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SERIAL KILLER: Rodney Alcala


He was charming enough to win an episode of The Dating Game back in the 70's and that charm is what allowed Rodney Alcala to slip through police's fingers time and time again. Though his reign of terror lasted only a few years, he may be one of the most prolific serial killers of our time and police still need your help to identify some of his victims.

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Hi, crime, junkies, I'm your host, Ashley flowers and I'm bread. This week's story is about a serial murderer. Who is all the more terrifying because of just how easy it was for him to escape justice for so long it spans years, distance and even game shows because you're about to find out a slick surface can hide depths to horrifying to even fathom this is the story of
Rodney I'll color, the dealing game killer on September, twenty fifth nineteen sixty eight year old tally. Shapiro is living with her parents, in LOS Angeles, now she's walking when a man in a beige car pulls over to the sidewalks next to her, and he asked
If she wants a right to school, but tally is no dummy, she remembers what her mom and dad been telling her, since she was very little. Don't talk to strangers. So that's why she tells the mayor. Oh that's, ok! He says I know your parents. They said that it's all right, and I had this beautiful picture. I want to show you if you get in the car and something about this man's offer peaks tallies curiosity, this man, he just seems so believable, I'm he spoke to her parents. He must know her parents. He must not be a stranger at all, so she gets into the car and the man DR saw what time Molly, and the strange man don't know is that another driver was watching this interaction and saw everything that just happen, and this person you in their got. It was wrong, so this driver starts following that. He felt who's the two in the light. Colored Sudan, through LOS Angeles, all the way to an apartment building when he sees where this
range man is taking a little girl. He immediately leaves and calls nine when one to report the strange incident now when I was initially like learning about the story. I got justice, not in my gut at this point, because I imagined all the ways at this could go wrong like an operator who didn't they This was serious, responding officer who had just assume like it was this girl's dat right, but luckily something about this stranger story resonate with everyone in law enforcement and they dispatch some one to the apartment right away. The first it active on the scene is a man named Chris and he has One thing in mind: he has to find that little girl. He wants to put eyes on her so according to Ellie Weekly, he gets the apartment and knock on the door, announcing that he's with the LAPD and distort needs to be opened right now, a short moment later and me and opens the door and just sort of like pokes his head out and says: oh my gosh, I'm so sorry. I was just in the shower. Give me a minute, so I can get dress and this seems like maybe
logical explanation, but there's just something about this means face that makes Chris shudder. Call it instinct, Kodigas, feeling, whatever but even talking to forty eight hours. All these years later, he says he knew right off the bat. This man is bad news, but he's willing to give a small concession. He says: ok, fine! You have ten seconds, then this store better be opened, because I want to talk to you five seconds. Go by six. Seven eight nine ten Chris cakes opened the door and stumbled into a horror seen there in. The kitchen lying in a pool of blood. With her little white shoes, after the site is the little guy, all that the nine when one color described, Tally, Shapiro its clear to Chris that she had been beaten with a weapon, this heavy metal bar that is still lying across her throat now Chris came with backup and
Everyone's attention is immediately place on this little girl on they rush to her side, but the closer they get. There begin to realise that they may have been just minutes too late to save her. It's cleared a christian officers on the scene that she'd been raped and now its clear that she's not breathing one. The LAPD officers quickly makes his way through the apartment. Looking for the man who did this like if tally can't be saved, they have defined man and hold him responsible, but just then they there's something none of them ever expected to hear. It was a wet choking noise. Coming from TAT, we somehow she is still alive all run back to the little girl side to get her stable and to call for an ambulance. Now everyone over the moon, that they have a chance to say this little girl they work too late, but ones, no that she's, ok, their attention quickly turns back to finding the man responsible for this and as quickly as their spirit.
