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You Say You Want a Revolution?

2021-08-10 | 🔗
Democrats are placing a big bet on the American voting public’s desire for a radical transformation of the social compact with their $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill. The risk seems far more pronounced than the rewards. Also, Andrew Cuomo seems to be the only person in America who doesn’t know he’s done.
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Welcome to the Commentary magazine Daily Podcast, today's Tuesday August tempt twenty twenty one. I am jump out towards the editor. Of commentary magazine with me, as always, executive editor, a green waldheim hygiene. save editor, no Rossman high Noah. I job An Senora Christine rose and high Christine page on people complaining, understandably that there is a problem with the podcast feed,
some people are getting the podcast day late. This is a problem with apple apparently having to do with some updates of apples software. We are working on it. a figure it out. If you are hearing this day late and we haven't solve the problem at one very easy way to handle, it is to go to your app store and download the app from sound cloud S, so you indeed clo you d and then look for come Terry magazine, sound, clad hosts are podcast and if you use the sound clad up. You will get the podcast pretty much the second that we posted after we recorded. So that is the EU. That is the idea, the fish to the temporary fix the problem or a permanent fix, a lot of people do use the sand clad up, but I just wanted to let you guys know that we do have a solution to the problem. If you are experiencing the problem, so
we have an infrastructure. We have an infrastructure bill probably gonna be voted on today. The only interesting question now is the margin. How many Republicans will vote for it. Other indication that Senate Minority Leader Ritual Conall will vote for this trillion dollar bill, which features, I believe, oh the two hundred and seventy five million a new spending is that I mean that the numbers, when bouncing around from five hundred million two hundred and seventy five million and the truth is that from a republican, budgetary hawk perspective, its heart, to imagine that it could have been any better than two hundred and seventy five billion as of as a giant infrastructure Belem, I remembered nineteen. Eighty six there was an infrastructure build. It was eighty six billion dollars that Ronald Reagan supported the. Expensive bills and end so that the process, in fact by Parson process, may have had more of a positive effect in people realize
the world of the possible meaning. If we're your and promote, propose this kind of thing, it's gonna go through its gonna. A lot of money and libertarians may scarf and I'm sure, there's a lot of bad stuff in it that people who making have about for years, but there it is, and it is going to pass so that people income. rests ascended the seller can say we really did come together, despite our differences, and to try to do something good for the american people. Anybody got a response to what I just said: beheld the hands of our right it is a done deal, center to argue over The next front is the reconciliation bill, and nobody really is all that energized about about infrastructure anyway, besides very partisan hawks. Who will find this to me anathema one particular another. Listen! sort of thing that people run for reelection on so and
You know, as you ve been saying, the restoration of the bipartisan process of actually legislating big deals. So in a country that can I just point out that way no sounds like I feel after reading the the new reconciliation outlying riches hung over because this this infrastructure bill is more like watching. A three legged raise its not just this nice piece of bipartisan legislation running to the finish line its attached permanently to this other monstrosity, which I know we are open to discuss, and so any enthusiasm we might have is a little muted by the fact that Nancy policies already said they're not going to pass one without the other, that the room for negotiation is impossible with the with Reconciliation bell because designed to avoid allowing Republicans Eddie Input on it at is gonna, be forced through a partisan way, and you can. I say I find it faculties to praise the one knowing the others is hanging in there in the wings. Ok. So let's get wet with committees that about a little bit, because I I agree, so
all the effort that was done in the port of things by partisan legislatures to cleave off hard infrastructure from human infrastructure, social infrastructure. What have you to make a political statement? You're saying that's not operative, said voters will not make that distinction. I think it will Voters might make that distinction, if that's what they go back to their constituents saying, but it's not gonna be the only message. Because of what comes next depend. Look we ve got. This is all This infrastructure vote is happening, but likely today, but Bernie Sanders is already out there all over on tv saying we had the most historic spending coming her way to help working family since the new deal he's already, work on the next phase and I think getting the message about infrastructure. It's likely to be overshadowed for some people by what's coming after it and the tax increases in the spending this coming. After that, perhaps its that's that's how I'm seeing it am. I can't really say that's for sure, what's gonna happen, but
it's kind of interesting to me that the messaging from the Democrats is being dominated right now, not by what the infrastructure bills gonna be, but by Bernie Sanders talking about the reconciliation spending, ok, but so, let's, let's, let's go through the same, the New York Times headline on that on its website right now in relation to this conciliation, package's Senate Democrats, three point: five trillion dollar budget blueprint would be the biggest expansion of the social safety net in nearly sixty years. Ok, oh that their referring to nineteen sixty four their referring to the great society right it. This is great society too. Great society bills were passed in nineteen sixty five. That was fifty what for
six years ago. I here we are with great society to that cuts. Both ways Democrats are thrilled to be able to promise this. We have no sense that the american people are in on a wild expansion of the size of the federal government of this sort. We, extraordinarily divided Congress, a politically divided system that is as close to fifty fifty as it has ever been in american history and Democrats are shooting swing for the fences, because this is a budget bill, it can pass with only fifty one votes be. Fifty Republicans against fifty Democrats for and the Thai breaker being, the vice president of the I had states Kamel Harris.
