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In February of 2000, a 9-year-old girl named Asha Degree packed her book bag and tucked it away, waiting for the right time to sneak out of her North Carolina home. To this day, no one knows why she left, or why she was walking along Highway 18 alone around 4 in the morning. And the case would only get more confusing as her belongings start to pop up along that same highway, spaced out over 26 miles, and 18 months.

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and from California and Georgia and for Milo Wild yeah. There is this time last, like one minute, video of the party, that everyone needs to go check out on our instagram at crime, junkie, podcast, but I truly had the best time ever was so amazing meeting these fans talking dancing the night away. I want to live in my sequined jumpsuit that I had made razor yeah. You sent me a use of yourself getting ready and I was like how much fast tape. Are you wearing yeah, not fashion tape? It was fashion glue. I was glued into that jumpsuit, oh my gosh, but you looked like a rock star and speaking of rock star, so even before the party we're getting ready new year's Eve and Brett, you called me crying and do you want to tell people why yeah? I was getting ready to go to the wedding that I had on New year's Eve and I'm just going due to an hour I noticed that amazing writer, who is now my favorite writer, I think road,
he's for rolling stone on the best you're came back guests of twenty eighteen, and we were there you're hurt. Is Laura or sell us. She is my favorite person in the world right now, but we got named in rolling stone and it's not even that we got name not only the company that we were in brat. Amazing. Amazing shows that we love and adore. Yet we look up to these people. It's like been a dream of Irish, create anything that would be in like the realm of these other people, but to see our names like right next to them is insane yes, it was so flattering so amazing we are so thankful to everybody. Who's been listening and sharing. The only reason we're in the top charts of Itunes right now is because of all of you telling your friends and family and getting the word out, and we appreciate so much and action, one of the things that Laura mentioned in the article that we do in that we like to do is talk under reported cases. So I figured there is no better way to start two thousand and nineteen than to tell you
the under reported case of a nine year old girl named Asia, degree who went missing back in two thousand This is one of these stranger disappearances of a young child. I think I've ever read about, and there are a couple of online forums and you two birds that have talked about this case, but I'm a little surprise. It hasn't gotten more attention. So that's what we're Amy for here today are story takes place in February of two thousand and six
all town, called Shelby on the western outskirts of Charlotte North Carolina, the list girl there talking about Asia, is nine years old at the time and she lives at home with her ten year old brother, o Brien, her mom, cooler and her dad Harold son February. Thirteenth was a fairly unremarkable day for the degrees that Sunday they went to church, they ate lunch at their aunt's house, had some candy that they'd gotten for Valentine's day, which was just around the corner and they went with their mom their dad go home that day and stay with them because he had to go work at a second job, Aquila had a normal routine for the kids. She liked to bathe them before bed, but on this day, particular there was a crash near their home that knocked out the power and prevented them them from getting their nightly bath, the the kids to that is their normal time around eight thirty Asia in her white nightgown with red trim and her hair in pigtails. Knowing
that they would have to wake up a little bit early to get that bath at they missed the night before and I gotta be honest, spread. The next part is where research kind of falls off a bit. Things get really fuzzy because I What in circles on mine trying to figure out exactly what happened in an dislike short couple of hours. I wanted to know the exact movement of everyone in that house. Everyone in the family, between eight hundred and thirty and two hundred and thirty in the morning, and I finally had to give because my head was just spinning, there's nothing out there there's stuff out there, but my problem is there's a bunch of keys. Flicking stuff out there and I having a really hard time, try king down all these conflicting accounts to an actual source so I don't know where this is coming from these new articles from two thousand and are really really hard to find. So let me
to tell you the couple of things about what happens between eight thirty and two thirty one It says that around twelve thirty year, old returns home from his job and by This time the power has been turned back on the home now all of them, agree that some time in the night, the power comes back on. That's not really what's in debates really. What time Harold get home, and does he stay home now, Sir articles in for him say that he watches tv to kind of unwind before he goes to bed around two thirty other places I found he gets home then goes back out by Valentine's day, candy for the kids and then Tom later and again goes to bed to thirty Still other places say that after work, he went directly to get candy and then came home later, but again in bed by two thirty, in one or two places that I could never track down to any source.
