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What Will They Ask Biden?

2021-03-24 | 🔗
A press conference is coming. How will the media try to shield the new president? What questions will they ask—and won't they ask? Give a listen.
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Welcome to the Commentary magazine Daily Podcast, today's ones they march twenty. Fourth, twenty twenty one I'm John POD. The editor of Commentary magazine with me, as always associate editor nor Rossman high Noah Ajar, you're right Christie rose high Christine I can the executive editor a Green Waldheim Hydra we will not be podcasting tomorrow, is though, a rough was going on a well deserved vacation to weigh up a place that is under lock them
to say, undisclosed. Tropical location, understood when the location where people have been having too much fun, and I will be driving to Chicago to be with my family for the pass over holiday south. Since the big news tomorrow will be that President Biden will have his first press conference, I thought we might structure the pack has today around the question of how far will the White House Press Corps go to making it as easy as possible? Biden to get through this and with his reputation enhanced and there and with her the goal of the furtherance of the leftist welfare state that he is creating an advanced
since that, of course, is in the world of journalism. Is moral clarity, that's where we are now. Of course, we need are reporters and and the press to can't just sit on the sidelines, and the objective actually have to contribute to society in a way. I'm in this moment that, of course, means can control. for it out continuing spending infrastructure everyone at one s life. So I thought we would go to what the first the first question anybody want to guess at what the first question will be. I will tell you: if you don't get it right, I will I will. I will other you and tell you what it is. What will the first question be another stakes two high added one answer had what's the first question enemy ape first question:.
it's gonna I don't know exactly, but it's gonna have to do with like republican Obstructionism, not the first question, zoom out over there about how he's like now. I think it right that things can do at the thought: Lester older. It will be about guns. The risk was allowed by the financial and it will be out. It will be a journey back into the midst of the mists gold chords of memory, taking us back to the assault weapons ban, but because here we are its twenty twenty one and we're gonna have the same conversation. We had a ninety money for and then every single time something happens and what will not be asked as a follow up to the boulder shooting question. What will not be asked? What can you be absolutely sure will not be asked
No I this is this is right and he has done and why you think we can read your mind to tell us what you think it now I was no one knows about this- is the issue you talked about on the group chap. What won't the Washington Prescott right right. Well, this is something will be handled whatever for the blue lights. We answer self radicalized islamic terrorism. That's me applauding I don't know if you can tell that is exactly the right answer. What will not be asked is what we are to make of the fact, shooter is a Muslim not born in the United States who and what his possible motivations my the outside of just you know the general thirty. Eight eight has a thing, but then I wonder why just set up a point about the dynamic of that of the press conference as opposed to one on one interview.
I think there is a possibility that are, we know in the one on one introduce button. The the journalist skull is to further the up. The Biden agenda right is to further the whatever the liberal planets. This is slightly different dynamic in his press conferences were because it's it's it's, among other things, a carpet fishing among the the a journalist who were there, So there is a little bit more incentive to actually get in some substantive questions, so I don't. though it might be slightly less obsequious to the president, then the one I'm gonna. Do you, that was before now I says what he needs it says want to add. I totally agree with that, but I think that the DE are bar for less absurd where is going to be set in when they ve pray frame, questions such as some people have compare
your legacy already at the death of the hour and Johnson is great deciding. What do you think about that? Mr president? So, like that's gonna be allowed him sequence, Noah, yeah, sure Salem. I've thought on all of these things, so my thoughts, her jumbled up, but the ok. So pick worry for that. radical islamic terror, which is what I'm gonna be writing about today, for the blog, so good at the blog readers later and read my thoughts in more and more well put together fashion, but we, this guy fits psychological profile, a young and its profile that we were very able to understand and it quickly
and with some logic not too long ago, and we ve utterly lost a vocabulary to talk about the sort of thing we all will. All we can talk about now. Our guns and white supremacy. Exogenous conditions contribute to radicalism, and sometimes, as was the case with the principle of Shooter government investigators, determined that the toxic environment in which he was injuring Tat was a contributing factor. Sometimes there are no exception. Is conditions that contribute to that psychological profile, as was the case in twenty seventeen with the guy who, took out Suv, ran down the sidewalk by the Hudson River and don't hurt and killed a lot of people in the browser We couldn't identify anything that was a motivating factor that led to his self radicalization, but self radicalization was the continuous motivating condition that lead these people to their acts of violence, and we can talk about that anymore. We just
have the language we ve lost it. I dont know when that happened has something to do with Donald Trump, because in the process does because in the process of his presidency we forgot all about what homegrown terror looks like it's, not always white we're. Ok. So in twenty fifteen there were two major instances of Islamists terror that were excused away as not being islamist terror. If you remember there was the San Bernardino shooting and the pulse shooting in Orlando. In both cases the Obama administration and the Democrats refused did everything they could and the press did everything they could to say this. These were not instances. Of islamic radicals, hair the pulse shooting was was homophobia. hating homophobia
american and homophobia, american homophobia and of course, we then discovered that a murmur teen, the shooter you Know- was an islamist, radical and, and that day he was not somebody who eat up that he was shooting up club for whatever reason anyway, two things, one of which is there. been these incidents during leave round about the second episode, which I believe, a samurai San Bernardino right, well, that that was a combat that was those shooting up over of Christmas Party reddened office Christmas Party again by an Islamist. So what an of course Trump made Hey. That was where the we have to shut down all travel from month. That's where the Muslim Travel Ban, originated. If you remember that was we got a shot everything down until we can find out what the hell is going on and, of course, this was deemed awful and terrible by those condescending.
