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When Will Liberals Get Off the Party Line?

2021-06-18 | 🔗
Today's podcast discusses the amazing fact that conservative justices on the Supreme Court often go against what people say their political allies demand of them—but this happens far more rarely among liberal justices. Now, why would that be? Also... Donald Trump is running. Give a listen.
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Welcome to the Commentary Magazine Daily podcast today is Friday June. Eighteen, twenty twenty one, I'm drunk onwards. The editor commentary magazine with me is always executive. Editor, a re, a job. see if editor nor Rossman high. Now I and senior writer Christine rose and high Christine John, so we to the ports ring decisions yesterday, and I am now going to make a dark confession to to arm listeners witches. I dont think that any of US
read the decisions, and so we can really talk about them. We can gloat a little bed on the in a liberal panic about Amy Coney Barrett. How are becoming Barrett has demonstrated her it out. This whole lied about how she was gonna overturn about Burma That's why she was brought to the court may raise tens of millions of dollars. Democrats did running against her and talking about this and the danger of, in our trump being. Whatever, however, was, and then, of course she up. She said the Texas stay at international that have gone along with taxes, effort to extirpate the affordable care act. They did not have standing to do so and therefore up ended this preposterous charge that she had been brought on for the specific purpose of doing injury to the specific polluted
Oh you know, though, wonderment of of the Obama administration helped happy. No man, copper by the way, for all the many you know with hand, wringing think big thing pieces. We saw in the mainstream media telling us how she was the second coming at the apocalypse for all projects we are continuing to see their, which I think is worth noting that seen a few mentioned by legal observers hang on the last thing. You know that when this be a really high note for Stephen prior to retire on, isn't it time like they're they're, really pushing the we want to have a nominee, and I really hope Stephen Briar Dixon seals are refuses to go just just out of space, even though these decisions are made, but that kind of ghoulish circling of the vultures that happens whenever there is an older liberal on and drives me little man, but I think we got a couple more years of that too. In store is well worth. So, let's talk about the fantastic bit of truly mother. I think them of politicians,
the troll, as as it as a matter of course, but I want to praise the trolling that much work Well did earlier this week because I think it is very amusing right. He said that, should Republicans secure the Senate majority in twenty twenty two, and should there be an opening court in twenty twenty three that he would not allow there to be. A vote on binds nominee on the court until action. but it's way for now. You may remember so that this this this establishes the new precept. The precept was: ok, we're not voting on a Supreme Court nomination in an election year so that people can decide. You know what it is. That was the merit garlon thing where he wouldn't let Merrick Ireland even like at a hearing, whatever, ok, outrage screams of outrage all that. So now now he has
how he has pulled this back to say he won't do it for two years now. Why do I think that this is funny? Here's what I think it's one number one conservatives now have a majority. I haven't em an unambiguous majority on the court. That was not the case before in part, because Anthony Kennedy was Siena, Anthony Quaint Kennedy, and there was a was a completely unreliable boat for them, then basically kind of fino ended up in Portugal and Social issues as a liberal, but so so you know them. Also, the court really wasn't questions no longer in question, so it doesn't really matter who were places briar of Prior retires in that sense, because, except for the fact that they could replace him with a forty two year, old would be like what happened with Clarence Thomas and the guy. The person in question could be serving for more than three decades, which will be the case with Clarence Thomas glances
and his thirtieth year as its record justice. But there's really matter, ok, so why do I think that this is fantastic trawling? as it is driving them crazy so now, having created this idea that Briar really had to retire, which of course is based on the having to deal with the fact that Ruth Better Ginsburg had refused to retire during Obama. Second, term, even though she was over eighty and and then die than office, leaving her sea to be taken over by me, Coney Barrett. They are like in a panic that Briar out needs to go now before something happens. Where're. You know he lives long enough, so the republicans- can replace him so Mcconnell by saying- I'm not going to allow a vote if we win the majority in November twenty twenty two
forcing them to live. spend a year and a half beating up on this old man, a Supreme court pushing him desperately to get there Oh god, I don't call me old man like he's in full, as far as we know is certainly in judging by his work on the benches in full existence of his faculties. He is not slow.
