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What If Biden Is the Unprecedented One?

2020-12-15 | 🔗
The podcast raises the prospect that it's really Joe Biden's presidency that will be unprecedented—because he'll be the first president in many decades who won't become the sun around which all the political planets revolve. Give a listen.
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Welcome to the Commentary Magazine Daily Podcast today's Tuesday December fifteen, twenty twenty. I am John PATH towards the editor of Commentary magazine with me. As always: executive editor, a green waldheim. I dont senior Christine Rosen High, Christine John and associate there are no Rossman high Noah Hydra, able I just clothes
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the pay wall. Last night after the Electoral College had a state by state had signed its electors, insufficient numbers to Joe Biden to elect him, president of the United States, or that in January the that those tallies have two formerly accepted by the House and Senate for the for the final ultimate final final final declaration, that by as the President Elect Lectin, that only only death can stop him before the twentieth of January. So Joe Biden gave a talk, a speech at about seven p m last night and it was
thought good, that is to say that he said we are. The president has ever had every opportunity to contest and use the fair legal processes of the United States to address concerns or raise questions about the election and in every case he has failed to convince state electors, judges, republican judges, conserve judges and that and that any any claim somehow that too, that he has not been fairly treated since the election is unjust and unjustified, and that and that now I he can openly come out and not only after electoral college. But after all of this process and say enough is enough. Enough is enough
the mouth good speech. It was hampered by a couple of presentation factors, one of which is this decision that they have made not to just start these speeches with him sitting at a desk or standing in a poem, but to have him walk out from behind the stage in this empty room where there are in our report is like seventy feedback, and it's weird like it. It does if it's belittling rather than elevating, he should be sitting at a desk or standing at the podium when the camera goes on. Instead, they have this kind of weird choreography. Were an aid walks out with a mask and puts a notebook down on the podium and then walks away? And then Biden comes out. He delivers the speech. He closes the note book, he picked it up and then
Jill Doktor Jill standing ten feet away. These have walked soldiery still hobbling because of his foot injury and she kind of hugs him, and then they walk off off stage. This is not this is it's bizarre. I don't know why they do it this way, and I don't mean to like do this is like a theatre review, but of course much of the pomp and circumstance of of of leadership is theatre. And I don't think they're doing this right like their day. This does not make you think I'll great the pages. Turning in everything as it were in good hands with somebody new. Forget, it ideology its awkward. It's it's weird to watch. The tone is off and that summer one a number two was then he had had like a frog in his throat throughout much of the spy and he was clearing his throat and stumbling over some words
answer. The first semi said the electoral college. Has sort of wide our results, and things like that- and you know again in terms of like choreography, staging the the kind of implicit effects of these kinds of presentations. You know, you're like watching it and a friend of mine, like texted me and said it feels like he's getting the virus in real time. Like I can't. Why is his making me? It's nerve wracking, so oh a moment that would serve intended to be both or an armful, unlike Biden, saying: ok, cut the crap already I'm the leader and in from this point forward, if you follow along this other path, you're, embarrassing yourself, it didn't quite come off that way. You know it would please it, but
that strikes me. I just realized thousand all this elevation of jail, Doktor Jill seems to me at least partly wittingly modeled on the popularity you have Michelle Obama right to build that. The idea that people like or love to have a first lady celebrity troll figure. They like this idea of this presidential couple in the culture that They can look up to and get involved listened and raving about. But it's facsimile of that. It's completely attempt to me the fact that in its it's, not a good fit knighted trying Michelle Obama commanded the stage I didn't. to be handed a microphone, took it Joe Biden,
trying to image, manufacture Joe Biden like they're, trying to image, manufacture calmly Harrison. It is just not a great fit, but I get up. I don't have any such a bad thing. I surely don't think this is waiting on their parts, but I don't think it would be such a bad thing for american political culture of a president who is perceived to be small and frail We haven't had that in a long time that these commanding figures of destroyed the political culture and our ubiquitous, not just in politics but in just about every other aspect of daily ice and Joe Biden sort of is areas and just one figure, whose also when all by this grand stage on which it which is on, which is a fantastic metaphor, Can I just ask you like what what political figure in world history can you think of who was look? Who came across
