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In this bonus episode we get the opportunity to talk with Niqui McCown’s daughter, Payton, and get all our left over questions from episode one answered!   

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High crime, junkies. This episode is a bonus, an being released outside of our normal schedule, because I a really unique opportunity that I felt was really important to get out the info asap rather than wait until a Monday. I had the opera, need to meet with Peyton the daughter of Nikki Mccowan, who went missing from Richmond in back in two thousand and one yeah. We actually did our very first episode ever on Nikki's case back in December, right Ann. I would recommend for anyone who hasn't heard that or if you can't remember the details of Nicky's case and you need to refresh her go back and listen episode one again before you jump into this one. This interview, won't you're rehashing of the case or any of the details. Rather it's Nikki's daughter giving us her own take on some of the suspects talking about her life and how Her mom went missing and where the for Nikki stands now, so with that warning. If you need to go back and listen to episode, one do that now will be here waiting for you when you're done and if you do remember the case
Let's jump right in and get to the bonus episode, okay. I am really excited for this episode. We haven't done anything like this before and it's amazing to be able to get patients take on her mom's case. Yeah pain was only nine when her mom went missing, but she's recently taken over a lot of the media stuff on her family's behalf, and it was incredible deal to just sit down with her and ask someone all of the questions that we had at the end of our first episode, God. I know I hate
And some of our listeners hated do when there's no resolution and we just have to speculate same same so episode. There were a couple of things that you would only read in one source and couldn't confirm anywhere else did It happened to ask her about any of those things I did yeah. It was the stuff we talked about at the very end of the episode, an specifically I got to ask her about that article. That said that she had a relationship with Tommy and Peyton was able to confirm for me that her aunt was definitely misquoted. Ok, so I don't remember him much, but I do know for a fact. Like my mom, it was just strictly like friend spaces. So I know it's like really weird 'cause you're like so well, then, why would anybody want for? to be with somebody or want to do something to someone or you know if it was just strictly friends, but you know people are not people want that all the time, that's not a little bit. So I could say that I know for a fact that my mother, in Tommy, sweat, didn't have any type of
lover relationship. I mean I was nine, but I mean sexual relationship, nothing yeah, my aunts and in everyone else, is there a little older and they know more about it. They could probably vouch for that a little better than I can 'cause. I was like she's not, however, she remember any of that right, but I mean I was always with my mom and unless, like you know it was she wanted to Mommy's day out or something, but it was most. Just her going shopping or if she was going out she's with Bobby, or you know, someone else, it was never like. Oh I'm going to go be with him because she just kind of looked at him like a big brother. It was more like oh no, we're just friends, and that was that, so she really didn't have any relationship with Tommy and there wasn't any possibility of the supposed love triangle right. What peyton- and I talked a lot about, is how it really sucks when a persons misreported and those false statements keep getting retold as truth, and it muddies the waters run around all of the facts. In an investigation
thing else. She mentioned that got misreported is that it wasn't Bobby who drove to Dayton right after she went missing to look for her. It was actually Nikki's family, oh wow, that kind of makes him look more suspicious. In my mind, yeah. When I talk to Payton about Bobby her and her family are kind of split on what they think about him, her family, doesn't have a relationship with him and they still think he might hold the answers. You're really cool. Body, but you Your family is kind of like prickly about and do they not like in just cause, they don't like how like he act, like they felt was disrespectful or do they still like in the back of their minds. Feel like. They don't have answers for. I think some of them so full like he might know something really, I think that's a lot to do with it, and then I think most of is how we acted when things happened. But they still really haven't told me much about like what happened like hi there doing that. I see, I don't know if they still feel like that protect me from it or they just don't want to they feel like
it might ruin the relationship that I have with him. So they, like you, know what she loves. Him will just go on and let her do what she wants with him and then will just kind of keep an eye on her, interesting. I just kind of think you know really it's just how you went about the as things you know 'cause. I it would mean I watch disappeared. It was really fishy. Like you know, there are things on there that I had no idea. So I was like hello there happy. You don't want to tell me, but you actually learn things that you want. I did. I don't really care for. That's all mysteries one, but the surprise another wasn't on some issues, one! Yet that's what it is. I don't I don't really care for it. When I asked pain of She agreed with her family suspicions. Here's what she had to say. I can I will not say that Bobby know something because I don't know if he does and you know like. He can look at me in my face and now my daughter in the face, and still no something, and not want to say something. That's a sick individual to me. So I
Do I think he knows something? No, not really, because I feel like eventually a person would go absolutely psycho if they knew something and we're still interacting with their child. So well. No, I mean yes, things that he did was really suspicious and it had me thinking. Ok, why did you do that, but two things in the heat of the moment an just kind of got a lip, let it go in my family obviously has a hard time letting things go in, whereas me like you know what We can talk about where Dogs- let's talk about it, why do you do it this way, my family in even me. Sometimes we tend to let her emotions get ahead of us besides thinking, logically so even though I let my emotions get the best of me, I'm still out of all of us most logical thinker when it comes to things like they're, ready to jump the gun and I'm like whoa. Let's stop and think this very second there's a like, oh yeah. I guess that makes sense in, it seems like. I can't stand it.
