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Flula Borg

2021-08-02 | 🔗

Actor, comedian, and musician Flula Borg feels mmmmmh…oooooooh about being Conan O’Brien’s friend.

Flula sits down with Conan to talk about his fanny pack collection, developing an action-hero persona for his upcoming film The Suicide Squad, and his wildest dreams for the future. Later, Flula joins Conan and his team for a trip to the zoo on another Sound Effects Theater.

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have you got some money I'll. Do some of justice sound? So we start with the edges. Sketch only bodily- surely flatly bid. hello, my name is Lula Natalie Hulu impeded by lab, and I fear ooh about being Conan, O Brien friend do some lumpy danish notable done flash player who did Bang tongues Nancy Sue cookie? Why? autonomy. Do national see bossy, Tansy people, friends, hello! Welcome to common o Brien needs a friend, a podcast where, let's face it, I'm search. A real friendship. I have some friends yeah some by shockingly few in the entertainment industry. I thought: Try and use this podcast and its working out very-
badly! I see that you are decisive running out. No, they be broadcast itself does is doing very well. We were really like it, and I am making nice connections with people. Always wonder. Is this person really gonna be my friend? I know it's hard to tell in this town, but I'm gonna give it time. I think some real friendships have already started to. Slowly slowly, form, I think so too. Maybe you and Barack Obama have just been regular. I call every day see that's the problem I think I overplayed my hand, was Barack Obama, which is came on and I think he had a really good time and we ended up use him sort of more or less saying you're. My I think we're gonna be friend and then I think I was a boy. Cool. He has such a cool person here and I recalling immediately. You came off a little thirsty
Yes, we have a problem yeah. How? If you had your chums there with you know, I don't think that was. The issue was not going to help. No, no heed. The president did come. Several times and how nice it was. It was just the two of us talking to earn his regular listener to Pakistan here. Yet sorted go out of his way to say it was nice streamlined added gender blocks. your block, yes, Bernie. I hope K hard for a bird fly with two HU, a cinder blocks, strength to its, especially when that bird is a turkey yeah, ok, she's Turkey's an insult since at ships episode is actually seventy eight zero Lahti smoking and at we're whose, as Turkey or in all my dad now, I can't believe you just said you. Turkey
What is it? What is this? An episode of Alice is my greatest. By the way we are now losing all of our young viewers are young viewers, Lysander you're, one of yours. I know that they began. still consider them viewers. I know I've come from television and some of you may think that was a slip of the tongue, but I always think of people watching their device as they listen The pied cascaded on purpose I didn't on purpose. It was not a slip up. It was not me being and out of touch boomer. It was me being a really cool guy who understands that young people listen to podcast staring at the device. Ok you're, forget it. I do get it I get any add turn you called me is for Turkey and I'm the one it's out of touch any just watch smoking in the band yeah sure was shown once again to get as one of the best movies ever made. Ok Reynolds not long before he passed came on the show and I went back stage. I see him and he started giving me a back rub. No,
Joe, that second, it was one of the best backrooms ever had. He took his knuckles enemies, push them into my backing. I feel good and I was like, oh my god, I'm getting like a massage from Bert Reynolds. I can't tell you how jealous that makes me now, I'm serious, I know I'm dead, serious, vintage, Bert Reynolds as one of my favorites use endlessly cool. I bidding them. That's a lie. The Ladys! I'll just he said to me. Oh you, Thank you, you're. The only person he's ever given a massage to he said he went out of his way to say I know I'm I'm known as the constant ladies man, but I haven't busted this out ever just for you O Brien her and then he said, feel free to say this after I'm gone, ok, site! Yeah! Remember that very well! I can't disputed Anyway. I have to prepare our listeners today, not yours, but listeners. I have to prepare them today. Before our guest visit unusual gas for us to have. I love him. I love you he's fantastic.
he's a good friend of mine, we travel to Germany together when I did never heard of criminal borders, and he taught me much about the german people join me on tour, as my opening act in two thousand eighteen did little, but about stand up, show some semitic meetings. We had a blast, you know that said gentlemen from such movies and shows as pitch perfect too, trails, world tour and curb your enthusiasm and now he's appearing in the highly anticipated new movie the suicide squad, which is in theatres August. Sixth, let me paint a visual picture. Day very tall, easy but looking, I believe A dj. I always dressed in the best. It he's fashion with very usually very colorful, Fanny PATH, Annie Pack and he's exuberant delight you really love talking. This gentleman is quite unusual.
very excited talked him today, full aboard welcome. When I'm talking to someone. Everybody knows the context. They know what happiness is: a very special episode: Will it be a lesson at the end? There will be. Ok is very special sort of carbines, a friend because fool you are, unlike any other man, either in my entire life and trust me. I've met them all alone. Nice means and rates meets angry. I mean you're. Quite an unusual fellow. I met you on the show you came on as a guest yeah. I can't remember when this was on went to say was about six to eight years ago. It feels like twenty. It is based on the events of the last six to eight years, but just twenty five to thirty five years ago. Okay, well over sixty years ago, when I was just starting out,
You came on a show and I didn't know what to expect. You are a great me so proclaimed DJ. A while one of the one of the best dj in Bavaria is that right, you have to add, says, proclaimed column, that's just your route! No! No! I don't have time. Sorry, I didn't know if it's an official title yogurt sit at one of the sexiest dj from Bavaria. Is that true, yonder third sexiest north bavarian, male Dejah thoris, tactically friend, committed Frank only about north area. I got it so not quite as big as cheap as I'd evidently thought and I'm not trying to insult you not insulting. You accurate, accurate, the bronze metal of sexy. Indeed, Jason. I've made a white nor Bavaria, yeah, ok and this region of Bavaria Tummy exactly what it's like in this region of a very I haven't been there.
