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MISSING: Bethany Decker


In 2011, Bethany Decker's life was far from easy. As a young wife and mother with a husband overseas in the military, things were strained. When her husband comes back for a short leave, Bethany shares some shocking news and then disappears, never to be seen again.

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You know I'm obsessed with missing person cases, and especially the ones were pretty sure. The person just didn't walk off on their own, because I just can't get it through my head, how another person could just make a human disappear off the face of the earth and leave no clues behind and today is one of those stories. I also really want to cover this case, because I can't find another pike has that has So I think it important that someone keep talking about missing person. Bethany Decker, Bethany is a young woman from Virginia. She was a star student at her high school and went on to study at George Mason University she's one. People, I'm always baffled by who can do incredible and school without actually having to try super hard during her freshman year there she meets a young man named a meal decker he's in the hour of tcp grant after school and they ended dating for three years
young therein love, so a meal aspects need to marry him and shortly after they get engaged, she gets pregnant with their first child. So by Twenty Bethany has a husband and wife. The boy named Kai, and they said a pretty well, but it doesn't take long for the stress to set in the sky marriage, financial strain and the stress of a new baby. That is a lot, and I can't imagine doing it at twenty yeah. I got married at twenty no baby by it was not a walk in the park. It's it's hard and Bethany is eyes and a mom Anne she still trying to go to school and she gets a job to help with their finances. If she has a lot going on and to pile on top of that, a meal goal has always been to have a career in the military, so he begins training with the national guard. Knowing that the plan will be four hundred deployed to Afghanistan. Eventually, he's
on all the time for training and Bethany is working in going to school. So they aren't getting to spend the kind of time together that it takes to make a marriage work. So naturally, things start to become strained between them. And the cherry on top of this Sunday is that a meal got no days that he's gonna have to go to camp at Highbury for training and then he's gonna get deployed. Hey, isn't camp outer burial located in Indiana yeah, it's like South Central Indiana and just a little background on this place, because I think it's fascinate history, and I had no idea until like six months ago that this was a going on down their camp a very includes the misguided, tuck urban training centre, which is this one thousand acre real World simulation Centre. It's like a completely self sustaining city and gonna go to attend to detail, because the history of this place is like a whole episode in and of itself really is a fascinating story of like the history of mental illness in our country and the military and actually incredible,
I put some info on our website. You definitely check it out, but basically there was a time after insane, asylum were deemed inhumane where people thought that the mentally ill shouldn't be in a hospital. Also they didn't want them like living among us. So perfect I thought they should all live together in their own community, away from the quote. Normal people and Somebody decided that the best place for these people would be legal rural communities, so in nineteen nineteen misguided took state Relevant centre was established and it was called home for me, two unstable people, but the people there were so called inmates and they would after work turn their keep doing like farming or maintenance or professional services, and they This place completely self, sustaining like walled off from the rest of the world. They had their own water source, farm schools we ve had our church. It was this whole community, completely isolated from the rest of the world.
Eventually the government, stepped in and decided that even this was inhumane and daily, when in one day and forced everyone out government, took over the property, but literally when they came in and clear them out, it was, overnight and people said when you went there, it looked like the whole town just there were like dental too. In Gaza still out, because they were worked in the middle of procedures. People left are closed and purse no belongings, like very creepy stuff. It's naturally lead to like all these go stories, even other people there were killed. They were just kicked out and now there's some crazy. Top secret military set that goes on. There are like, and not just from the. U S other countries from all over the world like come too this little town in Indiana, two rent out this simulation centre and they use like testing and trading, so totally fascinating.
But that is where a meal was going right before he was leaving and right before he goes off to training. Bethany starts stick with the guy that she met from work, whose name is Ronald like nothing, crazy, The thirty year than you'd want your wife. Being with some, do you know so a meal ends up finding these text messages and he confront sir and she's, whereas nothing is going on with this guy. It's just harmless flirting and he believes her, and this It opens up a bigger conversation. She tells him that she's been really unhappy. She feels like they rush into their marriage. They rushed in having a child, she's just super stress and she's, not sure if this is what she wants, any more but a meal says that they try to patch things up and before he left use, actually feeling ok about their relationship and like knew that they were going to contain. Work on it and, like wasn't super shaky about Worthing stood when he leaves Bethany and moving into an apartment in Ashford Virginia, which is actually closer to where she worked and sheep.
