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Who's Running the Biden Show?

2021-03-04 | 🔗
A day of confusion in Washington as the Biden administration says it wants schools reopened but then also seems to implicitly agree with the teachers' unions that schools can't reopen until everyone is vaccinated by insisting on "prioritizing" teachers. How to make sense out of this? And what's this huge story out of Israel about a mammoth oil spill? Give a listen.
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Welcome to the commentary magazine, barely podcast today's Thursday March worth twenty twenty one, I'm John Bob hordes the editor of Commentary magazine with me. As always senior writer, pristine, Rosen, hyper steam, John Executive editor, a revolt, I hadda an associate at a renewed Rossman Imo Hydra. So you know the big, the big political noses.
From Andrew Cuomo being very being contrite, so he sees contrite now he's not really contrite actually, but ok here, but he people you he pretended to be controlled and, of course, also says that he now he is the way we agree to people is still you know, Mister put their put his hands on their face and kiss them. While I was the way that Michael Corleone greeted frayed out, so you know, I'm not sure that that's the best of them in the picture is the picture of him with her with his wrath at the wedding and twenty nineteen is eerily similar to that of Albert GINO, with his hands on John conceals face in the godfather port to anyway, so it will put that to one side as that, as the story continues to percolate
Texas? You know lifted its mass mandate and the President yesterday, called this neanderthal all thinking. We can't let our guard down and and all that, and so I think you have competing, political realities here, which is that grow. Gregg abbot really wanted to change the story in Texas, from his handling of the cult, snap and and so his his constituents and his bow ace, have a very specific set of ideas about how this has gone too far and mandates are bad anyway, and all that and of Course Biden is speaking to an entirely different population. I mean he is. The presence of you should be speaking to everybody, but you know where, where he, where his, where his,
people are, is, if you don't have a mask: Randy your evil and you're, trying to kill me and you're trying to kill everybody so, how? How dare you and you're gonna cost variants, and all that inside you have this. You know this weird. The political crack up with the United States is revealed in this way, which is one ordinarily, you know the public. What kind of bee of one mind about this sort of thing like in general is good to have a mask, would not have a mask a nod and we have not only the texts. Example by, the example of a pirate refers secretary of State of Ohio. I believe Josh Mendel, who, as is up and running for set out for the retiring, Rob Portance next year and declared not only that you know he's sick of of Trump, not winning any election. He claims to have one, but
the mask, Sir he's not gonna, would not only does easy against mass mandates, but he's makin a worm. Ask any so where were you know, we're two nations were one wondered to nations? One masks will have one not now really This is why everybody's real, The annoying first of all judgment hangs, appears to have gone to long year. Its present company excluded you to listen He seems to have gone to the test. Crews, school of political sincerity. He tells us He thinks the most anxious wing of the party wants to hear he is willing to say it. and has recently assumed a southern accent that is not native to where he grew up so he's saying, is a false figure. but you gotta be a little bit careful because that does indicate there are some people who are willing to be jerks about this thing. Speaking as a self reinforcing social. Nor at this point we know
from the polling, where more people are saying they wear, masks and actually do wear masks. We know it total evidence in the streets, there's always anecdotal videos of people who were jerks and stores, and that everybody is afraid of because everybody lives as online existence now, but those for individual episodes that are few and far between tax has become the fifteenth state without mass mandate really here about hordes of mass unmasked, people and major metropolitan areas in places like Arizona in Florida, in Georgia, where there is no state white mask mandate, Texas has increased the capacity which businesses can fill. You know concealed themselves to a hundred percent, perchance terrifying, unless you remember that it's an increase of twenty five percent from the seventy five percent cap, none of which are policed. All of this stuff is guidance with there's no there's! No! What your vice squad out their shutting down? Restaurants don't have that during abiding by these guidelines,
he didn't do. It said: there's no judicial blocking any judicial penalty for somebody who doesn't where mass, but you can get them out of your store if you want so is not abrogating businesses and finally, if you get a fifty percent threshold in your county of infections, then mitigation efforts, are allowed to be kicked in attic at a county level. now some people think that that's terrify fifteen per, that's too much infections. But what should the rate be? Some resent eight percent ten percent. There will be a rate. and everybody needs to accept the fact that the is not real is not a real mandate. So the effort that the binds decision to call this neanderthal behaviour, He's gonna, hurt him for a very long time is gonna haunt him because he's hiding a whole lot of political, a very substantial political consensus that exists. Is just being probably did it. Ok, but I M not in its. This is an important point, because I think the other thing that I think is appropriate to beat
