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Who's Naming and Shaming?

2021-04-19 | 🔗
Why does Rep. Maxine Waters get to call for "confrontation" in case the verdict in the George Floyd case doesn't go the way she wants? Shouldn't she be named and shamed? Or is that just to be left to liberal reporters who get to pick and choose who's named and shamed? And here's one for you: Why aren't Fauci et. al. naming and shaming the Americans who won't get the vaccine? Give a listen.
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Welcome to the commentary magazine very podcasting is Monday April nineteen, twenty twenty one. I am jump out words, the editor commentary magazine the seventy five year old, monthly of intellectual analysis, political probity and cultural criticism from Aiken the perspective. Our may issue, I believe, is up now a commentary magazine, dot com, a treasure, trove of fascinating and interesting and unforgettable material. You should go there. You can read Terry teach on time,
stop or you can read Rob long on why there may never be another nude seen in a movie, you can read Matt continuity on job I'm going for broke, you can read our own Christine Rosen on Christine. Yet your piece, yes, oh about reporter issue riff, who take any criticism of their reporting. As harassment. Yes, let us allow yes, yes, yes, so people who have been selling us on the idea of way fragility for the last year as you point out and rob the angels work right. Fragility themselves display white fragility anytime. Anyone criticizes them on twitter at this is a threat to the two to a free press. Him and free speech Brendan Stuart on. I am Hersey Ali. I've got a piece on how the Arabic, our government is back, Wilfred, Riley on Asian America
and crime. Just great it's great issue, I am very proud of it. Go get a few free reads: we assholes Scribe and with us today, the aforementioned Christine Rosen Senor Writer High Christine again executive editor, Abraham, Waldheim Hydra an associate ever Rossman high on our agenda. So guys do we saw with covered, or do we start with their children, their dark Jovan final arguments are r r r gonna go on today and the jury will be sequestered as of Monday night juries, whereas of Monday night means that they certainly have an opportunity over the weekend to hear a representative Maxine Waters of California as nice. As chairman of the Now the chairman of the Financial Services Committee is right. In the House of Representatives.
call for violence in the case of other of not guilty verdict not guilty verdict explicitly in affirmatively called for violence right. Well, I don't have a quote informed me that they really have the crony to get more confrontational right. We need to get our comfort. She also just said it. While she was breaking the local curfew that was imposed. You know in response to fears about violence, in in Minnesota and more or less while National guard troops actually suffered a drive by shooting right. So now you had an interesting point about about how What? What are we to make of the fact that this call is coming from inside some representatives, as you might say
only might take- is sorely tried. Shallow media criticism, but nevertheless that some valuable, because in the press, has every opportunity to avoid confronting the sort of thing and its implications in part, because lookin spouse to define that phenomenon. It is whenever I have a new story that reflects poorly, let's say on democratic interest or Democrats generally. The story becomes not the story itself, but the reaction to the story from Republicans who happened to notice it providing democratic allies in the press with an opportunity not to cover the story but to cover the excessive reaction, to it, which is probably opportunistic generally and the citizen. Observable phenomena wrote about it first and twenty fifteen, but it just a persists now, I think, probably just as a way to an italian eyes Republicans, but it persists generally and you have all the opportunity in the world to ignore this sort of thing, because Republicans of aid noticed it and be some of the people.
