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The headquarters of the dollar car rental studios. That is, the has taken the place of the B M, W a status symbol of choice. I'm Dave Ramsey host! Thank you for joining us, open phones at triple eight. Eight, two, five, five, two two five at triple eight, eight, two, five, five, two two five, my starts us off this hour in Washington, hi MIKE. How are you I'm real good thanks
taking my call all sure, what's up, if I'm sixty three years old retired and for about a year and a half having trouble hearing, you speak directly into your phone. Please! Yes, thank you, I'm sixty years old retired for about an hour about a year and a half have about eight net worth at baby step. Seven, eleven faster, but my question has to do with the emergency plan, six months, thirty K emergency fund, but I'm wondering if that's you SIRI. When I have disposable income Cover any kind of unforeseen things that come up. Could you address that. Now, it's not necessary I mean you've got a a couple hundred thousand dollars flying in and you got no expenses and you two point: eight million. If you needed some money and just reaching get out of something right that
exactly right, and that was my thoughts also but trying to live the principles and it's nice to have that cash standing by now. Having said that, I don't think an emergency phone is necessary, but truthfully somebody with a three million dollar net worth. You need to keep some liquid iti anyway. Just because you might want to do something? I mean you worked your whole life and get here where to go. That's Thank you very much, and she said that now you mentioned that you might, you might only a hundred thousand dollars laying around just because you wanna go buy some yeah and I do have that also. I thought project yeah, I mean I do that I've got. I just keep some liquid cash just because just because, because don't ever be without I don't ever want to be without cash again. You know, I grew by doing a redneck rap, emergency fund, which is one hundred dollars bill folded over is in the back your wallet and that's what we called it and so is redneck. Emergency phone is not a good one, but if you got a little better for a rainy day, if something bad happens right, you gotta fish. That thing out of the back there and
It might have been wet where you dove in the pool or it might have been swept where you mowed the yard, with your wallet in your pocket, it might have all kind of stuff on the one hundred dollars bill, but it's back there and that's all this- is it's just liquid iti to get your hands on in ratio to your two point, eight million. So how two point: eight million. Did you inherit? Ah zero? She did it all by sixty three, that's correct. Did you steal any of it. No ok. Well, I just heard the news that all the rich people were evil. Hadn't heard the news. Well, I've got bit so I'm able, but I don't think I am you- didn't save an evil to me. You don't even have a good evil laugh. So I'm proud of you man waiting out how how did you do this? Tell people how to become a millionaire when there's sixty three? What do they need to do? Disciplined Saving all living below your means, you know just a good,
long term plan and sticking with it is really nothing nothing more than that. Nothing like the radio show or something taking advantage of four. Oh one, K's matching you know and staying out of that, how much you're not worsen or for how much you're not worse in your four. Oh one k or in retirement retirement plans written it plans and I've got about one point: seven or so so over half of it, yeah, okay, yeah yeah, the rest, the rest real estate realestate and just just out of retirement investments, and you said earlier your baby step, seven, so you're one hundred percent debt free, that's correct. Well done, Sir very well done- hey guys. You want the formula he just gave it to you same formula. I've been giving you every time. I turn on the microphone for thirty years: This is what a millionaire sounds. Like not real flashy. You don't get your face on. The cover of fast company magazine is on the cover, slow company magazine, but that's okay,
We want to be on the not hair. This is not well done, sir, very proud of you excellent job. He it's the exact case study of Chris Okay book everyday millionaires, number one bestseller. We study ten thousand millionaires in America and the typical millionaire in the study, guy lined up exactly exactly and if you got a net worth of under five million dollars, but over one million dollars. The case If it's that just exactly people have two hundred million dollars different thing usually going on, but the Five million dollars sounds exactly like and then some of them parlay it to two hundred million from there, but You can do just fine on five million you'll be alright. You can pay your bills and put some beans on the table and and some rice and you'll be alright. You'll, be ok, if you,
are an everyday millionaire we're going to do it everyday millionaire theme our Hogan and I are taking calls from guys and gals just like that. If you're an everyday me, you don't have to have started with nothing have a net worth of one million dollars. We want to talk to you if you inherited all and you won the lottery, I don't care how you got it: real millionaires, not people political agendas or theories, I don't want to talk to brother in law who has an opinion because he feels stuck and he's a victim. I don't talk to him. I know who he is already Now I want talk to a millionaire who has a million dollars? I don't how you did it, email, US and Madison or Kelly I'll, get back to you for this millionaire theme, our that's coming up with Hogan. I will put you on the air and we want you to tell your story. Will interview you like we always do. In those million or theme hours, and just email me at Dave on air at Dave, Ramsey dot com day, on air at
daveramsey dot com, no space, no spaces, no dashes just put millionaire in the theme hour in the subject line and just a little bit restore your net worth and will Italian set you up for the millionaire theme hour. This is so doable all Joann's with us in Virginia I Joanna. How are you hi? thanks for taking my call. So I have a question. My husband and I are in baby steps to, and he has a student loan about. Seventy five thousand dollars season public service, so I ten years of making the minimum payment. The balance. Forgiven Anne I didn't know, because if we stick to the snowball, we should have that paid off within the next four years. Is it better to pay about off within the four year period or that and and it when you know wait a for ten years out twenty.
