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MISSING: Zachary Bernhardt


In September of 2000, Zachary Bernhardt went missing from his mother's bed while she was out for a brief walk. Is his mother hiding something or could Zach have been the victim of a local predator?

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Hi, Ashley and Brett Adrian. In honor of my little sister Stephanie, who passed away, two weeks ago, She fought a courageous eight year battle with cancer, your podcast has been a shared love of ours and as her health and mobility declined, and as her health and mobility declined, it remained one of the few things we could still do together I spent many hours over the last few months next to her in her hospital bed. Listening to the stories you tell so well always somehow both soothing and suspenseful, she is crime donkey until the very end. I'm so grateful that she- and I had your show- I can't seem to find the words to properly explain just how special those uh opportunities to bond with my sister were of me.
I guess I just wanted you to know that you played an important role for us in these last few months. Thank you. So much so everybody go hug your sister today, and this episode is for Stephanie. Hi
I'm junkies, I'm actually flowers and I'm for it, and today we're covering a case kind of like one that a lot of you have been requesting Brit. You are, in our suggestion, form all the time all the time and we get, I mean how many requests for Casey Anthony it's probably easily in our top ten, if not our top five, we get requests for Casey all all the time all the time, but I am not sure what benefit could come from us doing this case. I'm not saying we never will, but the case is one of the most publicized of our generation. I think- and there have been numerous documentaries and podcasts on it since and the case. I talk about today is pretty close to that one, but it get nearly the same amount of attention. So, instead of rehashing a case you all know, I want attention to a lesser known case. That is very, very similar, but it's gotten a fraction of the attention
a story that takes place in the same state even Florida, and it's a child gone missing while in the care of his single mother- and this is, story of the disappearance of Zachary Bernhardt, our restarts on a sunny day in Clearwater Florida September. Tenth of two thousand this stories surround Zachary Bernhardt and his mother Leah Hackett, and you I think one of the reasons this case stuck out to me. So much is because Zachary to me look so much like my own little brother David who for anybody who doesn't know David now, all of our editing so high David I just felt weirdly attached to Zach and this story, because I kept picturing my own little brother at age. Eight he's now too But like that's what.
Seeing because he's not he's a hundred percent. Eight right at editor of these eight. So Leah is a single mother in two thousand and she's living at Savannah. Trace apartment complex with her eight year old Son Zachary, and it's just two of them living there and a lot of the stuff I watched or read on this case, said that they had a very close bond that they spent a lot of time together. Some of that cousin said they actually love going over to Leah's house, because she was like the cool aunt and will let them stay up and eat junk food like that kind of thing I would always let the kids stay up late, because she herself was a night owl. She actually worked nights at a telemarketing company so that we just the schedule that she was on that's going to be so hard. A single mom working nights, I'm a night owl, but I also like coming home and sleeping while my kids sleep, it's kind of nice yeah, it's it's hard having off schedules, but I think this is something a lot of single moms have to deal with, because when you
Working nights you make shift differential and those extra couple of bucks an hour is huge when you are the sole provider. So her normal schedule is to sleep during the day while Zach is at school and then go to work at night and when he's gone, there's actually a person in her apartment, complex who kept an eye on sack we'll a day of our story: a sundae Lee uh huh The night off she cooks, dinner and they watch a movie together until Zach falls asleep around one thousand one hundred pm. She said that when he was awake yet said that he wanted to sleep in her bed so that night, when he fell asleep sheet make some in there and tucks him in, but she is in tired, she's used to being awake, so she goes downstairs. She hangs out, maybe watch some tv we go maybe on the internet. I know she was like chatting with people for a little bit and based on statements that she later made to police around one hundred am she uses her car to take her garbage to the dumpster normal
