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What Is the Proper Level of Crippling Despair?

2021-02-04 | 🔗
Here’s the good news: The House Republican conference voted overwhelmingly against punishing Rep. Liz Cheney for her vote to impeach Donald Trump in defiance of the GOP’s populist wing. Here’s the bad news: That same conference also gave Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene a standing ovation and is disinclined to anathematize her conspiratorial paranoia. So, is everything completely terrible or just really bad? The COMMENTARY podcast debates the proper level of despair.
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Welcome to the Commentary Magazine Daily podcast today is Thursday February. Fourth, twenty twenty one, I'm John Pub words the owner commentary with us, after days pause executive. After a green, I jump seeing writer, Christine Rosa Micro, Christine Origin, an associate editor nor rock behind our Asia. Thank you guys those reviews on Itunes keep coming? If you haven't done it yet it's really helpful. It's really nice. It's really You go burnish, even though there is a lot of comments about how
noxious I am, but I am willing to suffer. The slings and arrows of you listeners in order to improve our position in the Itunes store, so so keep a common call me of noxious. That's all well and good, so it was the best of times and it was the worst of times or was the worst of times. It was the best of times last night in behind closed doors at the Republican House Conference, where in a moment of consuming despair for all people who have a brain, house. Minority leader, Kevin Mccarthy, said the team had accepted an apology from she went on curious to friendly freshman congressmen, Marjorie Taylor,
green? And she then gave a speech that we were told represented an apology on her part for some of her past stay whence and things like that. But then, this morning, Adam kins occur the Parson Illinois said that he didn't hear an apology, so I'm not sure. I believe that there was an apology that this was just some kind of where does spin, and yeah man without a spine, Kevin Mccarthy them accepted this sub, whatever it was, and a half the republican conference burst into applause and apparently gave her a standing ovation. So that's that's really great. For somebody who you know, abuses and eighteen year old, on the street and claims that the shooting it has school was a false flag, operation tweet
anti semitic stuff like Anti semitic, stuff, and believes that dumb out. What is it that down in the conspiracy that Hillary Clinton Scared a child to death in order to produce a dream, chrome and then tore the child's face off and put on her own face this is something that she apparently thinks is either an interest in theory that we really should damn considerate possible or believes, and that this is somebody who gets a standing ovation so that is the worst of times and when I say the word sometimes I mean I don't think we can add overstate the seriousness of the threat to the Republican Party and its future. From the from the acceptance of
this kind of thinking and then they turn around and the efforts to oust Liz Cheney, that number three person in the House republican leadership for the evil of her. Having voted for trumps impeachment fails, by a much larger margin than we had been led to believe it would fail by right. She got a hundred and fifty one votes for and sixty again sixty one again something like that so she won by three two one margin: six, we want against as already depressing enough, but not but not given what we thought was gonna happen. She is obviously not being punished for her. I suppose it passed the sea or mistreatment, despite what Madame Defarge at the Federalist wants us to
think, and- and so here we are with a good news story. That's basically only a good news story, because the vote for was Cheney was a secret ballot so we don't know what would have happened if it weren't a secret ballot. Republicans who would want wanted to who would have voted for impeachment, didn't vote from patron because they were afraid for their families and themselves, their political futures and clearly republican who those many of those hundred and fifty Republicans who voted for. The chinese continued leadership. would have voted to impeach Trump had the political circumstances been different. So That's my. I have now slept Zaire and a bit of a raw mood this morning that I am very raw. I mean
very wrong. We get to that. You know even in a minute look far be it from me at the trajectory and watched them of the evolution of the Republican Party is a cause profound despair, but you might be a little bit harder on Nord Mccarthy because he did abandoned his sort of wishy washy equivocating over what list training did during the impeachment debate, when he's on cable news saying- and I have my problems with her- where have you- but in that conference he delivered on what has been described as a fairly impassioned speech, not necessarily in defence of the articles impeachment voting for them, but in defence of voting for your conscience, he didn't have to do that Then he did, and I helped probably muster up. Two thirds of the conference had voted against. Removing was changed from worship. Industry will not be removed from the leadership and that something worth celebrating.
is about of conscious and in a way and its disheartening two degree you can we can argue debate degrees, but nobody would debate would say that it's not pardoning if you want a healthy functional opposition party. Well, an end. I mean today to the more depressing news about Marjorie Taylor. Green I wonder if her she probably gave the the classic Washington apology, which wasn't an I'm sorry for my terrible judgment and statements, but I'm sorry if you're funded by my terrible judgment and statements, which is why I think you do see you know you saw represents like day Crenshaw kind of tweeting out hey. We need a public statement from her. We need her to publicly acknowledge at the stuff she saying is conspiratorial and bad and harmful, and I think their right to keep that drumbeat going has her, sort of a quiver did the person equivocating their resources at all. You know I'm kind of two curious. Maybe I misjudged how serious it was she shouldn't?
