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Episode 182: The Midnight Slider

2022-02-11 | 🔗

In 2013, a small boat called The Midnight Slider was found floating empty in the waters off of Isle Madame in Nova Scotia. "Murder is not something that occurs in this neck of the woods very often," says Jake Boudrot, editor of the The Reporter, "There's always been a tradition of taking care of families, watching out, looking out for one another." 

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Around here you know that you don't steal from lots for efficient and I'm still for many fishermen and their consequences There's a small island in Canada of a Scotia called Madame we're fishermen. a weapon out on the ocean at four a m pulling up traps for them August, is millions of dollars worth of lobster you need a licence to fish for them, and the licences are very expensive hundreds of thousands of dollars. Who was licence backing said twenty fifty droughts constrained to make close to, thousand thousand dollars and run a year, give or take quite lucrative India, while people's livelihoods rely on that and that's really driving the economy and in the cornerstone of it. For for quite some time, everybody No somebody who's involved, lobsters o absolutely here
related merited which were or they just now that you know Was he loves her fishermen are. This is Jake Boo drown, he's the editor of the reporter, a newspaper in port hawks, very Nova Scotia. He grew up on on the damn any sources. place where many of the people that live there have been there a long time. There's always been that tradition of of taking care of families watching out. Looking for another You don't like people are related. A lot of people grew up together. the european population of I'll, madam, is around four thousand. When you look it up, you find it most. People call it an idyllic place: rocky coastlines, small harbours lighthouses that have been called the prettiest in Canada. Jake Boutros says that, despite all that, I'm a damn doesn't get this
tourists, crowds like other parts of the coastline- and he says he's just fine with that J those people and I'll Madame are used to doing so for themselves. It's always been that way, you're fishermen, but you also have the skills to fix your own boat or be a carpenter as well. It's a do it yourself kind of ethos. He says any that applies to everything, including handling disputes. He says people Now, madam, don't trust the police Much to help One morning in the summer of two thousand thirteen Jake received word that abode had been found overturned. The boat was called them night, slider and everyone knew the man belong to, but he was nowhere to be found. I'm Phoebe Judge
This is criminal the midnight slider belong to a forty three or a man named Philip who drove One man on the island said midnight. Slider was a good name for the boat Andrew, Philip Woodrow, because he was always out there, some flying around in the middle of the night in the woods on the water. You never knew where Jake Boot since everyone on the small island knew the name of Philip Woodrow they're, not related excess there. A lot of Boutros was on the island. in I'll resident in journalist named four Donald Cameron interviewed a lot of people on the island. People who said there happy to talk about Philip, but want their names used because it such a small place. One person discuss
as a kind of Robin Hood could help you. anything you needed. One said quote. If I told him that there is something I wanted, he would have one stole it. Some one else said you got better deals from Philip. Then you ever got from Walmart and Their person said Philip would steal the beads off Christ moccasins. But then, if you needed them, he turned around and give them to you people described him is a strange genius and said quote did he figured out exactly where the holes were in the system? Hidden father, when the cracks he lived in the cracks there. story about Philip who being chased by police and running right off the end of a dog and into the freezing cold water. He found some sea weed hide under and when he had to come
up to get are his middle finger came up. First, some people tried to help people offered him jobs. One couple bottom: a plane ticket Calgary To start fresh living and working with a family friend, but it is back down the Damn, Philip, even stole from big Boutros family. Once he stood there, three wheeler to go for joy ride and then just brought it back awhile later, but I did not feel personally, I do have some brief interactions with him. I saw a mild mannered side to him, but then you know you hear stories from other people of other. Not some miles side were seen to be two sides to him. He didn't seem to fit into any box. Philip neutral grew up, ah Madame he was one of four kids. One of his teachers remembered that when he was little about eight years old, there's a day when it
falling asleep in class just fill up if he was sick and he said that he had got much sleep because it had been his turn to make sure the wood stoves did little night. Teachers remember that he would sometimes come to school. With his face, cut or bruised eventually dropped out of school. I mean he was known to make trouble in school and was in a great student as furs. tonight. I knew I was unaware of that is much. Then its summits became known, his time went on which we get into the nineties and you know it more of that government on, but tell the reputation don't take long to get out ass. He got older, he was in and out of jail and while some people thought he was kind of funny does Robin figure even sometimes letting him hide from police on their property plenty of peace. And I M a damn, didn't find anything
funny about any of it. People said he was a problem and a bully No matter how many times you went to jail, he just kept coming back and he just kept still. I mean those alot of people who you know promised him that if he broke into the outset He wouldn't like what would happen to me. You can infer from that what you well by know those people made specific threats that he would get shot if they showed up in property or worse one of the worst they getting shot, but there are other consequences. There were people who were, or were not happy that he could still remember, warned her head and Then there are others who, in a kind of that, in the context of you, know him bringing in that he did come from up unfortunate circumstances, Me you don't know. What's a penny for some people felt bed
where was it, was a mixed bag and renders it just depends on the person. I know there are people who did catches killing or knew that it was him. Men went to his house, picked him up in took him to where he stole or damaged in maiden fix it or replace it, which you did. You know. Where are we not feed, didn't even denied justice what about an end date did what they told him to do. It's a mixed bag of tolerance. I guess in by the time fillip to dry was in his early forties. His criminal record was twenty eight pages, long, mostly breaking and entering and theft, but also harassment and assault and making violent threats. He threatened.