rail and weak. I mean like ours, jeez, MRS Wilson, and he's like in a post struck a wonder. Oh, I mean there's a I actually every time I see him, but no one knew what to do about. Mrs Wilson was right, but the american The Woodrow Wilson was informed that his wife was acting as presently United States, which came out later and is why we have the twenty fifth men every hour was an open secret and Kennedy was an open secret people now now Kennedy was certainly Kennedy. is not an open secret Kennedy was closed secret and in part because his in jury was war related? You were certainly weren't supposed to throw it in his face and nobody knew her sick after er was after the forties. I think they did. They did not. They did not. There was no, we television brought like the only time anyone saw these people was it was reels Armenian, Roosevelt case- and you know his his infirmity after the forty four election Not well known, but isn't one of
challenges at the binding ministration has following Trump, and then you see this actually with some of the staging they ve done since the election. He has. These. You know eagles in this office of the President Elect symbol. There's no such thing as an office of the President Elect he's just the president, Lech but they're trying to kind of Nutritional, I something to me. I guess to be reassuring and take can give people this image of power income. In power, I actually find that very often but he had we're Trump Trump had the office of the President right now. They I parenting trump trumps turned The symbols that we usually assume are patriotic and non controversial, like the eagle and the flag have become during his term, thanks in large part to the media's. Relentless attacks into something sinister right, so there there's a way in which its gonna be tough forbidden to do some of the typical stagecraft that appeals to his base without the base being tricked I felt like, oh my god, he's gonna America. First us again, I mean there's nothing. There's a strange reaction to a lot of these previous
they patriotically and problematic symbols, I beg well, so you know not to serve dance around the dance around the central topic. But if, if Joe Biden- Joe Biden was chosen by electors over too Seventy in number to be president of the United States yesterday, here now present, we knew who was president the day after the election. We know he is president today how much two more of this nonsense. Are we going to have to face just because Trump has a game plan that involves continuing Plain about this. So we can raise money or keep as options open for twenty twenty, four and other republican politicians. Don't on across him, because he ll yell at them or he'll seal encourage we will encourage primary challenges to himself or something like that, like the guy
is foolishness of this as it is now and not even getting into with a threat to democracy? And all of that because, I don't see any threat to democracy. Everything has gone, fine, the threatened mark receive may come from the fact that you know somebody. It's not a threat to democracy that you know Republicans believe in truth, like or or than a leader promulgated untruths, that's not a threat to democracy is when our systems and the processes by which things happen. According institutional nor prerogatives are interrupted or screwed around. With that didn't happen, it didn't happen forty times in the courts, it didn't happen with the state legislatures. In fact, this would seem to suggest a genius in the system remains very firm and then- any efforts. Maybe you shouldn't even try to screw around that. I agree with that, but but
I almost feel like people are right, enter are being told that letter gay now, whatever whatever you know we should all be grateful to him because of the judges and because of the Abraham accords and and he broke norms, and he spoke truth, and he did this need that you know, I'm just I'm I'm out of I'm out of pay I'd, not that I have much patience, but I'm really out of patients. Now so can someone dead the aid again now you ve always been Amelia arrest in this regard. It's like add, don't worry about it, I'll, be fine. How are you now you're sort? Your ear you're making a phase of me like I'm, my miss characterizing it well, I think we need to have gradients here. As I said in the last podcast the media, there is a particularly addicted to worst case scenarios to thee
seclusion of likelier outcomes that are more positive and I don't think that's insane position to taken, if perhaps its mealy arrest in so far as human rights, We can advance the empty the human condition by dead the Tec, look definition thereof, shore, but guides. I suspect that this is going to be the fiction that a lot of people are going to hold right up until the moment that the actual contest to replace two to lead the report party can begins in earnest, at which point people are gonna, have to strike out against and the president himself is only somewhat interested in this game. He talks about it a lot and I talked up he pretends he won relax. Republicans who assume their beholding trumps. Voters believe me We have, along with them, and the press followed, sing and dance.