haven't, lived in apartment for awhile, but I used to just walk it out. There was the car. Thing necessary? You don't I don't know, I can't find what apartment they were in or how far away the dumpster was. I think this is a normal. If you live a good distance away, I was actually in a complex ones where the whole place I'd like one dumpster, so I would drive my trash. I put it on my roof and drive it out to the dumpster, but I'm with you it's one of those things that I kind of come back to in question, but you'll see why later so, she- then she comes back to the house right after taking the trash out, maybe watch some more tv maybe gets back online, but getting super restless and she can't fall asleep. So some time and there's actually a ton of conflicting reports that actually put this anywhere two to four, the police, leave it sometime between three hundred and four hundred Lee side. She wants to go for a walk to kind of burned This enerji see, if maybe she can get herself to fall asleep, so
before she leaves she said, checks on Zach, he still sleeping in her bed, so she leaves the apartment without locking it and why down the stairs to go walking around I'm sorry at four hundred am Hartman apartment unlocked with her kids sleeping there, yeah- and you know, honestly, that's not even the strangest part to me: zero wall she's going on this very short, walk. We think it's probably according to her story, ends up being like fifteen minutes. She says all of a sudden. She gets the urge to go for a swim. On a whim, yeah. So she goes to the apartment, complex pool, without a suit with out a towel and just jumps in she. Swims one end to the other, then gets out and goes back to her apartment.
Also. She said she has no idea why she did this, because she made statements later to police that she doesn't even like swimming. So should we break down everything that's wrong with this like? Oh, so you can't see me, but I have a very skeptical face right now: oh yeah and honestly it, but not even everything is wrong with this, because I can't explain human behavior, especially for someone I don't know, but there is one and that really sticks out to me. I have lived in a few apartment complexes in my day, Never ever has There have been one with a pool open all hours of the night. Now perhaps apps it was technically closed, but maybe they didn't lock it up. I've seen it happen before so maybe she was able to get in and because it was so quick like she didn't make a scene. So no one noticed I mean maybe, but I don't know I feel like pools are usually near some apartments and there's a splash when you get in
I don't know yeah, so I couldn't find anything from police or the apartment complex about what time the pool closed back in two thousand. I would assume this is something that the police checked out and the fact that there's nothing on it. Maybe he leads me to believe that they couldn't find anything to fit. If I can, maybe they close at ten, but they didn't lock it up so after she in and goes back. Her place. She said she walks in an right away, wanted to take a shower because it was really cold. She had her ac on so she walked. And she's freezing, so she hustles into the shower and it doesn't say what shower and I can't figure out what shower, because if I can I'll buy like layouts. Today. Looking at the apartment complex, I don't know what it look like in two thousand. It look. Like there would have been a shout or in her room and A shower like that would have been Zachary's bathroom or the guest bathroom.
I don't know which one it was, but I think it's important to know eventually, because she goes in takes the shower and when she comes out, that's why she realizes I isn't in her bed anymore, so the question I have is if she ran into the shower in her room and he sleeping in her bed Was she just going so fast that she didn't notice her bed was empty, so Devil's advocate. She's coming in she's turned on some sort of lights, but she's going through her bedroom to the bath when it's dark, maybe her eyes in it. Just perhaps That's a really good point so, she comes out of the shower, realizes Zachary isn't in her bed anymore and her first thought is actually like. Oh my god, maybe he fell off the bed, but he is on either side, so she decides to get dressed and start searching her apartment, but when she can't find him in her apartment. Either she thinks okay. He have woken up, not knowing where I was and maybe went looking for me or more
Klay maybe went to his babysitters who lives in the complex. So She actually runs over to the babysitter's apartment and is banging on the door till she them up, but he wasn't there either This is when she calls nine hundred and eleven. Now a lot of the missing person cases, we tell this is one that police took seriously from the get go this way, eight year old boy, seemingly taken in the wee hours of the morning from his mother's own bed when arrived. They establish a perimeter and start searching the complex they process. Apartment as a crime scene. At this point, fingerprinting everything taking pictures an looking for dna, but there was something off about the scene. It was like two under Start there was no blood, There is no sign of forced entry, which does make sense, considering Leah left the door unlocked, but there was nothing even out of place like if Zachary was
