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What’s Wrong with the President?

2021-08-20 | 🔗
Joe Biden’s behavior over the course of the Afghanistan crisis he precipitated is inexplicable. But we do our best to try to explain it anyway. Also, is there anything to be done about the increasingly deadly pandemic of the unvaccinated?
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Welcome to the Commentary magazine Daily, podcast, these Friday August Twentieth, twenty twenty one, I'm John path towards the editor of Commentary magazine with me, as always exactly of Editor no Rossman high Noah. I generally gonna promotion. I'm seriously you did, I'm sorry your associates, editor Nordmann, don't hold me to this- sets We leave findings publicly. We are having Noah hates when I say this, but we're having technical
problems today, so I'm a little rattled so we'll see how this goes are going to be some gaps and for all. I know this whole thing is not going to work at all, but The dough rough with his associates. Editor executive editor is a green walled. High Abe, I John happen to share my job with no doubt and senior writer Christine rose in the only person to hold that that title high Christine Hi John, so where we are recording this Friday morning. Sometime early this afternoon, the president will speak to the crisis Airport in Kabul and whatever else it is that he has to say, are or what I have to say I know you, you wanted to begin or wanted to have a conversation
bout, a thread done by our friend Jim Geraghty, at National review on Twitter, raising questions that I I brought up yesterday. I think about the twenty fifth amendment, meaning what on earth is going on this week with Joe Biden a most important, we give his presidency biggest crisis of his. presidency. We have crises on two fronts by the way because we are crowded out the crisis in in encoded in the delta. Very which is accelerating, but is a very specific kind of crisis that has not been dealt with, in my view correctly by our public health authorities, not surprising yes, of course, slightly on the back burner because of the overwhelming crisis in Afghanistan, but he is facing an existential threat to his presidency on two fronts, and he's Delaware, and he has hiding at Camp David and he doesn't say anything
and all of that is going to speak this afternoon, because only to do what he can to tamp some of the sound, but no, please expound on what on what gym is talking about in relation to the odd behavior of the president this week, sure begin. My little rant here by reading from the transcript of the interview that Joe Biden gave to George Stuff Annapolis our biggest they reported on Wednesday about the situation in Afghanistan, stuff Annapolis asks what how will history judge the United States experience in Afghanistan, the President response, one that we over extended? What we needed to do to deal with our national interests? That's like my saying they their day day but the border of Tajikistan and other? What Does it matter? Are we gonna go to war because of what's going on in Tajikistan? What do you think
I know what I think. That's incoherent. And you're scaring me no joke. The president has been absent. I feel is on CNN this morning saying. Obviously this is the president's laser focus right now getting rid of getting people out of Afghanistan. No, it's not! you gave a speech on Wednesday about overtook them questions. He see sense. he's out yesterday the June meeting with democratic legislators regarding his build back better agenda. This president has done. as the presidency has done its best to allow this issue alive to this the idea the crisis is going on in Afghanistan and try to change the subjects tribe treated like just another new cycle and all the while generally absence he's been trying. maintain this vacation schedule, like he briefly took a break from his camp David vacation. I know the president takes a vacation, yadda yadda yadda nonsense. When the up its are what they are in Afghanistan during the oval office and he's not optimistic.
In talking about taking away along weaken this weekend, I don't think that's operative anymore, but maybe he goes back on vacation after he does this brief addressed to the public deep deigning to their concerns about Americans, thousands of Americans we're trapped behind enemy lines, and you have no plan to get them out. The presidency is this, treating this as though it's just another new cycle, but I don't know if that's a strategy, necessarily a communication strategy, or a necessity born out of Joam Garral talked about it in a very interesting and very thorough on peace and national review, which asks A forbidden question is the President: compliment is, well it's not just that he's he's not responding to the american people. We now have reported that or, as John said, and the Prime Minister of the UK was trying to get in touch with Biden for what about thirty six hours and was not able to reach, and so one one of our most him. Britain allies trying Teresa President who, whilst region also reports, was not that we do,
brief them, or their military before we started this procedure said that after our allies in the dark. He refuses to response respond to the pressing questions and he's not really keeping the american people inform so at every level his responsibility as you ve, all but when he was on the package before This is only job that is his job is to be a leader means to keep people informed, to let our allies know what our plans are into work with them and coordinate he's in family on all of those friends as well. We were uncertain of rivers and note the president has had it. As far as I know, three conversations with ally leaders, one that the british Prime Minister, one with the german chancellor angle, miracle and last night with french president macro, but that's it over the course of a week of