The pad and outsize reaction to it are pretty suspect themselves. Notably representative Marjorie Tale a Green, whose a conspiracy, theorist and kind of an attack any as somebody who really likes publicity and whose said, thou, nevertheless aback venture back venture in the house. He doesn't have real authority or power. She attended to launch this clock. Yes, I guess the other over the weekend, which had some explicitly native language in it and was sort of convoluted and bizarre and enough on its own terms, contradictory and in that effort failed. But that gives you an opportunity adventures talk about the sort of nobody. I explained why Marjorie Taylor, Green, has called for the expulsion of maximum water from the house runs out That's worth right, we're! Ok! I was an opportunity to do that, but all throughout the trumpeters Democrats made a very salient argument to which I subscribe, which is that you can do all you can criticise these people, who are out
our all. You want it's not in valid and invaluable to a certain extent, but yours to maintain certain amount of focus on the people who are in power and the party that is in power and then fail to do that. Is the pursuit of a port in the storm. It's just an effort for you to avoid confronting what are really priorities right now for the american voting public, and anybody who ignores what Maxine Waters is doing here in favour of castigating Marjorie. Taylor Green is doing exactly that, rather than there is also a bit of it as history here with water, as you know, in two thousand a teen when trumpet still in office she kind of if you're, conservative you remember, this is a kind of infinite infamous mon, where she was telling people to get in the face of a few see a Trump cabinet member in public. You harass them yell at them. You make sure you get their face. This was seen as a kind of
breach of civility and but all the liberal media publications basically covered for her and said. Well, we have to get tough because look, look at trumps rhetoric and they're, not they weren't wrong about trumps rhetoric, but the idea being that you we have to respond to that. with an equal level of vitriol. Another interesting point here about her most recent remarks, though, is that there is ongoing litigation that the interplay cp and some members of Congress have have been pursuing against tromp for incitement, so I mean Maxie Waters isn't very smart. She could be called as a witness in that now Cosu eager to to sort of work for the four trumps defence. In terms what is an isn't considered incitement and violent rhetoric? So it is a very strong It is a completely predictable move for Maxine waters when almost ethically corrupt members of Congress, whose
Lee Ben you no kind of rehab image wise during the Trump years, because before that she had fallen into some disfavour, even among many democrats for her ethical breaches. But now you know she chicken she's now hip, because she was a big term possessed her. She was a big social media star. I think she should be called to account for this, and but No, it says its doubtful, she will be of media. I mean the interesting thing about this or publicity. Hard back venture is that and the parties were stronger than they were kept far from the council's of power like this is one of the things that the parties existed. Sid do and that the centralized authority in the house in particular made sure as the case that, if you had somebody like be one Bob Doorn n or why am I train of re- forget the guy with the horrible hairpins Jim Traffic and from a higher one, I'm probably more democratic, their different cases of this kind of like lunatic.
guys and they would be assigned committee assignments to make sure that they were as far from power as possible and they could just go off and do whatever Dana Rohrabacher. They can just go off and do whatever it. Whatever nonsense, they wanted to do and not actually disturb good workings of the of the body otherwise, and now, with Maxie Waters, for example, running a major committee that's one of the many things that is broken down institutionally, like she has no business being anywhere near a gavel and there she is she's, gotta gotta gavel. Now, yes, Scots Seniority spent in the house for Decades and all that, but none the less, you know there is a real danger. It's all part of the you know, Overton Window method of you, make it possible for gadflies and lunatics and and wildly irresponsible people
to be in possession of real authority, and you then create the conditions under which those people get to make decisions and they bring other people like them. They create a new category of actor where there are no people who are beyond the pale and where institutional discretion no longer functions, and that's what we have here in her case, but to get to the larger point Derek Shovin is the jury, is gonna go into sequester, having heard congressmen met potentially having her of a major figure in the Democratic party calling for more confrontation should there should their verdict not go the way she wants it, and this is one of the reasons that people thought that the charter should be sequester and eyes strikes me as as as potential
action item on appeal- and there are a couple of things- went on that suggests that the judge in this case might there might be Actually, I was war, Derek Chauvelin on appeal, reading, a very tactic we into them the sorts of things that he allowed certain prosecution this is to say- and that were said even after he had limited the scope of what it was that they were supposed to say about certain types of evidence. Nonetheless, it seems clear that the prosecution staged a pretty strong case. The defence parried pretty well, but its own witnesses were not as authoritative, maybe in a couple of cases as they might otherwise.
Anne and that you know there is. There is reason to believe either way that that that either in other, their children might be rather easily convicted, or that you know during my hang or something like that, I note and out I'm one of their defences experts who testified home. He used to own was bathed in pigs what an protestors. assuming he still live. Their attack, the home, another example of a kind of reared threatening, blackmailing of know the public and of the people on the jury who again might have heard about this are seen Cnet, despite whatever good news locks that they haven't place right now. It's it's! It is kind of astonishing and I think the way way in which our mainstream media covered right now is looking at the city of Minneapolis, so they're, just kind of reporting, as if it's totally normal to have to board up most of your city in preparation,
right and a riot even if he's found guilty, but not guilty enough. You know it's like will just as have been served. If he doesn't get. You know a life sentence or will just be served if he only has like ten years does sentence, it'll be interesting to see how much this sort of media preparation of of the verdict is gonna contribute to whatever violence and disorder might come after it and you really but there's gonna be any, but it's become this kind of. Like me, people Jochen it sort of dark, humor sort of way, but like a riot seasons, beginning again, I it's not funny. We had a bunch of us of unrest you're in DC over the weekend and other cities as well. We should call this what it is, because for a year we had to listen to people tell us. This was mostly peaceful, and it was just protest and their angry because every right to be angry, all of which might he somewhat true, but this is crucial: behaviour in many cases and end the that decision?