down. He's actual. You know he doesn't have a huge health issues that we know what I mean the guy's fine. Let him do his job he's ITALY, one he's an old man. He could be having a blue played Special Boca right now, if, if you know under under other circumstances, so so this is all a kind of form of psych sire seaports, getting getting them to focus themselves on a completely extraneous issue that doesn't have an effect on the balance of the court or anything like that. I just think it's it's hilarious risk, as he doesn't know, he's gonna have a cell majority number one, and- and we don't know
they will actually live up to this promise. This guarantee that he won't won't allow vote number to an end, and I don't know I just I just think it's. I just think it's funny emigrants now created a new dynamic is, of course, I think, he's also anticipating the fact that, because he made this rule about garland in future, Democrats are, my guess is, should should bright shouldn't A Republican went and twenty twenty four and should Briar retire. Somebody else, like you, know, go off the court in twenty twenty five or twenty twenty six and should Republic should Democrats have the hat majority the majority in the Senate. They will not allow a vote for three years. It will not allow vote for four years. They will say this is what was sauce for the gander, so I should have they just didn't, want an Republican,
naw man, they didn't want a democratic nominee in twenty. Sixteen there not get no more publican nominated for four years, so his rent is paying that anyway, maybe I'm being like cynical and it's like ridiculous, but I just think that it's really funny. Should I not think it's funny? Is anyone gonna like stand up for like earnestness in politics? Go ahead, someone someone play I will have you gotta get out an I ride. I might Neil ISM here. Now that you know that's I've. I've figured you would be really am I that uptight, no, but you're. You know upstanding I'll, please! Oh it's Bob! It's it's as it has as humor it's fine. I don't find out. I don't see any impropriety in the Senate doing exactly what the Senate wants to do in this, and it wants to do it. It's in it that include
tweaking. You will live hook. Movement had I don't. I don't buy, meant to be a particularly untoward, and I never really Jan fell in with the arguments that anything image Mcconnell handed over the course of twenty sixteen or twenty twenty violated some some norm. Son custom made the culture and tenant worse than it was on me. I never. I never thought any that had any the repercussions that the left did and it still pretty remarkable. The extent to which this is only an activist crusade on the left public and spent twenty thirty years acclimated themselves to the idea. I do not agree
through its level that the courts and appointments on the court's represented a break at check on the legislative ambitions of the left and Democrats, trade, the work themselves into that over the course of twenty sixteen twenty twenty, the Trump residency? Really seeing what happen America online, but it didn't, take it still hasn't taken and they still perceive
and to be an extension of the legislation, the legislature, which has led to the psychological conditions where they just really can wrap their heads around the notion that the legislature as anything other than that the court, the bench is anything other than a super legislature, so wide devote your focus to the bench till the dense deadliest worker, a focus on the legislature. It states the most important branch of government which did not wrong about on, but they still haven't worker their heads around the need for this sort of activism as a Czech on their ambitions, and that's that still conservative predilection serves. And while I may put the EMA that there is a very good reason for that, which is that they do want to use, the legislature for social engineering purposes and expansion of government purposes. That's what they want. That's there that they have no hesitation about passing legislation that you know that sort of vat
Expands the federal government and expands the reach of the federal government or government in general right conservatives do have a problem with that and therefore being in control of the legislature when they get uncontrolled legislatures is, is simply a nagging. virtue, because they're not gonna, do a lot of things is this are pre trumpets ever there are going to do a lot of things to advance their agenda because they don't believe in passing lots of blood. Laws. So what they need is a check on the legislature on legislative activism. But democrats dont need a check on legislative activism, because the hebrew coherent legislative activism and that's it so it of the dynamic was always was always off because and we saw the since twenty two and twenty eleven read the tea party comes.
And they get elected. They come to Washington and their agenda. Is we don't want to do anything for the like the first time in political history, you had a movement that was dedicated to tee, king over control of the levers of power in Washington, whose All was stopping things were not doing things They ran into the buzzsaw of the illogic of this position, because legislators do things now they can do things more incrementally that can do things more slowly, but you know they have to act to have to pass budgets. You know they have to they have to. They have to fund the essential workings of government and, in a lot of these tea party, guys didn't even want to fund the essential workings of the federal government that we all
take for granted- and then you got this like nightmarish, show down in the middle of twenty eleven where you know they want to the government down and they don't even know how gonna restart at big. They couldn't. You know we both in twenty eleven and twenty thirteen. There was this at least twenty thirteen was incredibly stupid. Yo Ted crews had this, the other which other government down until Obama purse We decided to kill a bum care for him right at least that was kind of like goal or an aim, I'm what I remember twenty eleven was the conservatives said things like we need to fight. We have to fight. Let's fight, we need to be fighting. We need to keep this going. So we can fight and simple. What are you fighting at some point? You know you have to pay the people who work at the Social Security Administration. You know you have
the pay there. You know how many other, how many federal workers are? Three million somewhat you have to pay the aid they need to get their salaries. You are making it impossible for them to get their salaries and, for you know the simple things that the federal government has to do to keep America going, including like the military out- and you know you can't just stop the spur turn off the spigot and and so it was a real problem. That's why can service focused so intently on the cork? Has the court records? the check on legislative ambition that has serious, intellectually thorough and is the best the highest level of argument against liberal override. Also why