That's in the Senate and the House Democrats have a three seat: Majority and while there is wild enthusiasm for this in many aspects of the Democratic House there are, there are a few days Craddock legislators who are going to lose. their jobs. If this bill passes and who may decide-
that it is better for them to kill it than to have it survive. Well, I think it's inverts very interesting time. I think, for something of this size in terms of the social safety net to do come down the pike, because we are at a point where the right is even all about give me give me give me what what can you? What can you do for me? So I so, I think the the eyed, the question of whether or not the american public is on the whole into this ready for it opposed to it. This again comes down to that sort of mysterious.
factor that we discuss before that. No one could necessarily has a handle on which are the people who are in terribly parties in this country, which is that the sort of plain old Americans who aren't obsessed with the left or the right and I dont know exactly where they were. They stand on this, but this is the risk. isn't it that I was trying to tease out with committee last week he didn't seem particularly amenable to, which is that the that part of the American Popular Boating population that you're describing aid will be favourable. To the horrid infrastructure bell, but will be energized by the reconciliation bill and everybody on the right is a culture. Worry me: energize reconciliation hold on the left, the whole night. I know I know I know I know, I know what you mean energized against the reconciliation
against energized for having an opinion whatsoever. The hard infrastructure bill just doesn't raise the hospitals, because it is not a culture, worship, rut, but so just to just two. Follow through with this. What you're saying is infrastructure- is basically sort of like a a classic government programme thing that both parties do unless they are You have a significantly libertarian mindset at the moment that it's going on where the there's. This is not that anybody should do. We shouldn't be spending money on this stuff, which is five it tend not to be the sort of governing idea. Infrastructure is one of the two or three or four things that all that that remain aim, particularly in relation to try, the mass transit bridges stuff like that mermaid a federal obligation to drilling
a further area, but not libertarian progressive ideological you're, an idiot A person you get really energized by the sort of thing most email, Hence our not ideological, not know whether we are you ever I'm saying an area logs of a certain kind don't necessarily get energized by debates over infrastructure. I'm sorry, that's that's the mistake. That's one of reasons that you're gonna see. Maybe seventeen Republicans vote for this bell, even What is a democratic wishlist bill? I mean that's that would that will be a sea change. In the american political dynamic over the last fifteen years. If that happens, but let's go to the reconciliation package The reconciliation package is a gigantic bet by Democrats that they muscle their way into great
society spending and I'm gonna go back to the simple fact that after the nineteen sixty four action when Lyndon Johnson, one that what was then the largest landslide american history. Ah, he had it one hundred and eighty seat margin in the house and I think sixty eight democratic senators. and now there is a three c democratic margin in the house, and the second is split. Fifty fifty there was a national, senses for the great society he got Medicare he got Medicaid. He got all kinds of stuff. Besides that, and there was a reason or if there was an electoral mandate for it, there is no electoral mandate for three and a half trillion dollars a new spending just because a democratic president, one by four points instead of twenty, which is how Johnson one by and because the house is governed by democratic majority of three
and set it isn't governed by democratic majority. A nobody at that so where we are like there are dozens of house members who can just kiss their asses could pop. I will take this bill passes. This is here, the rhetoric has an element of, but wish fulfilment right now right because you keep hearing, you keep. Certainly here sit Bernie Sanders same as run widened, others going the american people are with us on this date, the it's almost as if they were it's like they ve all read the secret there like, if I believe it will happen, but our Firstly, there, man, let us bring the billions of dollars of spending that we only had one trillion. Sorry you're right, so how twenty censure of meat to be talking about billions. But I think that's actually that that's. Where already. You see even mainstream media outlets, both the leads about the New York Times, piece about it and the washing post piece about it.