be allowed to back pedal off of her insane conspiracies dearest indoors, in the same way that we try to hold to account. The radical left to you know tries to tiptoe back from there. You know chain and cast her words were lovable cuddly guy, so we should hold her to account for her for what he's done in terms of spreading these theories, but out go even further. I've got a thing. I think the political apology in general is one of the most abused, concepts out there. I dont, even I dont, want her apology in the same way. I dont want or accept an apology from the likes of ill Hon Omar. You apologize when you so I ve got carried away in a moment. End did somehow do something. You apologize for an action, the idea of apologizing for who you or for your own unfitness is so insufficient to the moment and the case. There is no apology that covers the problem,
and it's your apology serves as a kind of okay, we can move on, so I dont I wouldn't I dont want that. I don't I don't. I don't think it's a fish Look the apology isn't for her right. It's for Damn Crenshaw ads for everybody else in the republican caucus, WWW force people to make a public accounts, king of their errors, and since you were doing so not for them and not to purify them or not, to give them a chance to you now express contrition because- competition is a visible when it's real and it doesnt really need a kind of formal process. It is rather to say you. I need you to start hollering between the lines, because your refusal to collar between the lines is wrecking my get a larger illustration about an hour. I'm going with this metaphor, I
it you to say that at that time, that the normal boundaries of proper conduct or something that you recognise and understand, you violated in a way that harms everybody else. Not even if you do understand it. You have to do the famous hypocrite thing, which is pay the tribute to virtue. You are the vote. You are, you are you are full of vice and hypocrisy. the tribute that vice pays to virtue. That's the concept of it, but I You mean, you know, did what everybody believed that market Taylor. Green was sorry. She raise three hundred thousand dollars yesterday. I mean, of course, she's, not sorry, but democratic industry, her of her committees today and Republicans you're gonna, have to go on record, defending that or are opposing that Republicans rather are gonna have to go on record they support her down. There's gonna be a tough love for everybody,
some more than others, presumably there's at least sixty one votes there, because that was the number of people who voted against less Channing. I just that and I'm lesson a mood to despair over of Marjorie Taylor, Green, who is being relegated to the back bench today. Then the exposure of how hollow the support for Donald Trump is, in the conference Donald Trump lobbied publicly for this vote. His members thought they had the boats they talked about it like they had the votes. They were out there on media saying we're gonna make this happen and they failed. Do you, but the real, crashed and burned, and not something that we, the people who appreciate that outcome, should be beating them over the head with, but they don't have the power they think they do. Ok, let's talk about the laziness of these. What why did they think they had the votes? You think met gates spent eleven seconds doing anything but combing, his hair, you think he's whipping you think he's going around twisting
arms having conversations actually trying to get his colleagues to do things together. He doesn't care, but anyway, I don't think I've ever display. I wouldn't I would be surprised if Jim Jordan, one I'm sure you didn't I'm sure You didn't do anything, he didn't do anything. That's the whole point about this. This is all every all of it is performative and Jim Jordan is theoretically a weapon whatever, so he think he was like expanding personal political capital to save. Marjorie Taylor Green. He wasn't here, Do that, it's all it's all the worse hockey, no, no! No, they were expanding personal political capital to to her list training to eject was chain. Ok, that's where the fight rough lots right but I don't know how much political capital all they need to do is say we need, are expelled and she should be expelled. This whole question of whether or not anybody in the wider country cares who the number three person is in the republican conference or that it would not,
at our because it would be a sign about the mania and that the universal Service- continuing refusal to move on from from the trump hesitancy wherever you want to call it. If she had been expelled, as we know, is to know his point about how there should be a little more celebrating on the part of those Anyone who believes that this was a good outcome. The listless Cheney holding onto her position its this. It's because We are already seeing the narrative from the Democratic party being. Oh, look look at the republican big tent. Now it's full of anti semites conspiracy theories. That's what they call a big tat. You know this small. This percentage of the party is still horrible and we should be fine. against that, of course, the people need to understand that a certain percentage of either party is full of lack of doodle people like Missus Kebby. This is the House of representatives people I mean that there are crazy.
