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MISSING: Suzanne Lyall


In 1998 a 19 year old college student boarded a bus from her job at the mall to go back to her campus dorm room. She was seen getting off the bus around 9:45 at night but was likely abducted somewhere between her bus stop and her dorm. Many theories and suspects have emerged over the years but her location still remains a mystery to this day.

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Hi crime junkies, I'm your host, Ashley flowers and I'm for it, and today I am going to tell you all about the mysterious vanishing of college student Suzanne Lyle. Our story starts in the state of New York in nineteen. Ninety eight, with nineteen year
college student named Suzanne, Lyle and all of her friends and family called her Susie Susie was super smart and driven and she loved it. Like could build her own computer back in one thousand. Nine hundred and ninety eight, when I could barely get through Bavis, begins typing class yeah. I'm not sure I had a computer in ideate, but tbd right, so Susie was studying computer science obviously, and she spent the first two semesters of her college career out.
Smaller school before transferring to Suni Albany, I keep like all the research I did and stuff. I listen to is kept saying: Suni Albany and soon he is actually Suny and it stands for the State University of New York make sense right. So she told her parents that she wanted to switch because in her words like she could have been teaching the class at the other school. It just wasn't challenging an she's like I'm going to school, not just to check a box, but I actually want to learn. Something now her parents believe this, but they also suspected that maybe she was moving because she also wanted to be closer to her long term boyfriend Richard now, but or they were a couple of hours away, but since she transferred to this new school they would be just about ten minutes from one another. Now Susie Richard met in high school, when Susie was just sixteen, and Richard was seventeen Suzy had?
Heavily involved in online communities and she had found a computer club that met near her home and her parents is so funny when they found out about this computer club at first they were like kind of sketched out because they all met on line, but we're going to meet in person an not loving the idea of her going to meet a bunch of people like I all that she met online yeah, that's kind of still a thing to be a one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight like it was brand new. It sounds terrifying, so for the first time that soon is going to this. Her dad insisted that he go with her. When they arrive her dad, was delighted and I'm sure, relieved to find out. It was actually just a really normal group of super nice kids who just had the same interests as Susie. Now the president of the group was Susie's future boyfriend, though obviously she didn't know it at the time Richard he
I was interested in Susie almost right away, though it took Susie some time to warm up to him and I'm not sure if she just didn't like feel that spark. Right away or if it was because she'd recently gotten out of another relationship. I just wasn't ready to jump in, but she was little bit more slow moving. But Richard was persistent and after some time the two became an official couple for the rest of high school career and on into college, with only one or two small break in between, though none of Susie's friends or family really have the full details on. When those Or or why exactly they broke up you see, Susie was a fiercely private person, even with her family. She was sweet and kind and happy most of the time, but she also had a very deep and introspective side, as seen by some of the poetry that she left behind. She would write about questioning herself and her place in
World and say that nobody ever really knew the whole her. Now. I think that people read a lot into this with there's something wrong with she depressed I didn't know. Her so I can never say for sure, but what I can tell you is as somebody who was also a teenage girl, brooding teen was like my dad Paul yeah. I can actually vouch for that statement. Yeah I, like I, get the deep introspective, king. I was always way more dramatic than I ever needed to be, but at the time it always felt very intense and very real. So I can see how she was this happy person on the outside to everyone, but also had this dark side, and I don't think that chain
The fact that she may be still could have been happy girl. You know what I mean yeah I mean like you said you were maybe a little bit dramatic growing up, but you had a great life and great childhood. It didn't change any of that. So maybe she showed that side to Richard, maybe not, but she kept it from a lot of people an also kept from them. The Upson downs in her Ann Richards,
Lee Shinsha. As far as her family knows, Susie is really liking. Her new school really liking her new classes and in early march of nineteen ninety eight. They know that she's preparing and stressing over her mid terms coming up, which is why they get this sinking feeling on March. Third, when Richard called her parents and asks, did you know Susie's missing and her parents are kind of taken aback like what do you mean she's, missing she's at school and no, he says I've been trying to reach her nonstop since last night and when she gets off of work like she's working the night before she always calls me and last night she did call Ann, I called her dorm room over and over, and I cannot get ahold of her and I think something is wrong. So Susie's dad immediately calls campus police to have him go check out her dorm suite. They notify Idra. Have that person go look but, of course she's not in her dorm anywhere. Her dorm looks completely under