there were our allies had been banging on the table. Screening to get in touch with this way has to no avail. Certainly not only do I think this is not intentionally savvy media strategy on the part of the of the White House, but it makes me rethink what we discussed as a sort of brilliant campaign strategy. Part of by of Biden whereby he was sure to stay hidden and let trump card bury himself while he was stay out of the picture, I think it ended up. The upshot of his staying in during the campaign was It worked very well for him and hurt Trump. I dont know that that was the thinking behind it. It could be that that that this is where he sat in terms of workload and schedule. Why one one other thing
Austria journal has a devastating peace. They came out late last night early this morning about how much the administration actually did know about the risks and the threats Anthony blinking received or from people on the ground in Kabul, in the embassies, and here is what were concerned about here is what is likely to happen. You're all the risks that we need to plan for well in advance. everything that happened, so even the messaging that Biden himself is trying to promote the american people turns out to be. Either he either he's deliberately lying are obvious skating, where he did. He was not informed by his own people about the situation on the ground because they knew Lincoln New. I think it is important to note that there are two or three different crises in Afghanistan that our dove tailing but our but have separate routes in this report. The Wall Street Journal
its into this to some degree, which is to say we have the humanitarian crisis of dealing with the you know, tens of thousands of Afghanis who helped worked with us and who are now at a direct personal risk and their families as a direct result from the Taliban. Then we have the question of american citizens who were there who need to get out. The chaos that is in suing in relation to that and third is the crisis of. The rapidity of the collapse of the government and r D. You know and the fall of Kabul and the fact that we, apparently did astonishingly little to secure rather Materiel, the military, material and an r m and weaponry everything you wanna talk about left there, because we didn't have time to arrange to get it out
so, and presumably we didn't have time to arrange to get that stuff out, because we did not know that cobble was gonna fall that fast and we would theoretically have time. to do that or we would do it in some orderly fashion and then once we lost the bug from air base, there was no way to get that stuff out of country? I bring this up because. it's not just enough to say, as binding said into George Deaf monopolise if you want to be as charitable, as you can that there he's gonna, be some chaos when we left the country, it's that. Elementary, you know sort of. What's going on happen, one or one, let's sit down around the table and discuss this would be. How do we sure that our weaponry doesn't fall into the hands of the Taliban, I mean. How do we for all the weaponry that we supply
to the afghan army? That's gone right, I mean that's, you know, that's that's where we're toast. On that day, they run country they take over the military. We don't have self destruct buttons on their guns and things like tat. We gave them that's bad enough right, but Elementary thing is one: oh, ok, we're leaving. So what's what are the arrangements to get our material out of their not just the files that were burning in the embassy, not just the documents that we don't want to fall into their hands but actual tool? of war that they can then turn on the very people that we need to protect or turn on us later or use against the standard we use against the northern alliance or but every one it is say so: the failure of a much larger size than we have even begun to think through because we ve we have talked about like what what this means ten.
Down the road for american alliances them. What's going on, central Asia what might be going on in the south, China Sea. All of that we ve had that conversation. What we have here is a situation that is like tat chaos on steroids right Trump says. I want this to happen, and then peoples around the table and table. We can't let ok we're right, some half assed executive order to make sure that We can do we can do, but we had them really thought through, and then it goes to the courts and the courts. Stop it and nothing happens right, This is an entirely different set of circumstances, because there was going to be no countervailing pressure. There has been no Sighed, the United States, as you no countervailing pressure on Biden all yet to do or on the Biden. People was sort of like come up with the orderly plan for this that, even though there would be the humiliation, even though there would be the foreign policy catastrophe, even though there would be the law
term consequences. At least the Taliban would not be in possession of american hardware that we could have gotten out yet turned toward that, as is pass the nature of your go here. Just that term access and a story on this- and I know we can talk about as he said- the tenure new forward looking plan, but the ten next days are more critical attitude. Had a story yesterday, another thinking in the way Regarding all the hardware that we leave behind, that is now in Caliban hands hundreds upon these attack helicopters, attack aircraft, fixed wing, aircraft, surveillance, drones, tons of small arms, it set itself and they talked about the way has considering operations to neutralize it blow it up, which you know, is a spectacular wasted, taxpayer dollars in a horrific outcome, but nevertheless region
