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INFAMOUS: Darlie Routier (Part 1)


In 1996 a small Texas community was rocked by the tragic slaying of two young boys. The police and prosecution had their sights set on one person as the perpetrator: The boy's mother. And they would work tirelessly to make sure she paid the price.

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High crime, junkies, I'm Ashley flowers and I'm Brett. Are you all ready for one of those cases that will make your head hurt? Because I didn't think that's what I was getting into when I started researching this case, but I literally spiraled in circles over transcripts and evidence, photos and case documents for six days straight, and I eventually just had to like I I was gonna say you even like cancel the recording session because you were going to Yeah- and I literally I had to like eventually just pull the plug and decide to tell you the story, and let you decide for yourself what you think, because I'm not sure I can come up with a solid answer about what actually happened in the Routier home on June six hundred and nineteen nine,
six. I want to start our story back. Just a couple of hours before everything unfolded, this is June. Fifth in Rowlett TX, it's a normal day in a small suburb town Darren and Darlie Routier lived in a beautiful, newly built home, with their three sons Devin, who six Damon who's five and a newborn Derek who's less than a year old, now, schools out for the summer, so that night, the two old
boys, wanted to have a camp out in the living room which, if we can take just like two seconds to try and remember being six living room camp outs were the greatest. Oh, my gosh, I love them. I know I don't know why you sleeping in your living room like over your bedroom is so much cooler, but it's like pure freedom at that age. So Darley decided that she was going to sleep with the boys downstairs. She has been sleeping on the couch for the past week or so she hasn't been sleeping well at all. Their youngest son Derek still slept in their bedroom and she said that he would wake her up a lot, because all the noises he made moving around in her crib, so that night, the family watch some tv till the boys eventually passed out Darren
And Darlie stayed up a little bit just kind of like talking about adult things: life bills, a trip that Darlie was planning on taking with her friends to Mexico, then somewhere between one thousand two hundred and thirty and one hundred o'clock in the morning, Darren went up to bed where he watched a little tv and then eventually fell asleep. But his peaceful sleep didn't last long within an hour or two Darren would be woken up. By his wife, screaming out her son's name when he put his glasses on and ran downstairs what he saw changed his life for ever since his wife was yelling Devin. He ran over to where he last saw Devin laying on the floor before he went to bed and when he reaches him he sees blood and he sees that his son has two holes in his chest. He tries literes of the first thing he did was like slap Devin across the face. Saying: wake up wake up, Devin is unresponsive, trying to think on his feet. He leans over to start performing CPR on his son, but he blows
to his mouth and air and blood. Just comes sputtering out of Devons Chest now, dear in point looks around the room, trying to see where Damon and Arlie are and that's when he spots Darley covered in blood and on the phone with nine one. One. I e o we owe No way
Warner. What is going on? Anybody in the house
police arrived within minutes, and it's not just the boys who injured. Even though Darley was the one who called for help had been screaming on the phone, they see that her throat has been slashed and she has a deep cut on her arm. Paramedics. Try to tend to the boys, but Devin is pronounced dead upon their arrival and although Damon was still breathing when they got their life, saving measures were of no help and he too
be pronounced dead at the scene eventually, once there was nothing that the paramedics could Dio, they ushered Darley, often an ambulance and turned over the house to police and detectives as a crime scene, and the scene was bizarre blood everywhere. The murder weapon, which was a butcher knife that was left behind, seemed to have been taken right from the root ears, own knife block and from the first appearances it looked like. Maybe the point of entry for the intruder was the garage where a screen had been slashed. Okay, so is it just like a robbery gone bad? Well, the theory at first was no everything in the home seemed relatively on touch. I mean aside from a broken wine glass and knocked over a vacuum cleaner. There wasn't really even much of a mess on the first floor of the house were all this took place and on top of that, Darley used to wear all these like super gaudy diamond ring
