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MISSING: Bradley Sisters


When a pair of young sisters vanished from their home in Chicago, they left behind a mystery that has haunted their family for almost two decades.

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Crime junkie is brought to you by simply safe, simply safe was designed to be easy to use while protecting your whole home twenty four seven with their professional monitoring and emergency dispatch, which starts at just fifty cents a day, had to simply safe dot com. Slash cranky and get a free hd came up for our listeners. That's simply safe dot com, slash crime, junkie to make sure that they know that our show Sancho high crime junkies, I'm your host, Ashley flowers and I'm bread, and the story I have for you today is as baffling as it is tragic to radiant young sisters with a very special bond. Go from India a beautiful summer day in the city to leaving behind a mystery that has endured for almost twenty years. This is the story of tea. Yonder and
I meant Bradley. Early in the morning of July, six, two thousand one a woman named Tracy Bradley, is in her apartment on the south side of Chicago getting ready to go to work. Now she, working at a neighborhood park where she makes lunches for all the kids who come to this summer, camp Graham so she's gotta, be there really early to help make sure like everyone, Scott Funding eat they gonna being settled now tracing does have kids of her own she's, actually got
For young daughters, but only two of them t yonder, whose ten and diamond who's the baby of the family at three are with her that morning, so where the other two Wolf, Tracy's, other daughters, Victoria and Rita, actually state over at their grand, his house, the night before and basically everyone's planning on meeting up later for a picnic and a camping trip just across the state border actually over, here in Indiana. So right now it's just Tracy Teen on dead, I meant and diamonds dad George, who spent the night with Tracy, so he's there too, like getting up with Tracy helping with the kids and he actually has to drop Tracy off at work at the park. So after Tracy finishes getting ready for work and making sure that the girls have their breakfast, she tells t yonder. Remember: don't open the door for anyone while I'm gone. She kisses, therefore, heads
says Goodbye, locks, the apartment door behind her and goes to work later that morning, around seven or eight o clock Tracy calls to yonder just check in but to yonder doesn't pick up the phone now treated as it ll this I mean they're young girls at home, and they are a little bit nervous, but its work is like twinge, not legal, full panic. I mean After all, still early she figures in a maybe the girls I got up either breakfast went back to bed like all curled up together, no big deal. So after that she finishes her shift. George picked her up, like they plan did he like not the work either actually know George didn't go to work. He during this time had gone over to visit another woman that he's seeing and then actually goes too at his mom and then goes and gets easy, so he's not like at working in picking her up he's kind of an hour doing whatever, so he picked her up and they go back to Tracy's apartment around eleven. Again now,
when they get there, she unlocked the door and the first thing she does. She starts calling out for her daughters, cause. Remember I mean she hasn't spoken to them since she left She was unable to reach them on the phones. She starts calling out diamond antient his names, but the girls, don't answer Tracy CALL out again like a little louder this time, but her heart starts pounding in her chest, as the silence starts to sink in her daughters still are answering her, but This time she endured or going like room to room, looking frantically for any sign of tea, yonder, org diamond because you're just beyond her, like normal mom worry at this point. Tracy knows that this is super out of character for tee she wouldn't leave the house without an adult and then right, then Tracy and George find a note according to Jeremy Gorner and Grace Wong's reporting in the Chicago Tribune. This note is left on the back of the couch and I wasn't able to find an exact
copy of it and there's some actually different sources out there about what specifically it says, but they all agree that this no looks like it was written by tee. Yonder heavy reported that it says basically like hey, we went to the corner store, but another Chicago Tribune, article from back, like two thousand wine, says that it mentions that they went to tee onto school, which was a couple of blocks away to play the playground. So I dont know exactly they were going, but I am pretty sure that both of those occasions are actually pretty close. It's not like we're running. We were never coming back, they were saying, hey, we stepped out forbid and were really nearby. The yeah, hey. We went out whether its cornish or whether at school, it's close by and we'll be right back right, and I guess the idea with leaving this note is that they would be right back right but I guess, I'm assuming that they're gone by the time there mom calls around a, but if they would be right back, they probably be back before their mom got home to check on them. I guess
even though it all in that case, I see we're saying, because if we know they're gonna age were swimming, if no was written by, then it was left before that you're not gonna, go the cornerstone for three hours. There. Now, why even leaves- and just in case they stay longer- I I don't know. Why so, I think there's a lot of mystery surrounding this, no, which will kind of get into, and I wish I could. I could tell you there's nothing more. I know about this note and do so much about it doesn't sit right with true, see, though she actually a suitor. She sees as a meet. You must have the same feelings, because she immediately start like running all around the neighbourhood. Looking for her girls right away, I mean she looks everywhere she could. Got any place with even the tiniest chance that yonder and diamond might have stopped by like at any point no matter how far and wide in her neighbourhood she looks corner store school, whatever its no use, she doesn't find them anywhere and she called the police had to report their missing, not at this point
