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From the headquarters of Ramsay solution be broadcast. We would all environmental studios nets that day, Ramsay show that is down wages, paid all more taken, the place of the Bmw Spanish Shores and Abraham. So your host open phones AAA eight to five five, two to five triple eight to five five through to wear. I have not caught as much crap from closest friends.
And relatives in a long time. And I have been made fun of by my closest friends and Club relatives? To unbelievable extent in the eighteen hours gotten more snark e smart, like emails from people that love me in the last eighteen hours than any eighteen hour period in my life, why, because this nice young man, at the Wash in times named Ethan Epstein ran editorial, suggesting that I should run for president again Donald Trump. And people that no me best know how really funny that is and how really bad dear that that is I would never do that Never in a million years, do that number one
I have a much better job than he does. I control all the variables in my life. The level of hate I get is one one giant Percent of what someone gets in the White House everybody that I tell what to do around here. Does it out? benevolent dictatorship? Why I go up there and deal with those people north Thank you. No thank you. Funny and it's it's a variant and thank you, young man, that was a very nice complex. That you would think that I can add value to the nation, and I appreciate that, but God call me is very clear and it is to sit on, but right here on his microphone and America, action Nope America, which run or the president has hard time doing. Because of the divisiveness notion: eight, the egg. I have gotten hate on twitter and I didn't it wasn't me. This said this is like your gun
we can they Ramses Mamma is what it's ok, guys. It's ok, there's not a chance. Cousin, internet or a cartoonist goes. Oh, please, the cartoons would be awesome. Somebody's, the only opening courage No, I just tell you guys that was q and it was a kind complement and We share that, but not snowballs chance, Darlin nodded. I'm doing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing. Think about all the people that miss out on their debt for each group. Now my life is good and the last thing I'm Papa Davy Associates Grand babies every day why no world what I want to mess that up and go up there. So are you people half the nation, can hate me then. Thank you. Life is too short a crummy job, the pace, that's good the crap you put up with is endless a whore
while job who would want the job? You gotta be weird one another time, friends of wanted it and of religion for it, and some of my good man, good women and happy forum, That's the world there called into, but man you'd after Gonna have to get a telegram from God no choice, All right, but thank you- are Ethan steam. Thank you. You're very kind and urgent, of you, but I'm leaving. Mark Cuban suggested I run with mark in March it's a good idea. Mark thinking, man, you have a good life. Why would you want grew up your life come on buddy. Listen! We want, as others real Jason Israel Jason's in California. High Jason welcomes that I ran seizure. Ok, It's like you right where you are me too,
promises. Sharon Ramsay lacks Murat, were what's up a kind of life sort of question. You are now I'm thirty five years old and I find myself We need to make occurred, transition to a new industry. I know, then they who said to him you have actually working as much as possible and all that by We find that but a lot of time toward Qana building new skill set in Lisbon you didn't come to speak toward that's. What's the matter the time would be to either no study. Skills are working out put in another forty? What we can get a big step to, or the industry to do both at the same time. Well, it's fair thing to say we're gonna do both of what order are we gonna do want before the other. We can do to this. In time and trot a bullet. If so, how much data we got? One hundred right at six figures. What your current income,
about four to six thousand. You saw how long you think, It's gonna, take you know of my dears report if nothing changes now. Hopefully of Lisbon changes. So what does the career and how would that without help the situation, Would you would you, like my own when you finished Like to transition to computer programs accorded element in some kind of doings himself asked for an hour, where am I I'm learning languages, enjoying myself with people who are you these renown able gonna get inside there tonight. I would like to be able to Do that as soon as possible? So I never! Maybe if you had a decent grasp of some basic brimming skills. You probably are worth more than your making now agree absolutely, and so Quick, can you get to that level if you don't take extra jobs?