on her hands. All of them were left out on the counter right in plain sight, and they didn't even look like they've been touched, so the only motive was just to come in and kill the two little boys in their mouth it was a mystery in those early days, so police tried to collect whatever they could from the scene, but they needed Darley to fill in the missing pieces. I mean they couldn't decide what happened. Nothing was making sense. However, it would take them two days before they could get a statement from her because she had to undergo surgery for her neck wound. The statement from the doctors and nurses who attended to Darley at the time that she came in and for the two days after were pretty mixed. Like some people thought she was deaf, weighted Sum said she was in shock. Some said she wasn't acting like they expected her too, and I don't even know how much validity I can even give to these statements, because I swear every place there, a little bit different and even like the clinicians notes for
what they're saying later on don't match up so just know like with everything. People were viewing her and the situation through their own personal lens. In those first few days, Charlie's family was there in the hospital supporting her, and everyone was completely devastated and confused. Why would this happen? Why the rich tears? Why the boys, who did this and what did they want, like I said, police, were hoping to fill in the gaps and get answers to these questions when Charlie was released from the hospital, but the problem was after Darley got out of surgery, they really had more questions than answers she was released on June. This is just two days after the incident and her statement to police was that on the night of the fifth, the boys wanted to go to sleep in the living room. They all watch tv made some popcorn the boys end up falling asleep. Darren took the baby to bed upstairs after the baby was down. He came back down the two stayed up for a while longer talked about again, like I said
problems adult stuff, their vacation, she's taking, and they all talked a little bit about the postpartum depression that Charlie was having as well so she said that they lay together, awhile and then somewhere between one thousand two hundred and thirty, and one Darren kissed her before going up to bed. Just like we said at the beginning of the story, which was based off of Darren statement. She said the next thing she remembers was feeling pressure on her and waking up to Damon pressing on her shoulder and he was crying and when she fully came to. There was a man standing near the end of the couch where her feet were, and she could see him walking away. So she said she instinctually just like got up right away, went after him and that's when the wine glass broke before she keeps going after him in the dark, then she decides to turn around
a light on then go back for him again and she says she's like following this path that the man took. She makes her way like through the kitchen into the laundry slash utility room, and she says she sees the knife on the floor so instincts really. She just like grabs the night and starts yelling for her husband, calling out his name, daring, dare and wait. I thought you said that he woke up because he heard her yell Devon's name, so I did there so Eight men are actually different. Here's some people point to this to say that maybe the stories are made up or whatever, but I don't think to me. This is in a detail that I means anything really like one wanderone was in a deep sleep and coming out of it. When he's hearing these, scream, so he's not being fully like alert. His mind might have been processing things incorrectly and to Darley could have been in total.
I can maybe wanted to say Darron thought she said Darren, but it came out her son's name yeah and honestly, the names almost even sound kind of similar, so yeah. If you have someone screaming and crying and yelling yet totally could take, could absolutely just be a misunderstanding, so she called her husband as heading back to the living room and that's when she sees the boys as Darren is like running down. The stairs. I already told you that he tried to perform CPR She called nine one one and the rest is on tape and This is quite literally, every parent's worst nightmare, both Darley in Darren just kept asking. Who would do this? Who would want to kill their two little boys and four watt, but almost right away, police weren't asking those same questions because they thought they knew exactly who and they had her right in their station, giving them a statement The other day I was heading out to my car on a neighbor I hadn't met yet stop you say hi, he mentioned where he live.
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they had a ton to prove it. The first thing we should point out is the knife: now we didn't play the entire nine one one call for you, but on the call she told the operator that she moved the knife and she told investigators in her statement that she had picked it up from the floor of the utility room as he was running after the man, so okay sure, maybe, but what stuck out to investigators was why There are no evidence of the knife being on the floor. What do you mean? Well, according to police and later the state prosecutor? There was like this mark and blood transfer from the somewhere on the carpet and where Darley had ended up setting it down after she picked it up. But there was hello mark or blood where she said she picked it up from like. With the knife. Leave no residue on the floor where she grabbed it wasn't. Making sense police believe that the whole story about grabbing it was made up, but why make it up? Well, they had a theory about that too.
