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MURDERED: Amber Tuccaro // Henry McCabe


This week we tell you not one but two stories that have been underreported despite the terrifying audio capture shortly before each of their deaths. 

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hey, I'm gonna do something a little bit different. I feel like it is really important not only to cover a wide array of cases, but also an array of different types of victim, like men, women, different races, different ages, a lot of what podcast and even the majority of our episodes are about young white women and it sucks, because I want to tell these other stories but were limited to what public information we have to go walk. I can't make an hour long episode if I have like two news articles. So basically, if the world didn't care enough to report on it,. I don't have enough to tell you one slash two hour story on it, but that's just not fair. Everyone deserves to have their story, told no matter who they are or what walk of life they came from. So today, I'm going to tell you two stories of cases that I think are terrifying and we should all be caring about, but yet
No one is talking about yeah and there's two white women. I'm really excited to be able to use the platform that we have to tell the stories that, having gotten the press that they really really should deserve. So the first story I want to tell you is about Amber to Carl. She was a twenty one year old indigenous woman who lived in Alberta. Canada and I'll be totally honest. Here were from Middle America, and I really had no idea about the plights of the indigenous people in Canada and how they've been unfairly treated by legal and governmental systems for like ever until I heard Connie Walker POD, from the CDC and when you guys are done here, go check out, her show called missing and murdered. I am all about the work that she's doing so when I heard her podcast that highlights the stories of indigenous people whose cases have been sold poorly handled. I finally understood why a story that I had heard long ago had gotten little to no
attention by the press. So on August, 17th of twenty ten amber flew from Mcmurray Canada to Edmonton, with her fourteen month old son and a female friend she told her mom that she just wanted to get away for the weekend and when arrive they stayed in a hotel. Just outside the city of Edmonton, in a little town called Nisku. Amber was
Usually in regular communication with her mother, but the communication had stopped by the second night into Amber's trip, and this immediately worried her mom and when her mom starts trying to reach out to her and her friend. What we learn is that Amber had left her son with her friend in the motel, because she wanted to go into the city and again this is not been reported on heavily. I have no idea why she wanted to go into the city. I have no idea. Whi, her friend didn't go with her. Why she left her son. Was she going for something specific? I don't know. This is a big question mark, but her mother immediately filed a missing person report, but wait.
I feel like I know what you're going to say. Next, the cops didn't take it seriously. No, that is not what I was going to say. I was going to say the royal mounted police didn't take it seriously. Ok, because this is Canada, they said that she was probably just off. Partying she'll come home, she's, going to call you eventually an her mother actually had to push to get them to actually file. The report they even went so far as to make a statement on September. Fourth, two thousand and ten less than three weeks after her disappearance, saying quote: we don't have any reason to believe she's in Any danger we know that she is at the Edmonton area and then the RCMP didn't put much effort into finding her until two years after her disappearance when they released a new piece of evidence and a couple of months.
Before, they release says they all of a sudden tell Amber's family that they now believe Amber had been murdered, and we have no idea what made them release this piece of evidence when they did and not sooner soon based on what it is that they had it all along, although no one explicitly says this, and maybe they just got it when they told the family she was murdered. So in two thousand and twelve, the RCMP released a Porsche. And of a phone call that amber made, while in the car with her abductor watt, yeah and I'm going to play it next, but I want to warn everyone listening. We usually don't swear on the show, but the audio has some curse words in it that we are not going to believe we want to give it the whole audio clip to you so just prepare that that's what you're going to hear N Beaumont Beaumont
So where are we going? Just? Are you fucking kidding me I don't wanna go, I wanna go into the city yeah we're not going in this city? Are we going.