My is undoubtedly one extra jobs like you all. My extra time is going toward armies. Return and studying these languages. I would like to be with do it this year to make that clear transition Well, I hope you did that a new continued to grow in the role and in the career I would think you'd make more assumes. You made your first change and continually get raises because hi, I m programmer locker be rail seniors a couple hundred grand a year. The absolute So I mean there's not it's a pretty rapid increase as fast as you can learn and put tools in your belt you're in we'll go up to her. So. You know how? I just wonder if you can't get done soon in a year, if you can't make the job. But ya, which I will do my spare time on that, rather than an extra job, if you can get out in a year or under to the point, you make the transition and then the
result as you're gonna get out of that faster doing that, then you are Barton job absolutely, but of the field you're going into in its upwards potential. But again that's. Everything about you learning that the deal with is not the sort of occasions, fortifications, a good thing getting like your Microsoft, search or whatever, if you'd depend on what area you're going into, but the deal with Is the instant You stop learning and growing. Is the instant you ve become irrelevant, because World moves so fast. People who have not. You know her learn new programming skills and in the we can have for two weeks. Darting to lose their career, so I just go, you constantly have to stay out on a bleeding edge of it too.
Come relevant and r and D stay in a job. This is the deregulation
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I have a car is paid for other than its paid for their only worth getting harder for the man, maybe In order for the car, cycle? Has paid for maybe worth a thousand, I say thirty five hundred dollars the Good NEWS The bad news is I received a punishment I'm and told me bad news, not thought. Maybe I heard you know damaged, somebody anyhow Thirty five hundred dollars save. I did what you said. You know you're telling everybody to the deck like your PA. What have you need it see if I can settle so I taught him down five thousand dollars to thirty five fifteen. However, in China are not happy with that, because it took about four and a half months to say
that thirty five hundred dollars so back in two thousand this is when they add when I had the credit card, therefore, now and then, of course I had three others that are maxed out boss. Two thousand the thing: what would you if your and that this five thousand or credit card that It was originally the it was two thousand dollars, but of course you know you have fees and what have you so not mad, I'm just here, this night at them on the fact that you see your money just going in and What are you drinking a glaring, wasn't really my might began with you now with this. Five hundred dollars, but our second do so the motorcycle, go ahead and do you know I don't know your I bankruptcy.
Or is it bankruptcy such a big deal because lacking, I was trying to buy a I've done it. Then, for a fruitful, a home, maybe at sixty thousand all will be suitable May. Instead of paying rat. There are now. I don't need the buyer, whom you have a bunch of bad debt outstanding and if you got report, but it will not at a sub standard interest rate. You need to go clean up your dad and build an emergency fund of three six expenses buying homes off the table. Right now now you're, not banks. We have the money to pay your bills. You don't like it. Now I don't like it at all with our european red, you aren't. You ran the bills up, I did it your bills and when you took stuff out of a storm put on their credit card, yes are now so pay the bill. Nuts? I'm sorry! That's where you aren't! You settle a order for thirty five hundred, that seventy on the dollar snipe grade
It's ok! Now and in the good and the bad news is they got you over barrel, because this garbage man and you know get your wages back to get rid of the rest of the stuff. So yeah, I'm getting this in! Writing from them. Do give them electronic access to your checking account you shouldn't a wire or a certified check or something. To them, in order to do in order to settle this once you ve, gotten it in writing and yeah. You do need to show the motorcycle. The toy in the garage worth more than your two cars combined while you're trying to get your finance straightened out scenario The younger man motorcycle later, but on Yeah and I'm getting rid of that thing, that, apart from the cash back in the bank and then watch get those other deaths that are outstanding, start cleaning them up. One at a time become. Free. And then have an emergency fund of three to six months of expenses and then saving, a down payment for your house and that in the house a blessing, but you know it
