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2019-08-12 | 🔗
The COMMENTARY podcast on the mysterious death of Jeffrey Epstein, the cancellation of a controversial film depicting Trump voters as hunting targets, and why Joe Biden’s gaffes don’t seem to matter. Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, SoundCloud, and Stitcher.
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Welcome to the commentary magazine. Podcast today is Monday August lemons, twenty million team, I'm John POD words. The editor of commentary with me is always senior editor Greenwell high. I jump Associated ETA Rossman high. Now I dont get in the wilds of Maine
you're right or Christine rose, I'm hungry steam hygiene. So I guess we should start with the Lord dead death of Jeffrey Epstein at the Manhattan Correctional Centre Federal Holding site where he apparently committed suicide under mysterious circumstances. So this is a story that no one can get enough
I think, a lot of us thought when we heard that he was only gonna go for trial in the middle of next year that he would never lived to see that trial, either from either through the actions of his own hands or through some modality of another, and that has obviously come to pass so who wants to be inspector Poirot here talking about the case, while I'm at the details about the case, I mean it's, it's. It gets kind of crazy, very fast when you start speculating about how this happened. Help might have happened or or not, crazy, buddy but its, but it is there in the pure
In the realm of speculation, what I find interesting about it, I'm aside from that, is that it feeds into the public's already historic, low faith in institutions and complete distrust for the system and for a lack of justice and transparency and and all that, look
There is a and incompetence and end, and you know, a sense of incompetence. Yet perhaps right I mean there is a endless history of people involved in criminal enterprises getting mysteriously whacked under under federal when they are where in the hands of the authorities. I mean this is not anything in that sense. This is not anything new Whitey Baldur. Last year the Massachusetts gangster was transferred from one federal prison to another, apparently so that he could be murdered. I don't know, what's he was murdered there? I brought up on Facebook over the weekend, something that other people have mentioned, which is the case of a kid twist restless of murder ink, which was which was a street gang and Brownsville Brooklyn, who was taken into custody and being held.
Secretly, supposedly in a motel Ancona Hotel in Coney Island, in a room where there was to be a cop in the room with him door locked from the inside and he mysteriously fell out the window. Why I locked door leading to the novel cause of death in New York in the annals of New York State coroners reports of defenestration. You know in a way it is fifty. I believe, in a way, It is the actually the old fashioned sort of tried and the nature of things like this happening that that is so striking today, because, ironically, if you're not in prison. If Europe free person out in the world there is usually some camera on you somewhere, there's some paper trailer digital trail of every interaction that you have and it's it's
serve more astounding, that the potential for this sort of old fashioned funny business can just is still alive. That's. That's a good point because I think that's what in part fuels a lot of the conspiracy theorizing we're seeing about this right. People literally are parsing whether the body that the little glimpse of Epstein face on the journey that we saw in your post was some one else. You know that it. Oh it looks like a stage set. You know it's, it's very, very hugely conspiratorial, but that's in part because it seems astonishing that we wouldn't have footage and that we didn't have these when, in fact, with the reasonable explanation is what is already starting to come out of. These guards were on what, like, fourth and fifth overtime shifts there, were worked there, tired, they're, not really paying attention. I mean the actual human rational explanation is is much more boring than the conspiracy theories.
So. I think that but social media in the way that that we now question everything that these nutrition. Sell us is, is fuelling them at a much higher level than used to be acceptable. I'm gonna pushed back on this little bit because if there ever was a case in which there was a man who appeared to be involved in a decades on conspiracy, its Jeffrey tee. What was going on and with very powerful and very wealthy people who have enormous reason to see did he is silent right, but we have already seen some their names on documents not like all of them. Probably that's. Quite a few are going to escape justice as a result of this, but we ve seen people in up to and including the British Royal family implicated. In this thing, for our: U S, governors I mean there's a lot of important people who were in the dock for this right. So I'm saying that there are people who baby in the dock who are not yet public. Who then thought that the thing to do
saying that it is not like going off for God's sake, what's the matter with you to say, there's some it's fun guy that he set up with an eleven year old who didn't make it billion dollars to make sure that he was going to spend the rest of his life in prison. He was gonna find some way to make sure that Epstein talk. Now I mean I'm just say it's probably not the case, but spy violating about this is not, oh, my god, look at us. How far have we gone? If this is not like? You know, No, it's not the moon landing at could give out the moon