both sides of the island they they will always for me it particular percentage of the Kok. As the question is, do they have power, and I think no is right that we should celebrate that this was a very strong rebuff of their attempt to have that power and is performative. As I agree, John, they are being the secret ballot showed that there are a lot of quite a few Republicans who, when push comes to shove, are happy to see the backside of the Trump Administration the Trump years. Nobody will generate a lot of money behind this. It's just the by triggering negative partisanship, she's gonNA, Arizona, money, surety hasn't. She will shall be a formidable force on twenty twenty two when she faces a primary challenge, which you will but she's gonna, be stripped of her committees and that matters that mattered
in Iowa, when Steve King was censured and stripped of its committees, he was no longer relevant political player for his constituency, couldn't deliver for them and it mattered wasn't just the statements that he made. It was the fact that he couldn't affects the kind of representation in com as the elected him to do. I totally disagree. It doesn't matter. Or whether Marjorie Taylor, Greenhouse committee assignments or doesn't have committee assignments. She was not elected to bring home the bacon her district, she is also in the minority. So you know she can't bring home You can turn district. She is there, to go on one american network and knows MAX and be a and b of an extremist voice. That's what she wants, that's what they want. They have the her heard, the people, not the pig, get your contradicting when you're a girl and has set about this race, a Lotta Georgia. People have set about this race. you're looking at work areas that they long that took her constituents weren't aware of this kind of her
did she doesn't care about her constituents is a national air. Now know you think it matters. The question is what she thinks matters grace she is. She bowed her head down in saying I really want to study and learn how to be a legislator and and and do good things for the people of my district notion going on in saying the mob is trying to council meetings and me money, that's not gonna have to wear her. District power does not lie in the committee's. It's it's in her pundits tree is, is essentially what she is and that's not stripped. If anything, it was anti Roma, its rights, I'm just saying it in a normal political atmosphere. What you are saying would be correct, but there look
always been lunatic back benchers right. There was Bob Doorn in in the eightys. There was Cynthia Mckinney in the night like there at any given time with four hundred and thirty five people in Congress. There are gonna be in at least five percent of them, who should be committed to mental institution, sometimes you know who they are, sometimes you don't know who they are, because their staffs keep them stuffed in an office and never let them speak, but I mean that's just like I just didn't distribution of power in any profession right, so they're gonna be whack. Jobs is, as, as Christine said, the problem with Marjorie Taylor Green as she's, not just a whack job. The question is what she represents to the people Oh who don't know her and don't really get. Does she read
present a body of opinion not just about queuing on, but what is she represent? That makes her important if she's important, a she's useful for the law, after for Democrats to stay in the rest of the Republican Party with, and that was just made easier for Democrats by the fact that Republicans could not find a way to even criticising her. I mean the party is a whole much less. You know punish or something like that. By the way I should say. I think it is a terrible slippery slope. The Democrats are going down by by punishing stripping or of committees like if they think
that is, if you establish the precedent that you do this against a person. Another party on the grounds that they don't make you feel safe right is, I dare not say so. I dont want to be in a committee with her. She doesn't make me feel safe, which is now language. They move from. The campus to two took the halls of Congress. I mean this can be done. Every single congress by every single majority find a lunatic and go after them. All: is it's not your lunatic? This? The important thing about Steve King is that he was disciplined by his party. His party was in power when he lost his committee assignments, he was in the majority. So that's it! That's it wasn't me.
I wrong, maybe I'm wrong, but his own county, his own party, stripped him of his authority. It's a different situation when that, if the Democrats are gonna go after up get up republican and they'll her, even if you know who I think there is every reason, but is this an extraordinary circumstances? Isn't it I mean you're, making the case that this is an extraordinary circumstance right, I knew I significant mistake to say she represents a body of opinion, one way, the other, what she represents as a pole and a cultural fight, that's her value Miller. Both sides of this thing The women of the people. Have I express profound, deep, sincere well thought out. Opinions about you in on but she is opportunists likely taken up this mantle. The tramp, of course, exploited very well in twenty sixteen witches. The system is rigged against us. We have you know everything that the conspiracy,
rising grows out of a genuine sense of lacking a voice in how the country is run. Feeling, like you are being you know, does sucker a sucker Anne and that the people in power whether there on the left or the right or working in tandem to consolidate their power and wealth. While you fall behind that she speaks to and with you know, with Trump off of twitter and offer them out of the public. Seen for now there is that point we ve talked about that void and how there needs to be conservative, written an end or republican leadership that sets in and sells it changes. trying to do that a bit, but she Marjorie Taylor Green, hits that note and she hits it well and that is actually still something that there's a there's, obviously among the base and not just the crazy people, there's there's a hunger. Someone who speaks to that concern and it doesnt needs a correct myself. So Steve King was removed from his committee assignments after the Democrats, one in twenty eighteen but it was done by the republican conference. It was not and then
and now analogue. Here, I'm sorry, but I'm just the hour here is when ill, Hon Omar. You know it revealed that she said the web? The reason the Democrats don't hit Israel harder is all about the Benjamin's baby and all of that and they went into a beating with the purpose of trying to come up with some way to punish her, and democratic caucus, said. Oh no, don't you do that you're not allowed to and dancing policy and steady higher who wanted to censure her. Were unable to do so because of the grass roots mood of their own caucus. So I mean we do have an analog, but we don't have is an analog of the Majority Party punishing
an extremist in the minority Party, because when you start playing that gain, it will go on forever. Baby, that's good! I don't know I mean you know if they, if they try to expel, that's a different issue, because then you start getting into the notion of whether or not well should be removed in out whether the vote of the will of the voters of a district should be overturned because of the views. However, noxious they are of the person that they chose to represent them and so far that's not happening, but you can see how it might yet happened. Go ahead. Doesn't responded knows point about what she represents. I think you know the kind of sentiment that Christine describes It doesnt what does matter if it's well thought out: it's not welfare.
But since when are you know massively populars mob mentality movements? Well thought out, you she's not gonna, get points for a nuance debate or scholarship. That's that's not that that's not to the danger that injuries is that it's not well thought out and that its it is still very real force. So listen! Let me just tell you guys. A little bit here about our first sponsor today, our friends at the tick the fund Are you an undergraduate or recent college graduate? Or do you know someone who is the tick for funds Baron Summer fellowship is a unique opportunity for conservative minded students to study the character of american democracy, Zionism in jewish history, political philosophy and jewish literature.