Tracy doesn't reporting on the diamond missing to police until around six or six thirty that night, but when she does police, take it seriously it away and by the next day this is a huge investigation. According to Maria chance of Alice in the Chicago Tribune, police spend Saturday night canvassing the whole apartment complex with public housing officials handing out flyers with the girls pictures on it, asking if anybody seen or knows anything about where the girls might be there going all out on you in one of the main thoughts right in those early days of this investigation is that these girls might have just wondered somewhere a little bit different than maybe note said Anne and gotten into some kind of trouble. Again, not like foul play, but what their thinking is their apartments only about A half mile away from one of these are big beaches on Lake Michigan, so police are like
focusing a lot of energy on the thirty First Street beach thinking, maybe some how they got. They earn for anyone who is not familiar with Lake Michigan. I mean it is as much There is massive as an ocean, I mean you can't you can't see the end of it. It has like currents like you wouldn't believe it can be very dangerous water, some by John I ate a marine unit is already searching. The lake and helicopters are skimming overhead, looking for any trace of either girl an honest aid this, when I was kind of surprise at how big this investigation gotten, how fast it got there like the Chicago lawn force may, at least in this case really like showed up for this one, and these put a lot of time like poring over that note and then also like putting feet on the ground. Looking for clues, ok, but going back to the note or police a hundred percent, confident that tender wrote this will here's the thing so remember how I said that it was super out of character for tee yonder to leave the house about an adult, so her family says it's also
very out of character. That t yonder would leave this note at all like normally, they say that she would just call her mom if she needed to tell her so being or be asked permission to go somewhere like to again to the corner store to school whatever, but yeah that the girls great. Sheila went on cold case Chicago, which is like a show, and she says that the no didn't sound anything like t yonder. She said it read, totally different than how t yonder talk and that's why that she and the rest of the family. Take this note honestly, the sign of the worst stemming from the minute they side, they said they believed that the girls were kidnapped and they think that t Yonder was either coached forced coerced into writing this no by whoever took them from the house, but in theory it is still in handwriting of his three assumed beyond us, yet every source that I have
Red says that it looks like her handwriting or it is her handwriting or you know I mean, but every one thing like yeah, we we're not saying she didn't write eight, but we're saying wouldn't have written this without someone telling her cheeks way or at all right is there anybody that the family, like has in mind that may want to take the girls not out right the? Rules gradient Sheila mentioned something to the Chicago Tribune, about two men being in the apartment the day that the girls vanished, and she says quote whoever it was new that those girls were alone, end quote, but I couldn't find anything else about who they might have been or why these two guys might have been in their apartment and honestly, you'll see that this case is full of little snippets like this. These leads that don't pen
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read on CNN that Tracy actually changes her story about what happened. That morning, like she initially told police that she was at home asleep when the girls went missing, and then it was later that she admitted that she had actually left home and gone to work and it was while she was gone that they went missing now. I did read this onlooker Nancy Grace Trans so I'm taking with a little bit of grain of saw because often times when things get corrected, they don't necessarily corrected. They are, but to me it is totally the type of a thing that, like a stared single mom, would say if she didn't want, I was I should just gonna bring that up like again to having some history working with top protective services yeah aren't going to admit that you left your kids by themselves and now something bad happened to them, especially knowing that she has other children in her care, exactly cool it could flag to like the Department of Family services that may be something's going on that you shouldn't be having your young children at home, so you know she's got to,
rules that are missing, and now she risks losing potentially the other two. So I am I get why why her story was different at first, but I think this second story that we got was the real one. But beyond maybe her changing story. Tracy does some other things that send up red flags for police. Abc news reported that Tracy refuses to provide a handwriting sample that law enforcement could use to compare against that. No from the couch like, and we obviously they want to see if she was the one who wrote the note as opposed to tee yonder, and maybe this thing was I totally stage, but you would not give them a sample to compare to and also in a family won't let police talk to her other daughters, Rita and Victoria, at least right away. And then the final thing that everyone thought was kind of bizarre is a beauty. Is after the girls went missing. Police had bound some surveillance footage from a convenience.