at some point in the last two to three years you banana control several times and you you gotta get this thing which run down the middle of the road. Again, your life that is- and you feel the steadiness of that and then you'll be ready to act talking about Bauhaus imam, thankfully com. Sean's whether Sean's in Oregon shown. How are you Dave unduly. Well, thank you. How you better than I are what's up My wife, I have in mind by the earth were greeted the one on the land We had a problem when we were living like no one else before we really could afford to about. Six months ago I went in appalling bankruptcy. And so since then could offer to restructure mortgage, which is good, and were now that recycle once more medical bill to be cleared up, but I'm sure
the thing in a real life? Can we afford the house were in both their family home or do we need to sell it and find something else? So what is your takes on pay monthly in your household, Its main at its vitality and how much is the house by twenty one hundred pretty high It's not the end of the world. Are we tell folks to be at about one fourth of your take home by which will be twelve fifty and your more like forty percent of your take on Ebay And that's pretty high struggle Lala babies. Feed show, as the house have any equity in about thirty thousand, I know it's a lot, a problem, the move, but you ve been through a bankruptcy and if you're gonna go
bankruptcy. You might as well get clear and get clean and get down to solid ground start rebuilding and this thing Crippen you up, because its taking all of your take on by your house bore the one The one night at the end of the tunnel is my income is going up fifteen thousand six months time I like tonight down with year. Budgeting up- and we ve been talking about this because we need to be in this together and try anything in our committee rightly rise until then yeah you're gonna. If you're gonna get enough of what to wear your income, being a smaller percentage. Are your dear payments not being a smaller percentage of your income? Gusher incomes grown up than that's, but that does strangely equation you're right so yeah you might. You may want to stay if you love the half the you love the house earlier, it's great per family mocha yeah, but You know the point: if you're gonna go through all the crap, you ve been through, make sure you get all the way to solid ground and so I'd say that your own country doesn't go up in six weeks,
don't be sitting here. A kick in the canned on the road in three years from now still be having this situation makes and then I have a contractual when I got my new job that it will, but I also have some share then I'm gonna be getting and through years of unwanted by- Tell untreated mutual by secondary question. Absolutely don't keep bar single stocks. Unless for some kind of real reason too, but that too much risk for me and in your case you the liquidity? You need the money to do other stuff with major emerging if, on inflation, this house under control get everything moving in the right direction. So thanks for the call involves a triple eight eight to five five two to five blinds dont com gives us our question of the day there. One hundred percent satisfaction guarantee means, even if you miss measure, you pick the wrong color they'll remake your blinds free use them
more code. Ramsay when you go there and you say money, our I'd just Jones in Oklahoma Day, while about a hundred ninety k on the home of approximately thirty on my return against Europe, pulling out of my return against putting off my home, I'm turning. Fifty nine have to do that and avoid penalties currently unemployed. Looking for job, so this would be a little bit of a burden release from our for me. What do you think, but I would get it but I think you're done but yeah. If you can take two thousand, of a million and pay off your home to alleviate underground. Fortunately, where you are yeah, I'm gonna do that and I if it was your last two hundred grand or pointed out your only to our grammar borne out. No, I wouldn't do that, but you get above fifty nine and a half. I will get the house paid off, so let's get it paid off, but the list don't use that as an excuse to relax on the career, keep
for on the paddle pedal to the metal baby, let's get the career going again, still got a lot of work. You can do a lot of good, can do for your family and for your family tree, this is the driver amnesia.