his tune to by focusing on everybody, can anybody who do departs from the party posture, which has the effect practical effect of keeping him in the news which is just good for Trump but which formerly cares about? Is the news access has his peace today, which is actually pretty interesting? Talking about how the president's finally coming around and acknowledging reality, but it's his enemies lists in the top of the enemies, less Fox NEWS, its anchors like Chris, while and bread bare and somebody else who appeared it and yet personalities, as opposed to a heap dimensions in passing republican governors who presided over his loss in places like Arizona and Georgia. But he's. Real passion has always been an entertainment. swear. He wants to be so. You now will you persist in his political career guy, probably but also it'll, take em, probably big, deterrent to the press, and that makes it much easier for the political culture to move on.
well, as you have said, the political culture may not want to move on. I mean you this interesting phenomenon, which is that the walking around for a mine talking about the threat to democracy is like liberal, cable channels trying to maintain their ratings in the outrage sphere, while he is departing, the stage for press doesn't want to move on with the press, entertainment and that's where where the battlefield is: that's working wants to contest thing and they want a contested to everybody wants to get in the mud and it. But it's all a ratings game and the political culture escape that gravity. Well, if they want I mean the interesting thing based on your weak Europe. Your whole thing I being weakened and firm, being an interesting new model. I mean
had you know Jesus in the form of varying, oh god, in the form of Obama. And then you have you know I don't know what you would call em this kind of, like you know, for the for the Democrats Loki and for the Republicans Hector figure. You know it and now, you're gonna have this relatively unassuming old man. Without much of an agenda of being President the withdraw. All the symptoms of the american body Politic, from having a having a an or which revolves around gonna, be very it's. You know that's what's new of, but Wherewith yeah blue. So then that withdrawal means of will we will find a methadone replacement right,
it may not be Biden, they won't be button, but there, but it will be. You know it will be Trump for as long as we can keep a trump, because because we are addicted. To did the outrage around him. Then it'll be other figures. You know well, it'll be I mean we got it. Perhaps the early taste of what we might get her, what the strap one strategy there testing out is a return to kind of insane identity politics that everything is racist or sexist, said the doktor Jill kerfuffle was a test. That new right, you know that it's like, oh, my god, everything that anyone does to criticise us administration is so legitimate that we have two pounds on it as they loved us about the conservative departure from that model. Pardon, but I'm sorry and was the departure from that model.
Well, there was an entirely, but I think that the Trump drew so much of the energy out of the room that it it is spent on a low cimarron they're, going to bring it back to a boil until they have a clear villain cause they ve been trying with Mcconnell. He doesn't quite work in that you just doesn't it. the compelling he wasn't reacts the way they need a villain to react. They don't really have a good village on the right right now. Well could be like bad man. The old Babel tv show where they literally said villain of the week literally said- did out billion of the week. He says a Romero as the Joker villain of the weak rank origin is the riddler. I mean yeah the, absence of a language yeah, the pang right in the absence of a trump being the villain yeah, you can have, you have died. You have Joseph
one day you have. You know, as I keep saying estates enter from Idaho, said something racist. The next day, you have some college kid thing something on a college campuses, but it's not the same. It really isn't the same: to have a baby, the focus on the either of the of the free world or the leader of the United States. In that way, I just don't know how you? U replace that and the normal see it's abnormal. That's what's interesting is of removing into a period in which in which the present is not an inspiring or driving or controversial figure. a rat. You know we were talking about twenty twenty years now works. Is me twenty eight.