in Britain. The judicial branch, the Supreme Court in particular, continues to be compared to the presidency and the and Congress held in high esteem by most Americans, and if there is a level of cynicism that I would welcome. Seeing in our national conversation about the course it would be on the part of average Americans who have to consume every time. There's a republican nominees to the high court ridiculous drivel as ABC responding about Amy Coney Beret that she's gonna destroy the SBA sooner she's terrible they dressed up as this is gonna, destroy all rights for women in that kind of hyperbole and has gotten to the point where they D been crying wolf. Every time, there's denominate right. The way they cheered cabinet was egregious, then honey. Bear it also treated badly. There's no did they seem to have the memory of goldfish when it comes to understanding that, if you keep, telling people that these nominees are gonna, do terrible things in the name of political partisanship and then one day when they
if you add decisions from the benches proven over and over again, that that's not what they're doing need people should stop listening to those activists in the act of its members of Congress who make. there? You know Instagram story every time, but it has no substance it. It's not just hyperbole. It is, and we see this again and again, we saw yesterday it was a fundamental misunderstanding of what of a conservative just This is very think it is the mirror image version of left wing judicial activism, but that is not what being conservative justice is about it is, it is being faithful to a kind of reading of the constitution, even if that means, in some cases okay and policies that, as a conservative, you wouldn't agree with that. Right, daddy account that yesterday, where there's and genuine real confusion. This Obamacare ruling came down republic injustices site
against the Texas Petition and when people are less reliable, how does this advance conservatism houses good free of an because it's the preservation of the principle that the original public, meaning of the constitution survives process matters procedure matters that really is an objective four concerns not nodded nodded la legislative objective, not a political objective, and that was something that you know in Somalia was an advocate foreign and incoming bear, it was one of his protegee. And in a subsequent decision yesterday that we got the conservatives are very mad about the which I think John you want to go into later, but I am just a transition into that briefly,
from the religious liberty decision that was apparently too narrow, narrowly decided for some some voices on the right. They wanted it to be expensive to the point where it overturned a decision and employment, division versus Smith, employment, division versus methods and ninety ninety case that found that there was constitutional to deny and individual access to, for example, climate benefits because they had violated stay prohibition on the use of parity, even though the a parity was was being used in April just ceremony. They wanted that decision overturned the majority of in that case is written by it in his clear rights that this is a very important point, because when they say things like conservatives legislate from bench. I don't want to like to dislike get what about here, but Ruth, Better Ginsburg died A year ago, girl boss, you know posters, her exercise, routine, Kate, Mckinnon
doing in imitation of her out of the heroic what wondrous, heroic key figure whose, but on the court who was on the court for twenty five years, I think, twenty six years, When did she ever do anything surprising when She ever make a ruling. That was down the line, a kind of partisan ruling. When was she not carrying her? As we used to say New York now merely dating myself, her channel thirteen PBS. tote bag with her decision in the tote back, however, Thomas Scalia, Alito, Gore such and now bear it all of them and bear it, and courses, of course, only having
on the court for a couple of years have conceal an Scully, as you say in the case of employment versus Smith, have consistently ruled in ways that break this, that the notion that they are simply there to reinforce conservative worth at work republican orthodoxy. They are not worth that they may be orthodox conservatives as they Anderson. And if they are not orthodox Republicans, and that is not true of suddenly or it is not true of of Ginsburg. It's not it's Ultra Kagan, it's a little taken a little bit an briar a little bit- but I dont say one of the reasons: the Army geez late in life, late in Korea. elevation to the status of cultural icon, I think sometimes obscures
back then, although your ride, she wasn't, you didn't do a lot of things that were out of seemed out of out of character for her philosophy. She was, she was a procedure that's right. I mean you can look at house look at her decisions because you came to him. She wasn't. She wasn't an activist on the bench in the way that I think we were discussing activism, but I do think that that's me- that Weird Cultural enshrine minimum. We talk about this without you up with her, I mean we have new roles in disseminating. It is over the top and I know this is someone who, like I have a lot of respect for her, but it was. It was, I think that started to, we are all the minds of these activists and think that link you shouldn't have that kind of sense of heroism of someone who is a public service? You still, she was still observe it for what was famous for what was it but the personality around her foreign affairs, the generalization of anybody, his career spans, the quarter century, of course, but nevertheless her. Let her activists base that really anointed her loved were heard two cents, was the fact that she was standing. I throw Lord the magician
the opinion they concurring opinions. She was she was She was a boy, then the objections of the side that lost the argument, which has a pernicious psychological effect. If you perceive yourself to be constantly losing heroically losing martyring yourself, nonetheless losing that's. That was the colonel than do. You know the nucleus around which this cult formed, which which, probably as in under explored aspect of phenomena, although to be fair, Scalia, was famous for his the sense, the most famous Supreme Court decision ever written, probably in an absolutely has to centre right right The English is like a logical. Effective procedures need to be constantly losing right now, but this case like Harlin's descent and pleasant versus Ferguson, is probably the most famous I'm in your way
