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Who Is Still Listening to the CDC?

2021-04-28 | 🔗
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released their long-anticipated masking guidelines for the fully vaccinated and it turns out that your privileges are… functionally indistinct from those afforded the unvaccinated. If anyone is still listening to this agency, it isn’t the people public health officials need to reach. Also, Human Rights Watch’s embarrassingly unconvincing allegations against Israel.
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You may have a big speech tonight introducing his let's turn the government into a giant milk factory, but Bob. I will talk about that tomorrow. Let cyber them news, which is the which is the CDC, has now might say, telling people to do what they have already been doing for four for the last eight months or ten months, which is that they can go outside without a massive if their fully vaccinated. But if you feel it acts dated and you're going to crowds, you should, where Mass guess. Why guess why, as seen see director shall lent ski who is becoming in some respects, the most risible public official of our time, given the given that the fact that every week she says
thing in her own agency, somehow corrects her from saying that, like pregnant women should get the vaccine, the lechner, that's not our guidance, our guidance is not at present. We don't have guidance on whether pregnant women should get the vaccine or schools should reopen? No, no, no, that's just your personal opinion. They die. We that's your personal opinion. Really. I thought the personal appeal to the personal runs. The agency matters so she said, my needs or a mask in crowded public settings, because the unvalued fascinated will think that other people. Ok. Can someone help me out. I either I think- and I ended up to all this because it drives and drove me absolutely in being yesterday, really big pvc drops this guidance without with a helpful graphic that showed you all that the color coded to show you what year
relative level of risk is and also where and when you should be wearing a mask soap functionally. in the real world we all inhabit, the distinctions from being vaccinated and being on vaccinated are indistinct because the things that you are allowed to do now as a result of your of vaccinated and accordingly, the CDC consist of precisely to thanks a mask was the first is that you can now eat endorse safely without a mask, and the second is you can gather with new people who are also accented unmasked indoors and others, and that is corresponds with what we were told it two weeks ago. More or less is also what everybody has been doing. If you ve ever been to a restaurant in the last ten months, which is how long they open in my state, many many other states of an open less longer everybody is restless because you're a table you're already you're eating your unmasked. You really think that all those people are vaccinated,
they all are related. If you do your extremely credulous and we had yesterday, did Joe Biden gave a speech We're here for ceremoniously, took off the mask was like the clouds had parted and he said you know among the things that you can do now today, now, the magnificence of the of your federal government allows you to go picnic in the park outdoors without a mask. Can you believe it I am sure that everybody listening to this park, hast hasn't done that at all has not been outside with people they're not related to the better part of the last fourteen months. It's this is all just brand new for you, and God bless the federal government for doing this social desirability biases when it is you're, not gonna, see a lot of people out there saying that
This insane, but they're gonna, internalizing insanity of this thing and just turn out you and you're telling people that they can do the things they ve been doing for the last year or probably they're they're, not gonna, listen to you any more, even if you think they are well it's worse than that, because this particularly for binding than the that drove me round, the bend was the one where he stood. in their grinning with his aviators on so cool Granddad Biden, saying see? They see now says we can do this and that's what, like all my antigovernment hackles were raised because he's the leader of the country, it's the CDC says, you can't do this, including me now. The CDC tells me do that. This is a man who, week ago, was double masking on a zoo meeting with other world leaders in order, according to Express secretary, to set an example. This is not this it really is insane and its condescending in the extreme to treat the american people. That's why they're treating us like ignorant children and it in
gotta stop and I think a lot of the I think histrionics annexes I would call it on the re or rightwing media about masking is. It is also ridiculous, but you can see how people I've been driven to that point by the condescending child way in which their sort of holding our hands and walking along and telling us to do this. When it doesn't it, sazen when its contradictory. So one of the other problems with that graphic that that no was talking about is that if you look at it, you can't think why would I bother getting facts, There's really has the people has still have the mask on their face in terms of the guidance it. It's also contradicting what they told during the black lives matter rallies over the summer, which is that you should gather in large crowds and yeah. I guess you should where Mass, but racism is a larger public health issue than the pandemic for a while. There are just all over the map. Its
are you a landscape? Her biggest problem is that she says what she believes to be true, she's, she's, honest and that has gotten her in a world a trouble more times than not her latest offence in it's a real one is to say the truth, which is that masking is not scientific, has nothing to do with your health. It is a symbol to the world of your dedication to the cause. It's a button. What are you wearing your le pestle? As is my point, which is you need to be in crowds with masks if you are fully vaccinated is the unbalanced and aided will take the fact that you are not wearing a mask as a sign that it's ok for them to be on vaccination. but there are unvaccinated. So you see If you were a mask and your vat David. Then there. Not being masked will expose them as being on vaccinated or