Do you know what I know you can't, but I love you. So it's ok, Peyton Bobby, have actually kept a really cordial relationship and she says they tried to stay in touch now like with Bobby people you know like you still talk to him and yeah. I do. It's wild to some people. I guess because a lot of my family don't talk to him and sort of like your aunts and uncles. Don't have them. So why do you talk to him? Why don't they talk to him? I think a lot of them are bitter with him um. I think they a lot of my aunts in my uncles really have it left July, 22nd, two thousand and one and wells Everybody else. Is lifestyle moved on they're still there, so they feel like You know a lot of things that Bobby did they did like and I can't speak. Because I was nine when a lot of these things happen. I don't know what happened. I don't know what Bobby's intentions. Where he's told me- and you know what I can't say like
no you're a liar and just like, ok! Well, you know, I think he now this how it was fishing in the beginning like ok, I get it, but you know mom, whether she was here or not, but if Bobby and her didn't work out, she wouldn't want him to be miserable and being happy. And that's what I explain to my aunts and my uncles, like you know, Bobby, has a life too. He has to live it and I talked to him recently and told him. You know what I want you to go be happy. I don't want you to feel like if you move on and you find somebody else that it's going to hurt my feelings because it not? Everybody else is moved on. So why can't you an kind of looked at me like I was crazy, but I was serious and I mean it from the bottom of my heart. He deserves to be happy just like the rest of us do like. Yes, he loved mom, but mom loved him that to my mother loved. So I'm never. Obviously she sees something in him and I want to spend the rest of her life with him. So who am I to be like you know what
he did this, so you suck right now, I'm still going to. Let you be in my life and you know if one you want to sit down and talk with me and explain you my mother's relationship or anything, I'm all for it and you're innocent until proven guilty. Okay, so I have to be honest: Ashley I don't know I could do that no seriously I know, I know the initial and for till proven guilty thing is something I've always believed in, but I have to say I think it's a lot easier to say that when you aren't missing a family member, if my mom were gone Ann, I thought someone had answers. I don't think I could keep my composure like Peyton has total e and that's the one thing I have to tell you about my time with her. I was just so impressed by her grace and her ability to think the best of people and she refuses to point the finger. Anyone an called him guilty until she has to prove just like time- you spent like yeah- he did some things. I would suspect, but I can't and tell you like yeah he hurt my mom like it's suspect of like you always wonder, but
will never get that answer because he's gone now, so you know ok, he was he was found, his handprint in DNA was found on. Someone else is, but there was nothing found him in my mom's car. That was quite keen, so we can't say that he did it, but you can't say that you didn't either there's just kind of like we'll, never know, and I was always and I still have that person was like you know what guys we don't know. So we can't really say in my aunt. I hate it there like. Ok, we hate that you think I don't know how you do it got like that. It's hard, you know. It's easier to forgive and forget, so you know I can forgive if Thomas wanted something to him to my mom. I can forgive him for that. Eventually, if we find out that that happened, but I'm never going to forget that you are the person that but either way it goes we're not going to have the justice we want. So Peyton doesn't even hate Tommy Swint. No. She said that even if she finds out that yes for sure he did it, she might hate him. But there's no point in
feeding him now, because there's no proof And she even said that her heart went out to Tommy's daughter, because when he killed himself, she lost come to Ann Payton said it's a pain that she wouldn't wish on anyone even her worst enemy, omg Peyton might be, and Sure angel for real. I even told her I get where her family is coming from like. I don't think I could. I think, like I get why they would want to be like ok yeah. He did it and I want to be mad at him and I want it because, even if you don't know she's like at least it feels like the answer is good to be able to blame somebody an I get it I do. But I guess I just I don't want to be that person explain, want somebody and then find out. They had absolutely nothing to do with it, and then you pay that person for no reason so I'm just kind of like you know what I hate you when I find out if you did something to my mom, wow. I know she is so strong and level headed like she's my hero, so
since she didn't blame him without evidence. I wanted to find out what she was feeling when she heard that Tommy, sweat had killed himself, an. I remember that day vividly you know like you know, we got, I got home from school and they were like you know, We've got some news and I'm like ok, what's going on, like I'm thinking, you know the words like you know they found bomb but she's dead or something like that and I, like you know Tommy was expecting another case and they found his dna and things and but you'll get a man. He killed himself and I was just kind of like I was still young, but I will have to kind of process. It sounds like you're just kind of like what the hell like. What do I do like what do we do now. That was the only thing that we had to go off of and now we're just here, and it's like. It's been eight years later and we're just kind of like now what yeah that has
