouring through the numbers with a rake seem to suggest is that in the death toll numbers last week there was an influx of DAS attributed to covered from before May. Second, there were added to the overall total that therefore made it appear as though there was a surge in deaths. Last
weak, but that in fact was simply an accounting efforts to put into the line of how many people have died from covered everybody who had a bit. The death had been attributed to covered, but it has taken some time to to do such attribution. So, therefore, the death toll may be much less or half what people said it was last week, in which case the surge is not as frighten. As it appears at the, and were also not clear on the actual numbers of people who have viewed out rapidly. Florida, for example, changed the way that it counts, covert, patient
in a way that has increased the number of people who were in that they have covered number. I don't really understand it, so I'm only reporting it to give. You thirty thousand foot few. But the thirty thousand foot view is its bad and the real question is Are we looking at this because there is a new wave or- and this is apes point has been aims. Point from the beginning. Is this the first wave? It's just that have hit New York, New Jersey at New York, New Jersey, particularly and some other places in the spring, and it is now hitting Arizona and Florida and Texas to some extent in the summer. But all the same wave. The second wave happens can only happen.
Through the swayed ends and there's a cessation and then the temperature drops in the fall and net it read. Then it resurgence Abe. Do I have that right, yeah. I think that is red. The idea that the thirty thousand foot view is You know as well as the times has it today cases sore in thirty nine states. That's the that's the that's! The overall I love their soaring, but but there certainly rising and yeah. I continue to think that we're talking about places that didn't have a spike before so the the idea that they all that Blaming the new rise on insufficient.
On opening too soon doesn't make much sense, because, in truth, these places could have opened sooner. If effort, if, if what the God, if what would begin to move forward at the same steady pace in terms of infections, which is somewhere between five hundred and a thousand new cases a day in New York state that does not drop. It doesn't really get higher up it. Yes, in terms of infections, which is somewhere between five hundred and a thousand new cases a day in New York state that does not drop, it does. Really get higher up it yesterday. If I understand this, yesterday was the first day since the start of the of the pandemic no one died in that right and just time, and in terms of this aren't you with this is something I think is really important, although it can be tedious when we try to kind of break it down listeners, but it's really really important to recognise how this how these numbers are: in presented you wherever and whenever you hear them a read them so, for example, you know that
our times headline, which you know obviously grab your attention and you know incites a little bit of anxiety and panic and readers, no doubt some of the places at this does the increase in Paris sentence of cases started. With the low number and still have a pretty low number rates of your and my old man and you go from five to fifty. That's a big percentage increase, but it still the low number of cases and, among those cases that some of those are gonna, be low risk and some obviously and fourteen will be higher, is, but I think again for how how we absorbed the amount of information that this on a daily basis. It's extremely important at this moment of transition. And to look at all the options, and I go back to the extremely wise thing: apes at last week. No one knows anything, no one's an expert uncovered. And you see this when you start looking at some of the sun. He's coming out of Europe right now that are trying to examine the effectiveness of lockdown in places like ITALY, which had me more severe lockdown than almost anyone else on earth and how they handled things like the cruise ships
the early swedish princess, I think it was called cruise ship- were only twenty Twenty percent of the people were infected, but only twenty percent like why weren't the others infected so we're starting to look at these more complicated, very place. Specific countries If cases and were learning more, but some of that information is contradictory right so sorting through those things, and being highly sceptical. When you see the mainstream media narrative is important, not because we're conspiracy theories, but because, as I said, we really so so much we don't know, and we don't know what we don't know still look at this rate it as a great thirty thousand foot Summary of what the imperial conditions are But then there is the more subjective policy results of those empirical conditions, even though does condition seem to be subject to interpretation. There doesn't
to be much of any interpretation on the part of policymakers, for whom this is evidence of a total resurgence, a universal resurgence and a need for you ve got the real position of lockdown than something resembling it in most of the country, even outside the United States- and I said People like Scotland goes on Twitter, the other day sang and there is no political will to her to re, engage and locked. And again this is not going to happen. I don't think that's true. That seems wildly optimistic from what I've seen and it had again only cursory because untie wasn't very plugin last week it there to be a lot of political will on the part policymakers, even in places that are reluctant to engage in walking in the first place, to pare back reopening to peer back. The capacity to be indoors in places and limits she'll gatherings- and it's not like surgeries, I does feel like we're going back into the old days of April and their scene.