Here's now, if you start with Clinton, Clinton, Bush Obama, Trump twenty eight years of highly and equally even go back to Reagan. If you wanted, though, is a little different and then you get Biden like it's not normal. I mean the normal is to have everything revolve around the president. What's not normal is for the president to to resist not personally resist but to somehow beer retardant of that effort. People are going to try to do this to buy my suit, like. I assume that Fox NEWS is gonna. Try to you know, turned Biden into a into avail, he's just now it's not gonna. Stick to him. Somehow I mean I don't know how it sticks to him, because he's too what I mean,
you may well there's two ways: you write that at one system the same way they socialism charged and stick to him during the election, but there there's one way in which they could get a lot of fodder and and time in ratings on binding, that's any hint or whiff of corruption in his family and his coming in with some only serious questions being raised about both his his brother and his son now a lot, that's gonna be blown ethically out of proportion, but that's exactly what they did, but on the other side, so that there is corruption could be one way into that and he could still be he bumbling gentle old man, but if he surrounded by corrupt people than he begins to that weakness becomes a little more evident. I think So I don't know what that what that tells us exactly, except that were wildly Well, I guess I just dumb. I just feel I don't understand what the order of battle is gonna, be in a country that is this
You know even evenly split you now we have we ever we have of binding Is the presidency by seven million votes that that's eminently vote? origin comes largely from California in New York, if not absolutely no a totally nationally basically entire countries or even level right. We have that we have the house almost split evenly. We have the Senate, which will base We be split evenly, even if it isn't quite perfectly split evenly once the Georgia recounts are open over So we have here is a kind of stasis and though, but the weird part of it is that we ve never had a more harsh partisan device While we have the country evenly divided. In some sense, you would figure than under these. Sir, Stances this is where you say well: have the country's liberals have countries conservatives, maybe they can get together. Forgot where they green. Where they disagree,
because nobody has the whip hand, there's no Obama to say hey hair, it. You know hey. I won right and he said that the first week of the election, when they met with around these, like I one cow bend to Macao to cleave. To me, put kowtow to me, I mean Biden, wouldn't do that, but he could do that Keziah, you one by one by four points. Why one because of New York in California, in the house and seller, totally divided evenly, and so there is no dominating political view in the United States no dominate blue in the United States. That's the weird part about this is so that isn't Joe Biden, the perfect figure to preside over that, probably I mean he's the purple figure because he is the figure, is already have any viable candidate. Some further more. You can vision and more perfect them. Avatar at that moment,
but in so far as an aid doesn't provoke, doesnt create any strong feelings, one where the other from anybody, but must work. But that's my question: can you manufacture? You know. I think that in a part of the thing that that liberals were so horrified by the response to obey him on the part of of conservatives was the day they didn't have the capacity to understand that the extent of The presumption that a bomb brought to the presidency that he was a transformative figure who was going to centrally bring back the new deal, reorient the american relationship between government and this and the citizen re that had been shift away from the centrality of government, as established by rose about the new deal for the previous seven decades, and that
He was basically restoring it cause he one. You know he was a big landslide, though wasn't that big, a landslide, as we keep saying like it was it was nowhere near Reagan's, Landslide or Johnson Landslide were Nixon's landslide. And he won, and so he, basically, you know, does NASH Healthcare system added trillion dollar, stimulus and Partially nationalize, the auto industry and the right goes. Oh my god, what on earth is going on here and laughed with totally fine with it says you can only leave this cause you're a racist flag. It's got nothing to do race. This is a whole. This is, like you know, using dog whistling races. The reason that the tea party rose, the tea party rose, because, because of this
circumstances surrounding Obama's expansion of the size of government and in the wake of the great recession- and so you know that was not manufactured, nor is the rage against Trump manufactured, tromp was controversialists. Who will in them to his controversial ism, said things that you weren't supposed to say in all of that. So none of it was manufactured so to hate Biden, you're gonna have to manufacture hatred for Biden. You say yes, I think healthy about potentially healthy about the button having abiden presidency and is that he is so disconnected from the culture, As opposed to the past, to President's you know, Obama was at the centre of the culture universe,
slow jamming. The news and people asking that what was on his you know what playlist Trump was at. These star abiden abiding but Button Biden, is sort of Biden comes straight out of a different era. He's not connected to these things and I think that's healthy, because the collapse of politics and culture? The blending has gotten entirely out of control, and serves the Americans are making had been making a mistake in their lives about the role of politics because of this and the role of culture. Because of this, and hopefully a little bit breathing room between the two big, because Biden is not this cultural figure, but he's also disconnect.
From the central animating ethos of his own party. At this point. I've been cunningly nursing, a theory that as the Democrats a move away from self at anything as liberals, classical or otherwise, and more towards progressives their beginning to adopt progressive Isms habits of mind, which are in essence, puritanical which have roots going dating back to the founding of the country and the puritanical idea which is a collectivist vision which is an activist vision and which is one that does cannot abide behaviors with which I disagree that do not advanced the central project, which was for them the establishment of the kingdom of God on earth and fur progressive today, a more perfect Ideal of the human condition and Joe Biden does not share that vision, but just about most of them activists and his party certainly do and down to the extent that he is not.