we spend five trillion dollars. Giving someone to the moon- and you know that I mean it's like assuming that there are people who are very, very powerful reasons to make sure that he never saw the inside of a court room and once more, even people who may have miscalculated in this sense, which is that as the the head of the? U S, attorney for the Sun Southern deserve New York said: there's a conspiracy charge in the Epstein charges, which means that they are looking into people they are. They have left open the possibility of other people being charged for being involved with him and apparently because of the nature of because he's dead. He has no
Legal away, or his is no one has any legal way of stopping them from will leasing every piece of paper? They have you no looking doing even more searching Otto stuff, he doesn't have any privacy rights having war or or there's. No, no one here standing to stop the investigation from going at every last piece of you know scramble paper, which is why, which is why his long time lawyers have both hired criminal defence attorneys isoude right I mean this is an and his assistant, the Gisela Maxwell, as is still cooperating, and why not? I mean a lot lot. More can come out in a sense now that he's dead than when he was alive. Okay, so well. Go able to have any of these stories mentioned the about the hand
have they mentioned what the news was or what he was hanging from now there were these stories. Somebody who had been in the lock up said: there's no way to hang your sats when riles the ceilings, feelings not high enough I'd cycling where you, tat something right. You can't. We don't know that everything is either we don't know about it, however, we do know that the medical examiner said has people reporters were brief, that the medical examiner is reasonably sure that it was a suicide but needs need. They need to wait for the toxicology report to find out whether you know there were drugs involved or something like that of them. That's that's what the two different newspaper said so just saying that there are things that where we can say it's terrible that we ve gotten all conspiratorial about everything, but the Epstein case itself. The whole case itself involved
to email, republican and democratic politicians and leading figures in the world of science and then the and law and and leading billionaires, or at least one leading billionaire in the United States, is like reading and bad thriller, a Lee child thriller, or something like that. You now I'm in that's, not where you know Harlin Cobain or something amidst this is that it all comes down to you know teenage girls being raped. You know him
which is where the, which is where the horror comes then, but you know, and all the stuff that were either we're not going to find out more easily or will never find out like what was the story with that weird temple looking building on his island, you know what what what other rooms in the house did will all that stuff? Is it a matter of public policy or matter? It's it's something. Now it's some frightening look at this thing that raises the possibility that there is a there is a world of wealth and power that coexists with ours in which very untoward things are happening and that we don't know about it like between this and then gymnastic scandal. There is an end cereal realized effort, molest children. People who have actually-
to evade respond, billing culpability further actions by the institutions are protected them. I mean It was only that's like pizza gate stuff. It was only Sixteen years ago the Hollywood gave Roman Polanski a standing ovation he's somebody who am acknowledged, we violating a thirteen year old girl, I'm- and there is no question that he did it- I mean that's how far we ve traveled here that somehow it was ok in two thousand three to award Roman Polanski, an Oscar when he was a fugitive from american Justice having fled the country because he thought tat. He had successfully pled his way into some kind of escape for punishment, for having for having drugged and raped a teenager. So weird, this country has been in a weird relation to this forever and we talk about it now.
When I went to see the movie yesterday. You know: what's this movie, that celebrates beetle songs by telling the story of how the world forgets that the Beatles existed and there's only one person left who remembers the songs and becomes a huge star and at some big moment you know he starts singing. I saw her standing there revenues bringing the theatre in the song begins you now she was just seventeen. If you know what I mean and you could turn feel people the ice go, wait a minute. You now he's losing the radio in it you know she was only sixteen, but I love that girl so members and that Doktor John. She was
too young to fall in love than I was too young to know how many songs like this are there about. You now go away. Little girl, I mean tat, you can they do no good, that's part of the culture that we come from, or that people who were around Jeffrey Epstein Age or a little younger a little older knew when this was new. They had the means to indulge in the fantasy that these songs were that the popular culture was selling. I mean that's that's the way in which some of us who have been up nervous about me to wear think all. Although some of this stuff is terrible and campus rape stuff is, you know violating people. Civil liberty That is all true and yet, on the other hand, the culture, a reckoning with
this bizarre sexual liberation of those who should not be sexual. That cultures been was largely created to protect from exactly the kind of credit predation that became common. Ok, I just got off my soapbox. Can I just add one thing to that, which is it that that that reckoning- which I agree- was a long time in coming and unnecessary corrective is always and remains intention with the kind of hyper individualistic feminist argument that every woman is allowed to own her own sexuality, and it shouldn't be could mean that the EU should women be protected versus, should women be able to get a kind of make their own decisions about their sexuality, that that's a constant tension. You see among feminist fighting about whether their pro sex worker or, let's protect and save all the prostitutes and mean that these tensions have long existed.