on the Bite administration reduce it part of the reason why these you know this is becoming a cultural issue and a politicized issue and has been for some time, is that we do actually don't have good guidance. Now that vaccination is happening and an increasing every week about how long you do need to wear masks. So what I would have liked to have seen from some of the certain from some of these governors is, is it saying one hundred percent open we're looking at NO to clandestine decline. Hospitalizations the increasing vaccinations here are a few steps that will keep us safe while we're going through this transition period. You know where mass indoors, etc, etc, and combined with vaccine push, binds doing the same kind of bad messaging. On the other side, and basically saying we have to say on you know, we have to say totally messed up, there's no room here for optimism, and today you know Scotland, who we have at times been critical of, had really
the public health messaging? He was like look. We need to talk about what it's gonna look like, and all the positive stuff and the mitigation efforts have to still continue in smaller amounts along the way. That's the best is the bind mistress and should be doing instead, its withholding CDC recommendations for fear that I won't get its trillion dollar package best right. In that specific things happen there's a story in the New York? Is it's not political about how the CDC S guidance for what to do after your vaccinated is being held up. Pretty much either by the White House and as Noah. At the same story. Now. What You can't say that their TED than stories terrified of its own conclusions right. Nobody, nobody at mean it's kind of that. That's the implicit at the story and then and then is as as as no said the reason that there that the people, the CDC, are like shaken by, what's going on in the Biden White House, because of what went on the Trump White House,
tell you how annoyed at the story it reports. Five paragraphs about the Biden Whitehouse intervened in the sea. These process was supposed to release these guidelines are then tomorrow and then just decided, not gonna. Pull back at unaware the reporting is that the binding way has essentially intervened in this process, and then it says, there's no evidence to suggest that the buying White House is trying to suppress CDC guidelines are over The judgment is easy silence, except for the or proceeding paragraphs, and then it goes on. a rough later. To say and also remember, Donald Trump was president once the golden Trump resident, kindly intervened in this process to and wasn't that weird that was kind of annoying right right. Remember the implication is like the lead tromp somehow left the CDC like to show
often disoriented, to function properly running by any sentient reader of this story will come away with inclusion that Joe Biden intervened in this process or the White House intervene in this process for political purposes and then does everything when in its but within its power to say them, we're not really done it before. He did it with regard to school recommendations at his own cdc directorate. This is now a pattern in practice of the binding ministration. It should be pointed out. Well, you know, can I go have legs her. why arbitration reach up at the mask for think for a second execs had some to add that I think the I think it's a bigger problem, and now, and then you suggest is, I think what happened is the the the anti lockdown folks more time kind of became the mirror image of the mask scolds. You know that the people who I put you know you on the street or wherever and you the mask up, but I think it made happy so bad in that I wonder if the
he I'm never going to wear a mass possess position is identical to what Republicans told pollsters. Right is. It is more a public sure is more a don't, don't die. Ask me what I'm gonna do about my own health. You didn't know, your business. I know you want it. You want to portray me is, however, you want to portray me no, never gonna. Where mass again, I again believe in you people out of here and there and that may not necessarily track with how they ve been going behave. Now I mean, I think, that's why I just I don't know who gets blame for what do you? I mean it's like it's like said the end or and that's you know the price then shouldn't be calling people in America Neanderthals. I guess- and he didn't say they were me. He said neanderthal thinking and I guess he's allowed to attack you. No other politicians like like Gregg Abbot, but I do think
there is way more confusion and disorganization of a certain type going on in them. In the in the new administration. Then then people are willing to connect the dots to show just yesterday they announce school it out the doktor. Joe Biden and the end of the year, I guess who, at the church s secretary We know the education Secretary Cardona a go around saying that die there. Big no major pushed to Britain make the schools reopen. by the way you know, schools reopening that's really great if they reopen in six weeks, they'll be open for Euro six weeks until until the summer, so in some sense that this is a kabuki play altogether by now, as were in March, but the other is that so
A man, so they will go in this proportion and in an effort to I guess, Sweden, the pot binding, directs America. I don't quite know how he does this or how it works, but he served directed the vaccine roll out to pray. Or ties teachers and education workers. First, all Ella were allowed, people live there already prioritized and they are apparently getting vaccinated in lower numbers than other people are but The governors were apparently shocked because at the same time they were informed that there will be no extra vaccines send to their states until April, because of it it's all committed until Johnson Johnson comes rowing off the line and Pfizer and Madeira can serve Rep ray up with their unique, complicated nanotechnology
