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Will Biden Play 'Let's Make a Deal'?

2021-02-01 | 🔗
Today's podcast raises the specter of a negotiation between the new president and ten Republicans who offer the possibility of a bipartisan deal on COVID relief. Will he take it as an opportunity to prove he can work across the aisle or view it as a political trap? Also, more on Andrew Cuomo's perfidy and Donald Trump's GOP blackmail. Give a listen.
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I John and thank you even though, were aggressively quartering courting the algorithm rather than our human contact, but ok I'll turn out. Everett blood? I had our land grab Evelyn. I know a hydra okay, so so much to talk about patently today, if the snow doesnt have prevented Joe Biden is going to meet with ten serve gang of
and Republicans who are proposing a skinny version. I guess you could call it of the corona virus relief package that I have to say reading. It is so sensible in its parameters that it is it's kind of astonishing and and in some ways, moves them to the left of Biden on economic terms, because they're saying why on earth would you want to give you no fourteen hundred dollars of stimuli, people who are making a couple hundred thousand dollars a year that doesn't make any sense and we can limit the cost of this incredibly expensive bill simply by putting a ceiling on the income levels of the people who received the check which
not only seems eminently sensible but, as I say it serve like why we why we subsidizing the rich. You know that that doesn't that doesnt follow their a couple of other things, including this extension of unemployment benefits to September, which they are proposing to us Send through May. The six hundred dollar were three hundred dollar federal extra suspension in terms of unemployment, That's it was her cobbled together to produce a kind of like I palpably large, a bill which was intended in parliament to calm the markets or give people the sense that you know the cavalry was on its way to rescue them. Abiden is now under pressure from Bernie Sanders and others to take this moment, to use the complicated process
reconciliation, to get this democratic wishlist that has been stuffed into the covered reconciliation bill, including a federal minimum wage, a set of fifteen dollars, which, aside from the fact that that would be it's really bad policy, forget its really bad policy. Why on earth? He would you do that now were not if, if it's such a great thing and everybody wants it so much so fights of do it in its own stand alone, bill and force people to go up or down on it like it doesn't have to be stuffed into the spell anyway, so that those are the those the politics of the present moment, and it is, I guess, a real. This is the first moment at which we see it
of normal politics being practised here, which is Biden says he wants unity. He says he went. He says he can work with problems. He said that for a year there giving them a chance to work with them. And now the question is: will Democrats imbibed Zone coalition go along with a compromise package? I suppose we needed and if I interrupted the more the governing wing of the Democratic Party which Regards republican recalcitrance says, is hostile and really kind of wants to leverage the reconciliation process to force some of this stuff through which seems kind of dubious to me, but that's never its parliamentary, so you can still be governing party that way and the other side of the equation, the real progressive left, which wants to destroy filibuster over this in once, did you know that use use it as a bloody
to whip up sentiment in the streets against Republicans and his turning on Joe Biden Fur for daring to talk the Republicans at all. In this moment, not understanding the fact that they mean a republic throwing up front runner, yours, you don't have to talk them anymore, and I'm not sure what the composition of the Democratic Party is, that this point between you notice to say the whose who's got the upper hand here is Talking like sixty forty seven thirty. I dont know that the microphones are all trained on the anti governing side of the lead of the of the letter here for Democrats, but I don't think that's a proper reflection of whose, whose really in control that I think a very interesting point MC goes to the larger political point of the present moment and and the moment going forward, which is why we just watched a week or two weeks in which an obscure Georgia lunatic, who got herself elected to Congress.
is on the verge of becoming one of the most famous people in America for the rest of her life, Marjorie, Taylor, green. Obviously so I'm talking about- Two years after a out of a New York City waitress, outmaneuvered a an old democratic Paul by getting fifteen thousand votes to his ten thousand votes in the democratic primary. and then became one of the most famous people in american politics out, of course, being Alexandria, Cassio Cortez, either of whom has any interest in governing as we understand governing were or were you know using the word furs of power in the United States in the way in which they are intended to be used to move the political debate, and if we take these Poles Margie Taylor, green on the right or the far right and Alexandria cause a return on the farm
the incentives for being a legislator where there is a huge test that is gonna, go on in the next couple of years as too but it will mean to be a legislator in the United States because not to be nostalgic about this, but legislators or people who write pass argue over go shape screw around with an otherwise. You know fulfilled that's what they do for a living is deal with bills and these people are using as evolving would say, are using the institution of Congress as a platform, a tip, to make themselves and maybe their views and their positions more famous or better known, but not to actually do the business of legislating well and worse than the requisite cohabitation. Look at the gate.
new deal right when, when pressed on the details of how this was long term going be affordable or doable in any way shape or form. Elysees response was it's kind of my dream board. You know it's like my vision board for what we should be doing like knowing it needs to be legislation which requires horse trading. The bat The horribly non transparent backroom dealing, which is where a lot of stuff gets done. It requires coordination among the staff of these people to, and I think, there's a as we ve seen in a couple of high profile instances, most notably the bright cavanaugh. Confirmation hearings The staff of some of these legislators are themselves actually more activists, leaning, then the people they workforce of theirs problems there too, but I think, with with regard to the covered relief, You know, Nancy Pelosi was sort of flirting with this game playing before the election and now what we are seeing is an inability to respond to the legitimate questions. For example, why throw money and a problem at a statesman and schools, for example, where they haven't even spend the money?