It's her son with her mom to care for him just ass. She can keep working in going to school. So I don't know like what this we should was, are how permanent it was. I dont know that she, like transport custody in terms name, but she didn't kill it. She could do all of that. While raising a child on her own. While her husband was, training and then deployed when it well. First leaves for training. Things seem ok, they're talking on the phone frequently. She seems happy until nowhere call should stop one day and he tries to reach over and over Paulie texting. Nothing until finally, he gets a hold of her one day and her phone picks up and sure enough, on the other end its her and where he can even speak into the phone, she just says: I don't love, you do not to me anymore and in the background
he hears a man scream, something like man up and then like some export is and then click the phone discos dead. And he knew for sure right then that she was with someone else, and he didn't know it was the same guy that she was texting or someone new really didn't matter. He knew with some one was breaking up his marriage, so when he was deployed in October, two thousand tat ten, he left not knowing the state of his marriage is he gonna come actual wife was yet a connect to a divorce. He had no idea now, time before he comes home for a short leave on January, seventeenth of two thousand and eleven a meal Bethany had planned a trip to Hawaii. Have to assume they plan this before she stopped talking to him and likely before he even left for training or while he was at training, but I dont know for sure either way he gets back leave on January, seventeenth and he's so excited to see his son and to get a chance to see his wife in person and hopefully try and figure out
it's been going on and see if they can work things out? Well, when he land he gets a bombshell greeting Bethany, Tell him that, yes, she had been cheating on her out. What a welcome home I know, but that the palm shell bombshell is that she was pregnant with this other guys child that exclude quickly, and that I was in fact Ronald who cheapen been texting with before he laughed and a meal said in an interview that he wasn't even shocked. I mean he knew something was going on, but he felt like he was getting below after blow from her to learn about this. Sir but it didn't rock his world in the way that I think it would for most of us. He also that he had just literally been at war for four months, so He was just happy to be home and be alive and he with his son. So it really put everything else into perspective for him, which it's insane to think about
not being like rage are devastated by this, but, like you said, Polly literally just bed in a war zone. I guess I get how this situation seems pretty tame yeah, so they still and of taking this trip to Hawaii, yet that they had planned and when he's home with her Bethany, wasn't as firm as she had been with him on the phone that last time they spoke. She said now she wasn't sure who she wanted to be with, and she just paralyzed like she couldn't make a decision well when they get back from Hawaii, A Bethany still can't decide a meal says he's willing to take her back and he is willing to like put the work in to make their marriage work. But Bethany is torn. I mean she's married to as a child with him, but she's literally also pregnant. This other guys baby, like she's, very caught in the middle January twenty Eightth Bethany goes, her grandmothers house in Colombia Maryland to visit for the day, and they work Make homemade pizza like have dinner together and during their time her grand
can tell that she super overwhelm. She was just not at peace with her life. She had so much on her plate for such a young girl and her grimaces handled it pretty well up into that point, but her family could tell all of it was catching up with her, and all of it was weighing on her now and Her grandma and Beckley had had a very close relationship, and that day, Bethany was looking to her grandma for advice like what, what Do you like? This is a crazy situation at a man. I don't know what, where to go from here and her grandmother had told her like what do you want for your life? What are your dreams? I know who feel obligated to all these different people. Like your husband, you have a boyfriend. You bye, baby added another baby on the way, but like you're, Bethany, you're you're, not Beth the wife another thing the mother like. What are you need and she didn't have any? that night she D shared that she had never been more stressed and it was taking a toll on her her grandma said she seemed really strap did an almost frightened and
They said that they had never seen her like this before so later that Give me a meal actually comes over to join them for pizza and he and and you were planning on staying the night at her grandma's, and this Where the night turns strange. They're all sitting down to dinner together in our dinner goes on. Bethany is getting more and more anxious. She keeps checking her phone every time she checks it. She's getting more agitated sir, coming in one after another, and she tells her the only that their from Braun is getting so worked up and almost paranoid, and finally, she just get up from the table. Announces everyone that she has to go in her grand eggs her to stay, but Bethany just says: listen, you don't understand. What's gonna happen to me, if I don't go home, things will get bad. If I don't leave and she grabbed her phone grabs, her keys and walks out the door and a meal follows her.