equally difficult, first of all, because, as the president likes to align, he sees pretences, though, are over the horizon capabilities here. Really, you ve just been tackled, but the experience in the United Nations have in twenty four team, twenty fifteen when ISIS streamed over the syrian border into a rapid, didn't have operatives on the ground to dupe, to perform observations for us and from our observations, provide us and sound and telling, it's where it just using satellites to identify the sort of thing is as easy as it sounds it's not as though this isn't a future written, enhance image, zoo men and just identify Everything you want from space asked it doesn't work that way, we're still logically obliged to human beings to to be idle for us on the ground and the blue, robot blot lost. A lot of them have not lost all them. I'm sayin word execute that strategy be difficult, but about the administrations. Hands are tied because of a deal that there were the Taliban. Why are we not executing missions
your special forces missions to take people out. I've just come to say nothing of the rest of the country like the French are like the British are what the Germans are, because we have to deal with the Taliban and preserving the safety of any activity, This airfield doesn't take much to disable in airfield fire, a couple of borders and the airfield dont work anymore. We need that airfield to function, but it is the it is a deal, utility because are not allowing Americans to get through. We have unconfirmed reports about Americans being harassed beaten, to say nothing of our allies are not making it through this barricade that the Taliban has erected run this airport. So we have this the Taliban to preserve as airport its limit utility because we're knocking the people through aeroplanes are taking off half empty Cancun enough people into the airfield and we're not executing the mission that we're supposed to be executed in a very short time frame, because we're preserving this deal with the Taliban that we can't jeopardized We have to leave them with an arsenal of weaponry that I'm wearing this box, our own making- and the presidency has just asked-
paralyzed by air to the point where there just throwing her hands up and saying, are well, I guess there's thousands of american we're gonna have to leave behind here, because in August thirty first is coming up, and we know why yeah. You know, invalidate our political timeframe, its that is difficult to describe in terms that are at least with profanity? Oh my best, but that is Fine result, but it's it's yes actually easy to describe as though what you're describing is already a hostage situation, Right would they treated they all? They already have Americans as hostages, in the sense that that is their leverage. That is, that is. That is why they, they behold all the cards. They negotiate everything there is to negotiate and we sit there. Kate, field who is the White House Communications director was apparently just on CNN and with Brianna Keller.
And said we're gonna get out as many people as we can buy the August thirty first deadline. What August thirty first deadline when when when was that deadline set It's not clear to me that it was announced that we have not just thirty first deadline. The deadline was last week when the government fell. There is no deadline. We are operating in Who set up a new political reality? We don't know what that means. That was a very peculiar thing I heard you say it is the brass has been saying this August. Thirty first deadline is operative: Joe Biden, set on ABC News that it wasn't operative and now beyond killer goes unseen? and says it is operative. So if you're following this very clear, you really don't know who's in charge everywhere, but what does it mean that its operative, if there
five thousand Americans and Afghanistan on September. First, what deadline has been broken? They still have to be gotten out of their like. There is no. The deadline doesn't exist. If we don't achieve our aim by the time the deadline hits like all I'm sorry, I guess they're gonna cut off the electricity. The way Lloyd often described it was as if that is the case. We will do what we can until the clock runs down. I mean that he said that right. But what does it mean? I mean this is. I said this yesterday and I want to repeat it which is like we are. We are not going leave thousands of Americans behind enemy aims in Afghanistan. This is it's not going to happen. The american public, the American,
local system will not allow it to happen, which means that every day that we don't get them out, we're in a harder and harder and harder situation politically tactically militarily everyone- a slice it too. form the mission that we are going to have to perform one way or the other. But how so to that point I kind of when it not not to be discussed at the Garden party. That are we sure that this administer visions. Hubris has already demonstrated that they will brought out their own kind of political clock on the issue of Americans. Amene, remember, The thai yellow ribbon run the old oak tree did hostage situation had do galvanise the public. They become very focus on getting Americans back home, but they do so Hands have to wait a long time and I can well imagine the Bite administration in a kind of cynical political way saying
We did everything we could. We had to respect this deadline in this package. Of course, weeded negotiated, thought transport. But yes, there are some Americans off behind, but they knew the risks and will do what we can to me. I can see them actually trying to run out the clock on this, particularly if it's difficult at some point to get footage and images that would would galvanise the public to respond. I am stipulating postulate around want to call it that simple political, more all american reality says we are not going to wake up on September. First, with five thousand american still left in Kabul, and say how well you now go to trial after trotted Jump, a plain to you now I don't know where you know too.