tiny been given to them. There are a lot of questions about whether this is affordable, long term- and I am proud of these republicans- for it for making a stand right now in saying we gotta talk about this, I don't have a lot of confidence given how chucks humours been kind all over the map and certainly help how the binding ministration is treated its most of the most Britain person in the centre right now, which is Joe Mansion of West Virginia. They don't seem. To have settled on the strategy, yet in that's, that's not good for them long term. If he wants to get some of his extremely progressive in sweeping legislative agenda through Congress, we should talk about those jobs. and something because mansion very interestedly I thought came out and artist shot across the bows of the White House because they arrange to have vice president calmly Harris if an interview to West Virginia tv station and to do some kind of press day
in West Virginia selling. Some version of the binding energy I'm not quite sure what it was and mansion said whoa hold on, like nobody even gave me a heads up, you guys were doing this. Maybe you won't have a conversation with me for you go on the air. She apparently made a couple of really big blunders regarding up just terminology references, she referred to land mines instead of coal mines. I land, verses, mine, land use it right, yeah yeah yeah, like as people in West Virginia laying landmines, or something like that, the sum you know so, whether if they, if their purpose or their idea, their communications idea to do something to sell their policies unless regime or to burnished, calmly Harris's credentials or to do something or other the you know. The whole point is that he will walks this mansion watches
Incredibly complicated line as these senior politician in a state that goes thirty to forty percent from Trump and every other official in the state, I believe, is a republican and he's a Democrat, and he knows how to talk to his people in that state and- Understandably, things that there is no democratic in the country who can do it and then they just go off and make up a plan on their own. Then there was the litter sunlight in dealing with the guy. You didn't. Some columnist have some idea way back when, when, when cobbler was first picked, a device that to be the vice presidential running made that she would be by
the bridge, to the working class, who wasn't that this? That was like an idea that sounded preposterous at its inception and, as you know, there is a famous working class nurse, and you know that of a professor, a mathematician she herself- you know you know- is of a lawyer and a political. an urban political activist, I mean it's not easy at all on this aid, though, who were shocked, shocked, I tell you to see, as they call them black and brown people vote for Trop. So like this, isn't this enthusiasm, Frank but it? But it's all interesting because you know their. Do. We ve been talking about four weeks about this sort of very interesting and kind of a very peculiar effort to turn calmly Harris into a national superstar as
The vice president is something to which Biden himself is playing a role by apologising to her for saying I, instead of we the constant invocations of thee, Harris Biden Administration, and all of that and it by Harrison Illustration and she her political gifts, are as yet unproven. Let's just put it that way or or had been proven flawed, and it would be a little as though George H, W Bush were walking around saying one sorry Dan Quail? I use the word I instead of me. I mean he has no reason to think that Harris extends his brand, except in as much as that's the idea of Harris, but the reality of Harris has yet
match the idea, and you can. Would you like? A dance hall was getting glossy soft, focused profiles and every magazine was it at that the end of their shopping I'll in those that were the magazines. Are that, like it's us and weekly news- and you know damn well, you know our doing stuff with his family and being or folksy and in getting appearing on late night television, its absurd on its face. Obviously, but you can you can take you know you can spend half a billion dollars. Selling ads are placing ads for Howard the duck, but that's not gonna. Make Howard the duck a hit unless people want to see Howard the duck, so they are supply citing kindly heresy here, and we have absolutely no
isn't to believe that common and was worth getting Joe Mansion, angry and annoyed, and I would say, nervous nervous that they're gonna screw up their own will ass words tonight and targeted rings the young right after the elections. There was some speculation about who would be the most important aspect of this. Are the democratic parties majority slim as it was? Would it be the moderates like Joe Mansion and and, by extension, Republicans like so Collins who really call the shots or would it be the more aggressive, outspoken types like their squat in the house? Who would really be able to set the tone, set the agenda and command Commander Pappy himself commanding presence in you know that ship shape the course of events, and it does seem like a mansion, really is feeling his strength here and is willing to flex a little bit of muscle.