has been going on in Minneapolis. In particular of the last week, there's been a lot of violence and disorder that cannot be called peaceful or peaceable assembly, which constitution protected or peaceful protest. and by the way, you know this. This reveals once again much of the outrage over what happened January. Sixteen, the siege of the capital as a bunch of fuel, opportunistic nonsense and on the part of the immediate. Now it's now what happened was deadly serious and ended absolute horror, but the sort of the blip of that moment where there was recognition, among the laughed and liberals that that mass political violence and attack on federal property is indeed a very bad and ruinous thing? That lesson did not last that that was that was. That was merely and opportunistic moment that too, to attack the other side
You know going slightly different direction, but, following along this question of the media's role in all of this, What we have here, the maxim water saying it out- confront trump officials when their, whether dining out at a restaurant, that's a good thing to do. A name and shame people go to people's houses and throw dogs beta, zero animal blood on them. For the for the, for the scent of having testified for for the defence and the shovel trial even then turns out. their house others the story about a local ABC reporter in California, having discovered that a local sheriffs, deputy or something like that contributed ten dollars to the legal defence. What of cholera? The house, the kid who is under indictment for for shooting someone en masse. It was it I'm sorry Canosa, I think, in cologne
It was concerned after what happened with Jacob Blake by the way the cop in the Jaeger Blake US shooting, was not in the end indicted. I believe anyway, give ten dollars in local, ABC reporter went to his house, went to his house and tried to do one of these. You know on the door, you know on the door step confrontations cause the sky gave ten dollars a written house and what? What? What is the story here that, because he works in law enforcement, he doesn't have free speech rights or he can't give ten dollars Ten dollars left thousand now is ten thousand dollars not doing anything up, giving somebody ten dollars for it, and so what we have here is this notion that its open season on If you this is now the way naming and shaming and publicly humiliating people who have political views,
different from yours is now part of the mainstream. Media is approach two things it is Taylor, Laurens as approach to things. It is a it is. It is it his legitimize in a way that our friend Eric Ericsson today said. You know if you follow the logic of this reporter's, going to start getting shot, people are going to start coming onto people's. You know front porches with cameras, scaring the crap out of people and people are going to see now, there's going to be confrontations and someone's going to take out a gun and shoot a reporter for coming to your doorstep, because you gave ten dollars to somebody. I mean this is no joke like we are. We are breaking down norms in a way that,
they have consequences that are very hard to fathom and once again the whole question is. It all looks good to the people right now who have the upper hand, because they think that they are in the right and they think that they have, the moral high ground and all of that. But these things turn on a dime and they that they can be gone after just as swiftly as the people it disapprove of. Can then there's an arms race equality to all this, because nothing there's nothing once once that this is done by a liberal party. There is nothing to stop some when journalists from from you know, knocking on the door, put sticking a microphone in the face of someone. Who gave to the you know, someone else's defence on the left and so on and justice Trump surfeited. You know,
it's inside, in whatever manner he did his for his followers on January, sets Maxie one does the same and as it as it gets accepted. That will also be returned, and one up and on the other side in society, but a very about all this sort of the theory of everything I get your beard take on it. So, John, you, it's discuss springs to mind because you mentioned Taylor Lawrence, whose beach is social media being very online, and it strikes me that the people who would justify that kind of oversight or somebody who donated to Carl written houses, because of either the public official or Kyle Rittenhouse per SE, but they online environment. Deep deep online in these weird forms that most moral people don't don't populate, that have that are really radicalized, a very racially aggressive white nationalist types who congregate online and talk about this person
