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Whom Do You Believe?

2020-05-01 | 🔗
Joe Biden is finally made to account for his side of the story today on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” What kind of impact will the controversy involving allegations of sexual assault involving a Senate staffer have on the media landscape, to say nothing of the 2020 race?
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Welcome to the Commentary magazine podcast today's Friday may first, twenty twenty, which means that the cruellest month is finally over and let it have been the cruellest month mountain, which share sixty thousand Americans or about sixty thousand Americans died from from covered nineteen, John put towards the other commentary magazine with me as always senior editor a Green waldheim. I John associate at no Rossman, I Noah Asia
and senior writer Christine rose high Christine again so. The once again we're in a weird situation in which the news, if you wanna, take it as such, on the it out on the worst hotspot in America, which is New York City, where I'm talking to you from is guardedly better keeps getting better, though you know saying that saying at two hundred and five people died yesterday from from Cove it does. Sound great and it isn't gray, but it's better than seven hundred, which was the case a week ago, Explanations are down, innovations are down, all of that stuff is down, and so that does mean that we did apparently hit the peak and are now you know.
Heading down and now, interestingly enough, apparently the per capita per capita death rate in New Jersey, as now as now we're Noah is, as now exceeded, the per capita death rate New York state. So so that's up that suggests. That the measures that have been taken have have been successful and people should be. You know, better to two, have been gone through this with some reason to think that the that's different these that we have all been enduring has to have been for fur for good reason.
No, there was an interesting. Your governor, Governor Murphy of New Jersey announced that he was reopening parks and but sparks and a couple of other golf courses not versus right at that, but he then said sounding like a parent of unruly kids in the back, see if you mean behave, don't think I won't close them back up again, yeah and so I might heard this car around. Mr precisely in that I mean there's a weird thing: that's occur, bring with me where I am freezingly, more tolerant of the radicals on either side of this thing, then people who speak to me in such a paternalistic fashion and are otherwise behaving rationally.
So if you're on the side of this said says, we need lockdown in perpetuity until there is some sort of scientific miracle. If it takes three years, it takes three years. What are you some kind of a sociopath? You want people to die great good for you see in ever. If your on the other side of that thing, in your saying, we need to open up everything. I don't care who dies, this, isn't economic catastrophe and were in the middle of it, and this is unsustainable. I say you know what I feel your pain I get you I feel like it. Murphy, however, who has always behaved as though he was presiding over social experiment, another state- and you do this Sammy, rational thing where you acknowledge the reality on the ground, which is the enforcement of the lockdown of parks. Maybe it works and Hoboken. I have been there and quite some time
but it doesn't work here where you're talking about policing vast pastoral settings where people are just simply not policed. Out of them. Just acknowledging the fact on the ground and taking credit for it and then saying, but don't you abuse this privilege, or I will take it back away from you makes me want to you, know: grab grab a pitchfork head right to the towns where it you know, Another interesting thing happened in this in New York City, that abodes, for a fascinating transformation the small thing. It's a small, but very big thing. If you live here, but I see Governor Cuomo announced that the metropolitan trance Trends Transportation authority, which runs the subways, was going to
shut. The New York City subways down from one. I am to five a m to disinfect the cars every night so that for obviously for dealing with colored stuff The interesting question your city is a twenty four hour subway system. I believe it may be the only twenty four hour. Three hundred sixty I've, never stopping mass transit system in the world. I could be wrong, but certainly one in Paris, the major systems, world mostly shut down for forty, six hours every night. And the question is: will New York ever reopen its twenty four hours, seventy away three sixty five day your schedule because it probably shouldn't one of the reasons that
The subway system has is dirty and degraded is that there is no time to clean the stations as there in London and the stations. If you ve been, there are pristine at all times, and a lot of track. Work can be done. A lot of signal fixing and stuff like that. If, if there is a period of time during the day when the system is running, but this would represent a gigantic spiritual change, in New York City you, which is the city that never sleeps according to the song, because among other things, whereas a subway running through it at all times and That's where you could see how this events might have Long lasting deaf
national ramifications for a place like New York that were already beginning to start thinking about seriously like what is in New York, where people don't feel we're going to the theatre or going to crowded rap, crowded, small restaurants, or something like that for and for how long Will we simply snapped back and leave the way we did, or were, will there be enough people ten, fifteen twenty percent, who are no longer comfortable inside Things like that that they cannot we run on a on a profitable basis and so much of what we take, The reasons that people live in the city is Avis been saying vanish in how we live in a small living on top of each other in small space. Is relatively small spaces. If you're doing so voluntarily, not just because this is where you're from or this where your family is.