When battening walked out of her grammars home that we be The last time, someone from her immediate family would ever see her again her group, mother and her mother didn't know. Anything was even wrong, though, and that she was not there February seconds, that's. When a meal was scheduled to deploy back to Afghanistan, he and Beth me had a deal that really no matter what was going on their marriage. She was gonna, see him off at the airport, but she, show up a meal The first thing he does is call her work and he learns that not only has he not should have to send him off. She hasn't shown up for work in a week. So. He then immediately calls her mom and grandma and tells them he's as listen. This isn't feel right I know that you'd be here for this. Something is off, and but he had just like at that, so without knowing where his wife was, he leaves for Afghanistan after
like sounding the alarm to her family, it's a little weird, but him left without knowing what was going on right. I know people may be tired of hearing this, but again you just never no house like someone else is going to treat a situation. I mean all oh, I don't know how the military works. I have a feeling that just not showing up after your leave is something I could get you in some serious hot water with them good point either way he leaves her family with this red flag and they try and get a hold. For that day, but no one's able to reach her, but just Nobody will reach her knowing it. Well. There calls tags this, violent missing person report. They say that they didn't think she was really missing at that time. Apparently she was like a person who was really hard to get a hold of in general it, wouldn't be unusual for her not to return multiple calls an tax from somebody, though not reaching her, and they were
as bugged out about her missing a meals deployment as a meal was because they kind of chalk that up like you guys admirable problems like she seen similar guy she's pregnant. This baby, like maybe she's, not going to calm, like maybe you just one or two, but she wouldn't put still thought it was normal even after she must work for that's what I don't know like. I don't know how much a meal told them on the phone to me. I can get. You just can't get a hold of her and she didn't show up. But if he did TAT when that she'd been missing, wherefore, we get its super strange to me in the family. All got polyglot. Instead, it's all in the up and up. I think it is just like a huge miss on their part and, the biggest mistake that they could have made because three weeks go by and no one hears from her, and no one even knows that she's missing and bread, when I was a researching. This is when I texted you with that message.
Like if I ever go six hours without responding to you like sound all of the alarms like I don't care. What eriksson I gotta, every sleeping like six hours is the max that I should not respond, and then you look file a missing person report yeah. I mean we ve, got a couple conversations in week or so, where I couldn't get a hold of you for like ten minutes and started freaking out and trying to contact you another platforms. Yes, a three weeks to me, as I mean so much time is loss and her family said that the fact that she was hard to get a hold of coupled with the fact that she was in work in school, they just but that she was busy your button, Didn't her mom. Have her son Kai at this point? Wasn't it weird that she hadn't around the child. For three weeks that I don't know, I would think that that would have stood out along with the missing work stuff. But I couldn't find anything about the cadence of her visits to him, so I can't say all I know is that it didn't
take out as unusual enough for her family to call the police. Oh those three weeks. It's not there wasn't anyone trying to reach her, but they just getting any responses and it just wasn't bothering them. So what made them? Finally think something was wrong. It was actually one of batteries friends she hadn't heard from her for a while, in one day when she was on Facebook MESSENGER, she saw Bethany name pop up was online and active, so she reaches out and sets high and ask me how she's doing and she says right away when response came through. She knew she was not talking to Bethany full body. So like any good crime donkey. She didn't the personnel she like kept the conversation going while she called Bethany grandmother and she's like in a panic at this.
Point and her grandma answers the phone and she tells her like what's been going on, she tried to talk to Bethany. She thinks that actually her and she that someone is impersonating her and I know it about. He's grandma like we're. U story, like maybe she's having an off day. What is making you think, that's exactly, and she said could tolerate away that it wasn't her. So I started asking her questions. That only. She would know the answer to stuff about our friendship or whatever She doesn't know the answers to any of them and she's just of waiting. All of the questions, so beckoning Graham immediately gets up, gets dressed and goes to her apartment like this is finally a reason for them to be really concerned and when she gets there, one is home, but Bethany Car is parked in the parking lot, but its parked kind of weird like enough to call Its concern for the family, like it's not all the way in the spot and her family that kind of looked like it was just pushed there may be and quickly abandon
and they said quote, it's not how she would park which something that would never, ass my mind. I have no idea about summons, like parking signature, but I think they just meant that it looked out of place and not normal for any one when they find the car. But no then is when they finally call the police and police up on this right away, because its clear that no one has talked to her in weeks and police are immediately concern. Because, instead of starting like one day or couple days after person goes missing, they are starting way behind and they have a three week lag on the last time she was seen. They do the usual rounds. First talking to friends and family trying to get a bead on where and when she was last seen as far as and his family knew a meal was the last person to see her because he had followed her out of her grim, there's house the night she laughed detectives want to talk to him. He's in Afghanistan, so they