And I think I mean it's the same way. I feel when I hear Michael Jackson Song on the radio. Now I mean they're still in in heavy rotation on many of these units are now. I will take myself classics. Classic stations now play you all this from the eighties and and their there. They they shame We played Michael Jackson, even though we might not have literally said this. Yes, we were in the car and I had a rubber come on. You know just don't stop, please messages like. Why is that ok. Exactly is interesting. Like you know, something's ok, like Cosby, is kind of banished. I don't think we'll ever see the causeway show again and fairness caused me was convicted technically, might make legislation right, that's you're! Exactly right and also you know that's right now, but although it still weird
which, by the way, we were able to talk about this, but this raises, since we moved into culture, this story about the galley, the the cancellation of the release of this harm movie. This most dangerous game were knock off. Harm will be the hunt in which apparently red state people wake up in a field and start getting shot at by blue state liberals Trump treated about it said this is disgusting, allowed he'll went what are you talking about like if, if the liberals are the villains in this movie, it sounds like look. I will now stipulate that I haven't seen it. No one seen it. It is impossible that the liberals and that being the villain in this and this movie lose made Hyaena trailer needs
do the trailer. I know who Jason Blum is it's a blumhouse movie and he makes movies about how evil conservatives are so there's got to be a twist in the middle, where it turns out that they're not you know it's gets, it does no one saw anything but the trailer and the trailer very and ambiguous about with the bad guys. Are I'm telling you revenge fantasy right, but it's a yet, but the people who set this cultural fire dont know or care about the kind of stuff that you do, but they
They don't think about the the I work of and the other. I don't have a log of final telling you right now that will never see this movie, but it is a movie that does not have the plot line, that its defenders, who have been saying, wait a minute. Why can it be released? Why why concerns are complaining about it? It cannot possibly have that plot line I mean, or it can work just from their through because of but I don't think that's what's happened see this is part of the now there's. This is so terrible. They should release them to five million dollar movie or something like that. They decided that they needed to kill it because they realised that they meet there were you have to spend
three million dollars to promote it, and they didn't want to spend twenty million dollars for a moment. What I was going to be a total disaster on the why it would have been a disaster, the bad press, along with generated that much now express, is not good for box office. This is it. This is a mistaken concept that controversy like that controversies. That say things like. Oh, you should never make really there's a movie about how some guy will pay someone a million dollars to sleep with his wife, which by though, is like twenty five years ago. That's in decent proposal, that's a controversy that can sometimes help at the box office. Political controversy is death. Death at the box office, people go to escape from tax unless they're seeing licit unless its pre selected. Unless it's Michael, more documentary for Michael, more people, the amounts, not harm lobby which has meant or harm whatever is the thrill meant for sixteen year olds and there
again the trumpets yelling about an hour, and I want to see that so I think, was a totally commercial decision. But once again, since we didn't say what to talk about it. I'm looking at abies, not saying anything, I didn't see the trailer- I mean Look, I don't even know how you know. I think, there's going to be issues now, would just two Adam movies, that portray Americans hunting Americans period, I mean with guns, I mean you know isn't isn't that. I was just not what happened here. Interior, aided respectfully everybody's reading. Far too much into this somebody said something: nobody checks source material echoed what other guy said it got the fox and for come to the president's head literally, no one double check the fact matter. They, assumed, based on their biases set a cultural fire because
what they do, that's what they they like doing, that's what they think generates their power in their authority in the south in society, and then everything cascade, from there, but nobody had the second knowledge you day didn't even see the trailer talk about it? Nobody saw this Nobody knows anything about Miss Windsor. What's your! But what's your point, Europe The point is that everybody everybody is us is, is working off of a series of priors. The movie is immaterial them we barely visible in this conversation only matters because they cancelled its release. Right the can. The release, because they were sensitive to the subject matter of the people talking about this weren't talking about this movie they're talking about preexisting biases that they ve been litigating since twenty sixteen twenty fifteen yeah, but why? Why weren't? They sense of the subject matter before they green lit the move, because it doesn't make any sense, needlework reared watched the trail and that the good guys are the true, supporters there, the protagonists of the film right, but you know anyway, the whole thing is
obviously ridiculous, but I do think for those where fascinated by this that the who point of these movies that are made by the these these Isn't there made very cheaply. They spent a lot of promotion and they hope that they will produce. You know a ten times cost price in earning so that they may have that? Should this movie comes out? It will not I'm out, I mean it, may come out two years are streaming service, but it not be released, they have cancelled the relief vague decided it took by the way it maybe on, watch or terrible, because it to set it, took them two seconds to cancel it and it went away. You know although it is it, you know, I don't want it they don't sit, make a movie and come up with all campaign. Do this because they want to cause if it, if it easy to cancel. They were
making a cost benefit analysis based in part on whether the movie itself, you now whether they were just expected They could release it really fast and get enough money off the first weekend when everybody said it was horrible to you, help to make back what they earned in that wasn't even go have anyway. So that's a fashion there's a fascinating moment in american cultural history. Aids is stupid. Do you know, but the question of of having a cow based on your priors, when you're talking about conservatives reacting to popular culture. You know a little like complete mean why shouldn't conservatives expect that their priors are gonna, be Certain Christine has a piece in the next issue of commentary which Closing tomorrow, and will be a probably online on Wednesday about this, show the good fight Christine you wanted
tell people little upheld, fits into this yes It's always Robert Mission King shows a spin off of the very highly regarded show the good wife to this, a spin off based on one, the lawyers played by Christine Brand Ski and it starts out great, actually really enjoyed the good wife. I watched I watched almost all of it when it was on television. I start was out. There was a good wife was set up as the story of Silver Wall who, when asked answers, wife of your member, while he was alleging that he had, you know hired ire. Of Madame and prostitutes. She standing there behind him with this far away. Look on her face and integrating, though, is that the show had as an excellent writers, which started delving into really some of the best legal drama about our current tech issues, for example a lot of stuff about a kind of sexual,
grasp and they were really cutting edge in the writer. Writing was excellent, and so I had a high hopes for the good fight which unfortunately started out pretty strong when it focus on the legal drama, but it became clear that the show started to film right. During the presidential campaign and when Hilary lost a lot of what was motivating them in terms of promoting these women as UNICEF, tough legal, eagles breaking through the glass ceiling shattered. It's a health and it became this. This rather paranoid conspiracy mongering Anti Trump television show and this kind of sad to watch it go off the rails, but not even symbolically, like no, no have literally kicking a date to what like it says, like.