On this, I suppose I will address some his descent grasses humans is also an apple. Take it which is german for our path, carry what you get you tore gas, which is spanish for drugs location is nine languages in their I more confusion than it was before the conversation started. This often happens when I talk to Florida, what came on the show, absolutely hilarious audience crying laughing the whole time me desperately trying to understand what you were saying: You are, you always are wearing your trademarked, Fanny Pack, hello. I have removed it and put it on the side chair just to increase agenda to comfort. You have a large, don't say it hold it. Ok, let me tell you having like Shin. No that's what we're calling it. Now. You have a
the collection of Fanny Pact. Sauna described these fanny packs, they're, all very euro. There very you're, all their very colorful. They have different textures too. Then, Oliver Shiny. I love. I love it. Thank you so now how many of these fanny packs you, because you're constantly buying them on Ebay? I sent you several photos, but, yes, you know. I've now hit thirty nine, I'm going for the Tom Brady, which I think is forty two Erika unity. Forty to faint, As you know, I have to say I have never even for a second considered having a fanny back. Why? But, when you say. but these fanny packs? I realise how incredibly ethical. They all quadratic practise good, as they say, which is you should by a family. Peck What about you met? Would you ever consider Fanny Pact because it looks you're someone who looks like you might bow to convenience LAO. Well, now I'm saying you're a guy who's,
practical and these things are very practical. How to convene a no vote. Is that even mean bout a convenient? Well, I just think they can earn its boughs before me. Now I right this is getting very spicy already nice. What I'm saying Matt is that there are many practical. occasions you could keep all kinds of things right there in your crotch and it seems like it would be. So we may want to consider that all the thing you know you make it sound pretty good and I would be convenient it's right there were your hands can get at it quickly. The x, I think I might be sold yeah yeah and also of so many different styles, so many different endless sizes, endless of the shapes you know. If you have chappie lips where'd, you go reach downtown and moisturize those right and many times I've seen you reach into your crotch and pull
I don't know, what's going to come out of their frankly bird species, not sponsor, but then you bring out chopsticks you reach into your crouching. You pull out chap stick and you most your eyes your lit. I must rise everything that requires at yes, moments, see that where it lays ok in my back at you, Oh, I am a big fan of yours, so and you came on a show and you came on again and again about time, she came to show its without being invited. You just short of showed out there like a german rash. Yes, but endlessly entertaining and of course you have your own following I like to think I helped you get start in in entertainment. You to thank you Conan
of course, I still sent user two point, three percent via Bitcoin, so rudely deposits. Yes, yes, I have more than my share of euros. I dont know what to do with all of them: convert into Dodge mocks print them out. Hang them on your decorator bedroom, but you know pitch perfect too, of course really launched you into the the unprecedented site. Guy, so I was gonna, say ionosphere outside guys. Otherwise, ok,
you you know an answer. There must be so many young people that no you from from your role in knowledge, perfect to Germany, Athos people's humans. That hurt me rap and sing and dance and do tasty moves specifically bed. It devotes poison. Are you familiar comment, but I know a bell biv devote you know: Bell Bibbed, oh yeah, yeah yeah arrow was poised when it is, it is poisoned, but yes, no, but it did. She die, met key ass. She passed away last week, I'll drink poise, yeah drinkers, she swallowed some of her own saliva and and and she die some milk, I was happy- was in fact the quintessence of poison. She was the essence of poison by swelling, once via silent. She killed herself
the gun and young young look. I got lost in there somewhere. I don T like that. I'd ass, the time was six o clock in the Swatch Watch, no time to chill gotta dig can't be late. Eight someone just turned himself a fanny had met at at at at at at at at at gift. That was fantastic Matt. I didn't know that that was part of your rapporteur. I did neither the hot metal. Do you play those guitar does in your background or those just is this a blue screen? I do. you wanted a time, but we ve ever played together mad you're, a lawyer. I'm a bit of a in Austria or myself has most no one's ever said that about the letter that I now have extreme samurai. They can't even six strings ethics, but any hoots you are
a very talented fellow. I want to say that an clue, let's rights, Lula, it's me home now you are a very talented, your very funny. Fellow and I got to know you even better, because I've made a bunch of apple shells shows right, travelled globe. Yes, and I went to visit Germany. To berlin- specifically, I asked you if you would, I'm with me, and you did and we have some great adventures together we went to a nudist member that we went to a noticed. Camps, are lots of peoples and propose that we defer signals. Are you are? You are quite and I did not partaken nudity. I thought I didn't want to do it and frankly, no one else want me to do it. No one else was excited, but you you took off all your clothes. Yes, I did, and you have quite a formidable body gross that's grows. Escrow swimming
All I remember in the early nineties I sing that Montel Jordan. Song of this is how we do it and I started, etc before you on the beach and then you did not reciprocate, and I was so I wanted me to take off. My clothes is where I get to swell. Yes, I'm just saying that you clearly you work out like a fiend yond. I am look. We been married for many years, But we all know that the gender is fluid and I found myself I know as saying. Oh, my good Lord This man has asked that just does not equate works twenty four seven year ass. It never takes time off. No fortnight breaks exactly and your ass works on the holidays. It's just an ass, the kills Ngos etc. Where we were hanging over, we please can do not say his ass actually makes a lot of overtime its cause. It just does not quit what you sent me, this big back of walnuts and just with the what's crack it,
your crackerjack. Yes, I did Mary, backed out of you receive them, but I did I do I didn't ask them, did not, nor did not, but I have a lot of crushed walnuts. Ok, courtesy of your formidable ass, you, my points, This is the least our say how many of these have we done recently, one hundred and ten hundred year, mom approach like a hundred and twenty five hundred raise. This is far the stupidest one. We ve ever done. and I mean that as a compliment I take it. There is no there's no rhythm to this raid, we're going nowhere, deaf jazz its, but thoroughly enjoying it now tell me about childhood. Please, let's learn about flew Borg, the man starting with the Borg, the boy you
grew up in is it was enshrined in shouts, are very close to slacken shelter, associate neo, open, sleeps, just below misleading and new. I didn't ledge south pollutant leaping is along in, which is where I was from, but I am longingly I limit has so cool router terrible. Who could I happen to you to both in the area?
