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MURDERED: Oklahoma Girl Scouts


One of Oklahoma's darkest stories. Three young girl scouts are brutally murdered while away at their first night of camp. A Native American man is pinned for the crime but decades later much of the public still wonder if the real culprit eluded capture.

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that one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven. There was a thriving four hundred acre camp called Camp Scott in Mayes County Oklahoma, smack dab in the middle of the US. This can is one that young girls flock to from all over the state and when I say young, I'm talking like eight nine hundred and ten,
seven year old girls, little baby. Yes, some of them going away from home for the first time ever in the summer of nineteen, seventy seven camp took place in June and all the first we get dropped off at the Camp Scott Headquarters, and then they would bust out to the campsite where they could spend time in their cabins or tents depending on what you want to call them and in the Hall's playing outdoors, just like young kids should, but as they drove the on these long desolate road, seeing sign after sign of what was to come. I don't think any camper or any counselor could have prepared themselves For what would happen in the next twenty four hours once they on site, the campers would get split up into cabins, usually for girls to each at this excite site which is called Hywel. Where this story is centered, there were eight cabin cabin one was for the counselors in cabins to through eight or for the campers. That's why
you've done any research on this case online you'll often see it say that the girls of our story, or in cabin eight, some say they in cabin seven. So- Klay there in cabin eight, but only two through eight for the camper, so sometimes people say with seven now I have a map of this bread that I can share with you and were also posted on the website. So you can kind of get an idea of weird, these cabins were ok, so this is just kind of the arrangement of this I'm sure clear ng of land, where everything is right right, so you'll notice that the tent seven or ten eight. However, you want to call it is actually the furthest from the counselors tent and actually one of the only ones that's completely out of the line of sight, because there's just about to say that there's a big building between yeah. There's this kitchen storage shower area that kind of blocks it off
So this is the one that is the most desolate and they actually look kind of close together on this like hand drawn map, but people have gone, to the campsite later, even one of the parents who went out later said that tent eight spelled so desolate that even day as an adult wouldn't have wanted to stay in it. So in cabin aid cabin furthest. From all of the other campers, were these three young girls Mache who was nine Denise? Who was ten and Lori? Who was only eight at the time, but his ninth birthday was less than a week away. Now, need to give you a little background on the girls in cabin a because I think it's knowing how some of them ended up at camp that breaks my heart into pieces, the most Lori just little Lori. I guess she was super adventure and actually, the more I read about her. The more
I see myself at age eight and hurt like Brit you- and I have this picture of us at eight, which I'm going to post on line. But I've remember. I was like eight going on twenty five, but I was very much like glory. I don't care if I was the youngest. I want to do all the things that the big girls are doing. I want to go to sleep away camp, so tough. You're so dumb I got. You still are put me on an airplane parents. I don't like I'll, see you later I'll. Send you a letter, we said it before. You also wanted to solve murders by that time, like you were all like a hard and seasoned detectives like you were, I thought I was fully capable yeah. So she was the youngest camper, but I don't think she felt like the youngest. She wanted to do. What all the other girls were doing. She wanted adventures and that's I, before that summer she had begged her mom to let her go to a sleep away camp. She just begged, bag and her mom is really reluctant. At first I mean at first like.