Nine hundred and sixty five days until the next election or somebody exact right. Sorry, Madame Trumpets, offscreen character. Yes, he's a trump himself as a character. There are moments where she imagines seeing him on her husband, scarred shoulder and talking to him, I mean a name checks have an eye on. You know all the isle of the current political morass. So if you actually looking for any sort of legal, escapism, it's the opposite of that is just a kind of crazy liberal fever, dream and, and for me, it was sort of sad to see them because their their incredibly talented actors on the show, wonderful writers and two. Why? to go off, the rails in this way was was a real area. It was disappointing and, of course, highly praised precisely because of the qualities that view fine ghetto, horrible by woke critics, who just you know it's not enough. That date, read for pieces, an hour on the Washington Post,
page than say exactly the same thing and another thing, and you know what else and here's another thing: if he's terrible, don't treatments it's normal right It's not just enough to be able to read that four terms. They also have to watch. You have thirteen emphasis the year of you now trump hysteria. That's really troubles? It's not! It's not symbol. It's not the West Wing, it's not in the West Wing, which was the Clinton, illustration without Clinton, two Ratlin without flaw, or something like that. This is like now. There's no new answer is like a conversation in in a Starbucks on seventy seventh Broadway. Basically or you email or a new street in Washington, or something
We're gonna get a missed opportunity. There are a few episodes sippets here and there were they go back to what they were meant to do at the beginning, which is due in interesting legal drama. They even you know also take on some issues of race in corporate law firms that are that were interests Emily. Just there was a lot of potential there, but it's just gone by the by the last few episode I was literally laughing out loud. I thought it was ours. So now it's all I'm saying is like you're saying you know it's terrible or not going to take it several with like people, you know adapted their priors to the news that there was movie coming out in which you now live these are shooting not very specifically. What I'm saying is that one? conservative loggerheaded, take it made its way to Foxen friends and into the mouth of the present in the United States. They had no idea what you're talking about their only interested in agitating and that's bad of theirs. Hilarious thing on the bathroom. Your limbs, hilarious thing on the Babylon, be today, which is
studies show that web site hunt for you now irresponsible click, bait, even when they publish proper pieces about how the princess bride is a terrible movie that nobody should see. Methods are built into, like studies show that, but you know of course Everybody acknowledges that the princess bride is awful and amateurish. I thought that was amusing, maybe had to be there. Look it up princess bride and the Babylon Edna break here to ask your leg point the easiest way to ease back into a routine is started up before September, especial if your head back to school so so we'll find the mornings and evenings now with a simpler electric toothbrush from Quip times,
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gee teach you you IP dotcom, Slash commentary. So we ve had a I said I would save forty eight thirty. Next afraid hours, because, after a flurry of tweeting Saturday morning, the president apparently on the golf course or doing some others where he is not dead, tweeting, I think after the Jeffrey Epstein after he retreated the cat, body count Epstein tweet that suggested that the Clinton's must have killed Epstein he seems to have gone silent, but them, but it was the conclusion of a bad couple. It we talked on the last pie cast about the bad couple days the president had after his good speech on Monday morning dealing with Dayton El Paso and then
leaving having a temper tantrum Noah was defending em. Yeah, the yacht add going after ever. So where are we nobody in this new cycle. Anyone somebody Talk, I'm trying not to talk so much good. There is somebody sent me a tweet about how I talk ninety percent of the time well now it's where we're talking more about Biden gas rather than trumps, tweets right, isn't that what's been a little bit more in the news, how he's kind of making more and more frequent stumbles the question of whether their actual just gas, forty in slips. Okay, so really don't you know, Don't. Let me stop you from talking, as if you're sitting staring There are two two conflicting soil answers the binding Biden.