To be a political desire on the part of the electorate for something along those lines. Well is it depends on which electorate you're talking about Let me give an example of of of where, where political, where weirdness is going on, when people are pulled gay, so as a poll galloped bizarre american face mask uses, usage varies greatly by demographics. So, according to this, ninety percent of Democrats say they always were mostly wear masks, whereas only half of Republican say they do. Now,
There is no way on earth that ninety percent of Democrats are wearing a mask. That's a lie I mean now you have to act as a living like an almost a hundred per cent democratic neighbourhood, and that is clearly not true here. The question is what what is the answer? Why are people answering this way and then you have this question of whether people believe they should be wearing masks or they believe they should not be wearing masks. That's the ideological debate, because the simple fact of the matter is: everybody is wearing a mask mouth I just drove from Chicago to New York and Chicago, and I was long Rudy and when you got out at rest, stop in Pennsylvania Said you had to wear a mask in Indiana, didn't say, had to wear a mask. Most people were wearing masks, not their cars and that there were just an arrest stop right. So
These are people who are on the road going probably doing a lot of long distance dry. Along the long run, eighty, which is I eighty, which is not exactly economic commuter road. So some people some people are not so that the thing is, the Democrats have gotten the message that to be a good person and a good citizen, you are supposed to wear a mask and Republicans have not gotten that message or resent the message Their special dispensation provided for democratic states if you're not wearing a mask in a democratic state. You absolved of criticism with we're talking go Lebanon's nobody, but only if you're already, if your political has only if you're not wearing a political. I spend a couple of days down at the shore. I estimate, maybe ten per cent of that he's. The Jersey shore wearing masks. Ten percent. And there wasn't a lotta social distancing going on. I mean if the if there were
going to be a balloon of this sort of thing. That's a petri dish that place should be exploding, but an aim and through something that we should be studied. There. But it doesn't seem to be any sort of interest in conducting the kind of article research that would be necessary to determine why places like that, where everyone, was on top of each other, and I mean arrogant and talk about the Florida beaches where you can social distance a little bit, but I mean six feet is about all you get at seaside eyes, and there is very little interest in why these places and my mask gatherings on people. On top of each other inside places there were mass where required by not outside, and there is very little difference. Inside and outside in these places are basically windowless with a couple of beans that kept that constitutes outside, even though really that certainly in air and everything it is inside. So there's a bit
discrepancy there about this particular aspect of a democratic state which has just now getting any kind of attention from ferment. Only the environment, those obsessing over beaches for the last three months, because is a great political narrative about democratic states where, where there's not a rise in cases, which is that we are doing it intelligently, we are wearing them That's why there's no rise would then I can bother to look into the the fact that in places like the Jersey Shore, there it people are not wearing less because because that would that would mess up the where smart, where science driven, we know what we're doing and the rest of the country should follow us. Well when one of the basic law of social science research is that self reported data is usually pretty crappy right like it. When you looked like they think on these studies, like with obesity and other kind of like lifestyle choices.
People, always self report themselves, as you know, being mother Teresa, but in fact there Paul pot, I'm just like we're very self delusional species humbling. If I think, if I had to take a swing at why the cake cases are not rising, even with only ten percent of people wearing masks at the Jersey Shore, I'd say it's a combination of the fact that or an early, Understanding that open in the open air, it's very hard to transmit cases, a and b that in New York in New Jersey, the virus has been through already and taken out, sadly tragically the most vulnerable right. Then there is the question of reward and risk right or reward bass wearing in certain places is now the ticket
to being a good citizen and a good neighbour, and it is not and other places and in other places, it may look like being a neurotic hypochondria, That was our experiences that we got. There were very cautious and everybody was master. Enemy looked around relate where they were. The only people doing it we moroccan saying so You are somewhere where everyone's wearing masts, you feel obliged to wear a mask, not to be conformist. But because you are somehow it is understood. That you were somehow, you have to inconvenience himself the way other people are inconvenient seeing themselves in order to live civilly in a civil society and if you are. In welcoming or montana and you're wearing a mask. You look if you're a man,
you look unmanly. If your woman, you look like a neurasthenic, Victorian, her fainting couch and maybe you shouldn't, but the idea that the idea that MSNBC has given in struck people in you know in rural states on how to behave is simply not not gonna happen. Now, maybe, if the president said, everybody should wear a mask, that would be different. But it's also make clear that everybody should wear a mask. I mean this is like the Florida question. If there is an out break in Miami Jacksonville doesn't have to follow the same rules as Miami. There were very soon. Difficult, weird reasons why in New York state it was necessary for everybody in York state to live like they were living in New York City. You know The reasons are Andrew Cuomo hates build. The plaza would build a bless, YO hates Andrew Cuomo and Andrew Cuomo. Had two big foot build the plaza.
