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NEW SHOW: Red Collar


We’re dropping in your feed on a Tuesday to share some exciting news! Audiochuck has teamed up with the talented podcaster and P.I., Catherine Townsend to bring you our newest WEEKLY podcast, Red Collar. Every Tuesday you’ll get a look into the minds of the most twisted white-collar criminals, the ones…who KILL. 

You can find the first TWO episodes about these real-life American Psychos by searching for “RED COLLAR” on Spotify or wherever you’re listening right now. And be sure to look for new episodes every Tuesday!

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Hi crime junkies. You know a lot of podcast tend to take time off at the end of the year, but not us here at audio chap. We know that your constantly refreshing your feed for new content, which is why we are working overtime to bring it to you. This time we have partnered with the talented pod, castor, Slash p. I Catherine Townsend to bring you a brand new weekly, true crime, podcast called red collar. You can find the first two episodes of red collar right now on Spotify or wherever you get your podcast and if you follow or subscribe, you'll get a brand new episode. Every single Tuesday here take a lesson to the trailer to see what you can.
Expect and then go. Listen to the first two episodes right now, when we think of white collar criminals, most of his Will we imagine an accountant carrying briefcase. They steal our money, we tell ourselves, but they would never get violent. Thea law enforcement do the same thing: they fine white collar crime, as non by the crime committed for financial gain, but there Another sub group of offenders who are almost never discussed in mainstream media, the ones who kill these are the red collar criminals. They started just like any other white collar criminal by coming. financial fraud, they started this scheme, launder money, male someone steel, from their boss on a lover out of their life savings, but when One finds out about their fraud or worse, threaten to expose it. Red car crash
turn on the people closer to them and I'll do it to cover their tracks. Even if that means, murder, join me, Catherine Townsend for new weekly series that will take a deep dive into different cases of red collar crime. these are the real life american cycles and they are hiding in plain sight all around US and as you listen you'll find yourself asking, could I have Regular criminal in my office. or maybe even living in my house Rex. Or start on December, first in new episodes come out every Tuesday. You can subscribe red color on Apple pie, casts Spotify or wherever you your podcast.
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