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and all the way over here to do that fresh, green yeah, really much of your paid off just under sixty five thousand dollars cool. How long did it take two years eleven months in eight days I worked on our five year, got university to the parliament, and I was your range of income during that two years- eleven months in a daze, I start at seventy thousand and now just about a thousand. That's a household income. That's just me! ok? What's your household income range, two hundred thousand now? Diana started at what about one forty Malka got do for a living angel seven. I t but actually work in the digital environment, nurse practitioner very good, good good, Well done you guys we're gonna go Two hundred and sixty five thousand, mostly my sea land, while graduate school knock it I'll, get your degree and what
My masters in science, Outlook University, oh yeah, moving doing yadda yadda achieve ok good, for you guys well done very well, but how does it feel to be free? it's amazing. The pieces is real. It's we're can't believe it if a boner along two years, eleven months Ass was the kids. Regular really long? We lawyers builder eat again so what started you on this journey two years alone months ago, while it goes way back before that my first wife Katy actually introduce needs the day Ramsay. So she was a faithful listener and hurt to more would have been they actually says she never married a couple years and had Meriwether, and then I found out she had cancer
she I we actually is pregnant. There are little boy, and I just a couple months had we found out about the baby, saw lost her and went years without having any body and now Joel, not tell him about yeah. I also had lost my husband so our home hat was invaded in two thousand and nine. So I have three: children. Are Otis, isn't here right now Hannah she's at home, she's twenty one. So you know, we went through just terrible trauma and ass. And really know what it's like you. You know you about bankruptcy than I thought we were at the bottom without hope, and the Lord really became our hope, and we got introduced through a mutual friend. He was living in, that Leona Nauseam Charlotte area, we start writing letters to each other in the mail telling our stories that we met and then like a month later, we got married valley, yeah, it's
really fast, we joined family learn the real Brady botch. So we have a total of five kids. I think when we add a grand baby on the work and agrarian baby move all the more that I think the journey has been one of the heart and when we got married you know it was we were in a mass. You know we had a lot of debt and had both been living still like. We had two incomes and you know, and just were now: prepared to be single parents and in a half to provide, so we found out about a class of financial peace class. And started go into it about a year in terms of courage, and I felt I feel like it. It was a journey of the heart. Yeah! Really healing you know. Things are inside of us and really getting her wash.
Or be our provider and we ve. We went to the class what how many times we took it three times we tabled twice after the first class, and we just let our first whenever class at our home church just what other stuff a couple months ago and we get celebrate with our class, we paid off, TAT. This is spent an amazing journey, dishonor trawling. For you guys, in both cases. I'm just I can't even imagine what job in Lebanon is best. I can plug myself into it in thirty seconds here his mind blowing, but I just had to me it would feel like need to control the money piece to feel less vulnerable. If I were where you've been through, what y'all have been through both of you, if that's what you mean by heart, you know this sense of exposed I can't be any more of had too much and I can't I can't anything else. You guys we're
young, what ocean, when a worse thirty hours, thirty mine and hurry ass, twenty sex, so mazes story, while children when we just seen so much redemption will enjoy mention our tools, daughters- and I hear and we ve just seen the Lord is done through this way beyond just finances. Oh yeah, it's really our family is just its beautifully, blended and so much of his bed, because this has brought us together really unit honor to be part of an incredible story like this absolutely amazing. Well done you Hugh? What here we drove we're? We ve been not till we pull on, and this was like Wally World when, if it's closed, we're gonna go in about five. We have been dreaming about this at at New Year's eve last year. This was our dream to get to have this moment to say that this thing is behind us and we ve overcome you know people are really know that they can do it. Just you just don't quit. You know
what job in through that's that's a big message for you're amazing. And the redemption of hardly stories. What's just beautiful, I really right. So what are you too? people are key to getting our daddy us, no matter how bad you're hurting, no matter what you through. What are you gonna do for us has really been on the same page: Nazi, not revise Mary before us. It was really putting aside the password when those separate lives in really just sitting down literally every week. Sanderson's our plan were sticking to it. We ve that whole Nehemiah network were building something great and cannot come down now, as ever. So it was not always saying no to things but in a moment saying no to a lot of really amazing things so that we can say yes to this bigger gall and now our plan for the future in a way that is It's really now she's migraine baby stuff, allow over here so loved available. You ask the eyes that unity is really just in its mission. Goliath things. I wanted him to do that too.