and so maybe it s. The moderates have control over this that the governing wing, as it were, that have control over the course of events in the hundred seventeen Congress, but AIDS but aims, and so there used to be the but the other party, its end of story. Let us change, obviously, if you're an extremist, you can kind of selling yourself with this direct marketing now on the internet, social media emails, all of that to people who will send twenty dollars, which is the Marjorie Taylor Green story, following exact the line of all the squad members and everybody else who leverage is the fact that their called you know fascist and monster, and all that by bye, bye, their enemies and buy a lot of people to say. Ah they're trying to silence me they're, trying to sign and see what they're trying to silence me give me money right, but there used to be a body of opinion in D C and in New York and among the serene elite media that that
leaned heavily into. mention is a more collins's summer. What you might call what I guess Noah you called governing the governing Democrats a leading journalists, Damn balls and David, broader and Susan Page and Clarence page of this. When all of whom said there are these lions of the Congress who, who are neither a wildly any illogical, the word you know, Deb whatever, and that they are the ones who are that's, where the centre of gravity is in America, those the people to look too and they're going to sit down the back room and make a deal and they had this is two support in the media that made them look impressive. That made them seeing you know, adult that made them see
above the frail little bit a lot of it was, you know who we write, but it was a real thing. I see absolutely none of that now, the graves, it's all about active demanded that the theatre of activism and its also it's also crept into the law making process in, by which I mean commenting for a while that were, I think we can be interesting about whether, where we see what what where we get you on the on the covered relief and that their skinny version and if we actually do get some compromise and middle what's interesting, is that for some time now legislation has really been a matter of cannabis. there are some proposition where, where there's one party that's entirely for an obstinate obstinately and then another side that is against it and if one can simply out,
number the other it that that's that's how it happens as well, because the idea that, if you could actually come to some sort of compromise, That is, that is bad in the in the way that such as that, in the way that compromising that through- These will work day legislations review. No, bill working out. Politicians used to be praised the day they are, they are now not sufficiently activists. Are you dont want to compromise, so it if this can actually happened in that old fashioned way. I think it's it suited the first citing of land. You know after having been a drifter for for so long and the press will
If there is a compromise deal that has worked out here, the press will be uniformly against it, not because of the substance of the bill, but because of the capitulation and Democrats capitulation of Joe Biden, because they have all this capital and then not spending it right. Well, I think, actually, you see seen in this your twitter relation of american politics, you ve seen extraordinary contempt thrown at american politicians who try to straddle the center. I mean Democrats, loathed, Susan Collins, loathsome Collins, Khazars idea that, well she flirts with doing the right thing. As we understand it then decides not to write she votes for bread cabinet.
That's it that's the end of her, how dare shit you know and then they spend hunt. You know like ninety million dollars trying to throw out Susan Collins and that this is a broad Portman now retiring when it took him announcing his retirement, be able to say Oh he's an adult he's a grown up like people like that. All anyone ever said was your check. It you're a coward. You know better than this, but blot you won't do decks wine, z or something like that. You know. So what people used to be praised. For is what I'm saying and I'm not by the way here, expressing a value judgment over whether or not Susan, Collins or Rob Portman partner, admirable
but there used to be a body of opinion that said that cautious, prudent politicians who kind of play both sides of the street looked to see where the national consensus was aware. The larger consensus was in their states where their states, where a lot more about illogically bouts like Susan Collins than a lot of other places that with something for which they were held in high esteem, possibly too high esteem. Granted the another was a fetish position of that in the end, the prior culture, but the loading that date that day in gender is is fascinating. But this is one and I think you can trace some of that too. One thing that social media has done to politics, regardless of whether you have an already after your name, and that's it impatience, it cultivates not just in the public which is
demands results, wants to see an immediate response to things that actually require deliberation, but then the impatience kind of infects, the law makers themselves. You see who, in a previous era, wouldn't have wouldn't feel the need to respond, except through official channels, maybe the response You know a couple days later immediately responding and that actually than undermines the deliberative process that we're talking about needing to have, and we still need that process. We still need the trading. So if you're going to a meeting with your political opponents dinner shaken horse trade, about a big bill, and you want something and they want something. But there's after our coming with us, The angry tweets you scented each other all the responses, it's hard to negotiate ardor. You shown your hand immediately rather than hiding it. That's all
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while them for sponsoring the commentary podcast. So other snow storm has put a twenty four hour to forty eight hour paws on vaccinating in the northeast, where the where the snow was hitting and there is a staggering story in the New York Times today. The big sword we talked about on on Friday about Andrew Como, about the revelation of the or Thursday the revelation of the miss under counting of the deaths in mere state nursing homes, apparently do too The intervention and malfeasance of the common administration has now been followed up by a story about how nine senior officials nine in your officials in the New York State Health Department have resigned over the botched vaccination roll out, and the story basically says that the governor,
decided at some point in the summer to the fall that these states prior experience with vaccinating. You know, four flew and all sorts of other things needed to be. Overhauled and centralized in these states hospitals and hospital system conveniently driving with the interests and outlook of the one of his most support of lobbies, the state hospital system and the State Hospital Association and nine people quit because they said we have plans. We ve the plans we do this every year. There is a system of vaccinating all over the state aid that goes county by county and a quorum.