Think people's boats and to burn down people's houses. Some people felt that it wasn't worth it to report fillip to the police in the first place. If you reported him he'd find out who made the complaint and as one person put it once fell,. found out it was. You had come back to your house and do ten thousand dollars worth of damage the police would catch him. You'd have to pay for the repairs. Some one else said that he was simply a fact of life and you dealt with him as best you could. And when lobsters went missing from lobsterman traps on. Ah Madame people have Pretty good idea of what might be stealing them, Philip would grow too late at night and do only Sir he's aluminum both when an aboard motor run back and he would do you go from trapped. A trap. Ball drops take lobsters out
they're all or some men put them back now. Sometimes he would do that and they cut the trap which method drop in what was in. There was lost for good ass. He could find media I'm going to died and find it so the theft of lobster probably not as bad as cutting the trap and having a trap lost forever It was generally quite common. I mean he was known to flash the money around We approached their so family members in mind too. If they want to buy them, extra funding. People knew he didn't have a license, nor that he was getting them. another fishermen, so it was, it was well known in them. among the fishermen? They knew what he was doing,
chief betrayal, Does he spoke to number fishermen around I'll? Madame who said there Lobster trout, throbbing emptied out in the middle of the night. They also told him that, even though they reported the theft to the royal Canadian mounted police, the Arcy MP. Nothing has been done about it. Apparently, every year, the priests and meeting of the Department of Fisheries and oceans. Fishermen would ask what was gonna be done. that Philip who drew and officials would say the work on the problem should be any less negations, didn't see. Any action on complaints don't seem to be any follow up. When we contacted the earth
and pay for the story they sent a statement that reads in part in this matter, police had received complaints concerning allegations and assertions that swirling in the community over time. These complaints were investigated. Many were not incidents for which charges could be laid, or there wasn't enough evidence to lay charges, it just seemed like the earth MP wasn't interested in we can think about this from all the evidence that I've compiled in their body I'll talk to you over warming consensus at your sympathy Dave do enough. They were just not there when the people needed them and Philip who just kept stealing from the traps and blatantly doings. we didn't seem that he was really trying to conceal what he was doing. I spoke to a couple people who caught him caught him on camera and sadly
what is two years in pain and nothing was done. I know your cpu later claim that the people themselves didn't pursue it. I'm not sure what that means. In my understanding of it remembered public comes forward complaint it up to the police to investigate that complete its fish wonders footage involved, which trees quite damning, even if you can't fully make out that its that person certainly enough for her to go on and then at least to look into this, but the blatant soon which Philip was perpetrated. These crimes lead me to believe that he didn't believe you're gonna get caught or are you apprehended by law enforcement? Philip purportedly threaten the police to one retired Arcy MP staff sergeant has said he himself had been threatened and that Philip had once made.
failed threat against his daughter in officer from the Department of Fisheries than oceans, who'd attempted to talk to Philip reportedly got to his car one day defined his tire slashed. He could improve. Who did it? He bought reply tyres and then those were also slashed. Philip Woodrow would reportedly call fisheries off yours and threatened to burn down their houses to reportedly left gasoline on one officers front porch, when the midnight slider turned up empty in June two thousand thirteen Jake Boutros The people on our madame didn't to be in a rush to lock, because it seemed that always possible and Philip do just didn't one of his temporary disappearing acts worry took off or weaken. People can find him in and showed up a few days later and I went out to the search that morning.