Keith, he doesn't command that conversation. He could also just be left out. say: you'll, be having any influence whatsoever over the political evolution of too much less his party, but certainly in the country to work well is, as I say, where work Lee. This is the one area in which Biden is unprecedented. Let me maybe is unprecedented of his age, based on present because he is not, as he is not a, he does not been fair to become a kind of galvanizing, cultural, political, cultural figure. I'm coming it. You can't know that here won't, be things can happen. You nine eleven can happen that transform somebody's presidency or transforms what what even his own sense of what his own presidency was going to be liked because of the need to respond to you know two hundred and twenty four market
circumstances. But you know that seventy eight year old man is not exactly a sort of person who has a transformative experience that alters the way that the world views him right I mean that's just maybe it can happen. It just doesn't then all that likely- and so we are heading into on saying as we're heading into uncharted. Waters with by in a weird way, just like we're heading into uncharted waters with Trump, because he has such a radical. We represent such radical discontinuity with what we have come to expect from our president. So let me talk to you now about our first sponsor too a head space because, as you know, life stressful, even under norm, circumstances has take they turn into stresses that we couldn't have imagined in twenty twenty and
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appears using an method where an update is sent to clients of the software peace and the software peace owned by a private contractor itself was hacked, so it wasn't that they got someone to click on something like with John Podesta, then get get got his email address. The the software was hacked. And people went to update it. This gave it appears russian intelligence access in all these departments and if you re deeply into the stories, It may be only that ten or twelve people who clicked on this out of three hundred thousand people who got it got the original email saying you need to update your you're you're. A software program. Awe of any moment were happened that
It was more than enough for they have no idea how bad the hack, as they have no idea what was penetrated. They have no idea what the Russians now know and they don't necessarily know how to stop them from knowing it once now that it has been discovered. So this is probably the most successful software breach that we know about anyway, that we know about, and it is eight or nine months old oh no, I, U R R residents russian politics graduate student Why do you have a gradual degree in russian studies? I do not have the green Russians, tigers car you enough, and I actually have an eye having ok, I'm sorry graduate degree international relations, ok, so pleasant, charity policy in the post soviet space, Sir, please
I'm your mind now, I'm thrilled against doctor and doktor of doktor of masters. Ok, so you a masters degree in international relations, you have a undergraduate degree in soviet studies. Now that this was actually gonna be of use to you. This I've been saying this, for I know congratulations literally since the near the little green mention paratroopers entered said asked APOLLO wherever they were. So I guess this is my- time behind my moment. Ok, so so pleased to ply deploy your academic experience for us. I have no idea. I can't tell you anything: just so you had this. Does he described as pack targeting the Department of Homeland Security State Department, the National Institutes of Health now pin to Moscow, or at least Moscow, arms and proxies
and at the same time today yesterday, essentially, we got this revelation from an investigation conducted in part by building cap, which is a security analysis, media outlets and blinking pretty conclusively as if he knew roaming convincing proof to demonstrate it, but if you did they have it linking FBI agents which is building a domestic security. in Russia to the attempted murder through poisoning of election of whose and prominent opposition figure in Russia and It turns out to be a pretty bad day, Fur Vladimir Putin, if you're focused on that sort of thing, and unless your focused on domestic politics, if we focused on domestic politics, the message day is that even Vladimir Putin has acknowledged the election as acknowledged eurobonds. The press,
like this is a universal across the political press from a pr to see an end well Ellie Times, USA. Today, the line is even glad him. Her Putin has ignored selection more so fast. For then most Republicans have, which is at this? The design here is to give Republicans bad press, but in so far as that's your objective, you're also kind, having put in a little bit of good press right, is far sighted enough to understand this and very few people, with the exception of a poor, seen in mainstream media, the exceptional bring Uncle Roger, who I think has seen that noted, that this is I believe, just away to shift the story because other rights otherwise it will be a very bad new cycle for the Kremlin in the West and in so far as Vladimir Putin knows how to play these play. The press just like that, how to play the press. There also easily manipulated.