A thousand people have made application for their student loans to be given on forgiven under that program. So all of them were denied, but ninety three better. It sounds like the pay that off with our snowball and just not have That hanging over our head, statistically, you stand a better chance standing on the ninth Green, with a golf club up in your hand, during a thunderstorm being struck by lightning. Then you do student loan being forgiven What that says, ninety three out of twenty four thousand chance these are not Audrey play now. You pay it off
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our question today comes from blinds dot com. They have a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee means. Even if you miss measure you picked the wrong color, they will give you new blinds to replace the screwed up once you're screwed up for free the US tapped blind dot com get free samples, free shipping. Pro Moseley every month you save even more always use the magic word. The promo code, Ramsey. Todd's in Colorado. My plan is to buy a new home with a four. Oh one, K loan to cover the down payment and then so my existing home pay back the four. Oh one k loan recast, the new home mortgage. Both homes are worth four hundred k. The home I'm looking at rejects, offers with a contingency, so I'd have to carry both for at least a few months. Until my current home sold, I do not have any other debts, my incomes under twenty thousand hours you're.
Is this something that follows the plan? No that's stupid. Don't do that your get yourself in a mess. What happens twelve months from now, and you still soldier house your house markets, not in our system, says everybody right. By call me up when they're foreclosure 'cause I've been carrying two mortgages and a 401K loan now, ok, Several things wrong here: Now you need to sell your house, and need to go. Buy a house, oh by the way home you're. Looking at that does not accept contingency offers that Could God saying you don't need this house. By the way, there's more than one house that you could live in or move into when you narrow everything down to one house on the planet,.
There's only one girl and if I don't marry her than one the one, the only one got away: brother fatalism. Now, Now it's just a stupid houseman, it's just open house, there's a house every corner in Colorado and get you another house. So if you is up for sale and it sells. Then you can buy the other one before it gets away. That works out. Then maybe that was God but I can tell you what you got about four stupid thing: piled on top of each other in this crazy plan you put together, and a whole bunch of ways to trip and fall and break your face in this. Do not do that unclear Molly is with us in Kentucky, hey Molly. How are you I'm good. How are you better than I deserve? What's up in your world. Well. I am three slash four of the way through baby step you so we're
He finished in June of twenty twenty for you and will it's changed my life, wondering, though I put my mortgage company and talked about fifteen year mortgage at three percent interest rate, it's five thousand. Closing cost. We have nineteen years left on our current mortgage with seventy seven thousand dollars remaining, and I I can pay that off. If I done my math right, I can get that paid off in three years: so I do not refill answered. Ok, five thousand hours, refinish cost on seventy seven thousand asinine. That's ridiculous! Ok, that translation? They don't want you to refinance it either. That's what they're trying to say. So, what's your interest rate uh, it's five who I know I believe that we live in a world where we think five point. Eight interest on a mortgage is high. Well,
I got out of college. I was showing houses in fixed rates for fifteen point two here, we think five point. I tried. Not you pay it off in three years. You will not have gotten the money back in interest saved. The car The closing costs, what's your home worth. Uh, probably about ninety eight thousand and you owe seventy seven yeah, ok, I would just get about the business of paying it off in your baby step. Six and I wouldn't worry about it. Your interest rate is not ridiculous. If you, keep in a long time and it was a lot of money and it would justify I'd, say, go ahead and for re finance it, but you I it off so fast that it's going to negate any advantages of the refinance. Does that make sense? It does so, let's do your plan. You are on it. Okay, keep it up rocket rocket rock Alex is with us in Florida, So are you Frankie thank you for taking my call or what's up,
I'm calling you, because I just paid off my car last week so excited uhm what should I call my car insurance company and have him lower my policy rate, because I I have garbage. I've always had a full coverage. Why would you not have full coverage. I thought. Maybe after I paid off it's I don't need it anymore. If you totaled the car, you don't have the money to replace it, no national, so you need full coverage. When, if you got two million dollars in the bank and you can write a check to replace your car, that's cool, but you don't! Yet you will have no cuz you're doing smart stuff. Well yeah, and I just started baby step three from excited about that too. I'm excited to see it grow good, oh, ok, I'll, keep it yeah You know if you need about ten thousand dollars. Car don't have an extra ten grand laying around right no don't you know. So if you, if you had a rainstorm and spin out and in total your car b B Y