Things that he probably shouldn problem perhaps unintentionally, and then the rest of the democratic same field, saying things they probably shouldn't perfectly intentionally and with some sort of strategy, it with it. So I mean there's a qualitative difference here between balancing stepping on landmines accidentally and the rest of the democratic way. Just spraying in every direction, they can train light fires so which you mean that multi ethnic origin and and Harris both refer on the fifth anniversary of the shooting Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri to be used. The word murder to describe the confrontation between the, this officer and Michael Brown a increased
Billy, exhaustive survey and study by the Justice Department, with Obama Justice Department that clearly would kind of have liked to have found that the that the police, officer acted at least in error, if not, if not criminally found, that He did not do so that he was in fact you now just a hack fumes and that that's an Emmy out. The word justified is used, but that he was in no way in the wrong and there's a complete application of the responsibility of media outlets to check this, and it's pretty readily like a it's just boils down to a fact check. Garlic paragraph, the Obama Justice Department said this was not true very similar in nature to the claims by is the Abrams that, election fraud robbed her of the governorship, which continues to make
nobody seems all that and sensed about it, even though the numbers don't make any sense are really elementary fact check. Spells that notion and also the obvious strain that these comments place on the social fabric, the design of which has to be to exist debate racial tensions, as it is such a base lie without any substance to support them and their directed at a particular voting group that precedes itself to be victims, by society. This is very similar to what the president is doing with by just press tensions around movies that he hasn't seen and has no idea about that these are just an effort it to real people up and es gets really angry about one and not the other. I think there's more strategy involved in you know trying to go at the Michael Brown
killing. Yes, I mean the strategy. Is that job? I is that nobody is getting any kind of purchase in the african american community except Joe Biden, and so there are these. You know stabs efforts being made to connect or to say I'm with you or pay attention to me or take another give me the prism, being when everybody me African American, merely things that Michael I was murdered. Therefore, you can get out where you can make points with them it is incredible it it's kind of like. Oh no one in newspaper issues, a correction on a story of after they make like out uniforms for massive factual, mistaken and no one reads or remembers the correction, and so version of the original mistake, reverberates evil. Michael Brown, stuff it it. It remains in the public's sort of consciousness.
As Europe's somewhere in the evidence, file of of race Country, and while there is everything bounces off everything out you, so there is renewed focus on on Michael Brown because of our corner air Garner is the guy at mile and who was put into a chair called for seven seconds. Then release. Then a couple minutes later said he couldn't breathe and you know how to have coronary on the street and there's been a five year process of trying to figure out what to have, we know what should happen in the judge last week said that he showed that, unlike peaty judge whatever. That means setting should be fired after the just one, said he but the cop a pencil in this case was not wrong and you have these other shoe terrible shootings right. I mean they're flat there, the shootings that really do make you incredibly uncomfortable Solana Castille and
Minneapolis, you know. Also. We should say I mean the overarching. The main overarching claim of, for example, black lives matter, is that police in America shoot on armed after Americans at a higher rate than they do unarmed, white Americans. Many studies have shown but this is not necessarily true or in fact not true, or even that the office to a small degree may be the case ups are less likely to shoot. Aren't african Americans need than White America's, but that nowhere is there any sort of grand correction in the thinking of all of that narrative, you're gonna be rough day, part of the art, nay, even if Europe Black Democrat some claim, as opposed to a progressive, was inclined to believe that you are also run up is probably why we're gonna see this failed us, like the buzzing attack, fail, because this is this is the progressive field,
trying to implicate America and instead implicating Barack Obama justice department and our holder will ever redolent. Loretta will hold her rooms holders justice form at the time, but Loretta Lynch to justify the young and essentially a lot of beloved figures among just Democrats, not just african American them, rats, but especially in they get a little defensive when you start attacking that legacy, and they don't seem to notice. No it because there Daphne are made up of extremely online progressives. Who are just this? Just shy of democratic Socialist of America. Members don't see. The discrepancy Ok. So we should move onto them Biden section here, because we have a couple of a contretemps between Biden and and people slip of the tongue, in one case, a a con station with somebody and I went another and then a riddle. Serious slip of the brain in the third right to a slip of the tongue was when he said that the
Poor kids are just as smart as white kids and should be looked at. Them Then he added ever said, like you know, asian kids, where's your heads of aliens. He panic, he panic you'd have extended, knew that he done it. The second was when this young in Tripoli, you know confronted him on a handshake line and said how many genders are there. And then I think the conservative wasn't group was not think so, now. I think it was heavy Jem desire, are, he said at least three and then she asked him some follow up and he said, don't mess with me kid and then She claimed that he put his hands on like one's gonna puncher, so that the only people have seen promoting this or conservative none at a turning point. No, they they didn't do it, though, I'm pretty sure anyway,
