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Who's Going to Look More Extreme?

2021-01-26 | 🔗
Today's podcast asks whether the Democrats are both overplaying their hand politically and setting themselves up to seem like extremists in 2022 or whether Republicans in places like Oregon are setting up the GOP for disaster because of their embrace of conspiracy theory and lies. And what does this mean for the politicians who like to straddle fences? Give a listen.
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Welcome to the commentary magazine barely Podcast today's Tuesday January twenty six, twenty twenty one. I am John PATH towards the other commentary with me, as always created a very passionate, a very emotive, associate better no Rossman high. Now I don T passionate now we just got off. We are big argument in the pressure so new meal here. Some of that maybe other. We know where we disagree that much, which is why, maybe
That's I'll give it an senior writer Christine Rosen High, Christine just Kerbela before the podcast. You guys actually like I really am they rarely heated, always economists, executive, Elinor, Abraham Waldheim, I join its earlier you are in your echoed Emily. Yes, let's talk about what I promise. We will talk about the end of the Pike S yesterday, which is the democratic parties disunity we're talking a lot about GNP. Disunity will a lot of GNP disunity later in the podcast, but we we are. We are witness to a kind of mania on the part of Democrats who who have taken the results of the twenty twenty election, which featured a net loss of eleven seats, I believe in the House of Representatives and a less them.
Thrilling showing in the Senate race in the Senate, races for they thought. Maybe they were gonna win in South Carolina and in Iowa and in May in a couple of places where late they didn't win and they ended up because of weird circumstances, obviously getting to a fifty fifty split with Harris breaking the Thai, which means that they get serve. They get control of the Senate and the most nominal sense, and yet they want to act as though its two thousand and eight, and they one sixty seats in the Senate and have a fifty Seymour. In the house with a landslide presidential win of of seven or eight points. Wherever was it Obama one by and with the with the with the year, with the exception of the fact that they knocked off a first term president, which is always an impressive feed with eighty one million votes, which was an even more impressed
The feet there presumption that somehow what they really need to do is now pass massive legislation on the democratic wishes when that is clearly not what the public mood would suggest from the results of the election is causing them a significant degree of cognitive dissonance. It seems to me. Well you can always, I think, count on the Democrats to overreach. I think probably all a little stunned that their doing so so soon. I think part of this, I have to say, is- has been facilitated once again by because he created a moment where I'm not to bulldoze the republic it's not that too, to be seen as anything but completely condemnatory of anything resembling
he'll, be policy or that the republican standing is cowardly and perhaps even a danger to the republic. I mean it's funny because Christine the the of the raft of executive- is that everyone start my oh, my God executive order. Seventy in second of orders so crazy. It's ninety anti racism uniting beggars. How could this have enough? Whatever I thought you know, conservatives and foxes realization. I thought they wanted that guy. You know they wanted a unity and other doing this. Every president has done this with prior executive orders. I mean my my my first book. However, right big ends with Clinton coming in and wiping out every executive order that George H W Bush have passed or had written into law during his presidency. Every thing
and there were fewer, because people didn't play this game as much with executive orders, but I'm so dating back to nineteen. Ninety two one thousand nine hundred and ninety three. This is how parties, when they, when they switch when the presidency switches party eyes, which is parties. They come in and say now your executive orders around so so Biden has written salmon voided, others it. That seems completely within the realm of the understandable. It is the aim I disagree with that because it for this reason, first of all, the scale in number in the first few days was fast. Nineteen verses. What I think them the most, that anyone did in that's short spend time was like three or four like it. This is a heat. This is a big increases and I think it to AIDS point there is a small window where a lot of voters will look at what Biden is doing in the pace of change that he's trying to enact from the executive as a corrective to what trumpet
tromp override sooner. We got a swing back this way with all these correctives, but that window is extremely small minority, be close eye given the way our new cycles work in the way that the kind of absolutely polarized, partisan media that we invite we're in now that's down like he can argue for a first few days and he throughout all these executive orders to correct you know, restore balance, but now now we ve actually got to talk about and- and I do think that their rhetoric is still in this moment. of all the all this mess that we were left with. We have to do if we overreach it's only to correct with the american people all of trumps mistakes. I just don't think that's a winner. Ass it from them beyond, maybe even next week
I think there is another element here, which is that no we're gonna get this more detail. Another segment but be caused by the administration has not exactly dazzled so far on the issue of the pandemic and vaccinations on Lisbon, there's a lot of serves a lot of talk around, but but substitute in terms of substance. There hasn't been really a whole lot to to grab hold of. This is a way of saying look, we're doing all this right. What I mean first of all, he said I'm gonna, do ex widens the day. One out of it. Is it out socially significant, but at no cost or low cost executive orders changing policy write them out. The two are the most, the most notable being. I guess in the social warfare aspect of the culture were aspect.
