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MURDERED: Kenia Monge


19-year-old Kenia Monge went missing in downtown Denver on April 1, 2011. When Kenia's stepdad finds an eerie text message from a stranger on her phone, it leads him and police right to her killer. However, without Kenia's body and no clue where she might be the only thing they could do was wait for the man to strike again.

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get a then. What's the point, we're trying to help a non profit here, so go to crime tips, dot, Org, the donation and while you're doing that, please leave us a five star rating and written review wherever you listening to this podcast and with that, let's get on The show so this week is surely a listener suggestion again a girl named Aubrey owl reached out to me on Facebook. To tell me,
I had to look into the murder of Kenya, Mon, hey the attempted murder of Lydia Tillman, because about six months prior to Kenya's murder, she actually met with the killer at her work and she'd been texting with them and he was repeatedly asking her to go out to dinner, go out to drinks. Whatever I get, thank God. She said no, and she still here today, so our rail he being weird keeping rude and stay alive girl, so the story I'm telling you starts on March thirty, first of two thousand and eleven a young nineteen year old girl named Kenya, is planning a night out with her girlfriends in downtown Denver Colorado. She was only nineteen, but she had a vague idea, which I totally hadn't nineteen but bread, I'm assuming a good night. I did not. I was very good. Certainly sooner, while all of her friends plan to me at a specific bar and they didn't ride together,
Kenya actually got a ride downtown with another group of girls who she don't really know quite as well, and when can you got to the bar her and the whole group of girls that she was with weren't able to get in because the bar wasn't like accepting their fake ideas? So, instead of just call it a night, they decide to go to another bar or club, where they know they're gonna be able to get in from what can tell from the phone records that are discussed later. I don't think she told her initial group of friends that she couldn't get in they were making other plans. I think they just stop that she flaked and didn't show- and I probably wouldn't even be here, telling you this story if Kenya had made it to the first bar that night to meet up with her good friends. They had a rule like they would never leave without each other. They came together. They left together. They always knew where each other were. They were very good crime junkies and made sure that you can go to your and did your friend and something that could happen to her. With this new group of Girls Action, where they were not as close, and they didn't have that role when they were Alex.
Yeah. They saw her dancing with a guy and by the time the club is closing in they were getting ready to leave. They couldn't find her anywhere in may be this would normally be not concerning, because again like a new group of friends. They didn't have that kind of code, but day on that Kenya had left with the guy but left her phone, an her purse with a group of friends which I feel I should have been raising red flags right and left yeah. Definitely so when they decide to leave, they just took her stuff and thought that they would return it later than Stu morning it was Kenya's good friends that start to raise the alarm. It was one for her not to show up, but no one could even get a hold of her since, like the day before so that next morning they call Kenya's half sister kin and ask her if the family has her from her and when she says no, everyone collectively keep trying to call and texture and finally, its Kenya's boyfriend, who tell- Can listen
Something isn't right. You have to get your parents involved and may need to call the police and file a missing person report about this same time that Kenya's friends, boyfriends and sister are freaking out her mom. Instead dad get a knock at the door. Here on out, I'm just going to refer to him as her dad, because that's really what he was and at the door it's one of the girls can you went out with and she was returning her purse in her cell phone and her step. Tony try, Sir question them and ok look: where was she? Who was she with what's going on, and he knows that they're lying that they're all trying to cover their but they're all trying to pretend to be worn at a club under age using big ideas, but finally, he's I cut the something's wrong, she's, not okay, and so they then tell him they write. This club and she was dancing with a guy in about one. A m is when she disappeared and they couldn't find her. Her dad tried to file a missing person report right away, but police said that it's too soon they said, listen, she's, an adult
and we need to make sure that she just doesn't come home before we run around looking for her. I hate this rule, I know, and it's so we are, I think, like it's happening less and less. I think I'd like to hope But it's amazing how many times we tell a story about a missing person and the police are like they have let's wait and see. I know- and I part of me, like Atley, coming from their perspective, I get it yeah like cause. The third are so many missing person reports and a long time they do come home, but it's like my guy. I wish we had the resources treat every single wine, like they weren't so wall. Her family is waiting for police to get involved. The first thing her dad does is start going through her phone and what? He realizes is that tax stop going out of her. When at eleven p M but the whole time there are so many ex coming in its all of her boyfriend. Her friends, those people who are trying to get a hold of her and at