to Islam abide and get out get out from there. That is not going to happen. We gonna we entire entire moments in american foreign policy of hinged on ten people being hostage, let alone five thousand or two I was in two or three thousand there's gonna, be no discussion point in the United States other than how are we going to get these people out from under the Taliban, Jack Boot in the United States? No ones a cover for the Biden Administration here they ve stopped covering for the by demonstration a little bit about the media, have no is shaking had on our honour. No, I'm not I'm not disagree. You will all actually set rise by the extent to which the presence been inclined to tell it
this issue and neither the bag administration has been doing its best to signal that the afghan new cycle is over time to move on and are not taking the bait to their credit. On the back to you briefly to the subject that we opens conversation with job islands? The White House has confirmed that Germany will have a one can press conference, which means will show up at one fifteen presuming. He takes at all, they will be limited because the president is going back to Delaware today at Julia to PM. Something is very very wrong, yet it seems to me that stranger, then, the jumbled up quote that you're ready to beginning, because that you know sort of both the inability to to be fluid when you speak, can
I'm a strike, anyone to varying degrees get different times. This is this is a much broader. This is a sort of global problem with him at home. We don't know how the president's spends his days and nights during this this this unbelievable crisis. Well, how about the fact that he didn't couldn't remember what? What? What? What arm of the of the service his his late sambo within which which came up yesterday, I mean I don't I don't want to make light of any of this. In fact, him, that's the opposite, making white. But if, if we think granted like he gets, YO gets a lot of benefit of the doubt is a lot of passes on all sorts of things. If go on like this for another week. You don't think that we're gonna start they're gonna start having excess sense,
conversations about whether or not the president is cognitive, Lee capable of serving in office because our I sure do I, by the way- don't don't look forward to this with any sense of either hole we're schadenfreude or anything like that, because the idea, the idea of common o Hara serving this president fills me is like, is like bring ice into my blood. I mean you know that is that is in some ways more terrifying. Not only that, but we're just speculating we're just imagining, but this crisis, on top of this string of crises that that the country has gone through, including presidential prices over the past two years or so is would be I've been.
An unbelievable body blow to to the republic. Can, I also add, is only a journalist. Is a former fasting glow colonists had had what I think is the best metaphor for the four, this question about Joe Biden competence to do the job that he was elected to do, and he said you know he. It was who signed up for different illusions and politics right now and one of which is that trumpets done. He says he's not, but about Joe Biden, stability and whether or not he is too old, he said, everybody's covering, like everybody's, pretending, alarmingly lost a step or two there's others euphemistic phrases people used to describe. You know how he's been acting, but he said its cotton in this moment now were it's like all. The cars are lined up at a stoplight, the stoplight inviting in the first car everybody else's behind him. The soft light turned screen and he doesn't move and your politely little while you again, I am not going to force this guideline, but eventually everybody's got star hawking because they want to go, and I thought that was kind of perfect as it's not I mean
for whatever reason this car needs to move and it's not removing the way it should so that's kind of it again. I agree with you, John it. Nobody should welcome this even having to have this conversation, but we are weak we're in this moment. We have to have a conversation. I mean I don't think we have to have it yet again. Our milk or male push in a week into the future. I'm saying that if we continue at a circumstance in which Biden is not does not appear to be engaged gives incompetent. Press conferences are, has press availabilities and which does not appear to know what he's talking about or have clarity, or so things that no rational president, would they like. Yes, I expected chaos when we pulled out of Afghanistan that kind of thing which some people
they all you see? Finally, he's telling the truth like now? I'm sorry, that's not that's not the way it goes in today's the twentieth of August. If, on the twenty seventh of August, we can have more the same conversation that we are having now. We not going to be the only people. Having that conversation he's getting a grace period of a weak weaken have two weeks. But if it goes on like this, the grace period will end its assent. Pull fact of the matter that we will be approaching this deadline for Hopefully we will not have our people rescued. We will not have everybody out of there. We will not know what order of battle is going to be once they don't. Out of there and if he's like licking an ice, if he is, you know, if the leak we get So they had Rocky Road ice cream. on Wednesday night before he went to bed.
At seven thirty that is not gonna be good like that is. This is where a lot of people are gonna, jump off the train and You know I again. This is it. This is that this is a perspective analysis. This is not wishful thinking or hope, or anything like that and it may well be that it's not true and that he is just a kind of state of paralysis. because he actually literally doesn't know what to do. Things didn't go the way he wanted them to when they ve all got. It would just and try to figure out how on earth to put lipstick on this pig, because they haven't been able to figure out how to do that get. But if it's worse than that, this conversation is going to be unavoidable in part because it was had some irresponsibly a trump. You know it was so cavalierly brought up in the case of Trump, because people hated him and thought than he was. You know a lunatic
and he's got a lunatic, but there was no reason to believe that he was met yet that he was incompetent to serve in office It's just that they didn't like the way that he pursued the office of the way he behaved in office, and neither did I, but that didn't mean that the american people didn't vote a manner. There was absolutely no reason to invoke this against him. That will not be the case here. This could be, and this could be just go with me for a second. This could be the sort of PLO Perfect object case in why the twenty fifth amendment exists. You're in a crisis and the president appears to be non comp Cement is entirely, and what are you gonna do, because decisions have to be made then have the full force of the executive branch behind them, and unless Unless you have somebody who was the qualified legal executive, it's not that these decisions are to be made by Edith Wilson die.
