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SERIAL KILLER: The Claremont Killer


Since 1996, people in Claremont had been looking over their shoulders when they go out for a night on the town. Over the span of a few years, three girls were taken from the same place in nearly identical fashions. Many years later, those crimes would be connected to other attacks dating back to 1988. And somehow, in 2016, a man was arrested for these crimes... But we still don't know exactly how police got his name.

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Joann dot com and search for crime junkie, there's already two episodes in there waiting for you and a pre emptive. Thank you to anyone who goes and helps support. The show you guys are amazing Brit. I have gotten a cup. Love messages now from our australian listeners asking me when going to venture out of the states and cover an australian crime, and today you guys we are doing it
Finally, it's a little overdue. I know we actually have a surprisingly big listener base in Australia and I absolutely love it. It is soup, duper rare that I start researching case without having ever have heard about it, and I think of all- more episodes. This is probably the first for me which like where every single thing I look up is brand new information. I've never seen before, and it was so much fun alittle. Nerve wracking, not knowing what I was jumping into, but it reminded me of the good old days when I would just deep dive into cases for enjoyment and not just for podcast research. So the case I chose based on some listener suggestions took place in the area of Clermont which were listeners. Me and you not from Australia, is on the western side of the country, and I'm going to pick
this story in one thousand nine hundred and ninety six, when a young girl named Sarah Spiers goes out for a night on the town. Sarah is eighteen years old living in a flat. Look at you, you're, even using the lingo of flat, let's in apartment in the US terms. I know I'm going to try, but I don't promise that I won't screw something up. So please bear with me be kind all are showing listeners so she's living in a flat with her older sister in South Perth Friday, the 21st of January, is actually Australia Day, which is the country's national founding day. Like our fourth of July here so Sarah and some of her friends had a picnic dinner in the park and Serra sister Amanda, picks them up and then drops them off at a place called ocean beach. Hotel.
Girls all decide to leave that hotel around midnight and, in the end again picks them up and then again drives them to another club in the Clermont area and drop them off again now, even though she was kind of taxing them around Amanda was actually with her sister and her friend that night she was doing her own thing, but just kind of acting as their ride being a good big sister. Normally. She would have even picked up Sarah at the end of the night, but Amanda had been working a couple of part time jobs and wanted to rest at night. So she had asked Sarah to catch a taxi home, So Sarah is out having a great time but around two a m. She decides to separate from her group and call it a night on. Way out of this site club area. She chats a little with a security officer and then walks to a pay phone at the end of the road we that at exactly two hundred and six, she called Swan Taxis, she calls them, though, she tells them that her destination isn't South Perth, where her apartment is she
then that her destination is Mosman park. Oh, what the heck Two hundred am right. Do we know where she was going? No, not as far as we've been told she didn't give them her exact address that she was going to, but one The friends that she was with earlier in that day did live in that area, and it's reported that that friend old, Sarah, she was welcome to crash at her place instead of taking a cab to South Perth because taking a cab to place would have been much cheaper and from Everything I can tell that's what police think she was doing so she puts in that all at two hundred and six at this pay phone on the corner of sterling highway and Sterling RD after she's the phone, a car with three men drive by, and they end up stopping at a red light, and when, stop. They can still see Sarah behind them in their rearview mirror and as they're sitting there. They kind of
note about how she's kind of the only girl in the street it's dark and they see another car approaching from behind them. So Sarah is basically in between them in this car coming at them at a out this same moment, the light turns green and the guys in the car turn as they are keeping an eye in their rearview mirror they notice. The car that was coming up behind them never passes the intersection so they're thinking he stopped when they got to Sarah, the guys in or even have a discussion about whether or not they should go back and check on her being that is a girl alone in the streets so late at night, but they were in a pretty decent area of town and, of course, they kind of had this thought that we all have like. Oh I'm sure, it's fine, nothing bad could happen. It's going to be ok with Two hundred and nine just three minutes after she placed that call to the taxi service. Serres