dad didn't see a lot of alarm concern. I can remember, blood. Looking for coming back in a laughing researchers were Sir in that, but you didn't seem to be a great deal of panic, You make an atmosphere where they were fury four someone's life in Damn over time. It became a pair That, too, is something had happened before long. It grew to become a and a fact that something a baseball hat belonging to Philip Woodrow, was found near the water, screen rubber boots were seen floating in the harbor Jake Boutros, is that he started talking to the fishermen on the island, mostly people garden to fishermen, and not others into community, believes that too he got what he deserved. There are some disagreement there,
consensus seems to be that, but this was coming on the day, Philip, who drove disappeared several witnesses. The police, that something had been going on with a lobster boat called the twin Maggie's. Some fishermen told police that they do the Twin Maggie's in water too, deep for traps, where they would normally be, and there something dragging behind it. A lobster buyer reported the boat had arrived in our later than usual and that it had scuff marks on it. Three men had been out on the twin Maggie Sunday. The captain was doing Samson, his wife Karla owned the boat, the second in command, was Carlist Father, a man named James Landry and the third man, Craig Landry he was dreams laundries, cousin within days the crew
The twin Maggie's was arrested and charged with second degree murder, so the police arrest, the crew of the twin Maggie's, these three men, when these men are arrested, What is that? The public reaction to their arrest, some, what it was not a shock shock was was definitely the mood of the day. Then there had been a murder at that point in time. That was in the eighties and before that was in the seventies, murders is not something that occurs in this negative ones are very often when questioned by police, Craig Landry and Dwayne Samson wouldn't say. thing at First James Landry wouldn't talk either, but after hours of questioning when the officer asked him do regret, what happened be honest with yourself. He said the air, I regret it.
James Landry, Toby officer his version of what happened that day, they seemed earth. Petard grow worth took a right outside the harbor day. Philip after one of their traps. Permission to late autumn, Jim said that he then fired his gun at Philip four times. They then proceeded to to his boat. They ran over his boat Philip. Was in the water James Landry claimed but it was all his doing. He said the thirty of his lobster. Traps had been cut costing his family thousands of dollars, These are two fellow lobsterman told them that he'd seen Philip, who drew out their nearest traps. Someone else said
Did Philip admitted to cutting the Landry families traps on three different occasions and said: I'm not finished when they saw Philip, who drove near their traps, James he couldn't take it anymore. He said I wanted to destroy him He said: he'd been the one to shoot at Philip four times and then he ran the twin Maggie's into Philips Boat and then ran over it. Philips boat, capsized he said, and then Philip disappeared from view. That was it. But then, three weeks later, Craig Landry finally talked and his version of events was different. he said the Dwayne. The captain of the twin Maggie's was also making decisions. It was idea to go after Philip. In the first place it was Dwayne quartered Craig to load. The gun
and told James to fire. It and said he's gonna get a scare this time, Craig said it had been James as idea to ram Philips Boat, but that Dwayne had been the one. actually do it. They then gasped, Philip, with a gas hook, something that used to haul up Trapper Corral Roper anything. They then drag him out see and as our dragon about he drowned and then the title an acre around him and sunken into a detailed him outside of better to grow harbour. His body must never and the royal Canadian mounted police send out divers, but had no luck. The interesting thing about that party investigation d-
asked fishermen to join the search and one fishermen of dozens agreed to help about a week after he gave a statement Craig. Landry was released on bail and a few weeks later, when Dwayne Samson applied for bail, the community came together to raise money was quite remarkable. People immediately Took up the cause of raising money went toward the door in their. Raised money relatively quickly, people gave willingly There were some old aunts you want. Some people relate to Philip, her new, Philip or just didn't like what happened, but my understanding was in the vast majority of the community's fishing better. Now, madam more than one, we gave to that. In me, quickly and easily raise money first bail out of that speaks to the loyalty the people are just that he was respected in light, I guess as well, but it was quite remarkable thing
and also wrote letters to a testament of his character. Yes, yes pity Surprisingly, Ottawa in doing was was Jimmy very well like in his community dead. You have people just probably totally agree with what he did. Maybe not didn't you. No doing that well knew of him and thought what he did was right. Dwayne Samson, was released on bail, James Landry, who said it was all his doing, remained in custody by taking full responsibility, it became very clear that he would show he was trying to protect the family and the families interests. I do, I think, the calculation
made was that he was older than you know he he could serve the time and then that he had less to lose. You know being over and you no kind of retired or should have been retired. I think he felt the need of FIFA the sword, it would save everybody else and it seemed to be something daddy, a calculation made fairly early on in only one of you We disagree with it. You know I mean, even if you can, Responsibility doesn't necessarily deflect. Anyway, calling from the other parties involved to say, but it gives years Mp Basic later per person who said this autumn admitted to admit it do pursuing at his death- and you know, there is wrapped up in a boat, so I guess why will you take it. There was a little problem, though, with story, Anne, and that was the gun. Yes,
during the first Nation, police, ass dreams, Landry, where the gun was first, he said threw overboard. Then he said it was at his house that wasn't true. Either police found the real. at his son in law. Dwayne, Sampson's, House Jake, but drew says he thinks that James was trying his best to protect his family. while Jeems Kragan Dwayne were awaiting trial, a large number
people in our madame rallied around them and their families. They talked a lot of people who felt that gene sir, did a favour to dollar fishermen. Even some residents who didn't have to deal with Philip, her stealing their loves your calendar trouser, going through how soon stealing David items are breaking in there's a lot of people helping people fishing there lobster their license. The boat was was confiscated as part of the investigation, so they couldn't use the fish, so there were fishermen who were when Odin and fished their licence for them for family was was therefore, man, you don't help them in every way. Babysitting and those people make any real efforts, It was you know, like an elegant calamity in sickness death,
You know anything that happens. People line up, especially if you're in that family you line up and you help out and you you you you pitch in and that's that's just the way it's always been, and I don't want change anytime soon and a lot of people in the community did a favoured everybody and no were basically yeah. Yeah took a trash, I guess is a core. We are seeing it, but I think one people probably grew that yeah On the other side, you're, like people believed that they were trash for doing that crotch with it It was inexcusable and those little people like you, know, morally just couldn't get remind rounded and couldn't forgive them for it, and There's were related to Philip anew Philip and felt that can offer all his faults. It didn't deserve to be killed in that fascist. Many people came to him.