Even says that supposedly there's a version of this story where he gets home at twelve, thirty an issue is on the couch dressed in normal clothes watching tv and her dad tells her to go to bed which is strangest of all of these yeah, but again cannot to any real source. I have no clue what's real it's not, and this is the problem. With under reported cases and especially under reported cases from almost nineteen years ago, I can't find The actual news articles to see where people got this. telling what is this just a bad game of telephone where the story keeps changing them? More people tell it on line and the more people exaggerate unelaborated or is Harold story actually changing each time and I tend to lean more towards the former thinking that people are making this up years later, trying to create suspicion to give themselves some kind of answer in a case
where there is none but I'll, get more to that later. So what bonds between eight thirty and two thirty is fuzzy, but according to multiple sources and historic kind, to get back on track and everything starts to agree again. The FBI's website, the Charlie projects website aid dad says he checks on the kids before going to bed around two thirty and he sees both sleeping and Mr note, o Brien and Asia actually share a room, so he's able to check on both of them out one's life in the early morning, hours O Brien wakes up and sees Asia standing in their room and its thought that she may have used the rushed room and then gone back to bed guess shortly after this o Brien here's her bed like creaking, but he D, over. He just assumed that she's moving around in her bed, but not placing eyes on her, could have been a mistake because just a few hours later at five, forty in the morning I cool is, arm goes off. She set the
early that morning to give the kids their bath before getting them off to school winter talking about that specific morning, Aquila was quoted telling a newspaper reporter. I woke, February, 14th, two thousand at five hundred and forty five, a dot m. The alarm went off for my children to go to school at six hundred and thirty, a dot m I went to the bathroom two feet away from the door to start the bathwater because they could not take a bath and eight before, since we had a power outage I opened their bedroom door myself, Bryant was under the covers, as he usually slept. I called his name and he jumped up as usual. I realised that issue was not her bed. She. Was on to tell the same reporter how she frantically started searching the house. She said she looked aside: O'Brien's sped because sometimes asian would lay there, but she was there she too the living room, maybe she's gone delay on the couch, but she was there. She checked the kitchen, then
the closets in the house, and this is when she realizes that Asia is nowhere in the home, so she rushes to her bedroom, where she hurriedly dresses, while waking up her husband, tell him that Asia is missing, tabled check the cars, and they start calling family members that she might be with mother who lived just across the street issues and they all the lunch with the day before, to no avail. Aquila said, They found out that she wasn't at her. Grandma's are her aunts that that is when she went into panic mode. She called her own mother, hysterical and told her what was happening? and that's when her mother said up the phone and call the police I found a transcript of the nine when one call which appears to be accurate but full disclosure again. This did not come from a news article. This came from the deep dark web of the where I spent hours and hours and hours so
I think I'm gonna Reed, Harold who's, the one that I he called nine when one embryo, do you want to read the dispatcher sure thing. Nine online, yes, I'd like to import a child missing from when from my house once you're drunk three for drive is this crystalline business environment in which my men okay, is she missing from three thousand four hundred and four or thirty, four thousand and sixty three four hundred and four me there is not an apartment number, it's three slash four now. Now it's not like an or be now. What's your name, Harold Degree
our phone number, Harold the next door. Neighbor said she went down the road and said that she was just a kid on the road. What's child's name Asia degree. What's her full name, Asia Aquila degree. Can you spell that, for me, ass. I hear you what J, a q? U I mean a q, a I l, L a degree yeah. How old? Is she nine? Why you're black black? When did you last see her Last time I went to bed, she was in bed, we got up this morning called her to get up to school and she wasn't there and her book bag is missing and her pocketbook so you don't know if she got dressed or she still got on her bed close or what we don't know was the door open or anything no her brother sleeps in there with her and when he, when he was in there, he didn't