or something whatever it is. It is this Kabuki Theatre of Public Health wait more and more that unity. The example that use are sport, stadiums right crown, crowded settings in sport, stadiums where attendance is already circumscribed to the point where it's like twenty percent three presenting in the door. It's not crowded in sport stadium because they don't allow it to be crowded, but you still have to wear a mask because it killed theoretic may be crowded or was crowded at a certain point, the bodies the guidelines is also the thing about, will excuse point about going to crowds whereby must wear masks,
It's another version of this Odin not deal with the science, but over thinking and trying to predict how people will respond. What people will do to take care of themselves, not trusting them to act? Rationally. Look it's also, and I call it a movie theater, but I mean that may not be the right precisely the right kind of what what it is is the presumption that it is the role of public health officials to direct the behaviour of people, unconsciously. and that is chilling. I'm sorry- and you know, okay, so doctors, so there been doctors have been telling noble licence doctoring began. I suppose, but these are public officials not only at the federal level but at the store, level, and they are, they are
signing themselves, the task of being not only the interpreters, of disease and maladies, which is, of course, a sign terrific matter that uses the data, information and you collided and put it together and its They ve been arguable with some kind of weird behavioral science approach that supposedly git. They have greater insight into what manipulates, controls and and contains people than other people do, and they have the right to make decisions and statements and conclusions. The two are not in any way shape or form bound by scientific findings, but are bound by theories about human behaviour. And we have allowed them and allowed. This is when the reasons I keep ranting about public health. We have allowed them to us.
This role and a sign this role to themselves and it is intellectually totalitarian- I'm not seeing their total Terrance. I was saying the idea that whatever it is that you have, if you have a goal, assigned a goal social goal, then you ascribe scientific aspects too but that do not belong there in order to achieve the political aim that you are seeking to achieve. That is the marxist delusion. That Marxism is a science where the, whereas in fact a a matter of power- and it is a bit as an act of political control, and it's not that there isn't some validity or justification to the idea that people need this. That's Hobbs, let's Dubai We need the leviathan because left to their own devices, we will too
each other to shreds. We will each other alive. We will live in the state of nature, which is nasty brutish and short. So you know it's it's a significant fought process in western culture and cultural generally that people cannot be allowed to do these things. On their own guides. I go let's go out. I was in a way that there's also what what where one of the reasons the reaction from sort of libertarian conservative my the people is its extreme, as it is, is that we have a history in this even in this country, allowing public health and or government officials to make those decisions in a way that we now realise was actively harmful and detrimental. So I'll, give you an extreme example, although it is was not extreme at the time which was in a state and our federal government, the super state at state level institution
telling people who they were sterilizing, that they were just giving him up and act to me and then sterilizing people who were considered feeble minded in the early part of the twentieth century. Part of eugenics movement. There's this whole history to it. Obviously, but that was the state doing some thanks for the good of everyone wherein they didn't even inform the people we're having bodily harm committed to them so much so that some states like Virginia, had to settle lawsuits decades later with people who set who didn't I understand why they couldn't bear children, because when they were younger and in a state institution they ve been robbed that ability without adding any disclosure, bat that's an extreme example. We have milder cultural example, so you know in the in the mid twentyth century it wasn't uncommon for cancer. Doctors the old diagnoses to husbands, but not to the wives who themselves were suffering from the cancer because they didn't want to upset the Ladys there we have a million examples of paternalism and condescension in public. embarrassing that we know now to be agreed just and unacceptable
I wonder if ten twenty years none can look back on these moments and think about how the mistrust in our public health institutions grew out of justice kind of condescension and treating him people not saves had not as rational creatures, but is irrational, told you what I think is a very good just oil. Well, the flip side problem to this is that there are people who don't recognize. It is condescension. and hang on. These judge me an announcement as if their real and This happened yes rose onto a neighbour of mine and she set out is a big day and I would add, literally didn't notice- was talking about, even even after having the announcement, because it's that you know I've been walking around the city, that mass is it what's what's goin on principle we can. We can go out without masks now, and I said I have been doing that and she saw her mask answers in the elevator and she said: oh I'm scared
I'm so scared of too scared to do it now. Why is she too scared to go out now, because up until very moment she's, been here, got it would be crazy to go out without it with it with without a mass and she took it has gospel. Finally, as are the people who we don't have to worry about, because those are the people who are rushing out to get backs and aided in her taking all communication measures that they can And those are the same people that is always the problem with these kinds of guidance. Let me give you another example: I'm a have mentioned this before so when I first had kids, the American Academy of Pediatrics announced that no child under two should watch tv. Ever studies have shown that screen time interfered with sub down and then right.