so frustrating. If she won't blame someone till she has proof when the guy who most likely has the proof, is dead, yeah and that's basically what she said. I asked her if she ever had the fear that Tommy did it. But never told anyone and took the answers with him. I mean people talk all the time right. Laying down or you're doing something and you're talking to somebody in confidence. You feel like you're talking about confidence. You sometimes let little things slip in. You know there might be somebody out there. That knows something an if Person does just like the the person that anonymously tipped off. For the other case, like you can do that, and we don't have to know who you are so if Tommy did something to Nikki, it's most likely a girlfriend or an ex girlfriend or someone close to him. That would know about it right, yeah. There actually is someone that police think might have helpful information. I know that they are they've question or they want to question a woman that
close with both my mom and Tommy when her name is, and they kind of want to question her. But I couldn't tell you where she is ask Peyton if this is the same woman mentioned in that two thousand and seventeen article, if you remember, so one. The article said that Nikki actually called a friend that day and a friend stated that Nikki told her she was going to stop off at a drugstore. So I mean they say: she's still around. I mean she's out, I I won't say she's hiding, but I mean she's falling under the radar for the last sixteen years. So I don't know where she's at. If you put her in front of me, I couldn't pick her out to you so so I you know, I don't know there's so many of her and Thomas wants relationship into be honest with you. I don't care, but I just feel like. If Tommy she knows. You know something it be nice to know what she knows. We're hearing this lady close friends. Was it normal for her to be calling or was just a random person? Payton said she thinks that they were friends, so it isn't weird they actually work together. I also
Peyton, where she would have called from, and she said it was probably a payphone, but she doesn't know where that pay phone as if it was in Richmond Indiana Dayton Ohio, so she has no idea where that call was made from and not knowing where she made her last call and not knowing where her mom was actually abducted is one of the hardest things for her, because she feels like she doesn't even know where to start I was people like you know my mom, We can't say that she's adopted here in Richmond, but we really can't say that she anything Kappa Tour in Dayton, but we kind of thing. It happened between Richmond and Dayton, because her truck was founded date. So it's hard to say exactly what happened and that's kind of where this case turns cold like you just like your truck was found, but it was clean totally wiped down Indian out right. Yeah do laundry was still in the back folded up player yeah that's something that stuck with me about this case and a lot of our listeners have mentioned it to theirs. Crime scene. I know I've always just assumed something happened at the laundry mat because we know she was there, but
is right. We don't actually know where she even encounter the person who took our we just know somewhere between the laundry mat and her old apartment in Dayton, where her car was found. Something happened. I was think about the apartment that her car was found. There's no way it was a coincidence that her car was there and she used to live there right yeah. I actually asked Peyton about that. First, I want to confirm that she and her mom did in fact live there. At some point I came away. I saw the look. One place said that your mom used to live in an apartment complex that Israel we lived in there. I remember we used to funny story again. I mean my co Can somebody have some oysters and me and my cousin too isn't there my people's doors and got in trouble for it? But you know yeah and my dad actually live there as well time and my mom disappeared, so you're you're lived, so, is he the one that found like solid car? No, I don't know who found the car, but it was parked on the opposite side of where my dad lived, but my dad lived in an apartment complex as well and
it was kind of like really trying to set my dad up trying to make it look like he needs that's weird and yeah. So it was weird, but my dad, you know, obviously complied with. Every day, yeah houses, light colors and you know they're a coke no feet into anything, but obviously you know they look at the Ex boyfriend in fact has yeah you have to yeah. So now They did find it. Where does my dad live there too, and That's interesting, though, like that someone either like I mean it seems like it would be a Clinton someone yeah. He knew your mom live there or it like my dad. I was trying to set him up weird, I didn't realize that, but I never even considered someone who might have been trying to set her ex up. I I didn't either, but I also had no idea paytons daddy yeah. I don't think we ever heard anything about Peyton's dad yeah Payton said he was obviously vetted pretty hard by police and cleared, but he doesn't really, talk about it at all. She said she really doesn't know what her dad's thoughts were on the whole case until they were recently interviewed for a crime watch daily that