then you go to the last one. While I look it up was. He seemed to earnestly Jenny, genuine, I believe that he had met with us. Vice president, the survivors of the parkland shooting, but he wasn't vice president at the time. So one has to wonder whether his sense of time and special relationships? Is an hundred percent sound oh you're right. It wasn't organiser of returning turning thoughts, ok Yes, I gotcha, but then, you got it or he grabbed the questioners arm and pulled her toward him to emphasise his history of support for same sex marriage by the way the first want to come out for marriage was me he said, and then he treated. He he abuse. He attacked me her. Whatever this is a Kirk's group so- that would have been an abject humiliation for the conservative group traded trying to makes him
who's here had had. He not opened himself up now too, to a valid follow question. You can we pray itemised these three genders. Well, it's like. I don't know how many, how many its anyway, Can I just say that I think that the the where, judging by regions as particularly parkland, gaff or memory loss by the traditional standards of how these used to be judged and given trump. Maybe these standards of change, in terms of how accountable Gonna hold a politician. First, in that we were talking before we started taping about the many politicians, Hillary Clinton among them, who frequently just fine lied about their bravery in particular. Situations to make themselves look better and that doesn't seem
to be the case here with Biden? It does generally seem to be a kind of memory lapse, so I thought I would not judge him is critically, as others might for that, but I also think that worth, asking whether the standards have changed for factual recall, given that Trump is in office what vitamins divine gravity he's at thirty three percent in the polls. Nothing seems to be able to knock em down, because everybody believes that he is the most delectable, and so, if, if Democrats can be made to worry that he is mentally unfit for the job and that he will be eaten alive by Trump in the debates, because he what a trump say he's like Not a sharp as they used to be in his lost some. He doesn't have a Lawson lives was drawer. I mean, if that's not I think, there's you know there are signs is I think Christine was a little
two there are signs. That Trump is, you know, is not ass, sharp ass. He used to be including in it act. Yeah me like war of the gazers its. I am not sure that burdens gonna lose this. There was that there was a commercial in the nineteen. Seventy, Sir Pacifist Commercial. I don't remember who who release it, but it was like two old men having a fist. Five minute will serve. Like you know, this is war. He knows what this is, how it should be like two old men. Punching each other cause, that's you know. The people who send young men off to war maybe will save the children are set with some weird spot that ran the council did or something like that, but I mean you do you have the young person in the field is Elizabeth. Warren, who is seventy Until Trump came along, no one had ever been arrived. Mccain came along, no one had ever been nominated for the presidency. Older thence
sixty seven or something like that. Like Mccain, two tromp was, I think, turns Trumpet hill. Turn. Seventy years I can remember- and there is you know, Biden, the seventy six Bernie is seventy seven, maybe and warm is seventy. I mean this is very interesting. Really does violate the classic rule of the Democrats, which is of use or go back in time. Kennedy was forty two billion. Clinton was forty three or forty. Two harder was fifty. Obama. Of course, Gore was in his mid fifties. Obama was forty to forty three like they prefer. Why won't matter? Get suppress, isn't going to make this a killer? It'll be a fellow candidate, but if a candidate,
Does that their ethical dilemma, another trying, but it's not it doesnt work unless they have a candidate who can serve as a sort of personalized foil Allah, and her hair, so if you had a candidate who Marshall listen, you know essentially told odors. Eighty. What did it do? Democrats want? Em, watch, your general election debate, this just piano jack, lemon and Walter Math, I'm making fun of each other for two hours. No, no. We do not like to be a pretty effective. I get it. I need it to be a pretty imperative that, while our swell well try to do it. He tried in vain remember pass the torch. Humility Grandpa Has he was Erics, while I'm somebody with a little bit more talent could probably make that work? I mean texting is that you have. There is still like almost six months left till or maybe it is six months left till anybody votes and if Biden is in fact, if this is not, you know, plucking things, that other people do also. You know
like people are talking ten hours a day, so God knows what dumb things, people Elizabeth warns that this thing, but how porches her favorite word like what How is that both humor Romney saying he loves Michigan, because the trees are the right height? I mean people not just stay that. It's the corn dogs from there. I was dead ferrets there find that places, but somebody asked my I would love to go there sometime, but I've been dead really but, like the people eat them Fry butter really look. I dread I think everybody by try it, but wouldn't you then have to throw away immediately and go to the shore go to the port of pop
I think if you are a big Biden supporter, you are perfectly fine, factoring in a degree of sort of dullness on his part into your entire calculation little slip. Ups, like that, I give you you, you don't have a problem with it. Could there could be a threshold? I mean the he eat. You know if, if if he comes up with a whopper. That really leaves him out there at some point between now and then that yeah, then that my change- but I think things like this are all are already a non issue. I mean Trump: does it all the time? and you have there. There are these questions that people have have raised about you now, the sort of the the felicity of his vocabulary, which seems to have degraded over the last twenty five years and things like the ottoman, not that it's a right. So the bottom Zol
perceptions all question of whether or not you it's I'd rather have an infirm Biden than a demo than in and a high wholly active. Warren like with like Trump. We'll kill warm and Biden has some kind of thing. Where can stand up to run to tramp I mean this is all you know, nothing that we do or say fairness. It's not fair way. What standards they can be judged by this is either going to happen for Evans, It was for months Right Biden is running the only race that he can run and he will if this is the way here, either win this way or he won't you now and so now he s to go, spend two days of the Iowa state for talking for six or seven thousand he's gonna say them things when he does that Once this is over, you know his time.