the three or four most famous Supreme Court decisions ever written, it's easy to write a fake who sent you know why, and this is actually exposed in the Philadelphia Charities Catholic charities case. That is the second case. It was released because cobbling together. The argument that the majority can agree on creates a consensus document that- will often be habits. Intellectual sales, trimmed in order to garner the greatest the largest amount of support, or to tell decision two hundred and fifty four this is- was nine hundred and two whole other conversations have, but but you're, not writing your own opinion. You are writing a consensus opinion on a nun on how to get how you got to having a majority
read this agree in the largest sense too. You know whatever the decision is, and then you have to reflect the consensus of that majority and it may be intellectually inconsistent. So in that, in the in the case of the Catholic Adoption Agency and Philadelphia there were, there was a can cook concurrent there were concurrence. Is that attacked, The decision this is kind of weird so there's their concurrence is one by Alito, Alito Gore such an Thomas, which said we really want this to go further. We wanted it to overturn Smith, one that that that the term by the way? Again, I'm gonna say this: I'm basing this entirely new stories didn't read the decision. I usually do, but I didn't yesterday, a we wanted
overturn this and we didn't, and the Dutch, business, cowardly or the decision is incomplete and its based on a will o the wisp thing that will not help establish jurisprudential the jurisprudential grounds for how to deal with issues like this going forward. We have provided no guide bab to lower courts on what to do in cases that are redolent of there. which is part of the purpose of a Supreme Court decision course. It is too narrowly focused on the case but also to provide intellectual guidance on where to go with cases like this and they there's another concurrence this one by calves, I'm bear it? That is centrally, if I understand this kind of attack on the market,
servant of concurrence that supports the idea of moving incrementally in this direction. What's interesting about this, so they're making each of them each of these conferences, which is not the majority opinion, are making very interesting intellectual arguments that almost by definition, the magician we cannot make and what that's why the sensor so powerful, because its antonyms Scalia saying this is horrible. This is disgusting. How dairy it whatever it is out where we want to go with it and then maybe somebody else will sign on Thomas would have signed on or something but he was arguing his own view. It's a it's an object. Heads like it's out. You know it's a principled statement, a purpose that does not have any politics behind. But it also right that we should also give respect words due to the extreme magic in a way that the chief Justice Roberts has has
after you know. His goal does seem to be to get get away from these split decision, get more towards majority decisions, show the court acting as one in bringing down decisions that aren't five four, but but have more people. on his side. In that I mean that's actually really hard to do. That's an active leadership. He talked about John Marshall being his hero when he was when he was first He has shown a wet the angers of conservatives all the time doing this, but he cares about the institution of the and one of the ways he's trying to me, ten, its credibility is too short, exactly as you say, on these kinds of decisions where you're you're getting a lot of different legal arguments to agree in an weird way? That's what we wish Congress would do with large sweeping pieces of legislation like compromise on some the extremes to get you no more people on board, but I really think he's been kind of masterful and how he's rallied his his justice is set to come to some agreement on these really difficult cases. Having said that, we could never mention John Roberts, his name without mentioning
mentioning the single most factitious supreme court, designer rang one in the Obama CARE case where he said it was attacks on page twelve and that it wasn't attacks on page thirty, five. it is, it is one of the most intellectually egregious documents ever produced in the United States of America and he what should be shamed forever for having produced at a notwithstanding his clear political skills, and this and this deep inside to show commitment to the notion that if the Supreme Court can show consensus, it can help you. in some of the rage and horror of our current political life, and in that sense you know that this is a very interesting conversation right.
The conservatives on the court say this decision could have been six three. we didn't need the liberals. What we needed was a statement of purpose about the interference governments, interference with religious liberty We took a wrong turn in with the Smith case in nineteen thirty years ago. We need to get ourselves back on track and if the liberals want agree, tough, and then you get the other concurrence that says you know it's pretty good that the liberals again feed, but we really do need to that. This can be the be all and end all of it, and then you get
the nine o decision that fines in the narrow case of the Catholic chairing the catholic Adoption efforts in Philadelphia that they were that their religious liberty was was violated and that that that specific thing that happened needs to stop without much in a broader reflection and that that's a pretty interesting kind of expression of the three paths that the this could all go. I'm not that I have any idea what that means having yet where, where it's gonna go from here, but does it doesn't suggests an interesting and the possibilities. For example, the court takes up offer action again in the near future. I mean you're a lot of really complicated, difficult issues, for which decades ago we made a lot of poor policy decisions and now we're we're now we're seeing legal challenges to those. Well, that's! What's adjusting cause again, let's talk,
the concerns and the court right. So up, the firmer action was saved in two thousand and three by one justice that was Sandy Oconnor, wanted it to be temporary. Still, who said right? Who said, maybe another. Maybe another ten fifteen years you can, you can use race as as accounting factor and then it should stop. But what's important about that and then of course you have abortion and that was the result of one guy. That was Anthony Kennedy, who ruled in favour of the majority. In the case of case and ninety ninety two, ninety Monday, three note that these essentially liberal arguments were preserved by conservative justices. What I'm going to go back to is, I'm gonna hold my breath until a liberal justice does something comparable to what Kennedy and O Connor and sooner it that what what what we