without full coverage. So let's keep the coverage right now you need it, it's it's ensuring something you're, not ready to self insure through, and so you transfer the risk, and What we do use insurance, forty good question a good clarity. I, like that very good open. Is a eight billion. Eight hundred and eighty eight million two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five, you jump in talk about your life and your money Savannah is on Instagram Dave. I just started the baby steps. So forgive me if this is a dumb question. If you're just starting there are no dumb questions Don't tell me you've been doing some for listening to everything you say for fourteen years and then try to do something different, but anyway you're not show I just want things the right way good when I have money left over in my envelopes every month, what do I do with them? Do I budget less the next month or put it on my desk? Well, there's two kinds of envelopes that might address this issue. If food envelope and you have money leftover in your food envelope every single month. Then you would budget less 'cause,
over budgeting for food and you consume the food every month, if you had, western envelope. You had money leftover every month, then you're spending as much on restaurants, as you thought you would bring that one down if you had entertainment envelope and you had money leftover. You would bring that one down a kind of envelope is, if you had a car repair envelope,. Now you might not have car repairs every month. Hopefully you don't have car repairs every month and so car repair envelope starts to be kind of a little miniature. Car repair savings account and so would build up month to month to month, to month, to month now look up after a year and you got three thousand dollars in your car repair envelope and you're driving a two thousand dollars car, probably you've overfunded it right. But if you put you're putting two hundred bucks a month in your car repair envelope and you go along three months with no car repairs and then you have a four hundred dollars repair see: that's that's! What you'd want You want that in there becomes a little miniature car repair savings account
You just wouldn't want over funded or underfunded in that case, so that type of an account would go over month to month to month other accounts that you're actually burning through in a given month. I do that so another example might be kids clothes, some people spend all of their kids clothes money every month, but a lot of people back clothing, about once a quarter once every six months and the big Clothing is back to school right and so You get hit a little harder there, and so you would Let that one build up build build up, but again you don't want to look up and see three thousand dollars in the kids clothes envelope. That wouldn't not going to be smart, Now we gotta go that way and good question. We don't use the envelopes for everything. Folks, envelopes are just things you spend when you are away from home, enertainment.
I used to use car gas envelope. I honestly don't now because I'm too lazy to walk in and pay cash. I just hit the card in the in thing. But when I started this, you didn't have debit cards. When I started this, you didn't have the ability pump. Been doing this? A long time so we used to look and pay with the car gas. The interesting thing about that when I quit paying, Quit playing with cat with cash for gas, we quit noticing how much it was a gallon. We used to know every time it went up a quarter, gallon we'd have little dot will fit fit right. There dancer meaning in a little hissy fit right. Now we don't even notice. You can't tell me what you paid the last gallon of gas. You don't
hearing no withhold trying cost between keep the receipt out for you. Let that hang in there when I came up is still hang in there right. After so I mean we, don't we your it's become yeah, it's become very, very less price sensitive because we're not using cash to buy. To give you a clue about. Some of those doctors spend money on this. Is that a rancher show Jock USA saves you money down from Minnesota said we switch from Verizon to pure talk thanks to Dave Ramsey. I was skeptical, but after leaving the big city and traveling to a rule area service coverage never lapses. We're also saving forty dollars a month, guys talk. Usa has the same great coverage for less and
contracts. Try, free today called pound two hundred and fifty and A Keyword, Dave Ramsey. In the lobby of Ramsey solutions. All data breach the chris- and I am here with us, hey guys. How are you welcome? Welcome where you guys live, Burlington, Kentucky cool, welcome to Nashville and how much of you paid off forty four thousand one hundred twenty five dollars and ninety sense. How long did this take eight and a half months good for you, and your range of income during that time, just under one hundred thousand, during that eight one slash two months cool, do for a living.