taken he either walked out of the apartment willingly with somebody or more tear find someone picked him up in is sleep and carried him out of the apartment without Zach. Even knowing what was going on while the search is going on police take Leah and interview her for hours, one of the First things they want to know is: where is Zack's dad We all know that, often when children are abducted, it's by somebody close to them and more often than not apparent, especially when that parent, like isn't together with like their primary caregiver anymore, but says that Zachary's dad has never been involved in his life and wouldn't be the one who would take him. He's obviously have to verify this and when they track down Zack's dad actually lived out of state and was out of state at the time even more than that when they find him. This is the first he's ever heard of Zack. He he
no idea. He had a son, but also even when he found out, he had little interest in being involved with him. Even if police work to find him. So they quickly rule this dude out as a suspect, We know that they continue to interview Leah four hours, but don't know exactly what they asked her or what subjects they pushed on We do know, though, that police say she stuck to the same story: her demeanor in the interview, was kind of off like she would look, really upset and then later she'd laugh or crack a joke. It like the most inappropriate times even though they didn't love how she was acting an they felt like she had to know more being the person that Zachary was with, they didn't have anything to hold her on so they let her go now police let her go, but she
still on their radar, and she was on the radar for the media to every news outlet in the area was reporting on this story. Every single one had questions for her because again this nothing just seemed so crazy, like you go for a spontaneous walk, slash swim at four in the morning when you hate swimming in your clothes with no towel. And in that brief, like fifteen minute window, you claim to be gone. What someone watching your home like saw. You left saw that you didn't lock your door and they went upstairs and grabbed your son and got away the more people. Dug into Tobias Life, the less she looked like the picture of a wholesome mother that her family had been painting she actually had multiple evictions, her and Zach been bouncing around from home to home almost a new one for every year of Zachary's life, coming out that she had actually party a lot spent many eight nights out at bars and
kind of where it relates to Casey Anthony's. Everyone was saying she was this mother who maybe didn't really want to be a mother, her family. Ended, this saying, listen, she wasn't perfect, but she was he's a responsible parent and ice. I think, there's some evidence in her past that refutes this completely did you know on average that it takes police forty five minutes to respond to home security alarm. That's almost an hour. When a home security system is triggered a lot of the time police assume it's a false alarm and the call goes to the bottom of the list. But not with simply home security. Simplisafe video verification technology which helps police get on the scene up to three and a half times faster. That's because with video verification. Simplisafe can visually confirm that a break in is actually happening and let police know making their average police response time, just seven minutes, and
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Zachary wasn't Lee only child. She actually had a daughter after him you. Zachary was born in nineteen ninety one and she didn't list the Father on the birth certificate, but spent most of her pregnancy living in Michigan with her boyfriend's family. But after Factory was born, the family requested a paternity test. It showed that this boyfriend was not the father, so she obviously ended up moving out, took Zack with her to raise on her own. A couple of years here in one thousand, nine hundred and ninety four Leah gets pregnant while living with her twenty year old boyfriend in Ann Arbor Michigan, and this kid was actually in Ann Arbor, because he was studying at the University of Michigan actually for engineering. Now I don't know how their relationship became contentious, but after her daughter was born, she actually ended up suing him for custody and when she won she took both of her kids to Florida. However,
one time shortly after she had moved her little girl's dad had come down to visit and at some point they like meet up somewhere off of a highway and Leah, ask him to take both kids 'cause. She was going to go out that night I mean as weird as that sounds she's a mom it doesn't sound We, the ordinary for her, just need a night off. Oh that's, not the part that makes- Look like a bad mom. Logically, she ended up, dropping them off and then not returning for days. What yeah and no one could get ahold of her, her family ended up reporting her missing when she finally returned a few days later, her daughters,