as a little boy. Would you weren't around growing a little leather shorts that little boys were in Germany? I did western data wholesome, thank you count and I would hope and skip and jump. I used to be box in the closet, quietly, not metaphorically literally just boomed it about it implemented about, and that is all you gotta do didn't. Do you think you were of? Do they wear? What kind of shoe it is? Some have little european shoe a European just lumped twenty six countries that where what is there that's the way, I always know european people. When I all those years I was living in New York and doing a late night show we walk around New York at lunchtime, gram bite to eat and I would just sometimes sit down and watch the footwear go by and every now and then I'll see what I called Chelonians shouldn't. We are two issues that I have never seen before and I'll never see again, and I know oh that persons from out and leave- and you know I don't know their from Germany there from some strange nausea there. Why is it that you, european people, Europe
new year. Well, I'm sorry, you Merrick and first her, I'm sorry, America, first middle and not just a hotel room, and you you come along with your european way. Must support can be started on modesty, palm crushed onwards and sugar Bitch one anyone talk about Mars and that it is hard to tell about Mars upon any reckoning way, and you did it turns out. They count me and delicious weapons of minds, norms That was all I I I love the European Community and forthwith. and I know I don't like the footwear, but I really do I love travel and our european forebears, of course, which constitute much America and I,
this large scale, but of integration. I love that year I can tell you. One thing you may know is the footwear, so we have socks, often with the shoes. I've noticed that standards so building stock. So I always where some Socrates was my Sanderson reference like why you do it and I say, because it's cool suck, it happens very provocative with the single market. Will now see you grew up in these in this airline. long enough- and I got your next to hawkish, louts leads and you up there and you, you probably ate it. I'm betting that you had a Christmas that wasn't is fun. Is American Christmas, cousin Amerika? What we we ve committed all about press. this and toys and eating food, and we really commercialized it and then I've always noticed sitting in European. When I hear about places I Germany, especially when you gave in the Netherlands there Christmas is always sound. Well, they I'm kind of sad to an American, because it's always you know what happened. We get an apple
and then what happens and then we wait in the closet. For sir- and TAT collusion even end, you I'm what happens if we ve been very good, we all get to hazel nut. You know it's. That kind of thing of IRAN know you're very correct, come and I would say Christmas is for us. I ve told you before it's a fear based holiday home and I really not about celebration. It's about. We add monsters and spirits and getting your butt beaten. If you're, not as you, what is, it is their Santa Claus. No, if something else, we have discussed Kint and we have a whole lot of monsters based on compost. Yea. I love crumple, oh yeah, there's a town you can go to and in the night time all of the mayor's we get very drunk we're strange, hey. storms, very law? Jabez, scary monsters and just run at you and throw call in your face and scream and then go to a born and drink. All of this lapses
What are you going to do and how are we going to say is Halloween you go to bed early in someone brings you ass. A present doesn't sound like we need Halloween US poor samples has us covered. That's the bumper sticker. Composts is easy and evil. Santa Claus is that the native crumpled, with several monsters composts, is only one. It's like Lord of the rings, except everyone is as a whole and no one has a white guy. That's truly ghoulish full of yeah she's, the other presence. What kind of presence do get now, where the awesome emphasis you set? This also some sticks and then I'm going to bring you back much upon. Also, if you are my while marzipan is wow, that's the highest thing,
so no battery operated cool car, no video game, no wind up, robot, no Lecter controller, robotic accomplice to scare the children. Yes, but not as an actual gift to know you mustn't shows its home of Larry Bird and something as Iraq. A few other things maybe review the cradle of the revolution and always think. Yes, where is it now? You know what I'm saying is mass she's, just known from more than Larry Evan, Mikhail wow, Ok, I know that you are. I know this too, because we spent many many hours wandering the streets of Berlin. Together we did look. Infer some really killer, while not to chew on yeah with my but to recognise that, like many, I take a lot of that rack. Vessels Tik Tok, follow us by that, but you
are obsessed with the NBA of the nineteen eightys. I love them very much and also the nineties, but you try to. Second, I want to hear about the Christmas Times of Massachusetts, a poem of Larry Bird and company, ok, different. We will, sleep and all excited because we wake up in the morning and in my house, matter with leave. I was one of six children, six. Yes, it's! What the Irish do. That's a small nuclear family in Ireland and Santa would leave if there was a presence from a brother Luke. He would Get them in his chair. Kate would get her presence and you know, in her chair. Jamie get him in her chair near would get them in his. Chair, just in his chair and Jan here, there is used to share in the rooms bunch of chairs than ruminated stack. The presence on that chair they being The centre in his helpers, bite my area, and this is I want to get to. This- could be complaint about my childhood, my It was a long couch, the long, couch and living room, so Santa would put wherever my presence run.
a couch which made the presence. Look like nothing. Ok, so everyone else a hold on. I defy anyone out there to have a a worse horror story about childhood them. What I've? Just? How tiny swell everyone had a chance? They know what happens is my presses. Looked it always looked like I was being punished. Luke's we're just his chair was so narrow, presents were piled one on top of each other. Like he'd, been such a good boy and Niels and even narrower chair presence. the ceiling one on together and then this long couch, a vast white tundra of nothing and then you'd see. Oh look I got a double a battery. Oh now I gotta kleenex look. I gotta toothbrush us read out narrowly across mileage guy. Never then I've researched other people's childhoods. I've read all of Dickens. no childhood!
is worse than what I just allow. You has a very long couch. Everyone had a tiny chairs, stool. Yes, that's ok badly, stools and chairs to make the presence look like a lot, but that lag cartridges destroyed. The worst, maybe the couch was part of the gift. No LEO it wants and my father beat me with a came up up up up any even use a cane. He had to go out and buy said wait here. I'm gonna go get a cane your way he was gone for a long time buying the cane didn't have the can you wanted, so he made one in his woods shop and he still said stay still here. I'm on my way I was walking around the supermarket day. Oh, you were yet sort of my hobby furtive more walkers. I mean market walk early to walk around shop in market or a shop where the cold shop
Store grocery store. Where you go, I live in a bubble. Anyway, I saw that they have these strange tall boys of beer and the bottled water section at weird yeah, that's kind of shock. Does it work, that, and then I realized it's this mountain spring water from the Alps and it's called liquid death. Have you heard of this? I have heard it s. Yeah yeah, it's interesting, because I've seen people around. I was at work the other day and one of my co workers was sipping from what I thought was a beer. You know, and I was like: oh this person had to turn drinking problem rate because it was nine thirty in the morning and I was gonna, go up to them and say you ve got a drinking problem or where can I get one? if a stag, I realise how its water it was liquid death. Ok, now wiser call liquid death because it will aggressively murder your thirst, her and also cause they're recyclable tab was right.