Well, I assemble engines, aircraft engines and this is stay home mom, she were started, and I do with our seven kids. Cool aircraft engine assembly in wearing Kentucky. I actually work up in Cincinnati. Oh okay, okay, alright, so you're, just driving across the line, yup. Okay, I got you all right cool will welcome you guys, congratulations! So what kind of that was the forty four thousand? It was a car and some credit cards all right how long you two been married sixteen years, What happened eight months ago? Well, it actually starts earlier than that. Amy brought home a book and told me she was reading it and started talking to me about it and tell me about it I was intrigued. So I ask questions and she answered him as best she could and an so I pretty much discounted there's no way you can pay cash for a car
Everybody knows that right, you and so for about nine years and I was threatened what felt like another job loss and we were pregnant with our seventh baby and so I came home one day, just feel the weight of the stress of of what felt to me like a job loss and I, I said: if we were debt free, could we. Make ends meet with my private prior income. Could we as me, if we were debt free, she said yeah and I said okay, I I want to do the Dave Ramsey Plan. She said well it's about time who knew right. Yeah patiently, waiting right, okay, so from then on, I I I I went to work and it felt like I work for a and a half months
It's not like. I stayed at work. Yeah took all the ot you could get. Yes, I did kick the income way up, yeah, alright. So when I ask what the key to getting out of that one thing is: kick the income up silly great place to go when you're broke to work actually led the truth. He actually had a record week of ninety six hours in one week, woo yeah. He there was, Twenty one day period where he worked twenty one days straight for thirteen to fifteen in our days. Unbelievable. It was insane and that's really the only reason why I stopped was 'cause. I called and said we were having the baby needed to get the hospital and everything right. She was born five weeks early, so he had to get there. Oh, my goodness, wow way to go man, you got after it. So once you put your mind to something, there's, no stopping yeah so other than increasing the income with outrageous amounts of work. What are the secrets to getting out of that
for me it was the budget. Obviously I think and surveys answer, but I'll, because this is a good answer right right, the answer- and so you know with him working so much overtime. We never could tell exactly what each paycheck was going to be, so I could see his paycheck a few days before it was going to be directed directly my husband, the account. And so I would get on the air taker tied out, take our budget money out and then every penny last I would automatically have it set to. On payday pay, the next at that we are at so it was never even in our hands in our hands and it would be a tempting. You know how to use it for you. If you were a based on the planet, he was a beast on the making the model yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah good as good tag, team, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. We also had at debt free chain that hung in our living room, each chain was each link was one thousand dollars. Our dad, and whenever we would pay one off one of the kids got to take the link off
and the kids were all into this, so you get all seven of them or seven one slash two of them on the on the on the plan. Yes, alright, so it was just a visual guide for us every day to see you know Far is hanging between two windows: how far it was going up the window and then eventually it didn't reach and we had to let it hang, and so it was just a good visual. The kids were involved. Christmas, you know, is really good for us I think obviously you're a world class mom. You got a whole tribe there. How many of you think will actually remember this? Well, hoping at least the four oldest yeah, but and then the others will hear the story, yes for the rest of their lives. Yeah, it's just the way we live from here on out we're hoping that that's not even going to be an option well? Rachel Cruze always says Morris caught than taught so then watching you is going to be more important than what you say so good job, who were your biggest cheerleaders while you're doing this? My coworkers were
cool really well 'cause. I was pretty much around them more than it was around at home, but she kind of living there right telling him sleeping bag, people think about yeah yeah. And I think that they were for you, though, rather than giving you a hard time when were you working toward, I think you had a little bit of that a little bit yeah, especially knowing he had as many kids at home, but yeah we were willing to make the sacrifices. You work like no one else later you can work like. No one else can put you in a position to do that. So very, very well done good job we've got, we've got a copy tokens book for you everyday millionaires. That is the next chapter in your story: that's where you're going to be yeah and you're on your way. Without a doubt, you make one hundred you don't have. Any payments have feel I feel great and I literally felt like an actual burning being left off of our shoulders and just a new hope for the future to know we're not gonna be broke for the rest of our lives, a man that dead