are. There was like there's no way. I am leaving her here with you, and so he took their daughter back to Michigan, where he petition the court for full custody and one yeah, that's really intense. I have to kind of assume that there was some substance abuse involved, or is that me being presumptuous? You know, I think it's definitely a possibility, but her reasons for disappearing were never noted in any of the papers that I read, but I it shows you that she has a clear history of not putting her kids needs first, and to me it really opens up the possibilities about what could have happened. The night that Zachary went missing and it makes you really scratch your head when you start to hear reports from neighbors that say that they, her car coming and going from the apartment complex sometime. Three and three hundred and forty five. When she said that she was home, I mean it's def. All the time she was taking out the trash right. Right. So she said she took the trash out at one. So if people see her leaving between three and three hundred and forty five, I think
The theories on line that are very sinister think that perhaps she was if she had done something to Zach. She was like removing him. I think in a less sinister, but more in line with her past, like what, if Zach, was The apartment and she was just going out for the night- I mean again with the substance abuse. She could be looking to score at that point too right. If, if that was like a possibility again right, I think that I can be total speculation. I think it's an assumption made by a lot of people just her behavior, but again nothing reported for sure. Now to this, The media speculation has gone wild because no one has heard from Leah like after her daughter, goes missing, she's, pretty quiet and she avoided interviews, but on the 15th she finally makes a public statement asking for everyone to keep looking for Zach, it was very, we breathe. It was very to the point basically people not to give up and that they were looking for him after that? First,
even though she goes pretty quiet again and actives eventually tell the public like two weeks later, that they don't believe they're getting the full story from her, but every time police talk to her. Her story stays exactly the same and then a few months after Zach disappears as his begins to grow cold Lee does some being that I've never seen a parent do in the case of a missing child after a few months of Zachary being missing and his key is starting to go cold. This girl movie, to another state of yeah right. So this is something that I've never seen happen. I've even seen cases not that this is like what everyone has to do, but I see where they stay in the same place for ever they live in the same house. They never change their phone number just in case like if someone were to have taken them and they were ever to like get free or try and look for them. They would
Nowhere to come or know where to call but to move complete is not like. It is not what Johnny GOSH is mom, did like she has the same phone number she's like in the same place for ever and ever yeah yeah. So this is super weird to everybody, so it's something to be like. You know that the media is criticizing you I get not talking to the media, but go move out of state. I think what I heard, I'm not a hundred percent sure, is that initially she had moved to North Carolina, gotten married divorce remarried and then There are rumors that she eventually ended up in Hawaii like the farthest away. You can go, yeah, that's really difficult to try from Florida right, again, this is just a few months after he's gone missing and she pretty much goes away from the spotlight all together. At this point, she does end up doing a couple of
interviews here and there in the last like eighteen years, he's been missing, but she marries divorces changes her name and she says she wants to live a quiet life away. From all of that, and she said that she just wants to live a life that he would be proud of, which again, like I don't understand where she's coming from. I don't know that it's too long, but it's definitely strange. I was going to say we obviously follow a lot of missing people. Cases missing children cases and I feel like every year at the very least- see media presence from their families from their parents saying you know, is the 17th anniversary? This is the twenty. First anniversary this is the seventh anniversary year a year just trying to get the word out about their child, and I don't know, There are any who, like want to quote on: quote: live a quiet life they want to
more than anything, they want their kid back and you know yeah and I I get like if it were years later. I think that you think that that their past, but again so soon after is what what I think is standing out to everybody. In this case now. Luckily, Zachary still had his family in Florida, advocating for him and pushing hard to keep his story alive alone. Business actually ended up putting up a reward of a few one thousand dollars for information about his disappearance and it. Drawing national attention and bringing in a lot of tips, but none of them really lead anywhere, but the This break comes with what has infamously become known as tip seven hundred and forty six eight confidential informant tells police, listen there is this man that you need to look at his name, is Kevin Jalbert and he's going around telling people that he has raped and killed. Bunch of children in the area, well