arrives and Sarah, isn't there wait just three men? yeah and no one knows that she's missing right away, because again, those guys who passed didn't actually know her. They just turn around her friends were still out thinking she went home. Her assume she probably stayed at a friends. What about the friend that her sister, that going to stay with that kind of just gave her an open invite. So I assume, like her sister thought she was staying at her friends. This friend probably just assumed. Oh, she decided not to come tonight anyway. She probably just wanted to go home, so Sarah had gone out on a Friday night, she's last seen in the early morning, hours of Saturday, and then it's not until Monday morning, when her sister Amanda really starts to worry, because not only did Sarah not come home, She has not even been in contact with her, which is really abnormal. Amanda had tried calling her at eight hundred and fifteen. Just for that very reason, just to check in and say, hey haven't heard your voice, we haven't talked, but she couldn't get ahold,
and she starts calling her friends. They had talk since she left that night. So she ends calling police and then telling her family that she's? Finally, a missing person report very Leon police believe that this was more than just a missing person. An within forty eight hours, major crimes Claude, took over the investigation, pictures of and her clothing were circulated around town over thirty five thousand posters were distributed around Perth and friends and families walked the streets at night. Just like see if they could jog anyone's memory, see if they were out the night before doing anything they could get any lead. That would let them know what happened to Sarah These were even making public appeals for anyone who was out that night that she went missing to come forward and they actually had hundreds of people respond. Saying I was in Clermont that night, but no
had any real, valuable information to provide and the number one thing that people were looking for was any kind of citing or information related to that second vehicle, the one that the guys saw approaching as they were turning the one I thought maybe Sarah had gotten into, but of course whoever was driving that never came forward and no one was able to provide a ton of information on exactly the make model or license plate of that car. Now, point. I know we've heard this before the case goes cold for five months until another woman goes missing under very similar circumstances. At this point, It is June of nineteen. Ninety six and a twenty three year old woman named Jane Rimmer is out in Clermont. It's worth noting that these girls, eerily similar like Jane
and scary. If you saw them out, I would think that they were sisters kind of so on the night of Saturday June, eight Jane meets up with a friend at Ocean Beach hotel, that's the same hotel that Serra was dropped off at right right and she, dinner and drinks and then went to the continental hotel. Wait didn't there go there too. Yes, she did it's a popular night and it's packed on the week. As with the young Saturday night crowd, so they're all at the dental. Upstairs there dancing, I assume, dropping it very, very low. I don't think anyone was dropping it low until the early 2000s, but that is fair. That's probably fair! Well around one thousand one hundred and thirty, they went to leave and go to another place called Club Bayview, which was within walking distance isn't super feeling it, but she goes along with them. Anyways and there's end up being a line to get in when they all get there. So the
super girls. Just like decides forget it we're all kind of tired. Let's just go home as there Walking though Jane is kind of lagging behind, and when the group of girls goes to catch a cab, all of it's, like you know what I'm I'm going to stay behind and this is something that really stood out to me- super super strong and it's something It's been speculated to death, one of Jane's own friends suggested that maybe she just wanted to stay out to meet somebody like no one in particular, because you did talk about meeting anyone and she didn't have a boyfriend. As far as I know, Jane was a single girl. It was Saturday night like half the reason you go out when you're single and in your early 20s is to meet someone, but no one, it's for sure what her plans were where she would have been going. Girlfriends just know that she wasn't ready to go home, so her is go on ahead. Get a taxi and they even have the taxi swing back around one more time and they call out to her
You sure you don't want to go home with us and she says nope, I'm good. I just want to stay out and have a good time and her drive away and that's the last time they see Jane. But what we do learn until years later is. Jane was seen again after that the neck day Sunday, Jane's family knows that something is wrong when she doesn't show up for lunch, they check her flag. She hasn't been home, so they call the police and almost immediately the police King James CASE to Sarah's it's the in area. They look very similar. They literally went missing after visiting the same places around the same time, so there's no doubt in anyone's mind that they have a serial predator, just I can serwis case family and friends of Jane start distributing pictures of her. But no one claims to have seen her fifty five days go by when
family, picking, wild flowers in a town about forty kilometers south of clear mind. Oh my god, you're really adopting the australian lingo, I'm pretty sure. I've said before I'm terrible math. What's the conversion in miles, I think it's about twenty five miles, an actual I don't know if anyone notices this, but I try my hardest, not even to speak in miles. When I do U S cases, because I know we have a broad listener base. I I try and measure distance by time it takes to drive somewhere, because I think that's the easiest thing to follow me. Maybe I'm just making that up or maybe you're a time, traveler I don't bad pun, either way. I think it's about one slash two hour: Ish drive and the families picking wild flowers and the mother is stunned when she comes as the body of a young woman. She can hardly speak, and she just says she, is there