stuff. So there being directed to organize a certain population without an increase in vaccines supply which of course, now creates a who system where it's like? Ok, so now teachers get first other people and they is it's, not clear how many of them wanted than other people can't get it gets. It has to be reserved for them that very confusing, and then I'm going to make one more point. Everybody else can go free. When you say teachers needs by word, be prioritize to get vaccinate gate to get vaccinated, soda, schools can open or giving them a an. Almost a complete stay out of work free card because if they dont get vaccinated marginal
then there are not getting vaccinated and their fellow teachers aren't getting vaccinated too. How can they all go back to work? And, secondly, your implicitly saying that the current situation in which it would be fine for them to go back to work with vat vaccinated or not vaccinated? Given these ratings org, you know fine with appropriate precautions insufficient, and so, if that insufficient, and they need to be vaccinated where they work. We're not getting the school until September, so they don't know what they're saying or they are being totally disingenuous in creating the impact sure they want schools to reopen. It wait a second there, that's what it is. it's all carrot dangling and no stick, and at this point the american people want someone to pick up a stick and MR waving it at the teachers. You did so
they are doing, is trying to their hair splitting the baby. I'm sorry I'm like going while with the metaphors today, but it's it's absolutely a cynical political ploy because he cannot deal with the teachers, unions and Randy Weingarten who's out there. All the time you know ye hammering on about safety doesn't want to do one thing that I think would actually assuage both the administrations concerns and parents concerns, which is to say we're, gonna prioritize you and you're gonna put in writing with your union agreement that that means you will return to the classroom by a certain date and there The absolute Lee medical proof of after a certain date once are vaccinated. You can return to these activities. We will hold you to that and if you do not show up, you will lose your job. That's all they need to do. They will not do that. Almost said, though, that it is not the case that the general public is clamouring for teachers to return to the classroom, precisely the opposite, general. like is on board, with the notion that schools should be closed. In the absence of a vaccine regime that cut that has achieved a hundred percent saturation.
The parents of teachers of students are a little bit different. It's closer to a fifty fifty, maybe fifty five forty five issue, but it's not an overwhelming consensus. Will you not? Where were the sort of the leading edge of the vanguard here, defining what should be the turnout for returning to but the general public is not on board with it, but that's the desire that the deadline, but that's a triumph of the narrative, the unscientific narrative, that's been raw. You know absolutely and enthusiastically promote by the teachers, unions and, in fact, by the Bind administration. For many many months, which is to say you know it's not safe. It's not safe. It's not safe and he's played into that, and now I think Johns rate suddenly turned to serve turn on the diamonds. I hope now it's a priority gets back the classroom, who's buying that issues in its two cynical to believe. Well, people are buying add, or they don't care or They live in states where their kids are in school full time.
That's the interesting aspect of this, which is this is an issue that is, that is affecting people who are living directly under the regime that has them closed and that I know it's a little less than half the country or something like that, so so you're, if your office is not being gourd, particularly then you're not gonna to add. To the metaphor, the classic. But here is what goes on here- delay sugar, but here's why even those people should be concerned and its for this? What they're calling open in some places right now is one day a week or maybe two days a week or you know, maybe we don't go to school on Wednesday as they haven't here in DC, or you get dismissed at one o clock like no US kids have to go through and they call that back to school in person next year. When when all of these people assume that five days a week from nine to three is gonna, be the schedule therein for a rude awakening. If there is not some effort now to insist that that be what is the the baseline
with the option. If we still have a lot of outbreaks and concerns to have a separate, dedicated small, online version of school, but right now the hybrid stuff is not working. I this is where I really feel for teachers, the teachers you're trying to teach to computer and teach the kids in the classroom that doesn't work, that's impossible. So I, That's why he even people whose kids are back to school in some form should still be watching this closely. What is what, when we look at this, everything I have said about what happened yesterday, sort of in Biden, land right school guidance is dead. Andrews all and then of course, this moment, where Biden had this kind of virtual event and then said I'll, take questions and then the feed was cut off lit the feed was cut off. So he wanted to take questions end Thirdly, the president said he couldn't take questions. What we don't know who the president is, who made that