She's, eight years old. Like again, I thought I was older eight, but I look at a year olds now and they just want to grab them in my arms and keep them safe, forever. 'cause they're little babies yeah definitely like. I will never have kids 'cause, I'm going to be such a's mother, mother, but Laurie's mom was starting to give in and Lori had two camps that she wanted to go to that summer. Either girl scout camp I'm, Scott or There- was this camp put on by the Y and Lori had no preference, Loris mom says she doesn't know why she did, and she regret it every day for the rest of her life, but it was her decision, not lorries that ended up sending. Her to the Scott Camp. That summer now, When we talk about one of the other girls, Denise Denise's mother had an even more heart wrenching experience with sending her daughter off to camp that June, you see, Denise was a Mama's girl. She would get really homesick like she didn't even really like doing sleepovers at her friend's house is because every
she wanted to be at home should be one of those girls who would go and then call her mom at nine hundred o'clock at night to come pick her up. So she could be in her own bed and that's why Denise is mom was shocked in the spring of nineteen. Seventy seven. When Denise came to her and said mom, I really want to go to a sleepover camp this summer. All my friends are going, I'm going to be the only one who isn't I really really really really want to, and her mom like any mother is like girl. We have been down this road you're going to call me to come pick you up. Like no mom? No, I swear. I really want this and they go back and forth all spring into the summer until her finally gives in and says. Ok, I guess you really wants this. Maybe she's growing up a little bit and This is all about going until the day before camp. When she really starts to worry and she totally back out just like her mom suspected. She would an she to beg her mom. Please let me stay home, please I don't want to go. I'm scared! I'm not gonna, know anybody. I don't want to sleep by myself, but her mom,
fed up with the back and forth and she's. Listen like you begged to go, I'm my foot down you were going to go. And even all the way up to the point where she's getting dropped of Denisa, saying please Please let me stay home, my God and her mom says listen. I will make deal. We are all oh here I paid for you to go spend one night after one night. You want me to come pick you up. I will oh, my god, so Denise got out of the car, took the bus to the campsite, and she spent her first and last night at camp, because that was the night that she and her two mates, were murdered. And here is something that the parents didn't know at the time, something that I think it might have changed all of their minds about letting their young vulnerable daughters go off to camp two months but all the girls arrived there. There was this train. Session held a camp Scott and the training set,
and came to an abrupt halt when one of the counselors tense was ransacked and there was very chilling handwritten note that was found in an empty box of donuts, and it said whoa. We are on a mission to kill three girls intent one and went on to say other things, but there was this hand drawn picture of a stick man hanging from a tree by its neck and always kind of poo poo like dismissed, and I think dismissed it because, along with this message that we're going to kill three girls in one, there was also some talk about like martians or aliens, so they just thought this was a crazy person. I mean, if it is just some random, crazy person, rambling as a parent, I would still want to know that that happened, and there precautions taken we're sending our kids here that's kind of a big deal. Oh, I totally agree to know, even if this was a crazy guy, I don't love the fact that a crazy guy can just
again. Ransack your tent and there's like no camera and no one cares. Yeah, no security like nothing and again. These are babies. These aren't even like teenage girls who like stand a fighting chance. If this guy was being serious It's kind of you know when you look back and think about it. The notes that were on a mission to kill three girls intent wine, one. They don't work at the camp, so ten could have easily been mistaken for ten one. Definitely and I think this was like a very ominous message now, like I said this camp is in the middle of nowhere, no cameras, no kind of surveillance, only way we have any idea about what happened. The night of the murders is by piecing small bits of formation together, when the first arrived, there were actually four of them in cabin eight. Another young girl named Angela was placed in after finding out that there was no room in the tent, with the truth that she actually came with. There's an interesting quote from her from an article. I read that said: quote
aid there with the three girls I talk. But then one on one and even put my stuff in their tent. We sat around empire talking and getting to know one another end quote just as she was making these new friends, the camp counselors ended up coming back and they said. Oh hey, you know we actually have room for now. If you want to go back with the girls in your troop, so this girl Angela, actually ended up, leaving Lori Denise and Michelle and she went back and she all the time like, I can't figure out why I was the one that was spared so we all got settled in and one of the girls, even she said needed to go to the latrine, and so she says quote: we all got to go together, you know how these girls play jokes on one another. We were all on our way to the train and on our way down there, we noticed three flash that I come toward us, so we all screamed. The flashlights disappeared. So they ran back into their tent and kind of got settled in again. But I think this is like the first sign that we're seeing
Somebody is out in the woods with a flashlight kind of watching this area. Now, at this point, the weather, a turn for the worst and these girls were told to stay in and they all actually go back and write letters home to their parents and This is when we know for sure that the three girls wrote their letters and they end up finding these three letters later that they wrote to their parents that were just heartbreaking. And even worse, in Denise's clatter she's telling her mom was, it's right. I don't want to be here. Please come pick me up. I can't stay for two weeks now. Happened after those girls wrote. Those letters can only be left up to your worst imaginations. What do you know is that one, counselors counselor said she saw a dim light in the woods out by the tree line surrounding the camp, I don't know if this is like the same area where the little girls had saw flashlights or at those flashlights are totally unrelated, but the