be aired February 19th we sat down, and we looked at pictures me and my dad and my mom, and you know they kind of sat in the top with us both, and you know what he said almost cried. I did almost cried with my dad was talking about me in I, but I held it together and I think the guy case in interviewing. This was like 'cause. I had like as congested sounds like sniffling, and I think he thought but I was crying, so he was kind of waiting to see if he needed to comfort me or not, but I was like I got this dude like this is not the almost at the light. My pretend that was just like not really listening to my dad, but really I was trying not to cry 'cause. You know I mean my dad. Don't really talk about my mom, like you know what I'll ask him. You know what was mom like you know. How do you mind me but, like we don't talk about how mom disappearing affected him at all, I to this day still really don't know except for last Saturday when he said that for him to watch me. Have to grow without a mom anytime like that that that don't make me I like stop
that's enough, but so I'm anxious to see what he has to say about it and My dad, I think, that's where I get a lot of my not wanting anybody, know my emotions, because he was. He was always been someone that like doesn't work. Those emotions much does it. I've never seen my dad cry ever takes after her dad a lot. She says trying to stay strong in front of the cameras and when I asked her if it was to protect herself or to not give the person who took her mother the satisfy action of knowing they hurt her. This is what she said. No, I think it's a little both you know I'm I'm really. I protect myself when it comes to a lot of things and I think that's part of it, but also you know just in case that person is watching right. I don't want you to see me sad, like ok, yeah, you took my mom, but I'm still doing good like yes, I miss her absolute freaking lutely, but
I'm doing good I'm live and I've got a daughter. I've got a husband, you know, I've got a life of my own now and you can take that away from me. I won't give you that you took my mom. You have that sensation, satisfaction, but I will not give you my life in that satisfies me, slow class. For Peyton. Am I right? Yes, yes, totally She says she won't let her guard down because, as far as she knows, this person could still be watching her because you never know 'cause, we don't know anything. So it's like, are we being watched still like this person still out there? It's so hard to tell like we are, really just what it feels like square one to the day that it happened like we don't know? What's going on? We don't know what happened. We don't know who did it? We don't know why they did it and we really haven't had very many leads, and it's just kind of like it sucks. You just kind of want to scream at the top of your lungs like we've done like is this game over? Do you like that
a person can play this game for sixteen years. Like haha. I know what happened it's just like. I can imagine being missing person. I couldn't imagine looking at a child in their eyes and being like yep. I know what happened to your mom, but I'm not going to say anything that's kind of terrifying to think that this person could still be out there watching Peyton's every move. I know like I said she has been able to stay so incredibly strong through this, and she feels like she's at a point in her life, where she's ready to be strong enough for the whole family who were strong for her when she was a kid Since I'm older, like I, have stepped up a lot in, you know get a hold of people like you, and I would do all like the net. Working and you know emailing pictures and you know really just set up a lot as I've grown older and I'm daughters. I feel like that's my right, that
my position like. Thank you guys for doing that. But now I'm going to take the torch from me because you guys have been doing it for so long. I know you're tired. I asked her now that she has stepped up if it's overwhelming, getting questions from everyone for a very personal problem that she doesn't have answers to, it's hard to tell people's intentions, sometimes when it comes to this 'cause, sometimes people just nosey and then sometimes people generally care in. I learned that A little while you know closer to when I was in high school, like I've learned with this case. Like you know, people some people are just really nosey and they just kind of want to know. What's going on, they don't really care about my mom. They don't care about my family. They just are nosey yeah, so people are ridiculous, sometimes, especially in this town like they it's such a small, and so it's like this is like a big thing to happen here. So everybody is all about like the drama that Intel's with it, and I like to tell people my life was not the young and the restless and not a soap opera. So if you wanted to
something like that, comes on Channel seven, one thousand two hundred and thirty to one hundred and thirty, and only know that 'cause, my grammar so yeah that would be frustrating to have people constantly in your business, not because they care or want to help yeah and pain, says that people often don't know what to say to her. So they just say sorry people can tell me that there sorry all the time but. It's going to sound selfish beside, doesn't do anything for me anymore. It doesn't. Ease the pain it doesn't make me feel better. It's just like. Okay, that's another empty, sorry that I'm getting from someone, because they really don't know what to say to me which is okay. I always told you. I don't want your pity. I don't want you sorry, it's just. You know, pray for me and my family that we get the answers that we want and keep it pushing 'cause that's what we do. I guess it's all you can do. I just can't imagine how this event has changed and shaped her. I actually brought that up. I wanted to know what it was like for her to lose her mom it just nine years old.