wanted to centralize that anomaly centralized but then put it in the hands of this one essential sector, private set private sector that does not deal with every day deals with people who come to them and extremism not with every day contact- and you know- maybe there was good reason to do it. Baby there, a good reason to do it, but I do want to quote this amazing quote that Cuomo used when interviewed by the New York Times about why he had set aside these vaccination plans and why people why people might have left his employ when they thought these plans are perfectly
and he said the following its the MIKE Tyson line, quote everybody has a plan until I punch them in the face on quote. That is not the MIKE Tyson line. The MIKE Tyson line is everybody has a plan until they start getting punched in the face. What does it say to you that you Cromwell shifted that line around Christine? Why would you mind not? Haven't you read this? I would you read this recasting fibre of Friday and I would have a lot to say about that. I actually think it's interesting because I think he does it expect was projecting how he feels right now, which is that it getting a little bit battered by the people who had been for the past, almost calendar year adored him. I know he he date, the press in particular and and other democratic
Politicians in particular praised him for his leadership. He wrote his own. You know self serving book about this. We ve talked about, but what he always did that was effective for him was shift the blame to the federal government when he was pressed on. Something will allow. The federal government is in the hands of the people of the mainstream media love. So he can't shift the blame in that way and he's a little cornered as well. He should be all of this info. Nation was known in the summer. Everything we're talking about with regard to nursing homes with regard to how he would sooner sort of pandering to is to his donor base. All of that was known It went missing numbers exactly the missing nurseries and the Associated Press report in all nicely right. So we note we knew all this, but now he's actually feeling the heat I mean we're all there is a certain element of shot importing watching him twisting the wind. But these are exactly the kinds of things that had had a republican governor say, run the census had nine
Health officials in his state resign and under these circumstances, would be on an endless loop on cable news being discussed for ghetto at what a poor earlier. He was just what you ve, just quote my cousin at all, I mean this is, if you're even remotely familiar with his career. That quote was at a point in his life, for he was particularly adult in under medicated, and there are a lot of very choice- quotes yeah that particular point in his life and that it were to use in any sort of other contacts outside of being a thug. You would be reprimanded chastised by the press you'd, be a source of humiliation. Fear political allies says regret very revealing to have two views that one go go, look up, some other MIKE Tyson quotes from at that particular era. You know it's on it. It strikes me that almost running out of things to seize and look in charge of you know is the lot lockdown have not turned out as
as he had hoped for himself now. So he's gotta, like you know, strong arm every everywhere. He can in this universe, dire attempt to two to shift blame. Look. I am struck by the fact that everybody who has dealt with New York state in this vaccination process and I can only speak to Senor Stake as I I don't know, what's going on in other states, may just be a parallel to everything else is simple fact a matter is you don't know how to get a vaccine? There are two hundred and fifty different systems, that you can contact to try to get a vaccine. You log, onto an individual website. They say we have no appointments lock onto another and they say we ve got no appointments. You log onto ten twelve fifteen eighteen, when he said that there are no appointments, there's no central clearing house there's no central appointment making system and were
but most of the people who have been trying to do. This are over the age of seventy and are not that flu are not that fluent in you know all about you do I ll set up an algorithm, can set up of you know a push, the message this, the other. Whatever it is it you could sort of work to game. The system may be beyond their can and they're, scared and they're nervous and there being told that they need to do this fast and all of this, and because you need two shots over three weeks or for weeks. And it's been impossible and what this
article says- is that the fact that it is impossible is due to the behaviour of the specific political behaviour of Andrew Cuomo in making a decision about how the vaccinations we're going to go. That overruled, and this case when I talk about the health department, I'm not now talking about the health department in the way tat we ve been in criticising public health right, the kind of the world of social public health I mean like people, run labs and people who run Peter literally run databases to register for people for the flu vaccine or something like that, and they all looked for other jobs or they're trying to get away
and you know why cause he's horrible. He has made working in New York state intolerable for people who apparently are perfectly competent at their jobs, but that he is going ran, punching them in the face, as he himself says,. That's away the lead people, it can't be it Cambrian a terrible time, but you know what you gotta show results. You know it's like the famous Patten slapping the soldier in the bed and nearly giving drummed out of of the American General Corps in Rome to accept tat was a fantastic general and you know or Barbara Bradley could not let him go and could not could not. Spare him and Cuomo is punching people. on the face and doing a horrible job. At the same time,
contractually better in the context of the remark is, was, according to the times report this scale the pandemic overwhelming the states public health part planning so that it in his in his formulation. Here is that it was the pandemic that did the punch. I know I know it, that's what he was saying. I am aware that the pandemic was punching a minute, face, so the idea is the people who had plans didn't have good didn't their plans were good enough, except his plan is worse. Apparently, so you only get that out if by overs overhauling what was in place, the new thing that you put in place has proved to be effective, as it is ineffective, confusing and has slowed down