Seven p m the night after she was last seen, there's a strange text message that comes in that really sticks out to Tony and this Would it said, hey this, his Travis, the guy in the creepy White Van smiley face. Did you get home? Ok, I'm sorry, that's an introduction! If I've ever heard one, Travis the guy in the creeping me why they had their lake, there's a reason, like certain white bands are stereotyped because their creepy, a people who drive him creepy as a general rule as it as a general life rural, like a crime, junkie, life for effective, don't get into by bins ever ever ever so Tony calls this guy and he keeps calling in calling calling, but he isn't getting any answer until finally, Travis returns, his call at eight p m the file following day, so this is twenty four hours after he sent a text message and he tells Kenya's dad this story here,
listen ice. I was driving, I saw her outside and she seemed really drunken out of it. So I wanted to help her and she got my van and I was give her right home and while we're drying, she asked to stop at a gas station for cigarettes and walls, he's there- she met another guy who said that he would take her home, and so that's where I left She said you want to go with this guy. Like I don't know, I just picked her up, so she left the other guy and he soon Tony gets off the phone with him like it just feels wrong. The story doesn't feel right to him. And he immediately calls Denver police and tells him this story, and there are still like. Listen, I get it but like we can't do anything with that. She still she might very well be with this other guy. We have to wait. It's not been long enough. I'm sorry! Tony halls, Travis back and just says, tell me your story again: where did you see her? What guy station.
He tells him. You said why don't you meet me? They're like show me where this gas station was. Maybe I can go from there and figure out what happened to my daughter, so Travis assure like lets me up I'll meet you there and Tony at this point is sure that he is went to meet with the person who objective his daughter. He's real nervous and he actually takes a gun with him, because he has no idea what he's going to encounter there and Kenya's mom is really scared, she's begging him not to go. She is calling the police again, but the police doing so. He just leaves she calls please one more time and she's like listen, I'm terrified, he took a gun. I have no idea. What's gonna happen, you Don T take a missing person report on my daughter, but at least go and oversee this interaction which they actually do. You there's some I'm going with the gun to where he thinks his daughter was abducted, like we'll go, make sure everything doesn't go down wrong or thank goodness, goodness so Tony gets the gas station before police and travel. Is waiting there with him with his big White Van an initially Tony said he caught
like sense of relief that watches over him, because guy looks totally normal he's this thing. Blonde hair, blue eyed, good. Looking guy. Tommy even says like. After when I saw him, my first thought was, like you know: if some guy was gonna pick up, my daughter, I would probably wanted be the sky. Tony clearly doesn't know crime donkey rule number one. You never really know Annie. The travellers could look like a really decent guy and be monster, gather I've been like plenty of Prince charmings who were serial killers so it doesn't last very long, so the cops arrive and altogether they talk and Travis tells the same story about picking Kenya up that night. I sorrows She seems drunk. I wanted to help her. We go to the gas station, get cigarettes theirs as other guy blah blah blah and even the cop agrees, How would you like something feels off, but they can't do
thing, there's no missing person report. He hasn't done anything illegal and he's sitting. There are We talking with her dad when they realise nothing is gonna, get out of control like Tony's. I can assure, Travis. The cops end up leaving and before Travis goes. He starts. Breaking crying in front of Tony saying that he just feel so bad location. Done more and he should taking care of her this again starts like turning on Tony's sensing like this isn't right leg why're, you weeping about some You didn't know that you just gave rise to for a couple of minutes and for they leave town He goes to shake Travis his hand and he said ass soon, ass, they locked hands. He could feel Travis shaking her we see it from the outside, but he could feel him trembling in that moment he knew he was shape. In the hand of the last guy who saw his daughter alive, full body chills
Finally, after enough time had passed, the police get involved in a missing report is officially filed and the police start with Travis. They pick him up at a bakery, runs out like a little space there to run his own business where he makes in delivers granola bars and they find anything suspicious at the bakery, but they bring him in for questioning anyways and he recite the same story he's been saying over and over again he either said that he had an alibi after drop in Kenya off he went to his girlfriend house, and she took believe out just for him they try and tracked down this man at the gas station. There's no video No one is coming forward, I mean they put this all over the news. It was a huge story, no one's coming forward, and they don't know that's because this man doesn't exist or If this man really was the guy, who did something he's not gonna, come forward on his own Walter looking for this other man. They get a search warrant for Travis Van an issue.