Nothing is out of place. Nothing's notice missing, no sign of a disturbance. It just looks like a college. Kid left everything in its place. The campus police don't feel the sense of dread that the family does. She like she's nineteen she's a college student. She just hasn't called anyone in twelve hours like there isn't a reason to be like in such a crazy tizzy right. We see this a lot right, but Susie's family presses. She is not like this she's, always in contact with someone. Please keep looking the campus. Officer decided to go to Susie's next class? Maybe she was out all night: maybe she'll show up there, but she doesn't- and this is just more confirmation for the family that something is terribly wrong. Susie would not miss class, so her dad decides to drive up to campus and help look for her while Suzy's mom stays home and waits by the phone when he
Is the campus police welcome him and tell him they have people looking for his daughter and that they started to talk to people? She knows like her roommates and co workers to try and piece together what she could have done when she was last seen and where she might be now. What they learn is that Susie had a shift to work the night of March Second, she worked at a small computer electronics store in the mall, and that night she was working with her manager, who said, as far as he could tell everything with Susie was normal. She been ultra stressed in the days before her mid term, but she had taken it that morning and so, when she came into work, she seemed much more calm down and like a weight had been lifted off of her shoulders. Now his shift ended before hers, but he said that the whole time she was there. She didn't act. Weird never said anything
and it was like any other day as far as he could tell the night supervisor, who was still around when Susie left for the night, so that she left the back way out of the mall which again, I'm not familiar with this specific mall, but if it's like, any other mall I've been to the back way, is usually a little sketchy. Maybe not super well lit, there's always like a creepy huh. They always yeah. Definitely definitely not super populated, but police. Quickly learned that if something did happen to Susie, it didn't happen at the mall, even in this creepy, but back way, because they're able to track down the bus driver from the bus that Susie would have written back to her school and he says yeah. I remember She definitely got on the bus that night around, like nine hundred and twenty pm, and this was good they were one step closer to her. So where did she get
off. If she's, not at campus, if she's, not in her dorm room and this, the driver couldn't tell that he said that he wasn't paying attention to her specific movements, all that he could tell, then, was that she had definitely gotten off before he reached the last. Stop downtown, they all make the assumption an. I think it's a pretty Safeway that. If she had gone on the bus that night most likely, she would have only gotten off at her school stop. So the search refocus is there and they find a witness, someone who had seen Suzanne now this girl was in the same dorm. Building with Susie saw her all the time up close and she said that she saw her getting off the bus. Night, maybe around nine hundred and forty five, but she didn't pay attention to where Susie was headed or what happened to her after, like she wasn't expecting something. Bad,
uh and she just happened to notice her an remembered that she noticed her now when they talk to Susie Suitemates. They come to the conclusion that whatever happened, that night happened before Susie ever made it back to her door because her access card was never used to get into the building. Now you can always like slide in find somebody if, like you know, they're going in you just happen to be like right behind them right yeah, but the one thing that they also point to is that her roommates say that she had this big bundle of keys and key chains and every time she would like unlock door? They would jingle and clatter so they said we here for every night when she would come back. So if we didn't hear her, we know she didn't come back an on top of that her phone, was ringing and ringing and ringing all night, because Richard was trying to call her and she never picked up the phone
So they have to conclude again whatever happened to her happened in the time and space between when she got off the bus and before she made it and her dormitory. So, while campus police and Susie's dad or trying to find any physical sign of Susie. Remember how, that her mom was still waiting at home by the phone yeah, so there were no calls coming in, but her mom gets a, the idea she was going to be proactive and check Susie's banking records for any activity. So she decides to call the and what she learns flips this case on its head forever, changing the course of this investigation, so her mom knew Susie kept about one hundred and twenty.