You need to read your kids Unita. We play with your kids. You need to do this, no tv major Conan assignment, because of course you know what, if you need to like go to the bathroom and you wanna be put your kid in the play. Or something or Unita washed. The dishes are some like that, you're alone. With a kid you turn on the tv, so there you have ten minutes to do something you have to do it right Who's gonna, listen to guidance like that. The people will hear the guidance and listen to the guidance or people who would have under most circumstances, do not use the tv as a baby sitter. they do read to their kids. They do play with their kids. They do their very concerned about the emotional, physical and psychological development of their children. And so they will do all of the crunchy granola things you're supposed to do to achieve that. Huh, won't listen are the people who
The reason that you put issue that islands in the first place, which is people who were alike, The tired of I've got five other kids, I'm turning on the tv they drive me crazy. You know I, India, I'm gonna go away. have a beer in the other room or whatever it doesn't even matter those people here, no tv and they say hell with it. They don't say all right, I'll see what I can do. Maybe they feel guilty maybe makes them feel guilty, but they're not going to change their behaviour and is precise of people who do not need to be told that screen time needs to be limited, who are adversely affected by the idea that if they break down- and they just can't help themselves that they let a kid watch, an episode of Pinky DINKY do or the time
the tabbies or whatever is pinky dinky. Do today, as I haven't had a little, you know tiny kid in ten years that they're doing something wrong and that they are harming their children by doing and that's how a lot of these guidance as work. They end up, provoking anxiety and answer. second guessing and a sense of incompetence on the part of me people who are already doing pretty well because their perfection mystic they are intellectual minded there well educated, and they are more than uniquely susceptible to being told that there is a right and wrong way to do things be other people, poor people, less educated people are just trying to get through the day and they are not going to get instructed in proper comp conduct by the American Academy Pediatrics, which they,
never heard of him. This reminds me of this fantastic packet passage in the road to Wigan Peer by George Orwell, which the book about how he will goes among the working Class in England. In the depths of the depression, and about how these respectable upper middle class Ladys come, and they try to teach good nutrition to their call minors and how they should be better. The bulls and they need to have a salad em. They shouldn t fatty. They should restrict sugar, and all of this, in his Orwell, says these men go into the back into the bottom of the earth and dig out cold dusts squatted over for twelve hours and then they come out and one of the few pleasures they have in life is food, the tastes good and what do the respectable middle class ladys do say. No, no, no, you can't eat that eat something tasteless but healthy.