Edith, Wilson Biden or by you know. Wherever else you know stands in for them We need a president of the United States in who, from whom the executive branches authority flows to be in control and the twenty five member creates that modality temporarily for a couple of weeks or until the president can be, you know, can be thought it to be. Back and in shape to do it or whatever happens after that, but it can't be that you have Guy who was without capacity, middle of a crisis, and you have people who are not elected and have no authority to make these decisions making these decisions. They have no cracked. That's why the twenty fifth amendment exists and, as I say, we're we're not there yet. But you know if, if the cap on foreign relations, is having this conversation about Trump and twenty seventeen they better be having it about Biden in twenty twenty one. If these sorts of things keep
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Do you see today that common Dividend CAFE outcome, goaded dividend CAFE that common sign up for these new letters from the bonds and group the antidote to the intellectual, spaghetti of the financial management and services industry guys the cold with numbers are bad add and they're not banned their bad and they're, not bad. So we sickly now having been a month ago or two weeks ago, having been you know, down too close to a hundred deaths today, where now up to about nine hundred, does today but we have night. We know we have had an increase in the death toll of about nine times. We have case loads. You now ten times higher So this is horrible and we are seeing you know we're seeing tat consequences everywhere in the ice.
swelling up in rural places and all of that, and so this is absolutely horrible. However, I want to read something to you: from one of our least favorite, one of our least favoured people, barber forever the health The public health commissioner of L, a county who reported that the percentages of vaccinated people who test positive, our hospitalized or die from Cobain remain low in L, a county less than one percent of the nearly five point: one five million fully vaccinated county residents, as Tuesday, twenty seven thousand- have tested positive. That's a rate of point five percent: only seventy two seven hundred and forty two were hospitalized for a rate of point o one four percent, only sixty eight have died for a rate of point o o one
three percent hospitalization numbers have been rising steadily for more than a month, but for rare noted today that between April and MID August, roughly twenty five percent of the colored positive patients, malay were hospitalized for a reason other than the corona virus. Their infection was detected only during a routine admission. Screening She was quick to add, however, quote: let's be clear, they definitely have covered. We're not flaming our cases who asked her if we were in it if they were inflating your case, it's the gentleman does protest too much methinks so what we have here is exactly what we thought we had. It is an epidemic of the UN's vaccinated. It is a tragedy
In the end, it is an epidemic of the UN's vaccinated old. It is on that I know of of people older than twenty five we are now making policy choices based on the behaviour of the vaccinated, which was the whole point of the vaccination campaign to begin with was not to have to do that guy's. What is all this tell you the and that the level of apoplexy among the intelligentsia and the people who are in our business and a right for living, talk for a living to say nothing of policymakers over? break for cases where- and some of them are severe now I don't mean specializations severe. I mean these people bed rest at home or drinking orange juice. Third, the third making videos into them phones about how bad they feel it's a bad flourish
nightmare for them, but it's not life threatening side, even threatening for hospitalization, but that's what they're focused on their hyperbolic their apoplectic about the about getting this breakthrough cases which are not threatening to any infrastructure in this country, and this total each bans the terms of engagement in this war against this disease. To the point where mission creep has led us into this suicidal chasm, where we cannot escape the the Emergency measures that we put in place in twenty twenty to preserve the hospital system now I ve been talking about the hospital system with the exception of the South American South, whether some my levels of UN vaccinated people, an industrial system is filling up it out elsewhere in the country. That is not the case and what is it game here if the end game, as we can't get, the countless people get sick, which are rapidly has become an especially in school.