with chattering class and then created the conditions under which support for Trump remained a kind of under the law. It are thing where he was saying things at resonate with a lot of people, including people who didn't want to admit that they were as disturbed by some of this as they were and therefore might nominally say they didn't like this kind of talk, vote for him anyway. So then the trumpet administration begins. The muslim ban is imposed. It said it's a disaster up, there was badly drafted. There were protest at the reports and so on, and then Morocco, a dick too there were almost no incidents. As far as I can think of home grown islamic radicals were or were you know, images Islamic radicals creating horrible murder scenes during the term presidency. The trump cards
The ends were now two months into the bottom presidency, and here is this moment, and the initial thought was on. Some other white guy with a gun shooting people up, and it may well be that this is. I am you know, I think it's more likely than not that this is a disordered. It else gets a frantic doing it. Disordered gets a frantic thing, but presumption was. It was going to fit neatly into the new model, which is that there is no islamic terrorism. It's all homegrown white, supremacist radicalism and the end of the FBI is now redirecting all of its energies to investigate next to pay. The homegrown domestic white this terrorism, and here we have one and it just doesn't fit the category so that so I think you Rachel, I think Part one of losing the both losing
capillary happened under Obama when, when we weren't allowed to recognise islamist terrorism as islamist terrorism, part to have another trump witches rose instead, seeing everything as The work of white supremacist, I mean, did the amazing thing was so there were two shootings within the span of weak in this country both were immediately and falsely picked up to advance, distorted narratives about race and prejudice. Right the Atlanta shooting was not about anti asian bigotry. It didn't stop anyone from going on a crusade about that and while was not about what white supremacy ideology and and but that those became. The animating He is right until bolder was, was that that repulsion
debt, how identity politics is suppressed. Our ability to even discuss statistics about shootings has been astonishing to watch the last we great. So what you see and certainly on social media by irresponsible twitter is people on Twitter is not something that you know it shouldn't be judged for the whole nation, but common conversation among the chattering classes is that mass shootings are a white male thing. But if start digging down into the numbers virginal, the numbers, don't they d, eliminate, an shootings from those numbers, because that which basically throws out the whole mess of statistics and opinion, because a mass shooting whether its committee I again, member against arrival gang or against you know a bunch of people in a supermarket by a crazed islamist. These are These are still mass shootings. So we, the numbers, have been getting but for a while to continue this narrative, and you saw it immediately, sprang up in the wake of of the shooting and bolder and that's actually harm
or to any true discussion among Americans about gun control about how what kind of risk they ve. in their daily lives from mass shooters, it all becomes people just arguing their same old. You know narrative, regardless of actual fact right. Well, I mean look in the end. The problem with the larger political points that are made about these incidents is if you want to talk about numbers, there are three main thirty million people in this country, and there are these incidents that flare up and the idea of their representatives of everything is a terrible notion like they're, not representative, of everything, they might be representative of a deep truth about american culture that is hard to face, which is that we are. We are a violent people
and we are more violent. People than many people are, even though we live in a world in which violence is declining and in which a violent, violent crime is declining and all of that violence is writ somehow into the american consciousness pop culture, who knows what and that their people resort to using violence in a way that they often don't ethics publicly on these large scale, so that they do another another. You know advanced democracies and how you deal with. That is a very complicated matter, because you can't deal with it. Countries too, big, changing the cold. You can't just you know, swap out elements of a culture that is two hundred and forty years old. I am glad that cannot. Humility is really prudent, except
at the people were talking about, don't have the capacity for that kind of humility never engage with it. We taught me every single time. Something like this happens, and it's not in is not valueless. We do talk about real causes. We talk about the. conditions there and irresponsible rhetoric from politicians that might have lead people to engage in these activities. The tree of life, the synagogue, shooting That has everything to do with politics, and maybe it was overblown, but it wasn't imprudent to question ourselves and quest motives and when white supremacist violence happens, we question society. We question are politicians in our politics that might be a desperate pursuit of agency on our part, but it's happened. let's not it's not valueless, and only when something like this happens. Dewey Dewey decline to engage
I kind of speculation and immediately lurch for a public policy issue like gun control, where we again, which is just a spinning your wheels. We ve been doing this for the last decade and a half now having the very same conversations recent time. This happens and it exists only as a sort of group. Thereupon, it's not a policy conversation whatsoever, but it is not imprudent to have those conversations in to see this. This cast of people just sort of abandoned it is very conspicuous well add to the gun, gun control point with interesting about and what I've seen pop up more and more after these shootings of course hours. The people who like this is because of and you know, but if you look at it again to the statistics, look at how many there were. There were over twenty shootings just last week in Chicago twenty people shot not all killed, thank God, but one of them shot was an. I think, Levin Year Old, child Mass shootings Chicago has extremely strict rules about gun control. The response is always yet that they can just drive across the border and get illegal guns. The point is that the that the true gun ban people want