Or that they thought maybe potentially the two girls could have been on, so they asked Tracy to come down and take a look at it, but instead of hurrying down right away to take a look tracy, just kind of says. No. Now she eventually does come in and check the tape after several days, but the fact that she wasn't in a great hurry, I think habitable. Shining, like I mean your girls are missing. How do you know it's not, then? Why are you like? Why are you running unless you know it's not now, it's really interesting because the article I mentioned said that at this point in the investigation, police still didn have any evidence of foul play so or these aim of the girls ran away no, and I actually dont think that there are saying that.
All like I know, we see that a lot in cases where, like things kind of go off the rails and of kids are missing in there's no evidence. They kind of make that assumption by the article says specifically that at the same time that they're not saying their spouse play, they were also putting together what they called a pair well criminal investigation and asking the FBI for help so all life, that they meant is that in this case they didn't have hard evidence of what happened, so they can't necessarily prove foul play but clearly Amityville you're putting a criminal investigation together. You're asking the FBI for help. They obviously had some kind of suspicion that these girls, probably most likely, did
not walk away on their own and, as you can imagine again, as they're they're talking about this parallel criminal investigation, but they're, saying maybe no foul play Tracy is getting a lot of flak in the press for not cooperating with law enforcement. In the way that people thought she should have, but I do think it's important that we look a little bit closer because to me Just not that simple, like here is a black single mother living on the south side in literally one of the most segregated cities in the country. Looking at a police department, a long and well documented reputation for using brutality in violence against people of color. So I mean you have this disparity in which you play with a comfortable talking or working with policing and beyond. Just this either de there is also the fear, like you said earlier, of having her other kids taken away from her because of leaving
diamond anti, yonder alone, yeah. Definitely, and I'm trying to imagine what that must be likened. For so many reasons. I can't at this point- and I will never be able to look at her situation and be like, I know exactly how to react in the situation as I will never truly be able to identify with her right as you know, we talk about this before- I think so. Many cases where we ve always just said very generally, like you, don't know what you are doing that situation, you don't a higher risk of Ireland, but this is even above and beyond what we ve mentioned before and a lot of tat and they get I just keep going back. Her trying to protect her other two daughters, because I think what's so important issue is not just how police interact with people of color in this business community, but really when I kind of started looking into how the bug cps and foster care.