Rose knowing tat, he was alive, they sank, We realise that sir, time in the chaos the man responsible had been to escape out of the back door with the man, nowhere insight and no lead on him detectives comb over his apartment, searching for any kind of clues. Information to figure out who this guy might be now as there are searching, they turn up some truly disturbing stuff now remember how he told tally that he wanted to show her like a pretty picture yeah. Well. His apartment is full of photography equipment like professional, great staff and a huge collection of pictures, all of them of young girls, and it's not like any kind of business portfolio with like a few of his best shots or anything. This is a massive Lord showing a clear obsession. Now, though,
don't find a driver's license or burst. Are typical police do find his identity on a student I d card from use your way with both a photo and a name Rodney I'll collar no court. To the a times when they look into this rod, NEO colleague guy. They find out that he's a twenty five year old undergrad who study theatre the strange part is he's not the monster they expected him to be he's well liked all of his presence there's a door him even with a name and a face on this crime. It doesn't change the fact that he's gone and police have nothing but rumours about where he might be, but the next, dear in nineteen, sixty nine Rodney I'll call. It has made the FBI's top ten most wanted list, but even with that level of infamy, years go by with no trace of him anywhere until nineteen seven
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so experience something new and discover what's good with panting nutrient blends collection, the call comes from the FBI office in New Hampshire officers. There have Rodney in custody and the way they got to him is baffling what they tell LAPD is that two girls went to the Post office in town and saw his picture on the F B. I most wanted poster and they freaked out because they knew him very well. He had been there counselor at an all girls summer camp. It turns out that for some time now he been living in New York City and going to films. What and why you, under the name John Burger, it's always a surprising to me just how easy it was like completely new identity back and like the sixty seven make up
I know like he literally was almost caught red handed. Nearly killing a young girl in all you had to do was like move across the country calls up John. He can just start working in all girls catholic. Are you kidding me so and get this? This is one of the craziest parts to me, when he was that and why you he actually studied under convicted sex offender, Roman Poland, ski. Oh, my god, like. I always used to wonder how people found. I mean they don't actually like it just to be clear that not friends or anything, but it's just like a weird coincidence for right, but that was kind of my point. Like more. We tell you stories just terrifies like a such as apparent, because I kind of always thought like what are the odds of like one person being out there but like this is two of them in the same classroom MIKE I thought the odds were so small, but it's just so much more prevalent than like, I at least ever want to believe. Oh I mean I I completely agree but
the Good NEWS, is they have this? Guy now he's been arrested by the FBI he's in custody and b, F B. I actually bring him back to California, so he can be prosecuted for the rape and attempted murder of tally, but there's a small problem Christine Palliser Forty four Ellie weekly that, by this time, tally in her parents had left California and moved down to Mexico like they wanted a fresh start for tally and for the family. Like this group. We got away with her light, so when the F B, I ask that they returned to California in order to testify against Rodney. They actually said No nine, absolutely not! We cannot put our daughter through that again and I'm sure Seeing Rodney was like the last thing that tally wanted and like a kind. See both sides of it like as a crime junkie. Obviously you would want her to come back testifies that she gets justice.
Justice is served again for perpetrator by yeah, also apparent, especially as a foster parents with kids who worked with kids, who, better to even slight traumas like the wine and desire to protect them from being re traumatized. I completely understand, get eaten and ultimately, kind of where her family land at tally doesn't testify or appear at Romney's trial, and because of that, though, they offer him. He wines pleading guilty to a charge of just child molestation. I'm sorry white link, obviously The case probably wasn't as compelling without her testifying by like try to kill a little girl like how do you If someone like that of a break, you know look at least tell me, you got like a decent amount of time. Well, the time, and this is nineteen. Seventy two now California had indefinite sentencing laws so basically
I ve got anywhere from one year to ninety nine years in prison and exactly how long that he would serve is basically up to the Parole board based on whether or not bathing he's rehabilitated- and I mean to your point- I think a little absurd. I understand that we don't have tallying she's, not testifying, but cops walked on it. Why can't I dont really what we couldn't use thereof c, eight, to put this guy, for ever, but no, he gets this indefinite sentencing one to ninety nine years. Who knows how long he'll be there, and maybe that's why they fine with this like there is a chance for him to be put away forever, and maybe that's why they thought like this was ok. It wouldn't happen. He wouldn't get out we're gonna. Let him take the plea, but if that was reasoning it's almost like Those who took this trial learned nothing through the investigation because we saw from his professors back at you see allay who just thought he was.