And set rules so a he could be the big guy and be because the plaza was being were council turned so the only way the Como could set rules that big footed to blogger was to make them Why does he doesn't have martial law authority powers over New York City, but he doesn't emergency over New York State and dissent can only. I assume that that's not all that, if dissimilar from the governors, powers of the state, like or it s. So if everybody in the south of Florida needs to wear Massa doesn't mean everybody, the north of Florida needs to wear amounts that does not. That is the standard, applying more redeployed in April and may doesn't apply anymore up if you're north of Westchester. If you're in Connecticut you haven't we're going, for example, whereas if we're the West Orange, while I usually of New Jersey, if you do not yet there was Juno, actually like most of the early ok, I know well up with an area and the cracks in the public health messaging which, with obvious
We spent a lot of time pointing out all along the way now are now. You said, John, that If, if the president's that everyone should wear masks, maybe that would change they sent this weekend. He wore a mass when you visited Normie suit facility for the first time right. It was a new is worthy of that because he wore a mass, and What do you see? One of the first reactions tourists from current imitate the Washington Post going. Oh, you warm ass. How are you crazy right? Wingers can do the same thing I mean. Basically the tone was: oh, you know. With such a mockery, even though this is the same group of people in them. Three media who have been incessantly criticising trump. Not wearing a mask up to this point: He should wear masks when he's in these places as just no brainer. It's it's not a big deal. He should do it. Then he hasn't was making a statement and heat up where the mask and he still gets attacked it's it's gonna. Doesn't it there's a funny part about this, of course, which is that after Trump, where the mask on Twitter, all of these trompe and officials were like
he looked so grave in the mass clear look, a hamburger ask and it was like Brad par scale and is campaign manager, various other people- and it was like tat. Agnes toes because they're trying to get him to wear the minutes, this is some weird form of dealing with the mad king like TAT, was so great won't. Look. You only get a taxi wearing that mass boss, where it again bibles toast look, maybe that's why I scandia others. There is a very, I think, the way to get into where the master key. Scheduling hospital visits for him That's it also the fastest way to get him out of the White House. Even the remainder of his presidency around
because he's a jerk, musn't, germ of hope and he'll mask up and in fact that he and he had a hospital visit when he was wearing the mass ok. So I mean to solve a mystery that I brought up at the end of last week, which I did not know it now now makes This very clear. Do, member that I talk to you guys about the story in Missouri them mysterious. Story about the kid: the twelve year old kid. It was wrapping on a street corner when a guy got out of the car and was punched him in the head. Sucker punch this twelve year old and then was arrested. So I was like Mister Lennox right why the New York Times do the story doesn't make any sense of local story. Missouri some kid black, it is wrapping on the street. A black eye pulls over punches. Who knows what was going on? Why was the cat out at midnight wrapping that's part of the story, but the times did didn't make it clear. Why
earth. They were covering the story in the New York Times. So would you like to know why they were covering this during the New York Times, because the kid was white, it turns out. The boy was white. He was twelve years old black, I get pulls. Here's unwrapping a street corner gets out of his car punches amid the head gets back his car and drives away and the New York Times story, which was curly done because they thought initially that it might be the opposite that it was a story about a black wrapping on a street corner being punched by a white supremacist. The story it turns out is exactly the opposite: it took place and cape your. Missouri why the kid was out there at midnight. We still don't know. Maybe he was here. A video or something guy gets out. The car punches, I'm so the