as though he was an animated figure inanimated force than that they rationalize what reporters rationalize themselves into winning take this onto this mission on is that the public official is therefore giving aid and comfort to these online groups that we can no longer afford to ignore, even though there no they're marginalized and sort of weird and eccentric the their power has been demonstrated repeatedly over the course of the trunk era and beginning and twenty seventeen news outlets began to devote a lot of reporting power in and coverage to these obscure online groups, under the assumption that they were responsible for delivering Trump into the White House. and then only got worse after January. Sex- and there was a lot of intervening confirmation over the course of the trunk presidency, We were being governed by their forums on Fourchan, but the people who are committing themselves to covering
speed have driven themselves? Mad are absolutely insane now because their subsume they have jumped into this. This fever swap- and they have mistaken, in my view, mistaken its actual relevance and inflated its relevance indeed, because that is the justification for their very during their jobs, their beats and they have created for themselves a sort of hall of me. that doesn't really reflect the real world that drives them insane because they are surrounding themselves within saying people. This is all sort of this self perpetuating cycle of madness. I want to talk about this in relation to some of the Cold war but before we do that, let me talk to you about a couple of our sponsors today. First fast growing trees, which is the world's largest online nursery fast growing trees, dot com. It me
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good positive, important helpful and very heartening, particularly. I want to talk about something that was just sent to me by my friend, David Bondsman: ok, Israel at sixty two percent of its entire population. This is as of four eleven. This is April eleventh sixty two percent of Israel's population, with at least one dose vaccinated, sixty two percent, the daily cases per one million residents, twenty six twenty six covered. So what does this tell us? This tells us that we are despite the surge, that we said that we see in Michigan, despite some of the searches and cases
The last two weeks we ve now heard that fifty percent of the american adult population has had at least one shot. That was the news yesterday, we are on our way out of this. We are on our way from an escape from this, and what fins on social media and what we ve seen in journalism are the last two weeks is very interesting, which is that people are saying I just don't feel comfortable. I don't feel comfortable Getting out of the covert mindset and let them say like all because on in them in the Atlantic and others Look at some. That's got to do with my social anxiety. I freely admit that I got a lot to socialize. I don't like going to parties. I don't like you know being in the office and having to deal with you know superiors in the office I get sweaty I get nervous. I don't know how to do it, and so being at home has been a lot easier. For me.
and so this is gonna be hard for me, and I recognise that it's hard for me, but also the data say Bob Dave's blob of them, and then you have the this idea, which is like me. You know what this has been good for a lot of people for the socially anxious good now that- and we still don't really know, there's doktor found she again this weekend. Saying again, look there's a very small risk, extremely small, incredibly small risk that you might get reinvented or that you might infect somebody else. so you gotta keep were in their mask we're just just a few hang on just a few more weeks. Just hang on keeping the mass keep socially distancing, keep washing your hands. Keep doing this. Keep doing that.
that is not what the data are saying. That is not what the data say. Social media plays a big role in this. How can social media leveller point about tweets is that every tweet in theory is the same as every other tweet that some tweed gets promoted some tweets or by people of a lot of followers. Some tweets are vital, We don't have many followers, but there can be an engagement between somebody has a lot of followers on a lot of followers and then something happens, and all of that and and one of the things that is happening is a levelling the people who say we need it tat it s and live lives that we should all merrily be living in all the data suggested, and then the people about now want to an end and end the that the stress, in other words, not not that not nothing psychological stress, but these sort of the emphasis there is no emphasis, and so they appear to be views of well, it simply equal weight
particularly with found she doing this thing that he is doing that now starting to him now is actually starting to approach a kind of monomaniac which, if they are not ready yet to say, stop masking, but they can't keep themselves from staying, go, get vaccinated and then do nothing differently. Duma, indifferently- and that is a social media effect that is then given super attention by FAO Cheese way of handling this matter. Your unready about this for the blood there today there are policy consequences associated with this kind of madness, because that's what it is and we're talking about vanishingly small risk of breakthrough infections with something like five thousand some odd, based on a hundred and twenty million people who have had one doses They are more, that's just its infinite test. I can barely measure it.