Some deal what color and when I was researching for the story. I read on the appeals website that in two thousand, which is just a year before tee, yonder and diamond, disappeared. Thirty, six percent of the kids in foster care were black, even though black kids only made up about fifteen percent of like all of the kids in our population in the country. Yeah, I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with how Tracy acts here, but I can see why, even if she truly had nothing to do with her daughters, disappearances, she would be wary of law enforcement and of this like bigger system. If you know what I mean, plus that same ABC News, article does say: she's. Acting on the advice of her lawyer, which I think is super important to point out yet I was gonna, ask that earlier to see if she was under advice of council at all
so I mean she's doing exactly what we preach every single week. I mean that is a crime junkie. Life will always get a lawyer so, regardless of their feelings about Tracy, though law enforcement keeps their foot on the gas to find these girls, so it's not like big it so focused in that they stop searching. I was honestly again surprised at how big this investigation God, because in the first week after their disappearance by a hundred officers were involved- and that's just police were not counting fire department divers like the one that we're like scouring Lake Michigan. They had canine units hunting for sense, they had FBI agents involved and, as this summer goes on, the investigation becomes one of the largest man HANS in Chicago's history. I mean they had a hotline, a command post dedicated actual teams, literally the whole nine yards, all investigating every single Tipp that comes in, but no matter
How much me on power they threw it this thing it was no use. It was as Diamond into yonder had literally just vanished into thin air, and the next thing the public really heard was from the FBI. Bay had come out two weeks after the girls disappeared to say that in fact, like confirmed by the FBI, that t Yonder deed right that no I mean I guess it's good to know, but it doesn't change anything for me like I never questioned whether or not she wrote it, anyone could have forced her to do that right right now. I totally agree in the fact that, like to Yonder wrote, it does a rule out any of the possibilities that are on the table so far, so the next big break that we hear about it. At some point, I was able to find out exactly when police learn about a voice. Mail
are hoping could be the big break that they ve been looking for, according to CNN on the morning that she and her sister disappeared to yonder, actually called Tracy Wall Tracy was at work and she left a message on her phone and here. But I want you to read me what it is reported. She said the voice mail says MA. This is T Honda pick up the phone, my George at the door. He says that were coming to pick you up from work and we're going to jewels to get the cake and then the voicemail atoms. We George is that diamonds, daddy, was staying with him the night before so here is one of the things that is so crazy about this case. It might have been that job large, but it might not have because as their great aunt she said on CNN in two thousand and eleven there's George Washington S, actually his name, that's diamonds, dad
Then there's another man that she calls George and Base spell his last name. S e e n o are so. Can we only have the transcript of this and the transcript had a like PETE each in parentheses after at which means that the transcriber just spelled it how they thought it sounded. So it could be seen or signor. Signor honestly, I I don't know, but we have this George Washington and then this their George, who Sheila says is a close family friend of the broad leaves and he used to baby sit the girls from time to time. So we don't know which one it is in this case. Exactly does the voice mail far as we are told the voice, my has no last name. Just George is at the door. I mean this is making a lot of sense to me. You said earlier that everyone in the family said that, if funding needed anything, she would definitely call her mom and not he'll, just shot down the note that she left. So this almost more proved me that something
Is up with that note because she d write reach out to her mom. Will I'm what I think is so weird, is clearly we have this voicemail where she is calling her mom and we have her voice. You can't say it's not her voice. We re talking about this George on the other side of the door or taking them to get paid, but then why not write something about George in the no, so it almost seems to me like. If all of this is related, it's more proof again that that there is no was coerced, unlike some one made her right that, and maybe that and didn't even know. She called her mom and there's dislike discrepancy, and they did their thinking that are covering their tracks, but lead there like adding more questions here, because even in the voicemail she says that George at the door, not here he's with us accelerating rightly sought- is that George isn't even in their home. Yet right, when the cake, its brought up in the vote
now. The first thing I went to is like the candy and the White Van theory, like the cake just away to get them out of the house, something to lure them, or I honestly from the sources that I read. I don't think so. I honest think this is more proof that whoever was on the side of that door and Ino we both. We know that both the Georgia's knew them, but I think it's that whoever was on the other side of the door, knew this family. Well, because the day after the girls disappear July, seven is actually their sister Victoria's birthday. So if this is some kind of ploy, it's a really smart one. Can you can see how, if it is someone they trusted? One of these Georgia's in their life? This is a legitimate wooden baby, picking up a cake for the sister's birthday, such a believable story right, like hey, we're just gonna run this Erin for your sister or the mechanical, pick up your mom, and if it really was George Washington I mean He'S- only got this Nero time. Brain between this call