there are times rather than killing story because it doesn't fit their narrative runs. It shows a picture of the guy got arrested. Doesnt show picture the kid doesn't say that this was a racial incident of blue. I can white crime. So here we have twenty twenty in it's perfect contours, nobody told them to do the story. The story did not fit with with their preconceived have they ran the story. They eliminated the very piece of detail that complicated the account that they were offering. In order not to provide fodder for white supremacist or whoever and lead. Instead to this mystifying question of why on earth it written about it in the first place, which is why the mainstream media suck
I no matter what is going on. You doubt this notion. But somehow, oh it's terrible, word opposed. Fact. Environmental publicans, don't accept facts mall this. Why? You just can't accept the fact as they are being related to you, unless you aggregate lots of different pieces of information from different sources in order to prevent, for we know in order to get a clue, picture to guess. Whoever is telling you. The story is probably not telling it fare well and in the other aspect of this data, disturbing and, I think, will have long term one says is that say: you're a scholarly researcher who is done? found out come to a conclusion based on your research that doesn't, the narrative, the one that you know the mainstream media has as run with on any issue, say it's about racism and policing. As this has happened, there are some researchers who retracted
their scholarly study, not because the retraction was not required because they had misuse data or or anything like that, but because conservative, were using the data in the study and the conclusions of the study to show that the mainstream narrative about a policeman. Against black people was not a full picture of the situation, so they had they retract. And then they had to issue a further clarification to the initial actions in what we didn't do this because of the mob noted suckers them up, but the whole that whole process, whereby scholarly research, because its cited by the wrong side, is then risk of being retracted or pressure is placed on the others will cancel culture, but there is no council culture or cancellation. It was voluntary withdrawal of semi it that concerns me down the line, because that's the kind of self censorship that I think is where the cancer culture has long been headed it. It hasn't quite reached epic proportions, shepherded, it's it's not,
not a good sign. Yet you dope there there are hate crimes going on against white people. Now crust. The country on amendment made across the countries like your everywhere, but it is happening at its, not surprising, of course, because there is this incessant message about the evil of white people. But there's in was constant. For example, there is a mexican american man who drove his car into a white man. Cyclists because he's white and killed him these are and who were the canaries and the coal mine for this last year, juice, a cynical Jews in Brussels, and by elsewhere, in Jersey and and on sea, and so Once again, the can We in the coal mine Start
but the Jews, and then it goes on to a lot of other people when, when the the culture refuses to call out the crime, course the person needs you re on the subject, as Will Riley Wilfred Riley Commentary Contributor, whose book taboo and at others deals with this question of what whip? Who does what kind of crime and what pain crimes actually might or might not be that this is almost certainly why you don't report. This kind of anecdotal evidence has being indicative of some court of some sort of societal movement matters are significant, uptight, interracial violence. It would be extra. Italy low, as that was my from FBI statistic. Interracial violence. Black on my crime went on black hand, is extremely limited. That's right, I'm! So, if your train, if the New York Times.
Having a second thought about this story is in part because you shouldn't have reported in the first place, because this not indicative of any sort of societal moment, sir, I don't but they're not having second thoughts. They clearly were decided Do the story in order to do a white. Supremacist beats up black kid wrapper story, and it turns out that the story is the reverse, but they didn't kill it. Instead, they reported it in a way that distorted the entire frame of the storm. Nobody to know all they could have done with say well. This is a real Of course it is a story because it's in part because its help any useful right news by definition, is an unusual thing. A twenty seven year old black man punching a twelve year old white kid in the head at midnight in Cape, Gerardo, MRS Missouri, for the.