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We had a little wheedled debate amongst ourselves yesterday about a pull the came out from Monmouth on getting vaccinated say that this more than anything else even more than the Marjorie Taylor. Green thing filled me with a kind of new despair that I had not recently experienced. Despite all of the despair that you can, the crushing rosson even hear my voice, where, according to this new man with Paul on taking the corona virus vaccine Democrats, sixty four percent said
Well, as soon as they are allowed, sixteen percent say see how likely it goes. Ten percent likely never Republicans thirty five percent. As soon as allowed seventeen percent see how it goes. Forty two percent likely never now forty two percent of the Republicans pulled in a pole, a national Paul on the question of whether or not they would take a corona virus vaccine, a vaccine that has now been administered in the country of Israel to something like twenty five percent of the population, with no fatalities
from the from taking the vaccine and at incredible reduction in the death rate and the end, the and the immigration and second rate in Israel as it just simply as it as a controlled experiment, forty more than forty percent of public and say they will never take the vaccine. Ah, I so does this mean basically that I gave I can't go speak before republican groups, if I'm ever invited, which probably unlikely after I'd, say that about say, because I don't want to go somewhere and like get sick and die. are. You realize the vaccine I'm just saying like what. What is this? The price of the ticket for the party having supported Trump Trump developed operation, warp speed,
the vaccine? What's going on? I wasn't much of a debate, but you're describing we were going back and forth is just how much despair you should have over this development, and I think my my point, apes point in that discussion- was that it's it's not a well thought out position and has nothing to do with the vaccine is like all things and why poles are terrible. Now, a proxy for present. job approval, it's not as the Republicans having a learned understanding of the economy, winners, approval of the economy, culture, since, following the inauguration of a president, didn't vote for it. Just they don't the president anymore, and everything that could be construed as a vote of confidence in the president is
is subsumed into this. Sir into this deal, gaming of poles- and we saw the precise thing same thing- happened with Democrats with regard to the vaccine. Back in September, thing was pew found that sixty five percent of respondents believe that the the backing was rushed, including seventy seven percent of of democratic voters and that increased dramatically as you had democratic of public officials. People like into Cuomo in Common Harris, saying line other thing might be rash. Donald Trump is in the basement, whipping up this vaccine they're just taking their queues and then have a well well thought out idea of how this vaccine works there. Just expressing tribal, solitary and the most persistent vaccine sceptics are actually also go correspond more democratic voters, and not that's african american voters. I mean there's been a solid like between thirty and forty percent from Keyser, family Asian, poles and other peoples that have showed
harmless of who was the president at the time. Pretty deeply rooted scepticism and actually vaccine rates currently reflect that far more white Americans are getting back sooner than african Americans, and it's not just because of access to the vaccine is because of this scepticism. So I think framing at as Republicans of lost their minds and they're, so crazy, they won't even get back. The needed is, is to Apocalypse take because we have to stepped back in and broaden the view and see that there are all kinds of sub groups that have this kind of scepticism, all of which is bat like we ve everybody needs to go and get their shot, but that it's not, necessarily a partisan longterm part is a problem and a baby, ok grave sort, but also to get into the not only doing not trust the respondents to the poles to this pole. But I'm not gonna go back to trusting bird the methodology of poles either I mean it is. It is the case that these posts,
always turn up very useful results, and it is very and in the same direction, and it is very useful square. Christine says too, to come up with a with her with a bunch of figures that that cast. The Republicans is crazy on this and in addition to their being, this well documented problems among African Americans not wanting to take the vaccine. They get a lot of put cover from their political allies who are not sceptical of the vaccine, but who met, who furnish, who furnish every type of excuse and justification for being sceptical it? We, we don't need a pull for that. We see that in the end, the beaten, the page, the New York Times and and publications and on television all the top wheel. Worse, there are actual people of other races who will be, who are delayed from getting
the vaccine, because to cater to that group that is so sceptical you don't white people in D C and certain zip codes are not allowed to register for appointments when appointments are released until their registered first as goods that are predominantly black. I mean it's actually affected how the vaccine is being distributed in certain areas. Okay, so let me Leumi women brush back little. I looked up the poster ratings of the man of Monmouth on five thirty eight, which, admittedly, as a pole from the site, but they do do kind of like they do a systematic survey of the of the parties and bias and it as a partisan, biased towards the Democrats with the biases like a day is like a two percent are little less than two percent
what would we saw here, is more Republicans in this pole and lets say there were three hundred of them just product to pick a number of the air, more Republican said they would not never take, virus than they would take the virus that they made those numbers up? Ok, I don't think those numbers out of Monmouth invented the numbers. They asked people Would you take it as soon as you can? Would you wait to see how it or would you never take it now? I could your stand. If people said would wait to see how it goes, if there's ethical and they worried that the virus is gonna, make it that the vaccine might make themselves, even though I think that's crazy, but nonetheless that's not the position that was taken. the summit was taken was I will never take a vaccine I will never take. The vaccine now know is right that this is a reflection of negative partisanship and polarization.