or said: no one should have been there, so she actually got her flashlight and pointed it out to the trees and as soon as she did, that the dim light turned off, and so she turned off her light and kind of waited, and after she waited awhile that dim light kind of came back on an northwest toward Hiawatha we know the girls are in a same night. A counselor hi out wakes up to a loud noise. It's like this horrible run. Teen noise and grunts isn't even like the right word, because she said it was almost otherworldly. It didn't sound human, but it didn't like any animals, you never heard either it sound like something in pain, just like low and guttural, and she woke up the uh. Counselor in her tent and she's. Like do you hear that and other girl was just way too out of it too tired to care. So this council, grabs her flashlight and she went out to investigate she stepped out of her tent, turns
her flashlight and the sound just stops nothing but crickets and the night air, so she a slow walk around the tents. But everything is quiet. Nothing seemed out of place she went back to bed. The same night, a few tents away, the girls intense six said they saw somebody with a flashlight approach, their tent, but never enter at the time. They thought. Maybe it was a counselor, but as we will learn later Nokia, slurs ever went up to their tent that light left their ten and slowly moved to ten eight that This morning, our counselor, the one who had been up late the night before was an early riser, so she wanted to hit the showers before all of the campers woke up it's already hot and humid, as she grabs her towel in her shower bag and leaves the tent. Now she heads up the road when something catches. Her attention. Just out of the corner of her eye. It's a sleeping bag, an
First out she has is the buses must have brought more stuff that maybe didn't make it up the night before, but what an odd place to leave it. So she start to walk over to the bag and she real rises. It's not luggage sleeping bag is full inside is a very small dead young girl And immediately she runs to notify the camp owners. A small crowd of staff and counselors begins to draw around the area when it dawns on everyone. There are two other girls missing from the cabin several yards away. They find two more sleeping bags, both holding two more small bodies, the first, responders on the scene said the bags were so small and the girls were curled up so tight. It was hard We believe there could even be a body inside more.
Agencies flocked in including the highway patrol, and the State Bureau and the three girls were all pronounced dead at the scene, as the crime scene was processed a picture of the before became more clear in investigators mines. Someone had entered into the back of the tent and struck the childre, Michelle and Lori were killed inside the tent Denise was dragged or carried through. The mark woods and then killed tape and rope had been used to bind her hands behind her back. And some of them had a stone gag that was used on them after they were killed, their killer move their bodies about one hundred yards away from the tent, and they did this. We know sometime between eleven p, DOT, M Pm and six a am m, and we know that because they're sleeping bags were actually dry means they had to have been placed there after eleven when the rain had stopped, but before they were early. The next morning
also know that Denise was the last to die when the girl found. Both Michelle Ann Laurie were already cold and rigor mortis had started to set in, whereas Denise was actually still warm- oh, my God, after they were moved there killer returned to the tent and attempted to wipe up the tent floor with mattress covers in towels anything he could find to try and wipe up blood and those items were then stuffed into the sleeping bags. With the girls and carried the cation where they were found all three girls. Showed signs of being sexually assaulted. There were actually swabs taken from Denise and Michelle that had semen. There were no semen swabs taken from Lori, but one of the officers said that when he saw her body he felt like was clear. She had been assaulted in some way because her underwear was pulled very far to the side in a way he that she would have never worn it all of the
showed signs of mutilation, brutal beatings, strangulation, all by a monster who in the middle of the night. Wow the investigators worked at the camp. Employees worked hard to move the children that young girl, who was originally supposed to be in ten eight. That night said quote. They told us something was wrong with the camp water and we were going back early. We were pretty bummed and quote so these young girls had no idea that something bad had happened, they're all just kind of getting rush out of the camp- and I don't think anyone told a lot of them for a long time. Said that a lot of the campers and counselors even to this day suffer like very traumatic PTSD. All of the girl, were bused back to the headquarters in Tulsa, where each child was escorted off the bus one by one when their names were called in
list. Add the little girl who was supposed to be intent, eight that she actually dropped something. So when her name was called a couple of times it took her a couple of minutes before she got off the bus when she finally walked off of the bus after what I imagine seem like an attorney to her, parents had calling their name calling their name 'cause the parents know something bad has happened. Angela sees her mom and her mom is on her knees, just weeping and again she still had no idea what was going on, but you can see that the parents have all seen the news, but they were, very little information to the parents. All just came, and we anxiously, hoping that their child would be one of the children that walk off the bus. Now Michelle parents were ones that learned about the murders actually from the television, so when they got a call from the camp that same day, they knew that a tragedy was waiting for them.