Death to plastic bottles. Now, that's what you should remember that call. I like that yeah you and I are both ardent environmentalists and we believe that plastic has gotta go so liquid death is doing get the job done with recyclable tall boy cans, liquid justice charitable as well. They donate ten percent of the profits from every can sold to help kill plastic pollution. it's nice yeah. I think I've got a good feeling, as you know, when you I sometimes him up at night thinking about all the plastic floating around the ocean. It's a real problem, Europe at night. Thinking about that one probably up a nice. I had a lot of coffee like eleven, but then, when I'm thinking about things, I do think about all the plastic. I am glad that liquid death is taking this that's nice and they use aluminum cans because it's actually profitable for recycling facilities. Okay, so easy to recycle and drinking freezing cold water from a can is so refreshing, it's very good. So you know what Try liquid death now, for me just say: try liquid death out of context could be upsetting to some of you listening.
Member. It's a really good water. He can drink, ok, Andy and it's free You tell your friends of addressing you what you got there. Say: I'm just a little liquid death and it makes you seem cool too. Cool can to its very cool, cannot mean if I can just said liquid death. That would be cool enough, but it has some really cool artwork and caught goth lettering. Yeah yeah! That's exactly what I can. Cod liquid death should look like gotta liquid Jephtha com, slashed gonna, get it Bree Set of coups ease with your first or of any case water or just grab some at any whole foods or seven eleven lots of things can make your work out hard for me, its lack of muscle mass, but you know what Shouldn't make your work at a hard. Your son your socks shouldn't be adding to the problem. That's why bombast performance marks a bill to be nothing but comfortable and supportive check this out. Bombast performance sucks have taken
all. The amazing innovations that make bomb is the most comfortable, sarcoma worn and then the added a special heads, tech performance technology God. I love that tax tech and the performance zone Stick with special moisture waking yarn temperature. Regulating vents did allow cool They are to flow in prevent overheating. So Watch people used to just so socks. I now now darling. We gotta have our hex tech. Have our lands we ve gotta. Have Temperature regulation, babies pillar, like tab bombast, does saved you from blisters stay up technology, some special our chugging system good luck, or are they just kill in it and socks category becoming? different styles, for every support. What have you pray sports too? there I saw and they offer
five performance, these sobs doing, like all sorts reverie pair of bombs, from its actually by check this out. They don't get a pair to someone in it. Isn't that great that they so naive donated over forty five million pairs. So far, I gotta tell you my whole life changes when I put on Bomba Socks, EVA confidence. I've never had before my feet feel like you're being massaged and caress throughout the day, yeah you're destroyed around everywhere. I stroll around the new confidence Bomba socks on so don't be a chump get yourself. Some bombast go to bump start com, Slash Conan today and get twenty percent off your first order. That's b, o F B. I asked that comes. I got it for twenty percent off bump stuck up. That's gonna Zani, you know my old saying things got better when they go your way, you I've, never I've, never heard. You say that I don't think I've ever said it before.
I dont think, but I went to sometimes say it's. My old saying you know my old saying and then just say something for the first time. It's weird yeah. You know my old saying when When you're worried you EDA neon light, bulb her how it's that kind of thing I have to make any sense, but you see it gets more respect when you say you know my old saying here well, things do go better when they go your way and with windows, pcs powered by Intel, you can make chair and do what inspires you and impacts. Others yeah see you on a laptop. A tablet appended take notes on screen something that can handle. I absent games- and you know me- I've got a lot of apps and gay. You love your technology, I do I'm a real techno man or you know you want those graphics and all that good speed for gaming. I hate
very good game yeah, and when I don't get the speed to match my gaming skills is quite frustrating. I'm sure it is with windows. Pcs power by intaglio have a device that was made for you not for someone else. You shouldn't keep making what inspires you what else windows entail made to inspire, learn more windows, dotcom, Slash made to inspire you like to anyone who can't say it. Normally, Kenya Windows, dot com, Slash made to inspire. Were you a good child? When you are growing up? I was quite child yeah I like to make a nice little marzipan shaped figurines. Everything was marzipan with you. This was my favorite color, what was your favorite gallery? I suppose cheese
Of course you she's popcorn. All of this is the gift, always in the room, the Greens room when you we're and your show you like everyone, have some cheesy that I want people to enjoy what I enjoyed his child. Thank you very much. It's very delicious. We seem thrilled about it. A medium throws. It sought. Mortified fills popcorn, so Yes. Are you grow up? You go to school, I attend to schools. Are you a good student? I was terrible with it to make all of their touch. What's that you can have to achieve some short cut short cuts, what shortly its young, you like to avoid work as much spy. Absolutely yes, I like efficiency so like how many times cannot attend and still receive a nice great in Germany we have greater numbers. So, like answers and a you know- and seven is a stop at try again by the fact that battle,
I am sorry if you did well in school, you run home to your parents, Papa and Mama Parma and you go. I got an high fines, Einstein's yea. I would just round the street saying that would islands, which is the german word for number one matter, not so sure of your eyes DR, your phone sex, even up my heart, swiping right on the tenders review and mad you're busting out information left, and I am very impressed today very impressed Duncan attorneys. While now look and your staff very impressive, and so we get to know you grow up your fine student, not great, but fight Arabella S, terrible, laudable student. Yes, you come to America to bring your dj gifts and maybe make it is as an actor that the dream I met. A man named David June, totally he's on the show caught a million pieces. It's a show on one of the three letter, a channel
some years ago. He was just euro tracking, you know when they on the trains and Amelia the Americans on the trains with the backpack. In the end, the badger we met in a bar in along, we got very inebriated, and That's a interest like listen, come to a merely coffee or ever here come stay at my place. So I did this. He doesn't remember so when I showed up sixty two days later, he did not recognize me. I stayed on his terrorists, whereas the unhappy to see ya you probably year after year, if any pact was probably just stopped because it was an over you're contained Disdain America have my overnight fanny with me, You had your international travel fanny. We are, and I also have my money, huge cousin yoke and who has just told us me but place. You know that, because Argovie and he's he placed a he does my audio sound. So it was me and a man even larger than me. Large man, yes, you're more than the average and so
you come to America. You do have some success first, dj here and there. Yes, I wanna see Gate Hall. Dr two hundred fifty kick bites for hosting a battle of the bans concept at the bus beast and then, four years later I received a job at in and also out for two days after two days. You call in and out burger end and also out. I liked to say all I dont, like abbreviation you're, you're right you're, right to distrust an abbreviation. I agree with its. Why abbreviate, when you can say the wholesale wholly thing enjoy at using german words, they are very, very long and strong and down, took its friction on incredible. You then, of course start appearing in in movies, but you have higher aspirations. I am told that one of your dreams would be if there's a die, hard reboot. Yes, you think you should play HANS Gert
Pennsylvania, we need to die hard, but from the perspective of Un Scuba, you Know- and I would like to play this person organised audition slightly so and you think you would have a different take than the classic HANS Gruber. Who is very cool yeah. I see we're the actors name Alan, I own a rich man and he was good YAP. That's gonna be a very I gotta say: fly by love U, I adore you, a big found that I had. I do no don't say it. You have to go in a completely different direction and HANS group. Ok, just then been Alan recommended with the role a match and hence Cuba. He is on the floor, but not under he's on the elevate he's in the elevator and he's wearing a funny back. ok. You know, I have to say one of the big roadblocks from us. Remember that in the original die hard Is it Bruce? Willis steals the charges that at night, the detonators, he steals them, and that means HANS Group has to get them back.