The theory was that she was trying to cover her tracks and maybe to have a valid reason on why her fingerprints would be on it and no one else is were, and this might be a good point to talk about the whole like nine one. One call because that's something important that police pointed to when think that she was guilty yeah. When you told me that you're going to this case, I knew that there was this really like kind of infamous nine one one call. So, of course, I went over to my favorite statement, analysis blog and did some digging and they did analyze this call and or some really interesting points about the knife. Yeah. I mean one of the things again when I was doing my research that everyone talks about probably most on that call. Is this part where she's talking about picking up the knife and the fingerprints? Do you want to touch on that a little bit yeah? So she always kind of defends her like decision to pick up the knife and the operator even said, like don't touch anything closely or anything else that is and she's like, oh well, I already touched it and
he was like okay, like that's fine, and she was like there's this one line where she goes like. Oh no like. If I hadn't touched it, maybe we could have caught the guy yeah like. Maybe we could have gotten friends like she's thinking about evidence in this moment of trauma which a lot of people think was super bizarre yeah and I feel like that's not even like the only weird thing, and I know what we brings up a lot like. No one ever knows how they're going to respond. You know in this traumatic life altering moment, but the way Darley response just feels off from the beginning, through the entire call. She like never says her children's names, which I think is that it even be or like. I can't imagine not just being like screaming my children's names and not being helpful at all. You know like really just kind of calling them like her employees and her children and there's this really interesting point of the blog made that when she says that they are dying, there are always children or boys like
Oh, no, my children have been stabbed. My boys are dying, but when it comes to when she used Lord babies, she always says that there, like it's already done, we're not talking about it. This is over and done with. Not like what would that mean? I guess it honors. In the difference being babies and and boys I mean the same analysis was basically saying stuff like you know, the children and the boys are active and she is maybe putting out hope for them, but she's personalizing the death with babies and even then, like it's just so bizarre. The way that she doesn't like ask for ways to help that moment like how do I stop the blood he's not breathing? Can I do CPR? Can you walk me through that which is like a really basic?
thing that you would be expected to kind of want to do for your children, like I mean to to like jump in though, and it take the other side of that is that she just watch her husband tries CPR on her son right like you, he was trying blood and hair were coming out of the night phone is like through and through I mean at some point at least I think I just be like they get me provide. I don't know what I'm doing. I can't even function right now, so I mean I get. I get what the statement announces the same, but I also like totally see the other side of it. I mean yes, but it just, I guess, is I'm like a not to ever diminish any
He was an apparent, but, like I can't I don't know, I just can't imagine not wanting to help in that situation like honestly, not even as a parent but as a friend like if I walked in a room and you were stabbed like, I call nine hundred and eleven and be like okay. What can I do other than just sit here and watch her die? You know like that's, essentially what she's doing to her own children. She also kind of like lays out what happened that night in that, like someone came in, while they were sleeping, they stopped the boys. Then they stabbed me which, like okay, that's kind of what we're all assuming happened at that point, but well it's it's a little bit interesting because I don't know how you would No, the order necessarily 'cause. Then she doesn't wake up because she feels any kind of wound. She said she wakes up, because she feels this pressure on her arm, where her sons touching her and even in this whole thing. This is what the little