Ever bad, where your job is because you have chosen to live here. How can it be that much reason to continue living here? Yeah I mean, I think, that the subway change, as you mentioned jobs is, is a good one right. I mean if that, if that happens, at least have relatively clean trains, or at least four. A twenty four hour cycle, but as for the other stuff, I think part of the problem is that We have people saying all day every day on every screen where Gonna go back to where we were will be, will be will be a normal but or be indifferent. Normal will be smarter do this, will do that and all these ideas about, smarter and and even improved as Cuomo likes to say all actually sound like a nightmare to me I mean you know I think the goal really should be to go back to exactly where we were never does
mean it happens instantly? But if, if we cannot again, there is such thing as a New York. Without lots of things in New York with social distancing. Actually I mean we have to bear their head. We we are quite crowd: Centric city ended can you can delay that? But you can't see we're going to alter that can do it just won't be the same in the end, will die financially Brennan Authority over National Review had an interesting piece along these lines. Everybody sort of contemplating what the new normal will look like because will never go back to the way things were before and interests and are really philosophical level surveyed the environment. I haven't really encountered anybody whose separation have changed as a result of this in our whose who's got him were truncated idea of what life should look like for them, their objectives there, what they want for their themselves in families and their futures in
is the environment that they want to see changed, and I thought it was very interesting question because now there's a lot of people who talk about this Mary academic terms and in terms of personal safety. But the long term? What what are they willing to sacrifice? What have they this? Ok, that they can give up even answer for that and Christine maybe you can. Collect on this a little bit so fifteen years ago, maybe ten, twelve years ago there was a bedbug panic in New York City. There is some reason to think that this panic was created in part, a pie, the bedbugs suppression business. You know one of the things were suddenly stories repair, my bedbugs everywhere people say people start panicking about bedbugs and I knew Several people who stopped going movie theatres permanently big.
As there were stories that there had been bedbugs in the Amazon, Lincoln swear or something like that talking about properly. Actual people, but german fobs people who find the thought of bedbugs, which Europe this horrible I mean there are annoying and they buy in all this. What the other not they're, not they're, not ice and then, even though they are not there don't carry, does either just stood, just stood incredibly unpleasant thing or can be so I've seen in my lifetime, the way in which a certain type of german phobia can can interfere with people's lives certainly, in going back another twenty years, there were are these chemical camera with chemical sense. It there was a chemical sensitivity. Panic
Our people are saying it was giving them Epstein bar. They were getting sick from chemical, no sense and in products and stuff like that- and I mean it's a negligible number, if you take it as part of the higher population, but if you know million people out of certain thirty million people. Do it it's one three hundred and thirty us, but you know if five per cent of people do it in in businesses and France. That is the profit margin. If you lose five percent of your customer base, in a business that has a three percent profit margin, you're in deep trouble, so. What this psychology! This is the questions like better. I, you know what I'm not gonna go to, restaurants, any more than I can sick, I maybe I will get corona virus, but you know I could get the flu I could get this. I could get that you serve look at people as though they are invisible we radiating disease
and their near you when their invisibly radiating disease in or shedding virus, or every want to call it. I don't know how you get over that psychologically, if you're a person inclined to that kind of feeling. Well, I think that's that's six point. One perhaps counter example would be to look at their security theatre posts. Nine eleven that we all endorse, and that was noticeably disruptive to our routines, especially if you're someone who travel in a lot, you had to start taking your belt. Often, then you take your shoes off than you take. It can Peter back out, and then you have to put everything in a little bit like that with the right size and no liquids in each level of additional security was a temporary but noticeable disruption of eight once more seamless experience. But it is one that I think
We can all agree. We we ve adjusted to write and then, as you see as more time goes on, there has been, as there is in everything in America awaited by you. By your way around some of the inconvenience you can get the clear that you know if you are not, in fact a terrorist and training, it's pretty easy to buy a way around those lines and what not so I do feel like there will definitely be a period of particular if you're a business owner and a in the restaurant business, especially a period of great pain and adjustment. Here that will affect people in the same way that I knew some frequent travellers who did cut back on their travel posts. Nine, eleven, not Joe,