And it's like you have no understanding of the way people live and that's very much how things work in this added here with what? Where this? What this attitude the mindset of this attitude, which is the improvement of society through the adjustment of the behaviors of people who die We know that in this this is a huge blind spot for the elite for elite in situ. genes and the elite in general, who come up with these rules for everybody else, and that's it in many many ways delayed gratification, is a luxury good. That's why Firstly, a granted to people who have the ability to cope with stressors and having cushion in life if you don't have that it is much harder and it's not just a matter of individual willpower and the like. The marshmallow test, if you he's in an environment that is chaotic. That is that there is unhealthy in any number of ways. It is much harder to
see down the line and be like you. I mean the joke. Is that, like that's a problem for future homer from citizens, but it is actually really cognitive Leah challenge to think. I'm gonna give this good. not right. Now. That I know will satisfy me because in the future all feel better not having had at its heart to do that- and I don't I don't say that an economist anyway, I say that as a matter experience in a matter of you know. If you talk to people who grow up that way, it is. It is like a muscle that has to be built over and over again over time for the elite who are telling people. Don't that large soda journey, the fast food they actually art understanding the broader problem. they're just stay. Just think that by giving these edicts people going to listen to them, because I will they must, they must know better that it's not that the case and that's not the case with the matter wearing when you're doing going about your business in certainly vaccinated yeah. I get, and that goes hand in hand there's this idea that what people at whatever needs is just the knowledge they don't know, and if
just tell them this thing. You see them, they will know, and then they will accordingly. First of all so people know you know something more people know, then than are given credit for no one Nowhere amass know that, so it is bad for you, it's kind of hard to try to avoid these things in the atmosphere of way. At this point, and they don't follow your advice, they had their reasons and Christine details him or well detailed, but did that that it's not always this, you, no matter of ignorance, that you need to come in swooped down and and help them with what the doctor Anthony Factory say over the weekend about masking outside. When he's confronted with this deluge of elite opinion, now questioning the validity of this guidance, he said: look we don't have to date on this yet to make a definitive determination, one way or the other, but common sense said it twice. Common sense suggests that
all these critics are right and we should have some guidance new compared comporting with that assumption on the part of the general public and low Joe Biden comes out forty eight hours and and provides this this determination we move forward, but if warden doing this based on common sense. If we're saying look, you can substitute your own good judgment for four guidelines. What are essentially just guidelines is not either then that opens up a universe of opportunity for people who are you couldn't failing to dinner, maybe not even listening to this to the to the experts to public officials to public health officials. Elected official those are the people who need to talk to now anyway. So far If we're saying, looks and substitute your own good judgment that can have some Salvatore effects. Look Andrew Cuomo announced yesterday that he was ending the policy
he had put in place just give you a sense of this whole question of social control and the love of certain types of politicians were instituting social controls because they just get a real blast at of making, rules that people have to follow. There was this whole thing where he wanted to prevent people from hanging out at bars, even though he was reopening bars, and so he had to order food in order to get a drink in New York, and you couldn't just order
drink, so you had the order. Food so bars would give you a pickle in in a wrapper and charge you a dollar, and then you could have a drink. Why? Because he didn't want the idea being that you could go out to a bar and so bars were forced into this kabuki theatre of pretending to be restaurant, serving food clearing some hard, all regulatory hurdle put in place through the emergency powers of a governor who had gone. like the dictator in Bananas, announcing everybody needed to wear their underwear on the Sighed ass. He decided that they should change, whereas underwear every thirty minutes. So if you have to do that, you have to wear them
outside so we can check, but there is also in with that. You think that's a perfect example with that edict. There is also very loud value, judgement being made by a state official about what's important in day to day life for for everybody else, for the plate, dried up, you have you have someone say It is not valuable to gather socially with friends and share our time together, face to face even amid the stress of a pandemic, even with safety precautions outside mass, etc, etc. We're gonna make that where the challenge? Because that's not important what's more important, is the top down. You know pandemic emergency? I was, I think, it's in Tennessee, the governor of Tennessee just said: we're not an emergency situation anymore, I'm lifting mandates and lifting restrictions. I encourage all the local mayors to do the same. No he didn't just encourage local mayors he ordered them. Some state power that every state to deny,