Miss controllable, you know he doesn't have to go out. He doesn't have to give speeches, he can give speeches uncontrolled circumstances, he can wreathing from teleprompter he's leading without with a very buoyant lead. You know it is apparent, falls apart, but it's not going to be right. How can I make it fall apart? I don't think the meteor gonna make it fall apart. I think you know it'll just happen in the minds of democratic voters, but somebody else And those two socialist lunatics don't aren't exactly burning he's up either. There's just trading votes, there's like a third of the electorate is with them and they just one goes up and one goes down like a seesaw Joe Biden. Getting the benefit of the doubt. For saying that poor kids are as smart as white, kids, ostensibly, demonstrating in the minds of people whose see dog was those in the word constitution and apartment that
this guy's dead men, He doesn't have the most enlightened racial sense, it sensibilities, but ah he is just Joe Biden. If he's getting away with that, I dont, I can't see what he wouldn't get away with, what we he is getting away with him. Yet complete sign, If that's, if the benefit of the doubt extends there to the point that nowhere lookin, whenever benefit from a most Democrats would benefit from then. Where doesn't it extend? To I mean that's, that's teflon, I mean what's interesting to me, going back over the last six weeks is Thing happened with calmly Harris that I can recall happening before which is that you got a whole lot of people to sample her wares and like her and then over the course of the next two or three weeks. They were like her. I should like I ve been sure what she did cause she's. You said before on the package that she has got great orphans and no
and Sheila's. Optional will really like it's not like they're they're they're, watching you know the common Harris Channel on C, span six hours. They somehow there is something about her. The people seem not to like and its it. You know that she's so overplayed her hand. I mean, if you could sense that amazing people sense that okay. So let me let me talk to you guys if you'll give me a second about lending club, our next advertiser you know, cuz if you're carrying revolving debt. That means you're not paying off your card every month and could be paying thousands and interest every year that you don't have to so with lending club, you consolidate your debt or pay off credit cards with one fee monthly payments. Since two thousand and seven lending club has helped millions of people regain control of their finances with affordable, fixed rate, personal loans, no trips to a bank, no high interest credit cards just go to lendingclub dot com, tell them about yourself and how much you want to borrow pick. The terms
For you, and if you are approved, your love is automatically deposited in to your bank account in as little as a few, as lemon club is the number one peer to peer lemming platform of over five billion dollars and learns issues are gonna lending, clubbed outcomes. Less commentary check your rate meant by up to forty thousand dollars, that's lending leaped out, slash commentary lemon clubbed outcomes, commentary all loans made by wed bank member after I see equal housing lender can I just meant something I said then let it was no settling no sense in the interesting. So I said that if you're Bides, Porter ages is sort of forgetfulness and dead, dullness is in fact a certain degree, but his factored into your support of of of supporting him and then Knowest said that he sort of Teflon. If you can get away this thinking maybe his age is in fact his teflon. It's like no he's, not race, as he just old
that's exactly what that is that's great, but that that's that's been very sound, but that also is the excuse that Donald Trump would like to benefit from and doesn't this is he's from a different generation. I tell people he talked, yeah, but the something different he's old, like all people like they, they measure that rail. I hear very, very sad granite now as Emma. You know what he's still smokes two packs a day and he doesn't have cancer, and I will ask him about Babo Bond of chapter and verse. Even though is a line of argument a couple of weeks ago, that was that was basically, if you don't, Have somebody in your life that makes casually racist comments you're in a bubble with a real, that's true anyway. Out is too so. I want to conclude with them with our. Our favorite a better work, and this bizarre thing where you know the price
which just goes absolutely. I don't know it even to describe serve like obsessively pious and finger, wagging and full of oh self. Righteous indignation every time, there's a theirs mass shooting has somehow invested because better work is from El Paso and because he walked around saying the F word and saying Trump array of trumpets, responsible and he's whose voices shaking and he's passionate. This is really a moment when he could emerge and really show that he's the bay, and I think that is key ever reeves that this is my new. I listen to him. Five times is weak and he's actually kind of like piano. Reeves He in point weight in which movie in which movie in point break where he tries to infiltrate the other day
I would nevertheless like these, like in real life. Have you like TED is dead? he's tell you like I don't know what we're gonna do I hears is weird voice. He is he even sounding upset. He has this bizarre adolescent ganglia his arms kind of hang sleep decided was body. Do we talk about the new democratic line that Trump as racist and now banner was going a step? Further saying? Will trump voters are racist, the White National saying is nothing explicitly. Now we have an implicit. I had implicitly that yeah so that new litmus test on the left, which Joe Biden has deftly avoided, actually won. If he's, if he's losing his mental faculties, he still manage to keep be capable enough, not to call the voters he's trying to appeal to racist but Elizabeth Warren has and no better
work, has anything Kemal is doing it yes to the line is that you have to say that Donald Trump has actively affirmatively and white nationalist and ideological impulse sensibilities he's not just come with these people. He is actively white supremacist with replacement theory ideology in the whole business and then Tapir aspirate over the way, which I think is what you referring to tat brass beta. What you know is it racist to vote for Donald Trump, and he gave like a ninety second answer. Basically saying yes, essentially without saying it as explicitly- and this seems like a really dumb thing to do obviously from a political standpoint, but the progressive activist wing democratic Party, says this is a time for moral absolutes and you can't shy. From it, and anybody who does is abdicating their responsibility to the to posterity in this moment. Nerve constituents. And what have you.