because not out of fear necessarily of dying in a terrorist attack, but just out of the huge headache and inconvenience of dealing with those disruption. So I think that will see that is well here, but I do, I do feel like there's always a very small percentage of people who were just kind of hard wired to react permanently in the way that you describe your your friends who were concerned about bedbugs we're going to see that you're too that's applicant be a problem. I will note that every one of my kids is a real sigh five fanatic and we started watching this new Amazon Series last night called Upload, which is about consent in a slightly futuristic time, including in a slightly futuristic New York City and the first thing my kids noticed about one of the episodes,
so they should really pact bus in New York and half of the people are wearing masks and the other half or not, and it will stay instantly notice. This has obviously we all have to put NASA when we go to the grocery store of so it was to me it struck me is that this is supposed to be ten twenty years in the future. You will probably see that kind of adjustment and we will have a permanent change to our daily practical behaviors if we live in cities and towns necessarily bad. I think cities are gonna, be younger, And by that I mean that the people going out and doing things in participating in groups are gonna be represented. Significantly by by the the younger people in the city. I've they ve already got the message, perhaps too too clearly that they are the least at risk. You know I think they're ready to go out now, Ok, so When we hear what are we a turn
these unanswerable depressing questions. Two p m delicious hypocrisy of the last twenty four to forty eight hours. Joe Biden went on morning Joe this morning to dispute the intention of his almost three decades ago, staffer terror read that the base that he that he raped her. It's basically What's the accusation is daddy but that he pushed her against the wall and and violated her. And he says it didn't happen, and he is now directing some national arc I can quite figure out there some place. He says if she had reported this to any authority in the Senate, that there would be a
screwed up there and, if its not there than that, proves that it didn't happen. She apparently is already responded that she told somebody. But you was remember who that he made her feel uncomfortable. But she doesn't remember when and and so they are to us, this, one of which is that bind us dealing with an accusation of a sort He will, as was perfectly willing to accept that the truth of such accusation, say on campuses against any you know. Nineteen year old boy, worse, was to believe any accusation hurled and give them hundreds of of of doubts were the preponderance of evidence should go to the fifty one percent if their swiftly percent, credibility to a charge. The charge should be believed, but not for himself. So there's that and then there is also the
media, starting to twist itself into marks, trying to figure out how to handle this. Christine, though, that one important note of contacts here, the reason this morning Joe Interview is was remarkable- is that he Biden so March. Twenty fifth was
and terror when misread made. Her initial allocation in the media Biden did twenty five interviews since then, and was never once asked about terror read. That is the part that for a lot of us who followed the cabin our hearings closely, we haven't accusations closely, are sort of astonished. By said, that is the reason this particular morning. Joe incident this morning is so unusual. Could, as is the first time he was asked about it and me we ve talked about this before I don't find her allegations particularly compelling, but Joe Biden is in a whole lot of trouble that it's gonna continue. I mean you know one of the people who came to his defence yesterday, the President, he said. Oh, I don't know anything about a boy. Do I know about false accusations,
Spirits, Purbeck avatar experience that if, if you're, if the person rushing to your defence is the present, the United States has been pretty credibly accused by a lot of women of of assaulted and inappropriate behaviour than than you gotta really be worried, and we also know that behind the scenes, his campaign has been scrambling to try to get a unified message out and to get surrogates to say the same thing and each time they come out and say those things they are being There's a fair amount of pushed back look curse, Angela, bread, another another, pretty major hypocrite here when it comes to the you moment, and we talked about Stacy Abraham. So I think this is not. This is just the beginning for Joe Biden and this problem- Noah yeah. I mean my wrote about this for the website. The the the media's role here is not responsible per se, but it's more responsible
Then what we ve seen during the Cavenaugh affair- and these are almost the reason why this comes up so often- is because the parallels are hard to ignore. The press has responded to these accusations, as you should respond. Accusations with criminal wait, the gravity of which is so great that the evidence or your burden should be sufficiently. I, and so perhaps the month and a half that elapsed was unjustifiable, but nevertheless investigating these allegations of passion. We and allowing for the investigation to come forward and not taking weight of the accusation alone is evidence of guilt is what the press is supposed to do, and they did that to an extent. In this case, what they have not done is hold themselves to the standard that they establish, during the the cabin affair, and when you said the media, you know you're blanket