We've already. Yes, all all all. What did I just hear? I have full body: tells you guys, actual full body tells the audience on the release is just sixty one seconds of a seventeen minute phone call. What what's on the rest, the call we don't know- The RCMP have never released that okay, I'm getting killer on the high bridge, vibes again yeah, but I feel like at least this time the public. Way more to go off of like you can really get a feel for this guys voice his tone. His speech pattern all the stuff that I think it would really take to recognize somebody
in the call the man insists, he's driving north to 50th street and Amber is repeating he's saying to the person that she's on the phone with and then the call just kind of ends abruptly here, ST Are you sure. Yes, all all all the r c m p investigators believe that instead of driving Amber North into the city, the man was actually driving her South EAST along a rural road of La Duke. County and, if that's true, that's where he messes up, even when he's talking to her, he slips up
gone there N Beaumont Beaumont. So how did police? No? He went s and it wasn't just a slip up well because on September, first of twenty twelve, just four days after the audio is released, horseback riders found ambers partial skeletal remains in a farmers field in Leduc, which was s of her motel and part of the creepy part that I've heard is is like the drive from her motel to where she was found was about seventeen minutes. So, like almost the whole time that she was on that phone call and according to the RCMP spokesperson, the discovery of
remains so soon after the audio was released, is quote entirely coincidental. That is the craziest coincidence I have ever heard. I know I can't I can't get over that. The r c m p really is how she died. I can't find anything that talks about cause of death or even an autopsy on her. So, if RCMP, what is able to determine that from her remains? They have not released it to the public, but we know for sure from the call all that she did get into a car with a man and her mom had actually always warned against her hitchhiking and an even been wary of her being in a car alone with a stranger like even a cab driver she used to amber that if you're ever
in a car alone with a stranger, you should pretend that you're on your phone, so that if someone had the idea to do something bad to you, they would maybe think twice about it, because you have this kind of life line. On the other end, and this time she wasn't even pretending she actually was on a call, and he still did this bigger question. How did the police get that seventeen minute call? Okay, officials wouldn't say, but eventually it came to light that the person Amber was on the phone. With that day was her brother who was incarcerated and when he called her all of those calls are recorded, and, that is how the RCMP got the call. So it's almost complete coincidence. Yeah. Do you think the guy knew she was on the call or was she keeping it a secret? You know that's what I don't know. I would assume that he knew she was on the call, because if you listen the audio again. She like repeats herself, like heat, says where she's go, and then she is like saying it into the phone. So I think he it's pretty obvious that she was talking to somebody.
Where do we buy? also again, crazy to me that he knows she's talking to somebody he's openly speaking, so these person can hear his voice. We all end up hearing his voice, an he's willing to be recognized, but he probably didn't know that the person she was on the phone with was being like the call is being recorded. So I guess maybe one person hearing his voice wasn't concerning to him. I don't know. I think everything is crazy, that he would take that risk. It's pretty bold but there are so many questions I have about this case in general. That just aren't answered like again, why was amber even traveling? In the first place, everything says she was just taking a weekend trip. But why that motel winisk you. Why do
here at one right into the city. Why didn't her friend go with her? I mean I just think all of these are relevant questions, but there are questions that people in the media aren't asking questions that people in the public aren't really asking or not. The answers to- and I don't know how many answers we could even get if we wanted to the family- had actually filed a complaint with the RCMP civil review and complaints, commission that basically alleged that the Leduc RCMP mishandled Amber's disappearance so badly that it hindered like her subsequent homicide investigation, because one of the things that they pointed to in this complaint- was that when they removed her name from the list of missing persons without informing her face only the RCMP destroyed all of her belongings that she had left in that motel with her friend and her baby, and that's that, according to our policy, should have never happened, but it did. I feel like knowing the answers to those questions. You talked
why she was there at all why she was going into town. All of that will help us understand what happened, and was it just me, or did you sound a little bit and talk to Kate it may be, but that is part of the problem. I don't even have a baseline for amber to know what she sounds like normally, I don't know exactly where she got picked up. Even was it right in front of the hotel was on the side of the road. Were there any witnesses like compare this to other cases like, for example, here in the? U S when a young white girl is missing or murdered like take more Murray, for example, people have picked apart every detail of that case. Every day tell of her past what she was doing the day she went missing her friends, her friends past her family's past. What her relationship with her boyfriend is like, like they even tell everyone the salacious details of her sex life. We know everything, there's been documentaries, there's been full tv series books like constant attention and people have
forced the hand of media and news outlets to care an now. We have this young woman, who is indigenous, who went missing and we know nothing and no one is following up. I have to ask: did anything come from them? Releasing that tape, like I said I feel like. If someone knew the guy there's enough to recognize that voice, one one man contacted CBC News to say that she's convinced she recognizes the man's voice. She actually said quote: I know that voice I've ridden with that voice before, on several occasion, there's no doubt in my mind that it's his voice and she named like a specific man, and she says she reported his name to the RCMP back in two thousand and twelve, when the audio was released and when
Bbc was like doing their investigation. They found two other women who say they reported the exact same Manta police, suspecting that it was his voice on the recording where these women related in anyway. I can't even find, who these women are. So I have no idea if they're connected in anyway or where would have met this man or had the opportunity to be in his car like there is nothing that tells me definitively. So I'm not going to guess how they might know him or each other. As of two Fifteen Cb Cs aboriginal unit has found at least fifteen unsolved cases of indigenous women who have van or who were murdered in and around the Edmonton area, three of which were found within just a few kilometers of where Amber was found, so they could have had a serial they're on their hands in Edmonton, yes, but this guy is doing the same thing we talked about in episode. Twenty.