Nobody knows this, but states like organ in Michigan and Virginia are codifying their extraordinary measures as indefinite or permanent and saying those words indefinitely or permanently keeping is masking restrictions on, for example, for people and in public settings republics, Fifty people, based on nothing at all other than the monomaniac, as you say, of the public health bureaucracy. and then you had and the reason why you have not yet they're talking about this is because God bless him Florida. Around? The Santa's is out there. Establishing counter narrative, which is desperately needed. He sang armed with science by the way, armed with the facts, as we know them that your risk is vanishingly small. If you are double dozed, go out there get new enjoy life and what's more he's marking the people who are double vaccinated and who think it's their job
to set a nautical miles from their nearest interlocutor, double mast while they gonna, while it just projecting this kind of paranoid terror when it is completely untrue, to anything. We will understand to be rational assessment of risk, your basically a jerk, I thought than we used to mark these people that its being encouraged and has negative policy consequences and for people like me, design who freely admits She has social anxiety only reinforces In another era. We would call neurosis well picking up on that and and John Point about social media, elevating Tal thing we should talk about David Leonhard Tweet from the New York Times the writer than your timetable in our twenty this morning, if you are vaccinated still where a mask in some situations, even though yes, the medical benefits are tiny. It contributes to a culture of safety. is a sign of solidarity with the non vaccinated
who remain a majority of Americans, they deserve your support. So this is actually you you know. As far as I can tell the first blunt admission and endorsement of the idea that wearing a mask is a kind of virtue signalling, is a kind of theater and should be worn. For that reason. Well, that's and we ve seen this amended. This does go all the way to the top. The Biden Ministration has been double in abiding walks around in double masks. There was a picture released of him having lunch with the japanese pregnant through this weekend in their sitting, ghetto on either side of a long table both with their masks on it's insane. I dont know if the Prime Minister of Japan has been vaccinated, I assume he has been. We know. Biden has been why in doing this and that that tweed encapsulates why it's
We are signalling something about our behaviour that deed, because we don't believe the vast majority of Americans will behave as we did. I mean there is something to that. It's it's astonishing. I just want to add one point about his that that's with a culture of safety is a bad thing. Safety is a good thing: personal safety making save rational decision for oneself in one's family. That's a good thing: a culture of safety is where you begin to sort of lock up as a society, and I would go as far as to say it's not particularly american. What about a culture of thriving her, a culture of aspiration, especially this moment as the vaccination is going a culture of of you, no enthusiasm optimism. That is actually what, but we desperately need its irrational and it's impossible to achieve everybody who is who is not enough, then throw up there on the roses. Can
apartment lies risk when they go out and take a drive to the store when they drink alcohol when they eat uncooked shellfish when they go for a swim. Your compartmentalizing, the serious risk and and and taking a rational assessment of that can saying you know, maybe the reward is better for is better than we are. We are throwing that rationality out the window here. Remember when we talk about passports, vaccine passports. and so my wasted something to me, it was interesting that over the weekend, unifies or comes out by we got buys or despiser concepts as a permanent and need a boost in six to twelve months, and maybe you'll have to get an inaccurate new annually. So she says to me: well I guess we should hold off. laminated per hour vaccine pass or a boxing papers right. The prove your vaccination. Why, you know why? Because not one person in the month and a half I've had this thing has ever asked, or it no airport security, official, no government, official, no private entry
has taken the slightest interest in my vaccinations, Davis didn't. Why should I because it opens cisely, zero doors for you. There is not one thing that is available to that is not available to everybody else? This is totally academic concept. There is no incentive to do this. Only inducements okay, so the health Commissioner of New York City is a gaming Doktor Dave, chalk: she and he has made a commercial that runs on New York cities, local news, Channel, New York, one hi? I'm Doctor Dave Choky, I'm New York's doktor, which is pretty nervous in New York, has two hundred and fifty thousand doctors, two hundred and forty nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine of the more accomplished and doktor date. Jape Dave shock, see who is just somebody who sucked up the plaza in order to get this idiot job, but nonetheless there he is. He is New York City doctor.