You stay open the doors the inside reeks of bleach and they take the van up but it was almost spotless except where the actual tyres and underneath his car there was like all this dirt and weeds, and they knew that wherever this car had been, it wasn't in downtown Denver. They had to have gone like off the road somewhere in somewhere rural. So then they get idea. They want to try and look up his cell records to see in fine any pings on his cell phone records that match like areas that would be full of dirt weeds and very raw like that and sure enough. This town called Keens. Burke pops and it's not a usual area that he would go. He didn't have any like routes or delivery. Is there so they decided. This would be a great place to check out and they do a search of this little town.
They are looking down back roads there searching fields, they bring out the dogs, but there's nothing. They can't explain why he went there, but there's nothing there by this they're getting pretty suspicious of Travis. Something feels wrong about this guy, just like Kenya's dad had been saying all along and everyone fears were confirmed when the owner of the bakery, where Travis Friends space comes forward with an interesting story a couple of days. Canyon disappeared, the owner of the Baker was worried that someone was stealing money like there was money going missing and so she's like art. I've got us already system. I'm am a go look at them rage and see. Who was doing this so notices when she goes, though, to look at the security footage that the recorder has been unplugged. And so what she does she plug it back in and
You were wines to see who was the last person to unplug this and sure enough. It was Travis, but when she were a wound a little bit more, she realized when he comes into the office he's wearing these yellow rubber cleaning, gloves. I go up to your elbows naturally, and he doesn't clean the bakery like ever. He doesn't clean his own stuff there. He doesn't clean there, that's not part of his gigs. Oh, she immediately has red flags going off. She stopped the tape and calls cops and cops. Look at the whole thing, and what they see him do. Is that that day he comes in and with p, they are not like he came in the dead of night. There's people walking around the bake reason like swaying, totally open. He I'm his giant cooler but its taped shut and he will hills again and then puts it in the freezer and then what
walks away and leaves it in the freezer. To be clear, this guy is selling granola bar is right when he makes I cook and make quite a bit my producers, nothing and granola bars that need frozen to the point that you a giant cooler for that right, and so that's how police immediately know that something is up. They keep, asking around and they also find out from people who work at the bakery that he was burning staff in a barrel outside of the bakery. Shortly after can you went missing as well. Barrel is sent to the crime lab, but nothing comes up from that Travis, in fishy, but they don't have anything solid on him like it. Just all this circumstantial stuff, so Walter, into him. They also are trying to see if they can find anything solid to show them exactly. What Kenya's like last movements were the night that she went missing. Can they put them on video together that anything and they
lucky in an apartment complex near the bar that she was dancing at. They pull surveillance, video and find Kenya, and in the lobby of his apartment, complex with a man but the man. Travis she's being going up to his apartment and then a few minutes later she comes down alone. Lee and then she caught on another hotel lobby camera like even ass she walks by and they The clearing this other guy that she was seen with his story is like listen. We were dancing at the club. I asked her if she want to see my place she came, but then she left and the video surveillance backs him up. He didn't follow her. She left on her own and this possibly is when Travis would have picked her up and seen her drunk and weaving and meeting held this The soul is made possible by audible, long before
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you can text crime junkie, two five hundred five hundred so waste. Another second of your life. Without hearing this audio book visit, audible, dot, com, slash crying junkie or text crimes key all one word to five hundred five hundred I'm serious, you guys go get the gift of fear right now. This is gonna, be the best book you ever read and again you can get that an audible dot, com, slashed crime, junkie or crimes He all one word. You can text that two five hundred five hundred. When Tony saw the video, he was sure that something has been done to her. He said that she was super responsible, Shack, didn't drink to excess. She wouldn't have left her friend. She wouldn't have left her phone. She went and left her purse. He thinks that maybe she was drugged and I dont know if that's true, like. I try to remember what I would like at nineteen and I've always been very responsible and even like paranoid, I've been like a crime junkie since day one, but I've been
nineteen and been drunk like way too drunk than I should have been, or that was safe for me and luckily nothing happened to me by I dont know you if she was dragged or she was just being. Nineteen and her parents are being a little bit naive right legitimately it could be either she could have been done. Or she could have just been ninety nineteen year girl who let her guard down and got too drunk either way a victim and it wasn't her faults right so try looking down these other avenues, but every road keeps leading back to Travis and try best does himself no favours because he takes an interview with one of the local news channels in Denver where he gives a really bizarre interview. Oh, I think I've seen this. He gets really emotional and breaks down crying at one point, then, he's asked flat out: he killed her