when she got up okay, alright, Harold, I will get an officer to get in touch with you just as soon as possible. If you do happen to locator, please call us back and let us know: okay, okay, thanks Police were on scene by six, forty to search the home and the near by areas pull even brought search dogs with them, but the dogs were unable to pick up issues sent when the police corps The home and realise that issue was nowhere inside the expanded, the search to surrounding neighbourhoods and streets by seven o clock. Neighbors and friends had awoke and shocked by the news offer their services. Of searches well, but neighbourhood by neighborhoods street by street. They find nothing, not a single sign of, or item belonging to Asia, as
search is going on. Police do star, processing the degree home like a crime scene, but there doesn't appear to have been a crime committed, no forced entry, no blood, no sign that any one, but the family was inside that home in full. Not only do they find nothing pointing to an intruder taking Asia, but they found and evidence that perhaps Asia left on her own accord? Based on that nine, when one call police know that her backpack, along with her purse, some clothes sneakers, all missing. A neighbor saw her walking away by herself Did she leave on her own if she did a Where was she going in Coochie? in trying to meet somebody one police start to explore the idea that Asia left on her own. They start to think that maybe this was something had been planning, but each
Parents say no way. This was so. Unlike Asia, you see she and her brother lived pretty sheltered lives. They didn't have a computer in their home outside it, school church and basketball. They didn't do a whole lot of socializing and beyond this Asia's parents say that she was deathly afraid of dark. She was dead. Afraid of storms and of dogs, so she would not have left the home in the of the night in the dark. Why by the way it was storming also They said that Asia was shy and timid. She was not the kind to run away and it's real pretty rare that you hear of kids who live in pretty stable homes running such a young age? Yes, nine she's. Ok, I feel like I've read somewhere that runaway age kind of starts at twelve and nine as much younger yeah, that actually with something that I came across in this specific case that someone from
FBI was, I believe, like said this guy. Is it at age, twelve that they start really classifying kids as runaways and usually their younger than twelve, the omens, always assume something happened to them. Like some kind of foul, play unless there's like a specific reason like something crazy was going on in the home, but that doesn't seem like it's a case here right. Everything here is pointing to the fact that she left willingly also. I should mention that all the doors were locked in the home and Cios parents woke up now she had a but she kept in her book bag. So she seems to have left on her own locking the door is behind her and what the lease and the FBI later say is that it appears that her bag had impact well in advance. It seems as if she had prepared to make it trip and she got everything ready so that she wouldn't risk waking up her brother that night and there's something
to suggest that she left willingly and on her own, citing of Asia start to come up with same night that she went missing two motorists say they saw a young black girl matching her description. King, along a two lane highway. This is high. We eighteen sometimes between three thirty and four o'clock in in the morning, the same night she thought to have left her house. Nothing about this, citing makes sense. I mean it was perfect, description of her, so the FBI, the police, believe it is her, but again so bad weather, it's storming raining, there's a little girl, walking alone on the side of the highway, because it happened. I understand why it's stuck out that nothing about this is normal, how far away the highway from her house will at the time these spotted her. She was just about a mile away from her home and she was walking along the road in the door, action toward town and this actual
the road she would have been somewhat familiar with and a direction she would have gone before, because this is actually the direction her school bus used to go. The motorists who saw her did they mention what she was wearing. What she saw my gun, No. She was now in a long sleep, white shirt and pants based on the items missing from her house. Police and family were competent, that this was her from what I read and again these aren't one hundred percent confirmed accounts, but it seems that there were like two full outfits that were missed and one of them was like gene with a white long sleeved short either. The motors called nine when one about the siting so? No and obviously this is one of the biggest mistake in the case, if not the biggest, I mean we probably wouldn't be here. Nineteen years later, if someone would have seen a nine year old girl on the side of the highway during a storm and just called the police right, like an oral verse.