well, this is holding. This is why it would create a rise of run planes. Twitter feed has become the new tv reading in a win, a weird way kind of how Donald Trump Twitter feed was soon over four years. To achieve rapid ruins looking towards work. So I so. This is confusing, there's confusing things going on, and I don't really think. that this makes one feel as though one knows that the president's hand is the hand them the tiller them. not be a hammer, the tiller I Ebby were sort of thinking about it Norman. This this expands on with the point we upon yesterday, which was, I think you know, based on John you're you're, saying that At times this seems like a presidency by Committee more, like a modern, Dame
mine is like a muttered, a monarch of some sort of Yes, we have more evidence of this. He's he's he's dead air he's the face along with common Harris S face. But yes, no, we have. We have this nothing in this better administration, speed. With one voice, not the CDC decisions not on really any everything a sort of up in the air into its past and that it, and then you can know which way did things went fell then seen things can message thinkers. Of course, it's so radically with this is this: is the radical shift from from the four years of of tromp I, which is that all the stuff would happen you hear about it, because everybody was leaking left furiously and then Thou point was dead matter what they were saying because troubled come in with a tweet and destroy three months worth of negotiations. Are you know why
you know where I ordered or a gigantic, and you know very cleverly conceive plan to pass the border while paid for with it with an end, without with what kind of a tariff? And you know that he's like man, that's we either that or you know, or we need to repeal or replace Obamacare at the same time. Now That's the end of that, and it almost feels like exactly the opposite. Why would I be the okay? So, but if its trump was kind, the angry toddler, whose behaviour you could not predict and who would have a meltdown? I'm not sure that, like I don't know, what's What's really it's the metaphor, our I'm so sorry, but Le Gang and binds public opinion yadda everyone's whack anatomy swing around like, but you still like. Is there anything in their whence the candy gotta come out? The which see I mean it's just is confusing and in a different way, I'm nuts, it's better or worse than the value judgement is. We should withhold because he hasn't been in office that long, but it's not it does.
suggest that they are not as disciplined and back to normal as they as the campaign they ran successfully to get there. But I also don't. I get the sense that there is a fear two way The into these you know, like the polarized state of things and actually decline for themselves, one way or the other. You know. I think that is like that's the last thing that that bind wants to have to do right work, and this is on on ever longer, if you could make a case that that's smart politics in the sense, which is that if he wants the departments, the cabinet departments to be The wages of the culture war you now to have Doktor Levine, you know when you did that
our puberty blockers, sad to two girls and and and and advocating firmed up a surgical for the four, though surgical. What would you call them? Dismemberment of of of of children are based on a you know, based on a deep stress, and all that that's fine if he doesn't have to examine it, look at his way. They don't have to express an opinion about it, but this is something that is, you buy allotted out by the serve the vanguard of the dam Craig Base that it goes on in the cabinet departments, and it doesn't touch the White see? Now it's, like my left hand, does know. My right hand is doing. If, if you want, you know certain types of really aggressive anti ye. Ah, you know: conventional energy policy is coming out of the Energy Department and the commerce departmental that he can just to keep saying
guys didn't never said. I why I'm not. I don't want to ban fracturing bovine frightened federal land, will will will create new. But his line is this. That I mean that's what damn politics, that smart politics, you you remain as uncontroversial possible and let your underlings take the heat that would be my Now that assumes a kind of conscious, I here which I just don't know. We can assume their making yeah I mean traditionally, that's the vps role to be they attacked our great but well in in in historically and but not not not not not during presidencies, I don't know the training would would burst through the wall and argue with your contention. There clearly did not make public statements the channel.
Very as of as Vice President Dick Cheney was very invisible, except inside. I'm sorry bottom line is that she can't, because she's preserved in glass to be the aim Sesar? Will she could eyes she's, not very good at it right and left look at the trouble with you. You know that her her ad Lib on how she wouldn't take them road? It wouldn't take the vaccine if it was provided by Trump The colossal unforced error like she didn't have to say it. It was a dumping to say and there they have to deal there dealing with the following. From it. Now they obviously want everybody to get vaccinated, and you have you no important people in America saying that they didn't trust the vaccine, because Trump card was being developed under the Trump administration.
So I don't know why I also want I, but I do want to step back for a second and talk to you about the dissident, the documentary that everybody is talking about on October. Second, twenty eighteen were Spected, Washington, Post journalists, Jamal Shaggy entered the city council, in his stumble turkey and was never seen alive again at a time in America's focused on its domestic problems, there's one documentary that reminds us that their unbelievable and shocking events unfolding around the globe. The new documentary, the dissident, boldly, looks into the events and intrigue surrounding the murder that, The world said her Lindsey Graham says: there's not a smoking gun. There's a smoking saw.