Have to settle for exchanging some emails while they work with the military to get him sent back for questioning what he tells is yes. He did leave and follow her out of her grandmothers house, but That's the last time he saw her too. They didn't actually leave together and she went back to her apartment and he back to the house where he was staying on, leave. This episode was made possible? By simply say with homesick, there are two ways you can go about: protecting her home. There's the traditional way where you wait weeks for a technician to do a messy installation that causes a small fortune or there's the other way simply say so,
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police get their three hundred and fifty times faster simply safe dot com. Flash crying junkie. Police start searching the fields near Beth Knees apartment complex, but they come up with nothing. They're doing this behind the scenes. There are also working on getting a search warrant for her apartment and when it finally comes out and is released to the public. The community and I think a meal are all kind of shock to learn that and he didn't live in her apartment alone. Raw actually lived there with her, also colluded in a search warrant is a blurb stating that run was actually the last person to see Bethany, not a meal. Eight hundred under that did we know that when did they find this out, I don't know. You know the police always know more than they let out to the public. So somehow they had to have known that she did
make it back to her apartment with RON after she saw a meal but they're not telling us how they nonetheless, it's this love triangle that propels Bethany story into the national headlines. She's, Young wife, a mother pregnant with another means baby, while her husband's overseas at war, its law, a soap opera and the new whose outlets com flooding in- and this is what makes me so frustrated with media and everyone's attention span. This was a huge story back in two thousand and eleven, but who is talking about it. Now, how many outcasts. Episodes are there about Bethany like they take. These two is there to them off? They use them for ratings, they split them out and then what like? The families are just left with no no answer. They just makes me like so mad anyways as this is making its way through the public to theories are starting to emerge either a
You was angry when he found out about Bethany being pregnant with bronze baby and when she still could decide between the two of them, even after their Hawaii trip and him offering to take her back. Even though should with another means baby like he. No doubt it was too much for him to take off really be the new boy and was pissed that the husband came back into the picture both unlike ran off to Hawaii together and like even being in town, made Bethany question. If she wanted to stay with withdrawn when she was pregnant with his baby, a meal even said that he thought there could be a third option where something sinister happened to her by a stranger. You know he's just like the problem is we don't know anything. We have no proof of anything. So I gather those are the two slightly theories, but we haven't, we have nowhere to go. It could be anything right when police do a search of running Bethany Apartment they take all of his electronics. Phones can be
it is hard drive, CD, roms anything that can prove he tried to hack your facebook or impersonate her online, because they're pretty sure that she has been missing since she was last seen her grandma's and whoever took her or killed her, probably also the person trying to impersonate her on her facebook account police, still won't say what, if anything, found on his computers or phone in that search warrant clearly if they did find anything. It wasn't enough for an arrest because they didn't arrest wrong after that search, but they start to look at him more closely and what they hear him. Does it make them feel any better, even though a meal didn't really know about RON, Bethany, friends and families did they knew she was carrying on in a fair and from what I can tell they didn't like pusher towards it, they also just kind of had this. You know whatever makes you happy attitude about it, but
as their relationship went on things, got kind of unsettling RON was very controlling, for example, one time she the mall with her friend they were gonna, go shopping and had dinner. Will when there the restaurant. She would not put her found out. She was constantly texting hand and she leaving early because she said she had to get home what she could have dinner at the restaurant big issue to get home and make him dinner? Oh no, no note there were other similarly disturbing stories that came to Light God, like what like she would have to text in pictures of like when she was hanging, with friends who she was hanging out with to prove that she was actually with that person and where they were, and he would follow her too, friends and families. Houses like openly follow her too, like let her know he was watching, but he would
sit outside their houses. While she visited with that you now, instead of going inside like a normal human, yet it was totally a control thing, and the family now tells these stories of him being fit. Being an emotionally abusive to her now There are now telling me stories: why did they get her out of their well what's happening? Now? I have no idea but getting someone to leave a relationship like that is not an easy task. Usually there abuser can be very manipulative and like push your friends and family out of your life, so even their worried about you, they really dont have any kind of persuasion over you and somewhat who was even a small as Bethany care figure out how to leave when they're so deep in, like that and when she had family there with her on that stay giving her a lifeline. Her grandma's, like here. She would have done anything for her and her husband was with they're trying to take her back like trying to help her cut ties, and I
just as much physical damage as a person can do and an abusive relationship. They really wreak havoc emotionally and mentally run of course denied all of these accusations of physical and mental abuse. His story is that he's Bethany the night she came home from her grandma's. He said that she went to work the next day and just never came home, but her car was there. Oh I'm not saying his story does have holes under telling you what his story was We are to meet to that like yours, I've together. If, if she went missing way back then like why you raise any red flags but initially. He was totally cooperative with the investigation and about this time they finally get a meal stateside. He told the same story. He told him his emails. Yes, they had a troubled marriage, but he was willing to forgive her everything he wanted her to be happy and that's that to me ere I get where the police are still looking at him one