Seeing the ban on transgender people and military rights are? That's that's, so that's been done, and that represents say now. That represents a couple it doesn't cost any money it doesn't. She change any real direction for any policy, but it puts up a marker. It says I'm fulfilling my promises, its it. It says waves to the cultural left and says I'm with you and I, and is it- is gonna have a lasting effect, not just on the military, but it's gonna have a lasting effect on perpetuating and deepening the culture of the United States between people.
believe that all these things are fluid and people who believe in your attacking the very very model of society and biology and everything and that nature itself, and so that's that's, but it doesn't cost anything the point and it doesn't in Ireland and the policy that that bet bam. Transgender people was itself issued as part of a culture where in the other direction by tromp, so so here, we have something like that, and then you have the go through regulations and make sure that they reflect. You know a racial and gender and dad and orientation equity, again, Similarly it doesn't have any practical policy effect. Because it's it's declaring that you should go through regulations and make sure that they conform with some vague idea. What,
They're supposed to be, it doesn't cost anything, but it saying ok, I'm fulfilling my promise to. I said I'd. Do something like this: I'm gonna do it. I don't think that's the biggest aspect of this, though, without More like one thing to that that the gathering of that kind of data, however, is only the first step towards actually implementing policies and punitive responses by the federal government to those who don't conform to the numbers at their been established. As being the standard, without without question without question, that it begins a process that could have very significant meaning and consequences, and that that process is something that, if I were by and the Democrats. I would be very careful about treading very lightly on, not just because I think it's wrong and evil about, because the cultural and political blow back from it could be extreme.
and that's why you started as a process like this and see how much you can sneak in before anybody pays attention. That's that's part of the regular that how burrowing in on regulations to control things without it but he actually having to vote on them, is so pernicious and so clever. But. I want to go to a different point here, which is that that networks having no real hand to play here said: a couple of the Parish year agreement until you put down on paper that view Chuck tumor will. Oh, you know, abandon many efforts to get rid of the filibuster, and you would have thought that Mcconnell, whose like play a card. you know, I mean they're negotiation. We place a card, you would have thought that Mcconnell had just said. You know, Tokyo rose saying you know you don't give up. Yankee boy
You know where you're gonna lose like he went negotiations and said this is what I need nor you get my negotiation. You know when you didn't get it because he played his card and they said now, and then he defaulted by saying: ok well Joe Mansion Kristen Cinema say they won't go to overturn the filibuster. So therefore, I'm gonna take that as as good as a promise on a piece of paper whatever. But the Democrats and Emerson see and all those be they they acted as though this very simple, I don't have much of a hand to place. I'm just gonna try this for a couple of days, was a violation of democratic norms because Mcconnell was was say. Ok, you guys one I give in give up. What are you need? What do you want, but they didn't really win really win the seller. That's the whole point. They the senator tie, and it has
run. Somehow, in classic rules suggested that you know with the vice president and bring a tie than than Democrats should probably get there. You know get get that more. Of control in the Senate. But you know, like I say, if they'd, if things have gone away, thought they were gonna go on election day, and this is the key. They would have controlled the Senate with work by forcing margin and they would have one fifteen seats in the house, and that didn't happen because the public didn't want to give them control of the House and Senate and presidency. In a uniquely strong position, I mean that's the collective affected, the election that was Noah's basic, pointed his very fine piece in the December commentary. All are punishing witches, Trump lost and the debt.
crowds lost and the Democrats lost as much as they could lose. What while Biden, was winning pretty much, and I was even written thinking that you know they work by the Republicans are probably gonna prevail in Georgia, which obviously they didn't know. Ah, yes, Don't have anything to sell com, I guess I got it out of the pressure you gotta get out, all the other, all the anger, the preacher. No, I just think we're. So the Democrats are. thing. When Rama Manual said in two thousand and nine, you know you never you should never let a crisis go to waste a there was a huge crisis and be Democrats had won the most commanding victory in twenty eight years. Since wrong Reagan's victory, nineteen, eighty oriented eighty four, but I've been and aid. Eighty is, I think, a better model.
and the Republicans were shocked and he got he got. A mammoth legislation through and we have a very different situation here and Democrats want Biden. and in the house and the seller to act as though they have a mandate for massive cultural and political change, and they think We have a mandate for mass of cultural and political change, all the because in institutional winding hate those institutions and must be pretty frank about this- they hate the filibuster. They hate the Senate. They don't like the sentence. Anti maturity in character and they don't really understand why they cannot exercise unilateral power. So the fact that they have a fifty fifty split, which necessitates a power sharing arrangement, is gonna, drive them and has driven them ass, crazy or more crazy than it would have Republicans just maintained country.