work to me very telling they both framed it as wow. This is the biggest spending on domestic stuff and and social programmes. Since the great society and they didn't say it in a kind of yuppie Skippy kind away. It was like holy cow is large, so if even the outlets that tend to be very supportive of such They are writing about it. In this way, I once its filter through and looked through, I mean we ve all started reading the actual text of the bill, its massive we're going to be spending a lot of stuff. That's highly questionable talk just going to be the occasional bridge to nowhere as it is with infrastructure, or, I would add, the ideological stuff. That's in there about taxing mileage people's driving, my that there is a pilot programme embedded in that there is some ideological stuff in there. But as no s head- and you said john- it's gonna be only for the people who really dig for it
This other package, by contrast, is full of stuff that lots of Americans are not entirely sold on. I may look. This bill is bananas, its bananas, we're talking about making community college free through the United States to years of community college, which is essentially what community colleges all pre School free, we're talking about extensions of the monthly payments going to families with children in an imperfect practically in perpetuity, which is the which is the revocation of welfare of child welfare, which was eliminated in ninety. Ninety, six, after thirty years of devastation caused to date no families of the poor by the substitution of the state.
for fathers in the form of these subsidies. Now we can have arguments about the about them I believe, your wisdom of all these programmes separately, but you aggregate them like this and you are putting the political system in a totally bizarre place, which is you don't push something this size with the political realities that we face at this moment. We understand why people want to do it. You understand why people, you know think ok I got I got. You know said twelve months until this fourteen months until the next election and then the Republicans rubble, you know it's gotta put through everything that we can possibly put through, but you are talk, about setting up Democrats who are not on the far left for a catastrophic calamity, I mean this is. This is pull
Aside from the horrors that the policy represents, this is a political armageddon for everybody The democratic party who was not Bernie Sanders IRAN widen- I mean I know a lot of them pretty much lean in this direction, but I mean This is tagging them with a transformational quality. At the political moment, does not possess by definition. their bulldozing. I had better, not building back better Democrats lost fifty. Seats in the house and twenty twenty they didn't win. A hundred and eighty seeds, and it wasn t, but when, when we think this is designed to pass mansion and sent him already on record, saying they're not gonna, pass it based on its current adoration, and that was before language was released when we think this is designed to pass wise and it just designed to be martyr.