and he says, there's hope I want to talk to you first about hope to vaccines there really good, but there are. France. There are variants and the variants or scary and the variants are were in a race against the variant, so we need to continued, a mask socially stance. Wash our hands clean, sir MRS remain apart. Does the commercial and with the Good NEWS or does an end with the bad news? Is the point of the commercial to encourage people to get vaccinated or just scare the crap out of them, and the simple fact of the matter is that this is the disease of the public health industry is the notion that it is better to have the power
relation frightened than to encourage the population by appealing not only to its sense of liberation, but also to its sense of duty. not to wear a mask but to get the needle You notice there is v, Little talk about the obligation that people have to get vaccinated. It's all encouragement, it's all! It's all! You know everybody! Look there shots available at your local Walgreens. Please just go now. Everyone in over fifty doesn't even set an appointment. Just go. Where is the suasion? Where is the idea of going on a Biden going on tv and saying everybody in this country needs to get vaccinated? Is your responsibility? If you are not doing so, you are harming this country? Is economy, Inn
like all they're saying, is your harming people. If you don't wear, masks and socially distance, that is a very, very peculiar kind of message, doing? In my view, there are large and endurance, yet there also allergic to saying things that might appeal to your self interest. Naked self enter It's like this is something you get to do. It would not be fun, they feel like it's too trivial. It has to be a profound social weight that your innovation shouldering on your own, this burden, its astounding to me that how much they blew this messaging? I it occurred to me when you any form of suitable commercial right on the Don T on TV. What do they show people doing for any drug to show people out there, white water, rafting, rock, climbing general frolicking, yes propagating out to dinner, outer be taken,
as drug, and you will have this rich life right. There is a sort of like that is the basic message of all pharmaceutical as is well known that and then the music about the potential side effects that they have to run. Through legally, with short music arise in the future. All that's the happy beguile right right. exactly you. Gotta have only road where the culprit vaccine would be. The king in your home but I gotta do it now, but I've got a different. I've got a different theory for you. My theory is that the reason that this is a failure is precisely because there are way many more, although cousins than we realise their way. Many people in the country who are happy with the results of the lock downs or whatever you want to call them now, whatever it is. The thing that keeps us apart is something that a lot of people don't mind.
much and that's why they need to be browbeaten into getting the vaccine, because now we are in the period in which we have had what no calls the demand. While we ve been having arguments about where that's right term, but where there is now more vaccine than there are supply in most places in New York City. Now, basically, you can walk in and get an appointment anywhere and so now the question is whether people who don't get at art now affirmatively unconsciously refusing to get vaccinated. And what are you gonna do about them? If people are over represented in the professional classroom, I dont know whose work I dont know what. No, I mean, I don't know where we're where it we were not at a majority of new Yorkers having been vaccinated yet and now you can just go, get vaccinate takes a day to get of appointment or something at an end. If you're over fifty, you can walk into way.
Thirty facilities walk in and get the shot in five minutes. So, but where are we ask that moment that that we talked about when we? When we first? in doing this podcast daily, when the lockdown release kicked in a little over a year ago, concern looking ahead and and hoping and ghetto praying for vaccination and the end of this pandemic. The concern but the mindset shift of an entire country from taking its baseline as these hyper safety precautions and shifting the baseline back to manage. All rational risk evaluation that doesn't come easily. I mean you see it with you see you in public spaces. You certainly see it with schools, you see it in, any of these situations where the norm has become Zero covered zero is our. Is our baseline to shift that back to ok
a normal level of risk in everything we do that doesn't come easily in its, not just people who are generally neurotic because we ve been, but we ve been fed this messaging, we ve been behaving data day in a way that we never used. do those learned. Behaviors are hard to unlearn and I agree we do eat. Our leaders giving us that message on a regular basis with, as Leif said with some optimistic sure to look forward to, and although the good little do, I dont know if, if the Democrats in particular Joe Biden, is capable of making that message, Then he ran on a platform of doing the opposite of tromp. Who was actually trying to be somewhat optimistic? Well, I do think that one place where no one might might might be an error. Though I mean I think, it's it's nice to think about it. This way is it's not the people take a calculated risk every time they they eat. You know an oyster were, or a clam
something like that. They don't think about it. They cease to think about it as a risk. Why anybody? Whoever had there been I was once I don't. I don't eat shellfish, but I was once with people you know somebody had a really bad oyster was like sickened and disgusted by it and now, I was worried every time they open an oyster, that it's gonna be something disgusting right. That's that's! A classic understandable feedback, loop right never had it. You don't have it. I'm not sure that the that that what we want we lived through all over the last You know the whole notion like you are more likely to day. I think. Let Leonhard says us in the same peace that he even said quote. Quoting a directive aims to it he said today. A hundred a hundred people or hundred eleven people will die incorrect, a car accident today and maybe one you now, will you
cove it or something like it was some. I can remember how the numbers worked, but it was something like that people get in cars and drive cars, not because they appreciate the risk would because they are able to forget about the risk they dont think about the risk people think about the risks of things like flying are afraid of but I don't think that the risk is, if I think about it, I said: well, you know what their hasn't actually hasn't been a major air plane crash in the United States. I think an eight years if I had to think about it. I would think about that. But if I was thinking about airlines safety, I would be scared to be in an airplane. Well, if it's something does happen, your dad cuz it'll crash and thirty five thousand feet up, and how are you going to survive? And all of that I don't have that in my psychology, but if I did so now, you have it about daily life for a whole lot of people and that's where I think Christine's right that this is hard to.