In this one Bruce roses character, would call you up and say ha ha, I've, gotta, detonators and you'd say not all of them, and you do not as yet and reaching the Fanny pack duty if it did. However, so that's already of good addition sand Eel Rebel yeah. This is deleted scene. I imagine from the not yet created dvd of diehard. Now do thinking. Your version of die hard yeah did belong breaks where while your manner out looking for Bruce Willis Character, whose hiding in the elevator shaft now searching for him. Yes, you're, you're, your german thugs or out looking form that maybe you be just dj and dancing with the hostages. if you, firstly the first one where he comes out and those like people are playing pact, Obey
Brandenburg Concerto, so whatever deep, deep lobby evaporated, otiose would actually be me dj higher hostage situation when they open the bank. What would you do? Beethoven's nine symphony? Yes, I would have a french one near by and I will just go all eight octaves. That's how I looked rocket. Yeah, that's my dream. Yeah! You also would love to be part of the fast and furious franchise. I would like all of them erases and fastest, maybe Autobahn version of this. It is might decide to be an action person. You know all of the actual people now speak, perfect, English, you know John Siena and also rocks are Dwayne Johnson and all of these people are speed,
without an accent and where we have all you know like that song we have other carbines gone when we have all the actions. Euros was accents. No, Jean Claude Vandam are not just a little old now you know dolls. I think there is a you know like when they like make an omelette, but they forget an egg. I think I'm this egg I think you are absolutely right and I think you would fit nicely any fast inferiors franchise, and I love that you could be The whole gang over to the October yeah yeah, yeah no rule is just right. I drove a very fast car when I was shooting a show over in in Berlin. In Germany I rode and on the autobahn in this crazy, Bmw that they lent me? Oh, my god, I went fast, I went it was like star wars. Were the dots becomes straight lines: yeah yeah, yeah. Anyone you going to hyper speed or whenever they call it, it was amazed
were you listening to a Tracy Chapman. While this was how fast car here yeah I was. How did you know well eyes? I hit that ip in your pants without feeling yeah that was, the boat was falling in love with the person was driving with no, it was an ipod, ten thousand science and you're, not long songs, so you think you could be you think you could be sort of, the german version of the rock imagine if the Rock and Angela Merkel had a baby right now, that's what I do to go to sleep at night. You're, just imagine decisive account she by imagine the rock and Angela Merkel getting it on. I go right out when you would have Lamb yearly. I watch out so so this is incredible. You think I mean I thought you could do it. I really do because I think you have actually start written all over you o o Do I don T mean tat your boss, why
oh you're tall yeah, I mean he's a bit say silly and others at the oh, you know he's their loses its range? Fellow he's not you Seeing this could be a positive. You could be a different kind of action hero. I need to say this: you don't seem that menacing yeah be menacing. Absolutely! Yes, if you hypnotize me, I could be super route. Have you seen that the King speech choice? I dropping all of those F bombs every place and then someone place more thought and is just like loudly LU, LU, LU. If you that's like,
kip noticing a person. If you hypnotize me, I could be super route. I can give you all of the watches in your pants. I can make. What's it called atomic well just measures way. I can do this very easily now, I'm mad yes way and went well. What about when you kill someone and you need to have a good one, liner, yeah yeah yeah. I just crush you like honest and sugar. We think carefully marzipan. Why is tat? Not everything if I become a wrestler that will be by restless name, Conan I'll, just be called Maza pan. So if we are struggling with a bad guy and you kick him off out of the helicopter. goes into a nuclear power plant piano and is incinerated. You're gonna, look down and say I just crushed your hazelnuts added sugar. Yes,
round it slowly and a pan, but I would yellow so he could still hear it so that it may hear you do I hey. I just cost you like some elements and also added should not to create a tasty desert. Metaphorically whole y know you guys, I will invest all I have in this movie when it comes out. Thank you. Do you have a name for your action Euro percent or are you just gotta be flew? I think it is also monster pen. I mean, I know, I'm just reply. I know that's all. I can tell you that I have had forbid it all that Mars. You got to get. You got marzipan on the burden of switch. It are some little sport. Perhaps yes, ok a switch it. You know you were kind enough to come with me when I did a stand up to about two years ago. some change maybe, but we criss crossed the United States or the nineties band referee. What are now but yeah? I don't even know what I'm doing. I'm sorry! I just stir you noticed falling
I don't know you, U K. with me and you were very funny. You deeds you open the show you D jade, but you also who were great helped me at the end of the show, and I would take questions you would run around with a microphone yes and we get to know each other pretty well that tour and you, said to me once that I speak faked. German, but you said actually almost every other or every third word that I make up is a real one. Is a real were yeah and its end, and you said that's real, I mean I'd, you weren't kidding. No, I make up German, but then you you'll say I'll just start, babbling and you'll say you just said: share babble, babble, ice cream, Babel babble sleep babble, babble, marzipan It's like, if you had a rose at a stone and flushed it down the toilet, unlike founded at the edge of Santa Monica and turned it on a YO yo
good terms. We would talk back and forth in German, quite a bit much I'd say like our agenda. They sleeked act been freed. Own shouts slights in freedom in a truly shows. How didn't snooty has Jonathan Scouts Fleets Alison Bit shine Brecht? I sing endorse these Keaton. She lives in boots. Ah, those good, I say anything in there and you said the number eight at one point you said peace and then something about death of its geese fade away. We aspire to fade away. It does Xilai dimension that you This is very exciting cited for you. I want to mention this again yeah. I mentioned it in your intro, but you are now going to be of first, while young mention your appearances.