they understand power, they don't understand institutions, but I mean, if you understand power than you understand, you take you take measure you take a measure of your forces and try to figure out where they are now where they will be in six months and where they might be in two years, so that you so that you deploy them well and spending all of your political capital in January, twenty two: one rather than husband thing at an end and by the way like if the verdict of Mary, the high line, which Mcconnell one the power sharing arrangement negotiations, even though no one is one something is silly as that is that is The objective was to get everybody to show their cards and the filibuster, didn't matter whether was on paper then have to be on paper, a promise to not nuke filibuster
This has revocable as anything else. It was just merely demonstration of loyalty. Is that can be exploited some years tundra, but right, but I mean some of the matter. Is that I am in a hate to say this, because we just that in the negotiation and we just sudden lecture four months ago, but there's an election in twenty months and aircraft are likely, although the Republicans can commence screw this up for themselves. likely to lose control of the House and Senate at end of twenty twenty two simply by dint of you know historical experience and the nature of things, and so Biden needs to get stuff up on the board to strengthen the democratic hand, so that when they go to the Publican twenty twenty two, they do better than most parties do in mid terms. Any has an opportunity to do that. Right, I mean doing recovered, would do
handling the vaccinations uncovered well and Getting us out of this, to the extent that there is something of the president or a party can do in a faster than people expect, with the attendant economic explosion into positive territory. That will be that will come from people. Believing that everything is opening again is what his party it's getting involved in procedural arguments and hysteria about who about the filibuster and transgender ism are not what he needs. They are the of what he needs he needs eminent anyway. What he needs to do is say: I'm spending twenty four hours a day uncovered until covert has done. He doesn't to make a big speech on on racial equity on twenty six January, which is what he's gonna do later today, he needs to say I am focused like a laser beam.
There's one thing until we get it fixed than ever get get the country on the right track, but this was the bargain. He struck with his coat listen once he became the nominee, which was in its why Susan rises give given this odd position till I get a weave racial equity into every aspect of the administrations, work, climate change, covert. Every everything has to be about race to this to this group, because You now, given the events of the past year, they pointed out and say, without this kind of motivated voting You never would be in this position. So there's you know, we see permanent zone are very sensitive to this, but every time there is an announcement of a cabinet official Aura Administration official it has to all the boxes. You know the gender the rays are they in? Are they transgender? Are they this color? They that color and it becomes almost like background. Noise cows were so used to it, but that's surfacing your constituency that did give him a lot of
leeway in a general election because they really wanted to see from gone, and I dont think that truck humor is its institutionally crafty as Mitch. Mcconnell has proven himself too he's. So I don't think he's even thinking in those terms of you know that long game, the way them again. Has done so ably, regardless of whether you like Mcdonald's political, choose as a strategy and an institutional as he's been remarkably and I dont see either Pelosi or Sumer having that level of of kind of patients and discipline Titian in there democratic party- I don't see it and they have been given this great gift of you know a former president who was who was kind of a disaster but they can squander that guest where we should talk about how they might wonder that gift. But before we do, I want to point out that in the world
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there there having down a bad path. Now my egg, our critics on the right would say: what do we get there? I think that this is what they are this. As you know, this is how it works. This is whether, in their there there to destroy the country right now to kill it and I agree that, like their policies are terrible in their ideas, are terrible and it just as interesting to me that there are political strategy, I think is terrible that they're playing the game raw. Am, I think, that's a necessary thing to point out it's just of interest, because it also gives you some sense of how you might fight against it and where, where it a push, what where their weak spots arm, where their source my arm, where to push it and where, where where. challenge them and where to make them respond, angrily and other day, reveal who they are, and they reveal their stripes and they reveal their obsession.
and how their obsessions overwhelm any effort, a good governance and good management. I mean that's part of I think what we ve seen over the last year, in the blue stayed handling of covered restrictions, and all of that is that term there's a their full of pride about how they know how to run. things and they run these things horrifically badly and and and have had not as much law back as you would expect because of a friendly press. It's just that that simple However, I think we do need to talk about the more obvious disunity and civil war in american politics, which is in the public and party just yesterday. After we finish the pie cast, we got news that Rob Portman, who was always be
rector form, George W Bush Congress out or data, be barb whatever bad congressmen from a high of senator from. I was not running again and twenty twenty two very conservative guy, but not so conservative button very much in the old mainstream said it's impossible to get. Thing done here. A pile of life is really difficult now in this partisan context so he's gone. The organ GEO P issued a statement saying that the January. Sixth insurrection was a false flag. There's more increasing evidence. The January six, with a false flag effort made by liberals to Tatars, Donald Trump. The we worry went through the vote of the Arizona Party to censure, Jeff Flakes Cinema came and Governor Doug do see
the Texas republican pricing so adopted a cure non slogan as its slogan there, a couple other things going on and of course, then there is the whole question of how people are talking about the other, the upcoming Senate trial in the impeachment second impeachment doll tromp. So we should try to unpack this cost can talk about what's right and wrong, and good and bad and moral and immoral? But let's talk about the practical political effect of these fights is there it seems to attract some political effects of these fights is, and it seems very clear to have frozen any forward motion toward the possible removal of the the conviction of Donald Trump in the Senate has been completely stymied
It's not gonna happen. I'm Republicans the senator frozen in place, the four or five who seem intent on voting to convict or probably get about to convict seems very unlikely that were that that others will so there's that I don't know what and I don't know what the practical effect is. That is one where the other, except to say that if Trump were convicted, he could favourably be banned from running again and twenty twenty four, which would be helpful to the party. I think, but you know that I can happen so again. Let's try to separate out the moral from the strictly play. How how how stands the Republican Party today like I frankly, cannot provide the premise.