an indicting up a whole broad swathes of of opinion and out and raw material institutions, and that's not entirely fair. But in the cabinet case. It really is because it was almost entirely universal. The extent to which Joe by or rather a brick governors. Own defensive himself was evidence of his guilt and not just his guilt, but the avatar that he represented. He was a stir, and then for white heterosexual, men of a particular socio economic background and those individuals, were suspect, they deserve to come up and a cosmic come up ins and the and to which he defended himself with some passion against these charges was more evidence just of his own guilt in the minds of buttonhole home, broad swathes of big players in press and in politics, but in the press in particular. So you know, if that's a standard than Joe Biden should have approached this scene at the prospect of his uncle.
With some this passion, you not be little open minded about the prospect that you might have rape, this worsen alleys, that's the standard out shit about like you, don't get angry, don't get angry. I agree. I certainly our if you dont defend yourself with some passion than you know, that's a little suspect to their own. A variety of behaviors that medium asian and order contort itself into knots in order to abandon and thwart the Supreme Court The nation was a political objective, everybody it on our side of the said as much at the time and is pre plain that case now and you had make a Brzezinski come out after this interview in saying that this is a pretty tough one. For me, I, like Joe Biden they still later by the respect Joe Biden. But another believe all women standard was, is not being applied here. So we're Democrats wrong then, or are they wrong now?. Enemy in the shoes for club, upon the asked the option that they were not wrong, which is right and good, so Abe.
Let me out, let me ask you this. Twenty thirteen were red, blew up the Nuclear blew up the fellow buster for lower level judicial nominations right and announce that we're gonna just take up and down majority minority vote in the Senate to confirm judges me Mcconnell spoke the truth. He said you we regret this. Because one day this standard, you will not be in power and the standard we'll be in the hands of will you dont, like. And then you will reap the whirlwind and what is happened over the last three years. What has happened over the last three years is that the Mcconnell and Trump Administration have used Harry reads: relaxation of these rules to confirm hundreds, and hundreds of judges who might have,
filibustered under a previous system, and this is how politics actually works when Democrats were losing. You know that the jackals On Brett Cavenaugh, just as they lose the jackals on on Clarence Thomas and all of that this ideas, you really think that you can successfully isolate this to the people that you dont like because you can't that's The way these things work and if you inflate a problem headache accusation to the level of the most important news story. In the world, because you are worried about a permanent lifetime appointment, to the Supreme Court and believe, which is, I believe, is the case believe that, under those conditions, all bets are off and that you have
do whatever you can do to stop somebody from getting on the court that the same thing going to happen to you when it's your presidential nominee and for whatever reason, I don't think TAT territory is clearly not a you know Trump plant. I don't think. She has other reasons for doing this, and you held to a standard of evidentiary simple there. The fact that her mother said something on Larry. King is not evidence that had happened. That could be evidence that she had a dream a fantasy about something had happened between her and Joe Biden and talked about it. The time in earnest and- and this is now hardened into a deep widow per recollection. That is not real, which something we learned about the you know people's buried. Memories are stuff like that. Twenty five
ago so That's I think why were enjoying this right and some funny way. It's like. Ok, you, you really thought that you could do accident. There would not be why consequence welcomed. The consequence of the danger here is that principle gets sort of pushed aside in favour of strategy or or tat our political tactics right. So so, even if you, if you had strongly believe very still believe in no said that someone is innocent until proven guilty in that that an active, asian does not mean is not evidence of guilt. That is one thing, but it is at the same time it is very delicious to have your political opponents flailing and struggling and words or just being in the spotlight for fur. For something that he may or may not have done,
so yeah, but I dont think, but what we haven't seen Republicans yet pylon in the way that Democrats did say and in the case of cabinet the report and there and the conservative take on this. Continued to be pointing out media hypocrisy, primarily right, whereas it hasn't been my God. Joe Biden is a is a monster rapist now and that they are there in the position of being consistent which is you know easier than what you ve seen the most committed liberal analysts do in this moment, you're groping in the dark for some sort of a logical explanation, suffices for I just really hate Republicans there. Cabinet was a less credible defence.