The movie, not only unearth new prove it ultimately exposes his killer centre ran Paul states. The evidence is overwhelming that the crown prince was involved playing out at the highest levels of power and wealthy Associated Press caused the dissident, a real life thriller. Are you ready for the truth from the Academy Award winning Director of Icarus? It's the dissident, rated Peachy, thirteen now available at home on demand. Please visit the dissident thought com for more information, speaking of the Middle EAST, there is a major story that hasn't quite broken through internationally. major story in Israel that has enormous GEO political implications and is a very surprising one.
About six weeks ago there was a massive oil spill in in the or oil began, washing up on the shores of the Mediterranean in Israel, colossal amounts indicating a massive oil spill And no one really knew where was coming from, and there were concerned see theories that the exploration of a of an oil field in the Mediterranean called Leviathan, that something might have happened there like deepwater horizon, that they were doing something and oil spilled out and all that and that, therefore, Israel was at fault. and then yesterday, Gilligan Li L, who is Israel's Minister of Energy, came out said that this was a terror and eco terrorist attacks.
by IRAN that that there had been a deliberate leak from an oil tanker and that this is not clear. How much may be half em Million barrels were deliberately released to interfere with maritime life in and maritime activity, in and around Israel, and she may have jump the gun a little bit on on this, because what what what the israeli press has unearthed is a a pie. turn that a ship leaves IRAN with oil, try all's at various points turns off its transponders. equally when it comes in proximity with another ship that at present We then unloaded a whole bunch of oil on that ship moves on.
meets another ship and they both turn off their transponders and then they keep going. And then there is this massive oil spill and then the original ship goes back to IRAN. So, The the the idea, the question of whether or not the spill was deliberate or accidental. they they may be, jumping the gun a little bit on that, but a but it's. This is very important because it then goes The fact that IRAN is doing whatever it can at the very least to it aid. The sanctions regime anti used of what are called deceptive shipping practices to get its oil out and about particularly the Syria, where of course, There is also under a certain amount of thumb, international sanctions. One of the reasons this is interesting. Is that just you?
yesterday, as these announcements are being made, Lebanon, the lebanese parliament announced that it was going to, complain to the U N about Israel's oil spill in a depressing its shores. And it's not Israel's oil spill that I think the the central fact of it Is that, however, it happened, it wasn't Israel that spilled the oil and and it was it- was a ship either deliberately or by accident, and I will I think that they would have were there said a term that Gila anyway. I would have come out and said that it was IRAN without you know
knowing that it was wrong, but the more sign and the and the israeli defence forces are apparently angry at her for having said this, whether that means there angry, because their worried, she's gonna, reveal sources of methods and get people who who reveal the information killed or whether there mad, because she gets she is making an association, They were not ready to make. We don't really now so that his them story, because, if it's real, if it's right, if IRAN did it deliberately worms into a new realm of terrorism. This is some some sort of like a verse the thing that everybody feared after nine eleven, which was the suitcase nuclear bomb right, that there would be some at the suitcase bomb or the dirty bombs right, which a doesn't necessarily kill but seconds and is Ex essentially active of eco terrorism ends. This literally be an act of terrorism using oil as a as an as as an ecological weapon,
so that he added my model as also needs also interesting, because its low tech witches always fasten, because where you we tend to look for the third et Cetera gonna come from out of you know tat, energy and whence they had the next serve. Ever breach coming from and things like that and then much like nine eleven, which was you know, were done with the boss, cutters and the end and whatever you know this is this is low. Taxes is in some sense, its equivalent of, like you know, throwing your guard junior yard, but on a dead. The combination of the law to terrorist again shows an unfortunate, and we looked at terrorism is: it is an evolution, airily, creative enterprise when people do it when people are committed to performing it, and we ve seen the attempts to infiltrate the
the infrastructure of water management at the local level. Right there was this this breach in Florida. There is another one I think in the UK efforts by either state actors or terrorist trying to infiltrate the water filtration water purity systems which would effectively poison the well. It's literally poisoning people's water supply before they can, see that so you see, which is again it's another sort of not eco terrorism, but a way of like taking a in important critical resource and poisoning in it and poisoning the population as as a terrorist act were well. Ok, so the world of of politically incorrect crimes. It strikes me that environmental crime. The act of the act of by poisoning the Mediterranean with with an oil spill, has to rank up there, and so this of, but the narrative of what happened here, witches IRAN did it
to punish Israel the same people. Many of the same people who would dare. I mean a magical were the other way around. Best of Israel spilled oil so that it would poison. You know it and rainy import or something like that, and we just just think about it. That way, but you is it, who started encouragements entirely unprecedented Saddam Hussein domed oil into the Persian Gulf at it to try to keep the intervening forces out during the day the first war the first Iraqi, worn out with some kind of weird, if you think about it, that's like a defensive maneuver. That's like setting era, that's like setting or for on fire. In order to prevent you know, in order to prevent people from from horses from from coming through, or something like that, right was a use that uses that we create a defensive blockade some direction, and the employee, as I recall, setting the wells on fire was twofold: one,