Samuel, I'm going, my kids are going to a new school next year and if you're sick now recovered, if you have the sniffles, you are to stay away for a week. You are to be remote for a week, that is, policy and its madness. Its action The magnets it k is unsustainable in the definitional sense of the term. You cannot keep doing this forever. It will have to stop. You know it would not be mad, as it would not have been members had some things happen like had. The rapid home tat that was advocated and develop in up by Michael Means of Harvard had that actually been a real thing, because then you could be in a situation in which no, your kid has the snow. you, give them a home tasked with we literally like lick on you now honour on a piece of paper, and if it turns blue, they stay home and four terms read. They doubt instant exposure question of whether or not they have in out they have that
married in their system or they dont on a daily basis. Everybody in America could be doing this on a daily basis. For some reason, we refuse to develop this capability. You have to jack. The premises we refrain because it is, it is entirely unnecessary to do that. The children that is entirely in the certainty that to protect adults are eligible to be vaccinated. If we're talking about something that has not life threatening, no, you don't have to do that to children. There is- no rationale for beyond preserving the status quo in perpetuity. I reject the premise fundamentally at root and I think this also speaks to the issue of the masturbate- that obviously completely capture and a lot of school boards in and local school an opposite governors or are not at this is important I'm gonna, keep saying in the strong. They are
issuing mandates. What they're saying is that you cannot have a mask mandate. You may still go to school in the mask of Europe as apparent decide. The wrist your child is high, and you want your child too, where mass that your decision to make, but the school cannot insist on it. that's what the rhetoric of noise, like two centres and others have said that our infuriating that kind of the elite and pursue the media class. However, we there so many things about these debates that are happening so on the mask issue. For example, we have a ton of evidence from Europe where children, young children were not required to be mass even prior, to hire vaccination rates last year and proof that they didn't and encourage community spread the spread, happens mainly through the adults who are unbox needed at this point, and that is true in schools as well, and yet we're having these pitch battles about whether or not children's footwear mass to the point where we have this absolutely ridiculous opinion piece in the New York Times this week by a psychologist to claims actually wearing a mass, will help your choice
learn its cause, it's ridiculous! It's ridiculous! She invokes well, you know, congenitally blind children learn just fine, I mean we have. We ve got fucker B and rational debate if we're starting to compare the vast majority of children to the convention. The blind and seeing this as it is a positive development and educate. That's why I was gonna say you know, I don't take any policy here and ease of technological implementation like the at home test, about which I shared knows feelings, but also I don't. I don't think that they would in any way stop the man is the madness will find womb on top of whatever is going on. So if you have the home tests, though they'll be Rina. Reports will start coming as well. We don't know how sensitive they really are. We don't know how they respond to the delta variant,
so I mean I already know people that don't accept the results of a quickie tasso. Even if it's you no negative multiple times they go and get the fear that the more accurate one it's the madness itself is is one way phenomenon. That's not any longer connect it too how we respond. Yeah, there's a bargaining element to this that the people really want out of this genuinely want out of this are going through right. Now I will just given to this demand every just consent. this measure. If there's just this, investigation that we can all take and then eventually logo away. I'll go away. It won't go away. It will never go away. The people doing the steel like doing this to you. There is no other option but resistance, and that that's why the parents, who are resisting Our is vigorous in their resistance, as they are in its wider there being pilloried by the mainstream media, but they have a point I mean the parents who are arguing about the supper showing up there
signs that you know say things like we're, not gonna we're, not gonna. We are your fear, your feet. In a word I mean a pair. I dont, co parent with the government is what one of that some of the signs- and they have a point- They have a point because they have realised probably too late, that they actually have rights, that the government does not have over the over decisions about how their children should live. Work all these things, and it's it's, I think unfortunately, that no. It is right that, as long as you have a small vocal minority backed up by a means, the media, and quite frankly and administration- that's caves ITALY, to any of these fears, parents really have to push back about the mass mandates about love these ok. So since I am, I, since you guys, are barber waving the gas flag and I'm the appease or let me just stem, wouldn't let me just ask you the term special,
on this, which is what we have is an epidemic of the UN backs needed is, it is it is. It is tearing through an vaccinated communities, is killing people who are the and non vaccinated? What do we do? What do we do thousand people a day or now dying. What do we do? I may I I know that. I said you know weeks ago. When this all started. We are not responsible. You know it's like they're they're, basically like their driving drunk in poetry or their tiger woods there, speeding down a road and they put their own car we are now responsible for them flipping their own. Are our only only public health issue here has to do with whether or not they can spread and kill other people, the only people that their killing our other.