and her husband says who's there and she ult little it's all she can get out. She is there and her huh comes to look and he's like okay, we have to all get in the car we're going to the police. She says no way, I'm not leaving her. I will not leave her alone by herself. Did actives arrive in shortly after determined that this is the body of Jane, and they now know that this guy isn't just taking these girls every the worst fears have been confirmed. He is ordering then and police. Begin a national manhunt for Jane's killer and Sarah's abductor, so they just have James body at this point right, not Sarah's. Right they have no clue where Sarah is when they find Jane nine months after Jane had gone missing, they have another abduction. Another young woman disappears again from Clermont. Another girl, you're a gland in is out in Clermont on a Friday night. She
works at a local law firm and she had been out having some drinks with co workers after the first stop of drinks. You go to in this name familiar the continental hotel here separate from the group for a bit and when she comes back to get her jacket, she says that she's going to head out, so she grabs her coat walk out of the continental and a group of then actually claim to have seen her after she left. They said she was near a bus stop and they watch or as she walks s down on sterling highway and again is the same place that that pay phone was that Sarah used the night she went missing so she's walking John Sterling Highway toward her home and one of the men that was watching had actually called out thought. Maybe she was hitchhiking and kind of made at. Okay yelled, that she was crazy for hitchhiking and she wasn't actually. I don't think they were just making a joke and she kind of waves them off and just a few Minutes later they saw
talking to someone in a car- and they remember that the car was a light colored, but they don't have any details on the make and model or year or license plate. Nothing just a light. Colored sedan now keep in my in the guys aren't staring her down. That would be super creepy in itself, they're just kind of hanging out casually an looking up every once in awhile and noticing her. So they see her talking to this person in a car, you look away and then, when they look back she's gone, as far as we know, that is the last sighting of her now Saturday morning, cures mom finds that she has not returned home. She calls her friends and learns about where the last place she was seen, leaving this group of work friends out of the continental NEWS that, if the woman is missing, spreads alarm rate stations are broadcasting safety messages like take your cell phone. Stay in lighted areas, basically broadcasting all of the crime Nicki rules right all of them yeah be alert.
Don't encourage the strange men, even if they're cute and you never know anyone ever. There is even a reward, put out for information leading to the person who's doing this, for one slash, four of one million dollars back in the 90s yeah quarter of a million with inflation, an conversion rate. This would be over half a million usd dollars today it was a massive reward. They knew this guy wasn't going to quit? They still needed to find Sarah and curate. They wanted to know who killed Jane, but in Fortunately it was too late for Kira just nine, eighteen days after her disappearance, her body was found out in the brush police. Confirm publicly that they are looking for a serial killer and they and in profilers, to analyze their suspected perpetrator, and this is the profile that they came up with. They said he likely a white male unremarkable in appearance. Clever has a high iq he's probably social use.
Dealing with women hold his own in social situations. If he's single, he probably has a long history of dating. He's married he's, maintaining the illusion of being a good husband and father. He may have a history of abuse in his childhood, he's likely educated with high hygiene levels he's mode well in his work, an leisure, and he probably five new issue car before Jane was discovered. He possibly returned to the site where her body was found, he could have return to the scene after the discovery as an onlooker or a volunteer, and he could have contacted police to offer help at the time Time of the abductions and murders, he was likely between twenty five and thirty five and he would probably think killings, weren't his fault and blame them on society or someone else. Was there any information given about how Jane and Cara were discovered like the state of their bodies?
zero. Even to this day they the condition of their remains very secretive. I mean we don't know if they were found closed unclothed. We don't know the cause of death, we don't know if there were any markings on them or what items they had or didn't have with them, and they were ok, with the public, saying that they were doing this to weed out all the false confessions. So I still don't know how either of the girls were found in like what the condition of their bodies were, and that's The mo of this whole investigation was for the police to release damn near nothing. In fact, the task force that was made Work on this case even had to sign this confidentiality agreement, basically saying that they agree they're only going to talk to other investigators and not just any this like only investigators on the case and only allowed to talk about it at specific locations. They couldn't just go out to a bar after work and talk about the case. It was very tight.