an energize upper recipes. That's even worse! I'm sorry! Politically! That's even worse! So you energized the progressive base. You give em hey buddy everybody who is right against Democrats in any districts in which Republicans have a whisper of a chance of turning the tide and taking back seats or winning, see and you are handing them a baseball bat when they can Maybe it was the obstruction of the Republicans argument for this one, because they set up a deliberate reconciliation process that would go awry and any efforts to negotiate or compromise. That was the whole point of it, a boy to filibuster. By doing this through reconciliation right, and I think there again, I mean, I understand why you know eighty year old, Bernie Sanders wants this. You know as well as up as a legacy, even if it passes nor doesn't pass, but the idea that you would
but should, if no you're right and they their pushing it with with full knowledge. That's not gonna pass. What is it they gain from this well go ahead aid there is, I mean it's it's not as strategically thought out as as or as tactically considered, as does this scenarios and realities your discussing, but I mean there is the idea for someone. Let's say, like an echo, see where you just push ahead with this stuff, every opportunity you get because in time there will be an opportunity to they can pass and you are simply making it more thinkable having regard to the table. So that's the Overton Window argument right there
their shifting the Overton Window, so that that which is unthinkable now becomes thinkable. The thing is it's not that this is unthinkable. That's what strikes me is interesting. Obviously this is the great ideological divide and rule can politics right. It's been the great ideological divide them since the nineteen sixty two, good government play a leading role in both the structure of the economy and the the rules and the ways in which people live their private lives and make decisions about how they're gonna do with their kids and their schooling in this that the other thing or it not, and so there's nothing unthinkable about taking every. single proposal made by a liberal or left us think tank over the last twenty years and put them. Altogether. In one bill, each of them, independently or separately
has some kind of an argument to be made for it and against it collectively. There is no argument for it- the art for it, is it's really really really really really really big? That's not an argument that say I hate trump. We one we're gonna shoves through what we want until you take the know until you take the keys and the gavel away from us, that's not an arguments to that's an argument that could be one. I think that's one of the reasons why Christine where you are struck by the way this is being covered because, as this becomes closer and closer to reality, the political consequences of this kind of thing, start becoming more and more evident. Let's that's not me either they make the people who run throng by this sort of buccaneers.
Enamoured with it, because it is anti incremental list. It is the entire agenda in a single bill it rejects entirely the notion that the american system functions and works and small measure. That is that things happen slowly and only partially and then everybody talks will be gone in the process of negotiating. The bell is against that, so conceptually both the entire them agenda, which I support and a means to circumvent the american system which, towards democratic objectives, routinely right well that's. Why then drive us with enliven stuff? I mean that's the stuff in the bill. That's good, but really you know sticking it in the crawl, the people who think that the system is designed and is perfected and managers competing interests in a way that at that
social colony. That's what really gets him. That's a good point because to see this and as part of a larger trend among these so called dinner party there. Ups governance, when, in fact it is the same kind of logic about packing. The supreme Court about and abolishing the electoral college about, adding new states stasis his idea that we have this system that was conceived in. You know questionable ethical and moral circumstances because of slavery and is now corrupt and only we, the progressive you know, idealists in the world can fix it and the way to fix it isn't to tinker and to be pragmatic and embrace, actually breeze. Pragmatism is a really strong and powerful force against ideological polarization on both sides. but instead to say, burn the house down. You know, negotiation is compromised, compromise negotiations are the enemy here it that's. Actually, if you look at what groups like Justice Democrats in this I didn't sunrise- movement how'd. They talk about the process of getting things done in society, its radical
The languages radical, no compromise at its very it's kind of chilling. If you start thinking about them, having enough power to make things happened right now, they don't. But I've been no I've noticed in the last few weeks, the squad- become more emboldened again in their rhetoric, Corey Bushes, once again going on and on about defending the police. All of this stuff that the post mortem twenty twenty moderate Democrats were warning about its back again didn't take long for it took to kind of swing back, so I think, It is right that we need to see this in a broader context of how the progressive left is attempting to shift the terms of debate for our democratic system. Has ass heretofore operated? Well, you, I think, that's what you say. We struggled with on this on the pod castle on that, I think about is the howl of how these squad
and its allies managed to wield such outsize power, why they are rejected more often and why their ideas are rejecting more often as be it because they're they're, not seemingly in step with the american people, I'm so what what Democrats go along anything it's because they get a choice. If you're a Democrat, you get a choice. Put to you that that scares you, which is, do you wanna, be on record as not being for this transformational thing this this vote, for example there. This reconciliation blueprint, one b, you wanna, be be not not on on board that and therefore, essentially on the other side, or you want to suck it up a little and go with us. Even though, were the word we're not hot, and to add to that sets. An important point is that this is why Bernie Sanders has used the word historic to describe this multiple times, because it real He is a right, it's about. Are you on the right side or the wrong side of history? Those at the terms its not can we