them the ability to issue local mask mandates. Yet he was getting crap on twitter about it because you know common sense doesn't count, excepting when you wanted start attacking republican politician, and we should recall that that mandate led Governor Connally to get so granular with its enforcement that he had waited on what appropriate. Food was to constitute a meal like wings. Wings were in a mental. Would you would you like to know why charge he's crazy. He is a crazy, psychopathic The Tec, encouraging yesterday, by the way, after apologizing for his terrible behaviour in March in agreeing to the committee, appointment of a special prosecutor to look into his behaviour that he had done
nothing wrong, so I want to see Trump on the democratic side times a billion you ve got Andrew Cuomo, who is a psychopath, and anybody who votes worm next year. It should be lunatic institution themselves. Ok, but he's getting a tat tacit approval to be that absolutely over the top reason, because the binding administration has put him in charge of the cause of the discussions among governors about covered policy like how? So there is a kind of tacit endorsement of poem. by the Bush administration. Nobody wants to talk about that either. Well, you know what we want to talk about. We want to talk about our friends of the bonds and group that two point billion dollar under management by coastal financial management services firm run by our friend David Bondsman, with its two great products, the DC today, dot com and dividend cafe
come. You know where I'm going to go tomorrow tonight whenever it's going to be to read up about what Biden announces in relation to this american jobs plan or whatever he's calling it. The american child care plan, the american health plan, the American, let's bring government into every bedroom plan, let's get let's go and give eighty billion new dollars to the IRS, because everybody loves the IRS having a lot of money to go out there, only gonna go after really ultra wealthy people. By the way, you know what that's not gonna work. It's not going to be about her wealthy people by the way, because that's not where the money is. Despite what everybody thinks like you, want audit people and get a lot of money. You go right for the sort of seven Five thousand two hundred thousand dollar rains because you can go hit them they're, not gonna, sue back they're, not gonna, they're, they're, gonna. U kit them with an audit, they're gonna pay up and that's how the that's all it's gonna work David will tell you that an hill turning
through a gradually in DC today that common Dividend CAFE our common explain this to you. That's the bonds and Group Divinum. Cafe that calm, the deep seated at a calm, your antidote to the intellectual, spaghetti of the financial services and management industry so covered relaxation. We spend some time this morning before the podcast looking at the numbers and some of the numbers are encouraging. Some of the members are discouraging, but just so everybody understands where We're shell will and ski are now favor. Crucial said I think three weeks ago. Did she was in terror. She If in terror, I think she said lived in Toronto. Remember that the fourth waiting Jew, yes. I am feeling of any handling doom. Yes, so
what everybody understand there was impending doom, because the fourth wave was Michigan. They were killing everybody. We're all gonna die in the last two weeks from April fourteen April, twenty eighth, the number of positive cases of covered seventy average went from seventy one thousand on the fourteenth of April to twenty eight me fifty five thousand today on April twenty eight that is Clive twenty percent it. If you look at the charter to conceal a yearly charts. Oh it's just the full tale at the end, but it is eight. That's not a precipitous draw
off, but its close like if, if, if the, if the, if the same pattern proceeds and two weeks from now, we are twenty percent lower than we are now, though it is likely that it would be faster than that because of vaccinations and various other things we could be looking at a case load of forty thousand a day. And this is exactly what we want, which is the witches there, the sign that everything is connecting and then everything is heading, so that is unassailable does in arguable. Those numbers are real decline is real, since we were hysterical about the growth. This is this a number that we were at in March when the wind, the Supposedly force wave started happening because of the spike in Michigan and some other places so just
take that tell people this don't let them get away with the idea that were still in you know: horrible terrible territory. We are going in the right direction and you know it you don't hear so much about anymore mixed a little bit, but it's not dominating the covered story. These days variants I'm over your hearing in India, yet area, one in in the animal meal. There are reportable, there's a double variant. There might be a double variant, we don't know, but there might be a double offences in the New York Times. There might be a double variant, half of which makes it more contagious and half of which makes it less curable by vaccine.