Others in her bank. If she went somewhere or did anything to break her routine, maybe she needed money to do it and maybe her car transactions could give her a lead. So she called the bank and at first she learns that Susie had withdrawn twenty dollars from the atm across the street, from where she caught the bus, then took out another twenty dollars at the mall where she worked now. This was Susie MO and her mom knew that she would always only withdraw twenty dollars. Now to me, it's a little weird that she would make withdrawals back to back like that way, and this is something that still hasn't been fully explain to this day. But I don't think that that's the mystery here here is mystery, so Wall Susie's mom, is on the phone with this lady from the bank and she's in the middle of telling her that there's only been these two transactions yesterday, nothing new today, she says wait. Your daughter's card was
just used while we're on the phone. What's yes like in real time, Oh, my god, she tells her that the card had been used at an atm to withdraw again twenty dollars, which hello, like we just said. This is her to see her mom is like okay, my god she's good. This will not not willing to go to like okay. This is her. Where is she why he contacted us like we have to go get her, so she asked sir. Where is atm, and this is where things fall off because of the technology in place. At the time all the bank could tell then, was that her car was being used. They would have to wait to tell her where until the next day when the vendor turned in their receipts, so they would be a full day behind her, but this was still the best leader, they had and again at twenty dollars, a kind of made them think. Maybe this is her like what is going on so the next day as soon as the lady from
bank gets the information, she calls Suzy's mom back and she tells her that the card was used at a convenience store atm less than three miles from campus. So this is day two now of Susie being missing. The campus police had already gone to her first class again to see if she showed Of course she hadn't. We know her atm card has been used the day after she was last seen like. Clearly she isn't on campus, so fine the families like? Okay enough with all this campus police stuff? We need the big guns. We want you to call in the state police, so the state police come, but of course, there's earning behind having already missed the most important critical forty eight hours, yeah state police really zero. In on this convenience store. Where her card was last used, the clerk doesn't number seeing anyone who looked like Susie, but they still want to see the video surveillance and, like all of the footage, from the store to verify none
JANET. There was only one camera back in nineteen, ninety eight and it was trained on the clerk and the cash register and the atm with completely out of sight, and I should know that they try to pull prints off the atm. But it was all pretty useless because, as you can imagine, that thing had been touched by so many people so many times it's like trying to print a hotel room yeah they couldn't get anything useful off of it. So what they decide to do is pull all of the transactions from the store in the ATM thirty minutes before and thirty minutes after Susie's transaction to track down. Who was in the store in all of the footage they never saw Susie and this stood out to her mom. She said that if Susie is the one who made that transaction and took the money out. She would have bought something at least a coffee like Susie was a caffeine addict, but
than that. Why go out of your way to go to this random atm like if you didn't need something from that store? Wouldn't you have use the ATM is or the one your work with the same ones. You had just used. If it was her. Or is she should have been buying something you would think yeah, but clearly I mean we're thinking, it's not her, so someone had to have had her card. One by one. They are going through the people they see on video matching them up to their transactions. Talking to them what they might have seen in the store or where they were on the night of the second. One by one. They rule people out, except- There was one man. They can't identify one man who was in the store right about the time of Susys ATM transaction, he was wearing a hat which partially obstructed his image, but they were able to put together a composite sketch which bra
I'm going to send you right now, and this is what they released to the public asking Anyone if they recognize this man, because while they didn't call him a suspect right, maybe believed he was a person of interest who had to have known more. Oh man, this ones tough ash, it's a guy. Wearing a Nike baseball cap, that's pretty low! You can't even see his eyebrows or's forehead and it might just be this black and white sketch, but is there he's african American, he was an african american man. So we have to remember the only camera was over. The clerk like face, downward. So I'm surprised or even able to show this much of his face. They have been guessing on what his eyes look like. Maybe they got some like John maybe another. Yet yeah, I feel like everything else, like you said from above, has to be kind of a guess. Or maybe they asked the clerk what he look like, because they're looking at,
overhead and if you're wearing Nike baseball cap like he was it obstructs like the view, so they actually Dub, this guy, the Nike man. They blast this image out to the public and wait to see if any leads come in now, while they wait, there also doing extensive searching around campus. They have volunteers, doing ground searches, they're walking side by side over campus. King lots any area where Susie might be and they don't find a single piece of evidence? Eventually, the searches stop No one calls in about the Nike man and things just go cold like Susie just disappeared into thin air o weeks and months go by until May, when family gets their very first break. In the case.