the girls doing whatever, with them before going to pick up Tracy for work, so again. I don't know anything about this other George or his timeline, but one thing I think, is important to mention here to analyze we're talking of the scenario of them, leaving with someone that they knew is the relationship between t, yonder and diamond, like you might think that, because of the dear friends that t, yonder and diamond might not be very close yeah there. What like seven years apart gap of my kids, are just almost exactly ten years apart and they're, not super close. They are getting close now that may, whose too is like a little more interactive can talk, but there's definitely place. We're like life is like I have no desire to have anything to do with her at this point like I can see there being some like, not division budgets, not that connection that you expect to seep between siblings
or even sisters well either. I wonder bringing because I think that what a lot of people assume is that, with this seven year, age got they probably aren't super clothes. They have not a lot in common, but it's actually the complete opposite this case, because, despite be like age difference, they were super super clothes on we too yonder and diamond are practically inseparable. They play together all the time like wherever one goes. There find the other one, even their great aunt, Sheila told Coquet Chicago all about how T Honda would just like pickup diamond set her on her head and why? around the house carrying her like wherever she was going, whatever she was doing, they work together, diamonds, little mom, exactly areas is how I remember being with my little brother David, who now edit the show like. I was ten years older than him, and I was I was a second mom. He was like he was my baby. So to me, It makes sense that if t Yonder did open the door and trusted someone enough to go with them, that diamond would be right there too. So I even know, you know everything
a motive was more both of them. The targets was one of them. The target and the other just like, went along because Did everything together automatically yeah so going back to the voice? No for a second wended Tyndall leave that could I think that would really help narrow down the sort of timeline of events in this situation. I would love to know, but we don't because something mysteriously happens to that voicemail. This episode is made possible by spotlight oral care, the widening system for teeth people. Like me, I said it before I'm obsessed with teeth. It's the first thing I notice I ask weird
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Somehow that believe me, I just happen to get deleted whites. How does not even happen, I honestly don't know like bear, zero information around this? For me, like I don't know, I have to assume it happened after police actually heard it. I don't whose phone it was on. I dont know what kind of provider they had often say that was like it was there somewhere one day and then the next day it was gone. We yeah, but then, to be super clear. I also don't know if, like maybe her mom had the voicemail once she heard a cheap deleted images told police about. I have no doubt. Hills around what happened to those voicemail only know that they know what it says, but now
like no way to recover it or till I get any data from it, which is really frustrating us, because I was just looking into a case that there was a voice mail that was kind like a but dials situation, and it was able to your covered, and it was even we'll be cleaned up a little bit more yeah provide at least a little bit. More information is like the victim in these cases like last movements Yet again, I dont know if there was one source that said: police like actually got to hear it according to their great aunt Sheila I have to think that it was like preserve long enough and maybe when they clutch their phone, like I don't know if it was in police custody. When that happened me, that's why we're not hearing so much about it because they like messed up pretty bad weather
One thing that comes to mind to me is an obviously I dont know the situation with you know where their mom worked or anything, but my old employer really didn't want us to be on our cell phones until four kids are kids rules needed anything, they had to call our work lines, and so that's only that I wouldn't even had control over yeah like what those look like verses. If my kid or my kids school had called myself well- and I also don't like that that comes into play too. For me, I just there's somebody question we are, and I don't know what you're talking about different again, even cellphone providers, if you're talking about like a rising sprint. Eighteen t some these big companies with these are big data plans will probably hold your data for a lot longer, whereas foregoing like in two thousand wine, we have a million tiny little cell phone company just going like month to mind like on a pre, I clean note, I'm sure, nobody's keeping that data
I can see why, where you know we see it, the message has been recovered in other cases. Why? Maybe it couldn't hear, but I mean, without them being able to recover it. They know what it says. Yes, it's a little suspicious but ultimately the voice mail, just another heart breaking dead and it does, lead than to any answers, probably just makes them more suspicious of these Georgia's in their life button, I couldn't find anything else out about the other George, that family friend and he's really never mentioned again after. Like you, stop reading about this voice, but he does not come up a whole lot more in this case, but I did find something super interesting about George Washington. According to Ahmad Honey and Kim Barkers reporting in the Chicago Tribune, the F B, I learned that Tracy filed a paternity suit against George back in June, with the clean