Ok, this is a sentence, an article on the most important newspaper in the world, a rumour of a double variant. That is essentially like the super bug that is, the terror of everybody, with no evidence that its true so now India is gonna, be the repository of every horror story that we have ever heard. An air and stuff is gonna, be made. Operators can be all kinds of I've gone going on it, and it's like you, have to put your mass gonna because of India, or something like that. It may be just goes to show that so taking the varying angle to the to the story, is a way of. Set Euro, as we ve said from the start. No one has really quite had a handle on how this virus behaves. But if you, if you put it in this very framework you could say, Like you know, what's going on, you can keep things scary
lotta, quotes on the record and good. Then you can put enough caveats to say who knows who knows? What's what's gonna work, so we have to be very cautious and remaining namely cautious and all that, and meanwhile we are getting reports in the macro economy that the continuing caution it's starting to have real world consequences. In terms of inflation, and shortages that we are. As you know, we already know about housing, lumber lumber is now four times That's what it did a year ago, so there's immunity. Housing is one of the major industries in the United States, and it is it. Is it becoming soup inevitably expensive, not only to build a house but to renovate a house, but these Borders are all over the economy and their two forms of the shortest by the way, there's a their shortages of equipment and stuff like that and be
there are real and systemic shortages and manpower and guess why their shortage of manpower as the account improves and people need workers to start to start helping, make things and sell things and transport things, and all that have why because everybody is on unemployment until September, under the terms of the corona virus. Relief pack gas prices will go up in large part because the guys who drive those denies. I think I'll drive those trucks, the tanker trucks there trouble staffing knows it in. I know prices of spite you're in DC already another front in Ohio, same thing, gas prices are up there, that's gonna cost people fifty bucks to fill their in some places- and this is coming Ahead of the summer travel season so that people are gonna feel that in their wallets no, but I mean so- we have the classic unintended consequence of
a of an economy that decides just as its recovering to start opening up the government cheque book and creating competition for workers through worthlessness through paid worthlessness, this is madness. Mp, everybody warned about it and it doesn't matter. So congratulations if there's inflationary spiral that bill that everybody liked is going to be partially responsible. So that's really that's really great news I want to talk about. This is one other thing in relation cuz. It is very important. Cuz Noah sent us this chart from the New York Times. They knew reported doses administered by day vaccinations, so we had peaked at around. Four million are on, I think, like April, fourteenth and we are now if you look at the charred you're, seeing a pretty precipitous declined to two point, seven too.
a million average shots per day According to the Washington Post, fifty three percent of the eligible population over sixteen has now got in ITALY one shot the overall meaning everybody in the country under sixteen two to two dead. It's forty three percent but the but the number of new shots. the climb even more precipitously, it's like one point, one one point: million, which more than the average at its much worse than that, if you go to the city sees covered data tracker fun, it's been and he average has been in decline now, since a very auspicious state of we April thirteenth Noah, tell us, tell us what that auspicious date also was the data of green. It please
that was the other day that on public health officials determined that it was really prudent to stop administering the Johnson Johnson vaccine, because their threat of blood clots of serious blood clots lifer in blood clots affected, precisely six people out of the year millions and millions of Emily you think I'm gonna run Chad's controller aspirin, but yeah, and you know the public health messaging around that has so far been you idiots. blithering fools. Why don't We understand that this means were hyper. Competent peasant really have the intended effect, because, as of yesterday, the number of people who received their first dose of vaccine against this disease was one hundred and six thousand, and it's going down and down and down you're saying nationally. The number four shots was a hundred and six thousand according to the CDC Tracker
that's not a million six million a hundred and six thousand seven hundred and twenty one people as of April on the day April. Twenty six there's no data for the sort, twenties for. That is two hundred ninety one tat, and you know that as a thousand just bits decline. and people are also not showing up, for their second shows that people are getting Madonna Pfizer vaccines. We ve seen a drop, often people returning for the second shot, which the first shot it's good to get its like what seventy eighty percent coverage, but you really need that second shot in order to get the full effect of the UN I've seen- and there are a lot of people were returning actual. when you go get my second shot, I ask that the nurse who nuisances like we ve got a lotta, no shows what the second us up. I'm looking Bloomberg now they're vaccine tracker. So, in order for the daily average to drop as swiftly as it has not yet arose was having actually every day