Someone walking through the visitors parking lot at campus fines, Suzie's old work, id wait. What were they searching on? The entire campus back in March will yeah, so they searched the parking lot it was found in an here, are like to me the only two real possibilities you see when they searched in March. There was still snow on the ground, so it's very possible that this id could have been covered in snow, an completely myth, because when it was found, it's my understanding that it was pushed to the edge of the parking lot or just like over the parking lot. So people think that perhaps a snowplow came and actually pushed out oh yeah, The other option is it's possible that someone placed it there after the searches did Susie, where her id on her, like,
when she's coming back from work. That night, is it something that would have been pinned to her or like in her bag, so this id was actually her old Ido, so not one that she had been wearing it's one that she likely kept in her bag, so it could have fallen out if there was any kind of struggle- and I mean really more- could have fallen out again. We don't know if a struggle took place at all but say there was one and stuff falling out of her bag. Maybe a bunch of stuff fell out, and this is just one of the things that the person who took her missed. How crazy, though, for the one thing to be missed to be the thing with her name on it. That would obviously get so much attention months down the line I know see this feels almost intentional and the other weird thing about it is that, from what I heard there wasn't any rust on the pin park, which you would expect to see It's been sitting in the snow and then the snow has melted around it. Right I mean maybe, but has enough time
elapsed I mean. Maybe I'm going. I don't know I'm not a rough expert, I'm going off the fact that, like I put my Bobby pins in the shower at like two days later, there's like rust everywhere I mean I guess, but it's still just I don't know it. It seems kinda fast well. So if we're saying someone placed it there. Maybe they put it there because they figured or be in and out of the parking lot, and they would see it, but if it was truly drop. There and then maybe there just was no rust on it again, not rust experts here that mean that either Susie went into the visitors parking lot that night, which wasn't on her way to the dorm or someone grabbed her and took her to a vehicle that they had in the visitors parking lot. I mean again, both of these are scenarios. I don't know what to think of either somebody who maybe she didn't know that took her there or if she went there intentionally
who would she be meeting that would be parked there now? Something interesting that I heard her family mentioned about. This pin is apparently her boyfriend's mother used to always say to her like. If anyone tried to grab you make sure you drop stuff as clues like I don't want to say, go down a crazy person's rabbit, hole and say, like oh, the boyfriends mom was involved or she knew like. This is very much something all of US crime. Junkies can relate to like how many posted on our Facebook discussion group. Have you seen about safety tips of what to do if you're in x situation, so oh yeah, it just seems. Crazy, like maybe someone got her to go with, like unwillingly, maybe like, let's say they held at gunpoint in work. Follow me an be able to kind of drop stuff and leave a trail, and this is the only thing that got picked up 'cause. I had her name on it if it was like a pen, no one's going to turn in and you know what I mean yeah. I guess it just seems like is this: it did. You have no other like identifying things that she could drop no
Laurie. Are I mean she might have been wearing jewelry, but again I mean to say she was of the that's. What I'm saying. Maybe that wasn't totally found like if someone found a ring on campus, how many dumb college kids would just take the reins? No, that's a really good point. Maybe this is the only thing that she, if the this is what happened. Maybe this is the only thing that she dropped, that someone is like. Oh crap. I know that scroll girl missing with this name, this one hundred percent fits the bill yeah right. So it's been like two months now, since she was last seen They. Finally, have their very first piece of evidence, unfortunately, though it gives them nothing, they tried pulling dna, they tried pulling prince and they get absolutely nowhere and they're back to square one. Now, during this Inven gay shun an in the ensuing months and years. Tensions between Susie's, family and Richards family get pretty high. There has always been this cloud of
fission looming over her boyfriend at the time of Susie's disappearance. He was playing computer games with his friend and his friend swear He it was him like he's like there's no way it could be anyone else and they weren't talking he's just telling by like the way he's like moving and playing, and I don't one hundred percent understand this. Because I do not have the hand eye coordination to make video games enjoyable for me, so I asked my hug then who games a lot and he said totaly like he can tell right away which one of his friends he's playing with not based on the screen name not based on talking, but just like the moves of their characters and the things that they're doing so. I also believe that police checked out Richards compute and they found it was in use as well. Now, a lot of people who still look at him suspiciously would be quick to remind you that he's the prez about computer club. He knows how to log in remotely with Vp Ns and whatnot. So you know it's funny