Boutros Funeral, even though he had a lot of enemies and install. and from so many people on the island, as one person said, the time for setting aside grievances one fishermen said there were lots of older people, their fill would sometimes leave lobsters for them at their doors. Community members went out and boats to the place where Philip died and placed a wreath on the water. bitch. Does he died at sea James Landry, was tried for the murder of Philip who drove in November two thousand fourteen during opening argument, the prosecutor told the jury. This case is about murder for lobster the midnight slider was transported to the basement of the courthouse
The judge encourage members of the jury to walk around it. They were shown the bullet holes and shown video of James Landry confessing. James laundries defence attorney argued that, just because he responsibility? Didn't we He did it. He said most of us would like to think If someone we cared about were in peril would make a sacrifice for them. We jump in front of hard to save our kid. James Landry try to take the fall for murder and the police believed him for a while. The jury James Landry Guilty of manslaughter, not murder. The sentencing took place two months later, Philip Boutros Sister read a victim empty statement in which he said that are family could see the place where he died from their house, Scribe tower brother was discarded, like quote obeyed the judge,
sentence, dreams Landry to fourteen years in prison, Dwayne Sampson, clad guilty demand, slaughter and didn't have a trial at his sentencing. The judge that he did not consider cutting lobster traps to be provocation and said his TIM to ten years, Craig Landry. sentenced to two years? Probation The judge James Laundries trial said that the men the twin Maggie's had perpetrated vigilante justice in that respect, ball was quote nest very tar society if each of us able to exercise revenge and retribution as well determine it, would be chaos characterized by fear and brutality. But in his book what the water, the true story of small town, revenge, silver, Donald Cameron.
Spoke to someone on our medium who said it. Something that had to be done is just a pity. But it was those guys that had to do it. He quote some manassa, saying those guys we're, not murderers. I cried when they sent James to jail. I overreacted, actually more than one person stated, they made a statue because what James Dean, was there was a good thing that you know we're that he should have been in that in the order of ocean I've, I've heard all those things there's like people who felt that Philip had worn out is welcome and Dan. I what changed. It was the right thing to do. Is she not still lobsters you're? Looking at that's a lot of money, the figures here and you're still in food have someone's plate in its yeah. Its money. That's hard earned requires a lot of work.
As newspapers Oliver, Canada reported on the case, they often referred to it using that phrase from the prosecutor, murder, for lobster a lot of people on our damn thought it was pretty cheap. One person said If that guide come in my head and took a screwdriver, would you have said Merla four screwdriver, it's not about the value of what he stole. It's about. Having someone that is constantly disrupting people's lives alike, get lost in the whole case gets lost when you reduce it down the murder of lobster, Is that what you're saying is, do you know you still Austria has but there's a lot more to this case and that you had people were didn't, have a criminal history engaging in criminality. So what drives into that? be more than just the lobster, you know they didn't just see. Once doing this sore hear him once during this debate.
There must have been more to the story right there. It seems like they're, just a bunch of fishermen and that's it. Dwayne was collar fishermen, James or collar fishermen. It seem like it that's true, they're identifiers raids in other people, her fathers brothers, your sons. If people had I have a life and had a life before fishing in any new year, wonder not fishing and that you managed to seem to get completely lost in this, the steam of commerce. You know where they killed him for lobster and has all but money, people making big money off a lobster inter reduced it. I'm just capitalism and it's far more than that in those people involved are demanded here and there, the murder philosophers. Totally ignores that you know the human aspect of up in twenty eighteen, James, Landrigan, tween Samson.
Were released from prison early after serving only a few years of their fourteen and ten year sentences, James Landry, daddy your later in two thousand nineteen, he was. Seventy two Silver Donald Cameron writes that, while people of all kinds of different opinions about the case, describes an overarching mood of sadness and regret because it's a community, people who take pride in doing things for themselves. Looking after another. Some people feel like they all failed. They failed Philip, Boutros, the Landry, Samson family and each other, as one person put it there's plenty of guilt to go round?
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