He says no but nods. Yes, at the same time right. Yes, ok s and detectives in Denver. Like obviously see this, and as soon as that happen, when he's like he's saying he didn't killer, but he's nodding that's how they knew any. Does something really interesting at the end to where he pretends like? He doesn't even know her name, a drop in the office where we re mad, so amazing girl with her name? Kenya will come on you're. The prime suspect in her murder and her story is all of the news is covering come on. You know her name yeah. I have to think that's just his way of trying to distance himself from her because was feeling the heat that police were putting on him. So much so, in fact that, shortly after this interview, Travis left Denver but didn't tell police where he was going. The detective
freaking out, because he is really concern that Travis is dangerous. He believes that he's killed Kenya and think He's gonna. Do it again the only had one hope of finding him when Travis left, he didn't take his creepy white ban. He took a car from one of his girlfriends and when he didn't return it, she actually reported it stolen. So they could use this and have like an all points bulletin out on the car. Walter is going on. The family is still looking for her. In the meantime there, flyers, her sister it has Sphere that she's being kept somewhere and they weren't gonna people to get. Her in time, but really at night, her dad would go down. Your dieting, every single night. Looking for her body, and he didn't tell the family what he was doing, because every one else still had. This hope that she was that she was a lie that huge is being kept somewhere and
But I knew in my guy that she was dead and I was looking for her body, but I couldn't take the only thing that they had away from them. That's so incredibly heartbreaking no, and while he spends his knights looking for his daughter, his body police, get a call a cop and Austin access was driving. His patrol route- and he gets this weird feeling about an out of state plate like he- can accept but he does decides to run it and sure enough. It was marked as a stolen car and he sees the whole history with Travis he's able to pull him over and arrest him, and this never minded be. There is this fun game I used to play as a kid like, ok, fun, game. Let's hear what does one thing? I think when every one else, one on road trips, they would play like ice spy or who knows what I would do well to take long road troops from Indiana, two New Jersey,
I would like find a car that I felt was suspicious and like right down the license plate and who was driving, because I like thought, maybe I'd see a news broadcasts one day, those asking for that kind of information via what others no book filled with since play numbers- and we actually had talked about this in the Facebook discussion group- and I am not the only one but Clearly- I was meant to be a detective. Who has these feelings about cars and could do more than like the right note book? I could actually pull some plagues. I bet I would have caused some murderers, but when he pulls wait here rather than an detectors immediately hop on a plane with a warrant for his dna and while they have him in Austin, he is quest. And for more than three hours and again sticks to his original story. I had nothing to do with it. This is to happen gas station same old, same old saying, but he does give his dna because they have a warrant for it. They use. The stolen car charge to bring him back to Colorado, but when they get back the girl
and wants to drop all of the charges, so they can him she's convince like listen, I saw up and down this has nothing to do with this. There's no way he could kill anyone here, totally innocent and I don't want to give you any reason to keep members unhand. I've gillig were really emphasise in crime jack. You rule number one today I care if you as your boyfriend, be fine he's friend now you never really know anyone and you're really dont know him now light. But she does think that so she drops charges and they have to let him go. But this time they weren't gonna lose him. So they put surveillance on him and he did the strangest thing. Do you when a guess like one of the first places that he went to- and I want you yes- and I love doing this because I love and listeners guess too. Ok, listen! I don't. Actually now like the man again did go back to the bakery. No, he went back
to that small town kings what's yeah and this makes police even more sure. Like ok, there's something here like We are missing and this is where his cell was like the time she was missing. This is what was underneath his truck like he's gone back or the second. He gets out of prison. He goes back here, where's why, but they didn't have a good tail on him. It's on. He went to a specific, please you did bring them to like a location or her body would be, but he do another search of this area and they come up with nothing again. These episode was made possible by better help. I think we can all. Then, if I at least one thing in our lives that is holding us back from achieving our goals are really being able to find happiness. Enjoy I've talked it at a time in the past. But for me it's anxiety. I know I've missed out on amazing encounters and experiences simply because As I was having trouble working through and overcoming my worries and concerns and feelings.