to get rid of what the second amendment has long meant in this country. They want to get rid of all the guns and only have guns in the hands of the government of the federal Control I've guns at a level that I dont think most Americans would accept. Even the ones you don't own guns, so that debate get skewed as well, and it is much easier to talk even about guns and is about mental health issues, for example the sky, according to his family, the guy in Colorado clearly had some sort of power, delusion, some sort of really serious mental health issue again much easier to say well, if he couldn't get a gun, this never would have happened. Really he could have got a knife and certain stopping people. I mean if you, if the problem was mental illness or radicalization. Those are harder palace, immediate policy responses to create. I think so it's just easier to ban gut say less ban all that well, but bearing guns has been a disaster roddam of a certain type of urban
Politician urban intellectual urban type for but my entire lifetime and it got purchase because we had this optic in these mass shootings and even Donald Trump Buddy. Remember twenty seventeen after the Mandalay Bay, which I think is still the worst mash shooting that we ve ever had or something you know. Of course. We have no idea. We swim No idea what the motive was ceremonies are really mysterious. Scarcely three year old man with no story of crime, mental illness or anything going up to this hotel room and then re mean down bullets on on a country in western concert, his motivations purposes has made what are r are completely obscure some will always be as far as we can tell right and trust then said I want to do something and then
You know I can remember, was triggered thing, there's some kind of trigger blocker out I mean I'm, not a gun user rises up, bumps thoughts right and then and then, basically, as the days passed, it will serve like the people who want gun control. This was entirely insufficient for them, and the people who oppose it said this is the camels knows under the tenth, and so it is satisfying to no one supposedly, although it might have been satisfying to the american middle. We don't know you know, I think the great american middle of with the overwhelming majority of people in poles support background shacks pauses, and you know, like a three day pause before you can get your gun and stuff like that. That then run up against this constitutional question that, unfortunately, for gun controllers is, is very hard to overcome the, which is that
second amendment guarantees are right to keep and bear arms, and you can then claim that its modified by the first clause in the second member at all that about a well. You know a well armed militia, but you know it. The language is very, very unambiguous that you shall have a right to keep him there arms and- and you can't get beyond that without another constitutional amendments or honest people like our friend Brett Stevens, who, as a whole, the gun, control. It says. The only thing to do here is to pass a constitutional immense, had banning got there. Ok, whatever you, how much most gun owners in this country are responsible gun owners like if you great group or I'm guns, I mean, if you, if you grow up with that, with an understanding of the safety and the need to keep your new to keep her guns locked when you're, not when they're. Not in use you, U trains that you know how to use them mean this is far from most. American got owners, they are responsible in the use of their firearms. It's only the EU response.
the bull mass shooters that we hear about so that whole story of responsible gun ownership goes untold for the earlier. Also Colorado has red flag was in Colorado, has checks in your capacity to just get it get a gun in and look at the store with it. and we don't know enough about this incident to make an informed, determined, about whether or not those laws were enforced or the shared the triggers that we're supposed to be implemented were worked around or the people in his life helped him or ignored the problems around. We don't we just don't, have the sufficient speculation to talk about firearms in the wind and controllers want till we can talk about a psychological profile, because we have enough evidence of that circumstantial nevertheless, but enough evidence to Heaven
formed discussion about that. We can't talk about guns in this case without just appealing to priors Janata, not debate as a therapy session, but look I mean, as we did more and more into the shooter, where we're we're back to the of the park, Lamb, building and the issue there is that this that there were there were indications, surround the parkland, shooters highschool career in life that he was heading, for something really awful and our civil liberties. Do not permit his you no prior incarcerate, then he was essentially being didn't check by his mother and his mother died, and then he went out and then that that was it. He went wild and if we want to live in a society in which there is somehow which we determine that their that that that a psychologist and gets a frantic who display violent tendencies can be held against their will, because they they are, they produce
We can presume that they are a danger to themselves and others, that's a whole other Ceta conversations that we have to have that. We're not have it that's why people go to the instrument right. They go to the gun because you're gonna say really: you're gonna, take a free citizen and like say it's ok, walk em up when he hasn't done anything for what is just said. Things are he's been on and now we're moving into this by the way with white supremacy. Witches summit Is that a chat room somewhere? Are they then going to be arrested for sedition? Because there are the chat room? Because that's where you start getting into the slippery slope of our you allowed to go places and listen to ideas that other people, find injurious and stuff like that, but that is the same logic. Well, it's. The irony, of course, is that in the blue, its deepest blue states and cities. I live in one of them. So I know- and I know this personally because it's going on in my neighborhood right Now- is extraordinarily difficult to commit
one who is who is either it, who is seriously mentally ill and can be a danger to himself or others. We have a guy who's, been hears us now, ten people on the street in broad daylight in front of my local grocery store he's been arrested, multiple times the criminal justice system, in DC and releases and within a few days he released he's you know but and release booked Emily's. He keeps doing he's obviously ill. He needs to be and nobody can trigger who's in charge them or if there is an adult male he's going around just sucker punching. He he stopped. Grandma. He sucker bunched, a teenager mean he's a man as it used to be that we could take those people off the street institutionalized and get them on medication to do it It takes the state. No longer wants to do that that that has ceased to happen, so instead he goes through criminal justice, process. It doesn't help him with the underlying problem that he's face. It wishes mental illness and just keeps I claim through its it's not an effective way, and this is in a very deeply blue area, and I thank you.