nothing. You do never doubt why don't airlines not about? I don't want you, do not abide the premises. We're gonna, get to the reason you shouldn't by the premise in two minutes. So just wait till you dont abide the premise stone gonna. Ask ok, just wait for me. So practical political fact is not none alive or totally catastrophic. Meaning Democrats are gonna overreach, robins about women, twenty twenty, two, no matter what matter what they say now, because it's all gonna be of a referendum on the behaviour of binding and the Democrats, and so Organs can do whatever they want now, because Democrats are gonna screw up, that's the position is also only tenable as long as the evidence comports it's. What we know that is presented in during the trial face, we don't know witnesses, they're gonna call, we don't know what they're gonna say. So you think that twelve say twelve republicans.
may break from the party is, it seems to me, the Parties Corp opinion, which is the trumps shouldn't be convicted Because of the evidence in the trial you you are part of that, it's not hard to concede that the concept of a condition that produces such humiliation, such embarrassment on the part of Republicans that a few break, but those who don't resolve to no longer mount the kind of defence of this bulwark against critically examining what Donald Trump did in those, two hours before and during the events of January sex that produces in them enough mortification that they back off from the current position, which is humiliating but well. What is their curb so So they will opposition is things but you're saying they will not vote to convict, but they will back off there. position because our position is incomprehensible. If we, then we can break down into two phases
Allow me to elaborate on this in some detail. The first is that Donald Trump is being persecuted. This is that the backstop that they go to generally, His persecution is also your persecution. That was essentially the claim that was made by The helium in appearance on Fox NEWS Channel, where she said quote now, they're going to turn around and bring about impeachment. Yet they say there for unity, ellipses, I mean at some point I mean give the man a break. I mean just move on just move on literally dot work. That was the premise by move on God or China just get over it right. The second is one that is a little. little more intellectually supported, which is that there is really no constitutional remedy for a person who is now a private citizen who is not a precedent to be impeached, he's been removed from office, he was removed by the voters. It's very confusing
the public that we're having these proceedings in the first place, and it is especially if you're invested in preserving that confusion, which many reports Are there not explaining and what is not in their interest to explain why it's necessary to do this even after the president is removed. I talk yesterday briefly about Eisner Brezhnev left Office left office, a cough briefly about as congressional research service. the legal side bar which encourage everybody in Iranian to read. It's called the impeachment and trial of a former President data January fifth and it goes on talks about the precedent here established noted that there's the within the legal scholarly community, but none of this is a two hundred year old debate. So to summarize, all these arguments is difficult in the space of three pages. Nevertheless, it does say that,
a number of scholars, have argued that delegates to the constitutional convention accepted that former officials can be impeach for conduct after they have left office comports with interacts with state constitutions that precede the national constitution. It can force with british com, law, an precedent, certain british common law and at the precedent that weavers published here is the trial, the post resignation trial. Eighteen, seventy six of former Secretary of WAR, William built up I want to read briefly from a nineteen ninety nine Duke University colonel that talks about the precedent established by the proposed resignation, trial William Bell Nap and it's actually very relevant quote at a time of lost confidence in the integrity of government. The conduct of a former official can demand a political response.