Like a normal person. Multiple people see a little girl. King among the highway, but no one report, say now and I did try and help her. He says that he made a: u turn to pull on the road and ask her she need help, but he said that as soon as he rolled down his window, she freaked out and ran away from the road into this. Tree line just down by two straight cross from the road and the man didn't see her again to me. This is like even more reason to call the police like yeah a little kid just ran into the woods yeah and it's not like dense woods, but you know how there's like three lines on the side of rural roads, rural highways. We had that all over Indiana yeah definitely after this citing there were no more sightings of Asia on the road anywhere. Two days after this, there was just nothing No sightings, no items found searches continued, and there were thirty and of man. Hours poured into this case, but
absolutely nothing surfaced until February, seventeenth police in there search make it to this property off of highway. Eighteen, that's the highway Asia was seen walking on. And when they start questioning the lady who owns it, asking if she saw anything, a light bulb goes off for her she didn't see a girl, but she did find something on her property on the fifteenth, something I didn't mean much at the time because she didn't know Asia was missing, but something that now she thinks might be significant on the fifth She went to her shed and found a making them terrible? A green marker and a pencil all just inside of the shed like right inside the front door when she takes these back to the shed and gives them permission to search. They find and even more the fines. candy wrappers and they confirm
those were the same kind that Asia had gone after playing in a basketball game on Saturday before she went missing, she had been there But why had she gone there? Where was she now, despite finding this whew. They were days behind her and they weren't able to track her movements. They were forced to for another led to surface, and that lead wouldn't come for eighteen months after her disappearance but when that lead comes, it leaves everyone with more questions than answers. Today's episode was made possible in part with better help. Is some so interfering with your happiness or maybe This preventing you from achieving vehicles most days for me, main thing. Preventing me from achieving my goals is my daughter's request for a third consecutive viewing of mighty pups, but let me tell
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professional in fact, so many people have been using better help that they are currently running additional councillors in all fifty states, and there is special offer just for countering he listeners get temperature. Off your first month by visitor better help, dot com, slash crime, junkie,. In August two thousand and one a car factor, is cleaning out some land off of highway. Eighteen, the area near the shed were was last seen, but some twenty six miles from her home and in a different direction, than she had been seen walking on the night she disappeared, as this man is digging and clearing the land he comes. Cross a black trash bag a bag. Been buried on his property, he knew he never buried this so who did and what could be inside
this man gets off of his excavating equipment and makes his way over to the black trash bag. He picks it up, rustling in his hands and opens it to find another black trash. It's strange to say the least, and when he opened that second bag inside he find A child backpack now just any childs backpack written in the bag was, his name and telephone number now, obviously all of our crying he's at the time would have been following the case and freaking out after coming upon this, but this guy been following news. This guy had no idea a young girl had been missing from this area of town for over eighteen months, but it still weird enough and stuck with him enough to mention it to his wife. The next morning at breakfast and luckily his wife had been paying attention and thank God because it makes me sick to my stomach
to think that he could just throwing it away or like never knew what he was holding onto and how important a piece of evidence he had in his hand. Yeah that's insane once they what what they, actually they, they contact police. Descend on this guy's property to do a thorough search of the land. Having no idea, if they're going too far, more evidence, or maybe Asia herself after an extent of search, all they come up, are so Annabelle bones and a pair of men's khaki pants the bag was sent To a federal laboratory for testing but they cited a pending investigation and never released the results I haven't been able to find any thing on the pants either. I assume they were deemed unrelated, but like me, and since I ve been working with the police and going through court case files here in Indiana. Those pants are exactly the kind of thing