It felt like I was running a marathon with a with a weighted vest yeah in a gas mask on where I couldn't breathe, and I got I got a run this marathon, but now just feel some take that ankle weights off kiddos to do that free screen with you yeah. I actually wanted to say one more thing. Okay, I wanted to personally thank you for everything that you do and the the guidance that you give people with nothing. You know not expecting anything in return. You know, we've never been through. F P, you we read the total money makeover we listen to podcasts like it was our and you know Chris after we got out of we had just had a three month saved up Chris actually had to have an emergency appendectomy and so he had to be off work for a month at only sixty percent of his pay, and For this, that would have been like a tragedy for our family to try and figure out how we're going to make ends meet and it actually turned out to be A mini vacation, I mean we couldn't go anywhere 'cause, you just had surgery, but we've been
Taylor often so we get to have a home for a month now, and it's just you know it we're just so thankful for you. Thank you. Well we're proud of you. You guys are heroes. Look at you well done! Well done all right quickly. What are their names and ages Lydia's? Fourteen jerseys, thirteen Ethan's twelve Harrison is ten in line is eight Brooklyn is three and and Only has ten months way to go Emily, bring it up, bring it up the back of the train, like it good job. Well done you guys alright! four thousand dollars paid off in eight one slash two months: Chris Amy Ann, the tribe: they did it. Making one hundred grand and working their tails off and tight budgeting well done, Down- let's see here- hey free scream to my glory two
Lyn Lee's, looking around my what just happened, let you guys and that is a family tree with a couple of branches, and it's completely changed. Well done, you guys, that's fabulous good for you, I always love having folks on with a big family like that 'cause. Occasionally I get some idiot on Twitter. That goes with Dave. Ramsey plan doesn't work for large families. Well, what the does if our plan doesn't work for large families. What does you idiots? I mean? Really? They just did it. They just did it. Of course they can do it. Works for large families see only thing that works for large families is getting your finances in control. What are you going to be a perpetual victim, 'cause you gotta couple kids come on
These guys are heroes. Look at him! Look at what they just did. Absolutely amazing. Very, very, very well done love, it love it love! It love! It open! Phones, this hour, eight billion eight hundred and eighty eight million two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five. When are you going to do your debt free, scream? We're here we're waiting on you jump on daveramsey dot com? If you've done the journey and schedule yours, you need to schedule in advance their scheduled several weeks out and make sure you do the application ahead of time. Don't just show up down here, but we'd love to have you be part of the show. This is the Dave. Ramsey show
thank you for being with us. America Kelly is in Virginia hi Kelly. Welcome to the Dave, Ramsey Show and low. I have a real question, my husband and I do not having kids wearing baby step number two and I'm wondering if we need to have a will. Yes, everyone needs a well okay, so what would happen if you own a car? Yes, that is paid for I don't care He's going to have trouble selling that car if you die without going get getting permission because you don't have a will. Every little detail, your checking account has both names on it.
Even though there's not a huge pile of money or a bunch of detailed assets like some kind of a movie or something it's still. Difficult just to transact day to day business, if one of you dies and- and you haven't left a will, giving the provision to hand everything over to the other one. Okay, and the Good NEWS is they're, not very expensive, you just go to Mama. Bear legal forms, dot com, and you can get a will there for less than a hundred bucks and In their state specific, you always want to do a state specific. Will meaning the state you are living in When you die is where the willingness needs to be drawn for, because State LAW Lee a state state law is state law, the law concerning probate concerning when you die is not federal law. It's in go to your state and some stay very, very different laws regarding a states, so it
you need a wheel that is specific to your state and you know, has to be notarized how many signatures, how many witnesses, all that kind of stuff, is unique to each state Luke is with us. Luke is in California. I Luke how you hello Dave, I'm doing well thanks rents answered my question, my honor, sir. How can I help. So my wife and I both complete our undergrad degrees in May. We both work through school, have no debt and I started a baby step. 3A health savings. After getting married relocating Orange County, is there are going for a part time masters in which bingeing hearing which will cost, fifty thousand dollars in total to complete over two three or four years, depending how long my Employer will subsidized five thousand two hundred and fifty annually, but the cost 814k per semester putting up the house phone. It's up to you. Well how much will the degree increase your income? So my
I said, he's really been pushing me towards it. I said it anywhere from eight to fifteen k and instead increase not including the normal The adjustment is annually. Ok, and so I think it's going to be so it's got a really good idea why it's got a really good roi on it, at least at your current place of employment, two right now, so I'm figuring out the best time. Yeah I mean I just I don't want you to go thirty years without buying a house, but if you go a few extra years in order to get some education out of the way The one thing I would do is how long you been working this guy just a few months now. And how big a company is. This. Eighty thousand employees, ok. I would ask him since he's pushing to do it. If there's anything more, they can do to help you because they're not covering even half of this yeah I'll talk to him, but I thought that was another thing too. I was seeing if I could ask for that too.