Response in the form of an impeachment may be more important than a legal response in the form of a prosecution. Regardless of the outcome. The bell not trial, addressed the underlying conduct and affirmed core principles at the time of diminishing faith in government absence. Such a trial don't. Let's rushed resign would have succeeded in barring any corrective political action to counter the damage to the system caused by his conduct, even if the only penalty disqualification from future office. The open presentation of the evidence and witnesses represents very element that was missing in colonial impeachment. Such a trial has a political value that runs vertically as a response to the public and horizontally as a deterrent to the exact The branch, the author of the passage, was William, provide Professor Turley literally Jonathan hearing at the truly thank it Jonathan Turley, who is today before the Senate Republican Conference arguing. Why constitutes constitutionally offensive to impeach a president after office? He has changed his position
but his position is political, his legal assessment there seemed rather to use turn of phrase unimpeachable. And frankly I thought I sighed with Jonathan Turley against sharpened early here at the notion here that there is some remedy in the constitution seems plain and the political merits behind it are unassailable. Ok, so I'm not allowed my political understand. This is where we have to fight for them. The the court room can be can be Christine
As you know, two jars, that's really a great way to do it politically. There seem to me to be three or four arguments on the right. One is Trump must be in must be removed after impeachment, because he incited riot at the capital and threaten the foundations of our government and that that's an open and shut case That would be whereby I am that's what I said in our into it practically politically. I set it needed to happen the day after them. The event which I think will politically has stood the test of time. The two stood the test of two weeks or whatever the almost twenty one days, because, of course, the m. The fact that this is gonna extend into the second week of February simply allows the focus to have shifted from a horror that we saw immediately that require,
A speedy and fair proceeding to something where you're like I listen, he's out of office. Why? What difference? Does it make like that? Ok, so, really needed to do this to say this can never happen again and we're gonna have we're gonna, throw the book and anybody who, even at the thinks about it or attempts at it, had to be done at the time, because this was gonna happen. What is now Ok, but they're. So that's that's the he needs me Peter rule, because the the the effect is clear, causing the fact he he incense. The rally. He brought the values to Washington and he said, go down to the capital opening shut case. He did not break the windows. He did not shoot the gun, he did not hidden If over the fire extinguisher, he incited all of that and for that he should be punished. Ok, that's that's one position that lets say: that's the admit: that's the business were Mitt. Romney is gonna, come back in the ruling party and were lit list
they came down in house, then there is the he did nothing. He did absolutely. This is the gym Jordan Matt Gates position. She did absolutely nothing, he didn't throw the fire extinguisher, he didn't break through. Barriers? He didn't break the window, he didn't invade the Senate, he said go home and you know He was using rhetoric and heated rhetoric and all that, but he is not responsible for the actions of adults over the age of twenty one who may there, choices and did something terrible, and this is just a political. This is just another political attack on trumpet and effort destroy him, and that is another argument that you can make. That is consistent. You know it's it's
it's a thorough, any sort of like does you know you can buy it or not by it, but it's a consistent argument, then there's a third argument which is He may have done any may not have done it, but he's out of office and Jonathan Turley. The second is right. John controlling the first is wrong, and Michael Leg is right and the and Keys Whittington is wrong and the only remedy for impeachment in the constitution is the removal of a president, and he is no longer present. Therefore, he cannot be removed. Therefore, this is all beside the point and you shouldn't have a trial, because there is no punishment. The punishment was already affected before the trial by his loss in the election. That's a third position that I think is arguable. It appears that the Republican Party aggregate, is going for the worst possible position, which is some amalgam of all of them. Maybe
they may not give the guy a break, and it's the Nicky Hayley position. Look let's move on. We want unity there being this uniting by having voted this in, and so we want to do. Unify the country and having it move on, and you know maybe then it may be didn't do it. I don't know, but there is no remedy or maybe there is, but I don't think it's fair whatever, and that seems to be what position thee. main stream of the republican Party. The seller is gonna. Take remarkable obvious that I just think this is dumb, but that that decision It's wrong. It's both political, It unconstitutionally gets a frantic right so that part of the reason why it so frustrating to listen to and obviously intelligent person, Mickey Healy say such garbage on a show like Lord Ingram is
She knows that this is actually about Donald Trump, if you're a conservative in particular. You know this is about the executive, the institutions of our government. Reason that it was that that there is still a barn door opened the needs to be close not to trump specifically, but to these kinds of actions specifically, is it we're in a year, each moment in those two months between when an election happens and when a present. Is inaugurated and during that time it is the president who has an extraordinary power to pardon people. to commute sentences. I mean in some ways what he said at that rally was given a great deal more weight, because anyone there who knows about the party in power could trigger well he's encouraging us, and you know, you didn't say: go smash, smash pleasant, break skulls, but if we do that, he could hardly as for me, there is a really unique amount of both power and lack of of responsibility,
Voters, if you're, if you ve, been voted out of office but still have the offices power, and it is that door that, if you're a conservative and you care about institutions, you should be eager to close, regardless of whether its trump or anyone else- and I think that act that they don't want to talk about that. It's easier in some ways to defend the outgoing president or to say oh you're, overreacting. That is now in over reaction to the attack on our system of government. It is eight, it is a reasonable response to it. strange situation that every single president phases between an election and inauguration so jolly I agree with your assessment of the various arguments, and I agree that the hodgepodge argument that they seem to be going with is the worst argument as an argument, but it does have a different benefit, which is that it throws up and sustains this fog