a deal, which is how our system is structured to work is. Are you on the right side, IRAN, side of history? I want to read a quote that CNN is pedling causative special last night on AOL on our anarchy that our long special with data bash, being Elsie zeal? Second term congressmen who ended up in Congress, because she's snuck in by winning by beating the the incumbent Democrat by five thousand votes in a primary in which Five thousand votes were cast in New York City. Ok, here's the quote, quote I've decided. That being me is more important, then being anything else. There is something parody matic about this. It is one of the worst thing is that any human being could ever say it is more
important to be me than to be anything else, how that being good habits being charitable habit being just how being fair. How about being you know us diving for nobility or striving, for you know too too, to fulfil an ideal or something like that. Being me and there you have this identity terrorism this this alliance theoretic. Alliance between the idea Terry M, O c. I am a woman! I am a teen, I'm with tee max whatever she wants to call herself. I am a leftist. What I am is more important than anything else, and I think in that you see, on the one hand, a kind of their explanation for why how she is so kind of work. Absolutely, you know determine
to say whatever it is. She wants to say to push the conversation wherever she wants to go and the source of this says, which is a favorite podcast, were deep. Solaces em like this is not about helping the amount people it's about air sea and the swan achieving there. Personal meanness which, again I think, is one of the reasons that this could be an epoch, historical disaster, because this is not being driven by a kind of RO understanding of how to change american society for the better. It is about. Being me, somehow, you know, and that is that is now. There is now a stand in for you, no policy,
as a whole, in some bizarre sense, I guess that's worth exploring in so far as the pitch, for this thing is bound up, not just in what it is and what it, as and when it will mean for you, but what it means about them and what it says about them and their priorities and their compassion and their capacity to see the bigger picture and how great they are at doing stuff in India, If the response to this is tepid lukewarm or even hostile then YAP re ending at all about you always gonna seem like a really bad bad strategy in retrospect, but it's, but it's the also it's it's the kind of rise of the political leader as Instagram influence her right. It's the is the kind of values that go with its about having fans and followers, not constituents, and she Ios is, I think, unfortunately, the leading edge of that
It's it's a bipartisan motivation, because the feedback is vast. Social media has obviously accelerated this trend. but it but the mainstream media has played right into it, because it's like. Oh, let's get that this is why CNN spending an hour on a pretty obscure from a democratic perspective in terms of represented in a pretty obscure member of Congress right, but they see her. She is, she was tagged from the, getting as the new kind of politician we need- and she has been- she has promoted herself as such, and that really matter what the substances, it's all, it's all how it appears through the filter of what her fans think in her responsiveness to them I want to go into this question of the relation of fan them to em. You notice to politics Before we do that, I want to talk to you about made in How does your favorite restaurant consistently make such delicious food? The shore answer, as they have access to the right kitchen tools.
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on confrontational, and you know when she has a moment where she has to go at the press at this is so great, because people have now started a hashtag called Saki Bomb. Ass, TAT, Pierre, say, K I b o n B, where she really goes to school, goes to town on Peter, do see a fox or whatever, but she does her with a smile and with her red hair, and she so great. I also noticed, I believe again, I much vulgar aloes an airport last night I was walking through rarely. I do this any more because of the nature, the nuclear nature, ethically given our profession here and what were speaking to you about magazines, but I was looking at the surf consumer magazines there and there as you know again vulgar ehler. Something in the cover is for Joe Biden, a first lady for all of US
Billy, we only got fifty one percent of the vote and saw a legs that offers lady for all of us. But you know thanks very much in a great, like that's a good way to make sure that you, you know you alienate at You know. Ten was a bit hundreds of millions of people who might it I'll take your and they refuse. This is important in the context of vogue in them, and the Joe Biden scares me doctor Joe Biden puff peace. They refused to put Maloney a Trump on the cover they that was like an active model is literally a hidell literally a monologue like somebody the whole their whole lives. They ve been waiting to have a first lady who Hang a dress the way that you know the where runway person can hang address, and then they didn't user cause. Of course she was so evil in their eyes, but I just want to talk about how we talk about,
prompted the cult of personality that so dangerous we're living in a time of the cult of personality and what are we look at now we're looking at Andrew Cuomo. Let laid We saw Michael Avenue Naughty last month, lay The law we are seeing is a democratic party, everybody in politics. The instrument violence or world. That you're talking about all of that. We're talking here about people who, our justice susceptible to this weird, spread desire to mythology, eyes, people in american, political and public life and to take them and put them on at a stalls and write about them uncritically and treat them as the their heroes, and it is gross like this. not who we are. This is not. This is not the american way to feel this way about politicians whether its trump
you know, I don't know who? But it's also John it's like, especially in the case of air sea case with her. The with the quote about being herself was important thing and I'm remembering there was like an Instagram video a few years back of her drinking wine, eating popcorn and talking about self care, and I think it's in to some degree this
this exists in the end that the Joe Biden case and Jan Saki- and I think there is a lot of this actually in Michelle Obama. What were seen is kind of a conflation of politics and wellness witches, which is really, I think, unbelievably powerful as an equally so stupid. But it's it's it's. It makes politics about something entirely different. You dont have to grasp anything other than this feeling. Yes, this feeling and this this self care self help message which sort of ironically, it's not have. None of the parties both policies are under.