And even to this day, the things that we know, are still barely anything in months following the discovery of Keira around fifty thousand tips are made to crime stoppers two in calls a day almost and you guys, this shows you just how important the crime stoppers organization is, but even despite these thousands of tips coming into crime stoppers, the case goes cold again for years and years and during this time there, of course investigating leads they're investigating suspects, but at the time the public- heard anything about. It one of the investigative measures taken by the task force back in the day was to set up secret security cameras. The girls were all gay, taken in almost the exact same spot, so they figured this guy felt comfortable. Coming back to this area over and over. Now. With these security cameras they caught men following women, they caught road tax.
Drivers like more than one and all of these will have been eliminated, except at the time there were two that couldn't provide alibis. One was this guy who, when they pulled him over, he had an automatic rifle concealed under the seat of his car, and he is also familiar with the area where cured's body was found, but they were eventually able to rule him out after some scrutiny. The I think I was a martial arts practitioner. He was from a wealthy english family. He was about thirty four years old and he actually worked sleepy with Sarah, and he had once met Jane this guy lived alone and he lived alone not far from the Claremont area. I interviewed him, he told lots of lies in his interview. He Totale played down his relationship with Sarah. He gave alibis and eventually he took a polygraph, but it was inconclusive
another avenue that they went down was investigating these rogue taxi drivers that they would find and taxi drivers had been a part of attacks on women in recent Perth areas, and there was this big like industry of look like legal taxi. Drivers were basically they weren't registered. They weren't vetted they. Just put signs on their cars and start women, which this is actually my I thought when I heard about Sarah, calling a cab and then kind of disappearing very quickly, and then, when I heard about Kira talking to that person in the car, it made me wonder if there was like somebody who they thought either, who really was a taxi driver or who they thought was attacked had come by when they were looking to go home and to put into recent terms. You hear stories all the time about fake uber drivers, fake Lyft driver where is doing the same thing There was even a case here in Indiana where
a guy who actually was a taxi driver had picked up a girl. It's one of those things where you're you've somehow feel safe getting into a car with a complete stranger. It's it's very bizarre they examined over eight hundred taxi vehicles, but never found anything conclusive. One of the had investigators took a lot of flack during the investigation because he was obsessed with one man in particular that he thought was the prime suspect We believe that the man they were looking for was Lance Williams, and they put this lance die under heavy surveillant literally at one point it seems like there are: entire investigation revolves around him, but to be fair, he was a pretty good suspect, Thursday through Sunday he would leave how's it midnight night car cruise, around go to this place called Hungry jacks get quick shake and
drive about twenty minutes away, drink his shake circle back, show the cup away in the same Bin every single night and then, when he was done with his chocolate shake, he would just circle. The Clairemont area been down like thirty times. As you know me more than anyone I am also a creature of habit, but dang that seems like a prick creepy you have it yeah and it's what made him look so fishy. So he's literally just like on the nights the weekend nights when all these girls went missing, it looks like he's, looking he's like a predator looking for prey, and I can see why they had such a heavy eye on him and they fall. Load him night after night, they even put d toy girls out on the streets as a prey to try and catch him and He didn't go after any of them. The task force leader actually had one of the girls approach him. She approaches his
our and ask him where the bus stop is, and he says no, don't even worry about it. I'll just take you wherever you need to go and when she gets in the car they get to the location that she had told him, and he that he didn't want to leave her because it isn't safe out there and she just said no I'll be fine. She gets out of the car Of course, she immediately goes and reports back to the detectives. An she says that all he did was mostly talk about himself. Like nothing, crazy it happened, and that was it's now, you would think at this point. Maybe they would have called it of, but the task force was like. Well, our decoy girl. Who is taller than the girls he normally goes after. She was older. She was of a bigger build, so maybe he still our guy, but she just wasn't his type. So they keep the surveillance on. And after months more of this, they end up just stopping him and bring him in for questioning, but when they '
not him he actually wets his pants wetting. Your pants does not make you look in a sense, not even a little bit bring him in and question him for thirteen hours. He didn't ask for a lawyer and he ends up taking a polygraph which of course, he fails Always get the lawyer and never take the polygraph. That's the rule come on. I don't know if we've actually ever said always get a lawyer, but take no guys always get a lawyer. I feel like it's implied totally implied. Luckily, though, for him They didn't get anything from his interviews, but they couldn't let him go. They just kept the surveillance on. They were sure that they had found their guy and they found that I was picking up sex workers sometimes multiple times a day and sometimes these sex workers will look a lot like the Clairmont victims, picking up girls that look like the Vict.