I am absolutely sure, that's the case, but it has real world consequences. I mean, I don't know what those people are gonna do you know? I don't think they say this about hello shot they're, saying it about the corona virus vaccine, which has they of which there is an almost national obligation for everybody who can take it to take it so that we can return immunity And get the hell out of this. You know of a slice of despond that weaving. So what do you make of Republicans who said they would take the vaccine when trumpets president, but won't take it now today I mean some of them probably got the vaccine, because there's been thirty million people got the vaccine. Do they think they regret? Did the entire think these will undoubtedly jades does not a recent position? It's not if it doesnt reflect reality reflect site. They reflects what they want to express the pollsters, but. this: is the maddening part about this? I understand
believe that I wrote something about this, that basically people don't want to give you don't understand their more sophisticated than you know, even if their crazy and they wanna give pollsters the answer. Posters I give them, although now I think, as as Abe would say by not giving them the answer that they don't want to give them they're, giving the pollsters the answer that the posters, one of which is to say that Republicans against These are all crazy and and dangerous and dangerous to their fellow Americans and all that so yeah. But people do sometimes put their money where their mouth is. Sometimes they don't. I imagine that you know come if they have to go to a doctor. You don't once this kind of lightens up to sir the vaccine hit the vaccine lie in the fact that there is more demand and supply when that starts
cursing itself, and I get every doctor has the Johnson Johnson vaccine in their office as it can be stored? It normally creatures any go in to see your doktor Keziah colder you, you know, you need something, and the doctor says. Let me just give you did you two? Have you had the crown of irish vaccine? Let me just give it to you before you leave the office the way they say that to you about the flu vaccine. If you go to the doktor in the fall, I have it here. Let me just give it here: ok, hearing of June and you're done. Are they refuse it stand up and walk out and be angry, probably knives, but I don't know like you know, once again, we under way both overestimate the importance of somebody like Marjorie Taylor, Green and we have underestimated. In this sense, we overestimating she has no political power, really she's not does have a program she's not going to pass legislation she's not going to change. The country anyway,
we underestimated, because we always we we have. We should have learned from Trump and twenty sixteen and learn from. you'll hear no more support in all of that. That x, we must. Views in the United States are embraced by more people than we realize. they really are and that more people could just be fifteen million people out of three hundred and thirty million, so in percentage terms its five percent, but fifteen million people is a larger population than many countries on this earth and they are all free and they all of incomes, and they can all express themselves culturally, unlike people in other countries, and they- and so we are, on the run, a kind of nice edge about this country, dissolving into manifestly neurotic to sketch a frantic irresponsibility
It is being led at this moment by the right and not the left,. Oh, I don't know, I mean, I think, there's a version on the left that we ve been talking about with regard to pandemic, locked downs and keeping schools, clothes and a kind of a total rejection of science in the same way that refusing to get back say to deserve rejection of scientific evidence. So I think that I mean I do what he knew. Nothing of a quasi religious world view that maintains the United States is entirely illegitimate and evil exactly So I think parades every aspect of society and devise any rationality whatsoever for them, so that in some ways you have to question how much of this kind of current moment with its scepticism about me vaccines its embrace of conspiracy. There is, is a kind of excessive response to both the particular. Women in the lock down and all the stuff we ve been talking about for months, but also there is no other points out this now the way every framing our history and our culture and what this country actually stands for. In some ways you could see it as crazy
It is as well as a response to the crazy that they feel their confronting and are told that they are no part of ok, but so lip looks with this up this way. I next to no one in my loathing indeed, station of critical race theory, the one thousand six hundred and nineteen project. The effort to you know Brand America's evil. In all of that, I don't think that that is crazy. I think it's evil, but I think it's purposeful and it is driven by bad disgusting ideas and
People who hold them are not crazy, they are malign or they are diluted in a different kind of way. But the ideas themselves are a route, not bonkers. They are destructive an awful and neo listing and false, but they're, not crazy, q, and on is crazy. It posits that there is a world of greed out. There is a child, a worldwide child prostitution ring that is killing children in order to have them produce something in their blood. That makes it possible for you to live forever. It's a zombie vampire movie plot that is believe now by tens of millions of people and that's crazy.
so. What's were an end, its evil in some way, but the rule is the craziness, not the evil. So, what's worse, in this letter was worse there There is an element of being deliberately provocative in your embrace of these sorts of things and being just existing as somebody who is willing to be crazier than the next which I think is attractive to a certain element of the coalition, both coalitions just being more zealous in your embrace. whatever theory, whatever philosophy, whenever policy prescription that prevails at the moment, just Mark Do you doesn't matter when it is it just marks? He was being more committed to the cause, and that is: is it there's an element of that? That is attractive? I think in this picture, in a moment, but also I did, is also better. I'm into that. Not now not trying to make this an equivalence, but on the left- and I know this because I had to
The ultimate goal: a public school shut down my kids threats but there's a whole theory about magical olenin on the on the kind of critical history left that embraces the idea that actually there is ratios we re already the more melanin you have in your skin and their theories about this. We seeing you no kind of occasional little man, scandals erupt about the writings of people who are now being appointed to top positions in the Bite administration or who are you know, prominence unless you embrace this than their young radical years. So there is an eye. That's also equally nods, like it's, it's basically a zombie version of critical race theory, so that these these two knows point I think that's right, there's a way of like I've got a push the envelope, I've gotta be the most extreme. That is appealing, and that's particularly appealing at a time where polarization is already.