That these people involved- and I have to do with take care of themselves, specifically those its reliance on others. But yes, this is one of my barberess is all chapter, my first book about how we ve created the three around dumbing politics down so that the level of entering into political debate is Your identity here, white, whatever you were born into, is sufficient to provide you. authority to weighing on complicated political issues and the gatekeepers of those debates have just decimated the barriers to entry, but some some Patients are better suited to making lifestyle brands of themselves than others right brought about Greece has made himself a lifestyle. Brandon was as president because there wasn't a contentious social issues didn't weighing on it was. That was what he really motivated him. Donald Trump is creates a lifestyle brand around him. He was a lifestyle brand before it was a politician somebody's going back, capable of that sort of thing, exhibit a comma Harris come layers
They tried very very hard to make a call the personality around her and just failed, and they pretty much given up. Obviously, I think they're pretty high technology, that's the addled with this thing and I dont know what to do with it. I think they business strategic retreat and their hoping that you know she will you now, basically she's a product, they're gonna, take her back they're, gonna, retool or they'll, bring her out feel they knew how Harrison relaunch Bambi anew. They'll, be a relaunch of calmly Harris and part of the story will be. It was a rocky beginning. It was around key opening for Homo Harris, but she put it head down and sheets study them. She learned and she listened Adele that there's a lot of by the way blame going around about her chief of Sis. All her chief of staff, salt, which you really needs, is Donna Brazil. If they only bring down Brazil to be your chief of staff, then she would have some political out. She would have a sensible political framework in which to to function. But I just want to go back that you know and there's the stuff on it,
right too. That's why don't wanna? Just at your talking about self care, which is a which is up obviously hilarious, subject by the way, I'm in the middle of reading a hilarious novel by Lee Stein called Self CARE, which is about the a kind of the launch of a product that is half goop and half the wing, and it is. It is delightful and end screamingly funny so far. You know when you, when you have you, have a horrible horrible idiot morons on the on the on the right who are starting to fill Roll absolutely Madison, Catherine, from North Carolina, mad gates, of course, marked out of Florida made mortality. Green was rightly yeah right. So they had seen rather Jim yeah and end in all these cases. These kind of do the same thing, which is that their there there
on the other side and on the lives and do this and do that. They don't know what they're talking about my mouth off about american politics of and the practical ray What is behind american politics without, ever having read a book from what we can tat. One can tell about anything, and so this the disease of the body politic. It does not just take place on the laughter its among liberals. However, liberals fancy that they are not play, that they don't do this right. Emily is part of the let's say, cartoonish version of a man can conservatism that you know we believe and heroes. Military heroes are heroes wherever heroes and now done. On GINO was a hero and Tucker
the hero and mad gate to the hero in this one's a here on that's ones here, and so there is a kind of weird Randy in there all kind of like Howard, Rourke or get out Dagmar Taggart there like Randy and Heroes, or something like that, and this is a disease of of of I served individualism run a mock or some bizarre. You know caricature idea about how the world works, but the left is: is Michael other Naughty. Is the greatest example of this: a coke up lunatic going on television and suddenly everybody's talking? You know who who is clearly a deranged person and people are talking about him for President twenty twenty seriously he's gonna, be in jail for twenty years, we're having like threat. You know for having attempted to extort companies. Ok, but I will say: let me not to get all women studies major anew