Oh charming and wouldn't hurt anyone that Rodney is a very good actor and that doesn't stop after goes to prison. He manages to convince psychiatrist and the California Parole Board that, no longer a threat to society, and he talks his way out of prison after serving just thirty four months. His freedom doesn't last long, though he stays out of jail for two whole months before getting busted again in October of nineteen. Seventy four, when, according to court records Rodney holes are familiar move. He pulls up alongside a third you're, a girl named Julie as she's walking to school, and he offers her a ride. But when she gets in, he doesn't take her to school. Rodney takes her to an ice. Did area near the ocean forces, heard a smoke marijuana and then kisses her, but luckily for Julie, for he can do any more police around. And she survives the encounter now being with this young girl
having and smoking marijuana. That's all a violation of his pearl, so he goes right back to jail and stay. Is there until nineteen seventy seven, when he's freed again under that in sentencing law of the seventies. Now, when he is released. His parole board makes a shocking decision that would enable this horrible man to continue to prey on women and girls. Rodney Parole officer decides to let him leave California and go back to New York City. You ve got to be kidding me like he's. Repeat, offenders is obviously a flight for s. Click he's made a very he's not going to stop offending will end with crazy to me is when he was in New York City. That's when he was working at an all girls camp I don't know whose idea this was, but it's bananas to me, but the parole board at the time was
really big into the idea that sex offenders could be rehabilitated and even though it can nearly didn't work, the first time for Rodney something made them think that maybe the second time did so away. He, oh and investigators are stunned, but there's nothing they can do about it. Rodney Wednesday in York, ferry long he's back in LOS Angeles by early one thousand, nine hundred and seventy eight and according to people magazine, he takes a job at the LOS Angeles Times, working as a typesetter. No during the time period in away when he was working for the times. The hillside. Strangler is terrorizing the city and the Elk. Times is covering the murders like crazy and get this accords Auction tv since Romney's are registered sex offender. He's actually interviewed by the hillside. Strangler tat force in March of this year as a potential suspect. Now, there's thing to link them to the murders, though, but police do fine marijuana when the interview him now I don't know what the term
his parole were the time, but since he wasn't with a girl when it was found, Roddy basically just gets a slap on the rest and a short many jail sentence for drug possession- I guess coming back to like they have him right there and they keep letting him garlic. It he's going to hurt other girls will and you'd be right. June 14th, one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine a twenty one year old woman named Jill Parenteau is found dead in her apartment in Burbank, she's, been raped and strangled, and it right away police tie the murder two Rodney, but according to forty eight hours they dont pursue charges because all of the other, that they had everything that they think points. Rodney is too weak to actually build a case. You ve got to be kidding me nope and not
in getting him, then would be a huge mistake, because, just a couple of weeks later, it would become exponentially clear that Rodney was not rehabilitated. He was a predator who would never stop. On July, second of fire, crew up in the LOS Angeles, Hills, are doing some routine me and when they stumble upon a dismembered, skeleton able he seven news, reported that the head was separated from the body boat and were removed, and there was evidence of strangulation and in addition to that, the front teeth are cracked, as if the victim had been beaten. Now the body look too small to belong to an adult, and dental records confirm the worst. The bones belong to Twelve year old girl named Robin SAM, so who had been reported missing on June twenty. That was just six days. Joe was found murder and they let Rodney go, went
These initially investigated Robins murder, her best friend, Brigitte, tells police a strange story, a story about a man with dark, curly, hair, stopping them in Huntington Beach? Earlier on, in the day that Robin disappeared, she said that this man was asking if you could take their pictures and the description from Brigitte, and especially the bit about the strangers penchant for particularly perfectly match that of the man who investigators never forgot about Rodney I'll collar, so wit, bridges, help police get a computer, the sketch and here the ominous anew the picture of Rodney from the ocean register and then check out this sketch and tell me what you think. Oh my gosh, the sketches uncanny like the hare, big bushy, dark curls. Narrow face, pronounced eyebrows, thin sort of mouth and lips. It's the sketches pretty spot on. Yet there is
Definitely some similarities here and according to Rebecca knots, peace in groovy histories website, although Romney's definitely on polices radar for Robins debt, as he should be, It's actually, a member of the Parole board the same board that was so sure he was rehabilitated upper brutally raping and almost killing tally. Shapiro. It's that Parole board member who see the sketch in the news and confirmed for them. You absolutely need to fight Rodney right away. Luckily, for investigator, this time around Rodney actually really easy to find, he still income a foreign yet living with his mother in the Monterrey Park, neighbourhood of LOS Angeles. Now, of course, he nice being in the area and actually says that he has even been to Huntington Beach in several years, but when for he was the day that Robin went missing. He doesn't have an alibi. He also just so happened to get a haircut and chemically straightened his hair.