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of their mental health, with the help of an experienced professional special offer, for I'm lucky listeners get ten percent off your first month at better help, dot palm slash crime, junkie. They still keep our guys on him and they keep tracking him and thank God, because he skipped town again to go to Fort Collins, where his dad, and he's gonna go stay with him for a while. This is a key knowledge town, which makes detectives really nervous like plenty of young girls, just like Kenya who are out who are drinking and at this point it's been about three months since Kenya disappeared. He goes out. The bar distract one night and he's just acting like an idiot he's jumping on cars, he's drunk he's trying to get attention and Fort Collins. Please pull him aside like let him come down, they basis other do dude. You can act like an idiot like be cool, go home, sleep it off
had no idea who he was will after they let him go the Denver police who are running the surveillance, kind of pull them aside and say: listen! You need to keep an eye on this guy. This is what is going in Denver. He's dangerous. Think he's gonna. Do it again. We don't know when we don't know where we are of evidence to arrest him but watch this. If he's gonna be out on the streets at your patrolling, you need to keep an eye on him. He stays in four Collins eventually Denver is forced to pull their surveillance and they just hope that the Fort Collins Police will keep an eye on him and things kind of go. Quite for a couple more weeks until July. Fourth, a gradual student name, Lydia Tillman went out for the fourth of July. She went to like a fireworks show and that evening she ended up being assaulted in her own home. She was raped
then strangled and then beat so severely that her attacker shattered her jaw and her eye socket guide, and then he broke her ribs and like like that. Wasn't enough when he was dying, he left her for dead, but before he left her, he doused her body in bleach like in an attempt to wash away evidence and he set her apartment on fire and he laughed and I freakin miracle Lydia, still alive and she jumped naked out of her apartment window. Like too, we're own safety, and she was airlifted the icy you once paramedics arrived and she was immediately placed in a medically and Coma and the doctors had no idea. She would make it. It was very severe Her family would come in day after day and just ass. The doktor like our way out of the woods yet and every single day, he'd be like not yet AIDS it still. Of rewriting that line she could make it. She could not when the four Collins police looked
her case they initially thought it had to have been someone in Lydia's inner circle. It was so personal, it was so severe. They talk to all of her ex's. They talk to her family and her coworkers. And the only thing they found was that everyone loves her every one was thanks. She was so kind they couldn't even think of some one. That would do anything like this to her and this them even more because they had no idea who this was there, always looking over their shoulders. They even put security on a room to wear like they would go to the ice you and have to give a code word to see her. When police tried to look at the crime scene to see if they could get any evidence. That pointed to a perpetrator, they couldn't find any clues because of the fact here and also because not only did he douse her body in bleach, but he cleans like the whole apart
so heavily in bleach that even after the fire, you could smell the bleak. The one thing they did have was under Lydia's fingernails. There was some dna, but this was going to take time to process It really didn't mean much if they didn't have something to compare it to they needed some suspects or three days after the Fort Collins. Detectives get word from their patrol office. Is about this interaction. They had with a guy in Travis, and now he was being tailed by December police. Who said he was a suspect for murder and Does a fort Collins knows is probably a long shot, but its literally the best lead they have at this point. So they get in touch with detectives from Denver and assume his Denver here's this story about Lydia they tell forecasts, immediately, like you are looking for. Travis he's your guy and we are going to help you We collected his dna in a case for Kenya. In she was ever found. She hasn't been found.
You use it and see if you can match it to what was found under Lydia's fingernails, so they send off the dna, but real life moves, super, slow and all police can do, is sit and wait and watch Travis, the Fort Collins Please decide to put him under surveillance this time and he would just walk around at night, sometimes all night and one night particular they saw him following a young girl and in my mind I was like ok its follow him. What's we here, access and the more like get em right as he's going to attack her, and this is why I am not a police officer and people much much better than me have that job, because they They did. They couldn't rest can like getting away or something happened this girl. So they have officers approach him, but in a way that wouldn't give their surveillance away and he gives him a few name he says his name is Travis Kennedy and
it is a little conversation, but there's really nothing they could hold him on. They were really just holding him, giving this girl enough time to get away without blowing or cover, so they go back To watching him, and literally not long after they let him go, he starts fumbling, another girl, what yeah and police are like. Oh, my god, we know exactly is going to happen like clearly he's got a one track mind tonight and if we let this guy keep walking, but we have no eyes It's going to happen, so they pull him again in the end of arresting him for giving a false name and false reporting is just a misdemeanor, but for whatever reason: that's all they needed, because when they bring him in for this misdemeanour obviously Denver gets notified about this like theirs, is interaction between Denver and Travis, and he agrees to confess to everything even without a body without the case against him. It had never happened in the history of the Dumper Police Department and he goes back
fourth of little bare and jerks police around for a little while, but at the end of the day he ends up agreeing to a deal This is what he wants. He said no death penalty. Any sex crime charges and in exchange I'll give you a complete confession for both crimes and I'll show you where Kenya is buried. The police, and the families agree to this, and so the day came for him to show them were. Kenya was They get this professional line of cars that all drive out together with Travis first car leading the way and they drove out too They said they ve been many times before and sure enough, drives them too keen spark and trap tells them to pull off the side of the road and into an open field they get out and walked this cluster of trees. That Travis pointed out. And without warning. Travis gets out of the car and just screams like a blood curdling scream that take.