Lori and Denise's parents also received phone calls, but none of the parents were the camps. First call the first people that were contact according to the families was actually the lawyers and the camps. Insurance agencies, which is kind of discuss, Yeah even when parents are called. There only told that there had been a quote accident, an it, isn't until much later that they find out the gruesome truth about what happened to their daughters. There was story, Denise is mom, told that is kind of haunting. You know how sometimes children just more in tune to things that we can't see or feel anymore as adults, it's so creepy yeah. So she feels that Denise is younger. Sister Kathy had some kind of like childhood intuition about what was to come. Without even really understanding what it was. She was feeling so Kathy's only five and a parent
the day she dropped in these off at Camp Kathy starts asking her mom out of nowhere. This is never happened before she wants to know what happens when people die and you know. Denise is mom is, doesn't know, coming from and she's like. Well, you know you know, people die and then more people are born and so the world just keeps kind of going on and Kathy says Wall. What Everybody dies and she's like well, Everyone won't die at once again, like some people die, the world goes on, more babies are born, Ann Kathy says something to the effect of like. Tomorrow, everybody is going to die. And her mom thinks this is crazy. This is just like creepy kid talk right. The next day they were all dead now back at the corner.
Office. The investigator said there was so much excessive force used on these young girls, and he said it was a specially striking seeing Laurie. He said, he'll, never forget, opening her tiny bag and seeing her in there the even though she was strangled and they were hit her face had I've damage, and he said it just looked like she was asleep n at any second, She was going to wake up as he watched the coroner perform autopsy after autopsy on these little girls. He said he who Jim Freight each and every time that just one of these girls hadn't been sexually assaulted, but, as we already know, they find out that likely. All three of them were now invest here's have this crime scene, they have the autopsies, but they actually had very little to go on an the lid. They did have was kind of confusing found at scene were nylon, rope, duct tape, a red flashlight. And a crowbar all next to where the bodies were found, the
thing noticed by officers is at ten, eight was not the only tent. Our perpetrator went into that night. There were a number of other tents that were missed. Eyeglasses but later those eyeglasses, it's not like they were stolen. They would be found in all of these different places around the campsite that seems so bizarre, like almost as cheap. Why would you take these? items and distribute them other places other than just to a joke on somebody yeah. You know there was a documentary on this that I watch. That said, the perpetrator was looking for a prescription that fit their eyes and I need a theory that they went off in this documentary, but I don't that makes any sense at all like. Why would you come to a crime scene not being able to see and then go around looking for glasses, like that is not Mickey
sense to me well and you're, going you're going there, knowing that there's children like their children's classes, slur small. They might not fit, even if they are your prescription and some of these are from counselors. So, like so they're they're, all women's glasses, I mean, if they're adults again it like. I do. I don't know why you would go in blind, hoping somebody has a prescription that kind of matches you. I more likely it like you said it's either like very Miss tvs, or it's some kind of weird fetish yeah, I guess see that, and now you mentioned the counselors glasses, maybe They were just hoping that without their glasses, they couldn't see the bodies that's true too? So that is a great point like what if they were just moving all of the glasses. So that way, if a counselor woke up they more time exactly. That's actually a really good point. Well, it didn't take long before some of the evidence started getting linked back to people in the area. So if you remember that nylon rope that was found by the girls well, it turns out that it
came from a nearby farm house, but this farm. Insists that he had actually been robbed and multiple things from his farm had been stolen and end up passing a lie detector test, but to show you how the media was at the time news papers totally like outed him as the murderer just for taking a lie? Detector test? They ran a front page story that said, lie detector given in girl scouts slang and on the other page it continued with his picture, and the word about this picture was slayer, so here so many harassing phone calls that he like mentally or physically broke because he had to be hospitalized and turns out. He actually passed that lie detector and ended up ruling him out as a suspect. They actually believed that stuff had been stolen off his property and the stuff that was stolen is is used in the homicides. Oh my gosh, you say the media was back, then the media still kind of like that