Oh back, I don't know, I mean this- is the sort of forgetting of risk? Is an evolutionary trade that I don't. I don't think it's something you can teach people out of, which explains why we have such this new this over overbearing public education campaign. Around this thing you know we talked to wait until twenty twenty. We didn't talk about really acceptance of academic circles. The spanish flu epidemic was called the forgotten pandemic, because society engage him an unspoken quiet, but nevertheless concerted effort to forget. We did not want to remember that period. Didn't want to remember what we did. We didn't run remember what we suffered through. You had to learn it and theirs.
effort on their way here to force us to forget the unlearned onto Christine's point about Covin zero to be fair to people like Doktor Foundry, it's not covered zero. His threshold, at which point we can get back to normal. As he says it is fewer than ten thousand cases nationally per day. The problem here is twofold: one: what have you never get there right now? We have something like forty thousand cases per day. The notion here that we could do this could be with us forever in some form, whatever it is. Even if it's not a lethal form is a very real prospect and what, if that would have been? Get that what would preclude? Second, if we didn't get there, how much you want to bet need either doctors out, you wouldn't adopt that kind of messaging or if he did, he would become persona grata among the very people who have candles with his face on them on their under kitchen table in and pillows on their beds with Africa
she faces on them because they don't want, they don't want to get back to that normal and doktor value would become somebody who is sues. An obstacle And their pathway to maintaining these sort of restrictions in perpetuity. Ok, but I wanted to point out these numbers because it gets this question. I'm gonna repeat the members that given bonds and sent me about real vaccines versus culverts. On the eighteenth of January, with twenty six percent of Israel's population vaccinated at least one dose there were nine hundred and fifty two cases of covert per million. So since our eight million people There were what is that there are seven thousand cases sixty two percent vaccinated. There are twenty six cases per thousand people per million people so again multiply that by eight given. hundred sixty thousand k a hundred sixty cases, Sir
Did your percent means would not both doses by the way windows, six percent, so that's heard immunity. When we get to sixty two percent is voucher. Gonna, say were heard immunity. based on the israeli experiment, cause that's where the robber meets the road we have this country free? That is a petri dish. Experiment in what happens when you apply the vaccines, are the petri dish And we are now having we'll world numbers: twenty six per million, with sixty two percent at least partially vaccinated. He we don't know what. Heard immunity number as we ve never known, and we will never know. However, he could say tomorrow, based on this evidence. We need to get to sixty percent
then we can declare heard of it. Well lies in your wings. Jago have about Biden, has scheduled Tis to give some remarks are low. A brief. You know talk about the pandemic and vaccinations on Wednesday this week So I'll be watching that very closely to see how he messages it does it does it take faulty as his guide and sort of just quote, what found she's been saying? Does he try to offer some up museum or does he scald people? You know. And actually turn into a very partisan issue. The issue- vaccination itself, I wonder, mean they're they're, a fair number of Democrats who think it's in I've seen a few stories are vital a week or so about how. If you look at whose knocking vaccinated it's all trumpeters omitted, or is it there is a real are urged to to make this a partisan dish on the part of Democrats, but that what Joe Biden ran on like his whole thing was like we're. Gonna solve this. We're gonna fix it he's now
he's a hundred days. Is he going to claim a kind of victory in and pushes forward with the optimistic message able suggesting or is it going to stay in this kind of faulty worldview? Look You know what kind of class in places like the Atlantic are saying and David you're saying look now it's time to really get real, let's force an end to outdoor mask mandates, that's where it that that's the real Iconoclasm Hannah regards opening on the left is just for outdoor masked mandates. I said at the end of his hundred days at the mass mandate was gonna, be all right. How majority any no one's, even in doubt, that would be a fantastic all. But look I mean we're we're we're waste and here is yeah this whole line and add somebody. I think somebody asked Voucher stated nation on CNN
yesterday about this question of the trunk. Vorhees lay I dont understand them. On the one hand, they say that there's you now day, they don't want where mass lay, they don't want to get back stated. So their view is not clear to me. That's like really that's how you want to characterize. Seventy five million people, a voted for Trump This is now where you're going you having stats, stood next from mutely, while he said stupid things now: you're gonna serve like defame the, tyre body of trump voters. By assigning some views, but they do not all hold whatever polling says fine go ahead. I think the key here is New York is gonna, be a test case of this, You know how many trump voters they were in New York City at about twelve percent or some like that. It goes eighty eight twelve, some like that we had to demand wall. You can now get vaccinate, you know who's, you know, who's, not getting vaccinated. Minorities are not getting vaccinated. African Americans at Hispanics are not getting vaccinated, its