I am to have your voice heard. You ve really got a shout yeah I was gonna say I mean vigilantly. Your distinction is, is valid, but the deep anti american ism and victimhood identity politics stuff goes along with it gets you too crazy it. It may not start its at its inception, may not be as crazy as cuban on. But you know, if you, when you end up saying you know my pronouns or it a war. You know what a whatever else. That's, that's, that's crazy. There there is. There is an element of define reality to all due to the agency to the easy l, you saying that if you're born female, it's the same running board metal literally, they have a whole
You do not necessarily have to believe it are subscribe to it, but you you do have to entertain it. If you want to be taken seriously by the people, you want to be taken seriously by you act anymore. You after I believe the open to the craziness, because, if you're not that that just marked you as somebody who's Sousa Squishy an equivalent. Well, that's, but that's so, if That's your analysis. That's even lit up the point that a meeting rooms are not deeply held there, not first principles. It's a posture out. Another question is once you start once used. Entertaining unreality as it as a new reality when, how do you go back? How do you get back to reality? You know you hear these meta. There's all this bizarre, patronising. Liberal nonsense over the last couple of months about how to get people out of the clutches of these tests.
The idea is to listen to them without judgment. The book- and you know, don't don't criticized their views are argue with them, but try to get them to teach them and then you should try to show them, but just some pursued by sympathetic, listening that their idea that everybody does agree with them isn't evil and blind, there should be a realities. Are I don't know what the hell it isn't there talking about, because of course all of that is like that is like parenting advice when people say here's what you do in your child is having a tantrum say. I understand you're upset. You want something that yeah well. Have you ever had a child is having a tantrum that doesn't work. Let me just tell you: maybe it makes you feel better about. It does work once you're willing to say, are you going to take the blue pill or the red pill or whichever one I can remember the matrix thing once you take the the pill that shows you that you're a battery in a big MAC, and not actually living in reality, and you see it, can you one see it once was
I think you know it is possible that Hillary Clinton was running a. Finally, a ring that wanted to create horror and children so that she could suck the adrenal chrome out of their bodies, whatever the hell it during the chrome is. Do you then go well? You know what that was I got that was fun for a while, but now I'm gonna gonna go back and believe normal things. I don't know. I honestly don't know ok, but we're told when, when, when the key easy on the other side is brought up and shown. You know like look this person, who has a very powerful perch at the New York Times Eustace You know why people are literally devils. We told that you can. You can think way and rationalize your way away from these irrational ideas. So we either we and look. I have to accept that an and hope that that's the case because ice a lot of crazy race theory stuff that I really hope people don't believe, because it would the logical conclusion
that is real war, and we really told of that- and I dont think most people want that either. So I really want to believe that you can t radicalized people away from the extremes of that and here's an example so that the part of the crazy Hillary Clinton pedophile Ring conspiracy, theory played out, as we know a few years back in a neighborhood not far from where I live. There is a common pizza where they thought there was a basement full of fear, no child slaves, the guy who went there with a gun and tried to shoot the place up, and who was you know? Thankfully, arrested without anyone being harmed said pretty quickly thereafter, as they start questioning him he's like. While you know I went on this internet rabbit all, and I really believe this stuff and I'm really care about the kids. I just want to help these kids. It was terrible and he was soon know it sounds crazy, but then he pretty quickly said
guess. I have a lot of bad information and it didn't take him that long to get from I'm going to risk my own life and risk getting you know, shot by police to save these innocent children. I believe her being held in the basement of a pizza place. It didn't even have a basement to oh gee, that wasn't bad information, so I even the extremists can be de radicalized and we have to hope that that's possible on both sides of the I'll look. We know, would you when you talk about the Euro people who say crazy things in college. We know that people mature at an end and their views full term over over time as they meet reality, people change or a moderate or deepen their faith in their connection. To whatever religion they were brought up and are sometimes they rejected it. Sometimes they you know their police,
views alter as the world gets more complicated for them in both directions, and all of that, like that's maturation, answered talking about something else, which is that there is bright, dividing line? I mean you could say this about religion except, of course, their religion and did the major fades, r, r, r, r perpetual transcend and ideas, but these will cross the line into a new export. New theory of everything that says The reality that we are living in is not the reality. There's not real reality. There is a reality. Behind the reality at the novels of Philip K, Dick it's a whole world, it's a whole thing, very pipe, Thomas pension. I mean there's a whole world of this notion that that what we see in full.