things were, if you're looking for something bad, you can find it, but it seems like police did their due diligence and looking at his alibi, I mean Was there a relationship going south or was it bad like? What motive would he have so it's Susie's family said that he could be controlling of Susie. Apparently she tried to break up with him a couple of times he always talked her out of it. I found a news article from twenty ten that actually said after she went missing Richard told the family he and Susie were engaged, and this is something that they never heard from Susie, so they just found it super strange. The obviously weren't super crazy about him, but they
They also didn't like raise any concerns and tell her to break up with him either when they were together, so they already had some weird feelings about him at the beginning of all of this, then his behavior kind of made it worse for them. In the same news article, I read that right at the beginning of the investigation, when everyone was focused on Suzy's ATM Transaction, Richard made a comment to the police, like in a room with Susie's family that only he and Susie knew her pin number now, I'm sure to Richard he probably just blurted that out, because he may be thought like have to be hurt, like only her, and I know it right Everyone else is mind there, like ok way to make yourself look, like suspect number. One Susie's mom also said she didn't like the way they. Was acting at a memorial service they had for her like he was either giggling or just kind of
thing off in the back and she thought it was super inappropriate. So you can imagine Richards feeling the pressure of everyone looking at him, like a suspect, so he just shuts down. He gets a lawyer, won't take a polygraph and really stops cooperating with switch, listen all the things I would do if people were coming at me, but of course this only makes the divide between the two families. Worse I mean Richard was the one to call the next morning an there were phone calls from him all night. While I call and make people look for someone if you're the one who made them disappear, great his behavior is off, but he called like first thing in the morning. You probably could have given yourself some more time without making yourself look suspicious, like there's some point where the way
you need to call and say, hey I haven't talked to her, but the fact that he did it so quickly and that he was trying to get ahold of her. The whole time makes me think that maybe he really was worried about her. Additionally, he and his family purchased a billboard sometime after her disappearance when the case seemed to be cold. As ever an the billboard basically was like you had a picture of Susie. She still missing and also put up a picture of that Nike man asking the public to identify him saying you know this man is still unidentified. We still need to talk to him. Please come forward with any information, so, although he didn't want to cooperate directly with the police, I think this is his
way of trying to help and push the investigation forward and his efforts do you actually help about a year after the billboard went up and the news outlets started. Re publicizing the case, the find the Nike man, so they finally tracked down the Nike man and he becomes even more suspicious as police learn about him. He worked at Suzie's college and he had a past conviction for rape and assault well. So this is like a very legitimate suspect, yeah, but here's the thing police. Never released his name and never called him a suspect, wait what yeah they interviewed hand like six times, which is a lot of times to try and
someone that you're saying isn't involved yeah, but they end up just letting him go and saying that he wasn't so, as in every case we talk about. I think the police know something big, that we don't You know, and they never really said like. Was he the one to use the card? Was he not do we know who did if it wasn't him like? I so many questions around this man, but we have to let it go police want this case closed as much as anyone in the public does. So there has to be a reason that they've added this man and said it wasn't him and I don't know what that reason was. Maybe the guy had an alibi, maybe they searched but couldn't find any physical evidence linking him to her, or maybe they started to see what the public did that there were. Other cases