whether or not it has anything to do with Zachary. This is super messed up, so they put in off there undercover to meet Kevin and sure enough. This guy is able to get close with him and one night Kevin takes him on this little ride along around Clearwater and as they're driving he's bragging about all the horrible things that he's done to these little kids and when he thinks it can't get any weirder Kevin, pulls into the parking lot of an apartment complex, but not just any apartment complex. He pulls into the Savannah, Trace Complex where Leah and Zac used to live. Yes and he points to an apartment. Says: do you see that one over there? last time that I took a kid it was from that apartment. Now this is more than enough for police to bring in and like bust up. Operation. So they
Kevin in for questioning, but there are a few problems with actually connecting him to Zack's case first is even though he pulled into the right apartment complex. He point to the wrong apartment also when they actually get to questioning him. He gave the wrong description for the clothes that Zachary was wearing the night. That he was again or went missing, but definitely say that he isn't connected when police test his in a and there's no link. Well, I was there to your names. I milk, exactly when I research this case, like I is jeep and I'd watch a documentary. I was like in these articles from back in the day, and there were just a couple of rip words about this Jaubert Diane him not matching the dna, but nobody says were this. Dna is from the dna is very ominous whose dna? Where was it from? Where do we get it? I have all the questions to an
This kind of makes me wonder if this is part The reason that they are saying that his mom is so that they think has more answers, but isn't that the person? I have no idea what kind dna they have. Where They got it. And I have to think it's like a male's dna that they would even take the time to compare Jalbert Kevin Jalbert to it. If female dna, I mean we would know right away that match the Leah. Obviously it doesn't match her so This is like a big. Question mark that I think, is so key to this case, but again, just like kind of thrown they're randomly like hey. We know he's not the guy, because of the dna? But like no question, answered. It feels It's a new like he's, not the guy because the DNA, hello, okay, the DNA got it now
Even though he's cleared of Zack's case. They are not letting this creep go. After all. He was trolling around town talking about killing kids and did- I mention that he like had in the back of his car, a bunch of bleach to quote clean up, naturally yeah yeah, so he had believed his car to clean up and the so he tells cops that he was just fantasizing defining loads of child porn in his home, and they end up arresting him on solicitation of murder. There is one the evidence that keeps coming up whenever you look at this case, that's related to Kevin Jalbert we find a receipt in his possession for Dump something at like a public dumpster two weeks after Zack went missing now when at least looked into this like apparently, they went to that dump site and searched it and didn't find anything, but if you've ever seen a landfill or a dumpster, it's easy to
first and why people can't let this go, because a lot of people think that they just didn't find what he put their yeah. Definitely if it's a publicly info, it's massive right? So people continue to speculate. I think it's unrelated. Now it's until the next year, in August of two thousand and one that a new lead pops up somewhere strange outside, of Boulder Colorado of all places in the parking lot. Side of a sporting goods store and What this lead is is outside of the sporting goods store in. Boulder, Colorado so far from Clearwater FL. Some find this photo so, but I'm going to send this to you right now. Do you want to kind of describe this picture? It's a kid! who has blondish finish her in a bowl cut, it's uh appears to be a male. I think he's
on the ground. It's either straw or like pine needles as a dead, pine needles, yeah, there's, maybe a nearby and the kid arms are crossed in front of him, and he's laying on his back he's laying on his back and the hands are duct taped and you really are kind of looking at the picture from the top of his head down and you can't see much past kind of his waist. If that kind of provides a perspective, yeah and even his face like you, can see his nose and kind of the left side of his cheek, like his chin and his left ear, but really nothing of the right side of his face. Yeah, it's definitely not straight on, but this photo comes Well, it's a year later and people start to wonder if this could be Zachary, so the police from Cala Rado shared this with the police in Florida and they bring the family in to look at it. His aunt his grandma Ann,