people who are also driving drunk on the same road. Is there let's just be like hard nosed about this? What is there a public go ahead? I think there's a better and an analogy involving driving their not wearing seat belts and the only people their killing our people who, on other. Warrant wearing seatbelts to to do what we are currently doing would be to prohibit areas of the country from using their cars at all, because there are people on the road without seatbelts. I think what we do is in terms of a policy
not much, not much very, very little, the minimum they are. These are adults who are making a free choice about their lives. Exactly like smokers, smoking is legal, not taking. The vaccine is legal. Both are stupid, both are potentially deadly. There is nothing for us to do about it and an institution that don't want to allow smoking in. and their facilities have every legal and constitutional right to do that, and I think it's perfectly appropriate sound for these private institutions absent eight days state of Venus level mandate to say I'm not gonna. Let you end without a vaccination card, there will be challenges to that. We talked about that is much more difficult to impose their own. These can these firms and businesses and in favour of that privately. But these communities have made a choice and we are not doing that communities in the detail, for example, who are not doing that have made a choice that they will tolerate a certain level of debt in order to have the services and freedom
that they enjoy. We think that, in a rational choice, I think it's an rational choice, but that is the choice that they have made and we can't rationalize them out of it. So there's nothing to be done, but use the seat belt analogy right. and in the ninety Ladys they cast out laws. So you don't actively arrest somebody who was driving in the car without a seat, but if you pull them over your copy pull them over for speeding and they're, not wearing a seat belt. can there be right of whatever form it, whereas the membership of Irish, if cops, easy, now wearing seep algae, isn't these obligingly over ok right sobered than them, So let's use that analogy. Ok, You are somehow there. There are laws, and these were litigated unconstitutionally litigated, because we were outraged by sea by laws and help laws and things like that, and they went through the courts and the court. Several you don't have an unlimited right, too
by the car driver near that's my civil right to drive an automobile or or up or a motorcycle, or something like that. You have to abide by. community standards and wear seat I'll be, As you know, if you cracked whatever but so I'm just saying it's not as though we just say: ok well, you can drive around without a state, but we don't have we do we do we authority in Europe, but we do because the state of main does not require motorcyclist where helmets, local, local elected This is where federalism comes into this equation, because some states have decided the risk is fine to know his point. In Maine, you can crews run on your cycle without a helmet. You see tons of people doing it. Oh I thought father was. I thought you were federal highway laws, money that work was connected to that. Ok, so I new Hampshire fearlessly, making it doesnt have a seatbelt, Mandy. Ok, so I'm just a lot. So so so forget me, then,
but I will say this, which is, I think, that the resistance when it comes to children, the resistance, is real and that their there there needs to be a resistance, but the problem is- and this goes to Christine's piece in the current commentary. the parents revolt and whether not there's gonna be parents settlement. The problem is that most people in the country don't have children and they don't have school age, children Maybe it's no scam off their nose of a kid where's mount a masquerade hours a day. It is now get off their knows, they don't care. Seventy five percent of people don't have kids under under eighteen, don't have kids in school between the ages of foreign, eighteen or whatever it is, and they don't care and so there is very little that can be done to sort of change those,
numbers in appalling way that will have that will cause politicians to tour or public health officials to relent. I just think practically speaking at let you know, I'm not a pause for a second talk about our final sponsor in them can go into the final moment here. File sponsor is our me one. This week re con, cons, everyday ear buds. They are fantastic, no matter how you're feeling about getting back out there into the wider world as were taught him tat you need to, and when the world gets too loud? You can create your own soundtrack by popping in those rake on wireless ear, buds that soundtrack him include list. Thing, so the commentary magazine podcast, which a lot of people do as they are taking a walker going around or Bonn Subways or in public transport or whatever
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or Democrats. Democrats want us to now want to spend three and a half trillion dollars on this reconciliation package and their power. the wheels are coming off their party all over the place. We have this Afghanistan crisis and we have the surge in cove id and and the Republicans are not implicated in the surgeon covered in this one sense, which is that the public for good or ill does not associate them with a stringent rules involving covered that will have effects on people's personal life. And personal behaviour basking mandates whenever haven't in New York state having to show your your vaccine path, So whatever you want to call it, however, slicer, that people are giving get angry about covered or if businesses arguments sea will fall offs in their business. Because of some of these cover numbers, I dont think they're gonna blame Republicans. I think they are
or likely to blame the powers that be who are imposing these mandates and in these in these bump loosed aids who are in a blue state governors. So I think the politics of things are chart I don't. I dont really understand how Democrats think they're gonna work there will, over the next couple of months with everything that is coming at them, and everything is going in correction opposite from the one that is helpful to them getting their agenda through CAN anybody see a way in which they maneuver, except through just through both force To close, I decided she wanted to go to war with the moderates, who said just give us the hard infrastructure bill now that we can pass and will discuss it their bill later. That could be an incredibly stupid move on her part because they could score this victory next week. They could change the topics we