cynics on the right of always called growing in office that they they wanted to get the praise from the New York Times editorial obeyed. So they went that way. But even if you think that that's too nihilistic, that they were sufficiently heterodox in their own approach to ideas that day, you know largely seem to be aligned with that they could rule against them and that's where the question is When does that happen? For the liberals on the court, maybe it happened yesterday, maybe you can say that's what happened in the in the in the Catholic case about gay adoptions, or maybe not, but that's that's where that goes, and if you want, her dark, if you want conservative, heterodox e one great place to look for it- is in dividend, cafe: dot com that Daily NEWS letter produced by David bonds. and our friends at the bond, some group that three billion dollar financial management services firm by coastal but
in California, in New York, David and his colleagues, you know r, r, r, r take very seriously there there their charge to steward husband and and and and bring new profits to their investors and the people whom whose money they manage, and so David provides them with a daily paradigm. view with a daily reckoning, an understanding of the markets, and he is right now he is the leading, heterodox voice when it comes to questions of the dangers of inflation. You heard him on this package, to which your saying the threat to the United States is not. Inflation is deflation. The threat is not by more Germany, its Japan
from nineteen ninety to twenty twenty and that he and he marshals a lot of evidence and a lot of interesting details to to to make this a very important argument: the jury's out, obviously we'll we were not going to we're not going to know for a couple of years, who's right and who's wrong in this case, but dividend CAFE is the place to go. If you need to hear this argument- and you do need to hear this argument because Everybody is kind of sir, including little liberals are certainly rather they'll. Just say: oh no, the inflation was transitory. Concerns are saying, the inflation is a huge nineteen. Seventeen like threat David saying you are looking in the wrong place and you are therefore going to make mistakes as you invest and you're going to make mistakes. As you understand, american politics go to dividend. Cafe that come subscribe, get in your mailbox every night during the week you will. Thank me. It is
it is the antidote to the intellectuals, Getty of the financial services and management industry. Donald Trump hasn't are bad in real, clear politics. This you just sounds so like him. I mean you can imagine him sitting with his quill writing a sentence. Like this. For decades, the America blaming left has been relentlessly pushing avert vision of America that cast our history, culture, traditions and founding documents in the most negative possible leg in recent years. This deeply unnatural effort has progressed from telling children that their histories evil to telling Americans that they are evil that I I agree with this. It's a little like you know, Sirena, like said you know, sometimes
you know a speech writer and I was a speech writer in the ghost writer and live in my time, you're supposed to bow kind of like sound, like the person that you're that you're writing. For then, that this doesn't seven dropped at all. there's no easy. The couldn't place in our life you're Saint Stephen Miller, complacent about if you wanted to Some like that any Lappel ledger insolence, I'm just saying you know in it in an inspiring. Oh, you know the tongue tied the tongue, tied guy was trying to court. The beautiful Roxana stands under her window and end the most militia. Louis words are sun up to her and you know in an imperfect up. I am contaminants her, but of course it's not him at sea or known. I wouldn't call this perfect dynamic bent amateur. Nor is it romantic successive writing, but it just doesn't sound like Trump, however
Dr broken this can intervene here brought his word. There is little irritating praise just done an ego testicle level. It offends that those of us who have been railing against these ideas for years in book form him are you notes and taking a back seat to some activists who have who have really capitalized on the backlash against your t, good for them. The backlash is here: it's ever present evidence to perhaps by the best Cairo. I think I've ever seen, which was on yesterday's Chris, is show talking about the backlash to see or teaching critical race, Darien Schools and the Cairo Red fixation with race? The right is fixated with raised. The gas lighting that were being privy to is evidence of the efficacy of this movement, and it is a grass roots
this movement. You have people like an affair for media media matters, rather attacking Fox NEWS for bringing on people going after the teaching of this sort of thing school saying. You know what they're they're introduced as minds, whether also republican activists, suggesting that this is all you know, astroturf, it's not not a real organised, a grass roots backlash, but their king themselves there trying to get themselves under the bachelor, genuinely believe it. It's just that they had this conversation within this very close circle. They came to a consensus agreement and raised to implement their consensus agreement before they had any public and put on Wednesday that public input they realise that the preferences were as popular as nice as they thought they were based and now they're not now just because they not popular, they have any necessary one. This is where the law elite left media bubble. Elite left intellectual bubble is gonna, be very harmful. Politically we saw it with crime and Dede from the police movement.
Ass election. This is really I live in. A very, very blue city, I am being a dizzy, is a very liberal place. My kids are. The public school system is a very liberal public school system, returns They have brought home their sixteen nineteen sponsored oppression worksheets as we call them, and I have heard, especially with distance learning this year I have heard teachers shut down conversations by saying things like equal status. example, structural racism and no no kids going to raise his or her hand to fight that they know already as high schoolers see, and loud and County Virginia and all they even the very liberal suburbs in in this area, liberal parents, parents who are liberal but not antiracist, progressives really by this, and when you hear the liberal elite media reaction to their concerns, as you just our trump supporting