obscure Ariel observation and to create an environmental disaster that was deliberate right right, but about that was, but that wasn't against a country that wasn't will form of country the country, warfare, I mean so. I'm just saying I know interested because you know, and environmental crime is like worse than other crimes in the minds of environmental people, for whom the environment is second to none how are they going to react they're. Gonna react hypocrisy. Hypocritically that's other! we react they're not going to react, maybe again, if it real deliberately spilled oil. You know now. You know in the strait of hormones or something like that. This would be, the biggest story in the world for a month and everyone out there would be condemnations and the EU in wood. went to emergency session and there will be less than the other thing and will see what happens now has. Of course, this is happening at the worst possible time if it's happened,
precisely because the buyer menstruation is looking how where it can to restart talks with with IRAN. So I just think where its it it's it's in that sense, its unprecedented right and it's frightening because, unlike you know, sending nanoparticles over two zero destroy our crops or something like that, which is also like the kind of stuff that you seen. You know near near rain science fiction or something like that. Did this just happened? You know it's like they did not gonna be. Your magnetic pulse that's too complicated to two, maybe to pull off, but you know yet in the end, if you can't do anything you you use a bomb right, which is how the sorrow
examine the second was killed in eighteen. Eighty, one was with a bomb. You know that so few After the birth of the mirror, the boss, the marathon bomber, sets off a bomb. That's the same tax terrorist technology. That was you Two hundred and thirty years earlier in Saint Petersburg and one other point in terms of Middle EAST politics right now in particular for Israel, you too, with the other store they spent in the news this week at the international criminal court, has announced this pseudo big investigation into human rights violations by Israel at a time when, of course, it has no interest in looking into the such violations. Other part of Syria were honour or other states, China, China, I guess it's not even talk about our competitor for China. So that's you know that there is a real. No wonder Israel at this moment is feeling it always, I think, has justification for feeling embattled, but the international opinion that
The coup by demonstration on IRAN is trying to once again court. Is decidedly on one side of the equation here when it comes to violations against israeli sovereignty, but not when it comes to this international criminal court complaint, the binding administration has been pretty good on that they deserve already or housing Erik the horse value might instigation at every level of this administration. That is your credit for it they really do and and by the way, not not out of the goodness of our hearts towards Israel? This is a dagger. and the strategic at the profession of diplomacy in the world All this is arresting p. oh, when they step on foreign soil of four things that they might have done as public officials, indifferent venues. That means american diplomats. There is, of course, there was that serve effort to arrest Henry Kissinger.
Someone wanted to swear at an icy, see where you know thing where the, which would mean that if Henry Kissinger overstepped off a plane in a country that huge to the international Criminal court's jurisdiction, he could have been arrested and get out for work, I miss you could do that. Would anybody I mean you could do that with with with any if, if, if the, if the politics holds warm and it is our soldiers dangerous an old enemies that this was an issue in the UK as well with regard to what their, what their military has done overseas and whether that would lead them to be arrested by foreign states of the sovereignty, issues, important and actually conservative, do care about sovereignty. Issues in particular with regard to international criminal court, have long been beating the strong, but in one sense nor you write like strategically. This is a message that will fall more resoundingly if it comes from a democratic administration right. This is you know who that does You know actively want to work with other intern
institutions, but it That is something that Americans keep an eye on its its the IPCC has been a problem with regard to national sovereignty for decades and one that we should always monitor. I do want to quote something that the Secretary of State Anti Blinkem said because as it does strike a tone different from the Obama administration in relation to Israel. So here is the years whether this was said yesterday, the United States believes a peaceful, secured, more prosperous future for the people of the Middle EAST depends on building bridges and creating new. Avenues for dialogue and exchange, not unilateral judicial actions that exacerbate tensions and undercut efforts to advance and negotiated two state solution. We welcome to you to uphold our strong commitment to Israel and its security, including by opposing actions that seek to target Israel unfairly. So you know
the the we need to target actions that that target Israel unfairly I think that's rhetoric. We would have heard our that we did here during during the Obama administration fact. One of its last acts was to assent to or accede to, the effort to target Israel unfairly in the EU when, by refusing by abstaining on out on a resolution that we should have vetoed and that every every bo, similar and we every similar such reveled resolution. We had veto, but that was just a Barack Obama's middle finger, stuck up out in the wind to be Netanyahu as he marched out the door, so at least there we can say that there is a different tone being sad at least to me in the early going now I gotta talk to you about our friends at upstream.