there's something really interesting, that in terms of the lifestyle stuff that aid was talking about on the right, it tends to be dude or murdered a green you no kind of enacting dude like crossroads up and on the other, they tend to be women. You know them. L a bomb. Is the EU sees the what not I will say in terms of capturing that kind of moderate, suburban, independent voter the law message is a lot more appealing to that group too, that to the non partisan groups that no This was flagging earlier than the right right now in terms of our cultural moment. So in that sense there onto something that the conservatives haven't quite figured out how to do yet. Ronan Pharaoh has apiece just out in the new Yorker on Andrew Cuomo oh and his treatment of an investigation that he himself established in twenty thirteen into corruption. the New York State, under the provisions something was a moral commission under the provisions of state law state, a law written by someone they Morland,
and the idea was, it was soon Bessie Corruption Albany, because one in eleven sate legislators, over the last thirty years something have been found guilty of corruption or scanned, or something like that and other Morland Commission scandal was. The corn was shouted down after a year because it was coming to close to him, and this was well known at the time I wrote about it than your post was crazy about the city wrote about everybody, everybody who covered the municipal and state government knew that what Cuomo had done with the Morleys mission was. Why unacceptable and Ronan Pharaoh, A goes into detail about how, when he cancelled the Morland Commission Cuomo called Pre Pereira? Who was then the? U S attorney? in your called. He called. Valerie Jarrett Obama's. You know conciliation. Ray and said you got away
preparing in he's coming after me, you do so thing he's your guy Jared says she hung up the phone and she wouldn't you talked. She talked to the White House, also who said it was very inappropriate what Andrew Cuomo had done pie simply a violation of the law. Preparers interviewed, saying I heard about this. I mean it was really terrible, Kathleen. Rice was now congressmen from New York who on the Morland Commission said he behaved horribly toward me. You know, So where were all of these people last year, you no great. So the What is in the water, so I mean I actually predicted in a calm, Leslie the floods in the water. So now it's all coming out, but it's like there was ended, Cuomo being elevated into a God head and all of these people who knew that he was a corrupt loathsome creature who was
deliberately killing off brazenly killing off investigations into corruption when they got to close to him, said nothing. They said nothing because that's the other part of democratic hero worship is they don't you know they. Weren't gonna touch him. He was too useful. He was too useful against Trump. He was a weapon against people, love them. Oh, he was such a hero he's having a moment, whereas at the book your Strong here's, the mountain were climbing the love mountain he's, the love Gub, like what pre Pereira is on twitter. Eighty two times a day he's got a podcast through you know, given with me whatever you know, he couldn't open mouth about how this guy was like a big hero actually attempted to have him fired, because he what just said people should hold on
the documents and potential criminal investigation- and he says nothing- you says nothing, that's what I'm saying so we were in this, our hero, worship, world and somehow that trumps, everything and the Democrats humor themselves and liberals here themselves that this is not how they function. They totally function. That way who wasn't? Who said that you know you know Obama was a a light worker. It who said that Obama, you know like, God, that wasn't us right in that even continues, and this is where actually deep, these like Jesus Christ, that are not yet there was likewise but the. But this is where the the kind of elite misreading of what the average American. Not you know just like crazy trumpeters, as I think of it. It's it is wrong.