but he's diamonds dad, and that he's the third man that she is soon over diamonds. Paternity now he's actually been really cooperative. This whole time since the girls when missing, like you, voluntarily goes in for questioning he gave the FBI his permission to do a full search of his house in his garage, Angela, Eleventh, which, just five days after the girls went missing, and the FBI stresses to the Tribune like when they do this. Like listen we're not going in, like guns blazing looking for something specific, we're just kind of covering all of our bases and ultimately that search comes up empty as well. But I did read that police found some here in the trunk of his ban, but its unclear it. The hare turned up during this, like this specific search on the eleventh or possibly another one whose hair well so here's the thing again. So the tests on these hairs say it could potentially be
from diamond or t Yonder or Tracy what you're trying to make sense, since they are all related right and so like anyone who knows about like hair dna as well. Is it's really good for by talking about the maternal line of your family so so connecting it to like? You know too daughter and a mother is what you would expect so the hairs from somebody in that family, but it's not telling us exactly who it's from away so that doesn't really sound like great hard evidence to me in room, like you said before, George was on good enough terms with Tracy that we spent the night with her the night before the girls. Does it here. He was obviously fairly at least a little bit involved in our lives. This could obtain from anything even unloading, groceries, Zito, oh yeah. If you're staying night summers house, you have to have a close relationship where I would you could get their hair on them and get. I always think about things like in a way you had taken the court- and this has a reasonable doubt, written all over,
all over right or which is why I mean he's, never named a suspect. So once again, law enforcement hopes just drop like they feel it there on the right track, but they ve got nothing solid, but they're not giving up and the pressure stays hot on the investigation like in the first month in particular, this case is an honest look really hard core. It's getting national attention and, as the summer where's on police really go over honestly every inch of that neighbourhood with a fine tooth comb expanding their search to over twenty miles. I mean they're, looking at vacant, lots, landfills, railroad cars and in five thousand abandoned buildings, and factories, but can you imagine searching five thousand? I can't I honestly cannot even like comprehend without would look like tat
and while doing all this, I mean the also have teams that are talking to over thirty of diamond in tandem relatives, doing interview after interview with them, and they talk to more than one hundred registered set offenders in and around the area where the girls went missing. But again, despite all this lake work, nothing is leading police any closer to the truth. Gradually, as summer starts, slipping into fall, the Tipps begins slowing down and the public attention kind of goes elsewhere, especially after the events of September. Eleven, though, to keep things on track some time before the year is out a private investigator named PETE Foster is brought into help by oh well, he never specifies exactly who hired him or when an during his interview on cooperation cargo. He says he's there to basically given independent perspective and be someone else for the broad these to talk too. Who is it
pity. I kind of like a go between two, like a liaison yeah yeah kind of help ease the tension and b that, like again the middlemen liaison exactly but even with his fresh pair of eyes. It doesn't keep the leads from drawing up once more now. The girls are
forgotten in their neighborhood. Though, and even though the media focus is all but gone outside of the Chicago area, police do keep searching and men in June, two thousand to almost a year after that, fateful day that the girls went missing, it seems like they may have. Finally gotten the break that they ve been waiting for when a bone shows up on the shores of Lake Michigan dawn. Terry reported for the Chicago tribute that a private detective find this bone inside a bad on the southern part of the lake front, just a few blocks away from the broadly apartment, and it looks to him like a finger like specifically a child's finger bone, but after sent off for testing the bone turns out not to belong to a huge
and at all, which is a huge relief. But it's also a painful thing to accept, because I mean here's this finger in a bag. It doesn't belong to either of these girls, which is good Eight I mean whatever. That means I mean, I still don't know who puts an animal bones in. I think there's something going on there. I still have a lot of questions about the situation right rights, but is at least a little bit of hope, like, oh, my god like something whatever that would have men didn't happen, but it doesn't get the many Those are two knowing what did like they're right back at square one now, two years after that, another led pops up not injure cargo, but actually right here in indian Apple S. Now, for those of you who from the MID West indies. Chicago- is about like a three or four hour drive and dislike straight shot on one highway, the whole drive. So there is a lot of traffic back and forth between these two cities.