From the outside. Looking and yeah it was a pretty poopy shity childhood, but I would play sports. I did things that any normal child would do, but you know I just did it without a mom, and you know it. It was very like it's not like. I lost my mom to cancer or you know she died in the cracks or anything like that. Somebody. And that's the only difference between another child is somebody took my mom and but my grandmother is in my aunts and my dad in Bobby make sure that I still was able to go out and play But still you know at school and stuff like that, like kids are kids are kind of cruel, like you know, growing up working with kids, you know working with kids like you know, they don't really have a filter so kids used to come and tell me stories all the time like yeah. We seen your mom that day and somebody was dragging across the concrete, and you know
obviously, as at nine ten year old, that is sometime in times of crap to here. So you know I go home in. I tell my grandma, like you know, such and such said that they seen mom, and you know, Obviously my grandma was livid because I mean who wouldn't be as a parent as a grandparent. Was you hear something? Obviously, but your child, but they're also talking to your grandchild about it like now we don't do that. So we had a conference with my teacher, my teacher had to talk with the class in bed. You know what Peyton's mom off limits. We don't talk about it unless Payton was talk about her, this before, but kids are the actual words I know I know, but even through all of this Peyton still made the best of her situation, and I even asked her how how did you take this awful thing that has it's you and not. Let it define you
definitely like went left instead of going right, and I could have been that kid that was just terrible. An you know, use my mom as a ledge as an excuse to why my life sucks, but that's not anywhere, so she didn't let it consume her, but I have to imagine it changed the way she interacted with people. Even if- just to make her more aware of the world and the evil that, yes, Satan is living by all of the crime junkie bicycles, I don't really trust many people like I've. My friends probably hate it, but if we go everywhere in a group we don't go the bathroom alone. We don't do anything by ourselves if you're leaving in the dark and you're going home. You need to call me when you get home, I'm that friend, that's like no! No, where you going. Who is this guy like what no we're not leaving with you? Sorry, you can meet us wherever, but we're not going where you're going. Sorry, that's not happening. I mean my friends are probably thankful for it now, because I probably save them from a lot of embarrassment. But you know it's just
I'm just really protective over the people. I love my god, that's so great. It turns out even before this happened, though Payton and her mom were crime junkies. Because my mom was really into things like that, like she probably will love this podcast. As you know, she was around still, and you know we and solve mysteries all the time and you know Ninos and all that kind of stuff, because she was into that stuff like she's going to school, for that in motion Well, criminal justice, it was her major and then she wanted to actually be a AUS marshal. I remember watching crime shows with my mom thinking like this is the like. Now. This will never happen to us. And then you know you wake up one morning and you are living that crime show now like you are that you are one of the many people who these crime shows are going to get a hold up and want to know and talk to you about your mom's case and you're like I never in a million years would have thought this would happen to me. That's so true, we it seems so much true crime and obviously all of our listeners do too, and it's
easy to kind of start to think. You've almost become immune to it. Yeah like nothing bad can happen to you because you've seen it all it's. Why? Ukraine Donkey life lessons we try to make them funny, but they're actually real rules to live by so We're wrapping up this review. I ask pain if it's gotten easier as she's gotten older, you know it very hard some days. Some days are a lot easier than others. Uhm I take them day by day now being a mother, I I a lot of the things that why my mother did certain things- and I protect Nicolette, which is her name she's named after my mom campaign says that she misses even the mundane things about having a mom around I'd. Give anything just had an argument with her. He did something so petty that you know my friends like Economic Salem and I'm like I wish. I could say that you know like I wish I could call you back. You don't want. My mom gets on my nerves and let me tell you why so it's really hard, but you learn to kind of live with it. You learn to kind of cope with
you know okay she's, not here physically, but she's, here spiritually and you got all these memories and I've got all these pictures in my aunts and them have stories out the wazoo, and you know I talked to my dad about every now and then my grand father, which is my dad's, dad, tells me all kinds of stories about her all the time. So I have these memories over, but it's like, just wish. She was here, I'm doing anything and everything that I can to make sure that my or at least have somewhere to go where she can know that, that's if my mom is dead, that she had somewhere to go and, like my grandma is resting here here I ask Peyton. If not, knowing is a different kind of pain than if she were to find out that her mom had passed away and I think it will be. I think, it'll be a pain that we can kind of overcome them. Pain is just kind of like we don't know anything. So how can we get over? Something we don't know and but with?