that looked eerily familiar to Suzy's and maybe all of this stuff with the Nike man was a total fluke. You see years before, Susie went missing thirteen years to be exact. Another girl went missing from campus another girl, who was twenty two about Suzy's age, another girl with brown hair, another girl who in Susie's same dorm, and it was under very familiar circumstances. Twenty two year old, Karen Wilson was handing you Albany back in nineteen eighty five and in March the same month at Susie, went missing. She was planning for vacation and decided go to a tanning bed like she went to get a base tan before she went to Florida for spring break. Now. She was last seen on March 27th between seven hundred and thirty and eight o'clock when, when she left for her tanning
but she never made it there and would never come back to her dorm, seemingly just plucked off of campus without anyone seeing her and without leaving a shred of physical evidence behind just like Susie know, there's a very, very little information on Karen's case online. Really, all I could find were the key facts like where and when the best police could determine that. Can one thousand nine hundred and eighty five was that this was likely a stranger abduction. They did a re enactment in the parking lot where they think she was taken from and they found that it would take about ten seconds. Tops to abduct someone in an open parking lot under the right circumstances. Ten seconds yeah. That is a very short amount of time. It's and it's terrifying. It mean it's, why it's super important to always
be aware of your surroundings, even when you're on campus feeling safe, because you've walked that same path a hundred times before always be aware of what and who is around you, Karen's case went very cold for many years. It got heated up again after Susie's disappearance, but investigators again concluded that they weren't going to find answers here. They said these two cases, although creepily similar connected either over the years. I have to assume other people have hit. Police is radar an been ruled out, but there is one person who I don't think anyone can completely rule out a serial killer. Who was captured one with a frightening mo. He would
duck people he had never met before never interacted with before and make them vanish into thin air without a shred of evidence and it just so high bins that he may have been in New York at the time of Susie's disappearance. So the families left wondering was it somebody in Susie's life? Should they still be looking at her boyfriend? Did police dismissed the Nike man too quickly? Was it a stranger or was it the serial killer? They have so many questions and God bless her family. They have become amazing advocates for the missing they channeled all of their pain and establish the center for hope as a resource to help other families, and they
I got bills passed that require campuses to have like a policy about what to do. If someone goes missing at about when they have to contact outside agencies for help, they have done so much to try and make sure that this doesn't happen to another family and while Susie's mom is still fighting strong Susie's dad actually pass. The way a few years ago, never knowing what happened to her, but I like to believe that we get those answers after death and he not only is with her now but knows everything I have been an they're both in peace, so I know we're coming up on the end of the episode. But can you tell us anymore about that serial killer? That people think might have killed her? I feel like. I don't know how to even evaluate that as an option without knowing more will, nothing has been conclusively link
obviously again, this guys MO, was to be like totally anonymous and leave no evidence, but I think you're right for you to make a decision on what you think happened to Susie. I need to tell you more about this serial killer, which I can't do in a couple minutes. We have left in this episode. And which is why I'm going to do an entire episode on him next week and if you can't wait for next week for the first time ever we're going to be releasing next week's episode a week early for our fan club members. So if you just have to know about it now you can go to our website crime, junkie, podcast, dot, com and click. The fan club link to listen. You get next week's episode, along with about fifteen hours of additional episodes for five dollars and
I don't know if you guys knew this, but you get all of our regular episodes, at least for the last few months and an ad free on there so go check it out or if you're down to wait. We will be back next week to tell you about the serial killer, who keeps coming up in Suzanne's case, while you're waiting for the next episode go check out our blog. There was a photographer who did a beautiful collection on Susie. They to be more than just her missing person pictures. So it's this whole collection about her own life, her room, her parents of her room completely on touch it to show so much of her as like a whole person, and not just for missing persons stories. So I can go to our website crime, junkie, podcast, dot com. You can also follow us on Instagram at kind
the cast and on twitter at Kentucky and again we'll be back next week with that brand new episode or you can go, listen to it right now and stay tuned for prevalent crime junkie is an audio check Production, so what do you think Chuck? Do you approve okay Ashley. Are you ready for this month's profit even talked about