those are to me is something that people bring up a lot on line. Is she said, she's sleeping downstairs because she's such a light sleeper that her infant son wakes her up moving around his crib, and everyone's like. How would you have slept through yourself? I think our children being stabbed yeah both of your children being stabbed like something isn't feeling right about that. I, like the kids, are little like, obviously as soon as they get hurt, they're going to wake up and be loud like I over one, we fostered a two year old when she wet the bed or cough two hard work yourself up. She would start crying. You know like. Is it possible, though, that their injuries were inflicted like so severely so quick? li that that they couldnt I mean if they're going through like their lungs. I mean air spurting out that they couldn't scream. I mean that is possible right. I mean I'm, not a medical personnel at all, but I mean there's a really good chance, but even at that, like I think of like the ten
it's that we've been making our living room growing up and like we were all over each other like in my mind, visualizing it it almost be difficult. Thio wound one of them without you know, rustling or waking up or startling the other one, because I mean I'm not at least I didn't think until now that they were going like a double knife. Fist situation, yeah,
I mean I just it just seems like one of them are looking up and if a newborn in a crib rustling around in the night week, Starley up. How could she have slept through this and towards the end of the call? I think she says what I find most interesting. She says that she feels really bad and she thinks that she's dying and obviously we know she's not dying, but she thinks she's dying, but has basically said over and over and over that her boys are dying or are dead. The fact that she feels so confident in the path of the boys, but then throws out thank all like maybe I'm also this hurt- is kind of hurts, starting to shift the blame and portrays innocence by making herself
look or sound as severely injured as the boy it's which kind of goes against again, like any sort of maternal or loving instinct like like they're, really hurt. I am really hurt too, like I'm just like them. You should be worried about me too, as opposed to you know. Like don't worry about me, I'm fine, yes, save my babies, she's she's trying to pull some attention under her, which just feels like a key No, so I did read somewhere though, and I I again, I don't know how valid this is, that she didn't even realize she was her until someone like points out to her while she's on the nine one. One call that she was like so distracted that she didn't realize her there was even cut or that you is bleeding so severely. It could just be like the shock kind of like settling into her and her realizing that the blood that she's covered in is partially her own yeah. So one of the things that
I haven't seen pointed out anywhere and- and you don't bring up in the statement blog and nobody seems to really care about that really stuck with me, is throughout the call she keeps referring to this attacker as day they they they like to people or more than one person and every statement she's ever given has been at this one man, one attacker- but I know why she kept saying they on the call again. I don't know if it's in this moment of trauma she's very confused. I don't know. I have no idea what's going through her mind, but I thought it was super weird. It was consistent only they on the nine one call, but since has been consistently one person in all of her statement right right. So just like you, just the guy who does the statement? Analysis blog police, don't like the call. The physical evidence doesn't match her story about picking up the knife. It also doesn't match her story about the guy fast breaking so Darley said that the wine glass broke, as all of this commotion is like happening as she's running after this guy and here's the problem.
And why the physical evidence doesn't match that. If you look at the crime scene photos, there are bloody footprints under the broken glass and there isn't any blood on top of the glass so to police. This tells them that the glass was broken after she had walked around You mean like to stage the scene yeah, that's what they're thinking, because remember the only things that were messed up where that broken glass and the vacuum knocked over and Darley statement is that she used the vacuum as like a crutch, but also police are like. Why there's nothing wrong with your legs. I mean yeah, but the woman is bleeding from her neck. I could see her being in a week or feeling feet and not really being able to like yeah keep herself up, especially, like you said, she's, not even aware that she's injured. No, I. Totally got that. I'm not saying that this, like knocked over vacuum cleaner or the glass on its own, is like the nail in the coffin, but police. Don't love it in combination with everything else, because there is more.