You don't want to order, have the means to drivers, buses and trains like it's a bright like straight shot, just like from Chicago to hear or here to India like it's kind of a triangle, exactly exactly, and I mean on a d I noticed that, though I was reading the Indies STAR about how Indiana as a state is actually a big hub for human trafficking because of all of the inner states. That runs through too, like big cities, and we have I sixty five sixty nine. Seventy They don't call it Crossroads of America for nothing and as we talk about in the pretty Drexler The last year, minors in children aren't immune from that whore there especially vulnerable to it so in June, of two thousand for an indian apple is fire fighter named mark is doing this community event in Garfield Park, which is like Doc had of downtown to south of downtown. In one of these big things where people can come, they can bring their kids
had like candy. They have a lot of like police officers, fire fighters, the intent now? There is opposed to be like a place for public servants to common, actually like connect with the community that their hearing interact with community members right. So, while he's their mark is struck by these two little girls who are just super cute, super well, mannered. Just like waiting patiently for their turn without getting over excited, nothing happens this day. He described takes note these girls a kind of stand out. He remembers them well about a month later. Mark is out in Lawrence, which is on the east side of Indy working as a reserve police officer when he sees a poster about the Bradley Sisters. Went missing in Chicago, and he looked so there is a poster for the brothers sisters outside in Annapolis. Yeah, I'm tell again don't under arrest me when I say it was like a big operation and they had posters all over any did again back in the days of national attention. So posters went from Chicago even here, too Endy. So when he sees this poster he's like convince,
but he saw diamond in Tirana on that day in Garfield Park, so he gets in touch with the national centre for missing and exploited children in the hopes that you know. Maybe this is and he can actually like help bring them home yeah. What is bananas to me is marked, isn't even the only person who thinks he seen the Bradley Sisters in Indianapolis Sandra Chapman reported for W teach our news that Chicago police make the trip down to India to check surveillance footage at some point after getting a tip someone had seen the girls at a Walmart in Lawrence and that's not to go on, but like at least some thing, but I guess when they go down here, like all it says, is basically the lead turns out to be nothing Chicago. Police do find the two girls that this witness is claiming could have been that like on the footage, but they don't believe that in the footage were to yonder and diamond, and then they dump
Eve, then that the girls mark SAW were Tiana and diamond either. So the case just kind of goes cold again, and this kind of sets up. I may not want to see a pattern, but over the years these things keep happening, like some bones human. This time actually end up getting found on the south side of Chicago two thousand and five hopes get raised. But then it turns out not to be then and with the birth of social media, false hope and are taking on a digital dimension, because in two thousand eight there is this myspace profile that pops up any gets flag, as may be being too yonder This girl, she would be seventeen in two thousand aids with like the perfect age range. It looks like her. It seems like her and this time a private investigator even determines that. It really is
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your podcast officials end of determining that. In fact, this girl on Myspace is not t yonder and MRS Heartbreaking and its frustrating all the same time, because we see that new technology does creed. New ways of research and investigation like having the internet opens up this whole world to victims and families and advocates, but we also see how careful people need to be before jumping to conclusions and getting their hopes. I mean the poor families ready dealing with a hug, his bones, showing up and now by constantly having to deal with stuff on the internet of ok, a profile popped up is this them? Is it not them into? Doesn't sixteen Jeremy Gorner and Grace Wong did a look back at this case in highlighted other tips and leads that took the investigation, and I mean all of these,
crazy directions, though none of them ever panned out and there is the usual stuff like psychics, claiming that they ve visions of where to yonder and diamonds bodies or buried, and then there's like more. Mainstream. Ideas like they did get attended. The girls are being used as sex slaves in Central Illinois and yet another ten claims that they have been taken out of the country to Morocco as victims of a parental abduction by moroccan man, thought maybe BT and is biological father. I really can't stay enough. How terrible it feels to know that both those scenarios are actually plausible yeah, even though they sound a little bit off the wall. We know family abduction is by far the most common type of kidnapping in the. U S army, to the point that the National Centre for missing and exploited children says that sixty percent of the Amber alert in two thousand sixteen were issued for family abduction cases, but even with these
taps or that tape that turns this local investigation into an international case, just like everything, it all comes up empty, no one's arrested, nobody's a suspect and because the thing happen yeah and their honestly, it's not that no one's, a suspect. It's like they can't even rule anyone out which I dont even know. What's worse, really, everyone could be potential suspect there just hasn't enough information to even like start to narrow it down, even though this case spends the next few years, alternating between heating up and going right back to ice cold, the broadly family holds out hope at tea. Yonder and diamond are still live in despite being burned by that Myspace profile. They actually do see how social media becomes a tool like, I said, for victims, families to be their own advocates, and so they start taking to these new platforms. To keep. People potion what's going on to keep interest going in this case too.