After the sketch I showed you was released to the public, so all that long, curly hair, which to me was like one of the most distinctive features of that sky is like yeah magically gone. So the the resemblance is alive. Let us now to the outside server when they look at Rodney he's living a perfectly normal life he's still taking photos. He has no trouble getting jobs, even has a steady girlfriend. Her name is back, they ve been dating forecasts of minds and just like brontes professors. Back at you see allay. She can not believe that he's capable of hurting anyone talking to forty eight hours where's Beth says that their relationship was going really well and that Rodney was really smart, charismatic, just like desperate Superfund guy, but as incomprehensible as this was verbally. As much as she wanted to convince police. He wasn't there guy, she couldn't provide, alibi for him, Beth admit she wasn't with Rodney on June twenty eight, and she also adds in
an unsettling detail that sends chills down, invest eater spite she tells police that Rodney had just gotten rid of the carpet. In his car now he told her that he'd spilled gasolene in there and at the time, to think twice about the explanation like he never gave up anyway. Signs are vibes to make her. Like second guess anything he said, Beth is the perfect unwitting cover, but police know the truth and They get a search warrant and go through the entire house. Looking for anything that will link came to Robin or potential to any other victim, but he sly and there nothing in his home that they can trace back to Robin, but they still keep him locked up and they just kind of watch and see if he talks see who comes to see him and one day their entire case shakes loose with one visitor, Rodney sister comes to this
him in jail and during the visit, Rodney kind of leans in he gets real quiet and he says: hey I need you to do me a favor and she's. Ok, what what favoured you need for me. He says I have this storage locker up in Seattle, Washington and I knew to tackle, cleared out for me before police can get to it now because police, overhearing this interaction day, remember something that they found in the search of bodies home. They found a receipt for a storage lock in Seattle, Washington and it was kind of innocuous at the time like they hadn't connected him. Anything Washington like who knows if he still had it whatever, but now there sure something important is waiting for them in Washington and they race to get there first. Ok, why is always Washington.
I don't understand how we got there and got. I live. Ashley thought the same: pay, I'm listen, mosey shocked! It's not Bellingham! You ve got blocker in Seattle, but I like what do all these people know that their like storing their stuck in Seattle? I promise you. Seattle is some kind of like underground hub for these people, so police get to Seattle. There are standing in front of the unit rented to Rodney Heart pounding, having no idea what they're gonna find inside the door roles up and they see something that stops there. Breathing taste episode was made up, Bob. I know I'm kind of the worst and never way myself, which is probably mentally kind of healthy for me, but with two kids, one of whom I literally have to chase around keeper shoes on or to keep her from flinging herself off. The latest piece of furniture she's decided to climb, I'm always on the quest to have a healthier lifestyle and new helps me achieve,
Not only is the program simple, intuitive and truly easy to integrate into my life is also given me better confidence, of an less out of breath moments after playing with my kids new In fact, in me, with a personally assigned goal specialists who checks in on me and helps exclaimed the psychology behind the decisions I making it my lifestyle and helps me keep track of my actions, whether its action eyes or eating and keep my goals insight, because I am definitely not perfect and if I off track, there's no shame just encouragement on how to make. Moral and the next day and the next day, even better. You dont, have to change all in one day. Small steps make big progress sign up there is a photographs is a picture of a girl roller skating on the boardwalk at sunset, ok. What does that mean? It means that police recognise the location as sunset beat sunset. Beach is south of LOS Angeles right in the city of Huntington Beach, that's the city
stacks and stacks of pictures, women, girls, even boys. Most of the pictures are ex set in nature. Some are kind of innocuous and amongst the piles of photographs they find something even more interesting. A bag of earrings. And one set in particular caught their attention, these little gold studs that look like they would have been ones. Robin was wearing the day that she went missing, together, show them to Robins mom to see if she recognised them, and not only does she recognize them. She says they actually belonged to her and that in the time that Robin died and that she went missing Robin used to like borrow them and wear them all the time. Ok, so like this locker was like his trophy room to take like these hearings, earrings and pictures and just keep them
what himself yeah mean exactly. As we know, many serial killers take trophies to prolong their fantasies and remind themselves of of what they ve done and like it's kind of the word, possible version of bringing back a postcard from vacation and for Rodney. His postcard was hearings and photographs now, according to court records, over the course of putting together evidence for murder, trial police began to comb through these pictures. Looking for more evidence and Among the hundreds and hundreds of photographs is a picture of a girl ruler skating on the boardwalk at Sunset Beach, hey. What does that mean? It means that police recognise the location as sunset beat sunset. Beach is south of LOS Angeles right in the city of Huntington Beach. That's the city