there also easily drawn up the trail. And only in order to land a fleeting, pack glancing blow on their political opponents that no more were call but which advances the Jew political interests of an american adversary in the process. Okay, so let me let me let me float. This goes on floating it. But I notice that actually, the New York Times coverage did not flowed it so I'm I'm now getting to the left of the New York Times on and on and Trump and Russia if it was said during the term presidency that, because he was so I think justifiably outraged by this notion that he was a russian agent, that if you brought up russian hacking and you brought up Russian, you know efforts to interfere with the election. Mary did this. Who did that it got him angry, because all it did was set him often say it's the hawks, their investing the hoax, the Russia hopes the Russia hoax and
and over time and in a political and a politically charge, atmosphere like the Trumpet administration, the idea and that you are supposed to you now that the idea that at you we making a mistake by focusing on something that the principal really hates to hear about particularly in an area as president Julie centred serious intelligence interventions in the veto, that stuff has to get up to the presidential level. If you're gonna do certain types of very serious things, and if the ideas we, even talk about this with him, because he just was totally ballistic and can't you know camp contain himself and he thinks that Europe are the deep state. If you bring up you know Putin's Miss behaviors
like that. I can see how, even though this guy Christopher Crabs, who was head of cyber security at Homeland Security, who you know, was focused on making sure that the Russians did not somehow into the election machines that in others, only so much focused you can give to this. While you are terrified that your boss is gonna, have a temper tantrum, because your fee, missing. I so I don't know the degree to which the Russian saw an opportunity, because tromp was so hostile to the notion that heat that he needed to act against russian Interference in american domestic affairs. Anybody what share I feelings here because, as I say, I thought this is where the New York Times Peace Agnes was going. It isn't but that's where my mind went Well, I mean,
I assume the Kremlin is just consistently looking for checks in the armor and and always is working towards things like hacking, the, U S and other countries so I don't know that that that trumps discomfort with any of these is necessarily played a role, but but it turns out that it was a private company, that alerted the: U S, government, to the hack, which should be very unnerving two people. It was not the! U S, government that will determine that it
been hacked, but a private company said you know this update. You did to the added software. It looks like it was compromise. The update itself was compromised and there like. Why? So so, so you think that the Kremlin is up to no good and should constantly be watched, and that may not be the case with the people horse was to be watching them. As what I'm saying it in the question, is why not that's where I come to this idea that trumps own anger about being accused of being a russian agent somehow impeded the proper working order of the american government. In this respect, and there's a mean, we think we know that the media, in particular doesn't often report on preventive Satan's right, so few prevented disaster. You're, not new, rarely get a story about the prevention of a disaster. You get the story about the disaster when it happens, and so there you could see,
and even though mean this has been one thing- that's been notable about the proper administration. The massive number of Lee you know from from various agencies. You would think if there was even a whiff of of this- and this has been the era of the West lower as martyr right I mean you would think that there would then some league or some whistleblower type, who would have stepped up and said. You know we're not being allowed to prevent hacking urgently because of his. You know, relationship Putin, but I do think that their spent, because, The focus was so much on this. You know Russia Gate concerned. Received by the media. They probably a missed opportunity is to look into what are in fact, structural weaknesses in our intelligence systems that have long been there that predate trump and and that will continue to the devil, Others are, as our enemies attempt to infiltrate our system, so it's one of those stories that actually a good press should constantly be looking at and that a good investigative reporter spend months- and you know even years, compiling evidence of
you can easily see that being much less sexy a story than you know, he's a russian agent. You know it's a curse. ass a thing about government is an interesting quote casino. On the one hand, we have these hack stories that are really almost comic him in in private industry, like us, the Sony hack where North Korea, basically got all the emails from the web Sony system because it was mad because South Rogan had made this movie making fun of Kim Jong on and and you know that release these emails about how the head of Sony had belittle the Unduly Michel leaves, salary demands and she had to clear that all of that, so it's like wow, these multi billion dollar companies have no security like that gives us someone. Languages are some. You know a bit You know TIM pot, totalitarian tyranny, conserve figure,
it's still there emails like who can t now. This is kind of embarrassing a kind of have a higher set of expectations for the federal government in dealing with you, now determine the adversary intelligence agencies like Sir We had no reason to think that north crickets steal their emails, but, as a was we have every reason to think every moment of every day that the Chinese and the run an end and by the way, vice versa like we want. We certainly would want to think that we, have ears on what's going on inside the Kremlin, for example, if weakened. That what their emailing to each other right, the like one of our committee it's one of serious complaints about art, r R. Our statecraft now is that our entire