they always look into what has been an to this whole thing he's really unbelievable. That he'd be Ike, we're good out two hundred per cent I have been cheated on, like you cheat on me. I'm not taking you back. You are dead to me just to clarify dead to you or there actually dad. I plead the fat so anyway. They really don't get anything more from a meal, they don't get anything from our search and they have nowhere to go sheriff expand on search and they look him miss undeveloped field near her apartment, complex in their like, spanning out they're, using people on foot they're using eighty bees they're using dogs, but they come up totally empty, like not even a coup, and at this point five we had passed since the search for Bethany began and the sheriff's office makes an announcement about wrong when they see
it searching the field near the apartment RON stopped cooperating. He didn't want to answer any more questions and he was done with the investigation. Awesome, I'm assuming they dead, but to the police. Ever look up her bringing activity to see if any of her cards were used or transactions happen. They did and there was no activity on like any of her banking statements or her credit cards and her phone and pass four have not been used since she vanished and police had virtual no leads to go off just poof vanishing into thin air and the end up taking by in the case just remained cold, then in early I guess sheriffs get an idea. They put a it is out to all the hospitals and clinics along the EAST coast, asking they ve seen Bethany telling them to be on the lookout for her beak if she's alive. She should be giving birth soon, so
but others released or the cleanest hospitals, but it ends up being a dead end. Her due date comes and goes, and it confirms their biggest fears that Bethany and her baby are most likely dead. This episode is made possible by audible long before podcast, I relied on audible exclusively for entertainment. I've been a member since two thousand and seven and I still look forward to my credit every single month, because, with my credit, I get audio books. I get exclusive podcast and the best part is, if I don't like it or couldn't get into the narrator, you can exchange or credit to find something that you really love, and the most recent audio book that I use my credit for and really loved is one that you guys might have heard me mentioned in a recent episode, the gift of fear by Gavin Tobakcre this book
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Despite having no solid leads. Sheriffs have continued to keep working a case, keep trying to drum up something and really nothing comes in after two thousand and eleven until RON shows up on the police's radar in two thousand and fourteen. He is instead in charge with the attempted murder of his, old friend after a nine, when one call came in about a domestic violence disturbance, he literally had beat the living rap out of her and then shot her three times. Why? Yes, with at least one bullet in her head and miraculously she ended surviving and just losing one eye, but Think the justice system totally failed her because the attend, murder charge and that getting thrown out on a technicality because of the way the search of his home was conducted. So in early two thousand and sixteen, he took a plea deal and all his charges were consolidated into
one sentence with a minimum of six years and just a maximum of eight years three months. For shooting someone in the head and then he's just out roaming the world among us yeah. But from what I learned online, it seems that he's not illegal. U S, citizen, so for he serves his time? They're gonna be deporting him back to Bolivia. I will never understand this he more than likely had something to do with his pregnant girlfriend. Disappearing and theirs. Zero evidence, zero witnesses and zero body just gone And the second time it's this violent attack that people call nine one one and have to assume there's blood everywhere. I have I d and I think about that too was Bethany. His first was Bethany plan. I mean she had been with her husband on vacation, which had to really pissed off.
Someone as controlling as wrong. So maybe he had everything premeditated, whereas with his second girlfriend or other girlfriend, it It's like a heat of the moment thing. I have no idea, but what I do Always he's in prison now and unfortunately, when Bethany he's theirs is zero for the police to go on. They have to hope and pray that someone comes across these remains one day or me maybe run confided in some one and that person can come forward before he's out free mean he did it once he tried it a second time. I have no doubt that this will happen to another woman. If he's let out of prison for the record, does anyone not think it's wrong, I think, a long time before his arrest. People still had questions about a meal. There was a reporter back at the end of two thousand and twelve. That said, a lot of people in the local community still thought it was a meal. I dont know
That opinion has changed after runs, arrests and conviction, but I'm sure there's someone out there who thinks that the husband still did it. There's always that one person who holds onto that crazy husband did idea. Despite other reasonable explanation, doesn't always did very, does not work for me, I agree- and I don't think it's gonna work for most of our listeners that are out there today, and if you
his want you can have your facebook discussion, group and kind of talk out your theories. You think a meal could have had something to do with. I do you think I'm yells theory that maybe there's a third person out there who had something to do with it or is it most likely? The guy had history at domestic violence, go to Facebook check out the crime and keep my dad's discussion group and also, if you wanna, see pictures of everyone we're talking much day go to our website find junkie has done. You can also sign up for me, said earlier there and get special announcements like about which much store, because that is coming supervision and you should also focus on twitter com and not his friend had come to pass and over to stick around. If you guys want to hear the puppet of the non aligned junkie is written and hosted by me all of our sound production and editing comes from railway and Oliver Music, including our theme comes from just in Daniel crime. Junkie, is an audio Chung production, so anything Chuck do approve boy are a bridge and all of our listeners. I want to prepare you this.