White people and Trump voters were not getting vaccinated in New York City, New York City. You have that you have some vaccine hasn't seen, places that are whirl right, you don't need me like I'm, not denying that you can isolate it after the Trump voter is itself and in an infamous thing to do so. Elliot, the trumpeter voter and humiliate your own base. You know scourge them. You can scourge people for all sorts of reasons if they smoke. If they do this, if they do that, if they're not gonna get the vaccine, this notion that the only he's in there being swede and loving and gentle about vaccine hesitancy is because they know that the vaccine hesitancy involves people who were in their base their banks, not not the republican base, their base, their there. It's Tuskegee and you know the governor
You know and rumours about how the crack epidemic started and all of that it's not just bill bill gates, is putting microchips into your body so that he can track you with the vaccine. That is not there. Those are crazy people on one side and their crazy people on the other side, and the reason that they're not going negative is because they are kowtowing to the crazy people on their side, It also shocking admission of insularity, if you think the primitive conditions that prevail today are asked outdoor mass mandates, you live in a very blue, dark blue urban centre. If you think that's how everybody in those countries living, I hate to tell you, that's not that's not the case anywhere else outside your front door, guys, you know, This is a stressful conversation and one of the things that I do to alleviate stress sometimes chew gum you now that, like its gives it covered strategy on all this, and you know what about gum? It's the
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Access to the press were filled with loss and more in the oral care I'll at your local Walmart quip. The good habits company. What else is there to discuss? You guys? Do we have anything else, except for our bugbears? Here we fluid drawn on Mars Claude drawn on Mars is for me, you know. What's in that drone, there is apparently a tiny little piece of cloth from the Wright brothers. Play the kitty hawk, I mean NASA has scheduled mission to the Saturn Moon taken Dragonfly, which is going to happen. The second, which is gonna, make us look like chump change and things a drone that will fly with some battery around the planet, land and take them,
Recent examples atmosphere, it's gonna be fantastic, but the first no autonomous flight on another planet is no joke. It certainly is no joke. That's for sure, and I'm the only person who cares about the net. Maybe the binding ministration consent that to the board, instead of common Harrison, she doesn't seem to want to go to the border at all. We can to send the drone and the drone can give us some information. I just hope, were exploring moors safely, be culture safety. I now come to. Work were probably could be contaminating this environment and Isn't there is an argument against most exploration space because we could be contaminating those environments with enough for all the precautions that they take before they launched this anything you never now could be an accidents. Part of the reason why we fly. You know that spent missions. We fly them directly into the atmosphere these planets. Are they burn up just in case just in case lands on Europa?
And ruins the whole planet so there's a there's: a safety, conscious argument against extra solar explosion or extra planter explosion. You know all of those ideas come from science fiction novels. That's the great part about this. Is this weird interplay between science fiction in science? You deserve the site. The fact that the fact that star wars and STAR Trek both survived the ninety seven these to be franchises in the eighth night This is one of the reasons that people think that the space programme did not entirely die out and a lot of people who ended up going into the space
program were in fact inspired by science fiction by science, fiction, television by science, fiction, movies and ideas like we better do something about not contaminate Europa, because there was an eighty van but story where something happened, and you know a microbe landed on Europa and then they created a space monster that came and ate everybody in Australia. So we better not do it. I mean it's probably smart, it's like a kind of, you know it's like burning your trash with a hit, not not letting it. You know not letting it sit around, but is a funny fact about space exploration. How much of it is this weird interplay with them with a very clever future thinking, ideas about stuff in all of this, then get it influences itself.
Ah, I didn't know we're gonna end up here by tat. Now that we're here we're gonna, go good, bye, we're gonna say, comply at reconvenes. Moreover, a Christina now I'm jump on words, keep the camel burning.
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