turbulent museum. This has happened that core Larry David yeah, he's also into show I've heard a very small part of that show you're here they finally made him a recurring a nice of you to give him a little more room in the episodes. That's what we do. Listen, not everyone was born with a long couch in their bedroom. Before. What's your long couch was its aim will not in the bedroom knows in the living room I should have and we can all came down into the living room and there were these chairs and then along comes, I made what I was giving it looked puny I'm created this endless need whole Wyatt, meet how we need a whole. Ok, a whole its constantly wanting more and more that drove me into into television and look what but I'm very sorry if you did what's the big story, is the you are going to be in the new, highly anticipated movie the suicide. The squire that's correct, which is coming soon, and I know you know Let us say much about
your role or what you do yeah. And I dont want to put you on. The spot. Spot may come, and I think this could be the beginning free you of your transition into action film. I agree with you very deep. I was told that this man was a supervillain. Man is famous javelin among us. Rebecca. As you know, we travel in your hearing, just as a large javelin. He throws yeah, there's no yeah what he was doing. All you meant a sex penis hanging on Tarrytown. That's how it is happening now. How big is this cock is or how big is this cocked hat chicken? That's fair mats question is subpoenas, it is, I would say, if you have you seen before the tunnel that connects and downtown when you're trying to get em from century city down to Silverlake. Oh no again that had nothing to do with that was just about the tunnel. Yeah I've had it with peanuts.
Had to become very buffy and you know not like the vampire slayer but like like you know, I have to say you. I saw you, as I said in Berlin Naked and your undying shape and you, aren't you sick insane shape for the suicide squad yeah for your character, Javelin yeah, and you
yes, we're working out all the time. All the time I had high as a parliament, she'd be who is an italian trainer, and so we have a very much trouble was communication because he's italian, I'm german, we both are having accents knows that you don't know this need about an eminent scientists inside it happened. We just stare at each other, and then I just do cozy girl and you put on you. You got into superhero shape identity. What about your diet tells by your diet and if you mention marzipan, I'm coming across the table? Look here: what was your did? What was your? What was your diet? I had a lot of guys. You call them I've ice, which is proteins zero. You would be happy to know it Marty on none of it right and then you know lots of chicken lot of egg. You know no show geese so high protein, no sugar area. Did you find yourself getting cranky? Oh yeah, cranky cranky, like that song from the biggest another manic wrecked the Monday that sad except every day was that Monday, Tuesday merit of you know so much. I always feel vowels incontinence off. It's always Bengals.
You know maniacal Tuesday, you are always so close and yet you're, not club, no cigarillos em common European, can I didn't know what to say I'm talking to a fool. May I ask your question? Yes, you may I who has the edges sketch? That starts to shake it when the ads come because, like we'll be, talking like, oh, and I remember that about about the locker room and then someone one of you just starts going. It's probably Matt Magnolia that staff he does. The edges sketch yeah man. Is that what it is yeah I didn't know. I thought it was a like an asp. You know that was rattler- was hissing air ass about to stab got Inachus sketch that have drawn a picture of an ass Bonn and Marrakech at that else. Ok, I gotta think that we should offer. We should offer an award for anyone who listens to this.
Our conversation and follows it and can kind of proof that they did not some kind of prize, because this thing has taken so many twists and turns, and I find it thrilling and only great. I wonder I think at the end of this episode, if you ve made it through this episode on Twitter, do a hashtag like flew less strong, near I got I like that very much. Can I save you guys just about thirty two dollars in a mechanical and performance right fees. I feel like you're, paying this person. I thought Mr White Stripe was always here just playing the song, but I can trust for you now, so you don't have to pay like just to save outlandish pay. Mister Jack. Why I set rather than hey him for singing. We are going to be friends with you as committed. Do personally live every time. We do I didn't row. I must tell you he's waiting outside he's. Neo working tell him to go home today. We don't get him just anyone. If you could do it, body do some lumpy danish naughty boy, Don Flash player who debate
incontinence, issue cookie, why autonomy do optional. Bessie Tansy people, friends, how using direct my dear shovels impact inside all these shroud leading following shrikes inflate, the Meek, Penn State and she can build a z frenzy. Thousands now, God You know, I see, I see great things ahead for you I really do. I think you are capable of being an action hero, but why thank you and how they do. I think you, I think, you could go further in the music business than you have gone. Was that would include just one song doing well, but, yes, but you won't, you know you have a real ability there and I think what do you dream
Let's say what say you do make big: yeah, ok and the monies coming. Oh yeah. What does fluid do You become a big star. What say you really you kid, in suicide squad and get another movie then you're in your own movies. Lanyard name is above the town. the fellow above all the Borg is marzipan. I know what what do you do? I would I am a treeless tree house free tree. How would you tell me what that? How would that? weekly, how would identify it if it is it it is it's a house just suspended in the air. No tree notaries just are met,
in a tree house and then added subtract. Patrice. Ok, should I ask you: what supporting the house? Would that be a foolish quest? I think my film Korea, probably nice so, and what are you? What would you drive? You drive anything but which right rounded. Amid I want to say my treeless tree house, but I would not do this. I would go as Schwinn Twenty one speed mountain bicycle loud, is our special order to show anything Schwinn cells that Europe had specially made. Oh, I will just purchased one from an old man in Charleston Gay and then What do you have a what they a policy. You have a group around you, a squad who are these people, yet I have my Father, who is a retired engineer, my mother, who knows Mamma, said knockabout by adequate aid. She knows it by heart: yes, shout out exactly mended knock, you
work at a knock. You nasty Matt, look at this and that you have to say you are earning your stripes today. Now that you don't always do us pearl of job while incredible amusingly as myself, it's fantastic. I love this very much and so so far you describing you're cool policy because you're rich action start Andy J S and you're. On the prow here, unless Angela living in a treatise tree house driving a twenty one, speed, Schwinn ranges dangers door from an old man and jails and including Gladwin Reuben Haswell, so that but but you can, to say. Oh, my mother and my father are part of my fancy. They happened down since day. One come, and I know that, but who will see you adding to it? Tell me you know that a spasm summer, homeboys that you got with you you're a horse to combine. yeah. You know friendship, friends of yours from Germany who you bring over and day their part of your your past
That was what you didn't want her. I also how she I'll yeah shoutout turtles, urine hosty, who is my more taller than me, hope, be playing audio man. What she is my cousin ass well and send loosen, who was screaming my very first beat box to and also how did you like it and heat he did to hand thing like this kind of medium. Nato means a kind of ok kind and not ok. That's all I'm needing just give me your known, as at one man at all. I need is the rhythm of Adam Divine. I just need someone to do this and I am very happy all I need is to resume last me. There So that's quite a policy that will be young around the eye. It would be very deep and very dope. for a special lady in your life. You Maybe you could tell us what do you look for in a year in a companion,
and I should say, lady, it might be man. Do you know it's it's all up to you, oh yeah, I like to just I normally just date like music, like I'd data, Techno beat or something like this, because you can just now to set it up. Bp aims, let's go, you know when the song is over. You can make a sluice if it's a human, you have to ask them for questions. Are not you cannot. You cannot have a relationship. with like a beat, but have you seen this this film with Thomas Hanky with the ball was Holly Ball journalists in the volleyball? Yes, he had a very deep relation with an inflatable Pentagon, ball, ok, I can do it with a high note. What am I missing here? What am I a single Eu Nato now I dont know what I know but explained to me. I I you know I've taken this young man under my wing. Yes, I am a formidable. I think commuter force in this, what we just let it go. But it s true, thank you
yeah. What does that have now remember why you're the best do yes and my delusion, but no zone of my point is that I have taken his men under my wing and I want to do the best by him oh, you know jump in here. Tell me you know how can I'd be helping fool. What are we doing for flight, or do I mean Dundee any contacts in the action world? You can get in touch with Josie Layer, nice, Lula they don't. They dont get coming coming back to be honest with you all Oh, I view here very limited capacity. How can you help us up? My of every indica Fabian could join his policy of that part of your past. I would like this. We have a third opening yeah.
