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Spooky season is here...so you know what that means. We’re back with another season of Full Body Chills, telling creepy campfire stories that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

You can listen to the rest of this episode and another full length episode RIGHT NOW by searching 'Full Body Chills' wherever you get your podcasts. New episodes will come out every weekday through October 14th. So, gather round…and listen close.

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Hi crime junkies spooky season is here, so you know what that means. Actually some of you might not know, I'm surprised how many people still don't know about my Halloween podcast, full body chills
a real crime junkie. Like me, we're into more than just true stories, I love anything that makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and nothing does that, like a good old fashioned, campfire story, this season of full body chills is back with eleven, more episodes. We release one every weekday starting starting today October. First, I'm so excited for you guys to hear this season, because there's something for everyone stories about things that go bump in the night, things that are supernatural and even some more traditional crime stories, because isn't it always the stuff that could be real, that's the scariest and this season. It's not just my voice. You're gonna, hear here take a listen to a clip from one of our first two episodes sets out right now.
It's a scene that might be familiar to you, a podcaster interviewing a detective about one of his most memorable cases. Yeah I got it. Let me just pull it close to me now. You want to you want to make sure you get my voice. Is this good? That's perfect! Okay, great! So you said this is for pocket. I just know a few of those. I usually get to, but sometimes not that pretty good, so how many people, how many people listen to your show so weird this
you ye, I Artie we're county. Mysteries is our new issue, so it's not as big as some of our others, but I know the last episode that we did not like to be a hundred thousand downloads and episode. Something like that. So with this one or even during a big marketing push since for setting weird county mysteries, actually in a town called weird, so I've appealing going to be even more than that? Well, that's good! That's really good! Well what What do you want me to say? Why don't we just start with you introducing yourself? Maybe you say your whole name and tell us a little bit about your history with the police. Oh sure will my name is David Blair, that's b, L, a r e, and I served the Weird County police department for just about thirty years. That's that some W Y, I already not like your show Diana, so I started in nineteen nine six as it the directive in force.
I was a uniformed officer for about eight years and that was in nineteen. Eighty, eight! No! No! No! Eighty, seven in ninety six, when I became a detective, I worked in narcotics for about six years before. Transitioning over to homicide after that- and I hey there, until I retired in May two thousand and seventeen, and what else do you want to know? I think honestly, we could probably just jump in now and maybe talk about some of your old pass. I mean I don't know if there's a specific one that you worked on, or maybe that you're close to that you could discuss in length you're case I could talk about well, you know I just don't want to get in a way of any ongoing cases. Let me take it me when I say we allow a good men and women out there who are working hard to get it Thanks also, I really can't let the wrong information get out, but maybe I can be sensitive
that stuff, so sure sure sure what do you want to hear? I mean it's totally up to you. I get that there are certain things you can't talk about without compromising a case, so whatever you're comfortable talking about what I am comfortable talking, it's always up to me. Okay pressures on I hate to bore your fans path weights yeah! No, I got a good one for you yeah I do it was pretty popular man. And I'm pretty sure it would make for a good show. So there was this doctor over at ST agree who would kill his patients and later at night, he'd sneak the bodies out of the morgue. So we could I'm so sorry. Could you maybe talk about a case
other than Dr Denver's story. You heard of that one yeah. I mean it's a great story like tragic and horrible, but a lot of other shows have covered it almost to the point he I feel like it's like over reported. So over reporting yeah. Well, okay, that's alright! That was pretty simple case. Anyway, you have a case that maybe didn't get a lot of attention or press that would be like new to our listeners. Yeah sure. Let me think here yeah. Let me ask you you ever hear the name Michael Fort Hayes. Michael Ford has no, I didn't think so. No See this wasn't one of them big cases you podcasters would now no and Willie if you, you would look into this case today. You'd find the same report everywhere Single guy. Has a mental breakdown runs?
ass, a country and later dies in a parking lot suicide. It was a pretty open and shut case beyond but that doesn't mean we weren't left with questions. Looking at the club Seen Michael strange behavior in the handful of curious reports from my witnesses, you'd be dead lying. If you weren't scratching your head In a way he died as violently as he did, but now hold on. I'm gonna myself. You can listen the rest of this episode and another Brian New full episode right now by searching for full body chills wherever you are hearing. This will have a new episode out every week day through October. Fourteen so gather around listen, clicks.
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