Today there were only one point: six four million doses administered in the country. Ok, so so, This is weird because New York state reports itself a hundred and sixty five thousand in a seven day, our per day in a seven day, average I shall just starting out the heck Canada's because everybody has their own metrics and they followed it that the data bases from estates, her sparse, sometimes is reporting lags. So all this could be retroactively changed, but we're talking about a decline in average sustains decline, smooth out the data for over part of two weeks now so the notion that were expecting a dump from two weeks ago, If, though, if we are all at sea- but I don't think we are ok, So basically, I think we we are very close to being on the verge of saying that the
that the decision of the of the CDC and the FDA to. Essentially use its own pre pandemic. standards, let's say for doing. Something like a pause or issuing a piece of guidance. That says, don't use that you know where we're Wert were where suggesting to doctors that they not use acts until we fully investigate why they defaulted to their usual approach, because that is their comfort zone, their comfort level, everything that they Todd in everything that they get praised for, and this may have been the most calamitous public health decision in all of recorded history. If we are seeing a ninety percent decline in the number people who are willing to get vaccinated following. four million doses a day and were now down to two point: seven million, then, according to no other numbers,
Worse well because it always is follow that better parallel tracks like you'd, look at the chart the minute you hit April, thirteen fourteenth it craters. It created just an craters in part, because people are going back for their second shots, but you know, and then after two weeks, there's no more second shot in our boom in most cases and so that's gonna, be true. Two weeks from now, like anyone got what you already Ibiscus ain't comes on the heels that death a precipitous drop might not have been as precipitous. If, as we ve been set, for a while. Now the message Before that pause of the Johnson Johnson vaccine had been more consistently. positive, an optimistic and giving people a reason to keep coming getting their vaccinations because in the places that changing taxing, isn't the one on offer its its modern, our Pfizer. And so, if you had a pretty consistent messaging about, ok, we're gonna take a second, even if you had to feel it felt like you had to do that part,
still saying, but everybody should go, go, find it out with its offering another vaccine. Go offer unaware here here: here's other things you're going to be able to do afterwards. I think the combination of that makes messaging at the beginning, followed by a pause, gave a lot of people who might have been inching towards vaccination, excuse me reason like up is unsafe, and now we know it's as if they stopped giving its people, I'm not gonna, get it at all. Yeah I mean that public health community is so solemn cystic, but they think that this means that you should have more faith in vaccines in their competence because look at how's it look and help focused. They are on your health that we would do this for these, its people. That means we were really focused on trying to make sure that this is safe. In your safe in everyone's safe, but it comes at the expense of of faith in confidence vaccine, and anybody who isn't real steeped in that culture knew it intuitively. What will the other part of the other thing is? We were talking about how they use the noble.
they all the time. So a decision was made here. Let's say that they believe that this is something they needed to do that here was not to use the noble lie. If they really think that you know the vaccinate people is of the paramount importance it was more like. I don't want to get blamed of people get blood clots, So we are gonna pause this and it's like was no one at the table. Saying do you have any hour? We said this, the data But you have any idea what the consequences here you think the vaccine hesitancy isn't a real thing. We ve been saying for two months at vaccine hesitancy as a real thing, and the
that will govern, is gonna, come out and say: oh, there may be a problem with the vaccines and you think people are going to make all these wonderful distinctions between honour that look, but derga they are an mri, nay, but Johnson and Johnson is a deal to be so you get the emigrant aid, but not the deal. Cupid, never you're, all fine people gotta go. I knew there was some fishy about this whole thing like they come up with this and they say it's totally perfect and everything like that, and and suddenly it's gotta be a lot worse than we know with their stopping it and what? What's to say in two weeks, I'm not gonna make the same announcement about the wonderful Pfizer in Madeira, and you know what else I here there's this asked Rosetta thing in Europe and that's bad, and so why am I I just That's gonna go there and words like no, what I'll do it, but my wife, I'm not gonna, let my wife to it, which is something that I have actually I heard a couple of people say Oh, no, I'm on my way to another site,
and you know we're going to approve this duffer for kids fervour payment. Eleven good luck, yeah activity based on this and historians, is doing a lot of damage, slowly about this Y know, you establishing arbitrary point at which point? Where would we can just declare this locally over and it's gonna have to happen because precinct it's gonna on policymakers that there will be a substantial portion of the adult population that has not ever going to get back stated. There is no way to do that. We ve been set man ass anything March of twenty twenty, that politicians would deem it over and I just don't see how that's that's. That's ever gonna happen really, but you know
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of whom is Omar Shack here, who is Binny, advocate of boycotting and has tried to get institutions like European Bee to boycott Israel, unsuccessfully, for some time they release the bombshell not successfully was actually successful for about a week. What can they stopped? Maguire yeah well anyway. I should report yesterday alleging that Israel is an apartheid state, witches and allegations that has been rhetorical floated for for some time, but this report proportion prove it definitively and essentially uses a definition of apartheid taken from the the Rome statute, Rome agreement, Africa has called on that serves as the foundation for four the language in these international institutions, utilizing definition that was native to the EAST Bloc. That was essentially