around the whole issue and and especially as time goes on it. It creates more of an impression, surely impressionistic that that we should. Given that there are so many reasons not to get bogged down in this right now and that this is getting out of control right. Well, I'm not saying I think, elected politicians defaulting to this. Fourth post you gotta take seriously the meaning of that their defaulting to that position, because it is the most comfortable position for them to stand and given all of the incentives, and and punishments that they see in their path, which you know you have to assume that they are reasonably good. Readers of the room, better
of the room, then we are. This is like their business. This is what they do, for a living appealing to enough people to get elected to office is what they know how to do better than say. We know how to do it. We can talk about this in terms of what the future of the Republican Party holds, what what kinds of consequences? It will have to have been seen to other scented in some fashion to what happened before one presumes that their there there will be no remedy short, unless that this is where I think it gets interesting with Noah Noah's question workers are the trial. I mean I don't know what these trials will hold, it's impossible to say what is in the middle of the trial. Somebody says you know what we shouldn't vote to convict We should we even have an upper down vote. Let's all vote
to say that what happened at the capital was terrible. The doll trumpet cited it and that this should never happen again and we're not gonna have a conviction. Trial. We're just gonna, have a censure motion. Then what then, what a Republicans do? Assuming that the evidence that's gathered says that all these for all these deposition since I've said he's dead, common social force and go to Paypal, and I did what my president told me to do the exact same thing that they're doing now they painted himself into a position in which they cannot can see the cannot conceive the fact that you ve laid out there because we're talking about a man, the injury to a man, the person his personality. You by extension and your personality in your right to exist. It is all personal. It is not about ideas, it is not about conviction.
John, what you laid out as a series of explanations, now excuses explanations for behaviour, the threat and fear of retribution from a republican base that is deeply invested in Donald Trump, a man because it reflection of them and their sense of frustration and alienation from the institutions that are supposed to govern. This commitment is that, though, that's the positive, then there's the negative, but at the end of your being than that rules regarding the way they did things the precise same factors, the precise same inducements, to behave in a way that they didn't behaviour, and they said Scrooge was inducements screw my political future, the right thing to do as the principal thing to do here, and they did it. If that example didn't exist and be much harder to make the case that others should follow it up, but that was five percent of the republican carcass in the house. Five percent So a bunch of people did it and I think they were noble and brave and they wondered where aid, because there was they were acting against. What was self evidently
they were doing something. It's the harder call, rather than easier call, which is something to be. That is to be respected, and we can see it now in the EU. Now this raging venom dripping pursuit by Molly. Madame Defarge Hemingway of of Liz Cheney. You know This Cheney well she's in the tent, but she shouldn't be allowed to be in the leadership I mean. How could you possibly have that as she knit slid chinese name into her into her woollen garment of hell? You know I mean you know so there there's that's what to be expected and it may be less change. Didn't really expected. It's hard to nose. Situation was was much more fluid and people are afraid of Molly Timing ways nip dead. You know garments so that that is what that's. What Nicky Hayley is doing is avoiding being needed into Molly Hemingway's net garment.
Where, were you end up being taken on their political guillotine? I'm having Europe having your headshot? Let's assume I mean you said earlier that you know how we can assume that the democrats- well, you know over region the republic as a punishment punish them in two years. I actually don't think that that's an assumption. We should go forward. embracing, because if I'm day my my classic favor, suburban wine mom, who had a black. matter, sign in my you know this summer in my yard- and you know I'm kind of moderately liberal- and I want to do the right thing and but ain't that Stephanie some over each I'm worried about particular my kid schools, and why not if I a choice between a kind of slightly overreaching, critical re stereotype candidate, on the one hand coming from the Democrats and a q and on support or on the other not necessarily gonna, be gonna want to punish the critical raised there is, that seems less of a threat and the most recent chaos at the trumpet
There is still a recent enough memory that I don't think we can guarantee that that overreach will be punished. I think that's in part where they feel so important right now. Ok, I remember when the conditions that created The hell that we endorse on nine January six prevail today they do and they do your right and such like That's why they must be remedied and addressed, and a guy like Christine's formulation, because the port, eventually will get around to realising. That is a vehicle for winning offices, and that is all it does. Cant do anything else effectively, because it's not the mission statement, if not how it structure did not structure to be occult or club. You can actually do any of that sort of thing effectively. So eventually, when republicans figure out that they can't win majorities around this around a personality, Complex a guy who's. Never gonna occupy offers any more than the actual
mission statement will take primacy again. Who knows one? That's gonna happen, but there is no republican party. The Oregon Republican Party. That said the January six with the false flag, is not the same party as the Maryland Republican Party that nominated and elected Larry Hogan there. These are not the same party. That's one of the things going on here. Is there the these parties don't exist any more in the way they use do they are they are me, early is merely a faction umbrella and here's. My point, which is your right, that in the choice, if the choice is the Cuban on some verses the you know the person who is somehow kind of a fellow traveller of critical race theory, but not not an export, not Diana Presley but, as you know it now Abigail
bamberger site. You know somebody who was seen as then. That's that's a bad race firm. You know for the Republicans, but just today, Biden is going to announce an end to drilling on public lance right and he is ended, fracturing on public lands and He has killed the Keystone pipeline and in twenty twenty two in various states, hundreds of millions of dollars of ads, are going to come out. Saying Biden has killed it out his kid the energy is killing the energy industry because he is in Thrall to radical elements.