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yeah, so many nice emails over the course of yesterday from people saying now talk about quality Julian's as much as you possibly want, and so we talk, but teachers with military teach issues with a little about Cuomo, we didn't talk that much of it. So we were, but you have given us a free pass today So I want to say one thing to say: when little point of order on Cuomo separate from his foe apology a lot of the people who piled on during the meeting era were quick to get it. Pursue the trophy heads of all their, I suppose it Assaulters, some of whom were merely using an appropriate words men and to lump together a lot of kind of rose but not legally. You know up actionable behaviour by men, including dahlia, with work. Who was one of the lead people to try smear bread Cavenaugh during his confirmation hearing, whose recipes for slate that says well do pray.
That's think about it. Let's look. Let's talk about due process now. Look. I am absolutely glad to see her finally embrace due process when it comes to allegations that are Mexicans. Anyone it's a little late in the game, so will see how this plays out. You know a lot of the lot of those of us have been critical of the meat to movement. Have long said you know innocent until proven guilty. To have some sort of investigative process. So in one sense the fact Cuomo is not then immediately removed and cast out, is a sign of some rationality. Actually, when it comes to these sorts of charges, voters also, obviously we have to say with him, but I just thought that was an interesting data point. In contrast to what we saw during the Trump years line issues. We should be explicit about this. I mean people up to and including the current president, the United States were saying at the time of this me to explode but the evidentiary standards necessary for convicting somebody of the crime of sexual assault, we're just too onerous too burdensome they require
that you had to face your. Can Europe accuser and in a court room, was simply to traumatic. These were I think these were in job its terms, the remnants vestigial elements bequeathed to us by english common law, which was a white man's law and was therefore could proceed. to be unjust, even though these are the standards of justice that are applied, individuals in a court ruling in because they are fair and prudent, and this is a movement wide attack on the kind, The justice, as we understand it in the courtroom, gave us the twenty eleven dear colleague letter it, for Knowledge is advising them how to adjudicate, sexual assault on campus, which resulted in profound in stresses many, which were reversed in a court ruling from them resulted in colleges having to pay a substantial damages to the people who were abused in these star chambers. So this isn't something that was just like of thought bubble that kind
but the during the cabinet hearings and disappear, and there is a whole idiots. Uncle Lex, work around this. This idea that was put into practice and for them to abandon it, because you're gonna get caught up in it is so illuminating. Another man with a real objectives were, and the boy ministration. With regard to the title, nine regulations that no is talking about hasn't abandoned their campaign on it and they have promised to restore those. So which will involve circumventing the actual administrative rules, making process that better Betsy Divorce actually oversaw when she was head of the proper education. So you know, I think, gum, come on get himself some favours yesterday with his for politics, It was definitely of apology, but I think it was one that a good many people actually appreciated battle count myself among them. But from what I can tell us effective comes at the bleeding a little bit
Until then, the next story breaks with the next person comes forward ha yeah. Well, I don't know I mean he what he said was I'm not resigning, which is, I think, a perfectly appropriate, actually distortion. You walk round saying that people should resign cause they. You know where he was elected. These visits he's on his third term. Clearly, the voters will want em and, and so, and he has not been accused. crime. Are he has not been credibly accused of a crime Orban indicted for criminal action or anything like that, but
saying that you know he's now really learned. Something is really learn something now and you now g in our with a guess all of life. We can all say that tat. We, you know we are lifelong learners and can can always have our perspectives broadened and widened. But the idea that this guy, who served in the Clinton administration, had no idea that there were something called sexual harassment is so preposterous and so beyond all the scope of anything that anybody who believes a word, you know what a word that comes out of his mouth of self exculpation is somebody that I would like to you, no cell of a bridge in Brooklyn to that he didn't build. Let me just start talk to today again about mark gherkins, remarkable book, the telling the story: how do you sums essential
what reveals the meaning of life in the run up to pass over. My mark person has written a book and published a book about the pass over how Godiva the most red book and Judaism, probably a bye, bye, bye, all Jews who who celebrate? pass over and I he did dig deep into the tax I just want to give you one example today is about giving examples, are so far points out that interesting Lee. Ah the Gaza and the Torah both resist ending stories. Dont really seem to end and what? What is this about? Oh, it's it's like stories, don't in the Junta ends. I sang network May we next year come together as free men as lotta and not as slaves. Thus,