One in our long island serial killer case here in the US, the guy in is preying on people that he knows. Law enforcement won't care enough about to do a proper investigation on and people. He knows, the public won't care enough about to push law enforcement to do a proper, invest, cation on them so before we move on to our next case, because this is it, this is all we have. We don't have any or no one is pushing anyone to do any stories on this. I want to play this guys voice one more time and I'm going Take out Amber's audio and just play all his back to back, so you can hear him here all of his tone hear him say bunch of different stuff and see if you recognize his voice. Stop yeah. Three absolutely
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Okay, the net story has an even more disturbing audio that accompanies the case, and I think this was actually covered, maybe in one other podcast episode and there's like a single reddit thread out there in a couple of news articles again, I don't know why everyone isn't talking about it, because this case is freaking in saying to me, so this story takes place in two thousand and fifteen. At the center of the story. Is a man named Henry Mccabe who was actually from Liberia? He had lived in California for a time, but in two thousand and fifteen he resided in Minnesota. He has a wife and two daughters and he works as an auditor for the Minnesota Department of revenue on the night. We're going to talk about September. Sixth, two thousand fifteen Henry's, wife and girls were away in California,
He went to a nightclub with two of his friends, William and Calvin, and I use the term friends loosely from what I could decipher online. It seems like he was pretty good friends of Calvin, but maybe not so close with William, like they were just kind of more acquaintances, but they all left the club around two hundred am on September. Seventh, William says that Henry asked to be dropped off at this gas station. That was actually a couple of miles in the opposite direction of his home and William agreed to it. He dropped him off there. The next thing that we know is at two and twenty. Twenty eight am M. Henry calls his wife and when she picks up the phone Henry was screaming into the phone saying that he had been shot like writhing in pain and like moaning and his wife tries to call Henry
while Henry is on the line, wait. Why is she calling the police hi? I have no idea one article just one said that first hit dialed his wife and she picked up, and then he had dialed his brother and gotten his voice mail, which makes mens, but every other article everything I read online besides, that one says that he called his wife and like while he's on the line she like dials in his brother's phone, but can't get ahold of his brother and she actually gets his voicemail. And somehow I guess two three way calling voice. Mail picks up what's going on on Henry's line of the phone and leaves a two minute voicemail, and it is one of the strangest pieces of audio. I have.
Ever heard, and now I'm going to play you a news clip the police have never released the full two minutes of this audio. There's really only this one clip from a new station that we have to work with. No, really the police didn't release the whole audio. I know it's a story. We've been hearing a lot, so listen to this. It's a voice mail, unlike anything you've ever heard before there were two minutes worth of noises. Sorry, there's very little actual talking authorities confirmed, the disturbing middle of the night call came from Henry Mccabe cell phone. They tortured. Breast suddenly stopped. There is silence, then someone either Henry or another person says: stop it
I know we don't cuss on this show, but what the actual I know I'm going to have nightmares. Oh my god. I know I don't even know what I was hearing. I don't know either it's definitely him moaning write an then per reports. Someone stop it, but we don't know who that is that part of the audio has never been released. So we don't know if it's Henry, we don't know if it's someone else but like what gave me the full body chills, as you always say, is at the very beginning there I don't know if I don't even know if animal sound is the right word, it was like that kind of clicking noise yeah. It's definitely a, in humans, human sound. It's has guttural and terrifying. This soap
Lee's fine, that Henry cell phone was disconnected shortly after that call and when they get the records they find that the call pinned up of a cell tower near Creek View Park in a town. Just four miles east of that gas station, where his friends oppose the dropped him off when police initially check out the surveillance from that gas station, they got suspicious of William right away. There was no video footage of him being dropped off, but it turned out that William had just gotten a location wrong. He was probably drinking that night too, so he very well could have just gotten confused. It could be very innocent police found footage of