So, in addition to the nine one one call and the lack of blood where she said the knife was and the glass on top of the blood, there are a couple more really important issues that I want to touch on, so first is the blood evidence. Police say that there was a surprisingly small amount of blood on the couch where Darley said that she was sleeping and her assertion. This whole time is that she was cut while she was laying on the couch. Now, you would expect to give his deep neck wound that that's where a lot of the blood would be home, but it seems that there was a large amount of blood like the most amount of blood from Charlie, was over the kitchen sink, which doesn't fit a ton into her story at all. So the police is theory is that after she perpetrated this attack herself, she stood over the kitchen sink and made her own injuries. I just feel like that would be so hard to do to yourself. Well, later, police and prosecutors described her injuries as superficial
and they point out like the boys had been stabbed almost through and through with the knife plunging into them. Why would the attacker not kill their mother in the same way like hers were just a slice of the throw and one sat in the fore arm and why wait to kill her at last and risk her waking up you normal take out the adult first. If, if your again, your only goal is to kill these people, you would want to take out the adult and then go after the kids. So, in addition to the blood evidence, not adding up. They also didn't buy the story about this mystery intruder, cutting through the screen to gain entry into the house. The investigators said that purpose, don't usually cut screens. Like I guess they know it's like well known in park community that and I guess, just pop off screens and the whole thing gets removed. Okay, well one I'm terrified, but that doesn't mean that, like slicing through the screen never happens right. I agree, but that's not the only problem in
Skeeter's also say that there was a layer of dust that was undisturbed on the window. Sill and police said that there was- mulch right under the window and under that there were no footprints. There was nothing that was disturbed, nothing that would indicate to them that anyone ever crawled in or out of that window and if they never left that way, it means they never came in that way either. Now the most incriminating thing about the window, though, was this: there was a bread knife in the knife block that the family had. This is the same knife block that the butcher knife was used, that was an actual murder weapon
when that bread knife was examined, there were fibers on it that were made of fiberglass rods and a rubbery compound will, in this ABC documentary called last defense that I watched about this case. According to the state, that's the same compound you would see in screens, and it would have been impossible for an intruder to cut the screen to gain entry to the home with a knife that was already inside the house, like that, does add up. If we're seen compounds from the knife inside there are in there not cutting to get out right. How would that have happened? Now? All of this added up to just one thing to them. Darley was guilty of murder. Okay, I'm not saying that all the stuff like isn't completely fishy, and obviously we talk about family annihilators before I know it happens, but what was her motive? So there are theories and I'll say off the like right off the topic. I don't think she was
family annihilator? From that study I found last time I think it was when we did the Chris Watch episode. It said that most family Annihilator Sze do kill themselves as well, so if she inflicted her injuries on herself that tracks with that whole thing, but there's a lot that doesn't like she called nine hundred and eleven to save herself and she didn't go after her and her infant son. So I think, at least in my mind, we can completely rule out that theory and police never even try and make that theory. They say that it was about financial freedom and upholding a certain type of lifestyle for Darley and the boys got in the way of that I mentioned at the top of the episode that Darlie and Darin recently built a brand new home, will they also had super nice cars and a boat and we had all these jewelry and when all these kinds of vacations, they were able to do all of that for a long time, because Darren made really good money from the company that he owned and operated. But in the time
for the murders. Things were really slow for them, the money wasn't flowing in like they were used to and they were starting to rack up debt through credit cards, an unpaid back taxes so like how much debt it got up to about twenty two thousand dollars at the time of the murders in one thousand nine hundred and ninety six. But here's the thing Darley wasn't slowing down her spending. She still shopped. She, like I said earlier, was planning a trip to Mexico with her friends. So again. You can look at this two ways. Darley says yeah. I wasn't slowing down because I wasn't worried. I knew the business would pick back up. Everything was fine, the police on the, other hand say that she wasn't slowing down even though she should have been- and things were just getting worse, worse and now she sees the boys as a financial burden. Did they have any life insurance policies on the kids, so they did but nothing significant. I think it was something like five thousand dollars per child which, in the end mostly went to covering expenses for their funeral. So I don't the claim has
for Ben that she was looking to get rich off? Her kids are like that. Their death was going to solve all their financial problems. It was just more that she wanted them out of the way, so they could stop being an expense to her okay. But then, why not kill the infant to they'd? Do give an explanation for that other than maybe it was because the youngest son was in the same room as Aaron and maybe have been too difficult. I, I honestly don't know, but here's what I do know those who believe it Darley to be guilty found a note in her diary. The day he said was as good The confession and the note in Darley's diary that the part that everyone points out is a point where she says. I hope that you'll forgive me for what I'm about to do, and this was written just one month before the police say that she knew she was going to kill her kids and she'd been planning it, and they said that note proved it.