that Rodney claims he hasn't been too in years now. This photograph is clear evidence that he's lying now police are desperate to and the girl in the photo and praying she's alive, so they release it to them the and they get lucky. They learn but her name is lorry she's just fit years old and she escaped Rodney unharmed with a tariffs. Only familiar story that I found in California Court records from like two thousand eight. She told police she and a friend or at Sunset Beach, when a man with a camera approached them saying that he worked for a magazine and he was asking if he could take their picture for this contest now business. Same ammo same age range, a girl seem creep factor. So, armed with the photographs, the hearings, the no sightings, the sketch and Rodney prior convictions, police and the DA's office start building their case all while still investigating d
this time, Rodney denied bail and he's kept in prison until he's put on trial for Robins murder. Now the trial starts in February of nineteen eighty and by the end of it in April, Rodney is found guilty, and none of this, like India and sentence you'll, be out in five minutes, be ass. This time he is sentenced to death and with his conviction and sentencing his story should be over, but in fact the nightmare is just beginning because in nineteen eighty four Rodney collars conviction for Robins murder is overturned by the California Supreme Court. According to court records. His conviction. Get overturned after the California Supreme Court finds that the jury was improperly informed about his prior convictions, which they determined made his trial unfair and violated his constitutional rights. So he goes on. Trial again
four robins murder and two years later is now nineteen. Eighty six he's convicted and sentenced to death again. So what does he do? He files another appeal, not Cynthia kills process is always very long. Rodney stays in prison on death row in California. All the way up until two thousand and one when he gets a ruling, his conviction has been overturned again. Rodney, keeps finding ways to weave throughout the legal system and he looks for anything to stave off the death sentence and listen, there's no denying this guy is as smart as he is violent, but since we are now in the early two. Thousands and forensics have grown leaps and bounds. Has the nineteen seventies dna evidence is now a staple of homicide. Investigations across the country, so police can reexamined old evidence like seamen or bloodstains, and use this new technology to kneel down criminals plus into
and to the California attorney General actually announced that death row inmates like Rodney, would have their dna taken to establish a database. I'm? U, what we all know as code S, rights They wouldn't even need like a warrant. Example, it's just like the precedent. That's out there now, yeah, exactly and into in three police, get their dna samples from Rodney. After he's now spent twenty four years in prison, using that sample investigators are able to link him too for more richly murders in and around the LOS Angeles area, from nineteen, seventy seven up he'll his arrest and nineteen. Seventy nine. All four women had been sexually assaulted, viciously b, strangled in and out of consciousness and then had their body posed into unnatural positions and the man Jeanne DNA tells a damning story of Rodney activities. He got out of listen in nineteen, seventy seven and that same year,
a young eighteen year old girl named Jill Bark homes body was found in a ravine is, is the single that they thought that they could connect to him, but they didn't really have any evidence on. No. This is actually a completely different girl. This Jill was initially thought to have been a victim of the hillside, strangler, but now without a shadow of a doubt, dna evidence proves that she was one of Rodney spectrums so far doing, Jill BAR come his next. Victim was twenty seven year old, Georgia Wicks set in nineteen seventy seven. Then he took the life Charlotte, Lamb in nineteen. Seventy eight and it seeing how they connected Hinder Charlotte. Her dna was actually found on a pair of earrings from that bag that they found in Rodney storage. Locker know the final case that they were able to back to him in California, was Jill parent
and she is the jail, but I told you about earlier and who police always believed was connected to Rodney him, but now they could finally prove it. If these dna matches police and the district attorney's see their worst fear, realise, Rodney is in fact a serial killer. Armed with there evidence the DA's office decides to do something a little different instead of return. Eyeing him again just for Robins murder. They want to combine the charges and prosecute him for all five murdered. At the same time, now. The trial for murdering Robin PAMELA Charlotte in both chills doesn't start until two thousand and ten and Roddy makes a choice to do something that I think we only ever see from the most like reason narcissistic of killers ABC seven news reported that this time around Rodney was going to be his own defence attorney and just when you think that
can't get weirder. They do because not only does he call Robins poor mother to the stand and put her through the agony of testifying like an eye, have a conversation with the man who murdered her daughter right. He also calls himself as a witness and run He actually cross examined himself on the stand. Doing like different voices like he talks, the peer when he's pertaining to the lawyer. He talked in a different boys than when he's pertaining to answer the questions on the stand. It is but These are the bats the strangest thing he does now? We ve seen weird evidence in a time that we ve been doing this show, but this is a different ball game because, as part of his defence Rodney Present a video of himself on tv, back in September of nineteen. Seventy eight he was a contestant on the dating game and he actually one just listen to this
where'd. You learn number one. What's your time. The best time is night night time, why do you say that? Because I every time there is the item, what's wrong with the morning afternoon, whether ok Tat really gets good. Then you really read a teacher addition, each of you for my private class to learn number wide a year. Red tape. Oh did may take it. Over here, when I say I got full by chose watching that like no lie rotten