yeah. It's amazing. A lot of people try to be like the first on the story or had the most exclusive information, so fact checking is kind of the wayside as the please go by, and police got further further from an arrest. They were desperate and willing to try anything and like it. It's sort like the most innocent thing being bringing in these like magical tracker dogs whose owner guaranteed they could close the case within forty eight hours and wasn't. I believe in magical profits, but those are real right. Yeah, I also saw some staff about them experimenting with native american rituals to help like guide then- and this is kind of where the native american culture starts to peak out in this story because it plays heavy part later when in a command, staff meeting the police mentioned that a Cherokee Man named gene heart had escaped from
back in seventy three so for years before and he's at large in the area. So I mean this: is this camp is like in the heart of native american land and a lot of stuff in this case revolves around native American. Culture and race- and so this man gene heart that they had mentioned. He I been a local football hero in the area, until one thousand nine hundred and sixty six when he kidnapped Two pregnant women for them into his car to them with nylon, rope and duct tape and sexual, assaulted them and I Not sure if it was just the fact that he was a violent criminal who had been loose in the area and the fact that he was raised just about a mile from the campsite or if it was because one strange detail that they thought that this be guy one the women that he had attacked said that while he was raping her gene
had made these incoherent sounds and this woman tried to draw comparisons or give some kind of frame of reference for these noises. But every time she tried. She was just speechless because it was like Nah she had ever heard before and I like police at the time, have to wonder. Could these have been the same noises that that, I camp Scott, was awoken by the night of the murders. Another interesting thing about this attack, one of victims said that gene actually took her glasses. An was trying them on that actually makes a lot of sense with the glasses, though right. So these the things that are making them look at him and when he was done attacking these women, he did as he placed a rag in their mouth and then wrapped their entire face eyes, nose and mouth with duct tape
Lee taping them up, so that they couldn't breathe and left them in the middle of the woods, a covered in brush and leaves somehow this woman says she still doesn't know to this day. She said it was like a miracle. She got the tape off of her face read and that's the only thing that saved her and so she ended up testifying. Obviously, she lived and testified against him and he ended up going to prison, but he ended up Steven years later command. Staff meeting is where they first brought out jhene heart as a suspect, but it not long after this that a cave overlooking Camp Scott was discovered and it appeared like one had been living it now inside the cave. They found tape. They found plastic material. They found women's underwear pair of women's Glasses newspaper Anna Crumple.
Picture of a woman? All of this would turn out to be very significant. Now remember that flashlight at the original crime scene yeah. Well, there was this piece of newspaper crumpled inside of it to hold the battery in place the same addition of that newspaper was found inside of the cave, the underwear that was found the cave was actually a pair that was missing from one of the women at camp, just like the glasses. Those glasses were also taken from the campsite so it turns out of all of the pair that the killer like took and moved or tried on or whatever he was doing with them. He did end up one pair. I guess I haven't connecting the dots all this connects to the campsite. But how does it connect to Jeans so so far all this stuff doesn't link to gene this stuff links to the campsite, like you said, police,
proving whoever was living in that cave, had to have been the one who killed the girls and they say they can prove. Gene was the one living there because of that crumpled picture of a woman that they found. They actually play he's a national ad in all of the newspapers across the country. Looking for this woman, they think somehow she's the like, if they can find who she is picture they can find out. Maybe how this had it to they end finding out that this picture had been taken by a local wedding photographer the wedding photographer got help from a man in prison to develop them and the man in and same with gene heart now at this There is a national manhunt for Jean and they end up capturing him in, like a true creeper fashion he's wearing women's glasses, a clear, visual to the arresting officers that connects him to all of the crimes. Now the fur
officer who interviewed him said that when he looked him dead in the eyes, he just said you Did it didn't you n? It's only reply was you never had it on me. And but you know when gene looks at the officer- and he says you're never going to paint it on me, of course, the office take this as an admission of guilt and saying, okay. This is a challenge him versus me, but do you know statement. Kind of reminds me of we didn't episode on the murder of Angela Savage and fiance kind of had a similar statement. Investigators brought him in and said we suspect, of killing your fiance and he said well you're going to have to do your job and prove it an We found out twenty years later that he actually didn't kill her like DNA proved it, but it's amazing how as we go on with the story. There's a big group of people who think gene is innocent, an I just never know how to take their comments. Zero