to the Soviet Union and its allies in an effort to isolate european support for South Africa, which subsequently was never never adopted by western nations, but was subsequently became some of an agreed upon framework, but nevertheless is used, in a way here that it is extremely unconvincing and its is predicated on idea that the annexes planned annexation and parts of the West Bank under the Oslo framework, the sparsely populated areas sea, which was play but never implemented, gives it forms the basis of this. It is not a convincing report, but it has been utilised. as everybody expected. It would as a propagandistic headline as adopted by the people for whom Israel, in its treatment of Palestinians as a fixation which a blow
now know is a fixation that his native primarily to western progressives and not to arab nations. you know it's funny. It didn't think of this before, but a kind of reminds me of the beginning of the conversation regarding the CDC in the sense that It's as if reality is what some organization says it is, and then everyone does. Oh, oh ok! That's that's! That's! What's going on in Israel's, of course, not it's not in an apartheid nation people have been claiming that it is unfair far longer than this sort of official human rights Watch report has two has said so. But the thing about this is- and this is this is kind of been my thinking since the Abraham accords. this kind of propaganda now only go so far, because once you have the
arab nations of the region. no longer trading in this kind of garbage and in fact moving closer to Israel and benefiting from the fruits of their alliance with Israel. Of these western organizations who hate Israel. They go on saying this is as much as they want. The facts on the ground are changing and and passing them by. I think is important to note that human rights watch us organization was founded by a man named Robert Albert Einstein, coup before his death actually like eleven twelve years. The go said that he was disgusted with what had become of human rights watch in its portrayal it. Singling out and its repellent fixation
on the idea that Israel, with some uniquely unjust country and its treatment of the Palestinians. What's interesting, that this report is that it is keep some alive the difference between israeli arab citizens and The Palestinians who live. on the West have separate Canna Gaza and, as an aside some character, yes, in a semi sovereign territory, it is, it is a uniquely weird. condition that therein, but they they they were granted and would have Political autonomy now based on it,
Raymond signed by the Palestinians themselves at Oslo and following up on on all of that, and it did not lead to statehood because the Palestinians three times rejected efforts by Israel to come up with a plan for palestinian statehood that the Palestinians themselves would not agree to most famously at Camp David with our fought a who had brought them. Prime Minister of Israel and bill and our fault said to Clinton at the end of one of these sessions. A year ago If man you're a great hero, an Clinton's No, I am not. I am a failure and you made me one and then Arafat's went back to Israel and started the second intifada: terror war. That is the that is the story. of human rights watch. Now we think we we need to follow up on one other interesting,
thing I wanna, Goodman and Washington Free Beacon points out that the the chosen at the person that the vitamins fishing intends to or has up as some nominated formally has nominated, formerly for the job of assistant secretary of state for democracy, human rights and labour. Was the Washington DC director for human rights watch her? Miss Sarah Morgan. I hear she's a very nice person, but Margo. Aside from being person who worked at this office that has shown this horrible set of attitudes towards Israel and aunt, em and and in human rights terms, has committed the unbelievable felony of packing Israel's human rights record, while down peddling
and downplaying the human rights records of other worse country vastly worse country. This is also somebody who was openly advocated for the prosecution for war crimes of America officials in international courts, particularly the international criminal court something that, by the way, Secretary of State Tony Blinkin, himself said, he is very much opposed to, so they ve nominated this person from this anti Israel organization who believes that it would be live, who believe I am even wrote. I think some kind of a document saying that former Bush administration official should be tried for war crimes and crimes against humanity, the Hague, and I wonder what this report is going to do to her chances. Remember it's a fifty fifty Senate and there are people in the Senate who do not cotton to this stuff
and I don't just mean Tom cotton But you know all you need is one Democrat that Democrat could be Albert Mendez, it could be others to all kinds of democratic, don't cause who don't hold with this kind of tat, How can this kind of attitude- and I wonder whether she's gonna make it through and with that? Let me talk to you about your incognito mode on your chrome browser and, if you use it guess what you're not incognito, ghoul itself says: Incognito does not mean invisible, you think you're doing it because it means. No one will know who you are, but Google still selling your. Some wine, based on what goes on in your incognito browser, so guess how to make yourself actually as invest. It was possible in mind that there is only one is one answer: Expressway Pierre turns out that
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