Profit of them. A story is kind of heavy and We have a submission form now, for every one of you want to nominate your profit, you can go crime, junkie, podcast dot com and there is a form you can fill out. This month's profit, though I took from our Facebook discussion group because the story was just so such I felt like we had to honour Beth, and dogs, so we got a message from that that made weep and risking a reed. Exactly what she wrote to us. Ok sounds great embracing myself. You should. Hurry so best says in October two thousand and three I had lost my dog. He passed unexpectedly at seven years old and I was finally ready to think about adopting a new one. I went local shelter just to see who they had. I hopped out of my car and there was the sweetest black and white Bassett. How looking pup, who came over to me,
I assume you belong to one of the workers, so I gave him some pets and then went on to talk to them. He followed me around and, as I look Never letting me out of his sight. I find we asked them about him and they said he was actually available. He was about. Six months old and he'd been returned because a teenage boys had adopted him and didn't realize how much work went into a puppy a part of her story of a shocker, I hate that when people do that. His name was Oreo. We're going to be picky about who got him because he was a staff favourite and they wanted him to have a really good home. We talk a bit more. I when they realise I worked at a school, they decided. I was the one I told them, I ll be back the next day and I left the next day. I came back and I adopted him. It was October thirtieth. I took him home and my parents, who I lived with at the time, fell in love. He had fact manners never had an accident in the house and was generally a perfect love bug. He said,
by me moving out getting married, getting more dogs. Well me one and then my husband, one having my son, who most certainly was his baby. He didn't like anyone that he didn't know coming in the yard, getting divorced, losing the other dog I adopted to old age, axis dog, moving out dealing with depression and anxiety, us getting two more dogs moving back in with my parents and then losing my dad last month. Unexpectedly,. I am already getting tucked up. I know I know you threw him get. Ok about two weeks ago. He a turn for the worse he's. Fifteen. You might have to I can't do it I'll I'll take over. These are he's a big dog.
How border colleague MAX and they don't live that old. He couldn't walk and barely eight he stopped in ten days ago. Everything I read said Dogs can't live more than three to five days about food. Generally, we were finally able to get him to the vat today and put him down my heart. Broken into a million little pieces, I'm out never getting another dog again phase. I know it'll pass and the crazy dog lady, but right now I'm never getting another. My best friend said, one who spends more than fifteen minutes with you knows that Oreo is in your heart. And now I have to find a way to go on without him My son is nine and I have to help him deal with this, but I don't know I can for myself yet anyway, If you had this far. Thank you. I have no point. One to talk to someone to people understand how your dogs close tonight.
An extra cookie now and then and take too many pictures. I we now you are so but thank you so much for sending in your pocket of the month. I think you sums it up perfectly in the ending. Thank you so much for sharing this with as and I wouldn't I everyone to donate their favorite shelter in honour of Oreo yeah. I think you bath I'm so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine Ike Ivan We feel that way about Charlie, for everyone who loves crime junkie. I need you to pray to whatever, God that you believe in that Charlie lives. Wherever, because the second he doesn't crimes he's done, because I can no longer go on so I can't imagine you're going through I'm so sorry for your life span. I know that you know time and you had em, you gave him the absolutely best life are you could
and that's what I all he could have asked for, and Hope that your healing and I pray you can't, can move on and give another dog a wonderful life, but I'm so sorry you wash your best friend and yes, like Bernie, said please or of Oreo everyone donate to you, favorite shelter. Where were you at your dog or if you need a suggestion, I will put a shelter up on the Facebook page discussion group. Sorry. This one was a downer, but I felt like we need to talk about Oreo and held back that we're all behind her and we love her and we support her also take best advice and if you do have your best friend still at home with you huh,
I'm close, give him an extra cookie for Oreo tonight and take a ton of pictures and send them all to us in the discussion repeating what is here.
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