crazy. You know a coke funded shill, they get upset because then they don't feel like they have a political voice, so they go in front of a school board and they say this is crazy. Like we don't like this, this is not what we think our kids you be learning. They do not have a political voice in the Democratic Party if, if the progressive elite in that party is telling them that their shells Republicans, but this is an eerie parallel to two thousand mine, so women, two thousand mine, the grass roots movement, started against the expansion of government represented by Obama, which was then the most rapid infusion of federal dollars into the private. on me and the most significant effort to take over swaths of the private economy in in sixty the seventy years, both with the partial, nationalization
of the automobile industry. The proposals for that eventually became a care and and and tarp and telephone there there their effects on the Economy at an end and that the regulatory stuff in Frank all which happened, better, but we're all in Chrysalis like in early two thousand nine, this these grass roots, objection started being levied and they were harnessed and discussed in rightwing media talk, radio and all that. and the general approach of of of of inside the liberal bubble was to say it doesn't matter be their obsessing over nothing see they have no standing to talk about this because they ve destroyed everything with there. You know George W Bush economy
indeed there all being manipulated by billionaires, who are using them as fodder and they and they seduced themselves into believing that what was happening wasn't happen and that a new form of american Paul grassroots american politics hadn't wasn't forming while it was forming and then Sixteen months later, they lose sixty three seats in the house and Open Barack Obama looked like he had been punished in the stomach the next day when he said it was a shoe lacking and all the data by the way, all of the hard data that were being collected at the time. Everyone talks about how Republicans wanna, Yo R r R, the Poland secures from basically we're not there yet, but the from basically like the beginning of twenty
an untold until November of twenty ten, all the polling said that people wanted Republicans to take control of the House or Senate organ people prefer by fifteen fourteen fifteen. Sixteen points Democrats just went on past unhampered care. Did this did that job? I said it's a big laughing
bill. Yadda yadda yadda. They had no feeling for how powerful this response was. Here's where this is a little different, and it goes to what Christine is talking about. Well, educated, liberal parents in the thought industry all over the place, our freaked out by what is going on in their schools and are not just talking about the latin kind of public schools are not talking about the DC public schools. I'm talking about private schools, I'm talking about a New York City, private, I'm talking about the delay, private schools. It is not just three or four
conservative parents in a liberal school body who are having this. We know this because we know George Packer is one of these people. We know this because a Lucinda Rosenfeld who was married to John Cassidy, who was a very left wing economics, corresponded from the new Yorker. Is one of these people? Could she talks about it on twitter? We know that there are people in the fought leading left who themselves went to school. Red Shakespeare get out were educated in the classic sense of this than the other thing, and they're all good luck rolls- and they support black lives matter, and they think that you know America has to deal with its a stain and they don't want their children's education destroyed or taken over by a historical or anti historical propaganda and its happening before their eyes and they are not going to vote Republic and they are not going to be part of this vanguard movement that I'm talking about. But
They may be able to warn. They may be an early warning system for the left. That was not present in two thousand nine and twenty TIM on ECHO. I make matters and matters of the size of government, because this is their children and what is the big difference between right, wingers alone? where's, increasingly in the United States site, get the biggest difference, but its huge right, whereas have more kids. Liberals and Democrats are much likely to be singleton to be either not yet married or never married, and often never have kids and haven't had kids and so they are not going to have this feeling because they care about the schools. They don't
You don't have any skimming like a lot of them, don't have any skin in the game. This is not their world. This is not their field, they don't care, but- and this is the other big but today like going to struggle sessions at their workplaces today, like being told that there, you know, cause here's the argument right. It's like oh great, we're, gonna go well, have be retrained right, we're all gonna, terrible structural, I'm privilege personal friend. Well it's really terrible. I agree it's bad em, I you know I agree, and so I'm showing my virtue by saying I agree. and then the line is oh, no, that's not, oh worthier enough, that's not enough. Agreeing You think that's enough. No, you gotta come in and we ve got to do with exercise. Were we
proved you that, even as your agreeing, you are a racist, dominated by racial feelings, dominated by an dominated by an unconscious desire to suppress minorities and take them down, but wants to believe that about themselves, particularly since it, of course not true. There is another very important aspect of this backlash and it's not important because it's so great in size
because it's much harder to ignore, and that is those parents of minority kids, who are what what they're the message that they object to that their kids are getting. Is you can succeed in this country because of systematic structural racism? This is exemplified enough so beautifully by the viral tiktok, video of the other african American Father and his kid David that he made this great statement with his daughter against credit race theory and at how it hens in her horizons. So they have this. You know edged asked as good a cases as any white powder doesnt want their kid thinking that their evil they have been perfectly equal case,
of not wanting their kid to hear that they can't make it in this claim. They have a better, better nothing's gambling yeah idea that its white people, who will grant you this by doing the things that the critical raised here say they must sell condescending. I totally with such an important point, and an we have. We have historical evidence of this, which is the charter school movement, take the New York City or take a lot of these cities? Who is it who benefits from good charter school systems, minority kids, who are in these horrible terrible schools and they can afford to get their cost This was a whatever and you know when building blocks YO in a fit of you know did at drug addled peak when he becomes mayor because he didn't like EVA Moskowitz, who ran who runs the Success Academy Charter schools in New York because they had fought when they were in the city council together, decides he's going to do whatever he can to shut down charter schools.