Socialist elements that wants to restructure and fundamentally change the way our economy works and impoverished us and make every person who has to buy Cancun gas or heat their home pay double just as were just getting on our feet and that's a good message: that's not q and on, and it's not critical race theory and the Democrats are walking right into that buzz saw the here's where the committees do matter. Is that committees, job parties, job which does exist- is to recruit a candidate who can say that message effectively and to raise a lot of money around those adds that they have that bad buys in these. These states, not the problem, the testator talking about are easy adviser, cheap. Nevertheless, you still have to raise a lot of money around it and the committees are freaking out over the amount of people have abandoned the republican Party. In the wake of these events they return and Tropical E. Maybe they make
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I think I think, there's gonna be there. Real already is going to continue to be some crumbling there among that, among those the adherents whereas the Biden era of critical race theory is just getting off the ground, and that is that is going to continue to thrive and throw up all sorts of issues we have in the first week of March. Is that this sort of Derek chauvinist trial? God knows what that's going to bring out I'm so there there could be an opportunity here. You know just as as as poorly as as the Republicans seem to seem to be handling the beam the moment where they could say where they could simply point out democratic overreaching, not then heap on their own brand of crazy,
but there's still might be other moments coming up given in a binds making his speech on equity today and where they will be able to jump to a more straightforwardly, accusatory message and move away from the visit of a fringes of the of the fringe envy on the right that this is a really good point, and I and I take it and and agree with you about especially back he went on. I guess I would say it post cure non right. It's more concern, thing: nine John arguing about the idea that the right has become kind of beholden to this. Malta, personality and triumphant that can have a long tail effect on unconcern It is in general that we should try to discourage the victim mentality and the
kind of polarized media environment. The lot of conservatives find themselves in q and on was the these darkest example of that, but the kind of organizing insular. in reality that you see in social media dominated by folks who bought into the Cuban on, is what it does. Send me I I liked the hopeful thinking particular because people, in their own neighborhoods, don't want disorder and violence in writing and their sick of it. And they were promised. It would start because that's trumps America not binds America. So I take up when I think that's a really like it. They are. They are both conspiracy theories and so that both behave like conspiracy theories. I fully expect you amount to transmit reply into some more overarching idea of social organisation that that's, that is out to get you in exists in the shadows and it all exist after Trump. I mean the notion that all these people
gonna, look around and say. Well, you know, I guess Trump wasn't. The executor of a plan to rid us of pedophiles in every sector of society from Britain acquaintance. So I guess I was wrong. Let's get back to go and work in. Just being you know, productive citizens still figure out some way to go keep the theory alive. Justice, your tea is, is a conspiracy theory that can't Campi extirpated biological, and this is why the one important point Christine said: there's a social media feedback loop that keeps q and I'm going there a much larger and much more dominating social mean media feedback loop that will keep the race equity, critical race theory stuff at the forefront because, as it says, in the direction of a trial that stuff that's gonna go on with that with with the the adoption of equity standards,
Which means essentially a favourable option for fur suppose it in our supposedly mistreated minority groups. Then all of that and any blow back any push back will be announced. early and unjustly covered by the mainstream media as being a species of white supremacy and p. Pulling will show that the most radical Elements of this theory are supported by people just like. Supposedly people didn't like cops in summer of twenty two me and there will. The the media will be pressure that feel pressure and will give in to the pressure not to cover this properly and fairly, and so we will have the ultimate silent majority story of twenty twenty two, which is will get in of ember twenty twenty two. This is
possible scenario, Republicans will blow were possible blow democrats out in the House and Senate it, because the binding registration has become it simply. A mouthpiece and the parties become simply mouthpiece of this radical vision of the United States and it will take them all by unbelievable surprise. They won't be reading about it. They won't hear about it. The whole idea will be that these ideas are so noxious. You shouldn't even write about them, and anybody who publishes an up at that says I don't know things are going bad. Will you know people inside the amidst inside the organizational say they feel unsafe and that their being you know, they're being targeted? Now that an-
and just as was the case with the defined the cop stuff in its effect in South Florida and various other places in turning away the tide of the Democratic House Majority and reversing it. So the Republicans are only within five votes are taken back to the house and that that could really happen. We're gonna hear every single person, whoever said Anything Q related is going to be splashed in front of our eyes wherever they are in Idaho, in Guam in Rwanda, an island off Alaska, we that we will know about them, but a city council person in you know in Oakland who says it's good to go, shoot cops, we're not gonna hear about that or