I'm also not making this guy look innocent yeah. They just couldn't let go of this guy in this guy, isn't giving them any reason to. If you're under surveillance- and you know you're under Surveillance- maybe don't have a bunch of sex workers like three a day like tone it down. But any knows is under surveillance to like he. It got so bad to the point where, if he was going to do anything to break his normal routine, he would actually call the police ahead of time. Tell them like hey I'm going to work today, like I'm, going to visit my grandma instead. So I just want you guys to know if you're going to follow me like that, so you don't have to call in like back up, I'm not going to go, kill a girl like this is just my plans for today. I will say that another thing that looked fishy for this guy is that, while he was under surveillance, no other women went missing, but how s were the cops like if people do cops for cons, patrolling the area under cover. It would keep any
that way right right. So not just him. Of course he knew that they were watching, but they had sometimes like fifteen girls a night out there walking they had cars patrolling. So it was like hot area at the time, people knew that police were probably around, so I would imagine I mean if they were. Like the least bit indiscreet that whoever it was doing this was staying away. One thousand nine hundred and ninety nine. The surveillance stops. They get nothing and eventually it has to come to an end. The thing we hear is in two thousand and four, when police tell us that they're looking for missing items from all three victims there for a sunflower key ring that Sarah had a bag that Jane had a small brooch that Kira had okay, so they know it's missing from Jane and because they've both been found, but Sarah still missing right
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Ec Jane, stay behind and she's just waiting there, like the girls leave Ann she's posted up against this poll, looking down the street and every once in awhile kind of glances at Her watch as she had sent me this link earlier and I didn't get a chance to watch it before we recorded. Can you walk me? right as I watch right now. Ok, so where It's highlighted, that's her, and this is after her. The black, so she's like just standing there? This is what I can't figure out is why she stay behind just stand there. She kind of, like walks out into the street, looks like she's looking down the street then she comes back to stand by that pole and we've got two different angles and it kind of switches and we lose little bit of time in between each one, but it kind of she's waiting for somebody. Yeah looks like she's like waiting for to show up or we to see somebody didn't say she was waiting for anyone now. Look this how comes she looks,
yeah I don't want that to she. Like runs into him, she's, so excited, and but like talking for a little bit and next thing, though, like the next clip that we have he's out of the frame, and then she stands there for like another, two one slash two minutes or so, and then we get another clip and she's just gone, and that's so bizarre and like people, found her like hanging out in like seeing people and interacting, and see if it looks like she's like waiting, or something so I that, like I, could not figure out that sticks with me. So much is of your friends that you were out with are leaving use, behind the nineties, it's not like you texted somebody and we're going to meet up with somebody. As far as all of her friends knew she was wasn't going to meet up with somebody and it's not even like they all planned to be done at one thousand one hundred and thirty, and then she was going to meet up with somebody. So I can
not for the life of me. Figure out what she was doing and did that guy have anything to do with it 'cause she obviously recognize him. She was excited to see him. They talk for a little bit, but then we know at least at some point. He left and she was there alone, so did he swing back by because the where she actually walks away. We don't have on video You guys have to look at this video to know what we're talking about we're going to post it on our website, I'm going to try and see if I can get it on Facebook and Instagram as well, but you need What's going on, you need to see her reaction when she sees this guy. It is so crucial and obviously the police think it's crucial, because there's a re They released it in two thousand and eight even though they just released in two thousand and eight they've had this the whole time and they tracked down every single person in this video every single one and it was a busy weekend and they have nothing
no one has any important information. No one that they talk to is a suspect every. One is cleared, except that man that walks into the frame. From the angle that we have Jane, is looking at us and the man walks into the frame with his back to us and he gets close to her and she recognizes him. I mean we talked about it. She breaks out into a huge smile, almost a laugh yeah. I don't look happy to see most people and she's elated in the video right and they have some kind of action, but they were never able to track down this man and he would never come forward. Do you think it's possible? They have unreleased footage of Saratoga Otherwise, how do you know what's missing from her? is missing. It doesn't make sense. Well,