That alone. These cities there's a lot of homeless mentally ill folks who some of more harmless, some of whom are quite dangerous and there's no way for four or Harry Citizens to do anything about this, except to protect themselves. This was something that Charles crop memories to talk about all the time to write about all the time, is. Our social reforms have eliminated our capacity to involuntarily, commit people nor a dangerous, themselves and others, and when you have a mass shooting, like the naval yard, shooting twenty thirteen he wrote. it's a sort of thing that maybe could have been avoided if the people in his life had had the capacity to to check his ability to be a menace to society himself right, but the reason that we don't, even though we haven't had a large scale
aid on their sir. You have some kind of like it hasn't been a central issue in our politics. Someone like that. The reason that we don't is that the threat to everybody civil liberties is considered too great, that the risk of that is greater than risk of letting people you know of having a more liberalized regime about mental health and that this is then injure tragically injurious to people who could really use, the help is none the less. You know, that's it. That's kind of like a social costs that we have decided to bear collectively because there hasn't been any kind of serious five on the crowd, homer. You know in the crowd I'm a model to say you know it's ok for us to surrender a little bit of our civil liberties in order to help the mentally ill. Well, that's like. Why do we have we
through that lets come up with a magical solution like banning guns of which there are four hundred million in the United States. Good luck with that, and by the way, what Christine you said like them in a most gun owners are we now are responsible. With their guns I mean thirty. I believe the number is thirty percent six per cent of Eric and households have a gun in them. It's some astonishing number, so it's that most it's like Ninety nine percent are the greatest danger with Gunnar ship is suicide, someone using they were in their home to commit suicide that that is by the way you that's by the way, the important point to make about gun violence, which is that when we people say guns, are so dangerous because look how many people are killed by guns. I believe most
well who are killed by guns, are suicides, I'm an ethic that numbers is like two thirds or something like that. I been out again, I'm not looking at all, but if I got it wrong, I apologise, but, but so you could blame the gun for that. But, of course, a person who shoots himself with a gun could, if he doesn't have a gun, can slit his wrist the bathtub or take an overdose of pills or do somethin. There's, there's so much complicating data about guns and rates of shooting that, if that makes it hard to have an honest discussion that it that isn't that that that not a calm, total mess. You know I mean, because there is, there is through studies that suggest that high rates of higher got ownership conceal, carry especially result in less less gun, violence in areas with us,
out and so on, but look the last twenty five years, maybe a little longer have been an education in in the politics of guns and an Democrat. keep having to get schooled in the politics of guns. Because they are so they find alluring, find this so alluring that you know in ninety. Ninety six Liddy Doll, Elizabeth, don't wait, maybe two thousand! I'm trying aimed at in two thousand
Liddy Dull ran for president in the Republican Party on a gun control platform. I mean that was the real test. She was running at this idea that women hated guns and republican limited like guns, and she would run as a gun controller in the Republican Party. That was that was only two thousand that was twenty years ago right. So that issue the issue was unsettled and then election after election after election gun rights advocates had the upper hand and punished. Controller Democrats, particularly in the house, in districts where rural and get out ex urban districts, where people wanted to maintaining and and and have their guns, and I suspect that we are now in for another period of this, and what is Joe Biden? Gonna think he is gonna call for extends.
gun patrols. Right now I was, let me just finished the Santos, your eye. I was in a session with Joe Mansion in two thousand and nine, a lunch with Joe Mansion at Bloomberg. In New York, in which he said. I spent all this time and all this energy and all this labour trying to come up with some kind of a deal on guns. You know between Republicans and concern resigned from a gun state. Yet, with your member Joe Mansion shot a copy of the Obama CARE bill with a rifle for a drive for a television commercial, and I think it was twenty two it was later anyway. He basically said there there's no deal it. We can't make a deal. There is no way to make a deal. We can we we there's no way to move left enough to satisfy my colleagues in the Democratic Party.
Any move to the right tells more responsible gun rights groups, they're afraid to go with any changes, because they will be outdistanced by more article gun rights groups who will say you see the array which, by the way, is the most radical of the gun rights groups? Just to let you know This was the Anna Ray is no longer trustworthy. It's become part of the Washington blob. You better give us your money instead of them so work Joe Mansion isn't going to let Joe mentions the whip hand, the Senate, Joe mansions, not gonna, let Joe Biden have gun control in December of twenty twelve. The new ten massacre occurs and the following four months were dedicated to a very public or a single issue, debate over gun control and the passage of the mentioned to me, a man.