we find out, I feel, like you know we can do what we have to do to you know bury her or whatever it is that we want to do and then we'll have I go to visit. Her will have will know we'll, have the answers and will know what happened, and we can just kind of late this part of our life to rest so to speak and move on from it and then really work on healing young. She says it's the strength that she gets from her family that keeps her going. And while they've had their ups and downs through this at the end of the day, their family, and if this tragedy has taught her anything in life, is that nothing matters more than family? I think that a lot of people, probably fell to realize that, like your family is like your biggest agate advocate when something dramatic happens in your life and sometimes some people push them. Flight from their family and then some people. It brings him closer and I'm glad that our family closer instead of being kind of pushed away and just never really speaking to one another 'cause, it's rough. It is definitely I mean I've, said it probably million times today. But
definitely hard, and I Wouldn't wish it on anybody, I wouldn't want anybody to feel this pain. I don't want anyone to go through this, because the knowing factor is what so hard on this. And what do we do? That's so true. I've seen a lot of stories about a tragedy happening and it just rips the family apart yeah it takes us, young family to stick together and actually work together to try and get answer. And I think, Nikki's family has done an amazing job at that, and I asked Peyton As a final note, if there was anything she wanted to say to the listeners of our show, I would like to thank everybody. You know 'cause with this type of case, it's so hard to keep it in Media in you know how the open, because it's been sixteen years and everybody. Dumb, ok, but you know in July, rose around like oh yeah, ok, Nikki Mcallen, like she's missing, but so
nice to know that people still think about us and pray for us, and we appreciate the prayers and the love and support, and you know. We haven't given up in. We won't just thank you. Wouldn't you know if anybody out there knows anything, you don't have to say: hey, my name is Peyton and I know happened in Nikki Mcallen. Just you know, hey, I know happening in Mcallen Dan. This is where she's at this, who did it and you'll find the answers from this person you know to that person out there, like I'm going to fight for my mom until the day I die, so don't think you've got easy, because you found another radar these last sixteen years like you've got about another sixteen years ago, but I'm in here for CAN Brandon. I will find answers and I will hunt for answers until I find what I'm looking for, and I find my mom and I mean now that I've got a two year old. I've have all the motivation in the world to go, find it will happen to her grandma. I don't want to hit that twenty year mark. You know it's four years away, but
Wanna hit that twenty year mark an I'd, rather not so I'm going to do my best to fight, and even if we hit nineteen years three hundred and for four days late. We it twenty years so for the long run in I just need people to know that, like I'm not giving up, there's a quote that Peyton's Gramma says on the disappeared special at the very end, an Peyton reiterated to me in her interview. She said someone needs to give a damn for all of the Nikki's out there and what this episode. Is all about and what crime stoppers is all about. We want Nikki story out there and we want everyone to give a damn about her. Someone has keeping a secret for too long, and if you know something you need to help this family definitely paid in ones. Does this for her mother, but more than that, she needs to know where her mom is and If you want to remain anonymous, you can call the Richman police at one, seven million five hundred and sixty nine thousand eight hundred and thirty seven,
Two five: zero. Thank you crying junkies for listening to our bonus episode. I hope you enjoy the extra content. If you want more information on crime, junkies is when a number of followers on social media crying junkie is free. All of our sound production, editing comes from, and all of our music, including our theme, comes from Justin Daniel crime. Junkie is an audio chuck production. So what do
I think Jack. Do you approve.
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