rather sped up the administration of the vaccine. He not only does gettin out, he has to take responsibility from once. Again we see I send my colleague who said he was dealt a bad had. This is horrible governing situation, but you make choices if you're gonna get praise for the But once you can then say, oh, I can't be blamed for the bad ones swell and I mean in his case in particular, there was a story over this weekend about the you know. Your point John earlier, which I think is really important to emphasise about how challenging it is for people who aren't technologically savvy to navigate these appointments systems even when they do so in Coney Island. There was that there was a injection site were at its head, no appointments mobile and no one was there getting shots. So if you went, if you wanted to go, get your seen and you somehow managed to navigate the online system and make an look for appointment. It said there are not available, and yet, at the actual site there were no lines. They were wondering where everybody was to theirs. It there's many
points along this way that are having cascading effect, the end result of which is the most vulnerable. relations are not getting no shots. There are quickly enough- and you see this in here in DC again public trust in our of elected officials is very low right now. Some of that is obviously not their fault, because we ve had this its extreme period of crisis with the pandemic. But now is the time to be even more careful about how you talk to people. What's going on so in DC, we ve had we're in system wearing a certain zip codes, because their majority white neighborhoods are not allowed to register for vaccination, but others of codes are the sites, are all indifferent. It's very serious for it for a decent minded over sixty five year old resident of Washington DC to figure out how to get a vaccine like someone who just wants to do the right thing, the responsible thing and get vaccinated. It's made opaque. It's made, there's a lot of politics there's a lot of racial politics involved and the end result for a lot of well meaning
medicines is discussed with their institutions and discuss with their leaders, because they feel like their chance. They feel like jobs, even though they are trying to do the right thing. You have to wonder now that it's become ok to criticise Como and in fact you know really break with him. What else is going to do to come out now mean he's, got a lot of enemies, lotta people who can stand working with him, people on the city level. You know let alone people who work directly with him in Albany. It's going to be interesting. That look. This is the story now this was the story with Elliot Spitzer, his predecessor as governor spits, of course, without did not by his own I'm misconduct, but by sex scandal or a scandal involving pay.
whence that tat seem to run a foul of tax law, but it it seems clear that spitters downfall came as a result of making enemies and causing some people to do what they could to exploit his personal weaknesses to bring him down. But in the in the months before that happened, there was a lot spits or was it is a psychopathic. Is it is very close to being a psychopath and terror, quite a lot of people, an alarm them in fact frighten them and stuff like that, and after, like two years of being scared, they started to brush in a throw brush back pitches back at him, You know he caused his own downfall in many ways. And I use the word psychopath advisedly by the way, because I don't know of keeping up Meda Spitzer famously made
A call to the eighty year old, John Whitehead for writing a an object in the Wall Street Journal about how he was unfair. going after somebody. Rather a screen burg fur up for his Wall Street Behaviour and he reached John. It had a man exactly the age of his father on the phone, while Whitehead was on Vacation Mexico and said I will destroy you, I will destroy your family. You have The way you know you you have you have. This is white like as a hero. Omaha Beach of great public servant in all this. Like you know, this was not normal behaviour. Cuomo is hormones. Let's have a lot of similarities and ya out once once somebody like that appears to be wounded. It's open season because he has governed by terror, and so that's a, I think, that's an interesting.
aspect by the way. What's interesting, of course, about Christine you're saying that trust in government is low. This is the tragedy of Trump with colored. It's the tragedy of our political system, with This is a moment at which that trust could have been re. Established. People look to leaders in times of crisis for reassured comfort, a sense that they know what they're doing a sense that their hand on the tiller is constant. That was the myth of Andrew Cuomo that he was that guy in part to set him apart from from trumpet also because the country needed somebody like that, so it picked out. She picked him because Trump was so in constant, but every governor every bear they could all have had that if they hadn't all just resorted to their ideological, illogical priors- and you know the more anti capital
Stu were them. The easier was for you to go with locked out that our house, to put it it's like. Well, business, doesn't matter, you know, or ordinary commerce? Does their people's lives are at stake here? You know, whereas governors who were in you know I whatever hurry one of that's that's why I'm going in, whereas MRS is much more important than the man so there was always a bad fit for Andrew Cuomo, but it was imposed on him anyway and that's not if the, if it's not dependent on circumstances, which are never was it's not going away now, but you're right, it's gotta go away because there is now by there's, not there's no counterpoint, there's no, there's no trump for him to be the anti trump of, and so he's got. No there's no backstop or you know, and so, if you say he's terrible, no one can tell you he's terrible, will look what he has to work with back in Washington out of Dick that's gonna work much anymore
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them constancy, more evidence of adult trumps, inconstancy came and so on. Saturday night. When word came TAT he had he and his five impeachment lawyers had dumb parted ways and the story. I guess, lays out that he wanted the impatient trial to be about how the election was stolen and, of course, the election Stolen has nothing to do with the specific charges are the impeachment, except as a motivating force or the insurrection, because it is that the impede the the trial rests entirely on the impeachment document, which has one count of provoking an insurrection
What does a border we make this? Well? Is this sign of his inconstancy or his constancy he's studies as these stopped and stop the steel? What I'd make of it is not so much political ammunition. It's just me further evidence that all these instances, when he says crazy things and doubles down on them, is that I think you really does believe them. And I think that is the case here, because they would be absolutely no other reason. I could that I can think of two hundred and twenty one, a defense like that, unless you thought that was actually the case to it, to want to go and defend yourself against impeached by by continuing to insist after weeks. For he had made his speech about you know moving forward, bird and end seem to us as a peaceful transition power.