Urganda his his particular background happen ex wines in other a host of unjustified justification, self justification that are really flimsy, but our design only to make them feel better about what is essentially glaring double standard. That's been really exposed here and The people who are a little bit more honest brokers on the left are confronting the contradictions that they ve been courting for the last two years and that probably a good thing, but yet Republicans put themselves and actually a pretty advantageous position by me. Inconsistent here that they ve said another, that the weight of the evidence should be weighed as evidence in the accusation alone does not suffice for evidence and that's the position. They applied the cabinets, the position there applying to Joe Biden and they ve been. Give indicated by their critics by people like remark is that the water
supposed to believe all women, is a terrible standard, it's just and unjust standard right, exactly right. So it's you know, probably just a matter of time before Republicans are all the affected for the prudence in forbearance and can we can just sit back and wait for all the four Ali accolades? I am wondering if one in terms of the way that the vigorous innocence, which was seen in the last few days, people like Nancy Policy and others cannot defend Joe, the defence of Jos Dad once lost his job, so we should believe that he did not attack a woman is a very strange leap that she made, but there you go, but I mean that the other thing that that made news briefly with Biden was that he has started talking to himself.
They transition candidate right, not not not transition in the sort of there's no gender gender right about that gender. This is about how he sees itself as a sort of a transition to a young girl. You know he mentioned mayor peace. I go, I'm gonna bring the mayor pizza the world into into my administration. So the idea that he's almost setting himself up as a one term president running as a kind of one term present. It is interesting to me because it suggests that this is. I think this is new right. He wasn't talking this way in three months ago, so I dont know if that comes into play. In terms of how vigorously everyone is basically just let's get trump out here, let's put someone else one in there. You know any any functioning adult twenty twenty as I'm. It is interesting that his that then I think the we know very little about how the Biden campaign is functioning or who he listens to or it's a kind of remarkable, actually how opaque some of them
Stuff is, and what was throughout to twenty nineteen that date I decided to take a slow and steady long term plotting strategy and of, despite all of this complaining about how we he wasn't doing it right MA. Obviously he was doing it egg exactly an entirely right actually, including you know you may even look at this and long term and say that what he needed to really win this thing decisively, as quickly as he did was for burning to win a couple of things and scare, the Jesus out of you out of the Democratic Party at the possibility that he was, Bernie was gonna, be the nominee. You could almost say that you know, with Biden, had planned that it would be any better, but we don't really know how he is functioning. So the question did was he musing yesterday when he said I'm a transitional, candidate or this strategy like are: do they think that all the what they have and they ve done polling and they ve done this
they ve done that in what they have is I am the person to get us out of this whatever it is, trumps presidency trumps residency in the virus, comes whatever, and that that's what I'm here for privileged. I was you, whatever you lack, say whatever you like, I'm not gonna change them. Get a course of american history. I'm seventy eight years old, I'm not gonna. Do that. So I'm here to be the person Who can lead us into the next phase? Is this wasn't enough? There was a float a couple of months back and I don't know whether it came from, I'm campaign or not, but it didn't seem like a came from his adversary said Joe Biden might flirt with just being a one term president. Now there is a reason why you don't take a one term pledge. It is politically maladroit to say nothing of the fact that is usually unfair.