but down their schools. Thirty thousand people marched on Albany like eight. This was no joke, like there was a march on Albany which actually the stay capital controls school funding, and in that way and basically Andrew Como, who force hates Bill, the browsers are took one look at this and took one look at plaza, took one look at at this movement and said: I'm gone what then I'm not gonna did. This is a give me these. Are you know these are struggling minority parents who want their kids to get a good education verses? Mr Bonde, the mayor, you know dead, sitting, cross legged to thirty in the afternoon, get up listening to fish and an that's where I'm going with this and
and am the charter school this, that the war on the charter, schools, that the plaza started went belly up and, and so there are- and this happens all over the country into indifferent places like you can't HU. This two people, people who have skin in the game, are not going to stand still for having their kids futures destroyed and end. So I don't know where this is going. It feels like him- and you know like a like a runaway train them
unstoppable, but I dont think its unstoppable. I don't understand how it stopped. I don't understand what the methodologies are that stop it, and you know so far that the efforts to kind of do it from above through state legislative action, seem ill advised and constitutionally questionable. Some of them are sometimes not run the come. How does any political coalitions beholden to an idea that has captured it activists base but is fundamentally conspiratorial or adamite inhabiting? How did they jettison an idea? They got their convinced that its electoral disastrous for them to hold on to write again at their activists are dead. From it to their to their prying directive, which is securing political power. The complicating thing here that makes us not like two thousand nine, his in two thousand, and we were talking about federal initiatives. So a backlash against federal law makers was a natural expression of
hostility towards their ambitions here. There's much more local, very local municipal, certainly not federal. Isabel level and in the municipal level, for example, in the suburbs of Dallas Fort Worth early May I was an on their election in local elections, at hinged. On this issue and the pro a cigar t side of this thing got absolutely trounced. Seventy three percent election, but we don't see that in the two minutes oral elections this year, New Jersey, progeny. we haven't yet at least- and I don't think we will- because the sole municipal educate decisions. We may it's very hard to tell him that that's where we should get back to the trump are bad, but before we get to the tramp of bad, I wanna talk to you guys. about the exchequer. As as my as my friends here on this a squad cast video phone thing
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The boy empire which left everybody being MA am now. Why would he say something like that in the event that it is the father had this sort of plan? I share your assessment. I think it's her dark you against it, but at least they introduced an element of mystery around I say things: I've, never that I'm sorry, this that's a reality. Television drink he's introducing something that people can argue in wonder and read the tea leaves over cause. It keeps you interested in him. Ultimately, I'm cynical about that decide. This is the natural we pick. Ok, that's right because of course, Trump only runs one term. He really does them only run one term. Ok, but anyway, who had the best analysis of that is, are from our upon that all upon it had. This has two quick figure. He said Trump says he's not running. Dissenters clears the
field. No one runs against Santas. It's like get out Jim late January, trumpets annoyed because everybody saying to scientists like Trump Buddy somebody alot of people can support, and he could do. This he's got that look liberal, his ruin his approval, ready in Florida, so high and then Trump get back in the race And becomes the nominee and basically screws dissent that such other hardier is this anti cyclical needed to adapt Taylor Swift at that yeah yeah? I know you know I just the debts of absolutely like it's like what Ross Perot like rose rose like I'm, quitting back of it like that. He is running. Why? Wouldn't he run? Can anybody tell me why he wouldn't run A sense of propriety
and when these all he's not he's not young depends on you know he sees these old and toxic to it. younger than Biden. It, sir, was the day We were inaugurated on January, twenty and twenty five he would be younger than Biden was on January twentieth, twenty twenty one and so having. Yes, if he were, if you run can agree will run, it would mean that he has. He had survived years of these. You know suspected lawsuits at her supposed to bring him down so as to bring his countrymen. So, He would have another kind of victory claim under his belt right. They tried to get me when I was in office. They tried to get me one. I wasn't in office here I am don't believe any of it for some back together
member of the ESA else get the week that impeachment lost and nineteen ninety nine. So this, was the skip. It couldn't rose Garden press conference, sterile Hammett is Clinton walks out of the dorsal offers walks into the rose garden. He stands for the MIKE phoned me says I am bullet proof and then he walks away and that the entire thing enables able right he's like you came at me. He impeached me twice. You said I'm destroying democracy. You said this. He said that go ahead take another shot. Now there are things that could derail him. I mean he could get indicted and
invective? That's why I say if he is right work I mean I mean who knows like it's a long time right now. He is wrong right now he is going to run for president all things being equal. We don't know what they are, but things, we will your wherever you're Christine you're, saying steam, briars and pushes up here privacy. Is why I'm not the prime you know what I mean. What are running for president and running the country is of is a very different tasks set and skill requirement and sit on the bench. I do not want him to run. I do not want him to be the republican mommy. I do not want him to be present them again. I didn't want him to be president the first time- and I dont want this. So I'm just saying I think I should get a little kid
for being willing to allow my political analysis to outweigh my personal predilections and choices. The really interesting question- and it really does go to politics works in the United States now is, of course, is that this never really happened before I may not yet happened. You know. Web was Grover clean what right herb? Who was a two ran right, but Emily happened before and its also never really happened that somebody just walk into a nomination without much, you know, conflict. Maybe Al Gore I mean cause. You got a little bit of a challenge from Bill Bradley, but the but not much else and then, of course, Hilary twice tried to clear the field and screwed herself. If she hadn't tried to clear the field and there had been more candidates in two thousand and eight in the toothache,