And really being on the same same pace together: very cool your biggest cheerleaders outside your family, your outside your media, I definitely Emma, I think, like our church community, you now think we ve got friends urges I mean they're. Basically, here with us in a rallying us and with they know what we ve been doing so yeah. I think that is a big part for me today when I lost my life, I don't have that broader community, like angel dead and I've learned through being with her that we ve got to do it together and it alone. And she really was carried a lotta ways out. She lost Matlock. I wasn't because she had a broader faintly had beautiful people and Katy side in their family, but I didn't have the real community, and so I got absorbed into that. We got married and it's just been there. This we just before we got to go through our class with several of our favorite friends recently there- and I was there
it was just that that community that family, very important out on you guys from rout of ya, think what a great story and what great champions you guys are to fight potion. Yeah scratching claw through and redeem something out of all the mass amazing, very, very well done and Graham Babies army learned how great grandparents, you're gonna be out of a nicer to their parents. Man, it's a great way to go. You guys way to God now what are these three names in ages, Naomi Desire and Meriwether nannies. Fourteen desires, twelve May weathers thirteen hours very good, very good. Also very late well done you guys very, very world good stuff, our eye, Jacob, an angel, Naomi Meriwether and Josiah from Charlotte North Carolina hundred and sixty five.
Thousand dollars paid off in two years, eleven months in eight days, Megan one forty, two, two hundred household income, Counter downloads era, debt, free scream. Why Oh you got you gotta love it. Oh, my goodness, the things go through. It is amazing to me how ten, And easily wounded the human spirit is on one hand and how resilient it is. On the other things you can go through and come out and the thing it still leave a mark, Wylder new gas, lotta redemption. That story pretty amazing, retouching
This is the I am sure,
We know where this interaction welcome. What I read I being better than our deserve watch up. Here, though, I did your financial crisis a while back like another two and three on Canada by know what to do with me I live in a mobile phone, the whole middle Thirty five to forty k at the most. Seventy two thousand on a good Lord about
I know about this home with my Ex husband, add, totally against it, but you know you're no longer keep on another horse. If you were against it, Unfortunately, because I didn't want you, we were going back and forth during mediation on who was gonna, keep it, but because it's in my pop in my parents, property, he didn't want to keep it out. Go moving, you knew my three kids, a time I was making out making eighty thousand dollars a year. Now, The wood. I am registered nurse now from another. What a bit better your position, but the home is kind of falling apart. Come and ready to get out of here, I'm still deciding whether it should fall for hours. Are you gonna sell it if it's on Parents, property. I've done research,
because I've been living here about four years. I've done researcher only nobody wants any fire said. I I tried it. Like a short, so he was told against it in getting very uncooperative with me? I mean the land would have to go with it. Wouldn't work. Unfortunately, at the time they comets greater at the time that need the home, they didn't that we weren't allowed to have two more than one property. We found out I found out now long what I'm worried about you said you didn't get rid of because on your parents, land, you own, the lander. Does your parents zone it? My dear still on these to make payments from the land your parents, on the land under the mobile home, yeah feathers, two houses in the two acres and so it can't be. It can't be split because of course they don't only it so
They don't want to keep it. I don't want to keep it falling apart anyways. And I would really like women alone mayor the There is no land with the thirty five thousand dollar mortgage. It's only on the mobile are the seventy thousand on mortgage on the thirty five hour mobile and there's no land included in that deal. The new land that's under it is in your parents name and they are paying payments their regular house payment. They just let you should it on their property. Ok, good luck! what a man now Here's what I would call the mortgage company on mobile home, and so I'm not paying any more come get it what. If I get like foreclosure like, maybe not you let your repossession.