dropping Henry off at another gas station. That was just two miles away from the one he initially said. I'm still not loving his friends story. Oh then, you're not going to love this. So when they talked to William William, had Henry's keys in his possession and Calvin his other friend had Henry's wallet, wouldn't he need both of those things like especially to get in his house yeah. I don't know what the explanation for having his keys was, but Calvin said that he had his wallet, because Henry was so intoxicated that he took it at some point to prevent him from buying other drinks and what I don't know- and I can't find is like how did they all get to the club did William take his keys, so he would drive and then forget to give them back, or I can't even think of another explanation of why he would have his keys, especially when he would have needed to get into his home was Calvin with them when William dropped Henry off from what I can find. No, but Calvin does back up Williams story that William kept asking hand
like, before they left the club as they're, getting ready to go. He kept saying like give me directions to your house. Just tell me how to get there, I'm going to drop you off at home and Henry kept insisting on being taken to some gas station that really wasn't near his home, so for weeks, Henry is a missing person an he is miss, thing until November. Second, when his body is discovered in rush lake, which was just a couple of miles from the gas station that he was actually dropped off at I mean that's not totally shocking from that voicemail and the fact that he didn't show up. I would have expected something tragic, but at least the family can get some answers now right, oh no, more questions and answers because remember His wife said that while he was on the phone, he was yelling about how he had been shot yeah and you know how it sounded like he was just in like excruciating pain, the sounds that will haunt me forever. Yes, yes, yes, those well when his body is found, there's no gunshot
and no sign of injury or foul play, the coroner ruled that his cause of death was likely from drowning, but nothing else gets explained, and there is no additional information like do you think if some Georgia, beauty, Queen left this voicemail and then was found in a lake we'd all still be like. Oh, that was weird, but the end nope, not at all yeah. I have so many questions. I feel like. No one else is asking now yeah. Why didn't the wife call the cops yeah? I mean that's a huge one for me and again. This is why we don't even have the news articles to go off of because from the little bit that I can pick up, it doesn't even seem like he was like immediately reported missing. He was reported missing until like the next day. I don't think, and then people we're noticing that he wasn't showing up for work. I get. Why is his wife calling his brother like if, if she's getting a all that he says he shot and he like screaming, and you got like predator noises in the background.
I'm calling nine hundred and eleven right yeah. You are when I thought my husband was missing when he just wasn't home from work, and I thought someone else someone else's car was his I went from zero to sixty pretty fast right and I even know who reported him missing if it was his wife, if it was someone else they didn't Jane in some of the news articles that they were going to run a toxicology report on him. But no one Never follows up: there's no press releases, there's no follow up article So I have no idea what those results work, and this is back in two thousand fifteen. We have the results back, they just haven't been shared, and I would think that, yes, the results came back in he was on drugs or something crazy. You know like he had maybe either he had taken drugs or he had been drugged, something that could explain such strange action. The police would have come out with something like that, because there's been
speculation by other groups of people to say. Well, maybe he wanted to commit suicide. Maybe he just walked into this lake, and and that's it and the the only thing they really point to is that shortly before his death, he had bounced a check and gotten a bad review at work. So I don't again if they had the toxicology I feel like if, if there were drugs in his system- and that would be something to release to at least put people to eat like the four of us that have questions about this like to put our minds at ease, but the fact that they haven't released. It makes me think that it would give us more questions than answers. Does that make sense? Yeah definitely so again. Unfortunately, this is all we have police aren't looking into it, no one's forcing them to look into it no one's really looking into Amber's case either they just put out this audio and said: hey, if you, if you know this guy, let us know and that's it and there isn't like
and enough information to like give these people a full, decent, podcast episode, which is so upsetting to me. I would hope that as more people get interested and law enforcement in both of these cases feel a little bit more pressure. From the public. Then that's when we start getting more information, and I mean we have to hold them accountable. I think that's at the end of the day, what it comes down to
If you want to see more information, see the people were talking about. If you want clips of the audio, you could find that on our website find Jen dot com follow us on and I am at and we will be back next week with a new story. Nine junkie is written and hosted by me all of our sound production and editing comes from and all of our music, including our comes from Justin Daniel Crime Junkie, is an audio chuck production. So what do you think Jack? Do you approve.
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