We would get excited about possibly finding some kind of dna on with all this new technology. No grand I have no info on how close or how far those were found from Asia's bag, and all of that would play into how likely it would be that they're actually connected, but the FBI's releasing nothing nothing from the pants, nothing from the bag. They say this is an ongoing investigation, but that makes me think they found something they're holding on to some piece of evidence as they're like in the whole, so when they get somebody big improve he's the guy, because he knows be what's in the bag or the condition of the bag. I don't know. How? Where does this whole thing, though? Like clear a nine year old, isn't going to put her book back in to trash bags and then barrier right I mean I can't even see how you'd want to get rid of it, because it's the only thing that she had with her and it has all of her possessions, but if somehow she did get rid of her back,
no way is she doing it like this? So we have to assume someone else buried it right. Yeah I think so because you're right, if she wanted to get rid of her backpack, why and Does she doing it like this and it seems like whoever buried it? There was trying to preserve it, But if you were just wanting to get rid of it because it was evidence or linked it back to you. You just wanted it gone. Well, I double bag it before you buy it right to me. That's like I'm trying to preserve this. So what you can go back and get it later. Nothing makes sense yeah, it's really strange, Nor did they somehow know that they like area was about to be excavated and they wanted it to be found. But even in that came to me, if you had buried here recently, you knew you knew, is gonna get found. Why double bag it unless you wanted something preserved, there's something inside of their that you were like taunt, Police and wanted them to find an
I would also want to know him and he never released as like how fresh the area where was buried. Did it look like it had been there for eighteen months? Did it look like it had been placed there a few weeks ago? All of this is unanswered all of these questions I have, but I think we definitely have a perpetrator, and this is something I think most people who look at this case can agree on including Asia family. They say that, yes, even though it doesn't make sense, it wasn't her personality. She probably look house of her own free. Well, that's what all the evidence points to. Somewhere along the way she had to have met with foul play, investigators officially announced that they consider Asia's disappearance to be a criminal matter and foul play is suspected after that book bag is discovered. Do you know, did they ever consider the parents as people of interest or potential suspects, or
Was it pretty clear all along that they had nothing to do with it, so they actually did for a hot minute. Aquila said that they were looking at the family hard in those four few hours after she was missing, but they start to realise that something bigger was going on when they got those sightings of Asia. The day that she went missing, even though they started looking outside of the family. Like the same day. The is going back to the family. In March, just a month after Asia went missing when all the leads were drying up, they gave both of them polygraphs, and I assume they did. Okay, because neither Herald or Aquila were ever named as suspects or persons of interest. I think, now again. Nineteen years later, I have no idea what happened the early days, but after these sightings after we find that backpack, I don't think unfortunately have any lingering suspicions about the family or if they do they've, never said it publicly. Okay, no backpack would be the last piece of physical evidence ever.
And in this case- and I am not sure the last time, the back back or the trash bags were forensically tested, but I would hope that the family is pushing the FBI to have that stuff retested, because its like the only hope for answers at this point, we does not mean there has been nothing since two thousand and one not exe, that was the last piece of physical evidence. Okay, so in two thousand and fourteen the case kind of gets stirred again because a man named Donald Ferguson, gets arrested. And he is all over the news and starts getting linked issues and I need to tell you a little bit about why Donald is in the news in night in ninety a seven year old girl name, shall launder pool, went missing and she was found. One day after her disappearance,
behind an elementary school. She had been sexually assaulted, stabbed and strangled. Her case had actually gone unsolved for many many years until Were the dna hit in her case in toothache, and in fourteen- and DNA head came back to Donald Fergus in a man. And who had known the pools a man who had helped the family search for falander when she had gone missing as he was stead and tried and investigated. It came to light that he had actually been in North Carolina at the time of issues disappearance and a lot of people wonder if he could have been involved. The cases are a little different because, Ok, there's two years different age, but I think it's still to me seven and nine, or almost like the same, but definitely not same bracket, yeah yeah all he knew shall launch. So he could have been grooming her where