I'm of wrapping on a street corner is a new story only because it's so bizarre, not because it's like. Oh now, we really understand the real way America is now, which is what, which is wills point which is Riley's point which is, when there are fifteen shootings in the United States of unarmed black men by police. In twenty nine, this is not a nation wide trend that calls into question the american founding. That's fifteen people out of three hundred and thirty million out of there are forty million black people in the United States. That's fifteen people that is not you know the result, slavery. Ok, so the fever had not broken over my we rather sorry desert, but love lemming. Let me just posit, though one thing one is that what sparks backlashes, that
self sometimes go to extremes is an unwillingness to actually describe what happened when happening to put it in as noise in the broader context of the statistical likelihood right. We do this all the time when natural disasters with plane crashes with automobile accidents. But we are moving into this age, where we cannot do it about re, so, yes, most crime occur, is interracial its way, people killing. Why black people killing black people. If you want to do this, it is interpreted in crime, interracial, violent crime. Black people are more likely to kill white people than white people, article black people- that is just a testicle fat. About violent crime, but it's extremely rare, most crime, most violent crime occurs among people of the same race You would never know that. Looking at me, immediate errors of the past few weeks. What you also wouldn't know is that there are actually serious racial despair
he's in non violent interactions between law enforcement and the african american community, which is actually goes to the heart of what I would have thought the black lives matter. Movement should be about which is its actually not these rare, tragic deaths of unarmed black people and the police. It seemed constitutes a sort of low level, but, but pernicious harassment or or kind of roughing up that happens on the street. That kind of stuff does affect how people view law enforcement in day to day basis, and that does have a kind of pernicious impact on a culture in terms of how it views law enforcement, that's what I would like to more discussions about not you know not kind of Myanmar dismantling of the family and tearing down statutes. But could we conclude with something awesome yesterday? Ok, so last week. There was a two day kerfuffle and elite opinion when Peter the intellectual torp par excellence has been a torp. Since he was a kid is at.
Now is a middle aged man. Will of writing a thousand words to say something that you can say six hundred because he can't shutters yeah per. I published a piece about how he was no longer a supporter of the two state solution and that there needed to be One binational state between Israel and Palestine, because he just can't take the moral, the moral stain on the jewish people represented by israeli oppression. I'm not gonna engage in this argument is he's a moral cretan and an intellectual fool Anna bladder Skype and an idiot, and I don't mean the idiot like stupid. I mean he's a smart idiot, which is the worst kind of idiot, He is publishing this piece about the evil of the jewish state. The jewish state has now for the is now engaged in would appear for the third time in thirty
years in destroying a nuclear programme being created by a totalitarian harshest, millinery and culture right? That's the rocky reactor in one. Eighty one, the syrian reactor in two thousand and seven and now dismay six weeks, long effort, to destroy the Iranian Nuclear programme just now there was, at another series of explosion somewhere in Tehran, somehow the Israelis have so penetrate it would appear and maybe were involved too. I don't know it would appear that the Israelis have so penetrated the Iranian Nuclear Programme that they are successfully destroying every aspect of it, because we are you with needs? You seven days of internal strikes, explosion sabotage to do what they're doing
They are not just setting it back a couple of years. They are clearly doing whatever they can do to pull it out from the roots. The only thing that has not can be pulled out from the route is the knowledge base, but they are costing the rain and bill bill Iranians billions and billions of dollars an ice spect. So what does this mean? Israel is awesome. Israel is now at Israel, has now retarded the nuclear ambitions of three evil countries. Evil countries Saddam's Saddam Hussein's Iraq Bashar, Al Assad, Syria and now the mullahs, IRAN, no other country, to the extent the wind has ever done. Anything remotely like this, They have made the world unambiguously safer, they ve made the Middle EAST unambiguously safer, saved if the uranium programme is degraded the way it looks like it's being degraded, they have possibly save the world from a horrible
nuclear arms race between IRAN and Saudi Arabia, because the Saudis could not possibly have allowed the Iranians to develop a nuclear programme and the way that they are developing it without some kind of counter response, it would be living under the threat of an of mushroom cloud without any. You know any deterrent response, this is an amazing thing entered read to see this happening the same week that Peter Parker Peter pilot scratches his chin and says you know the Jew should go back. To their little hiding nest and not try to protect themselves from a world in which Anti Semitism is resurgent, and at least one regime in the world is you now is, is basically developing into Your programme in order to seek their destruction is, I think it was. Astonishing counterpoint and shows how some
ideas are so stupid that only an intellectual and with that we will be with you till tomorrow. Ah for a pristine and no I'm John, but words keep the camel burn.
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