Wanting to now return to the stop to steal stuff. I think it is because he be genuinely believes it. I continue to believe it, as will we don't know how many of his followers I mean what the policy there is a procedural defence. I suppose but on the merits there really isn't. That's really. All you have is this in a pounding the table with the stop the steel stuff, but these atrocities were guaranteed. Acquittal acquittal is is all but written. In the stars. Here is predestined unending they jumped ship. Despite that I mean I have to tell you that there was some real some some conversations. We're had that were very unethical. While that's that's actually wants it, if, if even your lawyers are departing en masse than Europe than your you ve become a pretty toxic brand as it were arrayed, so it's not just your lawyers, its obscure
south the wars arranged by Lindsey, Graham because every other lawyer in wouldn't touch this with a ten foot. Paul said it's too much revamp it's funny that second dangerous for them to argue it. He he clearly whatever the hell is named, lies So the lawyer, here's the thing here not been allowed on twitter for some time and whether or not he has a worker account he used to a lot of it, and certainly not in the immediate aftermath of the election. He was getting a time of just kind of reward from kind of the stop. This don't you know. Oh I've been I'm the victim here. This is terrible. The system is rig, so he hasn't been getting that is isolated down there now in Florida you know he's getting the people who are visiting him. Are people like Kevin Mccarthyism and phone calls of Margaret, Taylor, green, so he's here strange bubble that he is living and I actually take. It is an incredibly positive. That he can't get a good lawyer, and that is sticking to this, because it could have the effect of further marginalizing him at the same time that some job
Republicans, our even saying a march on agreeing not so great for our brand either. So this could be it a hopeful sign for conservatism and certainly for the Republican Party at this. in time that is gonna make him. Who knows what this trials gonna look like. That's it that's that's! What what's chalking here is that there will be a trial Somebody will mount defence of Donald actions in the Senate and what is it going to be? I mean asked these people. These republicans are dead spread for a way out of this. They need and off ramp and whether it defends dung from apparently is going to make it as hard as possible for them to come, third quibble about guy manage their. I expect that they will figure out a way to rationalize the way into it by good whenever arguments are going to be made- to be humiliating. Don't you be a lot of this rule? This there's gonna be a lot of evidence because we know from some news reports recently that the Democrats are gathering they want.
went cellphone, video, they're, gonna, gather visually. Their presentation is gonna, be got wrenching for people to listen to and wash as it should be, because this was a horrible. It happened so there on the one there s a lot more like a short digit right. Yes, I gave up wanna make they don't trumped up, as you all know, about mobile operators and Democratic republic. You want a week as they want to move on to other things, since he's gonna be acquainted and that's good. This is the whole point, and this is the whole point about Trump through his presidency and now with its conclusion with the Republican Party, which is that, once you get the idea that there is a way to manage your relationship with Donald Trump, he owns you and he is going to make you pay the ideas you decide. You want a manager relationship with them so that he won't make you pay or southern he'll make you pay a lot less right. That's max.
No and georgia- that's Mcconnell, saying I don't want to come out to heart against him right after the election, because I need help to win the Senate seats in Georgia and guess what Trump lost them. The Senate seats in Georgia. I think it's pretty fair to say that if trumpet said I lost the election or of all centres etc, loss it whatever, and then they ve been able to go into the election. With Purdue and Leffler, saying we're going to Washington as a check on Joe Biden, they would have one going away and instead, according to these count, a hundred and fifteen thousand at a minimum, a hundred and fifteen thousand people they'd home. Who would have voted for them because of the stop the steel rhetoric and who knows how many people voted for Warnock and oh soft because of the star?
the steel, probably around forty six thousand, because that was the margin by which the state commissioner goes by the name of Baba I refer to remember. The rest was named just above who won as if it was a Republican who one state wide. Well, the Republicans and candidates loss right. So so right there you have. You have a pretty you, it's not that large swing, but it's a pretty Lord swing, any with ideas. Mccall's Ok I'll play its up I'll play nice and I'll, be back who did and all of this because we need them and that's like ok, you know what you need me three you alive and destroy your Senate majority ha ha. You can manage me. I'm an hour's governed by a cry. I am a predator. I am not a prudent player who looks I have my I'm gonna. Do it I'm gonna do ok, I'm the word. The more you try to end. This is what's gonna happen to govern Mccarthy
so but he's never look, hardly apex predator. He was the apex predator. Now he's not in the Republicans should stop reading him like one April next, predator. Okay, if your cover Mccarthy, you'll just gone and kissed the ring and got them to say, is going to support you and your candidates in twenty twenty one and two, in twenty two and then he's gonna, call you when in March and say Why don't you do this for me and then in April? Why don't you do that for me and then in twenty twenty two he's gonna he's gonna pick twenty five republican candy two primary Kevin Mccarthy's you'd have softer squishy Republicans, and what is it Mccarthy, gonna say he violated article precautions hands, I don't the over there. But I know there is an ideal, but under the trumps, attention span is actually politically that
extensive. I actually wonder if, after the trial in the Senate, whether Nazis acquitted or convicted he might just pivot to some else entirely and I'm not. This is why so they shouldn't treat him like an apex predator. He claims to be able to do with them. trunk voters among the Republicans, but we haven't. We won't have a test of that for a little while and if he continues you know if, if his lorries are abandoned, I'm if, if this evidence, really galvanise public opinion against even more against what happened on January sex, I it see him not being as powerful forces. He claims to want to be a look a lot of his his his, bravado when he was president, was one thing, but his bravado and claims about you know I'm the best people love me. When he's out of power and and toxic to a lot of the affair, can people, I'm not so sure, I'm buying it like and then media needs to stop. That's, I think, in part where they ve turned Marjorie tiller They need to find another crazy conservative to focus their.