will hear about three weeks later or it'll be Annie, know who, like surfaces, Ed and then somebody will beat somebody on the head for having for having retweeted Andy know, who will probably end up getting the platform, so this will all get snuck up and that's my that those are the two things and the other thing is since social media is, of course something that you experience on the internet. You better, watch out because they're coming for you you know they are haven't you choose what you're mad service provider to use? Look the thing is we have very little choice because eyes: bees operate like monopolies in the regions, they see and they take advantage of us with their data caps, their streaming throttles and they locked. you're a little activity and they sell that activated other big tech companies and advertisers how to prevent eyes. Peace from seeing my internet activity ever work, protect all my devices with Expressway P M, that simple out for your computer smartphone, crippling your network data and tunnels, its risks,
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so that's why I feel like I'm in despair, I'm in despair, because if they look at this and say I gotta, I'm looking for my own sure to get to say something that will these make me anodyne or an offensive to the people that you know four years ago I had contempt for Mickey Hayley literally said and twenty sixteen. I think, as Noah said she said Donald Trump is going to provoke and promote violence, as President he's already done it as candidate. Yes, she whence he ministration. I understand that, but in her she's trying to preserve or viability within the system. You know As I was saying nothing, she wasn't my go on war, Ingram, Shell. She could stay out of it. You don't have to express an opinion if your opinion is not one that you need to retail
Marco Rubio could say, I can't say anything about this, either that to be adjourned trial, but he didn't say that so I'm very sad with arms they are only hearing from the most vocal opponents of this situation and you can count them onto hands in the Senate Conference for the Senate. Conference. So we don't know what everybody else's thinking. I think it's reasonable to assume that they sort of align with Nicky is where rum, Marco, revealing we're Tom Cotton is maybe my groundless and those people who are really aggravate on behalf of the president, but nevertheless We just don't now, but it's enough to take your favorite analogy. As Christine said, everybody's operating based on their environments, what they can see, what they see or the shadows on the wall in the base, looks really trompe right now
but it's only right now, Donald Trump will not be theirs. Domini. Figure within the party fur in perpetuity. It's just the trapped in this project for a moment, and I can't see beyond what's right in front of their faces, but the people who are talking maybe have a different conception of what the political landscape. As you know, in the world of investing, we have this general fight not to be too, David bonds in here, but we have this general fight between people who say that you want to invest for long term or are you gonna day trade like? Are you? Do in a desert should accompany do things that will that will benefit its bottom line five years from now, or should it be doing what it can to maximize its stock price at every given moment of the day, and do our executives, incentivize wrongly, because they are given an incentive for stock options and various other things to maximize the stock price
in the short term rather looked to the health of the company in the long term. And there is no answer to that right- and this is what we're talking about with republicans- it's very easy- to see the short term threat or the short term gain from not getting trump mad and from not getting Molly Hemingway tonight, you into her garment of doom it's very easy to see why you want to avoid that. It is harder at a moment like this, to see what is in your long term interest and your long term best health. because you don't know what the long term has to offer. But you know what the threat, as you know, what the obstacle is right in front of you. However, having said that, people on the future think about the long term, Barack Obama, despite what he says in his book, knew that his speech in two thousand for
the launch of a presidential campaign. Maybe it wasn't two thousand that he wasn't even senator. Yet maybe it wasn't two thousand eight, maybe wouldn't be two thousand twelve. Maybe it was two thousand steam, but he knew where he was going and he knew what his message was, that he knew why he was peddling it and he knew how was going to be heard and he was playing a long game and people who succeed and change politics permanently are people We can see and play along game. That's how Biden and love is the nominee of the Democratic party. He had a strategy. He started in April of twenty Nineteen leads our earlier than April twenty nineteen and he did not deviate from it. He did change his view on Medicare for all. He did not change his view on this. He did not change his view on that. He had an idea and he stuck with it cuz he
was, I need to get past all these guys beat them consolidate the party and then be Trump, and I can't, if I do ex, I'm gonna make it impossible for me to get. Why that's how you win in the long term? That's how you play that game, and so it seems to me that you know what we re seeing here is the lack of imagination that leads people like Nicky Helium marker reveal to never become president and to not have a future, because if they can't see clear to doing something, clever and inventive at this moment, rather than doing something that looks craven even to the people, whom they are doing it for disabled really believe that Marco Rubio, wouldn't, if he had his brothers about to impeach removed from for what happened on January sex, I sure he would, under other sir Status, but so does he get credit from the base for not
being a true believer, no true. Believers know what you know. What a suck up looks like you know, that's the way it is so with that. We will come back to you tomorrow. Forget Christine eighty, but no one job outwards. Keep the camel burning.
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