this is not wheel and- and there is something else going on and they are manipulating us into seeing it this way and filled k deck. Who is great literary, the postulant of this view was skits Franek. He ended his life as a paranoid gets a frantic and so and his work is brilliant, though the later work is almost impossible to read, but his work is really because it is a very seductive idea and everybody has some truck with it ray you're too often. told that Europe was to believe things that you don't really believe or that and end user go along with it like we're asking Margie Teller radio apologize for believing the things that you actually believes, but go ahead it. What issues that I there is also as that seed of unreality, is also at the heart of extreme leftism and has always been
it is right. It also depicts a world that's hidden beneath the surface and when your consciousness gets right, much of the architecture of the world that you see before you will melt away, including governments and and the seas will turn the lemonade says? This was once predict Tribes worry yeah. The one of their early socialist CNN just do everything according to socialist principles, yet the sea will transform and it is still in their. It is still in extreme leftism in the kind of identity stuff they were talking about. It's it's. It served pumped up with a lot of pseudo social science. Around in. But I I think there is an element of the crazy- that's always been there, and this is certainly definitely religiosity too. But the d accreditation of the crazy is is, is what's
what's the mass spread of the crazy is and when I mean new, I dont mean like you can claim that, like certain types of extreme religious revivals, maybe versions of this or you know the extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of crowds, which is the title of a book about financial panics in the nineteenth century, but the fact that all of this is perpetuated now in our isolation in our homes, through through machine that we are right now commute, getting on and recordings podcast on, all of that, changes, the intently, the intensity, the expense the way the information is delivered, the the how much is flooded, how much you are flooded with that makes the quantity appear to be quality. I don't I, I have no answer to this. It's just a terribly disheartening,
set of circumstances that leads the money. Was powerful people in America, the leader of the Republican Party and our representatives to bees aired shitless of forty six year old Cross fit trainer who got herself. You know what one nomination to a safe republican seed in a field Ten people he's scared shitless of her Kevin Mccarthy. I mean this is this is real like that is a real phenomenon we're out of Plato's cave. He may be at it, but we living in a reality in which the second most powerful we'll get elected. Politics is tat Terrified of a lunatic cool nobody nowhere. Twelve months ago, policy is terrified of an anti semite, who is part of a squad that that strikes, fear into to her heart and
dogs, I mean absolutely seldom year. This is this is a terrible's this where we are at our politics but as I say, I think, as I think that Margie tailored greens ideas are evil, but I think that there are basically do what they are they are the result of craziness, and I think that no Mars ideas are evil and they are the result of evil like they are not. You know that there is no excuse to be had in our seventy five years after the Holocaust, in engaging in in ideas that in a jewish all of the world needs to be stopped by whatever means necessary extent, but look I'm evacuees gets. It took up a kindred area because I think Anti Semitism is a kind of craziness. Also it is, it is absent. Is it certainly can be a paranoid worldview and particularly nail Hano Mars case him when she says things like Israel, hidden hypnotized, the world
not to see its evil. I I I think she means that literally or of this certainly along provenance of other people, meaning that literally I mean you know, do It's almost a semantic. It's almost Samantha question when you're talking about the world's oldest conspiracy theory and its most destructive form of Vienna of of hate, to say that you know it's basically crazy. I mean it's somehow it it. It deserves to be considered at a different level simply by virtue of its of its of it. Of its age? Somehow I don't, I don't have an eye out for that. Do there's a way. They call me crazy. I can't get it off the hook. It puts him to write it, takes it out of the evil category in it, and it should right right. Ok, so guys, here's an interesting one,
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Now poem nets, abysses Pollyanna, covers a magazines with the monstrous Johann Omar and Kevin Mccarthy is standing there, while larger telegram gets AIDS standing ovation. So can someone say the anybody I'd done, putting on the spot say something good about like where we are, anything good about where we are, I mean we did that would be true. I've been there, I don't even like yeah, it's ok, I mean like pull out and what let's come up with something positive to talk, that provides Calvin cases are down vaccination. I have the perhaps over over a month ago, vaccination continue a pace other that the pace of slaughter little, presumably because of the weather right, although its back of his back up yesterday, Can I say I was watching the today show this morning and they had this crate credit. The story on about vaccination problems and all this and there like, but the binding demonstration
is now ramping up in its creating new vaccination centres everywhere, in order to make sure that we reach their goal of a hundred million vaccinations and a hundred days, but we're on a pace to beat a hundred billion back. nations, and a hundred days before any of these vaccination centres open. So what point are they going to up the target? Are they going to up the target or they literally play in this incredibly cynical game. Where they're going to claim you know like the day, they were the Manhattan project of vaccinations. The same pace that was placed before they took over the latter is gonna, be the latter, but but the hit here other glimmer of hope. Although it's it's mired in a lot of fighting and political positioning, more rebellion against teachers, unions, keeping schools close