stating that this is a never ending journey that we will be on reading less and doing it annually forever and Mark says First, the pass over and, by extension, the jewish experiences oriented towards turning ancient experience into contemporary memory. the authors of the torrent, how God I wanted to overcome the inevitable forgetting that comes with there being so much history. They wanted us to learn from every word and sometimes every letter in this text in their book. The power of moments, professor chip and then he is right. What's indisputable? Is that when we assess our experiences, we don't average are minute two minutes and Seychelles and said we were called the peak and the ending of the experience its manifestations are everywhere. This phenomenon, known as Pekin theory, was identified by Daniel Conniston and presents a problem for Judaism, because memory for June
It is not only about surviving, it is about living and therefore, in real life in real life. No ending is inevitable lot of food for thought there. The telling by mark or Amazon, point a noble wherever you by your books, download it by hard copy. It will reward your attention, So I guess we ve come to the end of today. discussion and we haven't even I dunno what what I just wanted to say what one interest with an interesting conversation. Yes, it is right that the other podcast, my dog, our emailed me very, Only to say that the step father of one of her friends was an isn't was an ass. Bernard and she was thrilled me unbelief as you can, agent, operating
Billy here in New York. We know we don't come across a lot astronauts. They seem to mostly livin in and other play in other places, and so she was just beside herself with excitement and You know this are raised the issue of noise the space and are now calling himself a space, nerd very excited by space and the fact that the Biden people did not in fact destroy spaceport Yes, I was on a couch, I think it is. Tuesday evening, just scrolling, and came across his Washington Post piece, which starting over the premise that the Bush administration entered office with the intention of dismantling all of Donald Trump works with the x the option of space, which was very gratifying for me, because where I was one of them-
people were saying that space force was not only valuable unnecessary, but something that wouldn't be undone by the next administration to the sound of a mockery from a lot of people have no idea what the heck they're talking about and also of. Where's the private enterprise programme, which has created a revolution in space which the Trouble administration, health incubate all that stuff, and the main administration is looking on this now prudently and saying this is spoke itself and we're gonna help. Incubator too Do you mean that this was something that frustrated because there has to be something in Washington, Post, Pisa frustrated me and was a pair. as that, I'm going to summarize, as this is a departure from past administrations for Georgia, Bush. The objective was to get back to the moon, for Barack Obama was to go to asteroids and Mars and then The trauma ministration was back to the moon again no that's not wrong factually, but your going to leave. You have no background information. You're gonna leave from paragraph thinking, The trunk administration had peered back the open,
administrations truly audacious goals in space, the plenty of it was that the Obama administration- I was a way of describing the Obama administration initiatives. One of them was to cancel in twenty eleven, the Constellation programme, which would have replaced the space shuttle with several new vehicles and created and establish the objective of getting our boots. Back on the moon by twenty twenty that went to the wayside, because we had a whole lot of domestic spending. That was much more important than Spain and I put his back a ways: but again you have to have this background information in order to understand this not deliberately inaccurate, but a hundred percent misleading paragraph from the west, post and everybody who even remotely familiar with space, knew exactly what the problem that were confront, in the trunk administration, was and read that same paragraph with a little bit of consternation because the attempt to mislead you The design was to convince you of something that wasn't true now
is very frustrating yeah, it's lily returns that never happen, this is why didn't conservatives forget ball bent out of shape about media by us? It's not because you're being deliberately lied to its about says it's about clever verbiage. It creates impressions, it's not because you are being deliberately old face lied to that's that's just sort of one. These frustrations that conservatives, who get all bent out of shape of a media by his have trouble communicate to people who don't quite understand the problem, but that's what it is all right. Well with that great hit, better respected the institution, which is what should be doing every day and we did some already beginning so we're coming around again the end for that we will
back again tomorrow, so for a Christina, no one jump on hordes keeps panel burning.
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