they primaries. Besides Obama, the Anti Hilary vote could have split and fractured and she could have won the nomination which a sort of what happened in twenty six it but again struck revealed and burning nearly beat her so that this is a weird circumstance where we'll trump really, if he runs, will he run on oppose icons, figure who run on a poem, never see this is it well if he does that's a real shame on the Republican Party, because this could be as it is, a real primary word. Dissenters, fought it out with Trump would be very cleansing for the Republican Party, because I actually try to have a little more faith in the republican voters despite the last few years and think that if, if you had that comparison would go with the person who is and who is not Trop now, maybe that maybe I'm wrong, because trumps machine is personality, etc, etc, but a true battle at that that's what the priorities are or an letters you get out. You know sure. Well, it's not our choice; it would be run described this as choice would be there
but the polling says it would be what the what d you know, what the activists class says Would we want there to be a race in which someone could be termed fair and square sure, but they ve gotta, run against hope and an end that would now that would then you know who run against them. As you know, George Conway, you know you'll get one of these like. Oh really, is really really about use, very rightly very, but pro life you'll get some bizarre. You know somebody that get out the Lincoln Projects supports. Who will get a proxy approximately you now three votes, Evan Mc Molin, we'll be back, as has the republic in challenger, or something like that guy's I just them is asking: does it make sense of the same coin
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what are you gonna? Do you know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna take my kid suing National Park Katy a national park in vain for a few weeks later in the summer- and I know that's later in the summer time, but this way again this week, I'm doing a keynote. That's what I do I'm going to a ball game this evening. really eyes. Yanking now now. I live about a mile away from my Tripoli, Fear or the Yankees form teams
The associated press has a pull out this this morning, nuff which talks about the activities that you're doing and how people are emerging from the pandemic of a couple, a numbers here that I just wanted to briefly introduced undergoing long, but the very interesting in February. Sixty five percent of people said they were still wearing master on people outside the house. Today it is thirty, seven percent much lower. That's for your twitter isn't real files. Sadly, most people who aren't gonna get the vaccine, aren't gonna get the vaccine. Forty six percent of Americans, who said there not backs needed yet will never be vaccinated. Another thirty percent, saint they're, probably won't be so were approaching the vaccine wall, but most
This country has been vaccinated and most of this country is going out mask less, and most of this country is doing everything they want to do. I'm over fifty percent of the public, between and in its risen by double digit across the board between May and June, have visited friends or family gone shopping in person. For non essential items, gonna Toolbar restaurant travelled exercised at a generous studio, gaunt movie, theater concert, theatre or attended a sporting event, and today I get my seventh at us. Fantastic yesterday at it I just yesterday I spend my first full day doing Various things around the city never once per annum, ask never never do.
To a store. I got my hair cut, didn't put on a mass didn't, but unless my building didn't put on a mask it restaurant mask free day, and there is also an incredible study released yesterday about the efficacy of the Medina vaccine. For all, for all we know is it applies the Pfizer to which shows that one shot, just the four after the first shot, showed a ninety five percent effectiveness against interacting covered just one right, so it makes sense that that the numbers have dropped dramatically. Have I want to read you just one tweet just to just two just to be the this through the skunk at the fish? Whatever I was about save a skunk at official, but that's
absolutely wrong right. It's not that the right wing. What's it official, I can't even remember the day than to have cut back I think that this is this is a tweet by housing, attorney and overboard. Situ sets. Her name is door. I don't know what her last name as she has twenty thousand followers so she's a housing attorney, so you couldn t figure out what her politics are from being a housing, affordable, housing attorney Is we Yale and why you law, gay ass? She her elect women. This is in her twitter by so here is what she tweeted yesterday and I don't think it's a joke. I forgot how exhausting normal life is. I kind, Miss lockdown. Anyone else question mark.
you got a lot of anyone else's. She got a lotta anyone else's. So, let's, let's discuss the fact that we are talking about the vaccine, hesitant him. I've been attacking them, we're getting emails all week about how I'm wrong to attack people for not wanting to get the vaccine. All of whom I am about to accuse of being sissies, who are afraid of of needles, does you're just afraid of needles. You hear me: I want to get the vaccine. You know its cause, you're afraid of needles get over it. Anyway, we tell them I'm going to kill him health for thats. How come you attack them and there and that's fine, these people or worse DORA and her friends or worse, because what they want is a they want society to be radically reformed around the idea that
their lives as as she her affording affordable housing. You know over educated podcasting. Liberals are just too hard. I miss lockdown life is too hard for me with my two Greece and my get our position you now in wanting to elect women, and all of that. My life is too hard somehow in this, the world of these will love mark see in style analyses of the impressions of capitalism at all. That they seem to have forgotten or neglected the fact that the thing that Noah harped on for months and months and months, which is there our lockdown wives were made possible by people who simply couldn't afford to live and locked down the ultimate privilege, the ultimate.
Zactly white privilege the ultimate privileges? To wander around saying I miss lockdown, because I could just get black and brown people to deliver things to my door while they, you know, while they worked to jobs and tried to keep food on the table because they could do no other and I sat inside and had little neurotic moments of you know, fear, you know the hell with you people, since If citizens, I've been saying this about the other people and now we're back on brand turbans. Since I've been saying about the the people who refuse to get vaccinated, I'm sure the DORA is vaccinated and hell with her and with that
That should we Emma higher, no that's like as a low, no tambo sandwiches. This park as perfectly began with trolling any end with a fair enough. So have we have a truly weekend for April? Do the norm jump outwards, keep the camera.
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