other girls went missing in the same area, so I have to think like not even the same area like Clairemont the same area as in they all came out of the same hotel. They were all on the same street, so I have to think that they have video of probably all of right, but I'm more wondering if maybe they found something of Sarah's like purse, maybe like something tangible that they have, but that thing that they have is missing something specific. I don't really know so, the public weights, they fear they walk and re watch that same security footage of Jane smiling at the stranger and they won, who that man is that never came forward. Surely he he something to hide in the public sphere rises and every year. That goes by that he doesn't strike the city. A little bit safer, and it all gets a bit further away until boom. Out of nowhere on December. 22Nd
two thousand and sixteen an arrest is made, but that was my reaction to police charged a forty eight year old man named I'd. Leave Robert Edwards with the murders of Jayne, Anne Kira, at the same time, they also charge him with abducting a seventeen year old girl in February of nineteen, ninety five and they charge with indecently assaulting an eighteen year old woman during a break in February of nineteen. Eighty eight wait: wait, wait. Backup was the Clairmont killer just now connected to these cases. After he got arrested. No, actually, two thousand and nine the police a a connection between cures, rape and murder, and the case one thousand nine hundred and ninety five. They just didn't tell the public. Until years later, girl in one thousand. Nine hundred and ninety five had gone to club Bayview. Anne was walking home alone when a man jumped out put a bag over her head
Haidar hands and put her in his van, he raped her and then put her on the ground, took her clothes with him and he got away and ran to a hospital and the girl that he attempted to attack in one thousand, nine hundred and eighty eight like he had gone into her home, but was scared off when she started screaming these wild different ammo is totally, and people are actually afraid that this guy is responsible for way more than just the five that we're talking today, so I'm still confused. How did they actually find the sky? It The dna lengthy we had back in two thousand and nine right. This is the thing that's been eating me alive and, like I and try to flick the internet, for I don't know, please keep referencing back to this DNA. They say that in one thousand, nine hundred and eighty eight, when he attempted to break into the girls home and raped her she
screamed and it scared him and as he was running away, he dropped a white kimono and I always picture. Comeau Kimono, like this white silk robe, but this picture they. I saw more like a giant big, that t shirt but he drops it and it went into evidence and when police tested that evidence, like twenty years later, the DNA sample that came back matched with the samples in the police database. It the sample that was found on cures body in It matched that seventeen year old woman who he had jumped out and attacked and stole the clothes from in nineteen. Ninety- we does tell me how they ended up at him girl I know, and that is the most they say when police are asked about it. They just keep saying well, we this dna connection. No, I get that you linked crimes eh be in like d
but that doesn't tell me how you figure out, who did all of them and also like we're really and first in australian crime. So we don't know what the procedures are and what needs to happen before the link things together, I'm completely in the about this, and I don't know either I'm kind of interested to hear from our australian listeners. Is it normal for them to keep things this under wraps, especially after they have an arrest. Normally, we have a big press conference where they are like so excited to tell you about how they were so smart and caught the criminal and the good guys win and I was arrested back in twenty sixteen and we, still have no idea how the police found him. Now, One of the theories that's out there is do you remember we were talking about how they put up those secret cameras and they saw those guys following girls and they saw the rogue taxi drivers yeah. So some
or think that maybe they also got a bunch of license plates that they running and then cross checking again, it seems really crazy me because they put those security cameras up years and years and years and years and years ago, so I don't think it would take them until two thousand and sixteen to go through everyone and kind of whittle it down. Another theory is that it goes back to that day: hey and some people say that, okay, let's say they only partial dna on the Claremont victims, there was a full sample from at First Kemono crime and once they like kind of those they were able to use the full dna and then match it to like one of his. Details, maybe in the system and then work they write to them. That's the theory that, for throwing out on Reddit online. All the time I kind of wonder if