Could be the driver. He could be. The eternal oil drive. The twenty one speech when they enter the basket in front, of course, with your legs dangling without facing you, so it would like you know how baby monkeys hugged Mamma. I could create small little snacks. I ain't gonna. Do all I can to make you a force, but then I don't want you to forget me. Would you forget me, flew I do not have from everyone has told me zero Alzheimer's. I will remember all things, including your face and the way you walk. I saw you walking by such a portly one time and screamed at you through this is not long ago I was walking down the street in the lurch. My area LOS Angeles. This must have been a week ago and suddenly I hear I couldn't hear exactly what you shouted, but people show, out at me out moving her
Oh yeah, half the time. It's nice half the time at some sort of death threat, either way, I'm happy because it s nice direction, I recognised to be held at, and sometimes people just throw the owners manual from our continent ethics. My tale, I do not even just gangway hates you, but I have nothing other than this and I get hit by that time. in order to sell manually, I got as full. Leather binding really hurts, but the point is I was someone shouted at me and I didn't know who was and then I got a text may be too minutes later from fool who, I guess, had pulled over and said sorry. I screamed at you out the window. That's nice about what what'd you yeah as it hello coded. It's me. How are you would still less than it? Did they just sounded like insane yodeling? Well, it was there what's it like. I ought to learn about it, let alone in Dublin I ever done now. I find a ram had yelled at me out the window. I didn't know what had happened. I was confused by we.
our friends here and I'm excited to be your friend. You really make me laugh and your very talented fellow and I really do I believe in you think you're gonna make it big in this cow and when I say I hope you remember me, I mean you. actually, yes, I remember Conan he's about six four and he brought about this. Much in this is the composition. his face, yeah. What I mean is that you remember me in the EU
you bring me along with you. You all remember me in speeches and you say I've. I wish to thank Carnival Brian who made it possible that kind of thing. When I first met you, I told you you are my Edmund Hilary I would be attending nor gay. I would follow around everywhere. Lack okay. If you understood that, like please contact us, I want anyone listening. What do we say? It was gonna, be flew, a strong, flew a strong, Louis strong if you are a hundred. If you follow this conversation and you got wait even eighty percent of what the hell was happening at least safely strong because I didn't say lost me as well: oh you're, completely long gone yet as we were gonna wrap this up, but flew delighted that you could do that. seriously and Anne and continued success, and continue to have adventures together, because you are it's it's. It's fine. When we do things when we have adventures it's fun. I agree with this very hot. Thank you very much common. Thank you sooner and thank you matters where this was a very fine time tat. We call me and just quickly, yeah Co.
What is called Conan caught. We say, Let us use it down in Ghana You can use this corner corner now. He says it. Will you put like a normal out openly Egerton occurred and what does he say strain couldn't see Miss Ivan Voice too. Don't bitter am I got some austerlitz as not just bits x, rays and hanging out in the cafeteria does boat W. I also fantastic. You should get out ever sinking. Vat is still a boar unless you thank you guys. We're in this episode is brought to you by mail You can imagine I work with very large staff. That's what happens when you get my level in the business one them My staff has been emailing me literally every day very soon, I did try me he's, got some big news to share. He says it sucks,
he's gonna blow me away. I have not found out what this is about. Yet, do you know what this about sauna? no idea why thought would have him on the pod cast to make his big announcement, and maybe we can share in his celebration, whatever it is, unsure, yeah, that's zombie, being please welcome a team cocoa software engineer. John Danny Danny this Is exciting what you big news? earth shattering news coming from the camp of team cocoa. Are you sitting down? I am sitting down. Ok, I'm ready society is cool, lay an honest man. I've been saying about this for a while, I'm thrilled to announce that we are changing our marketing platform and now partnering with male ship weight. That's your new cider partnering may seem a little less excited than I am. I love the name male china- and I am a big fan of the company to
didn't think. I honestly didn't think that was your announcement. I went to tell us something like you won the sweepstakes having a child, something like that. Those would be called to Bananas about Belgium aright I'm guessing that you have more to say about this male chip announcement. Oh you know, there's couple reasons why I'm excited primarily just the improvements in each year. Is that come with moving the male ship? First of all, you got deliver ability in the past week. Hey that some of our email going out to users was marked as spam. I do want to say how much, but you can imagine it was a decent amount. Yeah yeah, you know No, I think it's unfair Danny that that the rap on you was that Europe stilted awkward speaker, because this is one of the most natural conversations I've ever had anyway, Mrs you feel great, is a software engineer to see your work and up and spam folders but with male chimps deliver ability.