me as bachelor number one and he actually one, but the woman that he was trying to win a date with decided not to go out with him. She actually Sunday, telegraph in two twelve and tells me that she got just this bad feeling about Roddy backstage. So she never went on the date and honestly that may have saved her life yet we say it all the time. I trust your guy trust your instincts, I mean be weird. Beirut, stay alive and don't go on data creepy guy. Some data singly backlit like what was the point of bringing this and as evidence like that when I show the jury that he was on a game show? I mean I think that very well been part of it. But the point that Rodney was really trying to make with the clip. Is he points himself the video and claims that you can see that he's wearing gold earrings, just like the ones police found in his storage locker and
he's basically saying like it's the hearing that they wish to Robin and he's like. No, these are my hearings. I obviously had them the whole time and, according to he says. This proves that police are wrong and that those aren't robins earrings there his now according to Dirt Chad, males who was unsigned, fell back in the nineties. This is related. I promised you stay with me. He talked to CNN back in March of two dozen ten, because he was a contested on that same episode of the deed and game, and he swears that he never saw Rodney wearing earrings, and he also adds that here just this major early uncomfortable by from Rodney who T described as definitely creepy, even though he was perfectly charming onstage and, to me this is such a great demonstration of how a killer like this can just flit to switch off and on you. Like one minute of the best person in the world, the next their real, poverty is showing and it's like a totally different person, and this is good.
We were. The jury is seen to theirs rawdon each army, as can be on screen, while his crimes are laid out in all of their awful detail. The jury seasick cool eagerly an Rodney is once again found guilty of capital, murder in California, convicted of killing five innocent women and girls, and in a surprising twist after his conviction, at his sentencing hearing a groan, tally. Shapiro herself run his first known victim who barely survived his assault, testifies then to combat it or compound. On top of it, I'm not even sure Rodney. Does this like warped appeal for mercy and at the sentencing hearing he plays the song Alice's restaurant by our low Guthrie
which is just like classic american folk song from eighteen, sixty seven. But here are the lyrics that stand out quote. I want to see blood and Gore and guts and veins in my teeth, eat dead, burnt bodies, I mean, kill, kill, kill, kill, and could only guide the according to routers news. The jury is like and they reach decision in a single afternoon again for the third time, Rodney is sentenced to death there. Are no more appeals. No more overturned convictions for once and for all the sky is done, he's in jail, he's not getting out to her any one else, but ass. For the immediate threat had been contained after everyone knew he would No longer be out on the streets preying on women investigators turn their attention to another issue: how many victims did Rodney? Actually hat
because if you ask anyone involved in the case, they'll tell you the cases he went to trial for are likely just scraping the surface. In two thousand ten after Roddy is found guilty for a third and final time. Invest eaters decide to do something they ve never done before. They make all those non explicit sections of Rodney Photography, collection, public now, there, are about nine hundred pictures, but they can only release about a hundred and twenty of them and they put those out to the public asking for help. Dennis the women, so they can learn it the women were assaulted. I mean, if they're, even still alive. Many of the pictures are taken at the beach or at sporting events like gymnastic practices and to at the hundred twenty or even of unidentified young men, Carlin Miller reported for CBS News that,
lot of the photos released to the public actually have a dress is on the back as if Rodney was a hunter tracking. His prey, which he very much was By March, nine women in Rodney sick collection have been identified. Luckily, Oliver, I'm alive, though not unscathed, since Katy Allay reported that one woman tells police Ronnie actually molested her. Multiple families also come forward to tell least day. Recognise some of the women as missing. Loved ones young women who disappeared without a trace and that same month, Rodney is connected to three more cases nineteen year old, PAMELA Lamson, who went missing from the San Francisco Bay area in seventy seven after telling her friends that she was gonna, go see a photographer who matched Rodney description. Her naked He was found shortly after then to other victims. Thirteen
old Antoinette Whittaker and seventeen year old, Joyce Gorge, were both murdered in Seattle, were Rodney had his storage locker. Now, according to you, the end Morgan's for Vice news, there's no dna or fingerprints to definitively connect Roddy to these three murders and really There is an even enough to take him to trial again, but police are confident that he's responsible, even though he's never been formally charged. For those I mean all this makes me think that he can be connected to even more cases in so many other states like if he assaulted murdered women in a place that he would just visit like Seattle, where historic locker was like having looked at other places, especially like the EAST Coast like New York having no, he spent time out there. So, yes, they did, and the New York police particular took it is because, back when the LAPD was starting to collect, Romney's dna was trying to link him too, like their cases, New York did this same bay. Came out collected. Is DNA data collected dental impression as well.