by passing the infrastructure bill Monday. I mean, I don't even know if the houses and next week, but they could, on Monday Biden could sign it on Tuesday they could at least have something under their belt, they could claim as a victory in the middle of all this chaos and madness and she's gonna hold that a hostage and everything could melt down between now and when the budget conciliation package comes through. I've been under on the point about blaming Republicans for what's going on with with covered there's something slightly interesting going on in that Republicans Org, the blame, but it's like a republican citizens were getting the blame. You know it's not it's not! On the leaders, it's it's it's! the blame is on, like you know the the robes
out there who are keeping us in it, but you know it in the in the pandemic. That's kind of unusual, that's kind of an unusual way to sort of attack the actual room, republican leadership but but because they are. Nonetheless, I want to read to pieces to very similar pieces today. Talk discussing the way houses thinking, particularly with regard to Afghanistan, the great life crisis at the moment by the debts applicable generally. First, quote from Reuters NEWS story this morning what President job in his brush off criticism of his administrations, chaotic Afghanistan, withdrawal, because he and his aids believe the political followed at home will be limited according to ways have White House AIDS and administration officials in the Atlantic has a peace that dovetails Peter Nipples, who say away as Rapporteur for the Atlantic summarizes that data
the peace Dustily quote: people close to bind visualize. The political scenario in which I can stand doesn't hurt him politically. Voters preoccupied with their own lives and tired of the war will appreciate, but that he withdrew. U S forces after twenty years, we should really fear the prospect of that scenario playing out in so far as it means Americans are so Alison indifferent towards the fate of our soldiers, the sacrifice of? U S, interests, the trading of long term security, visa, be non state. Terrorist acts, and great powers that seek to undermine american hegemony that we will just be done. I don't I don't detect that in the ether. I don't feel that yet I now feel anything like that. Fortunately, and if the White House is right there, banking on
Perkins willingness to to endure decline, and that is a terrible indictment of a presidency that they think this country is just spent, whereas spent force and it's time to acknowledge that and sink into a warm bath and succumb to the forces of history. I hope they're wrong but, if they're right, it's even more terrible than what they ve unleashed. Well, I mean, I think that is an interesting. bad NEWS Biden Biden has saved, would be saved by a buy. It now to President see assertion that, despite talk about how the trumpets gonna make Amerika great again and Biden Talk that return to normal, say in all of this that we are in a new situation in which America retreats, and so instead of you know, advances the cause,
liberty, freedom, american interests or whatever you want to say and and and retreats, interpol like fear and isolation at home. Income, to a virus that you can avoid, having terrible consequences from if you just get the goddamn vaccine, and so we're going to learn something very powerful about this country in the next couple of months, and we began barbaric, keep our eyes open to make sure that what we see is what's really happening. I must now I dont think that work were done yet, but you know we might. He done, I mean it happens. Britain was done after world war to you. Now we might be done. I doubt it, but we be done without exception, as factors just do it just begun by virtue of
just being kind of sleepy, I just need a little nap. So let's just sacrifice everything we ve acquired over the two hundred forty years of those countries: history, you wouldn't being like great Britain sacrificing empire pulling back. empire under extreme duress? There's no appeal it will duress and look around you much duress it. This is a crisis that we can get through. All of these are crises we yet through and have done so rather admirably, but this warehouse has just in them. To surrendering give up- and I think that's where the american public ART and I will, I hope to god- they misjudged us- I think they have, but the fact that, as this is the Temple that they're taking of this environment is itself very unnerving. Well, It's the only bet they have right now, the only play they got, the only play a goddess. Yeah people aren't gonna care. You know they're just gonna be there more interested in the car, dashings and emails,
and the real house. Why now really dating myself, because that stuff is like ten years old and other more interested in whoever the latest Tik Tok star is, whose name I don't know but there are other bet about people not carrying is completely dependent on the loss of american lives Then they have their fingers and toes and everything else crossed, as as we all should that no Americans die through at whatever else goes on whatever horrible scenes. We see whatever happens, Afghans in we'll wells and wherever they take the day their views, your bed is lost, if Americans die and remember, it only took two Americans to die at I mean that sounds Kallas. To put it that way, so I apologise, but I mean it took two Americans in the house devices, tort, being tortured and dying for the politics of ISIS to flip entirely in the United States. Where mean
I mention this before, but we went from sixty four percent and fulfil of a total incomplete, pull out from Iraq. To sixty four percent saying we need its defeat. Isis, it was a complete flip around as a result of these two taught. You know these two monstrous, some killings of Americans and when he thirteen twenty fourteen anyway, so we're not dead yet, and and and and that's the fact that I think no is right- the fact that the people seem to be betting on that as their desperate hope that this is one way they can get out of this catastrophe that they have imposed on us for no good reason other than their own get out ornery calculations about or Biden's on, the ornery calculations about what it was that he did and did not want to do in relation to this. that that they're playing the hand they have to play and if its efforts
We hope it's a losing hands. I think there is every reason to believe that it's it's a losing hand and if it that America's losing hand and not tied and with that I will not be I'll, be out the first step three this next week, so I will leave podcasting. hands of my colleagues here and I am sure that they will make you you won't miss me and you're, probably not want me to come back to us. So great, a Christina Noah Departure, in my absence, keep the gambler.
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