in months and years and and make other than five mondays this month of feels like so long yeah. So this is from our listener. Elise, and she wrote us about her profit Sasha, and I'm going to warn you now. It gets a little bit sad at the end. I'm going to put that out there you guys can can can prepare yourselves, it's still happy, but there is a a bit of a sad that okay, I'm ready. Okay, so Elise wrote. I met my profit the. So or before fifth grade the owner of the company, where my mother was working offered her up to anyone who wanted her, because she was quote too much and quote hyper. She was only seven months old, she's a puppy and they had only had her for, like weeks,
So when I met Sascha, she had a mean mug, and I was like slightly afraid of her. I was told her being with us, would be a temporary thing to see if I was really fit to own a dog. I mean fifth grade. I get it yeah in after a week of having Sasha who was a perfect angel, she actually went to stay with a different family to see if she fit in with them b y. I mean her mom told her that it was a temporary thing I'm sure it was just kind of like. Let's see how this goes. I know she's great, but we this other family was also involved in the conversation right at least doesn't really elaborate, but here's the best part Sasha peed on Everything they own
She won a gold and within a few days she was back with a lease and her family Sasha came into his life when she really needed her most Lee said I had just moved to a new place. I was having a hard time making friends and was being really really bullied. Sasha has been her best friend for the past thirteen years. She went with her almost everywhere and they were completely in synch. She went to every single one of leases, softball games on a common, that's durable leases brother, who was born in a short time after getting Sasha, grew up with Sasha, always being in the house, and same with the younger sister Sasha had a love for my, so things like can't describe Lee said she always knew when we were sick or upset and she'd lay next to us, when both my siblings were born, she laid under their cribs to watch which, like I can't with that
got a picture of nails like watching. Over May in her crib, and it kills me every single time, yeah there's something about like a dog and a baby like a protective dog or the baby. That makes my heart melt. Yet it's I can't handle it. Sasha made friends easily people who had hated dogs or were afraid of dogs fell in love with her instantly our next door. Neighbor who passed away a year ago and could barely walk towards the end, came out every single morning, just to say hi to her and when he died, Elise had to physically pick Sasha up to move her for weeks, I'm just wanted to say hi and one more time. Oh, my god, dogs, we don't deserve them all that is so sweet.
Lane, on Sunday night February, 18th Sasha unexpectedly passed away. We were all the way from the house and she was staying with our grandparents. She died love around her, but none of us saw this coming. We think she waited till my siblings were at home to pass away and she was in no pain, which is something that I'm very grateful. For the next day, the 19th was twenty 23rd birthday, and I spent hold a completely devastated since this options to life. Since such as you said, this was like a kind of sad story. I'm coming up to liken us, stop it I'm going to cry, and I can come back to life. Why are we doing since Sasha's death since Sasha's death?
I've gotten message after message of how much Sasha meant to people. I hadn't seen in years past teachers and softball coaches reach out to me just to express their deepest condolences, and tell me their fondest moments with her, because they said she changed me after she came into my life. I became more social made friends and seemed happier. I was unaware of the impact Sasha little Puggle, had left on not only my family, but people she met along the way too. Are you still there ash barely and that Sasha story and ask you wanna see a picture of her? Of course, I do. Ok, I'm going to send you a all right now Charlie come here and of course these are going to be on our website under part of the month, because Sasha is too cute not to share. Oh, my God, charlies whining. In the background, I'm not even mad.
I'm so sad right now, our what a cutie we did. They get a pillow made of Sasha for Sasha of the say that, but I'm pretty sure that this option- fellow, oh my god, you guys had to look at this picture. It is a dot like a a cut out like dog picture pillow, but it's like of Sasha next to snatch a oh, my god there. She is in a shopping cart, what a cutie well, I'm so glad that she like knew who her family was and found them and was like. Don't you dare and try put me this other family? I will pee on their stuff. I mean same same Charlie, better if he ever gets re homed some like if I die and then Eric dies and everyone I know dies and he has to live with strangers. He better p on all their stuff,
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