off the tongue there is in your time supporting who went on. Is he I think on CNN, nor MSNBC this weekend? Talking about a bomb is Birthday party and said? Well, we don't really have to worry about this. You know my reporting shows that most people understand that the people attending Obama's birthday, party, art or sophisticated, probably vaccinated this whole idea of. We don't do those bad things that other people do, but its very it's very class a lot of class snobbery. There are a lot of elite snobbery and people immediately pick up and in a minute, without obviously Oliver social media, but it's not just partisans who pick up on that. It's a contempt for away of life that some people feel is invested with a lot of value so like, if you don't think it's great party or the former President Marthas Vineyard and fly it on your private jet, like John Kerry, did you're not a sophisticated person, probably so that that that kind of class rage is weirdly becoming more other thing as well, and didn't used to be in our politics right
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Allegations of sexual and and workplace harassment, but will Go into the cover, nursing home deaths and the book deal and other aspects of his loathsome governorship Like anybody have any idea, notions about what should happen. I don't know what should happen. I mean he should resign, but when I most curious about is if the when and if the moment comes, that he's out- and I believe it will come sooner rather than later- is there ever anything from him by way of acknowledgement that he
is, is to blame here in any sense, or is it all too to the end up up up to and including his his leaving the stage? Is it because of an unjust attack on me? I'm I'm I'm leaving. I think we can all anticipate the answer to that question is raging narcissistic delusional, there's no way he would ever acknowledge anything and that he did to put himself in this position. Will I must curious about, is whether the homosexual will admit that they were taken in by their own fantasy said they create the crew, aided a reality for themselves that was more pleasant than the real one and dwelt in it at the expense of the at the expense of american civics, You know that a good governance no help look I'll go away for whatever he's either he's ousted or he leaves he'll, go away
for a few years, will establish a family foundation and he'll become like bill. Clinton has he'll be completely rehab by the liberal mainstream. you're going away for a little while and then he'll be you know about it all the best parties Ferdinand till the day he died now I know name are out for his his brother and it was a scene and corresponding our work you're the thing rumblings meeting about how time Warner doesn't know what to do with this. Guy wants irrelevant. Furthermore, on their way out, and it's just a staggering reversal of fortune from were both of these people were twelve months ago there were at the top of the world people loved Bill Clinton. People love Bill Clinton. he liked him. Personally, he treated them. Well, he looked here looked into their eyes as though they were. You know the most important person that he had ever met Clinton had had an ear q right alike, be off the charts about how to seduce people, and I'm not
about women. Here, I'm talking about just serve like ordinary people, and they were they were there want to be around him and they liked them. There is nobody on earth who wants to be around Andrew Cuomo trust me. He is. One of the most charming less people who has ever lived his political success is a result of naked will a good last name and am Anna at the naked will to do whatever it is necessary to push his again. then I'll say again: he did a lot. A good things. I mean that gradually abandon Cuomo is that he was an effective governor and the tragedy of Andrew Cuomo is that he he built things and he saved charter schools and for all kinds of bad, probably mostly forbad reasons I left. The room
Also there I'm a virtually gotta disagree a little bit here, I'm going to growth Christine in that he and wished to my great surprise- and I was completely immune to it. He seemed to have some sort of carers manic hold on people during covert. They loved him on some personal foe, personal level. The way they did Bill Clinton. It was short lived. It wasn't. You know it wasn't. It suited the defining aspect of his public presence for the entire career of his career as as with plenty, but he he served whipped up some sort of mesmeric effect on on some people. So I dont know that he's gone forever. I mean in the absence of trump to whom he was. Counterweight that never would have happened. That was very situational
and they responded to the situation with a kind of a desperate excitement, because he was join something that he had never enjoyed. You know it was a very though the very heavy experience for him. Ah, and it lasted three three and a half months, and then the body started to pile up, and- and that was when the core roadshow kind of start to roll up quietly before anybody really understood the the severity of the size of this horrible thing that he had done inadvertently, but that he has done on the west with the nursing homes and you know so I don't know- I mean that was as that was that was three months out of a career em. You know, and the Clinton that was Clinton's career I mean in our way was clear
ability to connect to people. George W Bush is as well. I mean that that this unique ability to necked with people not only on individual level and our group level, but but but nationally and at certain moments and Cuomo you know, was just the anti trump I think, but what will say mean will either see or we won't see how he is going to go around, raising money and running a foundation. I have no clue cuz, who would who would give him any money. Why would ably give him money what what give him honey least baby. If you give clear money, you might have a chance to get on Jeffrey Epstein, explain. Why went there? I, there, I'm sorry and that would We will consult until tomorrow grave stayed in our job outward skip the camel burning,
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