Do everything they can to try and get the answers that they ve been aching for for all these years and in the spring of two thousand nineteen. They actually get this shocking message, the message came in early may of two thousand nineteen, which is almost eighteen years now, after tea, yonder and diamond first went missing, ended all started when their great Sheila decided to make a post on the missing diamond in tee, yonder broadly Facebook page, and it wasn't anything like clay. Do you like no monumental times you just kind of sharing her thoughts about how much she, MRS Damn, how she still hopes that the one day be able to come home and under this post in the comments, a woman answers we're trying week what yeah so according to end,
see five new Chicago. This woman is living down in Beaumont taxes in she claims to be t yonder, but she doesn't stop there over a series of Facebook messages. This week. When says that she and diamond have been together for the whole time that they ve been missing, and that diamond is I'm going to college and she says it both her an diamond both have kids so as you imagine after such a long time so many dead ends. Sheila is super sceptical, but also I mean there's little boys inside her, but is whispering like what? If what if this is really them, it's everything that we held horse. So she does keep the conversation going and the woman eventually agrees to a dna tests to prove her story and well
for its even time to take the dna test. This woman, who's going by the name lay lay Rodriguez on Facebook, starts giving Sheila some sketchy answers as you describe it to w G. A news lay lay knows, but you know the basic details about this case, but she clams up and it's really defensive whenever she asked about anything more specific and she also it's pretty manipulative eyes like defence mechanism, I think like. Oh, you know you should know it's me were family. How dare you ask that kind of stuff, yeah so as helpful as this, I mean they're getting more and more suspicious and the family gets their p I to investigate further. This is the same like PETE Foster, who came in and two thousand one who they at this point have known for years and once peak gets to work, he find some pretty disturbing information about this lay lay.
First he finds out that Leyla is clearly not her real name. She actually goes by multiple names and all of her information on social media is fake. Peat and police learn that she's tried to reach out to other members of the Bradley family before actually so. To answer your question, I dont think it actually ever gets to the point of this Leyla taking a dna tests because it seems pretty clear to me that the broad leaves already knew by that point that this woman was not telling them the truth, and she was trying to insert herself into the investigation or the family or something yeah like the whole thing was just a cruel hoax, but that cruel hoax with people last glimmer of hope that they had as of this report, because, Twenty twenty diamond anti yonder broadly are still missing
pain of their lost and almost two decades of uncertainty had changed their family for ever, their eldest sister Rita, has talked about how she's, over protective of her own children, which I totally understand and there are other sister Victoria, who is only nine when they vanished. She was actually remember her birthday cake that was mentioned in that voicemail. She says that she couldn't celebrate Herbert they for over ten years, because it is just too painful for her to confront no matter how much time has passed. Diamond Antioch is loved ones. Serve to know the truth. If you have any information about the disappearance or whereabouts of tea on diamond Bradley, please call the FBI Field Office in Chicago at three thousand one hundred and twenty four two thousand one hundred and sixty seven
euro zero. If you want to see pictures and our source material for this case, you can see that on our website, crying junkie, podcast dot com and be sure to follow us unanswered room at engine, teapot gas and we'll be back next week with a
new episode. Crying junkie is an audio chuck production. So what do you think Chuck deal Ruth
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