maybe they didn't use the same investigative efforts that were used in the golden state killer, where they put it into like a geneological database. Really that's the first time that I know of that that was ever used. No an this is crazy to me, because when I heard about the golden state killer, I thought that first time they used a genealogical database to find a killer as well, but I she doing some research for an episode that I'm going to be releasing on peach on and I found out that at least Here in the states, it was done as early as two thousand and fourteen. So, if we're two thousand and sixteen in Australia, it's, who are likely that that's the method that they used as well and if it 'cause, I can kind of see why they're keeping it under wraps. Of course, it's going to come out in the trial, but If I were investigators, I would be keeping this on the down low for any case as long as possible, because you know as soon as the legal system catches up with it there's
maybe a ton of blockades, a ton of red tape. Who knows, if they're going to be able to continue to use this information, so If I were investigator, I'd be like I'm going to ride this train for as long as I can to solve as many cases as I can, so is one of the theories of maybe how they got to him. But again we still have no idea, the only so we kind of know, as we've learned a little bit about this guy. He lived in A4 Bedroom house in Perth like a suburb right outside of Perth. He computer gaming, photography, video like it was nothing out of the ordinary had a couple of long term relationships There was not really did him specifically, but, as I got like down in the rabbit hole online, there's some stories on reddit of people who have had interactions, the man that they thought was the Claremont killer that had chased him down, but the gotten away, and they say it looked a lot like Bradley
there must have been more that came out after his initial arrest in late two thousand and sixteen- and I don't know They got it through more investigative efforts or through a confession, in February of this year, twenty eighteen, he also got charged with the willful murder of Sarah, even though her remains still have not been located. The hunt for this guy. Was Australia's longest running and most expensive murder investigation with more than three thousand Will it under the task force and, Crazy is not only was it the most expensive to investigate it's going to be the most expensive to try as well the west. Australian actually reported that the state budget set aside. One point: five: million dollars last year, like in preparation for the trial, that's coming up in July, and
Treasurer Ben Wyatt actually included another one point: eight million for additional anticipated costs of the proceedings. So that's three three million dollars that they budgeted to spend on his trial, which again it's in July and again, I'm still shocked. We have a trial starting next month. Nothing has leaked out. The something that police are still looking for is uh. He owned a nineteen. Ninety two White Toyota Camry station Wagon, and it was you registered, which I assume means just like no longer registered in his name or just kind of like fell off the grid in two thousand and eight police cannot locate it. The vehicle identification number I'm going to put on the website. They know exactly in the vehicle that they're looking for. They believe that this car is connected to the murder of Sarah, of course she is the girl that we still can't find, so they think it's super important to find this car
obviously got rid of it for a reason and won't tell them where it's at so they're still looking for any information, if you any information, recognize that car know anyone that bought one in two thousand and eight again to a nineteen, ninety two white till the Camry. You can contact the stoppers there, one eight hundred and three three three zero I'd love if Australian listeners would keep us abreast of all of the things happening in the trial. The links getting our Facebook discussion group and talk about it. This is again the first australian case that we've all covered so you've got now.
Thousands and thousands of thousands of people to talk to about this case and we're all so excited for the updates. Did you guys want to talk about this, and so don't forget? You can go to our Facebook discussion group. You can also follow us on Instagram at crime. Junkie, podcast run twitter as Akram Side and don't forget if you guys, are sad that the episodes over you have to wait till next week, but you don't want to you, can go now he tree online and we got to episode. We hope to see you there crying junkie is written and hosted by me all of our sound production. Editing comes from a line and all of our music, including our theme, comes from Justin Daniel crime. Junkie is an audio chuck production. So what do you think Jack? Do you approve.
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