And but yeah, so the bottom line is you've done all the work, your for you've got your emergency fund and the only thing is a do. We do this masters and the lady saving for a house. That's the simple! Quite yet right we don't have to like. We don't have to go into debt for it in They were not going at like two months: you can cash flow it without a doubt. Yeah man, you should cash flow yeah. I think I would do this. I really do and I'm just going to try to figure out how to get them to pay for a little more of it, and can I do it a little faster, but but nothing on fire here, nothing's. You know and I was like it's a I'm, the type of master's degree in the field that will actually are alive, for you actually give you. Turn on the money. You've spent the time you spent to get the degree. So it's it's probably worth doing hey good Jeff is whether it's in Florida I Jeff. How are you He Dave great thanks for taking my call and congratulations on your new building. Thank you, sir. How can I help
I just have a quick question. My wife and I are in, I guess, babysit step six. We paid off. Alice. But before I learning about your steps, we had bought a condo and we got a mortgage on it, smart enough to at least a fifteen year or we're paying message on it. We have about three years left, but we're not able to use it as we anticipate we bought it kind of as Administry tool we wanted to have is the pastors for our church say there and mission families and they have been giving us a hard time about parking passes. They are restricting the amount of parking passes. We can get so we're just unsure at this point. Should we just sell it and be completely debt free and then save up for another. Property, maybe not in an h away and pay cash for it, or should we stick it out or try something else. Eight h, o h,. Barney, Fife is always in charge, who needs to get a life? Somebody needs to get a life. I mean really,
you're, bringing down property values by allowing a missionary or pastor to stay in this condo, what a bunch of crap! I know I looked, I had laws and it said to non family visitors per year. Allow parking passes. And of course they don't allow rental. I'm restricted to three times a month and one Minimum three times a year, one month, minimum. Ok, she had long term leases, they do allow but allowing somebody come in there and stay for a couple of months as a missionary. Here in the shower. I guess I guess we learned our lesson to not read all that crap before we buy and most people don't, I might not have read it either. Oh, that's so aggravating! Oh! yeah, I mean like you want. Is you can't use it for what you bought it for? Yes, should I save it as a real estate investment and
invite for that, and it you know unless pay it off and then save it and wait to do the ministry thing and save up and pay cash. Property that you can do the ministry thing with. In addition, do you want that. I so I would still take about three years to get this paid off and then another three years to save up to buy something right act. There's no more day as opposed to the as opposed to it, hold it now. Maybe we could save up in two or less, and and then be able to to buy a house in and be able to do that yeah. I'm probably I mean it's. Fast, you want to do it. If you this as a as an It delays the other thing. If that's okay, with you It's okay, but if you want to put, the this ministry in front of owning other rental property. Then I going to sell it now: okay, great. I think it answered my question. That's just that's just so petty.
I mean you would think you could shut down with them with the management team there or the pros don't over the edge away, God, man property in a bunch of o Asian, every single one of our pain in the butt. It's just. I hate those things. Okay, Hey thanks for the call man open, is a eight billion eight hundred and eighty eight million two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five is my fault. I bought property in there. It's his fault. We bought property in the middle of that. But man is thing yeah man, I told her another day. If we, if we ever saw the house we're in, I will never build another house in Hoa, I'm going to go out and buy a big piece of dirt. Put signs up to say: pastors, will be shot. Unbelievable wow.
Open phones at eight billion, eight hundred and eighty eight million two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five, the borrowed future podcast is on fire. If you have not download the first two episodes, another one will come and drop onto the podcast platforms on Monday, so if you're on Apple podcast. If you're on Google play if you Spotify, wherever you're picking up your podcast, the third episode will come out Monday. It is ranging in the top ten of all podcasts out there right now. It is bloating, and it's all about student loan debacle, student loan disaster, the student loan plague, that is on American? You Congress continues to allow student loans to be made with federal insurance and continues. Put their citizenry in harm's way We should stop this program. It's a plague. It's such a like this, some of you are talking about forgiving the loans which
We're still making the loans is. Intellectual. Dishonesty you can't continue to make the line, we can't talk about forgiving loans, while you're still making them idiots. So
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