She's on as a counterweight to what they seem to be mainstreamed. Liberal attendance. I was told in the week after the election when the stop the still stuff started. I spoke to some very prominent republicans and people. The conservative world there like handle burn out. It's gonna burn out like you'll see a week. It will all be over in a week because Ray the come out against them if necessary and ever when sick of it at the donors wanna go back, it's all gonna take a week. I'm talking about pundits, I'm talking about politicians. I was told this repeatedly. and I was like I don't know nothin I want. I am saying this because I want to say: oh, I was so precious I'm like he's stop what what? What? What is it that makes them stop, and similarly, you think he wants to go back to trump stakes
He's just been the most important person in the world is that you do this whole notion that he's going to go back and sort of become like a direct marketer to try to make money off. You know the Trump victory Fund he's in an entirely other realm. Now he's not back and off back into the small time, and, unlike you know, throwing a chair, it Vince Wick Man's head, hit that he's he's been. You know like threatening nuclear war against North Korea. Lucky you don't go back area. Your nodding, Simon joined, because your agreeing with Bulgaria Knowledge tribe. I would like you to now tell me how brilliant idea you're very because of now go. I just we ve now we all have to say it is like a cabinet meeting at the troublesome a closer look. No, if you, if you recall the bigamous, where we have to say the Kabul is brilliant cabinet,
go ahead, terrorism, I think very plausible argument. The trump ran for president. To the extent he ran in earnest in twenty sixteen, because he was humiliated at the White House, correspondence dinner by Brok Obama. That is the cut that that's. Those are the kind of thing That motivates him. So the idea that he is going to let let his legacy fade. Humiliating Lee in the wake of the double impeachment in the attack on the capital angel and lost. The Joe Biden, I think, is an impossibility. I think I think it goes
what you're saying there is no way he's not gonna give everything he has into fighting this in the most sort of spectacular and often lost a force, a confrontation, and he can do it right. I mean that seems like that's what he wants to do. He lays gonna get whatever attorneys can to argue this farce. In front of the Senate and Force Republicans to get on record, endorsing the force if there's gonna be a conflict, I mean it seems like
but looking are going to have to do everything in their power to avoid it, but it made just not be feasible. He won't let them avoided. That's my point, which is there is no avoiding it he's not stopping. He will never stop. This is what's going on and the word. If you want to look and say what's gonna happen, think about what you think is the worst. That's gonna happen and it'll be worse than that, like I'm, not disagreeing with their diagnosis. About he's. Aren't you behave when I'm saying is that there is an opportunity if rip it republican, stop following that path, and enough of the leadership does that as well as enough? If we have someone to fill that vacuum right, there's gotta be someone, we don't have a leader right out there. The party is leaderless at me. We ve got Mcconnell is not capable of of dry those voters back to something other than trumpet conspiracy theories, but take? But That's not to say someone couldn't write, undressing long term trump is. It is a losing.