Asia would have been a total. Ranger. But it's not completely out of the question that perhaps he was just driving Lee night saw her walking- is perfect victim just there for the taking crime of opportunity yeah, but Then why was she out there in the first place, it's absolutely killing me and I thought about it every which way and nothing makes sense to me. Again. The investigator said whatever they found made them think that she'd plan this trip four days before she had laughed, but they find any reason, no abuse in the home, no real reason whatsoever. Some people say that She was sad about her team losing a basketball game. The Saturday before she disappeared, like she was apparently the star of the team and that game she had to sit out, and so she felt really bad. But I know that you pack your bag and plan to leave home because your team lost their first game. Some people say she was
inspired by this book. She was reading about a runaway who had all these adventures. But again, none of this really plays into what we know about her in her personality yeah I was gonna say even I have very different personalities and even as a kid You are totally the type to get mad and run away right. Well, so here's the thing I think I was a type I get mad and threatened to run away, but I would ever I I never actually went through with it. I never packed a bag. The also abuse in you to like now, here's the thing guy with where I would have never threatened to do that and I think the difference Is I if I ever like I had to, and I think that's the real thing it's like at the end of the day was mad at my parents, but like nothing ever, maybe really want to go, but I had full coverage in some myself- that if I had to leave like I would survive if on the land by myself, just fine, whereas I would be like I'm gonna die. So I'm just gonna stay here. I guess so. That's yeah,
But I feel like she was maybe a little bit more of my personality than yours. Well and that's what they kept saying like she never even threatened to rent yeah. That's what they kept saying over and over like She wasn't dramatic. She never once about running away crazy that this, like one football gamer. She raises one book and then she's a game and leave at three clock in the morning its storming and walk of the highway to go. We're like none of this makes sense is there any possibility that someone maybe could have lured her or she was going to meet someone somewhere but who like I have to believe. Nineteen years later they looked into every one in her life they haven't found any suspects. So that's a case like Falander were sown was grooming. Her who this person to have they stayed totally under the rate are like You know in two thousand and nineteen I'd love to be like. Oh, she probably met this person online at anyone. Have a computer exactly and
also like in two thousand, how many nine year old were in chat rooms. The two. Thousands internet is not the twenty nineteen, and you know I mean no totally theirs going to say when you talking about the news articles, news agents, local news agencies weren't even putting articles online into in like two thousand two thousand and one very rarely do they even have websites. I mean this is the baby internet she would have had to have like Metz like somebody online at a computer that was maybe at her school which, what they, probably I wasn't even the internet price had like computer games. I mean I I just find it really really really hard to believe that she was being groomed by some Stranger so the most likely issues gonna meet somebody, it's somebody in that she knew in her daily life in their circle, whose just like gone totally under the radar, but we don't know. So in two thousand and fifteen, the FBI, I announced that they are re investigating the case.
And they, along with the community, come up with forty five. Thousand dollars as a reward for anyone with information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person involved it take. A year and still super unclear exactly what the Tipp was that came in, but in me two two thousand and sixteen a new does does come in and from I mean somehow they they decide that lead is super credible and they, make an announcement to the public that the Asia went missing. She was seen getting into a dark green. Early seventies, Lincoln Continental Mark for or possible. A dark green early seventies afford Thunderbird
and she was seen getting into this car along route, eighteen or highway? Eighteen near where she was last seen by those two motorists? Now the car was described as having rust. Around the wheels but they're both pretty distinct, cars sober you have pictures of these car, so the fur one is the Lincoln. Second one is the four Thunderbird member. This isn't like a case that happened in the seventies. Eighty eighties, this is the two thousand, and these are very distinctive cars in two thousand, there classics yeah, they are absolute boats. I used to drive a lincoln and a kind of miss it there there actually really both cool guy. It's really cool yet again their classic cars. So I is why this would have stuck out. Knocking, though that we don't know like
who own that anything else right you think they like treat treason down, who own these kind of cars in two thousand, might have been a little simpler yeah. I mean access to like admistration stuff like that? I mean there can't be that many of these cars left in two thousand. I would think- and you know of course, whoever put in this tat didn't get any kind of license plate where they out of state and I mean I almost wonder why you, maybe she was going in the wrong direction to see a license plate, but again even a little girl walking on the side of the road getting into a car, also red flags, yeah, advice, someone called nine one, one for the love of God: okay suit. Besides the red flags Why now why? In two thousand sixteen does this person come forward with this information when they sought in the night. She went missing that something that I seen everybody go into rabbit holes aren't because it is super straight. I don't