after staring at it over and over the family, finally says you know, we don't think this is him like to us. This is not Zachary. And police aren't as confident even today, they have not. One hundred percent ruled out this picture as not being Zachary. But that being said, they also to this day have no idea who this boy was an I have no idea where this picture came from So this is kind of off track. But do you know what this reminds me of what the Polaroid from the era calico oh, my god, so much, and it was kind of found in this in like a similar way, right yeah. So it's just kind of sound like randomly and If you aren't familiar with Terra Calico Polaroid, if you will there was this Polaroid found in one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine and in this
right. It's shot in the back of a van, and there are two people bound and gagged, and it's like a teenage girl. And up tween, early teen boy and they are. They have tape across their mouths they're, both looking at the camera. Their hands are behind their back. You can't tell if they're bound or not but they're just being there and a lot of people think that is terra callin, so based on how she looks in mostly a scar on her leg, but nothing definitive has ever come from it and there's been other photos that have been found. That may or may not have been the same girl and or boy in this photo and that's pretty much all we know yeah and I have obviously like you know. People will bring up. Oh my gosh, was he the kid and that Eric Algo photo? That was taken, I don't know, I'm gonna send that was taken way before Zachary even went missing an. I think
it's definitely not even this boy in the picture that we don't know who he is, it doesn't even look similar and he's like the same age like he wouldn't have aged in many years, so but I think is really strange- is I kind of wonder in the back of my head. If this is like a weird mo from somebody who yeah like taking these strange pictures of children, they've abducted and like leaving them in random places for people to find it is so eerie and. And I think another like rabbit hole in this case 'cause. I don't think it's related police again not totally ruled it out. So this photo was real. All they had for the first year and as they start coming up on the first year anniversary, the family plans a vigil, but can Yes, why that never happened? Was it mom? No, the first year anniversary, would've been September 11th, two thousand and one I feel terrible. I didn't even think about that right
so. Obviously that's when all the attacks happened here in the? U so the family said literally like in the morning they were making all the final preparations for this vigil and and then they had to stop on the towers were head and then, of course, after that, getting any kind of press for a missing kid, as tragic as it was with the far fart, thing from the media's mind, so took a long time for them to the country to kind of get past that and start to think about these smaller cases that might have fallen to the wayside, so the first year anniversary was September 11th New year's eve of that same year, two thousand and one Zachary's case gets brought up again. Because there is another attack at the exact same apartment complex, but this time there's witnesses. Now, with this it's been fifteen months in Zachary's disappearance, life has moved on for the neighbors in the complex, not for Zachary's family, but people are start to think like maybe there
Anything we need to be worried about. Nothing is happened. Maybe it was the mother and really our kids are safe, but six p pm. On New year's eve, two thousand and one all of that changes three young boys are playing on a playground at the apartment complex. When this truck pulls up Anna a man gets out of the vehicle and offers these children some ice cream. Never take ice cream from a man in a truck or anybody who you don't know. I feel like that should be a real, right: yeah, yeah, ice cream, candy puppies kittens anything like don't know, I'm Dante, oh yeah come help me find my puppy is like Numeral Uno. Someone would have gotten me. If, I'm being honest, I would totally so he does convinced this five year old boy to approach his car and when
five year old boy approaches, he grabs the boy and puts him in his truck and just takes off with him, even though these two other boys saw him now. This obviously gets reported immediately and law enforcement springs into action again and, this time they had a description, so people at least knew to look for a white pickup truck new kind of what kind of guy to look out for there's statewide Amber alert that brings in Absolutely no sightings and people This boy could just be gone for, you're, like Zach, was ten hours after the abduction. There's this guy, driving down the street and he's close to a fast food restaurant, and this is late at night and he was like eight miles away, ish like from where the boy went missing in the apartment complex, and I he's driving he's kind of like slow or stopped an here's what sounds like crying from a dumpster