We are seeing more and more of this everyday new kind of pressure brought to bear to get kids back in the classroom and right now, and I will be very interested to see how this is result if it is resolved, but the binding ministration, the by demonstration, isn't exactly the opposite and that that mainstream media was constantly harping on tramper being which is, it is in direct opposition to the scientific advice at the head of the CDC. about reopening schools. Its claiming we need plans were not sure the cities, He reiterated did that the CDC, went on television last night and reiterated. We need to open schools it safe to open schools without vaccinated. Why did you get this at the CDC? Do exactly in the few days lying. I guess that's what they see every coop knock off now his CDC director saying, even without total vaccination of teachers, it is safe to return students to the classroom with with it. You know a modicum of repercussions in place so that it
shot across the bows in terms of the messaging that the button has been trying to dance around. A pan. With regard to the teachers unions, I personally because this is up as our long suffering There is now a hobbyhorse of mine, but I am very eager to see that play out in the next few weeks, for take the gate of lying in school, Joe Biden Gonna- have to go to war with president claim at some point. I am because it doesn't seem like any one is interested in pursuing what Joe Biden has promised to pursue in his administration. The chief of staff does seem to be there interested in kit. Pandering to the teachers unions, I have a hobbyhorse that makes me happy that I want to offer as a a little bit of a positive development. is that it doesn't seem to be the case that these forces going anywhere. I have been saying for wait some time since the minute it was announced that is of a branch of the military dedicated to
the Theatre of war that is lower earth orbit. It has been a theatre of war for quite some time. Acknowledging it as such and creating a new branch dedicated to the theatre is a benefit. It was met with a lot of very cheap mockery from just about every corner of popular culture and on the left up to and including a Netflix series that was really bad and the Secretary General Saki hurt her instinct when asked about this was to make fun of it. and then she had to go on twitter and walked back and say you now we invited me our members are faced space forced to could provide whatever information to the general press. It wasn't mockery at that point, it somehow became very serious because everybody who knew anything about anything, I knew that this was
ill and serious and necessary, and that the cheap land pruning of this idea was really shallow, intellectual and serious, and it's nice to see that the exposed? No, you know, there's that you mentioned the Netflix eerie space. Worse with Steve, well, and that series is very interesting that tried to lodge an I got out. I like fortified episodes in love it here just as boring, but here's why I agree with you. I don't think it was very good. Clearly the idea was they wanted to make a wildly periodic show about a lunatic trump idea and make fun of it and have this whole have a martinet. Indeed, I like to have it all, be very, very silly and I'd think as they research dead and put it together and wrote it they themselves abandoned.
their initial concept, it's one of the reasons that the show was like neither fish nor fowl because Corrals head of space force is an admirable character and an admirable person and the idea that what they are doing is training firms I'm kind of you now is is is serious up coloring a lot of what goes on the show. Any kind of drain did of any veto by the draining it's not like mash, it's not like you know. It's not like a service comedy editor of nothing because they couldn't, in the end, pull it off. because I had a meeting with somebody said you know what's going on in that. You now understand that in Lisbon in and lowers orbit, there are five hundred satellites and that they run the communications of the planet and disable a couple of them,
the end you knowing after them can be transformed into kill vehicles already and sailing in. All of this is happening like really, I just thought of his front rings stupid as they did. People be trying to be serious about. This argument were like art wasted money. This deserves to be relegated to the to the air force, which has the same arguments that people in about the? U S, Army air Corps Why do we need an air force so you're? My army does all this, so you remember that damn salary king died. What last week I was a big listener to Larry King Radio Show, which I was insomniac and Larry King was on from twelve to fly, in the morning and I used to listen and the knight of the Did you know that Reagan delivered in which he announced the Strategic Defence initiative right, which was most interested almost immediately. You know mocked at star
or is by William broader, though size course finding your times and stuff like that and Larry King spent five hours one night or some version of five hours. One night. Marking and making face of tee all wet nurse star why we are going to do this. It Burma, bright and and he went on and on and on and on and on their music behind it was all very periodic- and you note scornful and all of this right and then five years later, the Soviet Union collapsed. and they call Gorbachev, said it was because of star horse. So you know he said basically the fact that we were so technologically behind behind the west you'd have caused me to go with perestroika, which led to glow
this, which led to a basically the collapse of the Soviet Union It's more like a holistic missile technology is is was in its infancy at the time it sits. Short substantially in his debts, yet has great promise. I know all that frustration when anything it I'm not. Even gazing at I'm. Just saying that this notion that liberal, oh scorn at militaristic, blah blah blah blah, they start, but it still predicate flawed assumption about what even how even Reagan felt about nuclear weapons The nuclear technology- they re, still maintain that he was infatuated with these. That's yet horrified by them. No one heard a complete dissolution of the union's entire american Nuclear Arsenal. who about serious in a way in a way that the NEO cons of a different generation thought that he was being childish and stupid,
because they weren't gonna go anywhere in UK, don't walk round? Being a utopian, you know this something the Russians are gonna. Miss gonna, take advantage of us, but but in his This wasn't to end the Soviet Union by destroying it by having it at go through a crisis of cons of confidence, so extreme that it would introduce the very notes that were going to destroy you know from the inside, but that was just something that happened and once if your about the role that we are talking today about the internet and the role it plays in our lives. Just remember, social media and big tech, or trying to curb our rights and freedoms. By attempting to the platform speech, they don't agree with. Why give the left just what they want in the first place by the activating you're socially
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