addition to the stuff they found in the cave? When investigators found gene, he was arrested a cabin, and in this cabin there was a corn cob pipe. And a mirror found with him. That was also linked to the campsite. So investigators felt like this was a done deal. He is our guy when they took him to file for this. It was a freaking circus, and the best way I can think to describe it for people to understand. In two thousand and eighteen is G. Was the Steven Avery of nineteen. Seventy there very large community who, to this day, thinks that gene was free by the police. I mean Steven Avery aside, I feel, like everything is kind of pointing gene. How can there be this huge The people who are like absolutely not well so the thing so there's stuff that makes him look guilty like when you actually look at the stuff that was on him, so he's caught wearing women's glasses. Look super. His arrest
for his crimes before he has these weird moaning sounds that are indescribable and then someone else here is indescribable noises. So maybe you can connect him with that. The way people he's framed. Is there saying everything in the cave and everything found in the cabin where he was captured, is actually put there a police and again like in Steven Avery's case, I think they kind of have a lot of parallels, because Steven Avery had this like crime he supposedly committed before now. There's this like crime of murder. Also gene was native American and it very much became about race and about culture. Now the something I should bring up that his defense used was there were sperm the crime scene yeah. You had mentioned that before two of the girls had dna on them right right, but what the defense points out is that gene had had a vasectomy, so
They say if he was the killer, he wouldn't have been able to leave sperm. The defense so pointed to some hairs found at the scene that experts said quote: matched but when they were just like matching them all the due to match here's as look at them under a microscope- and this is kind junk science now because, as of two thousand and fifteen, the FBI, He said there are so many problems with it. It's like discredit completely as a forensic technique and his lawyer even picked up on that back in the 70s, because this is one of the things he said, you can't compare DNA or you can't compare hairs. So you can't that this is is her just 'cause. It looks similar so, Fences strategy was to refute the physical evidence like the hair and the fact there wrists sperm, but they also. So come in hot saying that he was completely framed, and here is the evidence that they say they have. Of that. Number one. Is they had a jailer come up and testify that that
old photo of a woman that was supposedly found in the cave? That was the only thing in the cave linking the cave to Jean. This man said when he testified that he saw those photos in the sheriff's desk after Jean had escaped from prison and for they were ever found in the cave, so he thinks that they were planted there. The second he brings up. Is his defense He said there was a fingerprint on the flashlight that they don't believe, was jeans and here at Lee inside Ten. There was also a footprint in blood that was about a nine and a half I Jean WAR in eleven a half shoe and so I can see, you may be wearing a shoe size up but two shoe sizes down- would be kind of difficult. Yeah, definitely finally, the evidence, the he's the best planted, as do you, member that corn cob pipe and that mere at that I said, was found where he was captured. I feel like one doesn't just forget: a corn cob pipe
right. Never, we talked about a lot of the same stuff here: crime, junkie and corn cob pipes are one of them well first of all again. This reminds me so much of the Steven Avery case because they actually this cabin where he was found. He was staying with a friend who lived there and when I say cabin, I don't know what you imagine, but it's like this itty bitty place That's, like three rooms tops very small, and when arrested him the first time they searched the place? They didn't find this corn cob pipe and mirror it was. Until they did a second search of the place that they magically found this corn cob pipe and mirror so the defense brings on a witness SAM pigeon who actually owned the cabin, and he said add listen, they did the search, and Stuff was never there and he's all of a sudden it like appeared there after they came the second one, so his defense attorney insinuated. Hardly that police had planted it there. So
So you know going into this trial bright. Like I told you in the main points of evidence like where do you like innocent guilty gene heart? What do you think I kind of feel like well, the jury, goes to deliberate. They come out and they find him. Not. Guilty really really. He was all sent back to prison, though to finish serving his sentence because remember he had escaped so because of his crime, because of the escape. He was actually given like three hundred years, so he goes back prison and he ends up dying in prison, he's like working out and has a heart attack do you want to know the really interesting thing. Always they did an autopsy on him after he died, and it was found that his vasectomy. Never took no, he very well could have actually left the sperm now in two thousand and eight they
sperm off for dna analysis, but it was too degraded to actually test, but everybody listening set your Google alerts people, because at the end of twenty seventeen, it was reported that they were sending the dna off for retest because in the last ten years, DNA Nothing has advanced like crazy, so could know now any day once for all a gene was the guy and if not, who could
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