like cries yeah like someone crying out, and this I'd like brave beyond belief, 'cause, he decides to go look in the dumpster with the crying and he thought is that a child had been left there. It turns out. It was this boy who had been abducted, he'd been sexually assaulted. They have not released any other details about this boy who he was exactly what happened to him they just say that you know, because he was such a. He was a minor at the time. You can't release that information. We just know that he was abandoned by this guy and he's actually able to give a description of this white male with dark street. The hair- and the clear, water police look for a connection between this kids case and case. Like is this just like uh go to apartment complex, to take kids from. Could there be any connection to me it seems a little bit strange at this. Kid was found ten hours later alive and we still have no idea where Zach was but they never found. This guy and police say that it's probably not connected, but
family members involved say. How can you know it's not connected unless you find this guy like We don't believe that definitively until you can show us who it is and prove that he had no connection to Zach and like nothing in it, that has any connection to Zach. Does that make sense, I think so now, That lead was new year's eve. Two thousand and one there have not been any, news where the leads, since some people still point to Kevin Jalbert, a lot of people point this mystery man from New Year's eve, but I truly don't think it's either I'm with the police, and I think that Leah holds more answers than she's, giving I I think that night went like she said. Maybe she was just gone for longer than she wanted to admit, fearing that, like maybe a did come back, she'd be charged with negligence. Now neighbors remember reported her coming and going out of the complex. Maybe she wasn't doing anything with stack like I said. Maybe she was just going somewhere on her own, but here's what I
can't get past and, like the I that's making me think. Maybe she didn't do something is if you had done something to your son why not wait until the morning like how much easier would her story had been if she said I put in his own bed. I went to bed and when I woke up he was gone. To me that that's like a way easier story to believe that I left my apartment, for a swim. I wasn't planning on going for left it unlocked, and when I came back in fifteen minutes, he was gone like why That story when it would be way easier to go with the other right. I totally agree, but again Devil's advocate, maybe she started out, wanting to be as truthful as possible and then panicked because it didn't make sense, true, and also if you believe that substance abuse is involved, putting together a story, didn't one hundred make sense either, but at the time to her it did. I also can
get past that DNA that keeps coming up and I under because police won't call you a suspect. They won't even call her a person of interest. I, sometimes wonder if say we could say: definitively it's male dna, which we can't even say that but say you could I wonder if they think she possibly knows who did something to her son, but I don't know why she would be protecting that person. That's a really good point, but there's also chance that she think she knows who it is, but isn't sure I I'm like super, like defense, today I apologize yeah. I I I can't piece it together, because even if even if she knew who it was like you turn that person in unless you were like working with them, but for as many questions as I have for Leah about that night and her behavior after this. To your defense attorney point. This kind of reminds me of one of our petri episodes that
I don't know. If you remember it's about that single mom, whose son was attacked in his bed in the middle of the night, while they were sleeping like seemingly for no reason will Joel yeah and everyone said: oh, it had to be the mom like who would just come in your house in the middle of the night and stab a little boy like nothing about this makes sense. Nothing about your story makes sense, turns out. There was someone yeah and she was accused of it and even went to prison until the real killer came forward. So on fortunately like so many of our cases, even when somebody looks suspicious. We will.
Still never really know. Thank you all for tuning in. Thank you to everybody. Who's been telling your friends about the show. We cannot. Thank you enough. If you want to follow us on social, you can get us on Instagram on twenty twenty and we always have our website crime, junkie, podcast, dot com. We link out to our featuring on there, where you can get more episodes. All the time add more episodes every single month, so much content the tree on dot com, slash this week's episode of crime junkie was written and hosted by me all of our editing and sound production was done by David flowers and all of our music, including our steam, comes from Justin Daniel crime. Junkie is an audio truck production. So what do you think Jack? Do you approve
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