genes. Isn't that good? But we sort of figure on in our vanity that since we will be the leading edge of computer technology and then cyberspace law that that that at least we should be good at that right. When I got a human intelligence, least good at that, but only the thing about these- these hacks origin have been going on for years and years now is that it's like almost like the weather. Now it seems like its unstoppable. You know you can't you two before the big story started happening. There are all these through peace, warning about, because we are in this new age we're going to have to ramp up cybersecurity. We're gonna have to figure out ways to to protect ourselves from none of that was really heated huh, did, and so it just kind of all happened, and it continues to happen, and it's it's it's
almost like it's like the price of doing business. Now that that's how we look at it, we don't there's, not a there's, not a I mean, of course there are people working at it tried to stop it, but there's no concerted. You know collective shift into this age of beefed up so security for the need for the. U S, I'm not sure. I agree with that, because I think Amazon and Google, and some of them they are, must be absolutely panicked about it and devote enormous resources to be as of course,
if they really have compromised if every credit card in the Amazon system, if every credit card number is stolen in Amazon, like that's, where you start getting into the well now we can't Shropshire Amazon anymore, like we can't, you know they have, to put they their entire wellspring of being anti another of these urban, fantastically profitable, cut a company, so they can vote, enormous resources to it, and I think we all feel totally secure in throwing money through their system in all of that, because some, how we understand the threat that it that there is to it to their livelihoods in not taking the seriously the question is: why isn't that the? U S government like, why do I have to change my password
Three months, but you know, and then I forget my password because, as you know, these systems are always saying it's time to change your password, you gotta changer, but then I can't remember which of the ninety two passwords I've had in the last five years. I used again, but you know that This government is like still using fax machines or something. yeah. But we also the? U S, government also outsourcing a lot of its cloud. You don't be uses the private sector's cloud. Capacity and systems, and that's it increasing challenge and their use their doing these. These public private partnerships, I've been pacing. The only time they tend to break through into mainstream news is when, for example, they involve artificial intelligence of the Defence Department and Google employees get really annoyed. Didn't you no kind of publicly denounce the fact that their company is working with with the Pentagon so, but actually the destroyer. Bridge and computing capacity, there's tons of stuff going on there,
wait. They use them as a government uses Google at Amazon, these other services as private contractors all the time. So I mean in one sense that that might alleviate your concern. On the other hand, I think they're there some risks to that as well. Right. Ok, so let me speaking of internet commerce, let's talk a little bit about our second client today: MAC well them the premium men's essentials brand. The believes and smart designs and high quality fabrics. Mac Weldon offers a one stop shop for men's basis, sock shirts, hoodies underwear, Palos of active shorts. Whatever you need Maxwell has has you covered, unlike the assortment of department, store brands that make up your top drawer. All of MAC Wilderness Basics Advocate system, fit that you can count on from Sir shirts hoodies underwear pose an active shorts MAC, Walden promises, comfort and consistent fit cause you're, not just gonna, look great and MAC Weldon, their underwear sanctions or
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fired. But then he wrote a resignation letter that I describe I'm I'm up, I'm an admirer of the of bill bars. What I would describe this letter- as being only marginally less obsequious and Machiavelli's letter to up to Lorenzo at the beginning of the of the prince in its leading in its oleaginous this I mean that we would Donald Trump has done everything save everybody from any ill that has ever happened than he is the most wonderful person on earth, so I doesn't look to me like he was fired. On the other hand, who knows What we do know is what our, how what whatever the tone of the letter took, I he has been one of the most disgustingly maligned people in
recent american political history, because he clearly has done, I believe at every turn what he believed was his constitution. obligation and was trying to hello according to the dictates that the that his office are handled and be just because liberals wanted Donald Trump to be impeach en route from office. His refusal to play along with their game, made him a target and a villain and and someone who is concerned you no evil, but that that's after he's we have a head was malign for years by the other side as being a henchmen or even a mastermind
No, that's what I was referring to I'm sorry. I was referring to the liberal attack, allow member, but you should get to the conservative. Maybe maybe you should talk about the conservative attacks on him in the last like six days or what yeah in including by the president, not were for not leaking, that there was an investor that there is in fact invest Asian into Hunter button. During that that the time did what, while the election was going on, that's crazy. I mean that's that's, that's not his job. That would be a violation of his responsibilities. So once again, as he's done every step of the way bar, including you know, in less its official capacity. When he came out and said, on tv that do he wished. The present one stop treating the way does it makes his job harder as he's done.