Syllable. People like TAT. Have their legacies risk restored by the verdict of the public after four years are affirmed. Alleys rather banana and treading out at the risk of treading through a minefield here. I dont think that the binding campaign believes that Joe Biden can serve fer to consent. I dont think that he has had. I not he'd probably does only capable of doing so, but if, but we add there, it is extreme risk by introducing that into the public dialogue totally yeah. That's my that's my impression to admit you he's he's sort of taking away his own vote of confidence in himself in a way. In always it's you see, I don't know because again like I mean, I think it's easy to look at it. That way that there is also what the realities are of being the oldest person. Remember the Ronald was younger than Joe Biden has now when he completed his second term. So I've been Biden,
it's not like it's it's mental faculties. Well, no one had no one has as much consideration over Donald Trump is of a comparable age or Bernie Sanders, ancient Lades trumpets for years younger than by yeah forest comparable. Now we ve got it. Knocking on agriculture, that debate in the seventies, I'm not conceal. My point is debatable. Nevertheless, what Joe Biden is evincing is a lack of mental acuity. All I'm trying to say is that, you run with the hand you have right not to and you want to have- and you have to play the hand that you can play and if they look Looked at these things again, I dont know if this is true, as it could just be him going off on his own and not reflecting a theory of the campaign and therefore it out doesn't mean anything anyway, because he can changes tune and not say it again, but if what what they are looking at is I am
The war shocked just you vote for me. If you know one about four trump and both, you know, Trump has an approval rating over disapprove ring over fifty percent number one in number, two there's this terrible economic crisis, then virus and know that, and so you just want to add a there. I thought I'd net I may be MR meant remembering this, but they didn't the issue of a second term of a potential second term come up when John Mccain last ran for the presidency and didn't he also in perhaps indicate that he would. Would only be one timbered or am I wrong about came up and people were afraid to talk about at number when and number two. It was implicit in the. Well, we have to trust their pillar within an inch of her life because she's, you know she will the vice
the oldest man ever to be sworn in its president, and so you gotta you now you gotta take that seriously and noble. Was genuinely concerned about John Mccain's age. I'm sorry there it was not a genuine concern. It was an attempt to strike an implicit contrast with one of the youngest people to run for president the democratic side in the generation right, but sire well. Really I just think this is a there are complex, just to be having very, men run run for president. One of them is that you know and any two year old man is not gonna run for re election oh care who the eighty two year old man is he's not gonna run for re election is not one of a hundred senators, is the present United States, he will too old, to your old man is too old people remember levied at you when, when Churchill came back into power in the MID fifties in
England. He was falling asleep at the presiding over tables and having terrible, haven't heart attacks and stuff like that, like it didn't work here too, there is a point at which people can be extraordinary remarkable for their age, but you're there's a reason that Clint Eastwood is the only director in the history of making practically to make movies into his late eighties, like these are harsh ups and and so I mean if their raising questions about mental acuity, that's one thing, but again, as with terror. Reed, I'm sorry, but that's not a good hand for Trump to play and just as Trump is already signalled, that this is terrible is not his issue right. He said yesterday that you know, he knows a lot about false accusations of sexual harassment. Right, Sir defending Biden, you know keys, the guy was thing up until two in the morning. You know:
We rage, tweeting layer you Donald, I can't I would not put Donald Trump, the capacity of down from fur hypocrisy shamelessness to not overcome the natural impulse among the people around him to avoid trotting through this minefield. I think I'll certain. I doubt your shit don't out that he'll may have it. I do because it's not that he won't want to or hills. ITALY he'll say anything, you do anything if it to his advantage when He talks about it. He reminds- people of him self. That's. The problem is not that he can't talk about anything that he wants to, but he does not. Actually, need suburban women to be reminded every day of his own sexual peccadilloes liking
we view them to hear that you are assuming. He thinks in that rational, politically strategic way. I think I'm with no, I think, as long as we're talking about him and he's in his mind a persecuted victim of these accusers, not a you know, poor spokesperson, for you, no good behaviour on the opposite sex if only we could talk about Trump Trump, feels it's a wind for him to remain. I mean I know, but no a pointed out yesterday that from whence silent once the real The meaning of the call me investigation commenced on October twenty Eightth, twenty sixteen and allowed that story to percolate on its own. Without him an it, helped him get elected right. So there is some evidence that he has a prudent you there is. He can act,