That was then. That was what that was actually that was written in that light, I had this was at that once within by April twenty thirteen they ever failed and as a result of democratic defections. Not just Republicans and in that time you know you had pulling that suggested. There People were nominally insane nationally in favour of us. It was a priority. It wasn't anywhere near a priority. Four percent of Gallup Poll responded said they prioritized new gun control laws at the time and in twenty fourteen a wave appear nowhere and nobody really knew. Why is certainly didn't see it coming and by twenties, followed by the death of general twenty fifteen with the young New Congress. Five of the Senate Democrats have voted in favour of mentioned to me, had been replaced with Republicans, an array index, Republicans, don't listen. That's took a lesson from that. They took probably that this, the smart lesson from that which they
writing. Ninety four right, a key element of the ninety. Ninety four republican sweep was gun, Control Clinton went for gun control, I mean so Democrats apparently have to this lesson over and over again politically, but of course it is also very alert to their base, and there is probably close to one hundred percent support for gun restriction or gun elimination or what however in the in the mainstream media, so they have no getting no other message, except from the grass roots, and if you, whereby you wanting in then we're gonna do some some add talk, but a christian Jello brand became a member of the House of Representatives and two thousand sixteen see two thousand six accuse me running as a pro life programme democratic.
Upstate New York. Okay, now she is like you know you should have an abortion when the child is three and all gun should be destroyed by a heat laser from outer space, which gives you a sense of where that, where that, where the party you now has the Democratic Party is moved, it was thought, then, that it was really good too fruit programme Democrats in the effort to get the house into public and have that was rather manual. Righty recruited got programme, people and veterans all over the country. They one thirty some odd seats and took the house back in two thousand six because the he understood that issue was a third rail and if they can eliminate it, then maybe people would vote for Democrats in the house, and now
for fifteen years later and we're about to go through the sky bought again. It appears now want to talk to you about me, for our friend, Damn Seymour's podcast post corona. You heard me talk about it very exciting podcast that tries to imagine what life is going to be like in the United States once we are through this period and behind us and one of the best s episodes he's ever done is up right now, it's with an educational consultant and investor named Daniel P Anko, and they talk about what higher education is like and is going to be like in the wake of corona and every minute of this package, I swear to you. Every minute features a kind of eye opening little factoid
for you, the piano goes into explaining how in the Euro, as Corona started and kids were informed by their schools, that the college was gonna be remote and they would therefore get a ten percent brake on college, but they could do it remotely and they would get a little bit of a brake on tuition by tat whatever and the kids in tens of thousands of them. If not more, and this loss is already coming said now- I don't want that. I'm I'm going on, I'm not going to college for them. you think I'm going to college. I'm then going to college to sit in a classroom or in a virtual classroom. I'm going for the lazy river around my dorm at the University of Alabama I'm going to go football games, I'm not here for the phantom fantasy reasons that you in America think are so important for why everybody has to get a hot. You has to go through
education and get a degree, and this is a really serve I opening moment and raises questions about going forward. What exactly is it that I know that damn that encourages p Bull to spend this time in a kind of money that they have to spend,
on higher education, when in fact it the universes himself have failed and EVA crowded people to be their students who actually don't particularly wanna, be students, and what is it like for people who do want to be students and what kind of high ticket high ticket dollars or they paying for this and Howard? The house's gonna work, when all is said and done so that's Dan Sinners Posts Corona with Daniel Piano, fantastic episode, gotta apple pie casts Google POD cast it sure. Where were you get your fine podcast downloaded and listen and you will be enlightened, amused horrified and weep bitter tears? If, like me, you have a child who is relatively soon going off to college? Ok, so that was question. One right was gun control. Let's move on to question, to which I think will
now talkative give either the buzzer so lets a question to ask some questions about covert. Will the media now I'm gonna, give you the buzzer, because if we get it wrong, I'm gonna bust? Well, the media asked the question as follows: in the New York Times on Wednesday, a David Love Leonhard published a an article about a study by the National Bureau Economic Research about the media coverage of corruption. In which he revealed that the coverage of corona in the United States has been overwhelmed me more negative, though the stories have taken over well mainly more negative tone in. I was registered by certain uses, a certain words on that. Then then articles in other countries around the world at that
The overwhelmingly negative characterisation of the story certainly have an effect on the public discourse about corona and the public handling of corona and the attitudes of the public in the United States about Roma. That we therefore see how the press gathered together in a kind of american Omnium find a single mine to say that this was the worst thing that ever happened and basically to say that any thing that happened that did not fit with the lockdown narrative, Let's say I was bad and that's the overwhelming coverage was, of course, there are people on a beach, that's bad their people in a park. That's bad that you know there are people.