to me I don't know if it's just because maybe they they heard a podcast or Youtube. Video unity saw this case and, like oh, I remember that because it was super you to me. If it didn't stand out to enough to remember it and report it at the time it shut, saying that you would like recur. And two and two together now yeah and recall it well enough, but I have to leave like who ever put in this Tipp New something very specific that only person who actually saw that wouldn't know, because otherwise, I don't know why the police would take it F b. I would take it so seriously. You know I mean like it may be, they knew she was wearing something or saw something specific I don't know what could they have said that was so believable that we have this chip now like. I can't even think of something Yes, I believe you now, because you said this one thing right and something I wonder to is this kind of calls into question the whole time I mean
thought we knew because we You say I mean every report. They say she went to that shed so did she run away? Go to that shed, come back and get in the screen car? Did she actually never make it to the shed at all and all of that again that keeps coming up in airport after they know about the screen car? So I feel like she had to had made it to the shed at some point and there's no real details about what time they saw her get into the car. Maybe it was daylight which would make more sense how they know it's a dark, green car. So it was later that morning I mean I I have. Thousand questions about why this tape was validated. But there are some there's something there not telling us for them too. With this out as like fact, in the case, unfortunately, because this person waited so long is be way harder to track down that car likely is changed, hands so many times between two thousand and two that sixteen. Now to those in nineteen
like who knows who own debt does the shot in the dark, but any chance, Donald Ferguson, ever on the green car, like this girl, I was Searching but I wasn't able to find out anything I am still dying to know, I'm dying to know about anyone in North Carolina or the surrounding states who owned either of those in two thousand, I feel like they're, pretty distinctive cars, and you know one thing: this to me too. If she got in why I most things she. This goes back to maybe her being lured out there. I almost she would have to know the person, because if you remember that other motorist, whose trade, to to help her ran away from yeah. She freaked out and ran away from him and again I what about this person, who rolled up did they just look familiar hide. And I dont know I could theorize four days, but the truth is we have. No answers
in two thousand and seventeen, the FBI, their car team, and I don't know if you remember that from our monster in Fort Wayne episode on April Tinsley, yeah they're, like the specialized team that go out on like abductions and really likely to be solved. Cases four specifically for children and by the way, total side no, but I have gotten all of your messages listeners. We are working on a follow up episode about April tensely and her are being arrested and sentenced. Please be patient, it taking some time. We thought there would be a trial that we were going to cover he put guilty. Working on it. We hear you it's gonna happen plenty
so they assembled is car team in Asia case and according to Wikipedia so take. This is what you well. They ve done over three hundred interviews since they started in late two thousand and seventeen, but the interviews and re investigations haven't led to any new developments in the case and law enforcement and the family are waiting for that. One person with the right peace. Information that person who know somebody in two thousand. It was drive that kind of green card that person who made He heard a story from a friend about picking up a young girl on the road that night that person with the one piece of information that could break this key,
wide open. If you have any information on Asia Degrees case, you can submit a zip through the FBI Charlotte Office at seven hundred and four six hundred and seventy two six thousand one hundred, and if you want to see the cars that we're talking about just to double check, because maybe they sound familiar, you can go to our website and go to our episodes blog for this specific episode at crime, junkies, podcast com and Brett. If people want to check us out on social, you can follow us on Twitter at Comcast Podcast, and we will be back next week with a brand new episode. This episode of crime junkie was researched, written and hosted by me with cohosting by Britt Praat. All of our editing and sound production was done by David flowers and all of our music, including our theme, comes from Justin Daniel,
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