January, two dozen leavin, the Manhattan De Indict Rodney for the murders of Cornelia cruelly and Ellen over according to the new post rod. These actual, We been on the anyway peaty radar for Ellen's murder for years before they. Finally, large him ever since his alias on Burger was found written in her deep, but for the day that she disappeared, but now there able to definitively linked to the crime forensically after some back in worth and an extradition to Manhattan, Rodney ultimately plead guilty so that he can get back to California sooner and work on his appeals. Now Kate Matter report, if it Ellie Times that Rodney is sentenced to twenty five years to life in prison. So, if he's How manages to get that third death sentence reversed? He will actually be sent back to New York state. To do time, they are for
ordering Alan and Cornelia. Thank God he is never getting out, no matter what happens with his appeals like this is rose. Cases are just like completely flabbergasted how much damage one single person is capable of doing like all the people he killed all the people, he assaulted and others only that he's tormented. Oh I mean absolutely. I dont think you know that will ever know a hundred per cent for sure how many people Rodney killed and naming today police estimate anywhere from seven that he's been convicted of all the way to a hundred and thirty and here's the thing I mean they're still identifying victims in other states from bodies photo collection. I think there is more to come, like the most shocking of those identifications to me came in two thousand thirteen. When Why homing? Woman named Cathy Thornton gets an email from her son. Now he had gone
not knowing that his aunt, Cathy sister Christine, had gone missing back in nineteen, seventy seven when she was six months pregnant now it seems like a. Longshot the Cathy decides to scroll through the pictures that police had released and she makes a heart stopping discovery, accords to reporting from a lease smells or in the Casper STAR Tribune, right there in photo number? Eighty six is her sister. Steam sitting on a motorcycle happy, as can be in the bright sunshine. Cathy into of hers link submit their dna to the national missing, an unidentified person system database and they run them against their files. It takes two years, but in two thousand fifteen the dna comes back with a match. The match is to a deceased woman who was found in Sweetwater County Wyoming back in nineteen, eighty, two, so armed with the
Oh and the new DNA evidence police once again, pieced together rotties movements movements to prove that he was in the area at the time he's charged with first degree murder in Sweetwater County in September. Two thousand sixteen but due to his failing health Roddy has never been extradited Wyoming for the trial. He is seventy. Six years old, now he's still on death row in California, where he's been for almost forty years seen out there. Miserable end to emit or bought despicable life, and the rest of us a kind of left to wonder how many others are there, I mean he was only out for a short time, but I think he did so watch destruction in that short time. How many missing people, how many, Jane and John Doze. How many more could have been his victim
the photos from Roddy. Our college collection are still on line and we're gonna linked to the database on our website crying junkie, podcast dot com. So, if you are someone you know can identify any of the people in those voters. Please contact the Huntington, Beach police department and if you want to see any of the pictures we talked about in this case, if you want to look at our source material, you can find all about in the website as well, and we should have far less on Instagram. That comes in keeping cast and will we
next week with a brand new episode. Crying junkie is an audio chuck production. So what do you think Chuck deal move
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