How would it be better to be foreclosed honour, far bankruptcy before closed on turns into buying a home in the future you like, I essentially, I would like to buy a home for me. My three kids out by that's gonna, be later right. Now, you, oh, seventy thousand dollars on something that You can't sell and it's not worth Thirty, five thousand, if you good solid and you don't make it cover the difference. And so I went. I wouldn't work with them on a short sale again drag him. To the table. Have the judged bring him back to the table with your lawyer if you have to, but if they do a short sale and he won't do a short sale. Tell him you're dot million payments on it can get it live there until they I'll get it Eventually, though, it's a repossession, it's not a foreclosure, because it's not actually a piece of real estate. It's more like a car that you sleep in
Ok, it's a user landed in motion and silent alone affect me. Ass, much ass, ours nominal value. It's going to affect you big time it's gonna Muslim. Your credit, big time. When buying Rosalie. We ask your words. If I let her go, they may I may and then you can settle on that and then you will be ready to buy a house But I don't know how I should get out of it unless you just sit there and pay it off. I pay know that another form a key year, not only thirty five thousand dollars. What do you make? How much do you make a month about thirty, five hundred? Ok, now you, oh seventy Union Authority, if you're not gonna, buy, of the online, here's your options? You should there and pay payments adoption one
while it goes down and valuing continues to fall apart. Option. Two. Is you file bankruptcy, in which case They will then repossess the property anyway, a repossession the home anyway, and you have For closure and a bankruptcy or a repossession and a bankruptcy depending on how it looked at in Texas, ok, the only difference with the bankruptcy parties. They won't build a chase you for the difference what. Instead, I would just let him repo it and they, negotiate the balance with them the Authority a thousand. Let's say they take it for that, possession and they sell it for twenty thousand, that means We owe them fifty thousand. You can probably settled for five or ten grand, because there are not used to call Bing deficits or mobile, home repose, people who have many thousand hours lying around don't get reap owed. So they're, not gonna they're, not expecting a repossession d
your wealth or money. You haven't told me about this conversation. No. I know I don't I've been trying to work on the credit cards down down we have gone after the two bullets and then, of course, you know when I put myself to school, shall, when you hang out a year ago, when you hang up, call them and tell them you not paying any more payments. And I want to begin, I want to begin a negotiation on the short sale, so you guys can come pick this or a voluntary repossession, and I want to begin negotiations on that and I will show you don't do that you say well you're getting ready to go somewhere, pay any more payments, so you got can just kiss. But one day I come home and they keep my whole. How is unknown in all this stuff I could happen. It's not gonna happen quickly. You're, probably gonna have a lot of belligerents
relations with them before that occurs? It won't be lacked the neck day. They show up with a big truck. I a lot of conversations with him but stay in touch with unknown. Ignore them in that way they won't survive you just just let me know when your comment, because I want. You can get it. And then, when they get it, I want my stuff that are no longer but urgent. I've worth anything. What you're gonna? Let me a couple your pictures out of there, but you don't have any stuff you, those some stuff and parents basement and I'll get you an apartment as soon as find out when they're gonna come get. It it'll take em six months to get around to it. In the meantime, I can pay off my credit card you're, not pay any house payments but you ve begun. You already put em on notice. I understand you still owe all the money even after they come get you and understand this, even though voluntary. This is still a repossession, it's gonna be
four years after this after you get all the settled and cleaned up before you get to go, buy a house but I dont, know how you're gonna get others three or four years sooner than that. I think this foolish earlier. Well, I guess to do what I have to do. This is now I want to live out and they want to continue raising my kids here. No one! one thing. I have to note it doesnt put you in a good place. Twenty years from today, twenty years with it are you still don't be an addendum mass? If you will take, action on this, and so hopefully create a short, sailed discussion with them and reopen the discussion with the axe. That's your best scenario, that's the least damage to your credit, but is still very, very damaged. We're not drown, save credit here, we're trying to save Laurina this
It is the neighbour amnesia hey, it's Kelly says you producer imposed reigned over the day, Ramsay Shell. If you would like you to your debray scream, live on the shelf, make sure you visit Dave, Ramsay, DOT, com, flash so register. We would love for you to have a national until Dave your story,
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