couldn't we if he needs to. I don't think it's own and unfortunately, the last data point that we have is four years old right. Any He doesn't know we're data point from yesterday. We have him defending a Bible yesterday that that's because he feels that, let that there's a weird kinship he feels with Biden cause. He thinks I dont think he thinks he ever did anything wrong with women trump. I really don't. I mean if you listen to how he talks about those interactions and new, listen to how he talks about being falsely accused. He is the ultimate victim in his own mind, of unfair attacks politically motivated whatever you know, so I think actually he's his come. Robbery with with Biden on this score is still a reflection on himself in the same way that that bringing up cabin offer him was, in his judgment and another another positive that it shows him as having chosen this really excellent person who was unfairly
tat. I just I feel like his persecution complexes. What drove that? Not his political strategy that make sense by the way his use claiming public. You know kinship with Biden on this point doesn't necessarily help heightened either now It's it's not that it's not remedied sort of coming to his defence, but in a way it's really not because its linking the two of them on that score. I guess I just think again that the question the question become: is the election, a referendum on Trump or as the election, a referendum on Biden and, of course, in twenty twelve Obama, successfully managed the defeat of legerdemain, of making a reelection efforts, a referendum on his opponent and not on his presidency, which was the key to his victory in twenty twelve and truck made too
By that, I don't know how on earth that can be the case unless it having because he and he was run against Hilary. They were both not president right. That was opens heat. He has to account for himself further three and a half years, and maybe the accounting will be now with care. We blame him for the virus or you know, what's happened to the economic downturn and things were pretty good before that happen, didn't so, you know yet the tweeting about, but you know better better better that then you know trying something untested. Or it can be the one way or another. This election is about him and that's all I'm saying that by binding. If that this was a strategy, and not just him, monitoring where we know glad handing mayor peep by saying that as a transitional candidate Biden, saying I'm just not drunk.
I'm not gonna even say what I am. I don't even know what I am now what are all be whatever you want me to be all be. If you want me to be intersection alignment to sexual. If you want me to say the embassy is gonna stay in Jerusalem, the every success in Jerusalem, whatever you want, the worry about it, I'm gonna! Take the presidency Yet a serve like try to manage things is competently as possible and then twenty twenty four you know pick a commie pick up. A good deal cod. What do I know you know I'll be I'll. Be you know. Moving to Florida has been pretty yeah. That's a pretty clever strategy on his part two. It's not as a Joe Biden has not courted his left. Flank he's got a pretty aggressive, progressive agenda, rhetorically he's been more deferential, and that's. Why is labelled moderate, but he's We have everything to everyone in exists. Therefore, a sort of a hypothetical there's not a whole lot. You can pin down on and as a hypothetical alternative. You got to avoid
the the change election narrative, as as to the referendum election narrative, which would advance Joe Biden political prospects, pretty pretty significantly ice so you know if they ve Joe Biden says. I exist as a sort of this alternative to them. Company for can protect. Unto me whatever you want, you all the good stuff and none of the bad stuff that was the camp It was running before now in these conditions, which are so unsatisfactory and and so intolerable. I think across the board. Becomes more attractive. Well, look I mean you know we were now it thirty million people are filed for unemployment insurance in the United States. I mean now. We have a. We have an economy, we're gonna, see at number, as they were in a sea of GDP drop number when the second quarter number is issued that
no one has ever seen before in story of the of the world. If Trump can survive it, it will be a miracle now that the virus is a negative miracle right. So this is an age of miracles and so dead too. To presume that he can't would be a mistake but tat you know, The Democrats already dodge look, would they. We better. If you had Bernie Sanders as the sea. Fishermen for the party right now say that what we need is you know how, care for all that that would be his response to the virus. No, that would that would be. That would be vastly work. SK as them you would be handing Trumpeton wood. Gigantic fat Oh really, you wanna go with a fifty trillion dollar by in on a new programme when we are having to reward and probably have to end up spending like is ten
billion dollars to get us out of this thing, there's not going to be any money in the federal government forever from now on. So you know good luck to you. So by that bullet the Democrats, dodged that bullet. He has a progressive agenda that doesn't have a price tag and it isn't is notional rather than programmatic,. And any wouldn't be able to get it through anyway, right so effectively, you'll end up saying some versions: that, which is that you know, we know what our values are, we're going to reflect and speak for our values, our values of equality, airiness, amend this and were right right. To everybody and whatever it you know for open borders and everything up. However, you want to slice it but what will free allow our those are our values. That is our notion that who we could be that we shall be that's who we can be when all comes back to normal, we'll see about They can and cannot get past the year, the landscape.