Now. We have a lot of stuff building up against Darley in just the first couple of weeks of the investigation, evidence had started being collected on that very first day on the six they kept. The house sealed off then Darlene's released from the hospital in the eighth. She gives her statement on the ninth. They have a graveside service for the boys. Then then comes the thing that would seal Dar Lee's fate and go on to define this case for decades. Did you know that September isn't national life insurance awareness month, most people don't in fact most people aren't aware they need life insurance at all. That's why forty percent of Americans don't have it policy genius is here to change that policy. Genius is the easy way to shop for life insurance online. It seriously so
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house and our neighbor found out that I did this crime podcast and was like you know you should do the Darlie Routier case. My wife's sister was one of the nurses who took care of her in the hospital and I was totally confused. I was like I don't know. If I've ever heard of that one, it doesn't sound super familiar and he says no, no is really popular. It was the silly string, peace and immediately. I knew it because the silly string defined this case it defined it in one thousand nine hundred and ninety six, and it still defines it in two thousand and nineteen, and this is what all the silly string stuff is about. So on June 14th this would have been Devon's seventh birthday. This is barely one week after the murders mind you darleane her fam
he decide to hold a graveside side celebration. They filled the gravesite with balloons and they invite new stations to come view. It like all the friends and family are there and it's not settling to watch. They sing happy birthday. There spraying silly string over the graves. Kids are running around laughing and R. Lee gives a smiling interview saying that the boys wouldn't have wanted them to be sad, and basically they know there up in Heaven celebrating right now old, that's not a great look. It was not a good look, no, and even now, watching it even knowing the whole case still makes me cringe, and I have to tell you
it's so petty and I'm gonna, let my human show, but not only is she smiling and acting all jovial, but the thing that drives me insane- and I heard like jurors and other people talk about as well as like the way she just like shopping on her gone. The whole time like this is the most casual thing in the whole world. That's also your biggest pet peeve. No, I know it's like my thing, but
There is something just so nonchalant and was flipping about the whole thing that it wasn't just me who felt it like. I said police felt that the jurors felt that the d a felt it the public felt it just a couple of days after this silly string celebration. Now this is on the 17th police finally released the house because they have everything they need and they arrest Darley. The very next day she said she was shocked when they arrested her. She never saw it coming. She couldn't believe they thought she was guilty of this, but they did Darley was taken to court and tried for just the murder of Damon. Why just one of them so the prosecution wanted a backup plan. If they tried both of them together and they lost his double jeopardy, they had no chance again, but they were basically. I can't believe they can do this like to me if, if it happens at the same time and there's like only one theory of what could have happened, I would think you'd have to do it together, but no, they went just for Dame
and so that way if, for some reason they lossed, they could try her again for again the exact same crime, just the other child perpetrated on another child wow. So the prosecution shows the jury, everything they have the bread knife with the screen fibers blood evidence that doesn't make sense her nine one, one call all the jewelry that wasn't taken there. No motive, they told the jury. The only person who had motive was Darley and they showed the tape of the graveside birthday party. The jury watched that tape at trial and asked to see it again during deliberations. They replayed it over and over and over eventually watching it eleven times in total and it was that that made them decide. Darlene was no grieving mother, she was a killer. They found her guilty of murder and sentenced her to death, but there are two sides to every story back when Darlene
convicted. What we told you today was the only side anyone ever heard, but there's so much more. You don't know, and over the last twenty two years, Darlene's defense team has worked diligently to present a very different picture of the case. It will make you question everything we told you today and it will make you wonder if an innocent woman is currently sitting on death row and, if so, where and who is the real killer of the route ear boys we're going to tell you that side of the story and everything that points to Dar Lee's innocence next week. I think you can find all of our sources for this two part story on our website: crime, junkie, podcast, dot, com, there's also a direct link to the sources on pictures in this episode's show notes as well.
And good news for everyone who is part of our fan club? You do not have to wait till next week. The second part is available for you right now, through the fan club feet if you're, not a part of the fan club but dying to hear what happens. You can join by going to our website and clicking the fan club tab for everyone else. He would be back next week: okay, okay, crime junkie is an audio check production. So what do you think Chuck? Do you proof.
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