yes can be nearly as might have been issuing more Ah the grass more Conan will end up in more in boxes. Thats exciting they were, each more people won't go to spam. You must be really excited I am. I am impediment to extort, I'm an artist and like any artist, be he make Alonzo NO wrote an he likes to see his work displayed and preserved around the world, but I mean is it? Is it a helpful and efficient? You know, system male champ is. Is that something that I can depend on twenty four seven or you get so we depend on it. It's definitely efficient. They have all these automation set up. You can configure triggers in response to user events, to send out the males, westward on by and manually speaking, work for you. I mean it's clear to me Derek. you have given us a lot of thought. It was spent he's working on this yeah. Anybody.
we written down some of your thoughts that sort of their in private, perhaps a little None of them are coming from the heart yeah. I can tell. you're very passionate, but it just correct me. If I'm wrong, you love Melchior, because it's easier to use right, so I paying you'd and work less hard. I mean Didn't you get less money now because you're using male chimp shouldn't, I reimburse you less because you're putting less effort. Thanks to the wonderful male chimp. I think you just think of it. More you're freaking me up to lend a hand and other things that were working on around him cook that Smart LAO, Smart, he's very, very good. This standard guy You know we should talk more you or better yet alive Alas, what since this is cool, now hurry using male chimp. Don't tell me you're using it to send out our first news letter is following you better. We are ya,
I have been coming soon in the next few days. I'm very sorry it's you. I get a look at the analytics after we set it out, see the open rates improvement over the previous services we used. Aren't you going? Hunton bother now with your analytics yeddo. Well, Danica, look forward to seeing you at the Christmas Party in two thousand twenty six, but not until then, you are again you're one of the Euro, stunning conversationalist the band and I'm I'm well. I don't know exists among male chimp, and now I am too much so that I can say this. Try Melchior today at male chimp, dot com, Slash Conan! Do it it's time for me, one of the most called for segments ever on a show and that sound effects cedar and we have we got here ineffectually donor? Yes, as werewolf!
You know something I typically will act out a scene. You will provide the sound effects, but using only spoken word. Yes, this is an innovation. I came up with that. I'm very proud of your prodded, it very proud of it. where, instead of going to all the time and trouble unapplied cast of reach, creating sound effect? Why not just say what the sound is? that sounds? Could yet Lily s experience as special episode, fuller, yeah guess, Never hang around for this, and I dont know why. You're still here, I went downstairs stones, a break. Someone has stolen my mountain bike risk here. We are here and there were we. wonderful interview with Slovakia and then he lay aims that we start doing this partnership and I guess he's back
Recording replica of sharing here do not own. It share an old who will not outside on the pavement, just ordered another bicycle on prime our aid. Fuller were well that we'd. Never, and this before. Okay, we ve never had the caste system hang out like this, but I know you. I know that you will be very unobtrusive kraut. While we do sound effects. The theatre- and you know just tryin- to touch any the buttons here. Ok, any the knobs like this one didn't know, don't accept one: ok, sawdust fire missile aright let's see we understand, affects cedar now we're I, rate at my version of sound effects, and this is my gift to the podcast world to get radio what you know, any anything where you only have the audio
nice movies could use this yeah yeah, ok, so to list who were at the zoo this time. How about that work with Sis II as the new hires here at these Cincinnati Zoo. We have a lot of work to do to get cleaned up these courageous forceful. How are you two today, I'm doing great, I'm really excited about animals. Thank you met for hire me. I hope to safe enough money to purchase another mountain bike soon, smart, you! I, like you kid! You got a good head on your shoulders. Thank you. Adult looks the baboons erected up.
Monkey. So speaking, yeah, I'm gonna need you to sedate them. They get a little too excited some great shoot em with their tranquilizer. Here, stop moving Babylon trigger through air. Skin secrete got? U Babylon don't die from Lord, you killed bar showcase, a bamboo know well he's die and let me apply sepia better, better. Ok, I was going to make out with him and pompous rumpus. Oh, what is it? What's that meant interlock, Compressor, Compressor compressor are to be too hard. To be too hard to be pursued and again remind you again. You are annoying yet still alive babble, poor triggered shoe real gone accidents.
Oh no, I accidentally murdered the baboon. We only ably led Wade widely blade widely. Please help me so now. Why did we give a trainee a real guide? I dont understand why that application? I've never learn how to do it. I figured he's as good as anyone else and now listen. We ve excited the elephants Please stop running at me. Big big one would evolve puts all footfall footstool, something around tumble, footfall footfall, a quick jump on this. Why am I right? I'm jumping on him to deem in Borneo and back the only way to do it is for one of us to do a very accurate Tarzan. You ok,
accurate, no, not at all we're gonna have to try again also go you do I'm looking for that kind of pay, shifting. You know Tarzan, yeah, we'll wing, vine, yeah I know my yodeling would come in handy you're. Welcome everyone all right well, It's taken care of now we just need to go over here to the lions den we're walking. we're live longer is what the mob example fallacy their closely. What are you doing here to insert twist Why are we opening the lion here? You know, honestly, I did not intend to what has just happened here. We are inside the lions den so and here comes LEO, but he's not oil
The lion. Is a thing like that Oh senator, he likes to look at you Borg. While he looks like a descendant of Chewbacca a little bit unique, some more you hot hot, for line web here, let me get my chap. Stick out of my family and zip moisturize, you row row row. our task now You ve been a real good LEO here. Here's a big t, bone stake hand should choose to choose. elevates nice. I want to eat
Some of that does Well LEO choose to chew masticate the wall delicious. I love you. I love you I love you ceilings for now as the sound effects off com out. Wins is terrible job man, I don't blame you. I quit as well. This place is full of hate sooner
oh yeah, I was gonna, be I'm quitting to cause you. I don't want to do this alone. The guy Conan o Brien needs a friend with Conan O Brien zone of assessing and MAC curling produced by me, mad goarly executive produced by Adam Sacks, Duenna, solitaire off and Jeff Ross at team Cocoa and calling Anderson at your Wolf theme song by the White Stripes incidental music by Jimmy the Vienna taken away, Jimmy our supervising producers and layer and our associate talent, producers, Jennifer samples engineering by will beckon talent booking by Polish Avis, tuna, Battista and brick com. You can read and review the show, an apple podcast and you might find your review read on a future episode. Gotta question for Conan call the team cocoa Hotline at three two three four five one, two eight to one and leave a message. It too could be featured on a future episode and if you have an already, please subscribed. Conan o Brien needs a friend on Apple podcast, stature or wherever fine broadcasts are down.
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