Four Republicans on and then when it comes to the Senate is an is looking increasingly bleak Arizona is on the on the tipping point made a couple, a pole out recently from Georgia and North Carolina. That look pretty bad for the and see in Georgia, and for Tom, tell us in. Carolina done now, Republicans are gonna, pick up one in Alabama, but they could end up losing three and No, they don't have a little investing they're gonna, lose Colorado, are underway in Africa, colors, probably gone, and then there's of courses and collins and means of Democrats need for to take control of the Senate. But and then the pole, yes, that Poland has terrible. Yet there is a Gallup poll which another very now lit wait a minute the fifty out. If the split in the Senate, however, is president, is under Joe Biden, the most powerful vice president on the planet.
The history of the republic is going to be the other that the chief tie breaking vote there. That's and I can't the president will be de facto, a shared office, in future. We can. We then look outcast well beyond that. Vice president, if there's a fifty fifty split by the way, here's another here's another version of. Don't you know, don't don't don't start suggesting things that are going to be used against you later because, of course, who is more likely, have the twenty fifth amendment invoked against him, Donald Trump, who you know there thereof, There has been discussion of invoking the twenty four the went against from since God. Minute entered office or or Joe Biden, who you know looked to me like he was falling, He fell asleep during Hillary Clinton. Endorsement of him, while we're going get really nuanced cable news debates about the disease,
and between crazy and mad, at that the distinction between crazy, a mad. Yes, that is a good one all right, so we will bring this week to a close and, as I say, hopefully, month of May will be, will be lastly, better than the month of April, and and that day you, if you, if you think of things in terms of weekends. I hope you all have a very nice weekend again, that's what I'd say: that's what I'm saying, but also has a lot of news, streaming like this show upload the Christine talked about right, debuted last night, so also by the way. Let me just mention before we go, that I don't know for people listening to me right now. We're fans ever watched or
we have watched since its cancellation, the show parks, erect. Asian so calm about a small town in Ohio and its up public officials, last night parks erected a reunion special a half hour show about all its characters in euros are living through the lock down the quarantine on a phone. Free where they all it turns out or calling each other every night just to check in to see how everybody is doing, and it was one of the best one slash two hours of television I've ever seen. So if you have, if you did watch Wreck find it today, I'm on demand, if you didn't, I don't even know whether you would be able to make that much sense of it. If you, if you, if you hadn't but
was still thought deeply. Moving at very funny and pitched perfect asked, thank God. It was under foreigners. Also fight it also was done, is a fundraiser for something really going on problems who are helping Greece money to feed Americans who are having trouble I'm getting groceries every week and often Johnson feeding America right right. So you watch it. There's up, there's, there's a bar code on the screen and there's a phone number and all that anyway. So that's my recommendation for the weekend. So for aid Christine no I'm John pot hordes keep the camel burning.
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