Everyone by surprise I dont know if he's like gonna go crazy. They don't look at these gonna like lose it but then he's here creams, and then he like pulls himself together and he says she's there you're standing right on top so they dig and sure enough there she was, they call the family before it was able to get to the news and Tony, had to tell his family that this is what happened here, to take away their hope that she was coming home alive. But even though she wasn't coming home alive. They got to bring her home in some way and they had got to give her a proper burial, but it wasn't over for the deal he had to give them a confession is well. He said he didn't we do any of it. It was a premeditated it's not why he pulled over. He basically tells the story of ice trying to be a nice guy that maybe snapped and ended
raping her in strangling her, and he said that he drove around for a whole day with her in his van and then he eventually did put her in that cooler taped it up stored in the freezer, completely cleaned out his van with believes, and then he went back and got and then went and buried her out Keens Bourgh Travis. Also confessed to the attempted murder of Libya Lydia actually ended up making a recovery. She having to re, learn how to speak because the damage her brain was so severe, but Doktor say it's a miracle that she was even walking, Lydia ended a meeting Kenya's family at Travis sentencing. Hearing just She was sitting just feet away from this guy who little took her speech away from her who took her part of her life away from her who tried to kill her and she stood up to give a victim impact statement which she wrote.
But her father had to read because she wasn't able to fully speak at an in this statements. She gave Travis her forgiveness and she said that it's easier for her to forgive than to just hold this anger in sight of her and Travis ended up getting life in prison and after the trial, Kenya's mom gave Lydia one of Kenya's favour rings. She said that, like, as it was going on, she felt like Kenya was telling her to give it to her and they exchange this hug and her mom said like just for a moment. It felt like I was hugging Kenya, the family set at the Cannes, mon, hey Foundation, and you can actually go to the website. If you want more information, it's k e and I m o n t outward press that Khan and they really help families with missing people like when they're in those first like critical hours they go in, Then the really doing a lot. So if you want to look into that organization and
ten months after the attack Lydia. An interview with de line that don't mind me, I was weeping I weep at any dog links. It takes a lot to make me weep at human things, but it unwise, there's something I it was a lot like the Peyton interview we dead and update episode, Ronicky Mc Gowan, or we interviewed her daughter, there's just like inspirational and strong and yet a maybe something like. I because I it is something that I see that is so lacking in me. I don't think I could come back from something like that were somewhat something I got to me or my family, but to see people like Peyton and to see people like Lydia who She was so joy, far and even ass. She is learning to speak ten months later and is doing this interview is just so happy with life and is like listen. I can't be
holding onto his anger. I can't be dragged down like garlic, I'm gonna keep living my wife like everything he did was out of fear. And I went to live my life out of joy and I almost gracious. I was hoping yeah I can only urge you to vote in the same way. I can't imagine being that I person to like rise above in that way. I don't trust myself to do that. You know right so she gives like these. We therefore inspirational speeches. She still goes around and like talks to groups and he's gotten a lot of her speech. Isn't a hundred percent but she's able to communicate on her own just a little bit slow she's able to walk. She has a full life, so he couldn't really take all of that away from her, even though he tried and Unfortunately, she's forever linked to Kenya, family like there they said you know their related and tragedy. Now
if you want more information on that Kenya, Mon, hey Foundation and you can go to our website will also have pictures there of Kenya of Travis of Libya and all the second she's doing now. It's crying junkie, podcast, dot com and be sure to follow me on Twitter, Kinder keep pod scheme comes on costs and even an extra fix it took time this week. We should check out, after the credit is assured for joy, and we too will be back next week with nine junkie is written and holistic binding Oliver Sound production line and Oliver Music, including our theme, comes from just in Daniel Crime Junkie, is an audio Chung production. So anything Chuck do proof.
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