a school should remain close? You know, how are you gonna slice it, and so what? Mr President, what do you make of the fact that the coverage has been so uniformly negative? Do you think that that had a deleterious effect on the United States? Who thinks that that question well? We will be asked at the press conference. Now we got three had shaken now, so you they answered your correct. That question will not be asked. I was a little leading at the press conference, so I leave my minister in question about I wanna. Do you not think that can't gloss over that that Leonhard Peace movement lobbying over it is extremely annoying and years. Why that study? Is there? valuable, confirms all of our anecdotal evidence, Oliver observations and HEAT Pete
Much is honoured, thesis and then back off of it, because it's a terrifying idea. What he described as being the problem here is not a supply issue. It's not. The press is some morose and my optically focused on negative stories before There, there morose and negative people, because that's what the audience Watts so the audience demands the audience for news. Consumption is morose and terrified of the world outside and only wants to hear about bad news, and the press is good, to them, but the audience for news consumption is shrinking rapidly. It is itself selected audience that is narrowing by the day dramatically and we are increasingly being subjected to news coverage. That is, fans service.
as catering till his audience, that is not representative of the public and is desperate to hear confirmation that their pessimism about their conditions and the world outside is valid. Ok, but you know to be fair to Leonhard. He actually says in his experience and newsrooms reporters and, I don't think. Oh my god. I gotta right about this, because our people, this is the only thing people want to consume So that's where unconscious bias and biased comes in and where he doesn't go, which is where I thought you were gonna go but where he should have gone is why was the coverage so uniformly negative? And there is one word or name right with five letters. That explains why the which was uniformly negative and that his truck do youth and doesn't that's not satisfied because its persistent, even long after the Trump administration as well? But that's because I think now the shift is weird leading
sent it that the result is the same. The incentives have shifted. You ve got covered that the effort to cover for the binding administrations you know reared, as with the under promise over deliver standard for vaccination and reopening the absolutely craven beholden status they have with the with the teachers unions. I mean these are all the press is now continued, the negative drumbeat in part, because that now protects ion and some of the things that are obvious. Here's the question. I want him to answer about covert why our schools reopen. Why does everyone have shown there aren't like? Does the only questions that matter right now for for this country? Ok, what it is possible that the question will be asked about why schools, reopening and there was an amazing thing that happened today or yesterday, Rennie Weingarten, the health of the American Federation of Teachers, said we don't believe the CDC in in in three feet. We don't believe
that three feet is effective, Arthur she's become a flat rate. Basically, it's ok now to say that you don't believe the science where I that's great. So let's talk about many people who don't believe the science are a lot of people who seem to think that you know the vaccine is gonna, make them sick, so Are they write to Randy this lightly and that was he's. Gotta go she's gonna, go to my members are very concerned about the virus about the vaccine, and I you know I can't tell them that they should take it because you know they might get asked Rosetta and if you see headlines but asked Rebecca. Maybe if you haven't figured out that she's and opportunistic liar at this point, your kind of
But it is not in any way to halting she came out and said: the CDC. As you know, there is our guiding light and of these recommendations will get schools open appropriately and safely and we're going to further the CDC in she changed her to see these. He changed his tomb because she wants to keep close closed in perpetuity right, but I mean it's up to choose a dope, Renate dope. It is that the robbers meeting, the road and the interesting thing is that the educational establishment in the United States or the people who are paid by the public to educate people in the United States are are clinging to desperate measures. Worse were so that they can paid and not go to war against, there's something worse going on there, something much more pernicious in its downright orwellian in the school districts that remain close, and I will try not to sound like a banshee while I described this. But obviously,
personal experience of this, but a lot of parents is wider, having experienced where their schools are called could unquote open. But all this is happening is kids are dragging their laptop. computers into a room where there being monitored by not a teacher but some sort of proctor, that's been hired at the minimum wage to watch them and that school is being declared open. That's my son's high school, which is like oh, how come have some in person learning bring your laptop and teacher will be zooming in this, is not learning, but they are they there you're right that the rubber set the road. They can no longer had this conceit with parents that this is appropriate because the science shows clearly and has shown clearly for some time that it's not you notice, the president claimed he wanted schools to be open there. There done like the upper. Has no clothes you have. You have to say something. That's true, and parents or filing lawsuits and legislators are passing laws that same. We won't find you unless you open in person, it's
many happening, whether the boulders rolling down the hell, I'm just gonna, be throwing metaphors other been its that's. Why she's she's saying what we like no said, she's completely contradicting herself from a few months ago. I noticed an interesting use of a familiar trope. Racial trope today reiterated the New York Times in relation to this, which is that in talking about school, there was a thing of sentence in article or something that said there are horrible she'll disparities in school. In you know, in an american public school it where schools are open overwhelmingly their open in places where white people live and where they are closed or where you can't get into them are places where minorities in particular african Americans Hispanics, live, so that that this is being phrase in a way to suggest that that, after