But the way of a bar has some sort of unfounded conscience and end his sense of professional responsibility. I mean I couldn't the ass. I say I feel like it didn't work, he's leaving office he'd still, he deserves yet another shout out for his performance over the summer when he testified before Congress, about all the unrest going on in cities and and what he did, what he felt responsible, the federal government was in protecting federal buildings and and a, and that was a kind of virtues of performers for which he was thoroughly excoriated in the mainstream media. But that actually gave me a glimmer of hope that there were somewhat tromp administration, who was doing more than just anger, tweeting about it and who is sort of methodically thinking through with an understanding of the limits of what the federal government could do. Actually, in these cases and Anne did that monkey he did send people did send federal officers to go protect federal buildings in court houses, particular Pacific Northwest. I think that that's part of his legacy that we should
finally, because he actually behaved appropriately in a moment of great civil unrest intention, Asking is really interesting in this moment. Is that the trumpet illustration has largely ceased to exist. I mean it. this sin nominally, but there is no political direction at the Pentagon during a political direction at the apartment just as the president himself seems to exist only as this astrophysical jack to project paranoia all over the planet, political spectrum and look his own wounds. You now have Republicans actively, frustrated over the fact that here lobbying foreign raising money around the Georgia run off all of what you're going to his own campaign funds to retired, with death from twenty twenty cycle and the question about first of all its pretty nice that the country has can run and tropic. They without an active central administration or an executive branch that seems to be functions anything other than an that's nice. The quest
is when the Republicans realize they have reached the point of diminishing returns with this guy. We're here we waging a war on the parties infrastructure you know what's interesting- is that often the transition, as someone is leaving office after two terms, the months transition, or even one term can be high, can be, can be spectres of high drama. The of course Obama ended his term with the disgusting assent to the two: a: u em, a hustler you and resolution hostile to Israel just to give the middle finger to be next while he was walking out the door in two thousand in the year. Two thousand Bill Clinton try to negotiate a second of the camp David accords during his in the last weeks of his
administration in nineteen. Ninety two George H, W Bush, committed in a bit the glee went to war in Somalia after his present after he lost the presidency, this administration is different. Only in the trump seems to have all all he wants to do is throw people in departments so that he can fire so that he can have some of his most lunatics supporters in his administration, a fire people but they don't like in the end and give jobs to people firm enough for weeks before they actually have to depart. Reordering reshuffling of the deck chairs on the Pentagon. Titanic when they're all out the door on that you on the twentieth of of January, so you know that's the
trusting thing it's what one of the signs that is not being national politician really is not conventional politician, like he's not true, to hold onto the levers of power to effect change, the country or you know or or show that he still relevant or something he's using them to raise it's a millions of dollars for himself, not even for the Georgia run, but for himself, and he has not attempting to establish a firm grip grounds on which he can say that he is working for a stronger republican future because he's getting in the way of the Georgia Ross Everybody is saying that you know this fight. He's got people in Georgia, saying don't vote is got Linwood. The lawyer and various other people saying don't vote in these actions and George in January cause. It's all rigged you know, and all you need is like twenty five thousand people who would have otherwise voted to stay home, possibly to turn
the results of that that election, so that's it. It's interesting, another unprecedented factor in in the nature of this weird period that we are living in. So I we're gonna ended there. Eli Lake will join us tomorrow and for aid Christina Noah, I'm John ports keep the camel Berman.
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