I mean. Obviously you are talking here by people who are trying very hard to break through some kind of a membrane that separating themselves from the democratic primary electorate that they cannot penetrate, and so the way you do it is to try to you know, shatter the sound barrier. You know with saying something so incendiary that at least somebody will pay attention to you, particularly the activists. Activists in the media at work no it's getting media attention, you have it It is not your hands later. I don't know you don't know, because they haven't been poles and the passage stuff happen, and we don't know what say you know when theory could change could change the logic of the democratic parties position now is
precisely that I mean from bed o through that. This idea that the great sort at the fact that you know people in the house and these candidates. Dont have to appeal to Republicans in any way shape or form or most of them down after cause they're in districts. That are, you know Sixty percent democratic or something like that that they deserve. I have to say those guys. They are all all sixty three million of them are evil at every bullet. That's been fired in the last week is some kind of unconscious. Emanation from the Trump vote of twenty. Sixteen is very tempting largest, don't think it's fair to say that of the entire damage the party. For this very reason, because Jo Leinen say of the democratic opposition so that jobs
so proposition to voters is I can win? Michigan was Pennsylvania was content? That's it right. That's what he means by right when electricity means and that's what he's offering an he's offering that he can win those voters back the voted for by a bomb. I didn't turn out in twenty sixteen or voted for a bomb and voted for Trump, so the argument that those are. The Democrats were thing down from his race never devotes firms. Racist is implicitly being rejected by latin support right, but it's a third to a third of the democratic electoral. It's not sixty percent of them anyway. I agree he is not going to say it. Those were he needs to go. But Warren needs to get burns voters to come over to her and then gets a bunch of other people, and this is the I'll say what I have to say in the primary try to clean it up in the general, the edges, sketch philosophy, although God knows, if Warren
or Sanders even believes that they need to clean up in the general there. Is that counter area in the democratic Party. The Carter theory is what you mean. To do is get up wild enthusiasts, among the Democrats, who voted in two thousand and eight, Seventy million people voted in two thousand, eight them too, for Obama than sixty six million voted in twenty, twelve, sixty five million voted for Hilary in TWAIN succeed get those people voted in two thousand a back. Then it'll all be great and their more them, because people you know have come on line as voters who were children when Obama ran for four for the first time. This is a theory It's, not it's unjust, provable until a cat. Late runs and disciplined and the result disproves it. The thing is that, No one's making the argument well enough, so that the people working the primary say. You know what that's fantastic right, we're just its
we're gonna win this people of call. You know I mean terms over this and on the MSNBC set with me. They are what we needed. That's people of color black and brown people, if they're just enthusiastic than we can walk in this, of course, is aided by actual data that showed that seventy four percent of the electorate in what was not seventy two, it's every four percent, the electorate in TWAIN. Sixteen was white. And the white turnout went up, and so in other words more life and that old gray, marriage. He had you now who don't put the white vote at the pastured so soon and that's the binding proposition right. I'm not doing that. I'm not gonna act like somehow. I can say that Seven percent of the country of deplorable and get away with it
especially since he's the has the most appeal among the Obama about anyone right, so it's interesting but I mean. Obviously, if Biden is you know somehow has a mental incapacity he's the long way to go oh and Emily. If he really shows somehow that he is that he is not capable of someone will quit his campaign and say you don't like its deputy campaign manager could come out switch sides and say I have to come out in all conscience and say he can possibly be president because this, as you know, this is twenty of them stuff is you know he doesn't have the capacity to mean something? I could in theory, happen his camp leaks, a lot wines lot about how terrible he is. You never know, there's there's a conspiracy. Sorry for you, and maybe that person took the cameras out a him questions.
It's complicated, also by the fact that button has forever said. Goofy strain thanks yeah Cecily. Increasingly, he is actually an we shouldn't. You know, he's he's a skilful. Tell he's his ease. Any things and he's also an area, but you know stipulate that parent lee- you know it's in the test, locked away, Elizabeth Horns, though idiot. Yet she is twenty points behind them. Sixteen points behind them, so you know, member how George W. Bush was an idiot by the way. That's the other thing about all this with debates in the debates in the debate- and this will even remember a bad George Bush wasn't the debate with each of you, the machinations. I know there was this idea that Mccain really choose later stab at it. I was foolish enough to say nonsense like that. You now want a couple of eggs and then
You know the Bush just front ran the whole way, so that can happen happened pretty recently anyway. So without a guess, what brings to a close for Noah Christine? and a bomb jump onwards, keep the camel burning.
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