The Americans and Hispanics in particular, are being discriminated against in school openings as opposed to school, close it- and I believe that is effectively true, but who is responsible for that? These are urban. These are cities where being run by urban politicians who are in the thrall of the teachers unions and are doing their bidding, and this is not white people in you know: white supremacist in Utah we're saying had money. School is open and you're gonna be living, as you know, ignorant savages that that's not what's going on the people and you talking all the schools should be open everywhere. It is minority cities that are either
ensuring the educational gap between whites and blacks, with black mayors and black, but a majority black school districts deciding that they're, not gonna, educate kids, while the teacher is worst, the teachers unions are actually using race as a justification for not reopening, because what they say is all these parents that these these minorities, Funds are fearful of sending their kids back to school, but if you actually start looking at the kinds of survey data that they're sending out to parents, they don't allow for in person return to school, even as an option for parents, Dyslexia, they're, they're lying, they don't actually know how well these parents feel- and I shall end what we have seen arson luminary studies that show when you open schools and p and parents see the kids are going back in. There isn't a massive covert outbreak and massive des which were promised by the median teachers students,
then, even in minority communities, they start to become more optimistic, composite about setting their kids back. So even if they are hesitant, the actual act of opening the school is the thing that answers that hesitancy show that it safe centric at school there. Okay, you get teachers at the front line for vaccination, absolutely prioritize that but that's not what these groups are doing there actually using raises a proxy for not returning to their jobs in the classroom, wrote guys I want to introduce a new sponsor to a commentary magazine, podcast, fast growing trees. So look
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aggressive, it's gonna, be I wouldn't bet it will be too aggressive, but it's coming okay, so let's try to figure out them how they ll do it to make it as painless verbatim is passed well, since I don't think there's any way to do it in a way that will not put him on that but I call it inherited crisis right. Does this problem that you inherited from the trouble administration very important first framing, because those good ok, I've been how about something like? Mr President, we know you care about children deeply and there's at their children at the border in them in it in conditions, and we understand why don't wanna, let us see the children at the border cause, they have a privacy concerns, and you know they're there, it's really not
business, but so we understand that their living conditions that really aren't aren't so great. What what can you do to alleviate their their suffer? Something like that yeah or or would it be more like of Mr President? Are you going to change the policies that you I laid out ending certain sorts of policies established by the Trump administration that seem to have had the consequence of leading to a greater surgeon in in unaccompanied children unaccompanied minors coming cross, the border will that'll be hugely had rolled out her, regardless of what the question is, the answer will be based in what he was bequeath. And and how to move away from that comes to suggest a delay. The whole thing squarely at translate our
so so we got the border I'm trying to think of what else ice. Some of us are yours, guarantee the filibusters coming, I think in jail. I think its first question. I'm willing to put money on the table you on that one. I take your money from you know. I'm sorry treating well guns, Israel s question. I got you look like you're you're, not you're, not above harming me John. You invited me to clubhouse. That is a comment. I thought it was a fishing scale. Somebody invited me to clubhouse and I said, aims already on club ass. It turns out so I set my to invitations to Christine now
I am now. I have no intention of going on, but I ended, but I hardly well in mind and I have no choice. I that's right, permutation not rude. I just now that you ve been hacked surveying around. I know it looked like a hack. I should have re Russia Ria, refrain that anyway, hum and at speaking of of of of clubhouse am and every framing clubhouses course. A talking twitter, I believe, a place where people go to serve. Have words like a party line, something like that. It's all verbal and, of course, therefore It reminds me a little bit of the pass over Saviour and we are just days away from the pass overseer and, of course we are. This is my penultimate reminder to you that you have just a little bit of time to go, get mark persons the telling how Judaism's
until book- reveals the meaning of life. I've been telling about it. All month study the pass over hundreds of manual guide, guidebook, kinda exposition of the pass over sailor, the the idea that a tune
meal as celebrated into successive nights in which we essentially discuss at an act and react and symbolically enact the exodus from Egypt, hard sell, go get it look at it. Fine things that you can talk about this later so you're centres not boring facing your cedars, boring. You been doing the same sailor every year, your kids, their eyes role. People want to get up and leave the table there, but they want to go in the kitchen because it so boring. Stop your boring. Sayer get some new fresh material, get more persons. The telling find something new to say find something new to talk about in each of the fifteen sections of the centre and make Europe make this up a pleasurable wonderful experience and make your kids enjoy it. Rather than go God. My mother, Savior markers and telling.