saw a great and you can have your gonna wait. Let's make our game supper was, as you can have people try to jack the price of that stock and they will periodically in the near term, but in the long term, and not sir, he doesn't just you know, the college are position because parties that don't have the White House generally price at the White House, the House or the Senate. Dont have leaders by definition. There is no leader, for this is a very unusual situation, because Trump is the leader of the Republican Party. As we stand more than fifty Ten of the Republicans in these Paul say they want them to be the nominee in twenty. Twenty four is the most famous for the world. All of that. If he doesn't go away. Nothing is gonna. Make him go away and you're right, you know what I'm the interesting bet is to bet against him the interesting that is to say he
the losing stock and they should vote to convict them. That's that's the interesting bad, because going on this course is gonna have the same effect as convict, as has as convicting him. They they think they know that they will hurt themselves worse by voting to convict, then by voting to acquit because they hid the heat they won't get mad at me, the trump peons and he won't get mad at them. Well give two months give two months and then see what the demand, as you think this is the only ask he doesn't asking and they don't stop demanding. That is the nature of a blackmail scheme. Is that you up the blackmail and you up the blackmailing you up the blackmail and there is no into it. And so, if you sell your soul, your soul stays sold, you don't get to walk away when it looks like you know when it looks like you know that,
someone's gonna go into retirement and you know what I'll see me to you: don't you can't walk away from your data social media. You go on social media, you look it videos, you send out emails, you do searches and what happens your internet service provider? cells that data to other big tech companies to use to make money and to use against you, so not only that, of course, there are also de platform in people that they don't like and whose views they don't like. So you can just activate all your social media accounts to get away from them, but that would be giving them what they want in the first place, instead of letting big test site, try to control you speech, why not revoke their right to your data? That's why I chose to protect my arm Data by using expressway Pierre you use it. You anonymize much of your online presence by hiding your ip address. That makes your activity more difficult to trace insult avatars. What's more expressive european encryption, one hundred percent of your data protection,
eavesdroppers on your network in the recipient. I couldn't be easier to set up you just tap one button on your phone, a computer and your protected. It's too I am to see, noticed censorship and take back your on my privacy, with the VP antitrust at expressway. Piazza come such commentary, by visiting my link will get an extra three months of express. Bp and service were free again, that's Ex Pierre S as GPS, dot, com, slash commentary, expressway, peons outcomes, less commentary to protect your data today, ok, so the package just a tab put a button on this word is out of what the gang of Ten is going to propose to Biden. Its six hundred billion dollar package and of course, the Biden package's one point: nine trillion, I believe, is not enough. So we got, we got a lot of you get a lot of room here between the two but of course, the thing that the
gang of ten will say is this is just What will vote on now take everything out, that's not in there and do it in March or doing an April. If we need immediate results, you can get to sixty on telling it is an interesting political play, its the political play. The trump could have used the beginning with administration on infrastructure and stuff. Like that, put your money where your mouth is, you say want these things we you can have them, we will do it together and then we can fight later over other stuff trump didn't do it for complicated reasons, and that's the thing with Biden is that human. and by saying that this is the kind of thing he would do all this, but this is Donald Trump invented this whole issue. The two thousand dollar checks thing was just something he came up with one day ass. He was mad at me, Mcconnell YAP Democrats adopted it ran on at one the to send your Georgia Senate seats as a result and down from his effectively so
The agenda for unified, democratic governance when Republican, trying to talk of down like he's Donald Trump. These these you looms over us like a shadow anyway. Just two interesting question now because This is the issue with that too. They want results. Do they want to say we got together and we did something for the good of the american people at a time of crisis. To provide immediate relief with the ongoing pandemic until the vaccine can really show us the path out of this with some speed. We're doing this now, with a vaccine hand to get us to April or may so take out. The Democrats wish list of policy options.
stuff in there and will all do this by Wednesday or Thursday or even before the trial begins. I don't know it's interesting. This is a tricky one. It's the first interesting political dynamic. I think I've seen since the vote on the other, peel and replace Obama. In other thing, where Mccain, you know had the deciding vote, you know just weeks before his death. So too, in four years, since I was a moment like us in terms of legislative choices, anyone want to gas which way goes come on go ahead? I only if we have to go by just a few weeks of of example, we haven't, how Biden is governing I'll say
blow it up and do whatever the hell we once because he has so far governed far more radically than he then he ran us as a candidate. I think they probably end up doing something. That's a little bit more than a thousand a little bit less than fourteen hundred and get rid of the minimum wage. Ok, see you say, let me go, she Asian will be well below this document, but they'll be a compromise package. Probably if something's gonna get past, it's gonna be a compromise package and this is just one thing. You can do anything that that they want to do here a reconciliation. But it is going to infuriate that, though, on governing wing of the party the letter, but you will have to keep some of the left wing wish list, and write em, it's not it's not gonna be complete,
the others. Only around here, the blueskins was, the bailout is probably what they're gonna have liked it. That's the whole point about the forty three executive. Warders I've been, they got no love their wish list. That Biden could hand them unilaterally already. Does he get no goodwill? Does he not get to say the thing that he wants to say, which is I'm the guy who can work across the island? Get there is done. I mean I don't know like. I said it's an interesting Lee tricky thing by the way. The other political thing is, of course, that by two thousand and twenty two you could have these republican senators in particular hammered mercilessly on their right serve like tarp, then tell like you gave in dense, sent this keynesian monster. We didn't needed at you spent all this money and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah and, like that you know, eat, eat, centrists.
But they are not really centrist, but you don't eat, they eat the governing Republicans up alive, and so, if I were Biden, I want to make that play too like make. It is hard there man they wanted to make a deal, and you know what they're gonna there dealing with me is The long run, gonna help me solidify my democratic majority in the Senate, Senecas three or four them are gonna, lose their seats and twenty twenty two Actually I don't know if that's really true, because I know how many of them are up until twenty two, but nonetheless you see what I'm what I'm saying. I think it's an interesting. It's an interesting moment how it's gonna, I would say he ought to do it. This is gonna, be a market whether their their smart uncanny and have an interesting idea for how politics plays out over time or whether there just basically a bunch of brainless leftists. You know in central scarred and we'll find out.
Over the next couple of weeks and will be here to talk about it. So for a Christine Noah, I'm John purports keep the camel burning.
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