available wherever books are sold and download thier device or whatever, okay. So so we got that we got those questions and asian american violence, so there will be something about Asia. Remark amounts in particular, since there was this bizarre thing that is now since been retracted. That settler Tommy. Duckworth said about how she was gonna, filibuster, all bide nominees. Unless they were Asians ball her and were Elgin Tv Q, Maisie Harangue, now said that they would fill a bus. They would not vote for any new nominees unless they were Asian American Pacific Islander and she would vote for white people as long as they were algae, be take you write. It now, apparently, has been that has been reached, acted, or somebody discover that this was nakedly discriminatory and racist now and
probably end up in the inappropriate in the same moment, time enough who got to them, but gives you an idea of where their heads or at the time has come to see. The retraction is just the window dressing mean it is she said out loud, but then you're not that you're supposed to couch and euphemisms about diversity. She just flat out, said I'm going to hold this. Here's the carrot. Here's the stick, give me what I want well actually is what it is, and everybody who read that saving when isn't that black? Isn't that not the role of someone who still elected officials so that that that was just saying. I love what we ve all seen and the interesting little dirt. No son knows that story, one of which was that they evidently Ivan administrations response to her to me, it was, but we gave you come on, there's color, which is Canada's trotted out whenever the congressional, like hawkers or any asian American. You know elected official complaints, about diversity like but Carla
our wish is obviously not cutting it for them. In fact, Duckworth claims she was insulted that that was the response. That whole exchange was interesting. Is the the I'm gonna choose? A black woman vice president thing has not had very long legs for this historic ya know best what what he meant well, when they say combo. Is she South Asia? That's what they merit special she's windows hosting account for every rights actually lies offended by the notion of Vienna by being appeased with tokenism While I am on the manning telling isn't right, but I think something interesting is going on here, which is. I think, Democrats are worried that the politics of that the of the rising self consciousness of Asian Americans, and in this case I am now going to specify what I'm talking about because is become very easy. To use the term Asian Americans to refer to
everybody who seems to have comes from south of the former Soviet Union and EAST of iran- counts and consequences an asian American. What we are talking about here in this specific circumstances, if you on account Indian Americans, Pakistani Americans and Sri lankan Americans as Asians, you go right ahead. That's not the issue here. The issue here is bias against chinese people of trade is to that is the issue that's who got shot up in Atlanta, that is whose getting sucker punched on the streets of That is what's going on on energy. At me I mean it. beyond the Isle of Asian riper. Yet so Koreans and trainees. Let's say I didn't mean to
like so vit visually asian in that category evasion. Ok, so, and those are the people who are being discriminated against on college campuses and by admissions departments. Those people are getting soccer punched. Those are people who are who are yet who have been victims of this crime, wave and and so
What's funny is that you are now seeing how these categories nations, including things like people of color, exist to excuse people who buy into this token based system by by giving them false numbers right people of color. We have so many people of color. What does somebody who's from Colombo? Sri Lanka have in common with somebody who is from Nigeria. Nothing whatsoever. Does our long clubhouse, fair enough. That is an excellent point. There, both clubhouse, so You know we, the robbers me there are the point. The thing I'm trying to make a point of time make here is that the political consciousness that faces these people is not going to be resolved by getting too cabinet secretaries and saying: oh, look. We have cabinets
Various because you know Trump had Lain chow whatever it is that the issue is the very real issues that have to be dealt with in their cases are our need to be dealt with in their cases, just because they have so far left wingers in the in their coalitions, who claim who who have, try to claim leadership positions because they represent asian american activists groups doesn't mean that that's where the that's, where the community of Asian Americans, where these communities are gonna, go when they decide they need to enter politics and an flex their muscles to get things that they need in a system that is failing them.
Because what they need is they need people to stop, making it impossible for their kids to get the education that their kids deserve. That's what they need is what I think anyway. Let me just finish up here by talking to, of course, of our friends at the bonds and group that that by coastal financial management services, firm, two and a half billion dollars under management featuring David Bunsen, and that twenty seven professional financial managers and and advisers, including former Council of Economic adviser, Chairman Larry, cud low you get those two great products, the Dc Seeds, data common dividend, cafe dot com. To give you a sense of how macro economics and american social trends and policies and the behaviour of the fat and the behaviour of the vine registration. The behaviour of Congress are going to have an effect on how you should look at your financial future
the management of your money, the management report, follow the management of your assets. So please bonds and Group Dividend CAFE that come the DC today data com for your antidote to the intellectual, spaghetti of the financial services industry. So we we we got it. We gotta go know what is going on vacation for week, he's waving his waving to you. You can't see that cause we're. You were on radio centrally like this, the great joke, which was that one of the biggest stars and radio was, of course, EDGAR Bergen, the ventriloquist him his dummy, Charlie, Mccarthy, on them real. What I I never just, never made sense to me a ventriloquist on the radio, so what he was doing it in the studio did he move his lips, but I didn't bother to like fake, not movie. Webs. Only the dummy knows anyway. I don't know anyway, so those waving so that certain I'm just telling you that was I
yeah, you don't really know. I just made up that he was waving exactly anyway. So the three of us will be here at maybe will have some guests and that we are we are. We need to make some certain technological advances, because we have relied on Noah to produced podcast and, as he is going, we're gonna have to labor to do this on our own and have all the faith in the world and my temporary replacements, Don't get any ideas on the back and get not the council jacket. I mean it producer occurred today, Sir, your podcast Friday, it's entirely my fault that just we should put that that of animals. Anyone there
we would have already established the Davis able to apply for everything. Yes, that's basically, you know the covered. A dishonest lay down anyway gap. It yields it's. Ok, it's ok! We forgive long since so, as I said, will back on Friday for a known Christine Jump on horse, keep the candle burning.
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